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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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information from the public to keep growing their audience at any cost. >> i believe facebook's products harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy. >> reporter: powerful testimony from one of facebook's own, turned whistle-blower. >> i saw facebook encounter conflict between profits and safety. facebook consistently resolved the conflicts in favor of its own profits. >> reporter: she's a former project manager for facebook. today she spent hours outlining the data she leaked, that appears to show not only did facebook intentionally feed conflict and exploit users' insecurities but hides data that proves it. >> facebook misled the public. >> reporter: facebook offered a response dismissing her as ill informed but agreeing with one of her biggest conclusions saying she testified more than six times to not working on the subject matter in question. we don't agree with her
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characterization of many issues she testified about. despite all of this, we agree on one thing, it's time to begin to create standard rules for the internet. >> to me, this was really kind of the personification of pulling back the curtain. >> reporter: this local professor and social media expert says it didn't surprise him. >> we have been worrying about these issues for years. we know from the whistle-blower that facebook purposely amplifies that content to keep people locked into their screens. you are never going to get around that. the health affects are going to be there. that's going to put profit over people. >> reporter: he says for real change to happen, transparency into the company's algorithms and methods will be key. >> you have to sort of disentangle or decentralize the power that facebook accumulated. >> reporter: there's a lot that was talked about. the big question is what comes
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next. they say without congressional action, social media will continue to have a negative impact on people, especially children. now they wait to see what that action is going to look like. >> thank you so much. a follow-up on that outage at facebook yesterday. in a blog post published today, they said the outage was linked to its global backbone network capacity. apparently during routine maintenance, someone issued a command to check the availability of the global backbone. it unintentionally took down all the connections in the backbone network. that includes facebook, instagram and messenger. they were down for nearly six hours. end offshore drilling along california's coast, that's the promise from governor nesom. coast guard announcing today that a remote controlled device was used to spot a bend in the pipeline.
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it appears a split in the pipe is the source of the leak. oil isn't leaking anymore. but the damage is done. zone saying it's time to move away from oil for good. >> it's time. once and for all. disabuse ourselves that this has to be part of our future. this is part of our past. we can moralize and talk about the good old days, talk about how important these rigs have been to the prosperity of the country and the middle class. at the end of the day, this is about the stale air of normalcy versus the fresh air of progress. >> experts say it will last for months. the former director of the theranos back on trial. they attempted to discredit the doctor for the media leaks that took down the company.
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h about emails indicated leaders had responded to his concerns about the accuracy of testing. the defense challenged claims the doctor made saying he wanted to expose the company's testing practices to the government. they also asked why he didn't bring up many of the concerns when talking to an inspector. >> the defense is accomplishing exactly what they set out do, which is to take the spotlight off elizabeth holmes and put it on the lab director and say, if there were problems, it was because of the lab director, not miss holmes. >> he resigned in 2014. elizabeth holmes faces federal charges for defrauding patients and investors with claims of revolutionary blood testing technology. she could face 20 years in prison. new data shows and proves that covid vaccines have saved thousands of lives. the health and human services department says it has done the
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math. in california alone, covid vaccinations may have helped prevent 22,000 new cases, nearly 10,000 hospitalizations and 3,800 deaths among seniors. that's just in the first five months of the year. it was linked to a reduction of infections and hospitalizations and senior deaths. employers across the nation are facing an increasing dilemma. what to do with employees who file for a religious exemption to the covid vaccine. some big companies like united airlines are denying those. other employers, like the city of san jose, is granting them. >> reporter: the city of san jose has granted roughly 300 vaccine religious exemptions to employees. the process to get those exemptions is not that complicated. application process that is vetted by our
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city attorney's office. many exemptions are granted. some are not. >> reporter: there are constitutional provisions they need to abide by before denying a religious exemption. the city says right now, all employees have to do is declare that they have a genuine religious objection or religious tenant that prevents them from getting the vaccine. >> this is an issue where employers are in a tough spot. >> reporter: critics said the standard is vague at best. >> i would be ready to fight them. you are going to have to give me hard proof. >> reporter: after decades of going after large companies, this attorney says he would back those companies who ask employees to show more proof of a religious objection, for example, a letter from a priest or rabbi or citing a biblical reference. >> just say it. you want to work here, you will have to have the shot. if you don't have the shot, you can't work here. >> reporter: the city says employees who are given an exemption will have to test twice a week and in some cases
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up to three times on their own time, their own dime. plus serve a one-week unpaid suspension. >> people have used religion to support whatever their preconceived notions are. >> reporter: this doctor says virtually no religion recognizes any legitimate exemption to the vaccine. he says, don't expect him or any other catholic clergy member to sign an exemption form to avoid the vaccine. >> nothing theological world of catholicism that prevents somebody from getting that. >> reporter: some of those seeking the exemption say the process can be daunting. some describe it as insulting saying employers are asking them to prove their faith. one more challenge in an already maddening pandemic. frightening moments for a family in the east bay. someone opened fire on a car and hit a 3-year-old boy who was in the passenger seat in the back seat. this happened just after 10:30 last night in oakland. the little boy was riding with
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his father on 580. that's when someone in another car shot at them. a bullet struck the boy in the foot, in the back seat. he is in stable condition right now. his father was not hurt. the chp is investigating a possible motive and trying to track down the gunman. switch gears here. our next story is a happy story. it may steal your heart. it involves a puppy and a bystander who saw someone abusing the puppy and called police. we got to meet the puppy and shows us how the community has come the rescue. >> reporter: meet river rose. she's about eight weeks old. will need to leave her leg in a cast for a while. >> she has a broken bone in her toe. >> reporter: she's had a rough start to life. she was being abused. police say they got a call monday morning as a man beating a puppy behind this target. the caller was also recording it. >> it was an amazing resident who saw something and said
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something. >> reporter: this officer says it's under investigation and felony animal abuse charges could be filed since the puppy suffered a broken bone. for now, the officer wants to focus on river rose and hopes her story will teach others. >> if you don't feel you can an bring them in. our animal services department will take good care of them and try to adopt them out to a family that has the resources as well as the time and commitment that dogs and cats need. >> reporter: the officer brought his family in today to meet the puppy and decided they needed a bit more time with her. they are taking her home as a foster. they hope to eventually adopt her. >> try to get her in a calm, safe environment. a former tesla employee took the carmaker to court for racial harassment. the jury just awarded him a huge check. what he says he endured in the workplace.
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this was the adventure of a lifetime. the adventure wasn't that i gained notoriety or praise or money. >> for this man and his dog, tragedy started an eight-year journey to support others. his mission may be in danger. we have that in tonight's "bay area proud." that's coming up. temperatures are down. look how much cooler here across the inland valley. lots of 70s. we will talk about it dropping more. i'm back with that in eight minutes. one of the greatest treasures is in trouble. >> people know tahoe for its clarity and that blue color out on the lake. >> how smoke and ash are impacting the lake water and the bigger threat still ahead tonight at 11:00.
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a san francisco jury has ordered tesla to pay a former
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worker more than $130 million for enduring a hostile work environment. in 2017, owen diaz says he found drawings depicting derogatory images of african-americans. he and his son who worked there were harassed and called the n word. >> i was turning the corner. i was coming out to give my son his lunch. a supervisor started calling him an f-ing n. >> you saw this? >> i saw this. >> his attorney goes on to say the case moved forward only because diaz had not signed tesla's mandatory arbitration agreement. activists want tesla's board to consider dropping the arbitration agreement saying they enable harassment. a journey of hope and healing lasting nearly a decade. covering tens of thousands of miles. it found its way to the bay area. >> is this where it will end? we have a story of a man, his
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dog and their important mission. >> for the bay area proud series, we focus on people who live or work in the bay area. it's in the name, after all. it's not often we focus on people just passing through. just like daniel planned on. his now altered journey is tonight's bay area proud. in the lobby of a hotel -- >> she can say hi. >> daniel is doing what he does best. which is letting his dogs do what they do best. >> these two guys, we are the team. >> giving comfort to anyone they meet. most often, to those in difficult circumstances. >> we show up after traumatic things that happen across the nation. >> it's a journey daniel and his dogs have been on for nine years. one honestly that started well before that. >> this was the adventure of a
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lifetime. >> when daniel was just 20, he made what he calls a poor choice. he climbed a power pole and got too close to the power. >> 12,000 volts went through my body three times. >> he did go on to raise a family. but the accident lingered with him physically, emotionally and financially. in 2013, daniel was living out of his car with his two service dogs. it was then that daniel heard the news about the boston marathon bombings. daniel says he also heard a voice telling him to go there and comfort the victims. >> pillows, blankets, luggage, water, maps, dogs, dog food. we were on our way to boston. that was a one time journey, so i thought. >> they have been on the road ever since. more than 150,000 miles traveling wherever disaster,
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either natural or manmade, left people needing comfort. using his dogs to heal those people helped heal daniel. >> i was saved for such a time as this. >> which explains why, in may, in the wake of the bta shooting, daniel and his golden mission, came to the south bay. >> i got one that pulls like a sled and one i have to drag. >> that was months ago. they are still here. it turns out, health challenges for both daniel and his dogs are what stopped them at first. staying in one spot, daniel has discovered, there are people who could use the comfort of cooper and emerson even without a disaster. so even if they are traveling may finally be done, their mission is not. >> wherever i am at the moment, if we can infuse hope in people, that's why i keep doing it.
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>> i said this started when daniel was living out of his car nine years ago. he still doesn't have a perp permanent place to live. he stays at hotels when he can afford it and in his car when he can't. figuring out what goes next is where he will eventually call home. >> it's remarkable when people are so selfless. it's kind of just really -- it jars you when you see someone that does something so amazing. >> inspirational. if you have a story you would like to share, send it through bay area proud at reach out on social media. our historic drought is causing problems for boats. water levels are so low that the boats are having trouble launching. to fight the issue, department of water resources working to build a new launch to reach that lower water. last year, the agency built a ram down to 705 feet. the levels dropped down to 640
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where the new ramp will extend to. they expect to finish it by december. a check of our forecast. the cooldown. it has arrived. >> yeah, it has. it's so hard to see the pictures of the reservoir levels. i did want to let folks know that we're continuing to push all of our widespread rain chances towards the end of the month. all the data i have right now continues to show that chance of some widespread rainfall towards the end of the month. this week, our rainfall chances really not in the cards for the bay area. it's a nice cooldown. it will feel like fall. you can see on my 24-hour temperature change, we are down and in a big way. look at this. santa rosa, down 21 degrees. down 15 in concord. san jose, down 16. that's putting our temperature in san francisco at 61, san jose as 72.
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we will see a similar pattern as we roll through tomorrow. it's a system just off the coastline. it's going to bring in cloud cover. let's get you ready to go for wednesday. into that midweek forecast. we are ready for it. we will start it off with 50s over the south bay. very similar temperatures here over the east bay with 55. san francisco, 56. the north bay at 54. we start with clouds. then i think as we roll through the day, we will keep the clouds in the forecast. look at this. temperatures, i know you are going to love this. down across the south bay, we are back into the low 70s. that will put you at 72 in cupertino. 73 in gilroy. tomorrow, 75 in antioch. head over the hills and you have a cool breeze in oakland at 68. might need the jacket in the
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peninsula. 69 in redwood city. through san francisco, you will fee the chill. 64 in the mission. if you are headed to sf clouds all day long. cool temperatures. take your jacket. we have the big air show happening friday, saturday and sunday. full details at up to the north bay, santa rosa, 71. mill valley, 68. you are good with these temperatures. you want it cooler. we will deliver. once we hit thursday and friday, you will see a second system drop down this week and it's going to bring another reinforcing shot of koeltd air. unfortunately, the best rain chances continue to remain to the north. i don't see any big rain chances for us. temperatures, i think you are going to like this. san francisco, we get into low 60s by thursday and friday. eventually, some wind next
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monday and tuesday. unfortunately, that is going to increase our fire danger. gusts right now, 15 to 35 miles per hour. temperature difference, it's going to really be more dramatic across the inland valleys. i have us in the upper 60s thursday and friday. going to feel like fall. warms up this weekend but not too hot into the 70s. the wind early next monday and also tuesday. thursday and friday, i'm ready for it. let's do weather outside all day long. >> wear a jacket. thank you. coming up, governor newsom signs off on a plan to revamp early education. what it means for your preschooler. working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year.
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now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. scary moments for people in
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san jose. police were called out to a possible bomb. the bomb squad evacuated several buildings. then they got to work looking. they used dogs and the robot. they did find a suspicious package. they neutralized it. people heard popping sounds. no one was hurt. police are trying to determine if there were explosives inside. the governor visited an elementary school to sign landmark education bills into law. they welcomed the governor, applauding the new legislation. the package establishes free universal prekindergarten for all californians 4 years old. it starts college savings accounts for millions of disadvantaged students. the governor says not only are they creating a new grade level but a new starting point to education. >> quality driving this determination to address not the achievement gap but the real
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gap, the readiness gap. people are not left behind. they start behind. that's why it's foundational fundamental that we begin at the beginning. >> the bills invest nearly $124 billion in education. the program is slated to begin by 2025. more emergency housing for san jose. the city council is considering emergency housing for the homeless. the mayor wants to build it on a small piece of vacant land behind police headquarters. employees are using it right now as an overflow lot for parking. the plan calls for a rapid build project which would add 76 units for the homeless. kaiser has suspended just over 2,200 employees for failing to follow the vaccine requirement. those employees from all over the country have been placed on unpaid administrative leave. they have until december 1 to get the covid vaccine and get back to work or else they will
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lose their jobs. so far, more than 92% of kaiser employees have gotten the vaccine. we will be right back with a new building honoring very generous benefactors.
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san francisco state university held a grand opening and naming ceremony for a new building on campus today. >> it's the department is known for producing top notch journalists, including nbc's miguel almiguir. >> media, journalism, they will be learning right in this great institution. i walked through there to be nosey. i saw students on some of the computers and using the new technology. those folks will hopefully graduate from this institution and go on to do great things. >> it's named after george and judy marcus who donated $25 million, the largest single gift in sf state history. he is a real estate billionaire.
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they are bay area folks. >> very charitable. they give so much to the bay area. here is what we are working on at 5:30. she says, all the responsibility lies on mark zuckerberg. she says it puts profits over people.


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