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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning.3 c3 facebook, instagram y users. overnight, the public apology from ceo mark zuckerberg and the potential cause behind it now emerging. the company under fire on capitol hill with the whistleblower who says facebook puts profit over people, set to testify today. state of emergency, cleanup efforts intensifying in the wake of that massive oil spill off the coast of southern california. >> this is very serious.
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it's catastrophic. >> investigators eye a ship's anchor as the possible cause. we'll have the very latest. holiday headache, the cdc suddenly removes its guidance against family gatherings with dr. anthony fauci saying he was misunderstood. >> i encourage people, particularly the vaccinated people who are protected to have a good, normal christmas with your family. >> inside the newest covid confusion and the growing signs the u.s. could finally be turning a corner in the fight. today exclusive, the sexual harassment and misconduct scandal rocking the national women's soccer league, a coach fired. the commissioner resigning, multiple investigations under way. >> unforgiveable that this is happening. and it continues to happen. >> this morning, the first players who came forward with disturbing allegations are joining us live. those stories, plus beam him up. "star trek"'s legendary william shatner boldly set to go where
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few have gone before, the edge of space. but 9first, t0-year-old is with us to talk about his historic journey. and striking it rich, a single winning ticket sold in last night's $700 million powerball jackpot. we'll tell you where as the search begins for its very lucky holder today, tuesday, october 5th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, guys. welcome to "today." so happy you're joining us on a tuesday morning, a jam packed tuesday. >> yeah. we have a lot to bring you, including the scene in morrow bay california where the ticket for that massive $700 million powerball drawing was purchased. all eyes on that grocery store.
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>> we will speak with the two soccer stars accusing a prominent coach of sexual misconduct and they're being joined by one of the faces of the sport, alex morgan. and then it's been one year since the cake boss buddy suffered a devastating hand injury causing him to wonder if he would ever bake again. he will be live to show us how he's doing now. and another exclusive, william shatner blasting off into space one week from today and he is with us live, as well. >> but we're going to begin with what became a bad day for facebook and its family of apps. >> users are finally able to access facebook, instagram and whatsapp. it comes with the social media giant already in the spotlight over stunning claims from a whistleblower ready to share her story on capitol hill. nbc's senior washington correspondent hallie jackson has it all covered for us. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning, new answers to how one of the biggest social media companies in the world could
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have gone dark for hours, affecting not just your ability to share cute cat pics, let's say, but to communicate overseas or for businesses to stay connected. facebook now telling nbc news the problem started with a data networking center creating a massive ripple effect. that problem may be resolved now, but facebook is still in the spotlight today here in washington for a different reason. thfae limiar feeds finally back up and running this morning after a global outage nearly six hours long, that knocked out not just facebook but instagram and whatsapp, which facebook owns. the impact, huge. facebook's platform has 3.5 billion active users around the world. in some countries, facebook and whatsapp can often be the main way to stay in touch and some americans use facebook to sign into websites, apps and services like smart tvs. its ceo, mark zuckerberg, writing sorry for the disruption today. i know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with
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the people you care about. >> i can't stress enough how remarkable it is, how unusual it is. how many small and medium sized businesses rely on facebook? how many families rely on whatsapp groups to speak around the world. >> reporter: the scramble to restore service coming after a major technical glitch. a facebook official tells nbc news the underlying cause of the outage affected internal systems making it harder to diagnose and resolve the problem. because the company's servers were not able to communicate, those problems cascaded. this official says no user data was compromised. that massive outage, just one of the competing crises for facebook. today, a whistleblower is set to testify against the company on capitol hill after sharing explosive allegations sunday on "60 minutes." >> facebook over and over again has shown it chooses profit over safety. >> frances haugen going public
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with what she describes as a disregard for safety, lack of transparency and spread of hateful content. >> my hope is frances haugen's incredible performance last night will encourage other whistleblowers to come forward. facebook is no locker entitled to a shred of trust. >> reporter: facebook says protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits. to say we turn a blind eye to feedback says we ignore those including the 40,000 people working on security at facebook. >> what do we expect to hear from her today? well, hoda, a person familiar with her testimony tells me halgon is ready to get into what facebook knew and when it knew it and may offer some solutions on how she thinks they can stop the spread of problematic content. she will tell that senate subcommittee that as long as facebook is operating in the dark, it is accountable to no one and it will continue to make choices, she says, that go
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against the common good. facebook has disputed that characterization, but it should be an interesting day here at the capitol. >> thank you, hallie jackson. that massive oil spill this morning off southern california now moving quickly down the coast. officials fear it could stretch as far as mexico. we're learning more about what may have caused it in the first place. miguel almaguer is on huntington beach with the latest. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. overnight, the governor declared a state of emergency here in orange county. today, a flotilla of boats as well as an army of people on shore will be trying to collect oil like the sheen behind me. so far, they've captured about 3% of the spill as they face what is certainly becoming a slow motion disaster. this morning, miles of california coastline impacted by a major oil spill. authorities now working desperately to minimize the
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damage. >> this is just a devastating impact on to our coast. >> reporter: up to 144,000 gallons of crude may have poured into the pacific. realady coating waters, beaches and some wildlife in thick oil. on typically pristine waters, bands of oil now scattered along 25 miles of southern california coast. beaches have closed. a fishing ban implemented. residents advised to steer clear of the area and the ocean. it could be weeks, even months before the long-term impact is known. local officials trying desperately to save animals impacted by the spill. >> a lot of people think, well, some fish and some birds, but it's far more extensive than that. this is very serious. it's catastrophic. >> reporter: in some places tar balls have already washed up on the sand. crews using booms and skimmers to contain and remove the oil from the ocean's surface, working against the clock to
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minimize the damage. >> we're talking about a moving target. >> that's right. i would call it several moving targets. >> reporter: it's believed the leak occurred in a pipeline connecting a drilling platform to the shore. divers are looking for the exact source of the rupture about four miles off coast, more than 80 feet below the surface of the water. >> we have examined more than 8,000 feet of pipe and we have isolated one specific area of significant interest. >> reporter: the company that owns the pipeline and officials say they're investigating the possibility a ship's anchor could be responsible for damaging the pipe. although no evidence of that has been presented yet. the incident has some lawmakers and environmentalists calling for an end to offshore drilling. >> so we've said the entire orange county coastline potentially fouled by oil. if that is not a call to action
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for us to stop this practice, i don't know what would be. >> reporter: overnight and early this morning, flights will continue along the coastline as they continue the days ahead. >> miguel, thank you . meantime, there are encouraging signs in the battle against the coronavirus. nationwide, cases are down from the summer peak, but dr. anthony fauci is warning that now is not the time to become complacent. nbc's kerry sanders joins us now with more and new information this morning on boosters. hey, kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. johnson & johnson this morning applying to the fda for emergency use authorization for a booster shot. researchers at the company say their data shows that a booster given 56 days after the initial single shot provides protection against moderate to critical
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symptoms. all of this coming, as you noted, as the number of cases nationwide are dropping. hope on the horizon, covid-19 cases are finally falling, down 23% overall from two weeks ago with pediatric cases also dropping, falling the same amount. 23% over a similar period. could this be the last major wave of the pandemic? dr. anthony fauci says not so fast. >> i don't think we're going to be, at least in the near future, completely rid of covid-19 for a number of reasons. as long as you have circulating virus in those other countries, many countries that don't have the resources that we do, then you have the danger of there being new variants. >> reporter: the cdc director citing the 70 million americans who are unvaccinated, but that number is improving as various vaccination mandates kick in. >> as a teacher, i think it's essential that the teachers and
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the support staff be vaccinated. we are putting children at risk. >> reporter: in new york city, the vaccination requirements for staff at the city's public schools compelling thousands to roll up their sleeves and get the shot. 95% of full time employees have now received at least one dose. meanwhile, dr. fauci is clarifying comments he made sunday about in-person gatherings during the holiday season. >> it's just too soon to tell. we have to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months. >> reporter: now, fauci is saying he was misunderstood. >> i will be spending christmas with my family. i encourage people, particularly the vaccinated people who are protected, to have a good, normal christmas with your family. >> reporter: the cdc has now removed any reference to holiday gatherings on its website saying it's working on an update.
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meantime in an interview with the washington post, dr. francis collins confirms that he will be stepping down saying this is a good time for the nih to get a new vision and new leadership. >> kerry, thank you. this morning, the battle is intensifying over president biden's economic agenda. one senator now is continuing to be confronted, activists pursuing her into a bathroom. kelly o'donnell is at the white house for us. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. pressure on democrats is particularly high right now. a looming deadline to raise the country's dead limit and prevent an economic crisis within days. and turmoil among energized voters that is aiming anger at senators who have not yet signed on to the president's big spending agenda. a tense airport greeting. >> you know you're part of the negotiation -- >> reporter: as arizona senator kyrsten sinema returned to washington flanked by police.
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while on the plane, an immigration activist approached sinema to ask about passing protections for doca immigrants. they comes after a recording saturday of being followed into a bathroom stall. she called the actions wholly inappropriate. protesters who kayaked to the house boat of west virginia's joe manchin appeared at his office monday where manchin agreed to meet. the president was asked if the protests against the two senators crossed a line. >> i don't think they're appropriate tactics, but it happens to everybody. >> reporter: under pressure to bring his own party together. >> able to close the deal on 99% of my party.
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two. >> reporter: the president short the votes of manchin and sinema, while he was urging a larger group of progressives to lower their expectations and agree to a spending package much smaller than the current $3.5 trillion price tag. >> senator, leader -- >> reporter: the president facing an uphill battle to unite his party. so today the president is heading to howell, michigan, to build up public support for his plan by laying out how that community would benefit. part of the strategy to sell the plan and pressure democratic lawmakers to compromise to get it passed and give the president a victory. savannah. >> kelly, thank you. it is 15 minutes after the hour. i think it's time for some good news. >> yes. >> do you have some? >> i can give you some good news. we'll call it an early boost. someone waking up a whole heck of a lot richer this morning after monday night's powerball drawing. a single ticket sold at a grocery store in morrow bay,
7:16 am
california. clearly it was not nbc's steve patterson because he is on duty for us this morning in los angeles. hey, steve. >> hey, craig. good morning. we have been waiting for this. there have been a record 40 consecutive drawings without a grand prize winner. we know where that valuable slip of paper was purchased. what we don't know yet is who bought that golden ticket. just shy of $700 million, last night's powerball is the game's fifth largest jackpot and the seventh largest lottery jackpot ever won in u.s. history. the odds of winning the jackpot were just 1 in 292.2 million. the golden ticket was bought on a trip to the grocery store in this super market in california. so far, a winner has not stepped forward to claim that life-changing money. the lucky winner can get their money in 30 annual payments or take home a $496 million lump
7:17 am
sum. not too bad, either way. all right. i've always wanted to do this. if you haven't checked your ticket yet, the winning numbers are 12-22-54-66 and 69. the powerball is 15. here is more good news for you. five other tickets matched all five white balls, but missed the powerball. those tickets are worth $1 million each and were sold in arizona, in florida, massachusetts and virginia and that is not a bad consolation prize. craig. >> steve patterson for us there, thank you, steve. it's that time of the morning. let's check in with mr. roker. >> it's time for the weather lotto. our lottery losers as far as rain is concerned down to the south. rain from the florida panhandle into georgia and parts of alabama. this jet stream way up to the north so it's basically left this low pressure system cut off from any steering mechanisms so it can't really move to the east
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so this thing is going to meander over the next several days up to the north, slowly making its way north with days of rain over the same locations from minneapolis down to atlanta. we're looking at wet weather the heaviest rain from the panhandle of florida, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain charlotte over the next few days, continuous rain, 1 to 3 o inches of rain atlanta, chance for rain and storms every hour through thursday afternoon 3 to 5 inches of rain before it's all over. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds like aarp. to help you take control of your health along the way. what's in it? i don't know. but it's green. green's good. whether it's your wellness... what are you in for? cholesterol check. cool. your brain health. or your endurance. that's why the younger you are, the more you need aarp.
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join today. good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we are seeing more clouds moving in with our first cold front of the season moving in. our high temperatures will reach mid-70s for hayward. san jose reaching 77 degrees. mid-60s for san francisco. our temperatures will be fall-like through the end of the week. more clouds and the weekend is looking nice with valley temperatures reach into the upper 70s. >> that is your guys >> al, thank you coming up, the tragedy that is rocking the national women's soccer league. multiple investigations under way after players accuse a now fired coach of harassment, verbal abuse, sexual misconduct. this morning, two of the women who came forward will be our guests along with former team captain alex morgan.
7:20 am
an exclusive interview, just ahead. and then he spent much of his career on the starship enterprise now 90-year-old william shatner. he's goi is going up into space he's going to join us live to talk about his record setting voyage to the final frontier, captain kirk but first, this is "today" on
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(music plays throughout) count me in! oh! we're dancing. woah! oh. ok! and that's a yeah. (music stops) i'm a dancer now. it's 7:26. i am laura garcia. here's today's top stories including facebook front and center. >> the facebook whistle-blower is testifying before congress right now. she provided "the wall street journal" and the government with internal facebook memos she says show facebook prioritizes profits over public safety. the allegations made in the "wall street journal" were being looked into before she revealed
7:27 am
herself as the paper's source. more coming up at 11:00. and then i am bob riddell. oakland on pace to break a record for homicides so far. the police chief held a news conference yesterday to address the violence. chief armstrong says police staff something a problem. too many officers leaving right now, less than 700 officers on the streets. a mother whose son was killed seven years ago, and she spoke and plead with parents of those murderers. it's going to be a nice day. take a look at the sunrise. we have been keeping an eye on the air quality, and it will be improving for the north bay,
7:28 am
east bay and south bay. we will get fresher breezes coming in thanks to cooler air dipping into the bay area that will stay with us into the weekend, laura. >> thank you. we'll have another update in half an hour. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion
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if you had the opportunity to go into space, would you? >> if i got a guarantee i wo if you have any opportunity to go into space, would you? >> if i got a guarantee that i would come back. >> wow >> that is a moment. >> a telling comment al asked that question to william shatner in 2018. guess what it's not a hypothetical anymore. shatner really is heading to the edge of space. >> is that crazy next week on a blue origin rocket just ahead, we're going to speak with mr. shatner and captain kirk himself about
7:31 am
his big trip we can't wait to visit with him. so we'll speak with him live in just a minute. >> a little trepidation. >> yeah. he has the same view, i better be coming back your headlines at 7:30, negotiations begin today between hollywood studios and a union representing 60,000 workers. a majority of those offscreen workers voted yesterday in favor of authorizing what could be the industry's biggest strike since world war ii the union is seeking better working conditions, improved benefits and higher pay. alan kalter,he tco inic voice of the david letterman show, has died at the age of 78. >> only $5 a day, it's "the late show" with david letterman >> kalter took over as the late show announcer in 1995, remained there until letterman ended his tenure in 2018 his duties went beyond introductions. often getting in on the action in a statement, david letterman said a very sad day, but many
7:32 am
great memories the l.a. chargers had plans of their own last night. >> from the 10, herbert fires back of the end zone and it's caused for the touchdown >> a ten-yard touchdown in the second quarter herbert had three td passes on the night as the chargers win it 28-14. both teams now sit at 3-1 on the season now we're turning to new fallout inside the national women's soccer league. >> athletes accuse a prominent coach of sexual coercion and a failure to protect its players we're going to talk to mana shim as well as sinead farrelly but first, sam joins us with more on this fallout good morning >> reporter: good morning.
7:33 am
the league has launched multiple investigations committing itself to systemic and cultural transformation but first, the former commissioner of the league lisa baird was flagged in april of these concerns has since resigned and said she was proud of what she did to make thisgne league a better place. harrowing accounts of coach paul riley have upended the world's women's soccer >> how can we have faith and trust in our employer when they have allowed this to happen? >> reporter: unnervy details from a dozen players in the women's national soccer league, including those of mana shim and sinead farrelly who spoke about the coach's sexual abuse and coercion including sexual abuse of farrelly. >> the first time she felt coerced, that's the word she
7:34 am
uses something happened in that room and then again two more times. >> i'm so grateful for mana shim and sinead farrelly. i can't imagine the courage that it takes but it makes me sick that it has taken that article for us to do something about it. >> reporter: riley has denied the allegations and has yet to provide nbc news with a comment. former commissioner lisa baird who initially expressed shock and disgust and resigned now issuing a new statement which says in part that she was hired five years after the 2015 investigation against coach riley was conducted and concluded and fought to enact initiatives that protected the women in our league. this as the nwsl conducts multiple investigations to undertake a significant systemic cultural transformation and regain the trust of players and fans for girls and young women, just picking up the sport of soccer, there's less oversight in youth leagues. these players want to know what kind of impact this behavior is going to have on future
7:35 am
investigations >> what are we saying to young players, 12 or 13 years old and that about what we are going to allow to happen to our athletes in this country and that is unforgiveable that this is happening. and it continues to happen >> reporter: among the steps that have been outlined for immediate review and action is an independent examination of all of the clubs, their workplace policies and the acknowledgement that there has been a enforcement thereof. also, reopening the investigation into riley and looking at previous complaints related to discrimination, harassment or abuse, an acknowledgement that there has been a devastating failure that needs to be addressed. savannah, back to you. >> sam, thank you. we turn now to sinead farrelly and mana shim. with us is alex morgan, former captain of the women's national team and who now plays for the orlando pride. mana, one week ago today, the big day before this big story came out, before you came out
7:36 am
publicly and told this story you had no idea what would happen and now as we sit here, paul riley has been fired. he's been suspended from coaching the commissioner of the soccer league is out. >> i'm feeling so many emoti supported us i feel very deeply sad and heartbroken about what happened and it's bringing up a lot of feelings that, you know, i was sitting with for years, but they were dormant and, yeah, so it's. i want more a mixture of things. i want more. i want more justice. i want better policies i want players to be protected and at the same time i feel like we're on the right path and i'm grateful for everyone who has reached out and supported us >> let me bring sinead into this conversation you sat with this secret for years and years and have just come forward to tell these
7:37 am
stories. how are you feeling in this moment >> yeah. i would say similarly to mana. it is the whole spectrum of completely overwhelmed the support and the validation of this story by everyone globally has just been -- its has blown me away and really has felts like it has given my pain purpose and that has been a liberation for me that i have not been able to feel for almost ten years. and these women, too, mana and alex and a couple other people we worked with that have reached out and shown support has turned this moment into a movement anda made this matter and i just -- i feel speechless about it i don't have words
7:38 am
just pure gratitude. and they have truly amplified our voices and just made this what it should be, which is a huge deal and demanding change and, yeah, i feel really grateful and also very overwhelmed and, again, it's a lot, you know? >> it is a lot paul riley did not respond to our request for comment. he has denied any physical or pr a lot of people aren't familiar with your story. what would you want them to know about the paul riley that you encountered and had to deal with >> he's a predator he sexually harassed me. he sexually coerced sinead and he took away our careers >> sinead, how would you answer that question? what would you want people to know about what happened to you? >> i think it's just really
7:39 am
important and why we wanted to share our story and share in so much detail the damage that was done to our careers, but who we are as people. the damage to my self-confidence and how i approach life, it seeps into every part of your livelihood there is a lot of loss that comes with that and things i will not get back and i think when we can tap into the emotional impact of just showing up to try and be your authentic self, it really can hit home for a lot of people because it's bigger than the sport. this is about safety in our own lives and our bodies and the dee players deserve that we all deserve that. >> that brings me to alex -- >> and it's something that we will fight for sorry. >> yeah, no. i just want to bring alex intoo this con this conversation and that's the perfect way to get to it
7:40 am
sheer a situation where mana complained in 2015 you helped her do that you were a leader on the team, as well. his contract was not renewed with the team in portland, but five months later, he was hired by another team. how does that strike you what does that say about did league's practices, in your view >> first and foremost, i'm here today to support mana and sinead and continue to amplify their voices and show this semi failure from the league and how mana's case and wrong they did in handling mana's case and complaint and the investigation. and where they failed mana and sinead and probably many other women. so, you know, i think when i look back, i try to be as good of a friend and teammate as possible to mana in helping her file a complaint when there at the time was no anti-harassment
7:41 am
policy in place, there was no league hr, there was no anonymous hot line, there was no way to report. we have now started to put these things in place by demand of players, not by being -- not by the league being proactive so something we ask is for the league to start being proactive, not reactive we ask for transparency. >> what was the dynamic then did it feel like a culture of silence? >> absolutely. >> and explain why >> from early on, there was a possession, not just from paul, but the team that i was playing for. they silenced me about multiple issues, my sexuality being the most important one, and -- yeah, i just was very, very uncomfortable the whole time every day i showed up to work, every day i practiced, every game i played, i didn't have confidence and i was scared. i was scared and the only thing that got me through was my two
7:42 am
of my best friends thank god i had them i don't know what i would do without them alex was the first person i told who said i will do anything to support you. she was loyal from day one that's really the only way i got through it and i'm still damaged. you know, this isn't something that just goes away overnight because we talk about it it's extremely vulnerable and detailed, what we've gotten into this week. and it brings up a lot, like i said earlier, but i'm -- i'm just so grateful for this opportunity to get these bad people out of the league and really shine a light on this issue because it's so prevalent. it's not just this team. it's not just this coach it's across the league it's across the sport and we have to do something about it. >> leave it there. mana, sinead, thank you, alex. thank you for coming forward and sharing your story
7:43 am
we appreciate it >> thank you so much >> brave women right there >> yes, indeed we're going to switch gears here in just a few moments straight ahead, william shatner gearing up to boldly go where just a few have gone before. "star trek's" captain kirk officially becoming an astronaut at age 90. introducing the new citi custom ℠ card. it adapts to you. earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle.
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we're back at 7:46 our ongoing series, the new space race after years of going where no man has boldly gone before, now william shatner is heading into space. >> one week from today, william shatner will join three others blasting off a blue origin rocket sci-fi becoming a reality for the star >> mr. shatner is joining us live okay this is a big deal
7:47 am
i'm wondering, are you feeling scared are you happy you said yes or are you having second thoughts >> well, all of those things, but i really said yes because i wanted to talk to you guys is the real reason. >> you don't have to go to space to do that >> anytime open invite. >> you know, please, go ahead. >> i was just going to say how did the whole thing come about did you call them or did they call you >> no. they called me you know, it's a -- it's fine. it's -- i'm loving the idea of being -- having the opportunity to go. and the reasons why i'm going and all that we can all speculate, but going up there is something, al, you deal with the weather all the time last night there was a big electrical storm here in los angeles and i stood outside on the balcony and felt the storm
7:48 am
we talk about space and what weightless conditions are and the enormity of the universe and the absolute jewel of a little thing we call the earth by comparison i'm going to feel that with the same enormity that i felt this electrical storm last night. i'm going to see the vastness oo space and the extraordinary miracle of our earth and how fragile it is compared to the forces at work in the universe that is really what i'm looking for. >> bill, you recently turned 90. you still ride horses competitively. you do all this stuff. are you physically ready ready? if there's anybody ready to if there's anybody ready to do this, i think it's you you're the youngest 90-year-old i know what have you done
7:49 am
have you done anything extra to get ready for this >> prep work >> yeah. i had some apple pie last night. >> sounds about right. >> it will be some trip. >> well, i mean, what do you do? what do you do what do the space guys do if they have to go to the bathroom? >> you're about to find out. >> valid >> it's only 11 minutes. i think you'll be okay >> yeah, but i mean, when you're 90, 11 minutes can be a long time >> that's how the pros do it >> we're just getting started with william shatner we're going to talk more about his trip to space and the reasons behind it and mr. shatner's newest project, coming up on the third hour >> all right so that's a little bathroom break. we'll see you in about an hour thank you, mr. shatner >> he never disappoints, never disappoints.
7:50 am
i am meteorologist, kari hall. our temperatures today heading towards 80 degrees in our inland areas. a strong cold front coming in and that continues to bring in cooler temperatures by the end of the week. take a look at our valley temperatures in the upper 60s. it's going to be a nice weekend, still feeling fall-like in the upper 70s, and san francisco in the upper 60s and we will get sunshine in time for fleet week and the air show this weekend. n weather, guys. >> al is still laughing. still to come, the cake boss himself buddy valastro is going to join us one year after that devastating hand injury that put his career in jeopardy for heart failure entresto. it's a heart failure medicine prescribed by most cardiologists. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive
7:51 am
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get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream, with no annual contract. it's 7:56 right now. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. >> reporter: good morning, i am cierra johnson in san francisco with the look at how effective the indoor mask mandate was. we are looking closer at the numbers and the first thing that stands out to us is solano county is one of the only counties to not have the indoor mask mandate. they only had a vaccination rate of 66%. the temperatures are dropping, kari? >> yeah, it's going to be cooler today. i love the shot over the south bay. we are reaching into the upper
7:57 am
70s today so spend more time out there, and the air quality is improving, too, reaching 82 in antioch. and it will continue to feel more like fall, especially by the end of the week with more clouds. we will see peeks of sunshine over the weekend when it clears up. for san francisco, expect mid-60s, and lower 60s by thursday and friday. for the air show this weekend, it looks nice and hopefully the fog stays away with highs in the low 60s. >> thanks, kari. thank you for joining us as well. i'll be back with another local news update in about half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, it's complicated. >> i can't stress enough how remarkable it is, how unusual it is >> facebook still reeling after the worldwide outage that affected the site along with instagram and whatsapp it comes as the woman known as the facebook whistleblower is testifying in front of congress slamming the social media giant over misinformation. we're live with the latest the last frontier.
8:01 am
>> i'm just so sick of people dying, you know? we've lost five family members last year altogether and it just -- i'm just tired. >> hospitals in alaska reaching a breaking point as the state sees spikes in coronavirus cases and deaths we'll take you there plus, cake boss comeback >> nice and easy >> buddy valastro joins us live to talk about the shocking hand injury that made him wonder if he would ever return to the kitchen. how he's doing one year and five surgeries later. and rock and roll royalty. ♪ looking for a sign of life. >> foo fighters dave grohl stops by to talk about his new book, his legendary career, and life back on the road today, october 5th, 2021 >> hello from boise, idaho >> a mother/daughter trip from nashville, tennessee >> we are celebrating our 25th
8:02 am
wedding anniversary on "today. >> shout out to our friends and family from elizabethtown, kentucky >> celebrating our 25th anniversary from waterloo, iowa. >> happy birthday, grandpa >> welcome back. it's a tuesday morning so happy you're joining it with us. we have a bunch of nice people outside waiting for us to go out and say hey. >> great people outside, you great people inside. >> facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg apologized overnight for the massive outage that left billions of users without facebook, instagram and whatsapp for several hours. nbc's senior washington corespondents hallie jackson has the latest on that crash and that could not have come at a worst time for facebook. >> reporter: this morning, we're getting new answers to how this all could have happened. a facebook official now tells nbc news the problem started with a networking issue that
8:03 am
prevented data centers from communicating with each other, creating a massive ripple of course even internally so that made it harder to diagnose, and fix this whole problem facebook's platforms have some 3.5 billion active users around the world, the world, but this official date data says no user's data was compromised. mark zuckerberg overnight apologizing writing sorry for the disruption today i know how much you rely on our services to stay connected to the people you care about. the massive outage was one of the competing crises for facebook today, there's a whistleblower, former member of the company set to testify against facebook on capitol hill after accusing it of putting profits over safety that's something facebook denies hoda >> hallie jackson for us, thank you. now to the covid crisis in alaska all new cases are finally coming down nationwide, alaska is so slammed, some hospitals have started rationing health care. allison barber is in anchorage
8:04 am
with the latest. >> good morning, savannah. we've heard other states talk about the idea of implementing crisis standards of care alaska is a rare example of the state actually doing it. in the massive expanse that is alaska, some of the state's biggest hospitals are reaching a breaking point emergency rooms are overwhelmed, oxygen is being rationed and the governor is asking for hundreds of medical workers to fly here and help at alaska native medical center, some patients have been forced to wait for days for hospital beds >> we're the referral center for many of these areas that are geographical isolated and have limited resources, but we've run into situations where there aren't any beds in anchorage >> at this hospital, they can't let any visitors inside right now except for very few exceptions so we're going to go inside the covid ward outside of the hospital they're going to take us in through this video system, the same system that families use when they are talking to covid
8:05 am
patients who they are unable to visit. as we virtually walked around the covid unit, we spoke to those on the front lines, health care workers spending nearly every minute of their shifts caring for covid patients. 90% of those patients unvaccinated >> i have seen more body bags in a year than i would like to see in my life >> are you having to make life and death decisions? >> yes, i guess, the short answers. you're telling them this is your percentage of getting off a vent so you can go to the icu and having to have those conversations with somebody, nobody should have to do that. >> we walk them through this journey until they go home or they die and that's very hard emotionally on us. >> it's pain ms. wells is all too familiar with. she lost her best friend to covid-19 a year ago and her cousin just last week. >> i'm so sick of people dying we lost five family members last
8:06 am
year altogether. i'm just tired >> in the past two weeks, this state has seen the highest rise in covid cases in the country. right now, a little over 60% of alaskans are fully vaccinated. >> so important to bring us that story. thank you very much. 8:06 now how about a boost? >> there's a little boy who already knows one of life's most important lessons. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again okay this is 4-year-old in japan. he's been skateboarding for most of his young life. when he's learning a new trick, he keeps going and going and going. the older kids at the skate park says he inspires them because he never gives up until he nails it like he did that move right there. top of the world, babe he can make it in life oh, he did it.
8:07 am
>> practice makes perfect. >> can you imagine at 4? >> i can't believe he can even stand on the thing, let alone do those tricks >> we will probably see him in the olympics coming up next, cake boss buddy valastro >> one year after the hand injury that almost ended his career he has some happy news on his recovery and what's next that's right after this. new workouts. and screening for colon cancer. yep. the american cancer society recommends screening starting at age 45, instead of 50, since colon cancer is increasing in younger adults. i'm cologuard®. i'm convenient and find 92% of colon cancers... ...even in early stages. i'm for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your provider if cologuard is right for you. "colors" by black pumas come in for a soccer ball.
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we are back with one of the world's most famous bakers >> this time last year, cake boss buddy valastro was dealing with a very serious hand injury, unsure if he would be able to bake again >> but now he says he is 95% recovered. we're going to look back at how we got here. >> this makes me happy >> known for his over the top handcrafted masterpieces >> give me the buttercream >> cake boss star buddy valastro stunned fans last october when he posted this photo from a hospital bed with his hand heavily bandaged >> hey, guys buddy here i had a really bad accident the other day at my house with my hand >> what happened with your husband? >> i don't know. something with the bowling alley. he's stuck >> while bowling with his family at home, valastro tried to fix
8:15 am
the pin setter his right hand became jammed and was impaled multiple times by a metal rod. he recounted the incident last year on "today." >> it's going to be an uphill battle and the prayers and the support from all the fans from all over the world makes me feel so special and it makes me want to fight to get better for them. it makes me want to be the man that i was >> now, five surgeries and more than a year later, the cake boss says his dominant right hand is at 95% >> pretty amazing. >> he even competed in and won a new season of his competition show, "buddy versus duff." >> somebody up there is watching me >> the star baker documenting it across social media. >> i can't squeeze or grip things too much. >> which has been anything but a piece of cake. >> joining us live is the cake boss himself, buddy valastro good to see you.
8:16 am
it's good to see you working, back in business was there a time back there during this time where you wondered to yourself, i wonder if this injury may be a game changer for me where i wouldn't be able to work any more >> absolutely. again, guys, thanks for having me, but, you know, laying in that hospital bed after i had that surgery, i spent two days in hss and i really had no -- i couldn't feel nothing. i really had no idea what i was going to get back to. at t going to get back to at that point, i don't think the doctor even knew you know, it was really scary because that's part of me that i call my inner child, right when i think about cake boss or i think about these cakes that i make, i think that anything in the world is possible and then i go and make it happen with my hands. you know, this is what i do. i felt like part of that might
8:17 am
not ever be there again. you know it was tough it was not probably until february where i had five surgeries. and thank god for dr. carlson and hss and gina, my occupational therapist worked with me day and night to get my hand back to normal. but i couldn't make a fist unti the middle of february i was supposed to film buddy versus duff in april my team was like, buddy, you still have to do it. we're here to support you, you know, and you can be more of a coach. but i went in and thank god i felt about 95% back. i don't think i'm going the be a felt about 95% back. i don't think i'm going the be a hand model but -- and i might have to get another surgery over time, but, you know, considering what
8:18 am
happened, i had a huge metal spike through my hand. the fact that i'm here talking to you guys today doing what i'm doing, and listen, the technology -- because i had nerve damage and she repaired the nerve. these fingers here, for like a year, i just felt like tingly and asleep but now the nerve is starting to regenerate and it actually feels like back to normal. it's so crazy what we can do today in technology. and you have such a different respect for the doctors. not that i didn't respect and love them before, but when it happens to you, you think of all those people who helped you get where you are and recover and through covid. i mean, they were really truly heros, so hats off to the whole -- all the doctors and nurses and everybody in that industry who really put us first all the time >> that's great. >> good to see you, buddy. >> we're happy you're back in
8:19 am
business >> yeah. it's good to see you thank you. >> it's good to see you guys mr. roker, how about a check of the weather >> we love buddy and we love this rain they're getting in southern california because they need it bringing this moisture into the southwest in fact, we have a risk of severe weather from flagstaff down to tucson, wind gusts, hail possible and we're looking at anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain which could cause a little flash flooding we'll watch that carefully and temperatures, it is summertime from billings, denver, minneapolis, peoria, all the way from washington, d.c. with temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. that continues tomorrow from rapid city to burlington, burl vermont. as we get into the late week period, these temperatures will be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees vermont. as we get into the late week period, these temperatures will be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average. look at chicago. by saturday, 14 degrees warmer than usual 8 degrees on friday. we're looking at warmth in charlotte, richmond down to atlanta. that's w
8:20 am
good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at our cooler temperatures moving in today. some of our warmest spots inland only be in the low 80s. we will see more clouds coming in with another round of some cooler air arriving tomorrow. by the end of the week, we're only seeing our valley temperatures in the upper 60s. it does warm up more for the weekend, but still feeling very comfortable. san francisco reaching into the mid 60s today. low 60s for thursday and friday. clearing out in time for the air shows this weekend. >> you can check out it on siriusxm channel 108 where you will hear the best story of the morning pop start. >> i was thinking maybe we should do one prequel story and do one story so i have more time with dave grohl. but live tv, it doesn't workive
8:21 am
that that way >> for the highly anticipated "game of thrones" prequel, house of the dragon is out there morning. it's been over two years since the finale of the fantasy show shocked the world. this time the series will take place 200 years before the event of "game of thrones" and will explore the house of targaryen here is a peek >> fire. dream didn't make the gains. dragons did. >> dreams, no, dragon, yes that is epic you guys don't look excited enough >> i'm stoked. >> i just finished watching "game of thrones" for the second time
8:22 am
>> really? >> you have to go back because you can fall into the mythology. i'm going to make a bracket out of this and do a bracket >> time-out. >> ten episodes, house of the dragons. you can ted lasso it hbo max, its will be out next year next up, morgan freeman and dave chappelle teaming up in a new teaser to promote "the closer." check out the soothing voice might be getting inside chappelle's head a little bit. >> this is dave. he tells jokes for a living. driving down these country roads, a lot like a meditation what could he possibly have left to say >> will you shut the [ bleep ] up, morgan freeman >> sorry >> that's the great reveal that he was sitting next to him in the passenger seat >> so fantastic.
8:23 am
>> brilliant >> "the closer" is out today on netflix. next up, tick, tick boom directed by lin manuel miranda larson was the creator behind broadway's wildly popular show "rent. here is a peek >> i have an original rock musical. >> hey, boy genius >> and i have spent the last eight years of my life writing >> it's getting out. >> he's going to be rich and famous >> try writing about what you know ♪ what does it take to wake up ♪ >> it would be a tragedy to give up what you have. >> you know, it's funn generation ♪ >> it would be a tragedy to give up what you have >> you know, it's funny, actor
8:24 am
andrew garfield never actually sang professionally before he got the role he was on colbert's late night show, he lied to lin manuel miranda. he was like i am a great singer. didn't sing at all before production started, he had to take singing lessons. uncle al, this is for you. n peanuts. the gang is back wiht a new holiday special this december on apple tv plus for auld lang syne the special is set for new year's eve charlie brown will try to accomplish one of his new year's resolutions before the clock strikes midnight while lucy is getting ready to throw a big party. >> i love this one more story >> adele she is back, at least on twitter. she sent out her first tweet in nine months replying to social
8:25 am
media platforms, literally everyone with hiya babes heightened the speculation that adele might be putting a new album out. there were mysterious billboards out over the weekend with "30" all over the world a lot of people speculating this would be her title album it follows 19 to 21 and 25 those are records named after the age adele was when she made the records. but adele is 33 now. >> maybe it's when she wrote the record could it be that >> to be continued >> you got it all in >> have we mentioned that there's royalty here yeah, dave grohl royalty. two-time member of the rock and roll -- >> you might be thinking this is a book of all sex, drugs and rock and roll. this book has heart. it is fantastic on a lot of levels sorry to ruin your rep, rock yob star
8:26 am
>> there's a line of people outside dying to be in the studio we'll talk to him after your local news and weather a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia. the closely watched criminal trial involving a former danville police officer is now under way. prosecutors say andrew hall used unreasonable force when he shot and killed ladimer arborett in 2018. he fired ten times. in opening statements yesterday his attorney argued hall made a split-second decision in self-defense. the case has attracted national attention in part because hall last march was involved in a second deadly shooting in danville. that shooting is not part of this trial.
8:27 am
so far in that case he has not been charged. let's look at the forecast. things going to feel a little fall-like. >> it's going to be a lot cooler for microclimates. we're seeing the low clouds over san francisco with some peeks of sunshine. we can expect that throughout today as highs reach the mid 60s. mid 70s for the inner bay from hayward up toward oakland reaching 71 degrees, 73 in san rafael, and 80 today in livermore. the cooling trend continues for the rest of the week. in fact, by the end of the week, we're only going to see highs in the upper 60s. better get a sweater out. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us. i'll be back with a local update in about half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online.
8:30 am
it's tuesday morning a little music to make one of our next guests feel right at home dave is here we've all just stocked him it was literally -- he was like santa claus at the mall. i'm sorry that we did that to you. >> we weren't on his lap,
8:31 am
though >> we never do that, but it's you. sorry, you're a legend >> dave is incredible, drummer for nirvana, hall of famer, with foo fighters he's put many adventures on paper, a great memoir called "the storyteller." we're going to talk to dave about some of those stories. >> and another icon, harry smith. his conversation with -- drummer pantera. >> back in that universe with "the saints of newark. coming up, the man behind that historic moment in nascar cup series bubba wallace won at talladega super speedway on monday he became the first black driver to win in nascar's top division in more than 50 years. we will celebrate with bubba >> and a little more with william shatner, too >> oh, that's right. buckle up for that and hoda, we're looking for something that you have fun for us tomorrow.
8:32 am
>> two musicians, their kids are in musical theater they kept getting turned down when they were trying to make music. they made this hit it's a netflix hit, the unofficial tiktok musical. it's a musical >> is it scandalous? >> they're climbing the charts they're incredible >> they wrote music. you have to hear them sing together it's pretty amazing. let's get a check of the weather. >> we're looking at cloudy and cool weather through the northeast, flood watches through the gulf, record high heat out in the plains. storms in the so. tore more flooding possible through the southeast, fire strong storms in the southwest tomorrow more flooding possible through the southeast, fire risk firing up through the plains sunshine in the northeast and good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to continue to cool off today. we'll see some more clouds moving in ahead of a cold front that will bring in only highs in
8:33 am
the low 80s for some of our warmest spots inland. temperatures in the mid 70s tomorrow. thursday and friday, upper 60s. nice and fall like drop in our temperatures with a mild weekend ahead. san francisco near the coastline, mostly low to mid 60s. we will see some more sunshine from friday into the weekend. >> that is your latest weather so excited for your new book >> i am so excited, too. >> we love jenna bush hager. >> wait, it's not my book, but it is a big announcement >> what is it? >> the newest title for read with jenna jbh, what is the new october pick >> i am so excited because our plaza crowd here is going to help us. are y'all ready? three, two, one. it is "the lincoln highway." jenna, you have been talking about amor towles for years. tell us about this book. >> i love this book so much.
8:34 am
al roker has already read it 18-year-old 'em yet is dropped at home in nebraska after serving 15 months in a juvenile escaped in the trunk of the wa prison he is shocked because two of his but you bunkmates have escaped in the trunk of the warden's car this is the story of an epic journey as they recruit emmitt's youngest brother, billy, who may be one of my favorite characters in fiction and they set out in the adventure of a lifetime in 1950s america. >> these are iconic characters >> i'm an english nerd and i know there's a librarian right over here. these are the type of books that we will be studying. it spans just ten days but towles captures the inner reality of eight different characters who you will never forget it is beautiful. it is moving it is about family and friendship, where we find home i just love it, y'all. i just love it >> you're sold >> if it's that good, why isn't it a movie >> well, it could be it could be. watch
8:35 am
if you like epic stories -- >> watch a movie movies are great >> aren't books better than movies >> the movies can never compare with the book. the book -- mr. melvin, i remember meeting you 2 1/2 years ago, your mother is a retired librarian. >> okay. now i'm reading the book >> mr. melvin. >> you're going to have to go to detention. >> thank you we love librarians carson, i hope you learned a little something >> i'm going to read the book from now on. >> carson, this is for you >> there's going to be a quiz next week, carson. if you want to get this book and join the conversation, scan our just read our next guest's book, dave grohl we'll chat with dave, but first,
8:36 am
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and we are back with a bona fide music legend. dave grohl has entertained us for decades, 16 times won a grammy, widely regarded as one of the most accomplished artists ever now dave is out with a memoir. it is called the storyteller, tales of life and music guiding readers through his younger years, creating the foo fighters and so many adventures along the way. good to see you. >> good to see you >> i always remember my buddies and they would get off tour. your world comes crashing down it comes on to a screeching halt and i wonder what the pandemic was like for you because that's an exaggerated version of -- >> well, i am sort of creatively restless
8:39 am
we had just finished making a foo fighters record, last year was our 25th anniversary and everything stopped so i was like, what am i going to do? so i started this instagram page called dave's true stories where i just wrote these short storie with prince. only so that i could have something about crazy things that i had done like jam with bowie or jam with prince. only so that i could have something to do, but also so people could have like three or four minutes -- >> of storytime with dave. >> right and then i realized we were going to be here for a while and i thought, now is the time to write a book so i took all those stories i was going to write and put them in a book. >> two questions one, how do you remember all the stories? there's so much mileage going back like you said, i could write a book about scream or a book about nirvana. or a book about foos do you have a great memory >> i do. in all of these crazy and incredible experiences, when they're happening, like i'm in
8:40 am
the moment and i always think, oh, this is what i'm going to see right before i die like your life is going to flash in front of your eyes. so every day i'm like, i'm going to see this. i'm going to see this. i'm going to see this. and i kind of file all of these memories in musical increments so if you play me a song, i can tell you exactly where i was the first time i heard it. or if i hear a song that i recorded, i can tell you exactly what i was wearing when i was there or exactly what i did that day. so it's all based on music >> so you obviously could have written a song a long time ago, but you wanted to write every word why is that so important >> because both of my parents were writers and my father worked on capitol hill he was a republican speech writer and a journalist. so both of my parents were, like, brilliant writers. and i had been offered to do books before where someone was like just do a four-hours of interview and someone else would write it i was like, my parents would kill me if i did that. so i had the time and i enjoy writing.
8:41 am
it was fun >> i thought i was going to like this book in the same way i wanted to read neal straus's books, i thought that was going to be this rock star thing it's some of that, but the stuff that resinated with me, maybe because i have three girls of similar age was the dad stuff. and i wanted to read just one to give people an idea. this was the sort of stuff that caught my eye. you were talking about your oldest daughter. first you talk about how you used to talk to your wife's tummy when she was pregnant with violet i'm from l.a., too and you talked about how you saw a rainbow that day and it was a rare day and when violet was crying, you spoke to her and you saw that she recognized your voice. >> instantly it seems weird talking to someone's stomach and saying hi, i can't wait to meet you so she comes out screaming and she's on that little thing and i got close to her face and i said hey, violet, it's me and she stopped. >> and you still feel that
8:42 am
>> absolutely. >> i remember the first time i had to leave her how can i possibly leave this miracle behind i had to tear myself away and so began a lifetime of leaving half of my heart at home. >> this isn't about a rock star jumping on a jet this is about a dad leaving a daughter >> yeah. it's -- you have to understand first of all, when nirvana first became popular, my dad was like, you know this isn't going to last, right? and i'm like, no, of course not. this is too good to be true. so i always thought at some point it would sort of stop and then real life would begin but then over time, i sort of realized, oh, those two things can work together. and so, you know, my kids inspire me the and it's that love that then when i go on the road it makes me want to play music even more. >> we don't have much time and i know writing about kurt was probably the last things you
8:43 am
did. you talked a lot about death, kurt setting you up for another loss and your childhood friend, jimmy. how difficult was it writing about kurt was it cathartic in a way? >> it was. i put it off i was scared to write it finally i came down to the deadline where it was like, you have until tuesday to write this and then the book is going to the manufacturer or whatever so i just locked myself in a room and rounded and sort of write some kind of like practical logistical informational piece about with what happened. the piece is about mourning and loss and grief and how we process that differently with each person and how there's no textbook, there's no instruction manual on how to lose someone. >> suddenly, too >> yeah. so it was tough. but i did it >> we made a friend during the pandemic, you did in andy bushel, an 11-year-old drummer who crushes everyone and you guys get into a drumming thing
8:44 am
she's special. that was a great moment. >> she's amazing and there's nothing like getting your butt kicked by an 11-year-old. >> she was ripping >> and the whole world watching. >> she's incredible. this is the best drummer in the world. >> she's insane how long she can hold it for. look at this >> she's insane how long she can hold it for. what did taylor say when he saw that >> he was like you're dead meat. >> take a look at the screen here, david. we've got something for you. >> mr. grohl, i just wanted to say thank you so much. thank you so much for having a drum battle for me, for writing a song about me and for inviting me on stage. i had the best night of my life and good luck with your new book, mr. grohl. i'm going to read all the stories and i really hope we get to write a song with each other soon bye. >> she's amazing >> she's so inspiring. >> she really is she's the next generation. >> dave, congratulations on the book >> thank you >> "the storyteller" is out.
8:45 am
go to harry smith drummer for pantera, up with the story behind "many saints of newark." but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
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see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. scenes with a movie mind "many saints." >> how, we wonder, does tony soprano turn into this sympathetic sociopath after all, right? it has to come from some place newark, new jersey, 1967 post war prosperity. rising racial tension. and the mob, as ever, doing what
8:48 am
the mob does the many saints of newark comes from sopranos creator david chase. >> 86 episodes of "the sopranos" film did you think then, okay, we're done with this >> yes, i did. yes, i very much felt that way >> was there pressure from anywhere or not pressure, but at least interest from more on some level? >> at that point, no i think hbo was strangely ambivalent it was their biggest show. it was the dreadnought i think they sort of wanted it to be over it was time to move on from them >> and time for chase to move on, as well. but over time, he realized something. >> i missed those characters and wanted to go back into that universe >> actually, all the way back into that universe it's the story of dicky moltisanti, a made man idolized by young tony soprano. >> i want to go to college
8:49 am
i can't get caught with this >> played by michael gandolfini, son of the late james gandolfini whose portrayal of tony soprano is legendary >> obviously, i'm prone to abou. depression, certain bleak attitude about the world but i know i can handle it your kids don't. >> james gandolfini is so spellbinding in this role, his son comes along as this possibility of playing the teenage version of his father. what did you see in his son that made you say, it's going to be him? >> well, we had read a lot of other actors and it wasn't really happening they were mentally too young, too callow, if i can use that word father. he had grown up with his but michael had been through the tragedy of losing his father he had grown up with his father. i don't know how to put this, but that, in a way, could not
8:50 am
have been easy and i thought, this is the guy >> there's a gravitas to this kid. >> yeah. and he had never seen the show he had never seen "the sopranos. "he went to work studying it and it paid off. >> does it ever. but as young tony dreamed of a football career, the world is changing african-americans exhausted by decades of discrimination, of racism, have had enough. yesterday as today, the same as ever >> that's the amazing thing about it but i should tell you that we've wrote and shot the movie and finished it before the murder of george floyd >> wow >> and then covid came along and we were sidelined. but the strange thing about it was also those ancient events came back in the present so it looks like the movie -- like we were prescient, but that's not the case we didn't know that was coming
8:51 am
or that was -- it hadn't happened >> and i've also said, you know, as a white person, it's easy to say, boy, it's all come back well, it never went away >> the pandemic slowed the release of many saints, but it increased the viewership of "the sopranos." >> you don't got to love me, but you will respect me. >> binged by a new generation of fans >> it makes you feel great it makes you feel wonderful that you've communicated with this other generation who is not that easy to communicate with >> with the prequel and the buzz that goes with it, we wondered does this put you back in the soprano business >> no. no, it doesn't i mean, you're asking it in a different way. most everybody -- you would think there would be another
8:52 am
one, the answer is i don't know. there is a teaming in the writing that could make me more inclined to do it, but i don't really know. i have other interests i don't think i can do another one of these it's like, okay. >> what does al pachino say in "the godfather" movie? >> just as i thought i was out, they pulled me back in >> right we don't want to go there. >> i'm going to go, i'm going watch it again i saw it in a movie theater. one of the things i realized was the people that screened it ahead of time, if you saw it in a movie theater, you liked it a lot more than if you watched it on a tiny screen. there were a million things to pull apart if you're a sopranos fan, i watched the series twice through. it's like, oh, there are tells it's like a poker game remember this, remember that there's a lot to unpack there. but if you're a sopranos fan, whether your friends love it or not, you need to go see it because you have to kind of put the bow on the package >> thanks, harry
8:53 am
>> by the way, harry's full conversation with mr. chase is on our website and "the many saints of newark" is out in theaters and streaming on hbomax,s well is a workin og at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen...
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8:56 am
and we wish michael welker a 10. and also happy 75th anniversary to don and he wilellen, nine grandchildren, 10 great great grandchildren. a lot of birthdays to celebrate. and coming up, hollywood writer changing who and what you see on tv. but first bubba wallace and a little bit more with william shatner as well. a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia with your local news. pleasanton leader expected to declare a local drought emergency in a stage-two water shortage. residents will also be asked to reduce their water use by 15%. the ordinance will authorize opening a new drought call
8:57 am
center to assist water customers. the declaration does not authorize higher water rates or excessive use penalties. happening now, bob redell is reaching out to city leaders for reaction. he'll have the latest at midday. once the declaration happens we'll post it to twitter. u.s. lawmakers are hearing from a facebook whistleblower who believes the company chose profits over safety. we'll have a report midday and more on our home page.
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8:59 am
the warriors preseason tips off at the chase center. the vaccine requirements you need to keep in mind. an east bay man who did not get the storage he paid for. our response team helps solve his digital dilemma.
9:00 am
live in studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. welcome to the third hour of "today." it is tuesday, october 5th. do you know what today is? >> it is world peaches day. >> trending on twitter. shout out to all of the amazing teachers out there. my mom was a teacher. your mom was a teacher. i have said this before -- >> there's mom. betty jo. >> my mom retired last year and the year before during covid. so when they ended


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