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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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that we get sent to us from the community, but the reality is it's changing every day, and we monitor them the best we can when we get the information usually from the community. >> police also warn of a spectator ordinance that allows officers to fine you if you are just watching. at 6:00, facebook fallout. u.s. lawmakers will get some answers with the whistle-blower set to testify before congress. we have live team coverage, including how all the negative publicity is hurting facebook's bottom line. johnson & johnson overnight requested fda emergency approval for a booster shot. we'll layout the timeline, next. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. you are watching us on your television, and we are streaming live for you right now at want to say good morning to you. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. before we get started, we want
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to congratulate one lucky person this morning. that winning powerball ticket was finally sold after it rolled over so many different times, and it happened here in california. >> one person waking up a millionaire. at least the person with one ticket not too far from here. we will have more on that ahead this morning, the excitement surrounding that. but first we want to talk about the excitement surrounding our forecast, with the cooler temperatures today. >> yeah, we're starting out with low clouds, maybe even drizzle over san francisco as the cooler air moves in. it also helps to improve our air quality, and that continues through the end of the week with fall-like temperatures and nearby showers. we can see the rain moving along with this cold front. a couple sweeps of cooler temperatures. first one arrives today. as we wake up and head out the door, we are seeing good air quality from the north bay down to san francisco and the peninsula. it's still moderate for inland
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parts of the east bay as well as the south bay, as our highs head towards the 70s and 80s today. we will talk about further cooling in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. this morning on capitol hill, lawmakers will hear from a facebook whistle-blower. she's a former employee who accuses the company of putting profits over user safety. >> it comes hours after the company suffered the worst outage ever. first, chris pallone is live for us in washington today. what can we expect from today's hearing? >> this hearing taking place in just about an hour, and we can expect the senate sub committee that is holding it is going to put facebook's business dealings under the microscope. this comes a day after the outage, as you mentioned, and now the silicon valley website
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is functional along with instagram and the what'sup app. ceo, mark zuckerberg, posting this on his facebook page last night, sorry for the interruption today. the outage happened before a former employee testifies before a senate committee. >> the time something remarkable. this is right as facebook is dealing with the damning whistle-blower report. we have no reporting that indicates there's any connection whatsoever, but it is, you know, fire on your left, fire on your right. massive problems on both sides for facebook. >> francis told "60 minutes" she has tens of thousands of documents that shows facebook's disregard for safety, pointing out a social network turned off
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the protections ahead of the january 6th riot. >> that is absolutely contrary to my experience, and contrary to the facts. in 2016, we spent $13 billion on security, and we have 40,000 people working on security. >> now, the senate testimony is expected to press lawmakers for regulations on social media platforms. as for the worldwide outage facebook suffered yesterday, the company is blaming it on a faulty configuration change, as they call it, but they do not believe any personal data was stolen or compromised during that outage. marcus and laura. >> yeah, that would not be good at all. thank you, chris. scott, let's talk about the
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money. facebook shares could not have been happen yes. >> yeah, mark zuckerberg himself lost about $6 billion. >> the thing about facebook, scott, so many people are connected through it. what do you think the biggest challenge for the company moving ahead? is it the congressional hearings? >> they have been blasted in congress before, but i think it's two things. the places you use facebook to log in are probably going to want to rethinking that, because those services were hard to get into yesterday. and then recruiting, and facebook is painted as the bad guy of the tech world.
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there's a lot. tech companies are fighting for employees, and people who want to work at your company to do good, and facebook has to convince those recruits they would be doing good at a time when you got a former employee telling "60 minutes" and the united states senate that they are not. >> one to watch certainly. it will be curious to see what the markets do today, for sure. thank you. and then as expected johnson & johnson this morning asking the fda for emergency use approval for the covid booster shot. regulators will consider the request on october 15th. and then new data on supporting the idea that pfizer recipients should get the booster shot. the data shows effectiveness drops off over time, from 88% protection one month after the
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dose to lower percentage over the next six months. >> what we are focusing in on is hospitalizations, preventing and preserving our hospital resources, and to that end it's spectacular. >> the new study funded by pfizer is published in "the lancet." then the data released by the department of health and human services and published in the sacramento bee shows vaccines shielded 22,000 state seniors from becoming infected. nationwide the study found a reduction of 265,000 covid infections among medicare
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beneficiaries. and then during a police chase in 2018, a police officer, hall, fired ten times. his attorney argued that hall made a split-second decision in self defense. >> he feels like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. he feels very bad about what happened. >> the case attracted national attention in part because hall last month was involved in a second deadly shooting in danville. that shoot something not part of the trial, and so far in that case he has not been charged. a follow-up on last week's water main break, and the pipe was connected to a transmission line and that's why it took nine hours to reach the valve and close it. 6.5 million gallons of water were spilled and approximately 200 homes were temporarily without water. a foggy start out there in
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san francisco. today, state senator, nancy skinner will lead a news conference on what advocates say is california's worst air quality. last year california had one of its worst wildfire seasons on record and certainly, kari, our air quality is taking a big hit because of that. >> yeah, and it still has been pretty bad dealing with all the fires we have had across the state recently. just yesterday we had an air quality advisory. it does look like today it's improving. if you are heading out for a morning run around foster city, it's a better morning to breathe deeply with better air quality moving in. our air temperatures starting out in the mid-50s, and a slow warm-up today and gradually we will start to see more sunshine as we head towards the 60s there. we will see 70s there in hayward. heading over toward concord, 81 degrees. a lot of our spots dropping
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about ten degrees as we continue to cool off by the end of the week. we'll talk more about that. mike, you are still tracking the garbage truck on fire? >> yeah, that's blocking the slow lane here and causing slowing as a volume of traffic has showed in the last few minutes. the dumbarton bridge here on 84 jogs around the area. heading north in through the area, we have your distraction for the fire crews blocking your right lane northbound approaching thornton. the crew late picking up here north of 85. watch for the slowing off the santa cruz mountains. easy drive here including the build at the bay bridge toll plaza. there you go. back to you. >> thanks so much. much more coming up on "today in the bay" on this tuesday morning. grab your bike or walking shoes. we'll talk about our climate in crisis series. a look at what you can do this week to help take action to
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reduce air pollution. plus -- >> keeping chadwick boseman's legacy alive. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good tuesday morning. it's 6:13. as you are stepping out the door in santa rosa, it feels milder this morning compared to yesterday.
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we have a blanket of clouds over us, and that will basically keep our temperatures from warming up so quickly as a front moves in. a nice cool day ahead. we'll talk about the cooling trend in our forecast and what you can do to help out our climate in crisis, coming up in a few minutes. here's our alert for the east bay north bay 880 slowing down through fremont. there was a garbage truck on fire. so before thornton we have a disabled vehicle in the backup getting over to the right shoulder. it could complicate things for the east bay. we will show you that and the ripple affect coming up. good morning. happy tuesday to you as well. another airline has told its employees it's time to get vaccinated or find another job. southwest airlines will require its workers to take the shot. american and alaska and jetblue told their employees the same thing a few days ago. united, hawaiian and frontier
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were the first. that leaves delta airlines as the only major airline without a company-wide mandate. they will only play covid sick leave to those who are vaccinated and will get sick anyway. tesla will have to pay $37 million to a former employee that faced racial abuse on the job. tesla denies this, but a federal court did not see tesla's side. separate class action suit shows racial issues are widespread at tesla, and, again, tesla denies this. and then facebook took a hit on wall street yesterday. the tech stocks in general sank as investors moved their money out of tech and into government
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securities. and then behind the scene workers have authorized their union to call a strike for better pay. the crews say they are not getting the same pay raises and benefits as writers andactors are. in 2007 tv writers went on strike so there were months of repeats on traditional television, and then there were lots of reality tv which was cheap to make. everybody wants a piece of the pie. >> now there are so many options out there. >> exactly. >> i remember as a kid when "happy days" was on, and everybody had to watch. >> yeah, you have so many options and you have to pay more -- >> yeah, i told my kids you had three channels and sometimes the president was on all of them,
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and not "dukes of hazard." >> yeah. and then somebody in california is a lot richer in san louisa pweus bow county. the cash value of the jackpot is just under $500 million. maybe you did not win the jackpot but there's still money on the table. the winning numbers, 12, 22, 54, 66 and 69 with the powerball of 15. >> wow. congratulations. >> think about that as you drive to work this morning. think about this, too, trending this morning, chadwick boseman's legacy continuing to live at his alma mater, howard university. netflix is funding a scholarship at the university in the late actor's memory. it will provide tuition for
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low-income students. the college was renamed after boseman following his death last year. >> that's nice. and then could the gram be adding grams to your waistline. >> and those who post food on social media also take longer to feel full. our producers scoured through our own instagram feeds, and they find we here on "today in the bay" post about food a fair amount of time. mike did yesterday. and that was on my birthday. >> what did you post yesterday, mike? >> carnitas. >> you have leftovers? >> no, we will make more tacos,
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i think. there's a fire on a garbage truck, and then there's compressed gas of some sort on the truck, and they need a heavy duty tow truck to pull the larger vehicle, and that's what that is causing to the slowing. there's a disabled vehicle in the backup, and the fire crew there, that's what is causing the slowing. the unusual slowing counter commute. southbound 880 moving smoothly. 17, that early pick up for that crew cleared as well. no problem for contra costa county. the build has hit the toll plaza for all lanes. yeah, as you are heading out the door in cupertino, we are in for a cooler day, some spots about ten degrees lower. our start of the morning will be
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in the upper 11:00. lunchtime temperature, 73 degrees. looking at our southbound high, 79 in the east bay. morgan hill, the low 80s. the cool air will stick around for a while. we can open the windows in the east bay as we reach in the low 80s in antioch. 81 in danville. hayward, 74 degrees. mid-60s for daly city. san mateo reaching 71. mission district up to 69 degrees. we'll see the temperatures in the north bay mainly in the upper 70s and low 80s. santa rosa today heading towards 77 degrees. here's what is going on. we have a cold front coming in and it will give us a couple pushes of cooler air. the first one at the leading edge of that now making it into the north bay with clouds. we will get a second round of cooler air by tomorrow. you can see there's not a lot of
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rain with this and it falls apar before it gets the bay area is all dry as we head through the forecast. it's nice to see the cooldown, though. we're going from 80 in the inland areas to the upper 60s for thursday and friday. we're also going to seat temperatures coming up a couple degrees for the weekend but still very comfortable. for san francisco we're keeping an eye on the sky to see if the fog will linger. low clouds on thursday, but for the air shows on friday and saturday, it does look nice and clear, but it's also going to be cool. make sure you are wearing a jacket because the temperatures will only reach into the mid-60s. now as we turn to our climate in crisis, we're starting to make plans for tomorrow. the fourth annual california clean air day where you are encouraged to take action big or small to reduce air pollution, you can plant a tree or switch
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to more local options where you can help clear the air. check out the t wl offer free rides. the average oakland commuter commutes about 60 minutes a day round trip. if we had 200,000 people, and i know this is a tall order, but 200,000 people to bike to work for one day tomorrow, that's like taking the carbon dioxide out of the air equal to planting 7,000 trees. check out this story as well as more stories on our climate in crisis, and that's on >> i might have to leave this afternoon to get here by tomorrow morning. next here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> rental protections are expiring. how do you respond if you receive an eviction notice? i am consumer investigator,
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chris chmura. we'll show you how, next.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. now that california's eviction moratorium expired, families behind on rent could receive an eviction notice or something similar. >> if you are wondering how you respond to something like that, we have you covered. consumer investigator, chris chmura has suggestions for you. >> if you missed rent payment, you may receive something from
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your land lord. don't panic. also, don't start packing. eviction is a court process that could take time, lots of time. still, you have some work to do as soon as you get a notice like that. the california housing agency says you should immediately seek legal assistance, and in many cases responding to eviction papers in five days could help delay or prevent your evictions. you can find free legal help at local law schools, legal clinics and tenet's rights lawyers. >> there's attorneys through the right to counsel program. >> it's important you keep track of every piece of correspondence and respond asap.
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you can even reach an agreement where your land lord to keep you where you are. it's 6:26 right now. fleet week is back in san francisco, and ships are already docked and getting prepped for tours. ship week was virtual last week, as you may recall. this weekend's 40th annual fleet week celebration in san francisco. you can find a list of events taking place throughout the weekend, just head up to the trending ball and collect sf fleet week guide. or search fleet week on our website,, or on the mobile app. we're following several stories here on "today in the bay," including the news from johnson & johnson.
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plus -- >> many communities are seeing the end of the delta virus surge, and some are looking at how effective was the mask mandate. we'll take a look at that when we come back. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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johnson & johnson takes the next step in receiving authorization for covid vaccine booster shots. the timeline for how soon you could get the shot in your arm. plus -- >> we have lost as of today,
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mothers and fathers, they are hurting. >> oakland pleading for your help after the city saw its most violent month in years. the new message from the chief of police. environmental disaster. crews rushing to contain the damage left behind after a massive oil spill in southern california. we are at the scene with the latest on the containment efforts. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. a terrific tuesday it will be when it comes to the weather. kari hall has a look at that. >> yeah, great weather headed our way, and will finally feel like fall for us as we get the cold front coming in. as the cooler air arrives it brings in better air quality. the rest of the week will be fall-like with nearby showers. here's a look at the front as it moves closer to the bay area. the leading edge of that, those
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clouds move into the north bay. we are going to see clouds mixing in with sun today, and the air quality will improve, and the east bay you see the yellow doubts in san jose. we'll talk about the cooldown in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. johnson & johnson requesting the fda to approve authorizes emergency booster shots. according to the cdc, 15 million in the u.s. have received the j&j vaccine. do mask mandates work? today in the bay's cierra johnson joins us live looking closer at mask requirements and bay area county vaccination rates. >> reporter: good morning. as the delta variant appears to be trickling off in many of the bay area communities, some of
6:33 am
the health leaders and some of the city leaders taking a closer look at how effective the indoor mask mandates were in conjunction with some of the vaccination rates. to paint a picture of what we saw in terms of the effectiveness of the mandates, there was a graph created and they used data from the state as well as the county website. what initially stands out is solano county is the only county decided not to have a mask mandate following the delta surge. solano county at its peak, the cases per 100,000 was higher than every other county in the bay area, but we should note they did have the lowest vaccination rate in the county at 66%. compare that to marin county, both of those counties were 90% or above in terms of vaccination rate, and their hospitalization rates and cases per 100,000 remained the lowest in the bay
6:34 am
area. as i mentioned, some of the health leaders taking a closer look at that effectiveness as well as the transmission rate as well as the vaccination rate as they move forward. just last week, i mentioned "the chronicle" spoke and said he was taking a closer look at where we could be flexible in loosening some of the indoor mask mandates, and there's no clear picture of what that would look like, but the discussion is taking place as we take a closer look at the data from the last few months. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you, cierra. we made it easy. we put together a list of where you need a mask, just visit our website to find out the rules by searching mask mandate.
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and then a new testing site will be here for students and staff from 8:00 until noon. oakland's police chief begging for help to stop the homicides in oakland. september, the deadliest month in oakland so far this year. >> reporter: correct. unfortunately you are correct, marcus. 17 people murdered in oakland in the month of september. october is violent as well. just last night somebody was shot outside the whole foods supermarket outside lake merritt, and that person with nonlife-threatening injuries. and this friday night, a well known activist for education was shot and killed in his home by an intruder. he lived in the maxwell park area in oakland. oakland on pace for a record year in homicides, with 106
6:36 am
people killed so far in 2021. yesterday oakland's police chief armstrong held a news conference to address the violence and called for a moment of silence for those murdered in oakland. the police staffing is a problem, and with officers leaving there are now less than 700 officers on the street. a mother whose son was killed in oakland 11 years ago spoke, and she plead with the parents of the murderers. >> get your children. if you need help, if they are doing things and you need help there are a lot of organizations out there that could provide mentorship. >> unfortunately, we will have to bring out staff from inside the building and put them into field roles when we have openings. we are also going to have to leverage the use of overtime. >> that was chief armstrong addressing how they would handle the under staffing issue. in june you might recall a council member voted along with
6:37 am
five of his colleagues in favor of the controversial decision to reallocate $17 million proposed for the police department and instead direct it to the department of violence prevention over the next two years. last month the city council voted to redirect money within the police department to open one more police academy because of the loss of officers. reporting live, bob riddell, "today in the bay." happening today, testimony resuming in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. last week the whistle-blower was on the stand speaking at length about the red flags he tried to raise to company leaders. he is expected to return to the stand today. we are tracking the
6:38 am
environmental disaster now playing out in southern california where 126,000 gallons of oil spilled along the coast. >> the beaches and harbors remain closed in orange county as intense cleanup efforts are under way. >> as you know overnight the governor declared a state of emergency here in southern california as a army of people along the shore tried to capture the oil sheens behind me. officials are trying to track what is becoming a moving disaster. here's how one person described it late yesterday. >> there are about 23 platforms, and most built in the 1970s and '80s, and they are a ticking time bomb for accidents like this to happen. >> today here on the shore they
6:39 am
are trying to capture and monitor this moving target in what officials have become a slow motion disaster across the region. so far they have collected a handful of birds, and they have their eyes on other animals that have taken flight covered in oil. hope you can join us for more this morning. back to you. >> of course, we will. the fawn fire in shasta county, the woman accused of starting it is expected to be in court. she walked out of the brush in the fire line saying she was dehydrated. she was arrested after being treated. and now to california's drought and efforts to save water. pleasanton authorities are discussing a stage 2 water shortage. residents will be asked to
6:40 am
reduce water use by 15%, and they will authorize a drought call center to assist customers. let's bring in meteorologist, kari hall, now, with how much water is needed in the bay area. >> when we look at the start of our water year and how it ended up with the total amount of rainfall for our water year. now normal for san francisco, we get about 23.7 inches. we only had 9 inches. at least we had a decent year between 2018 and 2019. looking at san jose norms, almost 15 inches but we only had one-third of that and so it was extremely dry the past year, and now we are in the highest level of drought, the exceptional category, as a result. and then looking at what is coming in this morning, this system will bring in showers to the north but it will be dry
6:41 am
again for us here in the bay area. if you are wondering how much rain we normally get in the month of october, this is where we start the transition towards the rainy season, which is our only opportunity to get all of the rainfall we need for the water year. in october for santa rosa, we get about two inches for the month, and san francisco about a inch less for the rest of the bay area. still dry and don't see any rain in the foreseeable future. heading over to you, mike, still have the chp alert? >> yeah, everything looks just fine from this big view of the map, and also heading south in towards hayward and here in san jose, and then here in fremont, we have the issue, the slow lane blocked by a garbage truck on fire. fire crews on the scene, and they are standing by because they are just making sure that
6:42 am
burns out safely. that is a distraction for those traveling north. the fire is clear of the over crossing. a little build for the east bay now hitting the richmond bridge and the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next, giants' manager, bruce bochy back at the ballpark, after a decade from this moment. >> the giants are world champions! >> i remember when i was standing when that happened. >> yeah, and we will talk about the big celebration at oracle park, and not just for the giants. we may be 13 days away from disaster, according to one government official. we'll talk about that. and then the big board seeing a little bit of recovery after dropping yesterday. how would you like to be in a quid game. one popular series is coming to
6:43 am
life. first local schools received billions of dollars to help ride out the covid-19 pandemic, and our investigative unit dove into the funds and how they were used, and the odd part is how much money they are still sitting on. abby fernandez sat down with others and they discussed that investigation. you can watch that full episode on our instagram page, and can you track how bay area schools spend the covid-19 funding on 6:43. we'll be right back.
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good tuesday morning. it's 6:46. it's about 20 minutes away from sunrise. it may be time to head out for the workout in foster city. heading out in the mid-50s and a slow warm-up as it gradually cleared today. we will look at all the microclimates coming up. we had flashing lights. there was a propane tank reported in lanes. there's your build out of richmond. we are tracking the other issue, the garbage truck fire in fremont causing slowing for the nimitz. more on that coming up. and then scott mcgrew has the latest warning from treasury secretary, janet yellen.
6:47 am
>> yeah, she said america will plunge into recession if we do not pay our debt. this affects whether we pay our armed forces and affect the child credit payments you could be getting, and the entire u.s. economy is at risk. here's the president. >> raising the debt limit will come down to paying what we already oh, what has already been acquired. not anything new. it starts with a simple truth, the united states is a nation that pays its bills and always has. from its inception, we never have fault. >> whether you think the u.s. should spend more money than it has, and there are many americans that say it shouldn't, that's not relevant.
6:48 am
democrats and republicans agreed to the money spent in part when trump was president. it's like paying your credit card payment, you already spent the money and you can't change it now. there are 13 days until disaster, and congress has not agreed to raising it. congress has not agreed to the two bills we talked about, the more than $3 trillion bill too big for some democrats. remember, none of this accounts for the debt ceiling. the white house realizes this number needs to get smaller. >> in order to have a discussion about the path forward which includes the recognition that this package is going to be smaller than originally proposed. what he wants to hear from them is what their priorities are and bottom lines are so he can play a constructive role in moving things forward. >> and a federal judge sentenced
6:49 am
one of the january 6th attackers to more than what was being recommended. the home confinement prosecutors were asking for for the man from texas was too lenient. it did not take a lot to prosecute as he posted on social media. we're watching what is happening in washington. the president will travel to michigan today to push for his build back better bill. we will talk about it on twitter. i am @scottmcgrew. you may see more money in your bank account today. more stimulus checks going out. to qualify you must have filed your 2020 taxes by october 15th of this year. the bay area sports hall of fame has five new members after a big night of celebration at
6:50 am
oracle. >> for the first time in 52 years, the giants are world champions! >> you remember where you were at that moment? >> i do. so exciting. >> it was an exciting time last night, too, and among those who were honored, bruce bochy. he did not comment on rumors about the possible return to coaching. he did comment on the giants playing the dodgers or cardinals. >> i don't think it matters to them. you look at the dodgers and what they have done this year and in the past, and their experience. but you have to look at how well the cardinals play down the stretch. >> 12-time swimming olympic native, natalie coghlan. and also brian young, and
6:51 am
oakland native and world champion, a's player, rickey henderson. are you watching the new netflix show "squid games." some people are getting a chance to experience the show firsthand by getting some of the games depicted but without the gruesome consequences. the korean drama is set to be the most watched netflix series of all-time. >> wow. well, take it all in. today in the bay's bob riddell posting this picture of the sunrise over san francisco. look at what we are waking up to in the bay area. that's why we call it terrific tuesday, or at least i call it terrific tuesday. >> i call it taco tuesday. >> we, too! >> yeah, we'll combine the two.
6:52 am
let's look at dublin. if you are out and about to join them, we are looking at better air quality in parts of the east bay. santa clara valley seeing moderate air quality. if you are about to step out in oakland, we are have mid-50s for the next hour. you can see there will be clouds mixing in with the sun and that will linger today with the slow warm-up with the south bay highs headed towards the 70s. we're heading towards 80 today. you can see the cooling we will see for the inland east bay, and danville reaching 81. fremont today heading towards 76. 76 also in redwood city. san francisco at 64 for the sunset. and mill valley will see 78, and 72 in clearlake.
6:53 am
it seems like this system is drying up before it gets to us, and there will be showers further to the north and the cool air will arrive. we're going from 80 in livermore today to the low 70s tomorrow. upper 60s for the end of the week. it will feel like fall so it times to break the sweaters out, and it looks like this weather will stick around for a while. we are going from the 80s in the valleys to seeing more clouds tomorrow. a second round of cooler air arriving and we will make it into the upper 60s and breezy for the end of the week, and into the weekend. keeping an eye on san francisco for fleet week and it's going to be nice and clear. at this time, it looks pretty good. mike, you are looking at the drive through fremont. >> yeah, as you travel northbound on fremont, everything is fine. as you approach stevenson and thornton, everything is slowed down and the right lane is blocked because of the garbage
6:54 am
truck. they need a heavy duty tow truck, and we're tracking that. that's the only unusual slowing. everything else looks great. back to you. >> thank you so much, mike. 6:53 right now. happening now, a new california vaping tax signed into law by governor newsom. it adds am 12% tax on e-cigarettes. the move is more in line with taxes on other tobacco products. and then the oil spill in southern california, we're keeping an eye on that. plus, u.s. lawmakers will hear from the facebook whistle-blower in a highly-anticipated hearing. we're back in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the
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constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. welcome back. we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay." fplt first, breaking news we are following. johnson & johnson is requesting emergency approval of the booster shot. the booster shot can boost immune protection to 94%. a live look at capitol hill
6:58 am
where in minutes a whistle-blower will testify before a central panel after speaking out on "60 minutes" over the weekend. she's a former employee and she accuses the company of putting profits over user safety. she brought the internal documents to the "wall street journal." she is expected to press lawmakers to put regulations on social media. today first responders will be back in the area of the oil spill to contain the spread. beaches and harbors remain closed after 126,000 gallons of crude oil spilled along the oceanfront. the company that is responsible for the oil spill says the line
6:59 am
could have been broken from an anchor from a ship. today, it's going to be nice. the cooling trend will continue through the end of the week, and a nice weekend ahead. mike? north 880 from thornton jammed up to stevenson, and that garbage truck still being addressed. i will tweet out any changes. but still it's a slow approach to the scene. thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us for our midday newscast. we will leave you with this beautiful shot. "today" show is coming up next. make it a great morning.
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good morning.3 c3 facebook, instagram y users. overnight, the public apology from ceo mark zuckerberg and the potential cause behind it now emerging. the company under fire on capitol hill with the whistleblower who says facebook puts profit over people, set to testify today. state of emergency, cleanup efforts intensifying in the wake of that massive oil spill off the coast of southern california. >> this is very serious.


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