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tv   Today  NBC  October 4, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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on "today in the bay." always on at the "today" show is coming up next. >> to see the environmental impact on our shore to me is absolutely devastating. >> 126,000 gallons so far now washing ashore. beaches closed perhaps for months. growing concern over the impactful wildlife and the economy. and mounting questions over the initial response. a live report from the scene straight ahead. >> home for the holidays? the cdc raising eyebrows with
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its new guidance. urging another season of virtual gatherings, even for the vaccinated. this morning what dr. anthony fauci is saying and the encouraging signs of a slow decline in covid-19 cases nationwide. >> the whistle-blower, a former top facebook employee. >> facebook has shown over and over again they use profit over safety. >> her next stop, capitol hill testify brg congress this week. rise and fall, inside the dramatic collapse of ozy media, a company created to change the industry now in turmoil over stunning allegations of fraud. a top executive impersonating someone elimination during a key meeting with potential investors. this morning, it's ceo and co-founder carlos watson joins us exclusively. all that plus up, up and away. a new competitor joins the space
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tourism race. >> a first look at the balloon that could soon carry you to the edge of space. and always a patriot. >> the big moment for the nfl legend. >> it was a special night. >> yeah. it really was. will i'm not tearing up. i already went through all that. >> today, monday, october 4th, 2021. >> and good morning, everybody.
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welcome to today. monday morning. so glad you're with us. hoda is out this morning. you are up late watching that nail biter on nbc. it turn. >> the return it was. tom brady went back to new england and he delivered yet another win. >> we'll have all the details in a live report from gillette stadium coming up. >> and exclusives, including the story at the center of the media world. we're going to talk to ozy's ceo and co-founder about the scandal surrounding the company and what is next. >> and then hoda sits down with oprah. >> but we're going to begin with that major oil spill. 126,000 gallons have leaked from a broken pipeline creating a potential environmental disaster that is already threatening beaches and wildlife and the economy there.
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and nbc's emily joins us live from seal beach. good morning. >> good morning. the oil spill happened just south of here where there is now a health advisory urging residents to stay away from the coastline. to avoid not just direct contact with the oil but also the toxic fumes it produces. >> this is leak originating from a pipeline connected to an oil platform operated by beta off shore. dumping 126,000 gallons of oil into the pacific ocean. now spanning 13 square miles.
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>> it's sad. >> they're not sure what caused it to fail. divers investigating the spill a few miles off shore and cleanup crews working to limit the slick spread. but even the robust response isn't fullproof. >> i would say that this is going to be a sustained and longer term effort. >> the invisible toxicity of the oil and possible long lasting effects a major concern. that's what caused so much of the damage to the coast, wildlife and communities following the deep water horizon spill in the gulf of mexico. the largest spill of oil in the history of marine oil drilling. it still harming wildlife in the area over 10 years later. a steep toll officials fear we could see again. >> we've already received reports of many, many animals
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being covered in oil. documents obtained by nbc news suggesting a spill luke this could cause significant and substantial harm to the environment. >> the truth of the matter is if we drill, we will spill. it is just a matter of when. the pipeline was inspected just last week. >> savannah? >> thank you very much. >> now to the fight against covid-19 and yet another sobering mime stone over the weekend. experts are advising caution and warning about the holiday season. miguel, good morning to you. >> craig, good morning. the numbers are trending in the right direction. many states, covid-19 deaths and cases and hospitalizations are all down. now this come as "the new york
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times" says johnson & johnson could ask investigators this week to authorize a booster shot for the vaccine. now a new concern about holidays and family get togethers. >> as covid-19 case disease kline nationwide, down more than 20% in the past two weeks, this morning sobering words from dr. anthony fauci about in person gatherings during the holiday d by weeks or months >> reporter: the cdc advising season, a few months away. >> the cdc advising the safest way to celebrate is virtually. people may be need to be apart for the holidays once again. the new holiday guidelines earthing outdoor celebrations and noting that americans could drop holiday meals off at loved
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once houses from a safe distance drive around the communities and wave neighbors from afar the focus now, vaccine mandates, american airlines, jetblue and alaska joining united in this morning, hundreds of teachers in new york may not be allowed to return to work as new mandates take effect supreme court justice sotomayor joining a last ditch requiring vaccines for their employees. blocking the mandate for all new york city employees to get vaccinated >> i may have to do this but it goes against every single thing. i will will never stop fighting for co-workers who won't do it and now california may become the first state to require a covid-19 vaccine for the 6.5 million schoolchildren >> once the fda approves the
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vaccination in different cohorts starting with 12 and above, grades 7 to 12, we will begin to apply that requirement in the guidance on holiday gathering, a new poll found 54% of people intend to make vaccination status a factor when making next term. >> they want to make vaccination a factor when making plans for the holiday season half of those fully vaccinate ready hesitant to gather with other unvaccinated family members or friends back to you. >> all right thank you. >> in the meantime, a former facebook employee turned whistle-blower is set to testify against the social media giant in an explosive senate hearing she is accusing the company of
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putting profits ahead of public safety >> a facebook whistle-blower, a former facebook employee coming forward publicly for first time on 06 minutes. she says after the 2020 election, but before the january 6th riot at the capitol, facebook turned off internal safety settings meant to combat the spread of dangerous misinformation some of the rioters used facebook and other social media networks to rally support for the insurrection >> as soon as the election was over, they turned them back off. they changed the settings back to what they were before to prioritize growth over safety. that really feels like a betrayal of democracy to me. >> she is armed with tens of thousands of information, they made a change to the ol go rhythm which determines what specific content shows up on
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your feed. since more people click on post that's make them angry, the algorithm incentivizeses hateful and devisive content. >> facebook realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on the site and they'll click on less ads and make less money. >> facebook now launching an intense defense. >> sweeping assertion of violence happened on january 6th could be explained by social media is a he wouldful simplification of the much wider divisions in society >> and internal facebook memo obtained by nbc news says while the company rolled back the emergency measures after the 2020 election, it kept others in says to suggest we encourage bad content and place. to suggest we encourage bad content is not true. >> since 2016 we spent $13
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tougher regulation onz facebook. savannah >> thank you very much >> meantime, president biden is entering the week with new uncertainty over key pieces of his economic agenda. kelly o'donnell joins us >> good morning, craig president biden plans to turn up the pressure on congress today to act on some key priorities. first, time is running out on protecting the country's good credit he wants them to cut the debt limit. he'll give them time to resolve differences on the big spending
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proposals. a new week brings a new self imposed deadline for democrats >> october 31 sst our new target date. >> that date sent in a letter from speaker pelosi who writes failing to pass the president's promised agenda of infrastructure, climate and social programs. we will and must pass both bills soon >> serve frustrated. that is part of being in government. >> moderates are furious >> they called it inexcusable and deeply disappointing until a separate much larger bill on climate and social programs is ready. after his pri friday visit to capitol hill, the president plans to hit the road. >> i'm going aren't country this week making the case why it is
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so important >> what's clear, that $3.5 billion bill for climate and social programs will be reduced. moderates want no more than 1.5 trillion but progressives, who have shown their clout during negotiations, must consider ways to reduce the size or duration of their plan >> it's going on be somewhere,es working on that right now. remember, what we want to deliver is child care, paid leave, clima you know, between 1.5 and 3.5. and i think the white house is working on that right now. remember, what we want to deliver is child care, paid leave, climate change. >> while republicans argue this democrats' spending will hurt the economy. >> every time which bill changes, it changes in the direction against the taxpayer and for big government socialism. >> the president is expected back here from his wilmington home later this morning and the white house says he will travel to michigan tomorrow to promote his agenda and other stops could be added, as well. craig. >> kelly o'donnell from the white house, thank you lots to get to sheinelle joins us last night's thriller in the nfl. you set the table for us
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>> it was so much fun. it was billed as a sunday night matchup for the ages the patriots hosting the buccaneers on nbc with superstar tom brady returning to new england for the first time since leaving tampa bay. kathy park is at gillette stadium with the highlights. good morning to you. >> hey, sheinelle, good morning to you it was a rain-soaked game, but it didn't wash away all the hype surrounding tom brady. i was inside the stadium as brady walked out and i can tell you the fans showed him a lot of love, but shortly after kickoff, it was all business we even heard some boos. tom brady making his highly anticipated on-field return to gillette stadium, despite the rain, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd he and his new team, the tampa bay buccaneers beat the new england patriots 19-17 >> what a great game they've got a really good
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football team. they made us earn it >> later, with less than a minute remaining in the game, the patriots had a chance, but a 56-yard field goal attempt failed, giving the buccs the win. >> i have the greatest respect for tom brady and what he has done for this team so, you know, it's all love. >> at age 44, brady, as always, showing no sign of slowing, breaking the nfl career passing yardage record in this game, surpassing drew brees, the new orleans saints quarterback who retired at the end of last season >> listen, records are meant to be broken. if there's one guy that's going to break it, i'd want it to be here, you look at his career and legacy it was remarkable. >> it was one of the most anticipated regular season games in history ♪ so hello from the other side ♪ the hype building with an nbc promo.
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marking his return also highlighting brady's long time relationship with his former coach, now rival, bill belichick. brady returning as a reigning super bowl champ with the buccaneers after helping the patriots win six super bowl titles during his two decades with the team. last season, the three-time mvp celebrating his super bowl win in tampa, including that boat parade and a trophy toss and a less than sturdy brady and a less than sturdy brady soaking in the championship. but his footing was steady last night as he marked yet another stunning career highlight in front of the legion of football fans >> this wasn't about one player. this was about our entire team to go on the road and beat a good team, which we did today. >> and after the game, we should note that belichick and brady hugged it out briefly and while this game is now in the history books, brady might still have a future with the patriots and we say this because the team
7:18 am
owner, robert kraft, says he hopes brady returns to the team and retires with the team. but we should note that brady is still signed on with the buccs until 2022 >> i feel like there were like 40 cameras waiting for that hug and they delivered >> who knew belichick was capable of hugging >> but it's slow motion. we need some music underneath it >> a love story. >> everything looks better with more loving. >> maybe he'll come back it's like an old girlfriend. >> he ain't coming back. >> maybe as a coach some day >> kind of like a subplot of ted lasso. everything comes back to ted lasso. rain was part of last night's game, too, so a lot of that you can see it's finally moving out of the boston. but this is all part of a system that's pushing east and going to
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be a slow-moving front that brings storms from the coast up to new england today locally heavy flooding rain tomorrow heavier rain down into the southeast on into the gulf we could lead to flash flooding. rainfall amounts from 2 to 4 inches from mobile, panama city, up into the clients and parts of tennessee. plains, fargo to denver, minneapolis to des moines, temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. tomorrow, more of that warm. billings, mid 80s. cheyenne, 77 green bay, 71. cleveland, you'll be into the 70s. as we get into the late week period, we're looking at temperatures still fairley mild from new york city in the mid 70s, mid 70s in d.c. cincinnati and into the low 80s by friday in st. louis we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. >> i hit my hand and my watch when we connect? what's possible when we come together?
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when we open our hearts. when we grow together. after 50 years, we've learned that possible is just the beginning. good monday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. a smoky look, and some of the worse air quality will be in the east bay. temperatures are heading towards the low 90s this afternoon. we will see mid-70s in san francisco and upper 80s for parts of the north bay. after today we're going to be cooling off. more clouds moving in and breezy winds. inland valleys in the low 70s for much of the rest of the workweek. it my hand and my watc thinks i fell, but i didn't. i'm okay i did not fall
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i'm okay, apple watch. always watching. always watching. >> it's a monday >> you have a i might fall alert? >> because i might >> his age >> i'm about to get a cramp but i'm going to wait until after the show coming up, a "today" exclusive on a new option in the great space tourism race forget a rocket. how about riding a massive balloon to the edge of space tom costello with one company's looking at an option complete with wi-fi, even a bar sign me up also, it's the biggest story in the media world right now the large and swift collapse of ozy media. its ceo and co-founder carlos watson is going to join us live to talk about what happened and what's next for the company. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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is olay better than your clean beauty? olay has 99% pure niacinamide. it's derm-tested. and now, it's cleanest formula with hydration that beats the $400 cream. tried. tested. never bested. shop at a very good monday morning to you. it's 7:26. i am laura garcia. here's a look at today's top stories, including an east bay nurse's strike. >> reporter: hundreds of employees with sutter delta medical center walked out of their jobs and are now on strike. you can see some of them behind me. they say they can't give adequate care wearing too many hats. the strike consists of a variety of job classes at the hospital, including emergency room technicians, respiratory
7:27 am
therapists and flaw bod mist. the supreme court begins its term this morning. justice cavanaugh will log in remotely, and he has been diagnosed with covid despite getting his vaccine shot. on the docket in the coming months, school vouchers, gun control and abortion. former president trump able to move the court considerably to the right. no decisions anytime soon, but likely this summer. kari hall has a look at the forecast for this monday. >> a beautiful sunrise because of the hazy conditions we have seen. we are going to have to limit our time outside because of the poor air quality. warm day for our inland valleys, but then cooler air coming in tomorrow. we should also see some improved air quality once that front moves in and high temperatures by the end of the week in the
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7:30 on this monday morning, october 4th, 2021. a bit of a dreary start, a little rain here in new york city not stopping the plaza crowd, though >> no, we see you university of arizona sweatshirt bear down, an exclusive in or ongoing story in the space race. >> another group is taking passengers to the edge of space. >> this ride is going to happen under the massive balloon. that's right, a balloon. and who else got an exclusive tour of course, tom costello. >> he's in tucson, arizona tom, a lot of folks may find
7:31 am
this more appealing than a rocket ride. it's a gentle entry to the edge of space >> reporter: yeah. and that is why they are planning to build thousands of balloons all over the world. behind me, that is the para foil that will help slow the balloon's descent as it comes down >> launch pole >> reporter: this morning, the countdown is on for another tourist view of mother earth and beyond but this one is different. instead of riding a rocket, this is a slow ride to the edge of space. inside a pressurized capsule hanging beneath a massive helium balloon now laid out at tucson's spaceport. if you were to stretch this entire balloon out, how big
7:32 am
would it be? >> this balloon would fit a football stadium on the inside >> that big? >> that big. that's what it takes >> reporter: that's 100,000 feet up it's not space passengers won't go weightless, but the view will be spectacular inside a first class cabin complete with wi-fi, massive windows, a bar and a rest room. >> you'll be able to see the curvature of the earth against the back drop of space that means you'll be able to see the stars in broad daylight. you'll see the full curvature of the earth. >> reporter: a very different trip than the rocket ride that virgin galactic and blue origin are selling, going to space for three minutes at a cost of nearly $500,000. the balloon trip will last up to 12 hours starting at $50,000 per seat already 250 people have preordered ticket. >> for those spacers, it's a shirt sleeve environment it will be comfortable and no space suits or special equipment
7:33 am
are required the vision to launch passengers from seven sites, the grand canyon, the great barrier reef, the amazon forest, the egyptian pyramids and the great wall of china. nearly 3,000 balloons a year that can only be used once to do that, the company is making the strongest balloons possible this tape here, this is what holds the balloon and gives it strength >> it is also what carries all of the weight from the balloon >> reporter: you're confident this will hold 75,000 pounds to the edge of space. >> 100% confident. >> reporter: returning to earth, a para foil takes over guiding the capsule to a precise location this is kind of the magic of your system. >> it's one of many magical components of our system >> reporter: the first flight is
7:34 am
lifting off in about two years pretty cool stuff. this company has been using high altitude balloons for years to do high altitude surveys, data analysis, crop survey webs but now they're working with the faa to take passengers to the edge of space it's your hometown i'm telling you, back to you >> you always find the most fascinating stories. >> we misspelled tucson. >> we just lost it >> tom, that was awesome thank you so much. coming up next, ozy media, the company shaking up news and information, now in turmoil over stunning allegations of fraud. >> we'll go one-on-one in an exclusive interview with its ceo live right after this. we're back, 7:38 with ♪♪♪ 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ lets take it to the top ♪
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we're back, we're back, 7:38 with in-depth today this morning, we're taking a close look at the stunning fall of ozy media >> they have now reportedly shut down after reports of a strange conference call and increased scrutiny over the company's business practices >> and in just a moment, we'll talk exclusively with carlos watson >> reporter: good morning, guys. ozy media scored tense of millions in funding from millions investors who believed the company could reach new audiences. but reports of misconduct by one of the company's top executives prompted questions about what exactly is going on behind the scenes ozy promised to be the new and the next, the media company aimed at a new, younger audience with content curated for social
7:40 am
media, especially youtube. the effort was led by ceo and former msnbc anchor carlos watson, who wooed some of the most recognizable figures in business, politics, and entertainment to be guests on his show and speakers at the company's annual gathering ozy fest. >> it's great to be here at ozy fest >> reporter: ozy's leaders got eager investors on board touting a social justice push. particularly in the wake of the national protests over racial injustice last summer. >> want to end up supporting people who you think are pretty unique and different carlos is that i think ozy is that. >> reporter: but ozy's glittery if a said soon came crashing down after the in, times alleged ozy's coo impersonated a youtube executive on a conference call with goldman sachs, a potential investors. goldman executives believed they were hearing about ozy's success racking up views and ad dollars
7:41 am
on youtube when it was allegedly row. the executives began to grow suspicious when the voice on the phone sounded digitally altered. after the call, youtube's security team began an investigation and youtube's owner, google, alerted the fbi >> it was part of a pattern of deceiving investors, advertisers, the media, all sorts of people about what was going on at that company >> watson called the times reporting a hit job and blamed row's actions on a personal mental health issue. but days later, prominent staff members quit, investors began pulling out and ozy's board of directors reportedly announced they were shutting down. >> neither goldman sachs or row responded to comments on that. >> joining us now exclusively, carlos watson, ozy media's ceo good morning to you, sir >> good morning. good to see you. >> let's start with the status of ozy reports the company shut down on
7:42 am
friday is that true >> we're going to open for business so we're making news today this is our lazarus moment, if you will this is our tylenol moment last week was traumatic. it was difficult heartbreaking in many ways at the end of the week, we did suspend operations with a plan to wind down as we spent time over the weekend, we talked to advertising partners, some of our readers, some of our viewers, some of our investors i think ozy is part of this moment it's not going to be easy. but i think what we do with original tv shows, podcast and more, i think has a place. >> let's talk about this phone call did you know that your partner, the co-founder of this company, was going to impersonate a youtube executive on a call? >> no. it's sad and it's -- it's difficult.
7:43 am
it was wrong obviously, they figured it out very quickly >> but here is the thing someone would wonder, perhaps -- i mean, you're on a called with goldman sachs. you're trying to score $40 million on funding why were you not on the call and how did you not have any knowledge of the call? >> part of the fund-raising process, you ended up talking to a lot of people. they ended up talking to three, four, maybe five of our references so there are a fair number of things involved and you're not a part of all of them. but over a three-month period of time, i spend a lot of time with the process. >> have you heard from fbi or law enforcement at this point? >> i definitely haven't. that's a tragic situation.
7:44 am
it's horrible. nothing good about that at all i am grateful, though, that goldman didn't invest because that would have been the worst of all seven months later, to goldman's credit, they stepped forward and began a new advertising process with us. as tragic and not okay as that was, the larger company, ozy, has done some special things when it comes to premium content, forward looking content and a diverse set of audiences >> let's talk about the company for a moment you are announcing you're now open for business. there were reports that ozy had been inflating numbers for years, digital traffic numbers, there were billboards in los after amazon claimed you were making claims on these billboards that weren't entirely true your show on youtube, you said at one point the show was going on be on a&e but it wasn't going to be on a&e. why would anyone trust carlos watson moving forward? >> great question and fair question and heartbreaking question because i'm used to people trusting me i'm the son of teacher you've known me for a number of years and we've interacted in a in of ways here is what i would say last week i got some incredibly bass advice.
7:45 am
i got advice to go silent. i should not have done that. what ended up over the next week were some half truths, some things that we did not well and that we should have done better or different and we will own them around data and marketing and i wish i had stepped up. part of my reason on being here today with you is to engage on some of those things including some of the things we mentioned. let's take the a&e issue we've done shows for a&e, for lifetime, for the history channel and originally we talked to them about it they moved too slowly on it. we notified them we were going to move it to youtube. the gentleman you mentioned who was part of that story knew that we had moved it to youtube and yet now comes forward and says i didn't know, i didn't know of course he knew. >> okay.
7:46 am
let's accept that as fact. what about this sharing ozzy osbourne at one point -- >> but you said they were investors. sharon osbourne last week on cnbc said she's never met carlos watson what's true there? >> it's true that she hasn't met me it's true as a result of her suing us, so she sued us over the name ozy fest. the agreement was that we were going to give her shares in the company. and the way i think about it, i think the way a lot of people think about it, if you own shares in a company, you're an investors. and let's be clear i'm not going to raise money by telling sophisticated people that sharon osbourne is an investor so i think i said that clearly in the cases there, but, again, craig, what i want to say is the last couple of days gave a lot of people the chance to take cheap shots. that's not to say there aren't things to do better. we need to do better on data, we need to do better on marketing >> let's talk about data for a second have you ever paid for digital traffic? >> like everyone, 100% this is such a good conversation
7:47 am
to get into. because guess who else pays? nbc. nbc advertises on ozy. nbc advertises -- >> not to get into the weeds here one of the knocks in the last few days is ozy has spent millions of dollars buying content that pops up that you can't escape that is popping up behind your browser. is that true >> i don't know about that, but here is what ozy does. we are unwilling to take our smart reporting, our terrific videos, our really good podcasts and let the algorithm decide who gets to see it why should we do that? if we have to make sure that good audiences get to see our work, i think it's smart of us, hbo does it, spotify does it, uber does it, you definitely say i want this audience and you have to invest in marketing to
7:48 am
do it. >> before i let you go, i want to ask you about something here personal to both of us following the racial justice protests last summer there was a call for advertisers to spend lots more money with black-owned media. you got some of that money over the weekend, i talked to some folks who were pretty annoyed that you got millions and they didn't get anything do you feel some sort of way that perhaps maybe you shouldn't have got an much money from advertisers? >> why would i feel that way >> well, i mean, the business collapsed last week, carlos. you raised almost $100 million and what do you have to show for it >> five newsletters, a dozen tv shows, either on the air, on hulu, amazon, pbs. we won an emmy last year six podcasts, including cracking the top ten and three festivals. >> so it's not a house of cards because you know that's been the claim. >> craig, you among others know what a horrible thing that is and you know how slanderous that is to do that. when you saw people start to put my name in league with elizabeth holmes who raised billions of dollars when we have five
7:49 am
premium newsletters, goes out to millions of people, a dozen tv shows, including winning an emmy, that's not a house of cards. look, we're back it's not going to be easy, but i hope people now -- >> who is backing you? who is funding that? >> if people now know the name ozy, i hope they'll sign up for our newsletter >> who is funding you, can you tell us that >> i can't >> would is on the board >> myself, michael >> carlos watson >> appreciate you having me. >> thanks for coming in and good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. our air quality will be a big issue for people sensitive to the wildfire smoke and the ozone creeping up. we will see that, especially this afternoon in the east bay where we will see the worst of air air quality. as we go through the forecast, our temperatures going from the 90s inland today to the 80s tomorrow and then the 70s the rest of the week. now we will have a lot more clouds but some breezy and cool
7:50 am
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7:56 am
td is not ok. visit a very good morning to you. it's 7:56 right now. i am laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. >> i am bob riddell. even though covid cases are dropping nationwide the cdc is not confident about the next few months and therefore is advising americans to celebrate the upcoming holiday virtually, do meal drop-offs, and drive through neighborhoods to say hi. if you are going to get together, celebrate outdoors. the cdc also recommending those unvaccinated do not travel. let's check the forecast right now with meteorologist, kari hall. >> we're waking up to a hazy sunshine this morning with the live look outside in san jose. some of the worst of our air quality today will be in parts of the east bay where we are looking at more wildfires, smoke
7:57 am
and ozone. most of us will need to limit time outside today as temperatures reach into the low 90s. a big cooldown headed our way starting tomorrow and continues through the end of the week. more clouds with showers to the north and breezy winds, and we should be seeing improvements in our air quality with the weekend forecast in the low 70s. it will feel fall-like, will san francisco goes from 70s today to low 60s by the end of the week, and we will watch that for the fleet week festivities going on this weekend. >> we will have another local news update in about half an hour. hope to see you then. in the meantime, enjoy your monday morning.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
"coming up, worst case scenario >> to see the environmental impact on our shore, to me, is absolutely devastating >> a massive oil spill dumping more than 126,000 gallons off the california coast wildlife experts on high alert as the toxic slick washes ashore new details, straight ahead. soccer scandal >> it hurts my heart knowing that this has happened to so many players in this league. >> members of the national women's soccer league speaking
8:01 am
up about alleged abuse from one of their coaches what the players are saying and how u.s. soccer is investigating the allegations. plus, lasting friendship hoda sits down with oprah winfrey and maria shriver. a special conversation about their four decade-long connection >> she likes to say, oh, here is a cup of coffee i made for you >> i brought coffee and paper to your door. >> i'm going to cry. it was so moving to me because i didn't -- that's not how i grew up >> just ahead, how oprah and maria helped each other through some challenging times and jerry and jenna. >> oh, oh, oh, hello have you ever heard that before? >> not from you. >> jenna sits down with jerry seinfeld about the new home for his iconic series and the building blocks of comedy. >> i don't want to be a lego >> did not look comfortable, i have to tell you >> some of those bits, like you
8:02 am
know when i skate out? that took an hour and a half of moving an inch at a time >> how the funny man has really hit the bricks today, monday, october 4th, 2021. >> celebrating caroline's sweet 16 >> visiting for our 40th anniversary. >> from chesapeake, virginia >> my mom, debbie, we love you >> visiting from tucson, arizona. >> a surprise for renee's birthday from baltimore, maryland >> happy birthday from california to prospect to my mom, our grandma, pat robinson we love you. happy birthday >> happy birthday. guess, good morning. welcome back today on a monday morning. hoda is off. we have sheinelle and craig. >> yeah, by the way, coming up tomorrow, buddy is going to join us one year after that
8:03 am
terrifying hand injury that left him wondering if he would ever bake again he's going to share an update on how he's doing now let's get to your news at 8:00 crews are racing this morning to contain a massive oil spill off the coast of southern california at least 126,000 gallons have leaked into the pacific ocean from a broken pipeline and it's threatening beaches and wildlife the slick spans 13 square miles near the cities of huntington beach and newport beach. the pipeline company says the line has been shut down, but they're not sure what caused it to fail in the first place orange county officials are urging residents to stay away from that coastline. now to the latest on covid cases are slowly declining after a summer surge but despite that encouraging news, the cdc is advising americans to celebrate the holidays virtually and asking the 70 million who are still not vaccinated to avoid travel
8:04 am
nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest on all of it miguel, good morning >> craig, good morning the numbers are finally trending in the right direction covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths are down nationally it comes as the "new york times" is reporting as early as this l gulators to authorize its booster shot and there is new guidance out from the cdc on how to spend the holidays amid the pandemic the agency says the safest way to celebrate is virtually, signaling people may need to be apart for the holidays once again. the new guidelines also urge outdoor celebrations and even though americans could drop holiday meals off for loved ones from a safe distance they also suggested virtual dance parties. this comes as there's more focus on vaccine mandates, more companies nationwide are requiring employees to be vaccinated before returning to work authorities say the mandates are working, driving up vaccination
8:05 am
numbers, which could lead to safer holidays for everyone. craig. >> miguel almaguer for us, thank you. the national women's soccer league canceled all of its games this weekend following allegations against now fired head coach it's hired a former prosecutor to investigate abusive behavior and sexual misconduct in the game nbc's sam brock caught up with player who are demanding change. sam, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. players in the national women's soccer league are using words like unacceptable and unforgiveable, a head coach accused of harassing and abusing players has been fired after he first came under investigation years ago. for players in the women's tight-knit national soccer league, the accusations of abuse against coach paul riley were devastating, but not surprising. >> it hurts my heart knowing that this has happened to so many players in this league. and it's unforgivable. >> reporter: a about how many shell report from the athletics
8:06 am
based on interviews with more than a dozen players describes a coach who could be verbally abusive and in several cases committed acts of sexual coercion paul riley has denied all accusations and has not responded to nbc news's request for comment. last week, the north carolina courage fired him, veteran players demanding much more transparency examine accountability have you talked to players within the nwsl and i asked you, do you feel safe at this moment, what would you say >> no, absolutely not. how do we know that if we turn up for work every day that this is not going to happen to us or it's not going happen again? because it did happen again and again and again and no one in a position of power or ability stopped it >> reporter: late sunday, u.s. soccer, the sport's governing body announcing it's tapped former u.s. attorney sally yates to conduct an investigation into
8:07 am
the abhorent conduct reported, adding they plan to taking meaningful steps to prevent this from happening in the future the commissioner of the nwsl lisa baird resigned over the weekend without comment. in a series of scathing tweets olympic gold medalist alex morgan noted baird was flagged in april about the accusations against riley adding the league was informed about these allegations multiple times and refused multiple times to investigate the allegations. it's time for the nwsl to do better >> i want to play in a league that i'm proud to play in and i think things have to change or else i don't think it's a league worth playing in >> reporter: and since august, three of the league's ten test test buse sheinelle, we've reached out to both the league and the former commissioner lisa baird. we have not heard back back to you. >> and we'll have much more on this tomorrow on "today. when two players who brought allegation eggs against coach riley join us for an exclusive live interview
8:08 am
>> the news is covered 8:07 feels like a good time for a boost. >> any parent who has had a child beg for a new pet can wo hours and i get home suddenly, my house looks like this i have flyers everywhere pictures everywhere. and they're all of hamsters. hamsters in the refrigerator, hamsters in the freezer. hamsters, hamsters >> wow >> wow >> i think she deserves a hamster. >> just one, just one hamster. mom says she's always encouraged her daughter to assert herself, make her needs know. that lesson has been absorbed by this you little one. but it's a cliffhanger we don't know if she got the hamster or not >> that little girl is going to get a hamster. when she does, mom, let us know
8:09 am
so we can do the follow-up >> i can see it, too, actually >> i love that we'll see what happens up next, hoda's inspiring conversation with maria shriver and oprah. >> and the surprising power they say can come from a simple cup of coffee. that's right after this. it's so good to see you guys. hon, out here! are we on yet? oh... i thought we were doing a zoom thing. no.
8:10 am
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gives any day a sunny start. you know hoda kotb, she's a friendship person. through thick and thin, her people are her people. >> can you imagine maria and oprah and hoda together? maria and oprah met 40 years ago. >> and you've, like, had somebody who has gone through the birth of all your children with you, right, your marriage, your divorce, the death of your parents, the death of yourself, the rebirth of yourself, the evolution of herself, the evolution of yourself, and you step back and you're like, how blessed am i to have that. >> maria shriver and oprah have spent the last 42 years connecting and to this day
8:17 am
continue to grow and evolve together >> what's the best thing about being this age >> i remember oprah telling me, like, when you turn 60, people are going to start treating you different. i was like, no, no, they're not. but i started slowly in my 60s have started treating myself differently and started to be kinder to myself >> the best thing about, hoda, you want to get to this point anything you do, you choose to do it because it's going to be pleasure, meaning, fulfill some kind of purpose that you want or desire but you have nothing to prove. nothing to prove because you already proved it. this after a lifetime of both oprah and maria feeling they needed to prove themselves >> you've got to go, go, go, what's the next thing, what's the next thing, what's the next thing. the routine.
8:18 am
oprah and when i went, she would, you know -- this sounds so silly, but she would say, oh, here is a cup of coffee i made for you. >> i brought the coffee and paper to your door >> and i was going to -- i'm going cry. it was so moving to me because i didn't -- that's not how i grew up even though i had a very close relationship with my mother, i wasn't nurtured, mothered in that way and she wasn't mothered in her own way. but i think in a way, we have mothered each other. >> it was oprah who needed nurturing in the midst of a career hardship as she transitioned away from her successful 25-year run on the oprah winfrey show to launching the oprah winfrey network. >> every newspaper, everybody was saying, you should v kept
8:19 am
your day job, what did you leave the oprah show for it was really a bad time for me. i was taking it so personally, like this personally means that i have failed. >> no. people don't give you any gray space, that it was, you know, a moment where she had to, you know, in a way, go back to her grit >> yeah. >> that built her career and people forget that >> maria supported oprah then and, in turn, oprah supported maria during the most challenging times in her life. >> what was the most difficult thing you had to let go of in your life? >> probably my marriage. yeah or my vision of whatever i thought my marriage was. >> and prior to that, the loss of their mother. >> if you had told me that at the age of 52 i would finally get up the nerve to crawl into bed with my mother, hold her and tell her that i love her, i
8:20 am
would have said you are nuts after my mother passed away and she was at my mother's funeral, and then she called me right after my mother died and said i'm going to have a gathering for you. it was just this really sweet, loving, like, moment of, like, we're here, we love you. you're going to make it through. >> as oprah and maria so fondly look back at the 42 years past, they also look ahead together. >> what's the most recent kind of revelation or life lesson you've learned at this stage in the game >> the last time maria was here, we were walking around and we were just talking about our lives and the fact that he everything that has happened to me i actually earned it. i'm just so pleased to be in a
8:21 am
space where i'm no longer, you know, maria and i talked about this, no longer having to make decisions that please other people and don't please you. >> i think back, you know, 20, 30 years, i thought i'd be cooked by this time. i thought i, like, knew everything there was to know and i actually feel, you know, so alive at this age i feel lighter, i feel freer i am surprised by how awake in my own life i feel so that, to me, is a god send, it is a miracle, actually. >> i want more >> yeah. there is more. i'm so glad you said that. more of the conversation will be on hoda and jenna. >> and for their full chat, sheinelle, go to hoda's podcast. mr. roker, how about another check of the weather >> this is video from the perfect storm. this is the first time an
8:22 am
this is hurricane sam. this is cool stuff gets all kinds of data hopefully helping us predict the intensity of hurricanes a little better this is what it looks like on a nice day this things goes and noaa has five of these ready to go into hurricanes to get us better data and that's pretty cool as we look at the tropics right now, we have three areas right now. hurricane sam still hanging in there. tropical depression victor and this area of interest we're watching, only a 10% chance of development along this but the development zone brings it along the southeastern atlantic good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. you might want to limit your time outside today because of our unhealthy air quality, especially in the east bay as we look at moderate air quality
8:23 am
that may bother people who are seventh. we're looking at highs in the interior valleys in the mid-70s. more clouds and showers nearby to our north. for the weekend we're expecting low to mid-70s while san francisco will cool down to the lower 60s. weather. best time of the morning >> that was the best time, that cool drone in the ocean. >> science >> very cool >> geez. >> thomas dolby. she blinded me with science! >> you don't remember that >> are you already >> i barely have time for any of the news items dave grohl will be here tomorrow, swing by the graham norton show, grohl sharing that he once had the former beatle over his house for dinner and on his way out of the house, sir paul stopped at dave's piano to give his 5-year-old daughter an impromptu piano lesson
8:24 am
>> she sat down and she watched his hands. they sat together and he was showing her what to play and they wrote a song together and i saw my daughter getting her first piano lesson from paul mccartney and i took a video been the next moment i woke up and i went into the kitchen and i was making breakfast and i heard her playing the song that they had written the night before and i came around the corner and she looked at me and she was playing the piano. she realized i was watching and she never played the piano again. >> oh, for god's sake. >> apparently harper went on to tell her dad that she wanted to play drums >> get ringo by. >> hopefully sir paul didn't take that too high >> i didn't like that ending >> i didn't see that coming. >> that was not the talk show story ending you were thinking about. >> that's what popstart is all about. jennifer aniston revealing
8:25 am
foo fighters have an appearance coming up on her morning show, sharing behind the scenes moments from filming with the guys the foo fighters paid the morning show a visit this fan, she's almost in tears. she's standing with the entire band and there she is going over some scripts with dave, as well. hopefully jen will tune into our program tomorrow because we're going to have the one and only dave grohl with us join us for that that is tomorrow here on "today." that is my plug and i think we're done >> dave grohl tomorrow >> the real life morning show coming >> the nicest guys in the world. >> art imitating life. science! >> we're be back right after this with jerry and jenna. >> after your local news
8:26 am
a very good monday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia. ucsf has a nobel peace prize winner, david julius. he won this year's noble in physiology and medicine. he's been at the school for 30 years. blue angels arrived in oakland airport today. this year san francisco is celebrating fleet week's 40th anniversary.
8:27 am
it officially starts on wednesday and runs through next sunday. the first practice session is on thursday. hopefully it'll be clear by the end of the week. >> yeah, i'm looking forward to that. we'll have hazy skies and some unhealthy air quality today. but it will improve after our temperatures head toward the upper 80s and low 90s for inland valleys. and then as we go through the rest of the week, we will see those temperatures coming down, more clouds, breezy winds, and hopefully better air quality, especially by the end of the week with highs in the low 70s. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ monday morning, october 4th, 2021 you hear that? they're playing your song, mr. roker. >> she blinded me with science >> audio >> blinded me with science >> and everybody together. >> science >> yes science! >> the dynamic duo, jenna and jerry seinfeld they met up to talk about his
8:31 am
latest transformation. >> hang on >> how about now >> female football players, i can't wait to give you this story. we can't wait to introduce yousd >> in the studio >> in the studio for the first time in many, many months. selma is making bolognese and y brownies . >> in the third hour, bill will be back and he's honing a skill that may surprise you. >> okay. let's get a check of the weather. >> i have to bring you over here there's a young lady here. what is your name?
8:32 am
>> shashanna fogelman. >> you were here 20 years ago and you said you would come back for your birthday when you were 21 here you are >> 21 year anniversary >> we'll do it again when you're 41 you look the same. you haven't aged a bit let's show what you we've got as far as your week ahead it will be rainy along the east coast and flooding down towards the gulf autumn warmth through the plains hazy skies out west. midweek, we have a flood risk in the southeast. abundant sunshine in the plains. toward the end of the week, we are looking at more rain in the mid-atlantic states, on into the great lakes, rain and mountain snows out west and it's going on be as my pal willard used to say good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we do have another really warm day for our inland valleys and unhealthy air quality at times. expect a hazy sky throughout today. but tomorrow we'll see a cold front moving in.
8:33 am
our temperatures will be cooler and we'll also have a fall-like feel to the air for the rest of the week with our warmest spots inland only in the low to mid-70s. san francisco will go from the mid-70s today to the low 60s and it looks clear as of now for fleet week, but chilly this weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. >> we have a really good monday crowd. >> we do they are going to be here for what's coming up we have a good rest of the half hour up next, jenna met up with jerry seinfeld to talk about the familiar and surprising supports of his new role. he got a tutorial on one of his iconic mannerisms. but first, this is "today" on nbc. supports of his new role. he got a tutorial on one
8:34 am
working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system
8:35 am
from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. good morning. welcome back. an exciting weekends, not that there's anything wrong with that. >> do you get it? if you're a seinfeld person, we have so many seinfeld
8:36 am
references. >> no, just wait. it was a festivus for the rest of us. we sat down with jerry seinfeld to discuss a top secret project he's had in the works to celebrate all nine seasons of his sitcoms coming to netflix. he came, we chatted and yada, yada, yada. i'll probably never see him again. >> hello! have you ever heard that before? >> not from you. >> jerry. hi. >> hello. >> it was my first time interviewing jerry seinfeld and the prep work was intense. >> hello. >> hello. do you know what that's from? seinfeld. >> i thought i nailed it until i got to see the master of this domain. >> was that hello sounded deep enough or -- >> you have to kind of bring it
8:37 am
down from here. you have to kind of -- >> no, no, not -- your hand. hello. and then you go up high. >> oh, okay. >> hello. >> a little gravelly. >> jerry was here on this beautiful new york fall day to announce all nine seasons of his hit 90s sitcom seinfeld, now streaming on netflix. but jerry wanted to make the announcement his way. >> it's must see tv like you've never seen it before, inspooin expired by the wildly popular lego set model. >> that's right, jerry seinfeld as a lego. it's real and it's spectacular. >> he's every bit as funny as his human counterpart. >> i am the human counterpart. they shrunk me down. >> quiet. >> so you played a lot of different jerrys. you had the big puffy sleeve jerry.
8:38 am
on the "today" show. >> what made you think it's time to be a lego jerry. >> you can order the universe with a lego. you can make sense of something. if you follow the instructions and you complete the model, it makes sense. >> lego jerry is a 90-second digital short released over the weekend by netflix, complete with the lego version of seinfeld's new york city apartment, cereal included. >> tell me about being a lego, transforming. it did not look comfortable, i have to tell you. >> some of on those bits, like you know when i skate out in the end? >> yes. >> that took an hour and a half of moving. >> i was worried about you because it looked like there was a wedgie in this area. >> yeah, yeah, a lot of issues below the waist. >> but apparently no worries in asking wattly. >> what happened to wattly? >> he did like five episodes.
8:39 am
>> so brian cranston, you call him on the phone and say want to be in a lego short? >> yeah. >> and his response was? >> love to. he said i don't know what you're talking about, but i trust you. >> and trust is what jerry seinfeld has had with his beloved new york city will come back after the pandemic. >> what does it feel like to be here on this day, a beautiful fall day in a city that you love so much? >> i am humbly proud that i stuck up for my town. you're not getting rid of this. there is nothing like this anywhere in the world. >> and on a day like this, there's nowhere better to be. >> no. new york on a beautiful day is really natural. >> even when someone is screaming hello at you. >> oh, cute. >> there you go. >> hello! >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm ready glad this is the
8:40 am
case. >> but i don't want to be a lego. >> i want to see you sit back down. >> but i don't wanna be a lego! >> oh, gosh. >> that is real and it is spectacular. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> there's no sitting. >> legos can barely sit. >> i wish we had just worn the puffy shirt, but they offered me this thing and i couldn't help it. >> she said, guys, i have to go. my back hurts. >> and we were sitting here freaking out. where is she? >> it worked. >> you're going fast, too. >> that's impressive. >> i'm confused about the lego thing. >> jerry seinfeld has done everything, but he's never been a lego. i told him, frankly, has anybody ever stepped on a lego at 5:00 in the morning? >> is that available? can you buy that? >> yes. you can buy that. and he was walking through the mall with his kids, saw the lego set and had the idea to turn this promo into a lego jerry.
8:41 am
>> your halloween costume is set. >> i know, y'all, "today" halloween revealed early. >> shake your hand. >> thank you. >> i wish we had a little cereal or something. can i try the water? >> no, no, no. >> we thank our friends at fallon because they let me use this costume. and you can watch all nine seasons of seinfeld on netflix. >> more residuals. >> don't do it, jen. >> by the way, he's right about the frontal wedgie. it's a little uncomfortable. >> can you raise your arms? >> that doesn't look right. >> wow. >> well done. up next -- >> the whole fourth hour, right? >> thank you for hanging out with me. >> i'll see you. >> i have one for you, by the way. >> oh, that hurt, by the way. >> don't fist bump her. it hurts. >> if we come back, new england's other sports dynasty. sheinelle is going to introduce us to the boston renegade. they're breaking barriers in the
8:42 am
women's largest tackle football league. >> jenna can go out for that. >> you're all padded pup.but first -- >> oh, look at the back. the back is great. >> on nbc!
8:43 am
8:44 am
we are back with our ongoing series with nbc sports, one for the lifetime. >> millions were glued to last night's battle between tampa bay and new england. tom brady playing again and beating the team he helped turn into one of the nfl's most storied franchises. >> but there's another boston area football team you might not have heard of that's just as successful. the women of the boston republican na gads are just as dominant in their league as the patriots were in their prime. and they've done it while overcoming adversity to become a growing part of the boston sports landscape. >> they are new england's football dynasty. >> touchdown, patriots. >> no, no, the other one.
8:45 am
six championships, check. the greatest quarterback in league history, check. a star wide receivers and a league mvp, you guessed it. meet the boston renegades. shampons of the women's football alliance, the largest women's tackle football league in the world. >> everything is the same. the only difference is we don't need the cups. >> you are no longer in kansas. you are in boston. >> the renegade's success hasn't come easy. >> it wasn't always like this. we built that culture. >> come on, defense. i know it was one of you guys. >> now, when rookies come in, they know they're coming into a six-time national championship team. >> how would you describe the boston renegades? >> i would say family first and just a tenacious attitude. >> long before they could break tackles, they had to break the mold. these athletes started playing when football had few options for women. >> i've been playing football
8:46 am
since i was 3 years old. so for my whole life. >> it really started in the neighborhood with my brothers. >> with the beloved pats, bruins, red sox and settics, the renegades are earning their own part of that glory and attention from a fierce fan base. but this football is all passion, no pain. practicing on nights and weekends, after working there day jobs. >> i was born in boston. like star defensive back shawntae who is a star running back. >> we're doing this three days a week, after work hours and then on the weekends. it's a huge commitment. >> let's go. >> they're either full time workers or they're in school. every hour outside of that, they're dedicating to their craft, which is really their passion. >> and this july, with the
8:47 am
renegades chasing a record six titles, they got a surprise call from the sidelines. >> if you wish, we would like the privilege of flying you on our patriots team plane. >> are you serious? >> we found out today that bob kraft and the patriots want to fly us to the game. >> as a team, that meant he not just the cool factor of taking the patriots private plane, but an opportunity to bond after being separated during the pandemic. >> we started the season not being able to be in the locker room at a time. we didn't have after parties, where most of the times off the field you get to know your new teammates and bond with the old ones. for that championship weekend to be all of us in the same place, it made up for all of those opportunities that we missed prior. >> the republican renegades will start chasing their fourth straight title in the spring, but their visibility is just as important as their victory.
8:48 am
>> women's tackle ball is growing tremendously because now we have little girls seeing women play at the highest level. >> there's tons of women playing football. we might not be on an espn top ten, but we're on out there and working hard and trying to grow the game and commitment to it where it deserves. >> growing the game for the next generation of girls who will suit up on sunday. >> all the little girls out there who want to play, support them. let them play. all they want to do is play a sport. if a girl has a desire to do something, that means she has the ability. all that means is we need to nurture it. >> i have to tell you, i walked away so impressed. the renegades are looking ahead to their new season starting in april and they had another milestone along the way. after clenching that historic sixth title, their quarterback, allison, became the first woman ever to have her jersey enshrined in canton's pro football hall of fame. >> that's cool been. >> a lot of these girls have wanted to do it since they were little girls. so you imagine these women, amazing athletes web a lot of them are former ballers or what
8:49 am
have you. they're working during the day, going to school, and practicing this, their real passion, after hours. >> you should have suited up. >> maybe next time. i wish you -- >> i wish you could see these women in person. they are -- to say fit is an underestablishment. understatement. come up next, samah dada here coolel in real life. she has som
8:50 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:51 am
you know when you're at ross, ooh! and the fall finds are everything? and those brands at those prices are everywhere? okay, yes! that's yes for less! bring on the fall looks you've been waiting for with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! we are back and we really mean it, we're back. a special edition of "today" food, samah dada is here. now rising consciousness in about of #cooking on our today all day streaming channel. if you haven't gotten your hands on a copy of her cookbook, don't
8:52 am
miss it. this is perfect because this is our first instudio cooking segment in more than a year. we have the tasting table. >> carson is almost finished. >> starting early. this is amazing. i'm so happy to be here. thank you guys for having me. we love having you. >> you always do something delicious, but it has a healthy side to it. you're vegan, right? >> plant based. >> plant based. so what is our first? >> a little first. >> we're doing a lentil bolognese. super easy. we have some olive oil in our pan. we're going to add our onions. we're going to cook this for a little bit, let that get nice and tender and translucent. this is really nice. aromatic. >> do you want me to stir it? >> that would be great. >> we have carrots in here. the lintels are the only plot
8:53 am
twist. >> i wish you could do bolognese as a plant-based dish. >> it is. >> but it doesn't center to be. >> and it's nice to have these sneaky veggies in here. i don't have kids, but i hear hiding veggies is the thing to do. here you go. this is perfect for you. we're going to grate this carrot. it's easier to cook, it takes less time. >> i'll stay over here with this. >> what else are you throwing in there? i see some red pepper chili flakes. >> we're going to add crushed tomatoes. this is from a can. i am not above canned tomatoes. if you have them in the pantry, let's get it out of there, let's use them. >> are these crushed tomatoes? >> canned and crushed. they're super accessible and easy and if you have that can, let's use it. cook this, simmer it down until it's nice and delicious. they are we're going to add spices.
8:54 am
we're using some red pepper flakes. do you want this cumin in there. we're going to add some oregano, freshly ground pepper. we're going to add lintels straight in here. this is what it should look like. you can cook them dried but you can get them precooked. so if you want something on the dinner table quicker, grab those precooked lintels. >> gang, what do we think? >> what kind of noodles are these? >> we're using talitoa. you can use fettuccini, whatever you want. you don't miss the meat at all but it's a little lighter and comforting. >> so we have the pasta. very nice. >> let's make some dessert. what do we have here? >> i want you guys to really hear me out.
8:55 am
these are avocado brownies. the reason we're using avocado is it's a nice butter oil replacement. >> what's wrong with butter? >> there's nothing wrong with it, but it's a nice alternative. >> what did butter do to you? >> i find i always buy avocados and they ripen at the same time. so we're going to add avocado in here. we have some eggs, maple syrup. we're going to add those straight in there. >> i've never seen you so involved in a cooking segment. >> well, i like to get savannah involved. >> you could say it's good to see you involved. be more positive. >> samah encourages me. >> this is coconut sugar. it's a nice, unrefined sugar. >> oh, it's soft. >> what is that? >> maple syrup. >> that was maple syrup. >> rich and delicious. >> process this, we'll blend
8:56 am
this nicely and add our almond flour. >> but we do process first and add the dry ingredients? >> so we're not going to blend it. i'm just kind of showing it to you. we're pretending it here. we'll add our baking soda and our salt. this is what our batter will look like. so it's smooth, delicious and luscious. and because we're using the same ratio of almond flour and cocoa -- >> is it different from my traditional brownies? >> it will be the exact same texture. >> what's the drizzle on top? >> i'm running out of time. . good morning. here's a look at that local news. 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia. johnson & johnson is asking the fda to approve had its covid booster shot. sources tell "the new york times" they will meet on october 15th one day after meeting to
8:57 am
discuss a moderna booster shot. johnson & johnson last month announced taking a second dose eight weeks after the initial, proving 100% protection against severe covid illness. johnson & johnson not commenting on the "times" report. the cdc out with new recommendations on upcoming holiday travel and holding large gatherings. also, the city of san jose extending its deadline for city workers to receive their covid vaccinations. head to our homepage right now for more details.
8:58 am
8:59 am
co-ed in the classroom, where you can take your child tomorrow for free testing. families who are behind on rent might start receiving eviction notices.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good monday morning. i'm along with craig and sheinelle. dylan on maternity leave. and i'm excited about this week. >> are you excited? >> today is a big deal. >> yeah. >> it is. >> for starters -- >> well, we're going inside the real estate market. is it better for buyers or sellers right now? we have strategies on how to prepare so you're ready to pounce when you see your dream home. >> the whole market is buzzing right now. but later -- >> really exciting. >> he's in the


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