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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 3, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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place and all this other stuff yeah but i want her here. i don't want to be my 28-year-old sister to be an angel. i want her right here in the thick of it with me. the rush to clean up an oil spill on the famed beaches of southern california. we speak with people trying to help. another city takes aim at the dangerous side shows. the place where it's a crime to watch. it wasn't a quick attack. >> a rare shark attack. the surfer that witnessed the attack on his friend. the news at 11:00 starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm sierra johnson. a nice day of surfing changed in
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instant. >> fellow surfers jumped in to help. >> teeth marks from a shark from a very lucky surfer. >> it was nice and slow. like a dolphin speaking up. >> the injured surfer began yelling for help. that's when several others followed and jumped to his aid as soon as he was out of the water. tying a tourniquet on his leg. >> we got him on a long board. surfers were coming in to help. >> officials came and realized he had critical injures. he is expected to survive after being air-lifted to santa rosa
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memorial hospital. >> very infrequent that they say to eat somebody. >> reporter: this is the second serious shark bite in the bay area. he was crabbing near pacifica. ten people recovering after a car slammed into a 7-eleven store. six people had to be taken to the hospital for their injuries. the cause of that crash is under investigation. three separate earthquakes in the south and east ways the bays. a magnitude 3.3. this comes after two quakes struck near san leandro north of
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the city. yesterday at 3.3. and no reports of damage in any of these. we're following the massive oil spill in southern california. beaches are closed tonight and birds discovered in oil. this happening just off of the east of orange county. marrianne favro looks at cleaning up the spell. >> reporter: it's a 24-hour operation. a breach in the pipeline led to 126,000 gallons dumping into the pacific. huntington beach mayor calls it an ecological disaster. >> there's oil deposits all along the shore. you can see the oil out in the ocean. we know there's going to be a
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lot more hitting our shores. >> the leak started saturday, and now is capped. the company says it's still investigating what caused the line to fail. safety is wildlife is a concern. the care network at the school of veterinary medicine is leading the response. and the center for biological diversity is assessing the impact. first thing i noticed was you can smell the oil in the air. >> reporter: john fleming says more than 80 precious of birds are in the wet land. >> they can't regulate their temperature. in the case of a larger mammal,
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in dolphins and whales. you can expect them to potentially have trooeting problems. >> and the cleanup could take months. it's difficult to provide a timeline. we're evaluating the complexity of the event in the youth. >> she says more needs to be done to remove aging therefrom platforms and pipelines. >> we're talking with foreign infrastructure. it was not posed to last that long. >> reporter: mary ann favreau, nbc bay area news. find the latest developments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. a spare the air day across
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parts of some inland areas. how about the foul airport gas? >> yeah. if you're out of the area, you can see the smoke. inland is a little more intense. similar hazy skies. by tuesday, as the onshore wind picks up, we'll begin to see better air quality. not a spare the air day tomorrow. if you're checking the air quality app, it may be close to 0 during the day tomorrow. the outlook goes back in the green, bay area-wise, by wednesday. cooler temperatures, better air quality. and later in the week, a chance for rain showers returning to
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parts of northern california. getting closer to the bay area ahead. >> rob, thanks very much. if you want to check the air quality on the go, go to, and click the the facebook whistle-blower is speaking out tonight. it is the former financial manager. how she said the company was sewing hit and division. facebook changed the news feeds in 2018, contributed to divisiveness and ill will across the dwloeb. >> when we are living in the environment with hazy content, it erodes our truth and our faith in each other. the version of facebook that is ours today, is tearing our
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societies apart. >> she will testify on tuesday. facebook says in a employment, every day, our teams have a balance of protecting the rights of billions of people. we continue to make significant improvements. right now, a live look at capitol hill, where democrats are holding up two big bills at the center of president biden's agenda. but optimism remains that it will pass truck schumer. saying, he hopes they will be on the president's desk next month. >> we're trying to pass the dig cant legislation, to help families. it takes a little time.
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>> the president tied his instructure bile is wanted now. house speaker nancy pelosi delayed a vote in the senate. she will not bring it unless they have the votes to pass. today is the last day to visit 700 covid victims. it goes for acres. each flag represents americans who died of covid. the artist was inspired by hearing that covid deaths were just a statistic. an exciting week ahead. fleet week returns to the skies.
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it's his 40th anniversary. fleet week begins wednesday and runs through the following weekend. . fair field is taking part in side show 37s you see them over there in the east bay. a lot. the city council has approved 2 ordnance at side shows can face misdemeanor charges. they could get six months in jail or a $1,000 fine. tributes continue to pore in for an east bay home invasion. it happened around 11:70 friday night. the gunfire left a man dead and a woman wounded.
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close friends identify him as dirk tillicson. he was pushing to make sure that children had equal access to co-education. his family, friends and colleagues are stunned. >> he didn't care where youcame from. he was enaverage. >> paul lay wh manages the nonpoft, says he will be announced yet. and from san francisco, a rally in support of a woman's right to abortion. >> people's rights are under attack. what do we do? >> people rallied at the san francisco federal building.
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four years after abortion was legalized by the supreme court in roe v. wade. speakers urged people to act to prevent future deaths. covid is a lot for the new cases. on wednesday, the justices will whether if the government can prevent information at guantanamo bay. the legal issue in the case is wlosht the gate can use the secrets coverage. next month, the justices will hear organments on whether the state of carrying a gun. mississippi's abortion law bans all borgs abortions at 15
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weeks. we figured we had to do something to help generate a positive vibe. >> hundreds turn out in chinatown in san francisco for a car show. it was a serious issue that inspired them. and part two of our investigative report, what happened to all of the money schools received to ride out the pandemic? temperatures still close at 70. seven-day forecast. a look at that w wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans
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with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. well. covid-19 has upended learning for many students. to catch your kids up, california school districts have received billions of dollars from the federal government. >> as candice winn found out,
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most of that money is in the bank. >> this is public school money. why aren't districts using it? we spoke to features who are frustrated by these delays. >> i'm just trying to be as efficient as i can. >> reporter: there's a second urgency in graig's third and sense of authenticity. >> he worries that's not being acted out outside of the classroom. >> they have not added teachers, aides, extra administrators. >> reporter: the policy announced that the education of california, releised a support at 2 1/2 school districts are about two behind.
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the reality is far more serious, with more than half of his students, two years behind. >> we need more labor support to run the camp efficiently. >> they analyze data for 1,500 school districts. he was allocated $46 million, but spent just $14 million so far. that leaves 32 million collars left unspent. the superintendent points out, her district has not received all of the money promised. he is spoking out because the unspent funds should be paying for held. the classroom. >> are you seeing the money make a difference? >> other than the fact that we have new computers for everyone, i haven't seen any effects of the other one.
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>> since the pandemic started, they injected $26 billion in california schools. three-quarters unused as of june. oakland unified has $191 million leftover, out of the 243 it received. san francisco unified has $135 million left, out of the $186 million allocated. and san jose has $38 million left out of the $63 million it was promised. >> i think where schools are finding them now, a new reality with delta. >> that's right. >> reporter: reter is the executivive director of p.a.c.e. there's two big reasons. >> aed lot of districts are having trouble hiring. for the same reasons that we're
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seeing staffing shortages. those people in schools are having to work on things like contact tracing. covid testing. >> reporter: they believe skoonts will find money before the ted line. whether they are efficient and evictive can could be another story. >> it was pretty plan. >> how is the money going to catch up with their learning? >> i mean, that's where data really comes in. i don't think we have a great infrastructure. >> systems are putting more pressure on teachers. >> i would like taxpayers look
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at how they spend the money. school districts have very few deadlines to return the money and give them to the feds. some are fast approaching as early as next year. to look at your child's money, we made the area searchable for you. the information is live right now. i'm candice nguyen. call 888-996-tips. or visit our website it's not something that china town is came out to see the weekend. people were invited to check out the hot rods. all for free. organizationers say the idea for the car show came after the attacks against the iia
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community. >> we saw that we are scared to walk down the street in china town. we have to do something, to generate a positive vibe and bring people back to chinatown. >> there was also highlighted restaurants. >> a gorgeous day for a car show in china town. anywhere in the bay area. >> the weather was very nice. it's too warm in some cases. 80 degrees in downtown san francisco. we're seeing the clear skies no fwog right now. 66 degrees. in time tomorrow night, low clouds in the bay. 72 degrees here, after close to
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70. and in river moore, walnut creek. we'll see the worst of the hate these guys for another day tomorrow. that's when the levels will be at the highest around the bay area. patchy fog along the coast. could be dense at times. longer coastal communities for the morning. and we'll go from the 50s and 80s, one more day. mid-80s, closer to san jose airport. low 90s. similar temperatures around the caulk valliego.
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tuesday, we're cooling down. and then to be similar to what we have outside right now. that illustrates how much he makes drawing. and areas north of is a houma county. he tries to get the first system around bay area. looks to be late friday, hab early saturday. you can see better rain totals out towards the cirra. base in point, one showing rain, the other not so much. but this is an important forecast, considering we're going to have playoff baseball back in san francisco, as we get towards friday and saturday.
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an excellent reason to that them by their showers. heading towards next weekend. bigger impact, around the cierra, and could see el brags and sunday. >> let's look at the changes and our forecast one more half hour. >> transitioning pretty quickly. >> forecast is arrived. pop stars, for instances and a look at the pandora papers.
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
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miss home games or get the covid vaccine. a warriors star finally put this to bed. we had been following andrew wiggins. his stance to avoid a covid vaccine put him in clash with san francisco's covid rules. he wouldn't be able to play at chase center without getting a shot. and today, coach steve kerr announced he did get the vaccine. the warriors could have been missing a player. a massive expose has uncovered secrets of leaders and billionaires across the globe. the treasure trove is being called the pandora papers. a $22 million chateau bought through offshore customers with
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the czech prime minister. the prime minister has been railing against corruption and political elites. one of the powerful families hit $13 million in a secret trust in the united states. and the king of jordan bought three mansions. anthony flores is joining us now. he has his hands full with the day in sports. you need to start with the most amazing pennant chase in a long time. >> that's right. the chase is over. it's great news. giants and their fans can exhale. they are the best in the west. what the players are saying about the historic run to a division title. stick around. sports is next. and there you have it- woah.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. it came down to the last day of the regular season. but it was worth the wait. the giants are division champs for the first time in nine years, after beating the padres. standing room only to watch giants make history on the final game of the season. buster posey, with the bases loaded. he singles no left. that gets a pair of runs. in the fifth, with the giants up big, logan webb, he is your pitcher. look at this. a two-run homer. they are rolling. he strikes out. the last batter to end the game. the giants beat the padres,
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11-4. they win the west for the first time since 2012. they set a franchise record with their 107th win of the season. >> i mean, it feels like the dodgers have been on our tail all year, definitely since the all-star break. and to win 107 games and come out one ahead, it sure feels good, winning it today like we did. >> now, they will have a break until friday. they will await the winner of the wild card game between the dodgers and the st. louis cardinals. trey lance may make his first start for the 49ers next week, after jimmy garoppolo goes down before the seahawks. he was great on the opening drive. six for six. and then, tossed this touchdown pass for 21 yards. the niners dominated.
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jimmy did not play in the second half. the niners said it was a cough injury. the real story was russell wilson. check that out. the hawks open up the lead. he did lead two touchdown drives. great effort by samuel to get into the end zone. the seahawks beat the 49ers 28-21. jimmy g. will have an mri on his calf tomorrow. ly? thought he went in there for the most part and didn't expect to get run in. missed some passes. in a tough situation when we're down two scores. looked like a typical first game. >> between the series, i could feel it tighten up. i tried to gut it out.
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it's just tough, man. getting old. this is one of those things, part of the business. >> you have to feel for jimmy garoppolo. emotional reunion for tom brady, returning as a buccaneer. he became the nfl's leader in passing yards. in true tom brady fashion, he leads the bucs to a field goal. nick fultz from 56 yards out, it hits the post. and the buccaneers beat the patriots. a big week coming up, we prepare for the divisional series and everyone awaiting the official word if trey lance will be starting against arizona. >> that's very much, anthony. it was a problem that closed two schools last week. but this time, we're not talking about covid. update on this pesky situation in oakland, coming up.
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an opening statement is beginning in danville tomorrow. kids in oakland schools are expected to head back to class after a short closure. not covid, but fleas. the schools were closed last week for deep cleaning. the schools share a campus, which backs up to a wooded area. experts believe a recent issue with the raccoons may have led to the flea infestation. the pandemic has been hard on kids in many ways. it's also been hard on their waistlines. >> reporter: adults aren't the only ones, you heard of the quarantine 15. now that things are getting back to normal, now is a good time to look at how much physical activity your child is getting. according to a recent cdc report, from march to november
11:38 pm
2020, a sample of body a mass index, out of 30,000 kids, nearly doubled the rate it did before the pandemic. dr. martha fuller explains why obesity may have spiked. >> children are not active. they were home. more availability of snacks. more screen time, from zoom classes and seeing on tv. we all binged netflix, right? kids are no different. >> reporter: during the pandemic, kids stayed home, playgrounds closed and our lives were disrupted. parents we spoke with say, during the shutdown, they made going outside a priority. >> we made sure to go outside and ride bikes and scooters. >> pushing around the stoller. i hope she is big enough to go
11:39 pm
running with me. >> reporter: not everyone has that option, if parents have to go to work and can't afford child care. and junk food is less expenive compared to healthier options. and don't forget about all the stress that the pandemic brought with it. >> we have seen an increase in mental health diagnosis. children that were facing stress is more likely to become obese. when you have increased cortisol, your body says, i have to save every calorie. >> reporter: as a community, dr. fuller says, we should give parents more support. >> it's important as we look at this, not to blame the parents. and say, why didn't give you give your kids carrots and celery? we tend to blame the victim. and parents were dealing with
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incredible difficulties during the pandemic. trying to do the best they could. there could be hope for millions of people living with scoliosis, thanks to researchers in san diego. we show you how it's helping one woman rediscover her love of competitive swimming. right now, san francisco, no fog around downtown. 66 degrees. should see one more warm day before cooler changes and showers weekend. a closer look when we come back.
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. he's the only filipino in the u.s. navy to receive a medal of honor. now, people are campaigning to name a warship after him. organizers launched a campaign commemorating 120 years of service in the u.s. military. they set up an excitement. their goal, name a ship after sailor trinidad. >> i believe this exhibition about the u.s. navy, the role of filipinos in the u.s. navy, is probably the first exhibition about filipinos in the u.s. navy. and not too many people know they have served for 120 years this year. >> trinidad received a medal of honor in 1915, after rescuing crew members on a warship. there has yet to be a u.s. navy
11:44 pm
ship named after someone of filipino decent. a procedure is giving hope to millions of scoliosis patients. >> that includes a one-time olympic hopeful. >> reporter: this is where michelle belongs. >> water is my element. >> reporter: an element that almost got her on the u.s. olympic team in 1980. >> awesome feeling. >> reporter: the feeling was taken away seven years ago when pain forced her to use a crane or a wheelchair at times. >> at the worst, i couldn't get in the pool. it broke me. couldn't swim. couldn't walk very well. >> it caused her daily pain. >> reporter: michelle had scoliosis. >> her chest cavity is on the left side. >> spine was so curved, it pushed on her lungs. >> she couldn't sit still.
11:45 pm
>> reporter: he talked michelle into surgery. >> many times when surgeons are doing the procedures, they are starting with a steel rod that is straight. instead, he was using medal rods that were created specifically for her spine. >> you see very similar to what i had to put in michelle's back. >> reporter: he opened her up, aligned all her bones and secured the rods in place. >> i had 17 levels. it's my entire back. >> you can see how straight she is after surgery. >> and four months later, something michelle couldn't do for six years. >> i was crying as i go swimming. >> i'm grateful that i can help people like here. >> reporter: he has done the procedure a couple hundred times
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since. giving people like michelle a chance to get back to their element. it changed my life. >> michelle is now pushing herself to compete this spring at the masters championships in north carolina. >> that's great to see. tomorrow, we will probably be warm much to swim somewhere in the bay area. >> one more day, summer-like temperatures. san jose, up earp 80s. san francisco could get in the upper 70s for another day. we're still hanging on to 70s at the airport in san jose. mostly clear conditions at 66. and back out towards our inland valleys, out towards livermore, 67, hazy skies. and that's part of the weather story tomorrow. haze from the wildfires burning towards the east. detailing the inner east most valleys. not a spare the air day tomorrow. you can see with the yellow on
11:47 pm
the board, moderate air quality for one more day. watch how things improve, starting tuesday. areas around the east bay and all bay area locations, wednesday, thursday, friday. the onshore winds pick up, and temperatures come down. and air quality looks better. 50s and low 60s. fog pushing in san francisco by tomorrow night. and our highs for tomorrow, again, as we were talking about, pool weather. numbers in the 80s and 90s for the trivalley. mid and upper 80s from san jose. and north bay temperatures, around santa rosa and sonoma in the upper 80s. this is tomorrow through friday. this first round, bypassing the bay area.
11:48 pm
if you're mendocino county northward, you might get some rain. a better chance on wednesday. not as substantial as southern california is getting tomorrow. friday into saturday, the system will push on through. more of the moisture out to the north. and illustrating the cooling, with the incoming weather pattern. you got the showers up there. the bay area, a few hit and miss areas with light rain showers. look at what is happening with the sierra. that may fall as frozen precipitation. remember snow? this would be an incredible sight. could be looking at snowshowers
11:49 pm
next weekend. warm tomorrow, cooling. and the national division series later in the week. friday and saturday. doesn't look game impacts. and in the valleys, midweek. look at the highs. similar to the numbers at 11:00. the high temperatures later this week. stay tuned how long. >> we remember snow. >> i have no idea where my umbrella is. >> thanks, rob. as her career took off, the world shut down. how this talented woman spread her music and joy, coming up.
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during the celebration of hispanic heritage month, we are the contributions of our communitieses.
11:52 pm
so many influential people. >> one san francisco woman, is given the opportunity to carry on a family legacy. >> i grew up with a respect for traditional music. >> reporter: the colorful energy of san francisco's mission district. a culture soaked in food, murals, music. cecilia grew up around it. >> i grew up playing music in our family van. my parents play music. that's their first love. >> reporter: they started out as listeners of the family's music. soon, they were on the bandstand.
11:53 pm
>> i was playing when i was 7 years old. my instrument is trumpet and vocal music. >> reporter: her grandparents emigrated from mexico. two generations later, the music-her homeland was alive. >> there is a strong link to the rich culture and the music and the food. >> reporter: in recent years, she began to step out on her own. reforming under the name ladonia. >> it reflects a lot of music. >> her music began to spread, fueled by a twin on a song she grew up with. just as her career was taking off, the world was shutting down
11:54 pm
in the global pandemic. >> my gigs were canceled. my sessions were canceled. i joke about it. it was the guillotine of my career. >> reporter: she worked to teach music to elementary schoolkids virtually, waiting for things to improve. then, about seven months ago -- ♪♪ songs became rehearsals. and she became ladonia once again. >> i think that my ethnic background informs a lot of the music i wake. >> reporter: now, friends on stage, with the dad, miguel. >> i'm always been impressed by her talents. >> reporter: music drawn from heritage, from surrounding, from culture. >> attempt to pay homage to the roots and traditions.
11:55 pm
>> reporter: and in a neighborhood where music and murals shout out history, there's a new voice and image to write the next chapter. >> we're back with more news in two minutes.
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before tom brady made his return to new england tonight, different goats walked the streets of boston. >> these were goats donning patriots' jerseys. this was organized by bud light. it was the first time tom brady was back at gillette stadium since leaving after the 2019 season. brady was given a warm welcome back to boston, with the patriots airing a tribute during
11:58 pm
tonight's game with the buccaneers. >> and tom brady won again. >> all he does is win. one of the biggest jackpots in history was up for grabs and i did not win. >> no one else did, either. >> that means there's more money nor the next winner. now, the prize will grow to $670. >> holly: prize, increasing more rapidly, since powerball did three drawings a week. >> if you won $630 million, would you retire? >> yeah. >> some say they wouldn't. she's straight up. >> have a great night and a great week. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology
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i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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