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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 3, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: welcome back to the "sunday night football" postgame show. >> fires it now. caught. touchdown buffalo. >> shovel pass, touchdown, kansas city! >> mahomes has tyreek hill, hauls it in. touchdown! >> last january they met for a trip to the super bowl. kansas city and buffalo. kc won. rematch coming up on "sunday night football" next week at arrowhead. >> hot as patrick mahomes and the kansas city offense s buffalo bills defense has really been playing and offensively they can put up points. because kansas city has lost a couple early, does buffalo have a chance to have that rematch
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now happen in snowy buffalo? that could be interesting. there's all sorts of things on the line with this matchup as you start to look down the year. >> allen and mahomes. buffalo 3-1, kansas city 2-2. we'll see you from kc a week from tonight. that will wrap it up at gillette stadium in foxborough. tom brady comes back to where it all started and comes away with the win. 19-17. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, entire crew, all the great production folks here do a fantastic job. good night from foxborough. >> announcer: nbc sports, home of super bowl lvi, thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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hi, everybody. welcome to x finty sports sunday. the tall, lean guy is joe staley, six time pro bowler. recently, retired. and our new analyst here. good to have you here, joe. >> it's great to be here. very excited and it feels like i am a rookie, all over again. but here we go. making my debut. >> i have seen you on pre and post, you are not a rookie. you are already very good. we will get to the 9ers. we will get to huge day for the giants but we will start with the right connection. you watched this game. tom brady back in new england.
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how would that be? >> well, it was an historic night for mr. brady because he became the nfl's all-time passing yardage leader. passing drew brees of the saints. drew brees was on hand to congratulate him. do the right thing. gave him the game ball. and tom brady into the history books, again. already, a six-time super bowl winner with new england. and now, trying to win at new england as a visitor and he was 22 of 43 for 269 yards. and yes, he led his team back for the game-winning field goal, 19-17. tampa bay the winners. so, tom brady has already won as al michael said earlier, more games than new england this year than the new england patriots have who are 1 and 3. mac jones played great. 31-40. he did have an interception but he threw for 275 yards and two touchdowns. joe and i watched this game. joe, you beat tom brady in new
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england in 2012 when you guys went to the super bowl in new orleans versus the ravens. um, just your thoughts on -- on -- on tom brady and this game and another win for a guy who you played late in your 30s. he's 44. >> it's unbelievable what tom brady is still doing at this point in his career. he is one of those players i am going to tell my kids like i played on the field with tom brady. and i won. and i won in new england. but today's game, what tom was able to do, i think he's glad that this game is over. all the story lines, him and belichick, the -- the rivalry they now maybe have and who is better than who. i think he is happy to walk away with a win there and happy to get this game over with. >> so that game is over with. and good news for the 49ers. their game is over 'cause it did not go well for the san francisco 49ers who were at home today against the seattle seahawks. jimmy g comes out with a smoke. but russell wilson with a lot to play for because he is trying to
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avoid his third-straight loss. opening drive for the 9ers, great. a 71-yard first drive and it's jimmy g to ross. >> the 49ers needed to start fast in this game. they do just that. this is a great play on the ball by ross. way to go up and make a play to your quarterback. >> another problem for the 9ers in the second. robbie gold out. so mitch, the punter, is now your kicker. and he misses from 41 yards out and this would be a factor throughout the game. kyle juszczyk now your holder because of that. russell wilson takes advantage two minutes left in the second. finds dj met calf for the score. game tied just before half. the 49ers dominated the first half, yet they. >> in tied. >> defense started this game forcing five three and outs. you would expect to be up at least two or three scores going into the half but they find themselves tied going in. >> second half. seahawks have yet to score in the third. this season until now. russell wilson with his feet very good with his arm but a
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nice job turning the corner here. >> yeah. eric armstead, russell sees it, identifies it, and just outraces to the end zone. >> 14-7. seattle. now, the ensuing kickoff and trey canon. that's fine. it does happen. he -- he gets on it, that's fine. but no, he tries extra yardage and that's a problem because then he coughs it up and the seahawks have the ball. seahawks take advantage. russell wilson with the athletic play of the day. the spin-o-rama and the bullet. how did he get out of it? how did he throw it? >> i have seen this play so much in my career. russell wilson. this is the russell wilson that's so frustrating. makes the play. keep his eyes down field. makes the play. throws it. gives his wide receiver an opportunity. >> 21-7. seahawks in the third. jimmy g bad calf. he is gone. trey lance in and trey lance deebo samuel. well, that's a good way to get
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your confidence up as a quarterback because he was wide open. no one was near him. joe, what in the wild, wild world of sports was going on? >> i think this is busted coverage but jamal adams here has eyes in the back field because of interest what trey lance can do with his legs. creates a wide open look for deebo. but then, deebo is a number one true receiver. he is on a tare for the 49ers this season. and he has taken his place in the next level. >> it was a 76-yard touchdown. following drive seahawks answer. alex collins. somersaults in. seahawks up 28-13. 9ers looking for a miracle comeback two minute throw. deebo samuel, again. second touchdown of the day. what did you think of laps lance in the second half? >> i think he started out slow a little bit. maybe, some nerves. but he really settled in as the game went on and he capped off an impressive drive to finish this game off. >> 9ers would go for the onside
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kick. they need a miracle. they don't get it. seahawks hold onto that ball and they hold onto the win. 28-21 is the final score for the 49ers fall to 2-2. russell wilson was outstanding. he is now 15-4 against the 49ers and has another great game. and jimmy garoppolo. his status will be debated a little later on because we don't know if he will play. and if he doesn't play, we could have a quarterback situation. we will talk about that in a minute. but first of all, more injuries. another loss. and i think what has to be deflating, joe, is that they dominated early on. you think oh my goodness, the 49ers are going to run away with this. then, seattle ties it up and eventually runs away with it the other way. this was a game the 49ers had in hand early. >> yeah. one of the story lines coming in was that the 49ers can keep pace with seattle's offensive first-half output and they did just that. they held them like i said through five three and outs. the defense did. and to find yourself going into
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half 7-7 had to be disheartening. i thought they came out in that first drive, they looked really good but since then, jimmy was really sputtering in that first half. >> we will get more on whether trey lance should be the starter next week. joe's thoughts on that but there was something else, too. better, positive note. george kittle. all giants up in his gear. good day to win the west. let's go, san francisco giants. because with a win today, the san francisco giants would clinch the nl west. would they do it? it's our special delivery. it's brought to you by amici's east coast pizzeria. so here come the giants on an historic day and they get to do it at home if it would happen at home. pick it up in the bottom of the fourth. 2-1 giants. bases loaded. tommy la stella. single to right. and that drives in a run. next batter's going to be flores. and he doubles to left. two of his friends score.
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friends because friends is his favorite show. in fact, his walk-up music. 5-1 giants on top. next batter. middle of the day but he still delivered. la stella scores, 6-1 giants. next batter. some history for buster posy who singles to center for posy's 1500th career hit. makes it a five-run inning for the orange and black. but the magic wasn't done there. next inning, logan webb, the starting pitcher for san francisco launches his first career home run. so webb was 2 for 3, 2 rbi, three runs scored and seven strong innings pitched. bottom 9, two outs. dominic leon. looking to lock it down. and he is going to strike out eric hosman. the giants win 11-4. they clinch the nl west for the first time since 2012. and they set a franchise record
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with 107 wins. 107 wins the most wins in mlb history for a team that clinched the division on the last game of the season. so the giants win. they are the best in the west. and they do it at home. you won a division. i think in 2012. did you guys win it at home or on the road? >> i do not remember about 2012 but i do remember winning the championship at home and that was one of the most memorable moments of my career. to win it in front of our fans. and i know exactly how these guys are feeling to do it in front of the fans, the fan base in san francisco. so it's a special moment to be able to lift that trophy, i understand how it felt and for the fans to share in that moment is really, really cool. >> when the -- when the 9ers win, when the warriors win, when the giants win, and we know when he gave us that great run of three, it's special. and right now, this giants team, 40-1 odds to win the west. this is one of the things that i have always wanted to do is be
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able to put on those goggles, do the champagne in the locker room. we didn't get to do that because we had to prepare for the super bowl. >> first division title since 2012. nine years. game one of the nlds friday. giants will play the dodgers or the cardinals and nbc sports bay area has you covered for each and every postgame, pre and post, right after the giants as october quest continues. we will take a break. when we come back, i'll ask joe whether the rookies should be the starter or jimmy g. that's if jimmy g is able to go. trey lance discussion when we continue.
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trey lance was on the ball and under center all the second half because jimmy g left with a calf injury. the rookie 9 of 18. a buck 57. he threw two touchdowns. he was sacked once. he had a quarterback rating of 117.1. jimmy g was 14 of 23. he did have a td. he did have an int. joe, your thoughts on the rookie who played his most extensive minutes of the entire season? >> i think coming out in the second half, he didn't know he was going to go in until right when he got -- right before he gets out there. so i think there were some nerves going in early. but this play right here, especially, to deebo. your first-big play. you can kind of breathe a little bit. and then, we saw him get his feet underneath him. use his legs to get outside the pocket, create on the run exactly just like right here. be able to create on the run, throw the ball downfield. got into a nice rhythm as the game went on and i think as he continues to get reps in this offense, you are going to really
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see his ability shine. >> jimmy g said after the game, i don't know how the calf will be. we will have to see. i could miss a week or two. but it wasn't definitive and we will know more in the next couple of days. but if they were both healthy, and jimmy g was good to go and your kyle shanahan, do you stay with jimmy g? or did you see something today to say, okay, trey lance is ready, he is the guy? >> i've gone back and forth on this. i always have believed that as a rookie quarterback, there's so much to learn. and the more you can sit and understand coverages, what the defense is going to do, the better you're going to be and it's going to set imup for the rest of his career. but today with the way the offense was sputtering in the first half after that first drive and what trey's able to do with his legs and his ability to get the ball down the field deep. i think there's a real decision. now, i have always said that i think trey should sit and wait.
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and i have to stay with that because that's what i've said. but -- >> you are allowed to change your mind. >> i am a man of integrity. i'm not going to change my mind. >> okay. >> so i think if jimmy's healthy, i think the more that you can sit trey and learn. but he showed something today that was really, really amazing. >> all right. time for a closer look. closer look is brought to you by zenni. the official eyewear of the san francisco 49ers. deebo samuel arriving at levi's today on the bike. paying tribute to tommy jr. the actor who played deebo in the '95 film "friday." deebo paying tribute to deebo before the game and then paying tribute to him on the field. his third-straight 100-yard receiving game. also, took over the nfc lead in receiving yards. 270 yards total is the best for yards after the catch. deebo samuel, you played with him for one year. he's special. >> he is unbelievable.
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i mean, this guy has taken his place to the next level. and he is always had talent coming in but he really dedicated himself. we will take a break. first, a preview of the news coming up next. i'm terry mcsweeney. in the nbc bay area studios coming up in just moments, a shark attack here in the bay area. hear from the victim's friend who was in the water with him. plus, part two of our investigation into how schools are using billions in federal aid during the pandemic. next on nbc bay area.
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right now, beaches closed, concern for wildlife growing after that massive oil spill in southern california. cleanup efforts in overdrive. we speak with people on the beaches working to help. plus, from one bad beach day to another. a shark bites a surfer off of our coast. hear from his friend who was in the water with him. they did it. giants' fans can now exhale. we take you inside the big celebration at oracle park. thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i am sierra johnson. we begin in southern california
9:17 pm
where a potential ecological disaster is unfolding tonight. an oil spill closing beaches and impacting wildlife off the coast of orange county. >> we are talking about legendary spots, including newport beach. nbc bay area marianne favro in the newsroom with new developments and what some bay area teams are doing to help. marianne. >> well, this spill is extensive. so far, 126,000 gallons of oil have leaked into the ocean in a 13-square-mile area. and now, some groups from the bay area have arrived to assess the impact. >> reporter: several beaches in orange oun county shut down as crews frantically work to slow the oil's spread. a breach in a pipeline off the coast of orange county led to the spill. huntington beach mayor, kim carr, calls it an ecological disaster. >> there is oil deposits all along the shore and, um, you can see the oil slicks out in the ocean. and so, we know that there's going to be a lot more hitting our shores over the next few days. >> reporter: the leak started saturday. the pipeline company says it stopped the leak, and is still
9:18 pm
investigating what caused it to fail. as globs of oil wash ashore, the safety of wildlife is a major concern. there are already reports of birds covered in oil. the center for biological diversity, which has an office in oakland, is responding to assess the impact. senior scientist, john fleming, says more than 80 species of birds live in the wetlands. >> if birds are covered in oil, they can't fly. they can't clean themselves. they can't regulate their temperature. which can lead to hypothermia and death in the case of a larger mammal such as dolphins and whales, which there have been some reports of dolphins actually swimming through the oil has been observed. um, you can -- you can expect them to potentially have breathing problems. >> reporter: and he says it could be months before the ecosystem is restored. >> it is really difficult to provide a precise timeline. i mean, we are still evaluating the complexity of the event and the amount. but i would say that this is
9:19 pm
going to be a sustained and longer-term effort. >> reporter: fleming says more needs to be done to remove aging oil platforms and pipelines. >> you know, we are talking about infrastructure with these offshore platforms and these pipelines that, you know, 40 years old. you know, and it wasn't meant to last that long. so as long as we have that infrastructure in place, we are going to keep seeing these accidents happen. >> reporter: and we have just learned the wildlife care network at uc davis school of veterinary medicine is now leading the wildlife response in orange county. back to you. >> thank you. and as the story develops, you can trust nbc bay area to continue to cover the very latest on those clean-up operations. you can find the latest developments 24/7 on it is rare but it does happen. and today, it did happen. a shark bite in bodega bay sends a surfer to the hospital. fellow surfers say they rushed in to help. nbc bay area's sergio quintana has the details. >> reporter: the teeth marks from a shark left one very
9:20 pm
unlucky man's surf board. in the water and saw the moment the shark bit his friend. >> i saw the dorsal fin of the shark. and then, i saw the tailfin of the shark. they were kind of going down into the water. um, it definitely wasn't like a quick attack. it was nice and slow. >> reporter: the injured surfer began yelling for help and immediately paddled to shore. that's when several others followed and jumped to his aid, as soon as he was out of the water. tying a tourniquet around his wounded leg. >> we did that with two separate surf leashes, tied them as tight as we could. then, we got him onto a longboard. surfers and surfers were coming in to help. pouring in. >> reporter: paramedics with the bodega bay fire protection district arrived within minutes of him coming to ashore and immediately realized he had critical injuries. he is expected to survive after being airlifted to santa rosa memorial hospital. >> how often does this happen there? >> very, very frequent.
9:21 pm
these sharks -- are just trying to find food. >> reporter: this is the second serious shark bite incident this summer here in the bay area. in june, this man was bitten as he was crab hunting near gray whale cove state beach near pacifica. he survived those injuries. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. well, it's been a whole lot of shaking, rattling, and rolling in the bay area this weekend. three small earthquakes striking in the east and south bays. the latest happening near morgan hill around 5:00 this morning. it was originally measured as a 3.4. later, downgraded to a 3.3. now, this comes after two quakes struck near san leandro, about two miles north of the city. one happening yesterday afternoon. a 3.3. and then, a 3.0 struck around the same area at 7:15 friday night. now, there have been no reports of injuries or any damage with any of these quakes. and the celebrating continues tonight after a huge
9:22 pm
day at oracle park. the giants winning the nl west for the first time since 2012 and, of course, they waited until the final game of the season to do it. >> and taking years off all of our lives. what a moment after some up-and-down seasons for the team. nbc bay area's christy smith was there. >> reporter: it was the ending giants' fans literally waited all season for. the giants taking back the national league west title after the dodgers held it for the last eight seasons. ben was able to come to the game at the last minute. >> fantastic. it's what we came here for. this is what we're here for. nothing better than this. it's october baseball now. it's what we live for. >> the last day of the regular season. the dodgers pushed us to the limit. brought out the best of us and, um, i'm happy to be a giants
9:23 pm
fan. >> i'm excited. whoo! >> reporter: fans were able to celebrate as the giants went up big, early. a much different atmosphere after saturday's nail biter. >> last night's game. today was well-deserved. >> reporter: giants' fans coming from all over making every effort to get to the game. some heading down from places like mendocino county. >> all the way. >> i'm just beyond excited. i am happy to be here. >> reporter: now, the focus shifts to friday as the team gets ready for game one and fans do what they can to find tickets to be there. >> it's been a little surprising. but at the same time, very satisfying. and pretty remarkable, as well. >> reporter: in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news.
9:24 pm
>> one more time. >> lot of excitement. >> check in with nbc sports reporter anthony flores. anthony, a pennant race for the ages. giants fans smiling ear to ear tonight. that one went all the way to the end, man. >> little bit of drama and we love it, right? you know what? they have been playing baseball playoff baseball really for the last three to four weeks. even though they had the best record in baseball. so they are going to be tested. the giants, 40-1 odds in spring training to win the division. you know what? at the end of april, they grabbed the lead in the division. by the end of june, they had the best record in baseball. by the end of july, best record in baseball. by the end august, yeah, you guessed it, the best record in baseball. so really, if you are saying they are the surprise team of the season, you could say that early on. but they've really been the best team throughout the season. so, they're doing a great job. and, hey, 107 wins. a franchise record. they've led the national league in home runs, and get this. they don't have one player
9:25 pm
that's hit 30 home runs this season. so it's been contributions from every one at the plate. and i know the knock on the giants has been well they don't have that big star. they don't have that big star. they've had bounceback seasons from brandon crawford, buster posy, and brandon bell. so they have really been putting it together. and what a tremendous regular season they have had? look at the celebration there. a little bit different in the covid era now because they can't be outside celebrating with everybody. but still, plenty of excitement and coming up in sports, we will hear from the giants as they say, yes, the regular season was great. what they accomplished was great. but they have more business ahead of them. >> a few days, five days to think about this one, right, before they have to get back. >> and that's important. they have enough time to get their row fact in order. they don't play until friday. they take on the winner of the wild card game between the cardinals and the dodgers so they have time to rest those arms. >> and the fans can rest up, too. >> and that's what everyone was worried about.
9:26 pm
oh, we wouldn't want to go to that one-game playoff because no one will be ready. they are going to be rested and ready. >> anthony, thanks a lot. in another sports story, this one also with a happy ending. warriors fans were concerned a star player would miss half the season for not being vaccinated. those worries are now over. last week, the nba denied a religious exemption for forward andrew wiggins. still, he said he would stick to his beliefs regarding that vaccine. this meant he would not be able to play any home games since the city of san francisco requires home players to be vaccinated. today, however, warriors coach, steve kerr, announced that wiggins is now vaccinated but gave no further comment. also, tonight, ten people are now recovering after a cart smashes into a 7 eleven in san leandro. fire investigators say this happened around 4:15 this afternoon along east 14th street. six people had to be taken to the hospital for minor to moderate flirjs. the cause of this crash is under investigation.
9:27 pm
the facebook whistle-blower is speaking out this evening. that whistle-blower, former-facebook product manager, frances, during an interview on 60 minutes tonight, she accused the company of profiting from sowing hate and division. she says not only did facebook prematurely turn off election safeguards designed to combat misinformation, but it changed newsfeeds in 2018 contributed to divisiveness and ill will. >> the thing i saw at facebook over and over again was there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for facebook. and facebook over and over again chose to optimize for its own interests, like making more money. >> she is set to testify before senators on tuesday. facebook is denying that it had any ulterior motives for what happened a statement reads in part, every day our teams have to balance protecting the right of billions of people to express themselves openly with the need to keep our platform a safe and positive place. we continue to make significant improvements to tackle the
9:28 pm
spread of misinformation and harmful content. to suggest we encourage bad content and do nothing is just not true. teachers and parents and students feeling shortchanged billions of dollars going to california school districts, not being spent. our investigative unit looks into why the money is still sitting in the bank. and still warm outside right now. 74 degrees in san jose. one more hot day tomorrow before cooling changes arrive in the seven-day forecast which may involve some showers. closer look when we come right back.
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
well, covid 1 has upended learning for many students leaving some months behind and other years. to catch your kids up, california school districts have received billions of dollars from the federal government. >> but as investigative reporter, candice nguyen found out, most of that money is still sitting in the bank. >> reporter: this is covid crisis money meant to get k through 12 public school students up to speed. so, why aren't school districts using it?
9:31 pm
we spoke to teachers who are frustrated by these delays, and policy experts who say some school districts don't have the systems in place to spend the money effectively. >> i am just trying to be as efficient as i can. >> reporter: there's a sense of urgency in craig's second and third grade combo class. >> it's just hard to squeeze so much in the day. >> reporter: a sense of urgency the teacher worries isn't being acted on outside of his classroom within the school administration. >> they have not added teachers. aides. rotating teachers. extra administrators. >> reporter: in june, the nonprofit policy analysis for california education, or pace, released a report showing students at 19 school districts were about two and a half months behind in english and math as a result of the pandemic. he says the reality is likely far more serious with more than half of his students and others he knows of two years behind. >> we need more labor support
9:32 pm
during our contracted hours to -- to run the school more efficiently. and we have not seen that in years. >> reporter: the investigative unit analyzed federal stimulus data for 1,500 school districts. records show they were allocated $46 million but has spent just 14 million so far on expensive, including ppe and student counseling. that leaves $32 million left unspent. their superintendent points out her district has not received all of the money it's been promised. kogul says he is speaking out because those unspent funds should be paying for more help in the classroom. are you seeing that money make a difference? >> other than the fact that we now have new computers for everyone, i haven't seen any other effects of the money. >> reporter: alam rock is far from the only district with tens of millions of unspent stimulus dollars. since the pandemic started, the federal government has injected more than 26 billion into
9:33 pm
california's schools. three-quarters of all that money remained unused as of june. for instance, oakland unified has a whopping $191 million left over out of the 241 million it received. san francisco unified has 135 million left out of the 186 million allocated. and san jose unified has $38 million left out of the 63 million it was promised. >> so i think that where schools are finding themselves now is this new reality with delta. >> so they had a plan but delta sort of threw a wrench in it? >> that's right. >> heather huff is the executive director of pace. she says there are two big reasons for the spending hold-up. >> one is that a lot of districts are just having a lot of trouble hiring for those positions. um, for lots of the same reasons that we're seeing staffing shortages in other industries. and then, the second reason is that those people that are in schools are largely having to work on things like contact
9:34 pm
tracing, covid testing. >> reporter: huff believes schools will find ways to spend the money they received before the deadlines. whether they're efficient and effective could be another story. >> it has been a challenge being able to get those plans into place. >> reporter: how is the public supposed to know if this money's actually helping kids catch up with their learning? >> i mean, i think that's where data really comes in. and i don't think we have a great infrastructure right now for being able to communicate that. the pandemic really disrupted all thoelz systems. >> reporter: systems that are putting more pressure on teachers, teachers who need the help. >> you know, i would like the tax payers to pay more attention to how these districts spend the money. >> reporter: this is a use it or lose it situation. school districts have various deadlines to spend the money or risk returning it to the feds. some deadlines have passed. others are fast approaching as
9:35 pm
early as next year. to look up your child's school and the money it received, we have made the data searchable for you. go to the information is live right now. with the investigative unit, i'm candice nguyen. let's take a look around the bay area right now. another spare-the-air alert almost in the books. but apparently, some of that bad air's going to stick around for the beginning of your work week in parts of the bay area. air-quality adviser now issued for tomorrow. you know, i was talking to, candice san francisco looking good. marin county was looking good but there were parts where things weren't so good. >> the inland east bay. these were areas under the spare the air alert for today. contra costa county, where we saw the highest levels. little bit of wildfire smoke, too. technically, not a spare the air day tomorrow but still dealing with wildfire smoke at times especially toward the east bay. aqi number up at 90. highest around the bay area and
9:36 pm
parts of the south bay, as well. so as we take a closer look hour by hour, in terms of wildfire smoke, we are not seeing as much as we had about a month ago but still the upper-air pattern is still bringing in some hazy skies from the east. but notice here, a strengthening sea breeze as we get to tuesday and wednesday. that he is going to drop our temperatures down and actually we think significantly improve air quality and the five-day outlook as we head through wednesday, thursday, and friday. all locations around the bay area should be breathing a bit easier back into the green by the middle part of the week. morning temperatures starting off in the 50s and 60s. one more day of warm to hot temperatures inland. that means more 70s and 80s bayside. maybe, not quite as hot as the 80 we had today in downtown san francisco. but still, mid-70s. upper 70s around oakland. and 90s for another day around inland east bay valleys. want to show you what is happening in southern california. the first wave of rain chances coming up with thunderstorms there across southern california. we will see high clouds drifting northward from that. but no showers, just yet, from
9:37 pm
that southern california storm. but notice here, the north coast by tuesday begins to see light rain chances as far south i think as mendocino county and will see better chances possibly for the second half of the week. you will notice as we get towards wednesday and thursday, areas north of sonoma county could see a few scattered showers. ongoing showers around the sierra and central coast and i think it'll be saturday when that'll be our best chance for finding some rain. as we look at these medium-range weather models, they are disagreeing right now. you really don't like to see that. this looks really nice on the map with the european model bringing a lot of rain to parts of coastal california but its counterpart, not really seeing eye to eye and when these weather models start to argue like that, you have to stay tuned to the forecast right now. not seeing a lot of consensus. but shower chances, a lot better than talking about offshore winds and hot temperatures. watch how our temperatures really drop through the week. going from the 70s and 80s in san francisco to low 60s. nighttime temperatures in the low 50s. you are going to have to break out your jackets again and
9:38 pm
possibly need the umbrella by next weekend. and look how those valley temperatures drop. back into the 70s by midweek. better air quality. stay tuned. still looking at showers here. >> i want to vote now for the european model. >> yes. >> yeah. >> thanks. well, your chances are growing to become a millionaire after nobody won the power ball. stick around because we will tell you just how much the jackpot is now and when the next drawing is.
9:39 pm
there is something i want to ask you. oh um... the new iphone 13pro is here, with the most advanced iphone camera ever. and i got it at t-mobile. whew, i thought you were going to talk about... 'forever'. this is a value that lasts forever. because when you get the new iphone at t-mobile, trade-in value is 'locked in'. so we can always have a new iphone? yes, so, what do you say, switch to t-mobile with me? yes! we are going to t-mobile. fall in love with iphone. get it on us now and upgrade every two years forever. only at t-mobile.
9:40 pm
well, one of the biggest jackpots in history was up for grabs last night. and nobody won. that just means there will be more money for the next power ball winner. last night would have been the tenth largest jackpot in u.s. history. and now, the next prize is expected to grow to $670 million. prizes are increasing more rapidly since power ball started doing drawings three times a week. the next drawing is set for tomorrow evening. that's the case, i will not be at work on tuesday if i win.
9:41 pm
>> whoa. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> and i have always liked you, by the way. it's not something san francisco's chinatown is known for. hundreds came out to a big car show there this weekend. yeah. car show in chinatown. more than 70 classic cars lined up along grand avenue and people were invited to check out the hot rods, the ferraris, the mustangs, vets, lamborghinis, and more. just check 'em out. things she is going to buy when she wins all that money. organizers say the idea for the car show came to them after the recent attacks against the aapi community. there was also live entertainment, raffles, after parties that highlighted chinatown restaurants and bars, just getting everybody together there in chinatown. coming up next. supporting access to an abortion on the heels of this weekend's women's march. more action in san francisco. we'll take you there.
9:42 pm
working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
9:43 pm
that's a good taco. dude. it's a sandwich. [beep beep] it's a sandwich! it's a taco! ugh, not another taco guy. the new crispy chicken sandwich taco from taco bell. [bong!] thanks for joining us in this special edition of nbc bay area. a pivotal term lies ahead for the u.s. supreme court. >> yeah, it begins tomorrow and
9:44 pm
there are plenty of controversial cases on the docket. here are a few of them. on wednesday, the justices will consider whether the government can prevent a prisoner at guantanamo bay from obtaining information in a suit against cia contractors who tortured him. the legal issue in the case is whether the government can use the state secrets privilege to prevent the release of national security information. next month, the justices will hear arguments in whether the state of new york can mandate that people who want to obtain a license to carry a concealed gun show good reason to do so, such as self-defense. in december, the high court will hear arguments providing the constitutionality of mississippi's abortion law. it bans almost all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. it is considered a challenge to the landmark roe v. wade ruling. in san francisco, another rally in support of a woman's right to an abortion. people rallied at the san francisco federal building today. the event honored rosy jiminez who died after getting an unsafe
9:45 pm
abortion on this date back in 1977. that was four years after abortion was legalized by the supreme court in roe v. wade. speakers highlighted current threats to reproductive health, and urged people to act to prevent future deaths. >> no more telling us to do with our bodies. no more women like rosy who had to lose their lives because there's no access to safe abortion. no more people who are forcibly sterilized or who are forcibly forced to give birth without their consent. >> the protest was sponsored by several groups including raging grannies, workers world party, and the bay area freedom socialist party. the sculpture of george floyd's face recently installed in manhattan has already been vandalized. the statue was put in manhattan's union square on thursday along with a statue of representative john lewis and breonna taylor. this morning, blue paint was thrown on that bust.
9:46 pm
confront art, the group behind the statue, said it took hours to clean off that paint. but tonight, it's back to how it should look. the statue of floyd was also defaced when it was first put on display in brooklyn. the center for disease control has issued new guidance on how to celebrate safely during the holidays. first, they say make sure you are fully vaccinated if you are eligible. the cdc also recommends hosting a video-chat party as opposed to an in-person gathering. video chat instead of in-person. they are saying if you attend a gathering at someone else's house, outdoor parties are always safer than indoor parties and they say generally you don't need your mask at outside celebrations. and as family -- many families look forward to a holiday season post vaccine, dr. anthony fauci tells cbs's face the nation that getting together for christmas should not be the focus right now. >> we just got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down. and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months, and say what we're going to do at a
9:47 pm
particular time. let's focus like a laser on continuing to get those -- those cases down. and we can do it. >> cdc, also, is recommending everyone, if you are not feeling well, please, stay home. could be a difficult holiday-shopping season ahead. we have already been talking about those shipping delays. now, retail companies are offering incentives to get people back to work. here's part of their recent discussion on our new platform, lx, as nbc news business reporter tells us what she thinks the holiday season will look like for shoppers. >> yes. this holiday season is expected to be bigger than ever. um, we're expected or retail analysts are expecting about $1.3 trillion in sales. um, and a lot of retailers are either hiring fewer people, for instance, target actually reduced the number of people it's hiring for the season by 30,000. and instead, they're offering more hours to already-existing
9:48 pm
target employees. and then, other companies are trying to lure people in as you said. you know, offering incentives, higher pay, bonuses. um, but frankly, with fewer people in stores and packing online orders, it's likely to be, um, you know, tough to fill -- fill online orders. and get -- make sure that gifts are -- are -- um, get to our doorstep in time. retail analysts are encouraging people to shop early, and to buy if you find a product or gift that you think a family member or friend or a kid will like. um, just to snap it up then and not to wait because of, you know, possible supply-chain issues and inventory issues. >> you can watch the entire story anytime on or watch lx over the air on channel 11-5 or channel 185 on xfinity. the first show of "saturday night live's" new season is officially in the books. actor owen wilson hosted for the first time.
9:49 pm
>> and i know say they don't read reviews or actually they say if you read the good ones, you got to read the bad ones. that's not true. i just read the good ones. i really find that the bad ones, they don't really speak to me in the same way. >> tune in next week for an all-new "snl" with another first-time host, kim kardashian-west. the musical guest, halsey. set your dvrs for this saturday at 8:30. >> haul in the spirit of resilience and joy, the castro street fair back today after being cancelled last year because of the pandemic. the 47th annual castro street fair brought music and dancing to the streets, literally. area around castro and market shut down to traffic for the event. thousands of people turned out. beautiful day to do it. harvey milk started the fair back in 1974 to encourage inclusiveness and togetherness. looks like a beautiful day, that shot. it just looked perfect. >> and, you know, and that sun baking down there, right, rob?
9:50 pm
>> yeah, one of the warmest days of the year. we actually had 80 degrees downtown san francisco. and still, looking pretty nice as we got numbers in the upper 60s here approaching 10:00. you see the view there. fog-free, for now. at least around downtown san francisco. 68 degrees and still pretty warm in san jose. 74. and out towards tri-valley, hazy sky. still hanging onto the 70s after seeing 90s a bit earlier this afternoon. and it looks like we are going to see one more day of those hazy skies and some wildfire smoke drifting in from the east. an air-quality advisory tomorrow for the highest levels of that wildfire smoke will be in the inland east bay valleys for another day but as cooler temperatures arrive and the sea breeze picks up tuesday and wednesday, better-air quality just around the corner. for the morning, patchy fog along the coast with 50s and 60s to begin the day. and one more day of these wafrm temperatures inland with 90s around the tri-valley. upper 80s around the north bay. 70s to close to 80 from san francisco over to hayward. and mid-80s in san jose.
9:51 pm
look at the temperature progression by tuesday. now, highs inland are in the 80s. and then, by wednesday, highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. i want to show you this ten-day outlook for livermore. once you drop out of the 90s, they are not coming back. next ten days, you can see 60s and 70s arriving midweek and beyond. rain chances, the first chance for that will be in the north coast on tuesday. and may be better chances coming up for areas around mendocino county and northern sonoma county right around wednesday, as you see there. and maybe, the best chance of all will be friday night into saturday as scattered showers cross the coast and bring us a chance of not only cooler temperatures but possibly some rain at times. you will see the two weather models we are watching very closely. not exactly seeing eye to eye right now. as you see, the european model still bringing quite a bit of showers and rain around coastal california. its counterpart, again, not seeing things the same way for now. good news, though. the progression of that would be
9:52 pm
over those active fires, including the windy fire and the kmp complex in the sequoia national forest. if the bay area misses the showers, at least it's going to these locations that could certainly use it. sierra location still seeing fires and less wildfire smoke across california as fire activity starts to drop off. as that precipitation kicks in by next weekend so look at the temperatures. tomorrow, still feeling like summer for another day. and then, low 60s in san francisco and valleys dropping out of the 90s. the highs in the low 70s and morning temperatures, by the way, 40s and 50s coming our way second half of the week. so need a jacket. we know that for most of the seven-day forecast. stay tuned to see how long you might need the umbrella by this time next weekend. back to you. >> we haven't heard those words in so long. it's just nice to hear. all right, rob, thanks a lot. this is a great story. we don't want to encourage this kind of behavior. but this is, perhaps, the best excuse for being absent in the history of the united states. >> right. this is what a high school student in georgia sent his
9:53 pm
teacher who was skeptical he was skipping class because lin-manuel miranda was coming over for lunch. >> this is lin-manuel miranda, i am sorry, he can't be in your history class right now. but he's with me. we are going to go over bill of rights. and anything you may be covering right now. >> the kid. know he's got him now. okay, teach, what are you going to say? miranda, creator of the broadway sensation hamilton was indeed over for lunch. it was a fundraiser his mother was throwing for a voting rights group. teacher was not only convinced in the end, but actually ecstatic and why not? she is using some of miranda's songs from hamilton to teach students about washington's precedence and cabinet battles. that is one heck of a way to get out of class. anthony flores joining us now. i don't even know what to say about this season. had to go all the way to the absolute final, final, final. i am just glad the game was not a nail biter. >> and you know what, terry, they did it.
9:54 pm
no more looking over the shoulder because the giants are national west division champs for the first time in nine years after setting franchise record for wins in a season. standing-room only to watch the giants make history on the final day of the regular season against the padres. buster posy gets the party started with the bases loaded in the 3rd, he singles to left. two-run score. then, in the fifth with the giants up big, logan webb who was solid on the hill for seven innings, comes through at the plate. are you kidding me? he launches a two-run homer. yeah. he's got it. what everybody wants. power. exactly. dominic leon puts an exclamation point on the season by getting the strike-out to end the game. giants beat the padres, 11-4. they win the west for the first time since 2012. they also set a franchise record with their 107th win of the season. and of course, they were taking pictures and popping the bubbly in the locker room celebrating this historic season. >> i mean, it feels like the dodgers have been on our tail
9:55 pm
all year, definitely since the all-star break. and to win 107 games and come out one ahead. um, it sure feels good. and winning it today like we did. >> to be able to hold off a team as good as the dodgers for as long as we did. and, you know, eventually -- eventually, win it is pretty awesome feeling. >> what a year? 107 wins. win a division. i -- i -- i think we're tremendously proud, as a group. but know that this is just the beginning. >> all right. the giants will get some much-needed r and r. they will host either the dodgers or the st. louis cardinals for game one of the divisional series friday at oracle park. the time is still to be determined. the a's closing out their season on the road in houston. tied 6-6 in the bottom of the ninth with runners on second and third. steps to the plate, singles to left center. and that is the winning run. the astros walk it off against the a's, 7-6.
9:56 pm
oakland finishes the season with an 86-76 record. well, forced into action. rookie quarterback trey lance takes over the offense for the 49ers after jimmy g goes down with an injury against the seahawks. this game could mark the changing of the guard for the 49ers. you know, garoppolo looked great on the opening drive. he hooks up with ross for the 21-yard touchdown. 9ers dominated the first half but the score was tied 7-7 at recess. jimmy did not play in the second half. the 9ers say it's a calf injury. now, trey lance enters. he starts the second half. but really, the story? russell wilson. he takes over. check out this play. how does he do it? then, throws the touchdown pass. he's too good. hawks up 21-7. lance showed flashes of promise and of being a rookie. he led two touchdown drives. great effort by deebo samuel to get into the end zone. the seahawks beat the 49ers, 28-21.
9:57 pm
so the 49ers fall to two and two on the season. jimmy g says he will have an mri on the calf tomorrow so what did the head coach think about his rookie quarterback? >> some good, some bad. you know, i thought we went in there for the most part, he got thrown in not expecting to get in. thought he ran the ball well. hit some passes, obviously missed some passes. was in a tough situation there when we were down two scores. a typical-first game. >> i could feel it tightening up and everything. i tried to for the first half but it's just tough, man. i don't know. been in the situation too many times and it's getting real old. you know? so just one of those things that part of the business, though. >> emotional reunion for san mateo native tom brady returning to new england for the first time as a buccaneer. he won six super bowls with the patriots. in true tom-brady fashion, he would lead the bucs to a late go-ahead field goal but the pats have a chance to win it as time is winding down but the 56-yard field goal hits off the post. and the buccaneers hang onto
9:58 pm
beat the patriots. your final, 19-17. that's a look at sports. guys, back to you. and this -- so the giants are going to be playing somebody friday night. >> they certainly will. we won't know until after wednesday when the cards and dodgers play. and of course, trey lance taking over jimmy g says he is going to have an mri but he said in his postgame press conference, he hopes it's a two to three week injury. don't know that the job will be available once he gets healed. >> also, makes me sad to hear stuff like it's getting old. >> very emotional after today's game. >> yeah. ajt think, thanks very much. well, thanks for joining us. we will be back again at 11:00. have a good night. >> see you then.
9:59 pm
that's a good taco. dude.
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it's a sandwich. [beep beep] it's a sandwich! it's a taco! ugh, not another taco guy. the new crispy chicken sandwich taco from taco bell. [bong!] there was parts. i didn't know that was very chilling for me to learn that she was afraid >> i kept calling her thinking she's going to answer. >> it was not like her to not answer. >> my senses were high >> six perfectly stacked card board boxes. something is not right here. >> whoa. >> i watch enough to watch it's not a good sign. >> smoke and mirrors.


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