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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 3, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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the california coast. a massive oil spill washing ashore. 126,000 toxic gallons unleashed. beaches closed. wild life in danger. the coast guard in a race to stop it from getting worse. battle over vaccine mandates. new deadlines tomorrow. connecticut calling up the national guard if state workers don't show up. thousands of teachers and workers in new york city schools expected to be absent. the new warning from dr. fauci about holiday gatherings.
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terrifying video from onboard a plane the engine catching fire and passengers frantically trying to get out. >> fire! evacuating down slides what caused accident? nbc news exclusive. the first players to speak out about the allegations of sexual misconduct from male coaches inside women's pro soccer. >> the people in this league are not safe right now. >> all games canceled this weekend in protest. and brady is back. we're less than two hours from the most anticipated game this year. the video message tom brady sent to new england today. we're live in the stadium. good evening. tonight we begin with breaking news and the urgent effort to try to contain a massive oil spill off the coast of southern
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california. officials say a pipeline failure caused oil to pour into the pacific, forcing beach closures and endangering some of the region's precious wildlife. authorities also warning residents of toxic vapors as the investigation intensifies into exactly what happened and it is being called a potential ecological disaster. >> reporter: a race against time. authorities frantically working to slow the spread of a major oil spill. a pipeline off the coast of orange county in southern california dumping 126,000 gallons of oil into the pacific, spanning 13 square miles. >> we are in the midst of a potential ecological disaster here. >> reporter: the leak began saturday. the pipeline company says the line has been shut down but they do not know what caused it to fail. >> we currently have divers on location at the potential source site. we are investigating
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the source and potential cause. >> reporter: a major concern? wildlife. toxic globs washing ashore and infiltrating treasured wetlands. >> we've already received reports of many, many animals being covered in oil. >> reporter: health officials warning it could be harmful to humans, too. the goopy mess a stain to southern california's typically pristine beaches. what you can't see, the awful smell. it will give you a headache in minutes. the area seeing an influx of visitors because of the iconic pacific air show which is canceled for today. many now passing time at area beaches despite calls to avoid the sand and the sea. people are in the water. does that concern you? >> it does concern me. the toxic fumes are present in the air and it might be impactful to your health. >> reporter: tonight an ecological nightmare growing with each wave. >> emily, the video is incredibly disturbing. what is the latest on the effort to save the
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wildlife there? >> reporter: well, you can see here this is the oily goop animals are up against just in this pool here. numerous fish are trapped beneath the oil coated surface. this is just a tiny fraction of the miles of beach impacted. >> makes the point very well. thank you. we are just hours away from new covid vaccine mandates going into effect in more cities and states and there's new concern they will cause major staffing shortages for critical roles from state employees to teachers. one governor is calling up the national guard to help. >> reporter: tomorrow one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country goes into effect. connecticut demanding all state workers get vaccinated, commit to weekly testing, or face suspension >> i am concerned about making sure we are well prepared if there is another delta. i'm really concerned about making sure i keep our schools open and our economy going. >> reporter: the governor now preparing
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a national guard to step in if necessary. the state's health commissioner hoping that won't be the case. >> we are looking at really having so many of our people vaccinated that that will not be necessary. but at this point things are still being tabulated. >> reporter: in new york city fears of a staffing shortage in the largest school district in america. all teachers must be vaccinated tomorrow. no testing option. some 10,000 employees may not be allowed to work. the mayor says substitutes are standing by and most teachers are vaccinated. >> a 93% of our teachers, 98% of our principals. the bottom line is this mandate has worked. >> reporter: this teacher won't be showing up tomorrow. >> now you're taking away their teachers, their go-to person. >> reporter: she says she had asymptomatic covid the spring of last year >> i had many doctors say to me you don't need it right now. maybe in the future. >> reporter: while the white house covid-19 data director says today saw the highest
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reported increase of vaccinations in a month the nation's top doctor says it is too soon to tell whether we can gather for the holidays. >> we've just got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say, what we're going to do at a particular time. >> reporter: parents obviously watching very closely. are schools prepared for staffing shortages tomorrow? >> reporter: the mayor says there are thousands of vaccinated substitute teachers ready to jump in but many schools are worried about support personnel, food service workers, school security employees, custodians. >> thank you. to politics now and the sweeping infrastructure deal hanging in the balance. president biden will hit the road this week trying to sell his plan while democrats work to revive negotiations. monica alba joins us from the white house. it seems like all sides are digging in. where do things stand
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now? >> reporter: democrats appear committed to a two track infrastructure deal but are still divided over the details. disagreeing not just on the scope but size with progressives still seeking a larger bill to expand the social safety net and address climate change, rejecting criticism from moderates over the massive price tag. after blowing past several self-imposed deadlines leadership now saying votes should take place by halloween but the white house saying they aren't working under any artificial deadline. >> high stakes for the president. monica alba at the white house, thank you. the u.s. supreme court begins its new fall term tomorrow and it is shaping up to be a blockbuster on some of our country's most divisive issues including the future of abortion, gun rights, and religion. justice correspondent pete williams has a preview. >> reporter: it's likely to be the most important term for abortion rights in at least three decades. the court will take up a mississippi law that would ban virtually
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all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. >> after this time the unborn child can feel pain and we ought to offer an extra level of protection from abortion. >> reporter: the supreme court has consistently ruled beginning with roe v. wade that states cannot ban abortion before 24 weeks. mississippi urges the court to take a bold step and overturn roe. >> if roe is reversed, probably almost half the states in the united states would strictly limit abortion and perhaps ban it all together. >> reporter: the new texas law shutting down abortions after just six weeks is bound to be back, too. the supreme court allowed it to take effect a week ago. the justices will decide whether local laws that require showing a special need to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon violate the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. >> this is contrary to the 2nd amendment. i mean, does your right to self-protection stop when you leave your home? >> reporter: a case
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from maine invites the court to rule on another contentious issue. does using public money to send children to schools offering religious education violate the separation of church and state? the court might take up the affirmative action controversy over considering an applicant's race as a factor in college admissions. >> i think we'll look back at this as the year in which the conservatives really did fully take over the supreme court and american constitutional law. where they got what they were really looking for on the big, hot button issues that affect all of americans' lives. >> reporter: the end of the term will bring more speculation about whether justice stephen breyer who turns 84 in august intends to retire while democrats hold both the white house and the senate. >> pete williams outside of the high court. pete, thank you. well, we have new video tonight of the terrifying moments onboard a spirit airlines plane when an engine burst into flames. we're now hearing from the passengers onboard. >> reporter: a
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take-off turned terrifying. this spirit airlines flight lifting off in atlantic city yesterday when a bird slammed into its engine. deep, black smoke, rising flames, and fear. >> started from the back screaming, fire, fire. >> fire. >> fire. >> there appears to be fire under the red engine. >> the flight to fort lauderdale aborted and the desperate scramble for safety. >> i remember thinking this cannot be happening. >> this man and his 98-year-old mother the last two people to escape. how did it feel knowing you had to get your mother off the plane >> i had a moment of panic like i have to protect my mother and if it means that we're going -- then we are. >> reporter: his mother safe in the arms of rescuers. all 109 passengers and
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crew made it out safely spirit saying we commend our crew for handling the situation swiftly and safely. >> i was bound and determined we would get off that plane one way or another. >> reporter: danger and bravery in the crowded skies. >> terrifying moments there. coming up the soccer abuse scandal. our exclusive interview with two players speaking out for the first time. why they believe other players are in danger. why they believe other players are in danger. also we'reive in l oh! you're doing it wrong, man! what's wrong with action figures? nothing, except buying them without capital one shopping. what's that? samuel... mr. l... jackson. capital one shopping instantly searches for available coupon codes and automatically applies them. just download it to your computer. whoa! you're my hero. yeah... i can tell. you like it? i look good in miniature. capital one shopping... it's kinda genious. (in s.l.j. voice) what's in your wallet? i don't say it like that, devin.
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back now with an nbc exclusive about new allegations of abuse in women's pro soccer. tonight our sam brock sits down with two top athletes speaking about the impact the scandal is having on the game and why they still don't feel safe. >> these players will be scarred for the rest of their lives. >> these voices are heard. >> reporter: for the first time players in the women's national soccer league are speaking out about disturbing accusations against coach paul riley just fired from the north carolina courage after a dozen women told "the athletic" he was verbally abusive and in several cases committed acts of sexual coercion. riley has denied all allegations and has not responded to nbc news. >> no one in a position of power supposed to protect us and do the right thing
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has righted this ship. >> neither of these players are involved in the accusations. but they are deeply concerned about what they say is a pattern of ignoring players' voices. >> they're not new stories. they came forward in 2015 saying exactly what they did in that article. >> reporter: that year riley was investigated while coaching the portland thorns. he was not renewed but landed another job with a different club. mccleod says there are still people there who were there during the alleged abuse. >> they are complicit and we need to get rid of those former people. sinead farrelly and mana shim bravely came forward for the article. >> they tried to do it and it was denied. they came forward again. imagine that pain but also that strength. >> reporter: the national women's soccereague did not respond to our repeated requests for
3:46 pm
comm den butid refer us to a previous statement about implementing new safeguards. that's not enough for these players. >> we need more structure, standard, policy, background checks. we need to be treated with basic human rights. >> reporter: this is obviously affecting you deeply. why are you so emotional? >> what are we saying to young players, 12 or 13 years old, about what we are going to allow to happen to our athletes in this country? and that's unforgiveable. >> reporter: they say it is time the cycle is shredded once and for all. sam brock, nbc news. well, also tonight, it is one of the most highly anticipated games of the nfl season. tom brady taking on his former team the patriots in new england. kathy park is inside gillette stadium with the fans. >> reporter: tonight tom brady is back and the fans here are ready for him.
3:47 pm
>> yeah! go tom! >> welcome home tom! >> reporter: the former new england patriot turned tampa bay buccaneers returning to the stadium that made him a legend. 20 years plus six super bowl titles adding up to a record-breaking partnership with coach bill belichick. >> he was as good as any coach ever ask for. >> reporter: for the first time belichick and brady will be on opposite sides of the field. >> go pats. go brady. >> reporter: fans find themselves caught in the middle. >> go pats. >> reporter: tom brady's jersey. that makes you a tom brady fan. >> i'm also a new england fan. >> reporter: they're all cheering on the sunday showdown with signs, tatoos, and even adjusting major milestones. >> my mom tried to get us to move our wedding. >> reporter: tonight brady could still make history here once again if he passes for 68 more yards he'll break the nfl passing record currently held by drew breese. he is at the brink of
3:48 pm
possibly breaking a record you hold >> i wouldn't say possibly. he'll break it. if there is one guy i want to break it i want it to be him. you look at his career and lexy and it is truly remarkable. >> reporter: brady tweeting out it's good to be back posting a video that starts off sentimental but ends by showing off his competitive edge to patriots fans. >> got to be more than this. ♪ do you think about me now and then ♪ >> reporter: and football night in america kicks off in a matter of minutes. you can see the stage is set. the hosts will be taking their seats momentarily. you notice the fans have started to fill the stands. you see a lot of brady gear already. out here on the field. the players are starting to warm up. all the cameras are in place to capture a very exciting night. >> the excitement is palpable. that's for sure. thank you for that. you can watch it all tonight right here on nbc immediately after this broadcast. still ahead, news for first time home
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tonight we start a week long series on nbc news shedding light on the growing economic divide in america. this evening a story about the hot real estate market and the government loans now making it harder for some first-time home buyers. >> reporter: walking down the street in her historically black neighborhood these days bessie edwards notices a difference. >> this is newly renovated. >> reporter: is it for real estate in brooklyn for 20 years gentrified. >> buyers are not from the brooklyn community. >> reporter: so you're
3:52 pm
saying a lot of white folks come in and buy homes from black people. >> yes, yes. and that is happening a lot. >> reporter: she believes one reason is that many people are trying to purchase a home using a fair housing administration or fha loan designed to help first-time home buyers. >> the downpayment is less. the credit score requirement is less. they allow you to have high debt. >> reporter: instead the loans are making it harder for some first-time buyers. >> it is a bit disheartening. >> reporter: kirkland lynch thought he'd have no trouble buying a house in brooklyn. >> stellar credit, money for downpayment, preapproved mortgage from the bank. >> reporter: but after months of bidding none of his offers had been accepted and he thinks he knows why. >> some would see the fha loan and simply hey wouldn't get back to me. others would be overly intrusive of my financial situation. i do think they didn't want to do business with the type of loan. >> reporter: the gap in home ownership
3:53 pm
between black and white americans has widened to 30% and with the average black family having far less generational wealth the fha loans are meant to help shrink the gap. there is a great divide in how people are able to buy new homes. data from a realty association shows 53% of black home buyers used fha or va loans while only 23% of white home buyers did. it is legal for sellers to factor in the type of loan a buyer is using. fha loans can come with too many strings. >> there are federal guidelines the property has to meet certain standards. they are required to meet the appraised price. >> reporter: despite the road blocks lynch says he plans to keep up the search. >> it is about faith really. you know, not giving up and just really having faith that something will come through in the long run. >> reporter: aaron gilcrest, nbc news, new york. when we come back we'll tell you what when we come back we'll tell you what (vo) while you may not be running an architectural firm,
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there's good news tonight about chance meetings and the emotional connection between two new friends who are now uniting to help others. kate snow has their story. >> reporter: ask anyone who knows navy veteran kenny jerry and they'll tell you. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: he has a certain joy about him. amanda klein had heard about the guy on the scooter and finally met him last may in their town in minnesota near where she teaches students who are deaf and use sign language. >> i have my scooter decorated with flags, red, white, and blue. >> i said are you kenny? he says, i am. it's a pleasure to know you. that was it. i knew i liked him already. >> reporter: his enthusiasm was so inspiring amanda asked if she could post a
3:57 pm
video of kenny on tiktok. >> the whole idea was really to share his joy with the world more than just our town. >> reporter: kenny did you know what tiktok was? >> no, kate. >> reporter: they never imagined how many people he'd touch. >> you got fan mail. are you famous? >> reporter: so when kenny's mobility scooter broke last month amanda posted. >> i wanted to go to the coffee shop, veterans park. that was it. i couldn't afford it. >> reporter: within 24 hours tiktok rallied to replace it soon passing the $5,000 donation goal. >> they've given you $45,000. >> what? amanda? >> reporter: then it hit an astonishing $100,000. >> it is at 101,110 dollars. >> no, no. >> reporter: now the pair is paying it forward asking their followers to nominate other veterans in need.
3:58 pm
>> we're going to give away ten free scooters. no red tape. >> reporter: this week they'll give mobility scooters to ten people from nearly 800 who applied. a way to show their appreciation for others who have served. >> we got so many good people in this world. >> reporter: it sort of restores your faith. >> yes, it does. yes, it does. you know, kate, especially now with what we're going through, the covid, the division. i was trying to talk to people and make them smile. you know, take a deep breath. we can get through this. >> reporter: you'll make me cry, kenny. >> join the club. >> reporter: a message of hope and a friendship that's been a blessing for them both. kate snow, nbc news. >> what a powerful way to say thank you for serving our country. that is nbc "nightly news" for this sunday. it has truly been my pleasure to join you this evening. have a good night and week ahead. tampa bay versus new an engl
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>> announcer: nbc sports, home of the olympicames, "sunday night football" and super bowl lvi, only on nbc. good evening from boston, city filled with history about to host one of the most anticipatesp


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