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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 2, 2021 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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>> announcer: tonight on the "late night with seth meyers," amy adams, executive producer of "our kind of people," lee daniels, music from girl in red featuring the 8g band with ande. and now, seth memeyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers and this is "late night. we hope you're doing well. let's get to the news. the 73rd annual primetime emmy awards were hosted last night by cedric the entertainer, with an assist from rita the rapper. around 400 people attended the
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so-called justice for j6 rally, over the weekend, held at the capitol. well, it's not as many as they hoped for, but that's still a lot of reporters during a lecture, last week, supreme court justice clarence thomas said that the court had its flaws and compared it to a, quote, "car with three wheels." well, you know what you do to a car with three wheels. re-tire it [ laughter ] do you follow what i'm saying, clarence thomas? you retire it. [ light laughter ] mike scollins liked it so much, he wanted me to say the punchline twice. [ laughter ] he thought that maybe the standing ovation - [ laughter ] i would say it over the standing ovation. the house of representatives returned tuesday from its august recess oh, good just in time for october in a new interview, first lady dr. jill biden said that their german shepherd, major's, habit
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of biting secret service agents has caused her and president biden to delay bringing a cat into the white house, because as much as it hurts to get bitten, it hurts even more to be ignored. [ light laughter ] new york mayor bill de blasio's press secretary announced, yesterday, that he will step down next month to open a political consulting firm, which will teach aspiring politicians, i guess, what not to do? customs officials said, recently, that they have intercepted thousands of packages of fake coronavirus vaccine cards from china and you can tell they're fake, because they fit in your wallet. [ light laughter ] tickets went on sale, last week, for an immersive experience based on the netflix show "bridgerton. and as a reminder, the first three rows are in the splash zone [ laughter ] ally take it up with ally [ laughter ] yesterday was national wife appreciation day, and rudy giuliani got his a card [ laughter ] and finally, brewer sam adams is
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releasing a new limited edition beer that contains 28% alcohol by volume. said boston residents, "aw, christ, not another light beer." [ laughter ] and that was a monologue, everybody. we've got a great show for you, tonight. she's one of our favorites an oscar-nominated, golden globe-winning actress, one of the stars of "dear evan hansen," which is out this week amy adams will be here and he is an oscar-nominated director behind "the butler," "precious," and "empire. his new show, "our kind of people," debuts on fox tomorrow. our friend, lee daniels, is back and in studio. and we will have music for you tonight. girl in red is here in studio and will perform for us later in the show but before we get to all that, several pools -- several polls, excuse me, including one by fox news itself, have now shown that president biden's vaccine requirements and other covid measures are widely popular. so, republicans and right-wing pundits have been forced to come up with increasingly insane arguments against them for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪
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>> seth: one way you can tell that the republican party is intellectually bankrupt, is that they spend very little time talking about policy, and a lot more time talking about bat [ bleep ] conspiracy theories they concocted out of nowhere. it's so hard to keep up with the right-wing rumor mill that, sometimes, i'll only find out about one after it's been debunked yesterday, i was scrolling through twitter and saw a snopes headline that said, "no, joe biden is not a 'westworld' robot created by george soros to steal your hamburgers. and i thought, "oh, right, i forgot to tape 'judge jeanine' last night." [ light laughter ] say what you want about the democrats, and there's plenty to criticize about centrists standing in the way of major legislation, but at least the progressives in the party, like budget committee chairman, bernie sanders, are trying to pass a $3.5 trillion package that would, among other things, establish a universal pre-k program and a new child care benefit for working families, extend the expansions of the child tax credit, the earned income tax credit, and child and dependent care tax credit, create the first federal paid and medical leave benefit, add dental, vision, and hearing benefits to medicare, and make
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investments aiming to meet biden's goals of reducing economy-wide carbon emissions by 50%. and, in defense of the bill, bernie has deployed some of his trademark sarcasm. >> now, i understand that senator mcconnell, the republican leader, and others, are really shocked by this bill they cannot believe it imagine! just imagine that the united states senate is addressing the needs of working families and is gonna stand up for ordinary americans rather than just the wealthy and pow -- and powerful what is this world coming to don't we understand that here in the senate we're supposed to take campaign contributions from the drug companies, and the insurance companies, and the fossil fuel industry and from the 1% and do their bidding? isn't that the way it has always been done here in the
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u.s. senate? well, senator mcconnell, things are changing >> seth: i like that bernie takes on the right the same way he takes on a waiter who brings him soup but no spoon. "oh, this is fantastic soup without a spoon maybe i'll just use my fork, famously designed for use with liquids. [ laughter ] or maybe you'd be good enough to bring me one of those wide mcdonald's straws, so i don't give myself an aneurism trying to get the chicken chunks up." [ laughter ] so, the left is focused on trying to pass a far-reaching bill that would transform child care, expand the social safety net, and tackle climate change, among other things and what's the maga crowd doing? are they offering any alternative solutions? or are they asking eric trump about nicki minaj's cousin's friend's swollen balls >> we saw what happened to nicky minaj this week. she's facing backlash for tweeting to her 22 million followers that a friend of her
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cousin had issues with the vaccine, and now she -- they're trying to cancel her >> well, that's exactly right. they'll try and cancel everybody. i mean, i've lived cancel culture probably better than any person in the world. and if you speak out against them, if you disagree with them, they cancel you, they try and arrest you, they try and prosecute you. it's amazing, kind of, the, you know, un-justice in this country. and america was always this country that stood for our, you know, equal weights of justice on both sides. >> i mean, it's a national symbol of ours - >> yeah. >> -- the scales of justice. we don't have that anymore it reminds me of a banana republic, maria. it really does >> seth: first of all, you doofus, the scales of justice are not "equal weights on both sides. the whole point is that the evidence on one side outweighs the evidence on the other. that's why court cases never end in ties. also, who said nicki minaj is canceled i mean, i disagree with her on vaccines, and i think spreading misinformation is dangerous, but she's still an amazing artist, and if her next song rhymed "vax," "sacks," and "biden, call
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me back," i'd be happier than anyone it's also great when the same people who scream "fake news" treat a nicki minaj tweet about her cousin's friend's balls like it's unimpeachable information she just tweeted a rumor she heard that obviously wasn't true she's not reporting live outside a hospital on cnn. "day eight of ball watch, we go, now, live to nicki minaj." [ light laughter ] also, if something reminds eric trump of a banana republic, it's probably referring to a time he thinks he was treated rudely at the store. "maria, this whole thing reminds me of being told i could only bring seven items into the dressing room at one time. to which i said, 'maybe you should have a smaller collection of chinos.'" [ light laughter ] but that isn't even the weirdest topic of conversation maria bartiromo entertained on her show this weekend. in the same hour, she also asked ted cruz about a conspiracy theory that the white house has been cutting off joe biden's microphone, which has already been debunked by fact checkers, as well as reality and cruz went along with it. >> president biden's microphone apparently looked like it was cut off at one point, this past
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week do you believe he's making these decisions on afghanistan and -- and these leadership missteps? >> well, i would say it's a disturbing pattern where it seems they cut off his microphone any time he might say something that his handlers don't want there's no doubt that -- that president biden's capacity is severely diminished. and his the white house handlers amplify that impression when they keeped him -- keep him locked up in a basement all day long >> seth: you know they tried this basement line in the campaign, and it didn't work probably because it wasn't true, and even if it was, after four years of trump, voters were thinking, "a basement president doesn't sound that bad." they're also probably super bummed that, if a mute button exists, they didn't use it for trump. "could have used it during that boy scouts speech. but, apparently this mic canceling button theory, repeatedly debunked, is a thing in right-wing circles. so much so, that it's been repeated on fox news, and even in an official hearing of the united states senate >> i don't know. is -- is somebody telling him that he can't continue
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and, now, are they to the point where they're controlling when he has to end his speaking has he thought or read anything that people are writing about him and how they cut off his microphone rather than ask questions? >> somebody in the white house has authority to press the button and stop the president, cut off the president's speaking ability and sound. who is that person >> i think anyone who knows the president, including members of this committee, knows that he speaks very clearly and deliberately for himself no one else does >> well, are -- are you saying that there is no one in the white house that can cut him off? because, yesterday, that happened and it's happened a number of times before that. it's been widely reported that somebody has the ability to push the button and cut off his sound and stop him from speaking who is that person >> there is -- this is no such person >> are you telling this committee that this does not happen, that there's no one in the white house who pushes the button and cuts him off mid-sentence
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>> that's correct. >> seth: first of all, if a button like that existed, shoemaker would have it for me, because he is a power hungry - [ laughter ] second, how psyched do you think secretary of state antony blinken was, not even a month after the afghanistan withdrawal, to get to field questions about a non-existent mute button? what's next? "now, secretary blinken, i want to ask you about the americans still trying to leave afghanistan, but before i do, does the president tape pictures of naked ladies on the inside of his aviators?" also, any time you find yourself on the same page as brian kilmeade, that's a hint you're doing it wrong. it's like looking over during the s.a.ts and realizing you have the same answers as the kid who has to sing the bunny rabbit song to tie his shoes. "psst, do you have the answers written on your hand?" "oh, no, that's just 's.a.t.,' so i don't forget what test i'm taking." this is what the right is talking about, rather than actual policy. and that's because biden's covid policies are fairly popular with a majority of americans. including his newly announced
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vaccine mandate, which multiple polls have now shown has majority support in fact, even a fox news poll, out this weekend, found that voters support mask mandates and biden's new vaccine requirements, whether in businesses, indoor establishments or schools. >> 69% of people say that wearing a mask is a good way to help and 54% of people support mandatory proof of vaccine to enter indoor establishments. >> the survey found a majority of respondents support mask and vaccine mandates for schools and businesses >> seth: it's always funny to me when fox conducts an accurate poll that contradicts what their own hosts are telling their audience that's as damning as the results of their poll, "do you think joe biden lives in the basement, or a different part of the white house? i mean, their own polling is telling them mask and vaccine mandates are popular with a majority of americans, and yet, their hosts are still saying stuff like this. >> if they can force you to take a vaccine that you don't need, what can't they do
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why don't they, i don't know, make you take psychiatric drugs if you're persistently disobedient? express the wrong view, get a thorazwhy couldn't they do that? what's the limiting principle on them in fact, you can imagine a panel of cnn doctors explaining that we'd all be a lot safer if the mentally-ill propagandists on the radical right got the treatment they need and stop spreading their dangerous conspiracy theories. so giving them psychotropic meds is an urgent matter of public health does that sound far-fetched? [ light laughter ] >> seth: why is tucker so concerned that someone might give him psychotropic drugs? it's awfully specific for him to use as a random example. did it come up recently, like, at his last physical "all right, tucker, mostly great. blood pressure a little high, and have you ever thought about thorazine? also, if you don't want people recommending psychotropic meds, try to drop that quiet chuckle you did to yourself. you never see a guy sitting on a bench in central park, laughing at nothing, and think, "i'm gonna go ask that guy for stock tips." i will say this though, if cable news ever gets boring for tucker, he'd make a hell of an improviser, because my man knows how to heighten. "if they can force you to take a
12:51 am
vaccine, what can't they force you to do? can they force you to take psychotropic meds? make you wear a seat belt? make you put your shoes on at olive garden, even though they tell you 'when you're here, you're family.'" [ laughter ] "and then, when you try to fill a briefcase with unlimited breadsticks, can they call security and when you explain to them that if they didn't want people to put breadsticks in their suitcases, they should put a sign up saying as much can they, then, roll their eyes and say, 'let's please not do this again, mr. carlson, because it's the same argument you made the last time you were there.' and when you say, 'you could put the sign right there,' and point to the wall behind them, and then run for the front door when they turn around, only to crash into the hostess station, can they stand over you pointing and laughing [ light laughter ] well, i'm here to tell you they can, because it happened to me last night." [ laughter ] [ fake chuckles [ laughter ] every day it just becomes clearer and clearer that these guys have no idea what they're talking about. for example, congressman madison cawthorn went on newsmax, last week, and said this >> this is a medical apartheid, plain and simple >> yeah. >> there's over 100 million
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americans who are not vaccinated i think it's even more than that and if they want to start shutting down air travel for these people to get around the country, i think there's actually a constitutional violation, because you actually have a constitutionally protected right to free, unrestricted travel within the united states of america and i genuinely believe that what's going on right now is that all that's gonna happen if united airlines and american airlines and delta, even - >> yeah. >> -- if they decide to start requiring vaccine mandates, let me tell you, i'm very confident there will be another air carrier that will come to the field -- >> yeah. >> -- and patriots like myself, and you, will give them all of our business >> seth: yes everyone knows you have a constitutional right to unrestricted air travel. who can forget paul revere's famous words, "one, if by land, two, if by sea, three, if by southwest with a six-hour layover at chicago-midway. also, imagine if what he said came true, and there was an airline that specifically served the unvaccinated "no frills, no rules, all chaos. at patriot airlines, you don't board by group number, you board based on how much you love america, and there will be disagreements.
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allergic to peanuts? too bad! we put it in the coffee. and the armrest always belongs to whoever wants it the most patriot airlines, where the arrival gate always has a team of air marshals waiting to make arrests. [ laughter ] these guys really think the constitution says you have the right to get on an airplane unvaccinated and cough all over everyone although, as we know, there are apparently some prominent republicans who do believe airplanes were around during the writing of the constitution. >> the continental army suffered a bitter winter of valley forge, found glory across the waters of the delaware, and seized victory from cornwallis of yorktown. our army manned the air. it rammed the ramparts it took over the airports. it did everything it had to do >> seth: when that speech was over, even trump wished his staff had a mute button. "did i say 'airports' instead of 'ramparts?'" "i'm afraid so, mr. president. "well next time, hit the [ bleep ] button!" [ laughter ] "that's what the button's for. that's why i do this you know how you press a
12:54 am
button?" [ laughter ] progressives are pushing forward with a transformative bill that would expand health care, widen the social safety net, and tackle climate change, among many other things. meanwhile, the gop has no interest in debating ideas so instead, they melt down about vaccines and make up a conspiracy about presidential mute buttons these guys shouldn't be in congress they're barely qualified to work at - >> a banana republic >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with amy adams. ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's closer looks, be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. solving. at new chapter vitamins we've been busy too... innovating, sourcing organic ingredients, testing them and fermenting. fermenting? yeah like kombucha or yogurt. and we formulate everything so your body can really truly absorb the natural goodness. that's what we do, so you can do you.
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♪ >> seth: sitting in with the 8g band this week, she's a fantastic drummer, singer-songwriter, and content creator. her latest single, "who goes there," is available, now, wherever you get your music. for more information, go to her instagram page, as she plays the drums. ande is here thanks so much for being with us, ande our first guest, tonight, is an oscar-nominated, golden globe-winning actress, you know from films like "american hustle" and "vice," as well as hbo's "sharp objects." she stars in "dear evan hansen," which is in theaters september 24th let's take a look. >> i mean, most people think that i'm not that cool of a person. so nobody wants to hear from me.
12:59 am
>> well, if that's what most people think, sounds like most people don't know you very well. didn't know connor either. they never bothered. >> seth: please welcome back to the show amy adams hello, amy it's always good to see you. >> hi, seth. it's good to see you too how are you? >> seth: i am wonderful. this is now the third time i have been lucky enough to check in with you, remotely. and i want to just see where we're going, as far as hobbies i feel like early on, we were messing around with stringed instruments. felt like maybe -- >> yeah. >> seth: -- we abandoned that one? >> i did i did abandon -- well, yeah, did. yeah, i didn't -- i didn't learn at all >> seth: okay, thank you it felt like you were going to maybe say, "no," but then you came -- you found your way to the truth. [ light laughter ] >> i did i was going to, maybe, baby lie on that one. and then i thought "no, the truth is -- is easier. yeah always >> seth: then we talked a little
1:00 am
about dancing. i feel like your daughter really has the skills that maybe made you think, "she's my daughter, i probably have the skills too." how's the dancing going? >> dancing's going okay. i -- i had been dancing for a film that we'll talk about later, but i thought, "okay, i'm going to get into this tiktok thing. >> seth: very wise very wise >> which was mortifying for her i'm not on tiktok. and so, the only tiktok dance that i have even partially learned, is from the applebee's commercial, because i -- i don't know if you know that song "fancy like. >> seth: yes walker hayes yes. very -- very - >> yes, which -- >> seth: we do we had him here doing it yes. >> i'm always behind on everything so i actually thought that was just an applebee's commercial. >> seth: right >> no. that really is -- you're right >> i thought, "that's really clever." >> seth: that's when you know your age - [ light laughter ] >> it's true >> seth: -- is when you -- you think it's from the commercial >> that applebee's jingle is really catchy. yeah but the dance is catchy too. so that's the only one i've actually learned >> seth: can you -- can you, from a sitting position, is there any of - of that you can show us, as far
1:01 am
as what that tiktok dance is >> i can try >> seth: okay, great ♪ yeah we're fancy like applebee's on a date night got a bourbon street steak and an oreo shake ♪ [ light laughter ] ♪ got the whipped cream on the top too two straws one check yeah i got you ♪ >> it's -- what's happening down here is just as good so, you can just - [ laughter ] yeah >> seth: will you just send us a -- send us a tape of that later, and we'll marry the two >> sure. sure >> seth: how, now -- your daughter is how old? >> that's not embarrassing at all for my daughter, what i just did. so >> seth: well, that's -- that's what i was going to ask. how is -- how is she responding -- by the way, they say you probably - it's not safe to do a tiktok dance if you're old enough to have a row of vinyl behind you [ laughter ] >> this is probably true this is probably true. i'm starting to -- >> seth: how does she feel when you do your dances >> i think the word she uses is "cringe. >> seth: oh, no. >>atears and, you know,
1:02 am
more to come [ laughter ] >> seth: there you go, very much more to come >> yeah. >> seth: this is really cool i know that you were, like many people, a huge fan of "dear evan hansen" when it was on broadway it must be so nice to be involved in this project, now that it's on film. >> it's amazing. i'm so honored to be a part of this it's -- it's got such beautiful messaging, beautiful talented actors and again, i'm just honored to be a part of it. broadway and stage is my first love so, it's nice to get to -- to honor it in this way >> seth: i'm sure people are often very nervous, and excited, to meet you. but this was a reverse when you got to work with ben platt, because you'd been so blown away by him on stage. is that right? >> yeah. i was -- i was very -- it's weird, because it's intimidated, but it's only by his talent, because his -- as a human, he's just so gracious and wonderful but yeah, it was -- it was -- to like sing in front of him at our first table read was terrifying. but again, he's so gracious.
1:03 am
i mean, 'cause he shows you what's possible. and then you sing, and then it's what you do. which is different [ laughter ] >> seth: right >> you know? yeah >> seth: he shows you what's possible for ben platt exactly. >> seth: i think that is maybe a fair way to put it >> that's fair >> seth: how -- did you enjoy getting to spend time with -- you know, what must be -- you know, obviously this is a show where a lot of the cast are played by younger people >> yeah, i did -- i mean, i say that -- that sounded doubtful. i love them. but again, i get so excited. and kaitlyn dever was someone that i had been, sort of, online pursuing i don't like the "s" word. [ light laughter ] but i was, sort of, getting to know all about her online, and really, really love her work she's a beautiful singer and then we met, i, sort of, gushed all over her, and then we did have some musical things in common so then i thought, "you know, i'm just as cool as her. [ laughter ] which i'm not. so >> seth: did you bring that back, and report that to your daughter, as -- as evidence that you're a cool young person >> yeah. i would say kaitlyn knows who brett is [ laughter ] so, i must be cool >> seth: and then did her, just,
1:04 am
like, eyes glass over? >> she -- you know what, she's at this place where she's actually really kind to me about it >> seth: oh, that's nice like, she can see my struggle and she -- she, kind of -- she's patient with it. >> seth: i think that means you're a good mom, that you've raised such an empathetic daughter who feels so deeply for her cringey -- her cringey mom's feelings >> i'd like -- i'm going to take that as a win. yeah >> seth: so, this is -- we talked about this a little bit last time you were here. i'm sure it's farther down the line now but you're doing "disenchanted," which is a sequel to "enchanted." this is a very, you know, a long gap between the two. >> yeah. >> seth: has it been just a delight to return to the character? >> it has been wonderful that's the film i was talking about that i was training and dancing again for. it's been wonderful. she's -- returning to gisele she has such a positive attitude and so much energy, and really always tries to see the best in people and that's something i always try to remind myself to do so, it's nice to return to her different. >> seth: i also -- i feel like
1:05 am
you took on a hobby that like, unlike learning to play the cello, was one that you could accomplish it's one for other people to accomplish and i'm actually -- when i heard that you were doing it, i'm like, "i think that sounds pretty good. you started binge watching "murder, she wrote." >> i did i -- i love "murder, she wrote." and next on the list is "matlock." maybe i'll get kaitlyn dever to watch it with me [ laughter ] there's a reason we'll talk about it sometime no, but when i did -- when i used to do dinner theater, i didn't have cable, and so the only thing on when i got home at night, it was like 11:00 or 12:00, was "matlock" and "murder, she wrote." so, i'm now revisiting those and i love them. >> seth: i think that it's a really nice bookend that we started talking about tiktok, and we ended talking about "matlock." [ laughter ] >> kind of -- well, yeah [ light laughter ] that's -- little -- little peek inside there, seth [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, it's always so great to see you next time -- i'm feeling very confident next time's going to be in person >> yes 100% we'll make that happen
1:06 am
>> seth: all right, great. thanks so much, amy. >> and then you can see the feet >> seth: oh, man you better -- don't oversell it. 'cause we are gonna -- >> okay. okay >> seth: we're gonna take a real look at these feet >> okay. fair enough. >> seth: "dear evan hansen" is in theaters september 24th we'll be right back with lee daniels. ♪ welcome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. does scrubbing feel like a workout? scrub less with dawn platinum. you're in good hands with allstate. its superior formula breaks down and removes up to 99% of tough grease and food residue faster. so you scrub less. tackle grease wherever it shows up.
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♪ >> seth: our next quest is the academy award-nominated director and producer behind movies like "the butler" and "precious," as well as shows like "empire." his new show, "our kind of people," premieres september 21st on fox. let's take a look. >> do you know why i bought this table? because it was the biggest one i could find and i put it in this room because of the incline, so that everyone sitting around this table has to raise their head to look up at me, a black man in
1:11 am
america holding the american dream in my black hands. >> seth: please welcome back to the show lee daniels, everyone ♪ [ applause ] >> seth: yes [ laughter ] thank you for being here >> hey, buddy. >> seth: now, i am always -- [ deep breath please take a seat i am always so happy to see you. but i am especially happy to see -- >> yeah. >> seth: -- i want to confirm, you are wearing the grill that you wore to the met gala >> i -- well - [ laughter ] yeah [ laughter ] all right. i got. >> seth: based on the way you're talking -- >> right i can't. >> seth: -- this strikes me as your first - >> i've got to take -- i've got to take the -- the top ones out. >> seth: you gotta take the top -- >> or the bottom ones out. >> seth: wait, that's -- here, you took the bottom -- >> i -- let me tell you what happened >> seth: okay. >> so, my kids -- i had my tooth removed. >> seth: okay. an upper -- a top tooth. >> yeah, the top tooth was removed. and the tooth is not going to be available to me until december >> seth: okay. >> i don't know why.
1:12 am
>> seth: it takes that long to make a tooth >> yeah. it's expensive too >> seth: yeah. >> so my kids said, "dad, why don't you get a grill? i said, "what the hell's that? [ laughter ] they said , "a grill like, you know, the rappers, the grill." so i started looking at these rappers. these rappers and these grills and i got this guy, runal the jeweler. runal the jeweler. i gave him a shout out >> seth: okay, great >> and he put the -- he did this like pearls and diamonds and emeralds and - >> seth: it was probably more expensive than that expensive tooth you're waiting on. >> oh, it is >> seth: yeah. >> and, so, just to cover the tooth that's missing so i'm at the met ball >> seth: yeah. >> i'm walking up the stairs and i can't talk you hear me trying to talk with one. >> seth: yeah. >> and so i took it out, but i took the wrong one out [ laughter ] seth, i took the wrong one out and the wrong one was the top one, where my tooth was missing. so i'm walking around talking, and my kids are like, "no! no your missing tooth!" so whatever. >> seth: so you ended up with lower grill, missing tooth top >> missing tooth top >> seth: that's the --
1:13 am
ultimately the worst possible outcome. >> but the theme was like americana. >> seth: yeah. >> so we got a lot of americanas without any tooth, you know what i mean [ laughter ] so, hey, you know what i mean? >> seth: that -- i was very happy about that clip. i feel like you have written -- and tell me -- i think you write a lot of great boardroom scenes. >> thank you i feel like you -- your show, there's something very powerful about a boardroom and people in a boardroom. and this is a very fun show. >> it is >> seth: based on a book, yes? >> it is it's based on "our kind of people." you know, the good thing about "empire," was that it enabled me -- so many black, good ones - >> seth: yeah. >> -- came to me, and -- and this was one of many so, it's a great book about martha's vineyard. >> seth: yeah? >> and they don't mess with people of -- of a certain status at martha's vineyard >> seth: yeah. >> white people and black people >> seth: it's true >> the black people do not mess -- that's old, like, that's old -- old money old black money from -- from -- from land. and so - >> seth: well, it's a very -- it's been a, sort of, black --
1:14 am
for black wealthy people >> yeah. >> seth: it's been a vacation destination forever. >> yes and they don't look -- they don't look at new -- they're like the kennedys. they don't look at new money as -- as basketball money, rapper money, my kind of money, entertainment money, they don't look at -- they look down on us. >> seth: yeah. >> so, it's an old thing >> seth: i have comedy money cannot get a table - >> you can't [ light laughter ] >> seth: on martha's vineyard. >> but i heard you crashed obama's party. >> seth: i couldn't get an invite to obama's party. >> you didn't. >> seth: and i threw it out there. [ laughter ] there was, i mean -- >> i didn't get one either [ laughter ] and i'm telling you something, it's about that old bluff scene. >> seth: no, you -- come on. there were a lot of -- there was a lot of new famous people at obama's party. you could have - >> i did not go. >> seth: did you get an invite >> i would not know. no >> seth: you didn't get an invite did you -- were you holding out for one at any point >> mm-hmm. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] well, at least, i think it's very - i think it's very nice of both of us to be able to admit that - >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. would you -- if they had -- i thought the perfect outcome was
1:15 am
to get invited and then after they pulled back the guest list - >> don't come? >> seth: no, i wanted to be -- >> because of the covid? >> seth: -- first wave, and then get uninvited, so i didn't actually have to go to the party but i could say that i got invited. >> right >> seth: how about that. i don't know that i would have gone anyway. i'm so paranoid. i mean, i -- the whole thing with covid had me so paranoid. and even going to the met ball - >> seth: yeah. >> -- was so -- like it is already -- you've been you know it's, like, so and then, on top of that, can you imagine what it was like to be in that space >> seth: yeah. >> thinking, "do this person got covid? we ain't got no masks on." >> seth: yeah. >> you ain't got covid, do you >> seth: well, the grill -- the grill is a natural mask, isn't it >> you don't have covid? [ laughter ] >> seth: i don't have -- so, wait, you mentioned i.p., which is intellectual property, right? >> yeah. mm-hmm >> seth: intellectual -- and, another one you're producing is "the wonder years." >> "the wonder years." oh, my god >> seth: so, this is -- you know, this is a very iconic show that's being remade. >> yeah. yeah i didn't want to do that either. >> seth: oh, you didn't want to that >> i didn't want to. >> seth: 'cause you were worried about the -- the history of it >> well, it's a classic. >> seth: yeah, it is >> i mean, it is, like, a classic. how can you -- they came to me and i was so -- so -- i didn't
1:16 am
want to direct it. i didn't want to write it. i just didn't want to mess it up so, i found a great show runner-writer, saladin >> seth: mm-hmm. >> who -- who had a good take on it and who really understood the nuance of the african-american experience, at that time i wanted to show my family and so many other black families that were middle class and could -- but we aren't represented that way in the '60s, in the '70s, in the early '80s we are specific. and so, this is a middle-class black family - and what -- what that world is like and it's exactly the same tone fred savage directed it. >> seth: oh, that's wonderful. >> it's exactly the same -- exactly the same tone as -- as "wonder years. and it's good. >> seth: that's great. >> it's really good. >> seth: speaking of really good >> what? >> seth: another show you're producing. >> what? >> seth: comedian, ms. pat [ light laughter ] so we met ms. pat. i met her on zoom. she has stayed with me the ms. pat experience left a mark on me i was very taken with ms. pat. she's a very funny person that i was not aware of how much did you know about her before you - >> nothing >> seth: nothing, okay >> nothing
1:17 am
as much as you did >> seth: so, if somebody said, "we want you to meet this woman, ms. pat? >> yeah. >> seth: okay. >> brian grazer -- >> seth: uh-huh. >> -- wanted me to meet her. my partner, my producing partner. and he was in the middle of "empire. and i'd never seen anything -- witnessed anything like her. the closest thing i could think of, was roseanne >> seth: yeah. >> on steroids >> seth: mm-hmm. >> literally on crack, which she was selling. pat was selling. >> seth: yeah. >> and we were trying to get the show sold, and people weren't buying it, you know? and -- [ laughter ] i mean, you know, she's a crack dealer that turned her life around and now is a stand-up comic. >> seth: yeah. >> you can't -- you -- you can't -- seth, you can't make it up >> seth: well, i -- it's funny to think about you know, 'cause it's very sterile, those environments where you go and pitch tv shows. >> yeah. >> seth: and for someone -- it's very funny to think of, like, you guys walking in and, like, her pitching that show to executives how did it go when -- when she, sort of, told her story to them? >> i told her, i said, "no surprises, pat." >> seth: yeah. >> "no surprises please, no surprises."
1:18 am
and she, of course, gave me the surprise in front of all these white people she says, "you know, my nipple got shot off [ laughter ] but i put it back on." and then she says "you know, my mama shot my brains -- shot my -- shot my -- shot a bullet through my brain." and i'm -- and these cats are like -- these suits -- i mean, you know >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, these suits are like what the - >> seth: exactly >> but we sold it. and it's incredible. i think it's -- it's an important show >> seth: it's really wonderful >> mm-hmm. >> seth: and i should note, like, it's -- it's a family show >> very norman lear. very norman lear >> seth: yeah. that's -- i mean, i think we're -- you know, we're -- we're talking about, sort of, the most extreme parts of her story, but it's really authentic. and the part about it that's really cool, is it's oh, this is, like, her family is like a lot of other families as well. maybe a different backstory. but the way families interact. it's a really great show and -- >> yeah, it really is. jordan cooper is our show runner a young kid, 26-years-old. has never written anything and i'm real excited about it. >> seth: well, congratulations on everything. it's always such a delight to have you here. >> thank you >> seth: really appreciate it.
1:19 am
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like you'll never leav break me down ♪ ♪ and i'll call you min and i know i've been around ♪ ♪ break me down and i'll call you mine and i know ♪ ♪ i've been around and i'll call you mine break me down ♪ ♪ and i'll call you min and i know i've been around ♪ ♪ >> seth: girl in red, everyone
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♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, amy adams, lee daniels and girl in red. i want to thank ande and the 8g band stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. ♪ ♪
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