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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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covid-19. encouraging results about that experimental drug. plus, they are dangerous and illegal. >> bottom line, don't come to san jose to do your side shows. >> the police are getting side show organized. >> i never fought hard for anything like this like this fight. i won't sit down and take it. >> preparing for a fight. some are preparing to fight back on the school vaccine mandates. the governor now says all eligible kids in public, private and chart he schools in california will need to be vaccinated in order to stay in class. >> the first wave of those affected will have to get their shots by the start of classes in january after the holidays.
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>> i think some of the questions -- >> reporter: speaking at a school in san francisco, governor newsom says everyone is exhausted by the pandemic and his newly announced mandate requiring all eligible school age kids to get vaccinated against covid-19. hoping it will get back to normal. >> i believe we will be the first state in america to move forward with this mandate and requirement. but i do not believe by any stretch of the imagination we'll be the last state. >> reporter: it will begin in 2022. the first will include students in grades 7-12. the fda has already granted full approval of pfizer's vaccine 16 and older. the next phase will depend on fda approval of the evacuation for kids 5-11 years old. for many parent pushing to reopen schools to in-person learning, this is welcome news. this berkeley parent said the state needs to reach out to undervaccinated groups in the
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black and latino communities. >> i would hope that this is an effort -- >> reporter: but the school mandate is not being welcomed by everyone. some attorneys in the bay area have been getting calls from parents looking to sue over the order. the san ramon parent said she's dialing a suit monday morning on behalf of her kids. >> i want to say at the end of the day that i fought for you. i fought for you to be free and go to school without having to take a vaccine that you don't want to take. even if i lose, i'm still going to fight. >> reporter: public health experts say requiring kids to get the covid-19 shot will help protect them and family members who may be vulnerable because they still have not been vaccinated or they're older or immuno compromised. the governor's new order adds the covid-19 vaccine to the safe list of already required shots for school kids. sergio quintana.
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nbc bay area news. >> if you have questions, we have answers for you. just go to the trending bar and click explain student vaccine mandate. a little more than half the teen many california are already vaccinated. the state health department says 55% of children 12-17 are fully vaccinate. more than 8% have had at least one shot. that means they're still about 36% who have not been vaccinated at all. in san jose, a vaccination deadline came and went today and no one was fired. all city workers were supposed to have started the vaccination process by today or face termination. but an 11th hour deal has given employees more time and another option. the latest shows 92% of city workers are vaccinated. under this new deal, the 8% who are not must get twice weekly covid tests which includes several dozen police officers who have qualified for exemptions. unvaccinated workers who don't
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do the testing face a week's suspension without pay. continued defiance can mean termination after december 31st. okay. ever wish there was a pill to help battle covid? that's exactly what the pharmaceutical company merck has designed. it is called molnupiravir. it is 775 people took part in the trial for this drug. they all had covid-19 and were showing symptoms some of the patients got the real pill and some got placebo. merck said the drug showed to be effective against hospitalization and death. the infectious disease specialist is calling it a game changer. >> it is not a magic bullet but it is really close to it. and again, it won't supplant vaccinations. this is for the people who probably wouldn't get a vaccine but who get sick, say we have a
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new variant or something like that. >> it still needs fda approval. in walnut creek, at that have dropped into the cities. tomorrow the heat will be turned back on again. it is also a spare the air day. lots to talk about with jeff ranieri. >> you can see, this is what is bringing in the heat. let me take you to the air quality tomorrow. we'll be moderate over the north bay. the coast, same for the bay. it is in the east bay. if you have asthma, any kind of respiratory problems or allergies, you might need to limit your exposure there. we'll get a break here for the morning. 59 at 8:00 a.m. but notice the low 90s as we roll through afternoon. not only for the inland areas but the coastline. check out san francisco. 70s as we hit tomorrow afternoon as well. now, big time changes on the way over the next ten days. i'll talk about this system and
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much colder air and our chances of rainfall coming up in about 15 minutes. >> okay. we'll see you then. an earthquake rattled the east bay. the usgs reported a 3.2 magnitude quake hit around san leandro tonight. really close to bishop high school. no reports of damage so far but nearly 700 people did report feeling the earthquake. hundred of santa clara university students got together to support sexual assault survivors and highlight a huge jump in local assault cases. students claim there have been more than two dozen sexual assaults in the past few weeks. most allegedly happening at parties near campus. some of them involving the drugging of victims. >> people at parties have actually witnessed or caught men. i know a person in particular was caught putting something in a woman's drink. >> they said that specific person was not a student at the
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university and has been black listed from future parties but has never been charged. the university issued a statement saying in part it has received only two third party reports about incidents of possible drugging since september 19th and one report of a sexual assault. but the victim declined to report formally. they say none of the reports have enough information to pursue charges and are asking anyone with information to come forward. it looks crazy. new at 11:00, san jose cracking down on side shows. the judge ordered promoters to stop organizing them on social media. investigators say location is posted and within minutes, hundreds of people just show up. san jose made promoting side shows illegal over the summer. ian cull explains this first of a kind civil suit fromm or be a side show if san jose. in june the city pass ad first
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in the nation law making it illegal to organize or promote one on social media. violators could face a $1,000 fine and six months in jail. police say they're dangerous and reckless and now the city's attorneys are cracking down. for the first time filing a civil suit against two of the biggest alleged organizers. one under the instagram name sj block and this one, sj takeovers run by elijah mayor. i has nearly 15,000 followers. drone shots over reason side show activity with caption that's say appreciate everyone who came out last night. >> these are happening in neighborhoods. they're happening in daytime, nighttime. people are shooting guns during the side show's activities. >> the san jose city councilmember authorized the new law and is happy it is being put to use. >> we're trying new things and taking it to court and it is a new tool in our tool box.
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>> this week a santa clara judge granted an injunction which prohibits the accused from hosting or promoting side shows at all. they'll be back in court in january. if the city wins, the defendants could have to pay tens of thousands in fines including money to pay for the police response to the event. >> the bottom line is don't come to san jose to do your side shows. >> reporter: in san jose, nbc bay area news. attorneys for the theranos founder elizabeth holmes wasted no time trying to tear a witness's testimony apart. during cross-examination, the defense revealed emails that showed the lab director and whistleblower was aware in 2014 that the lab had many issues but kept holmes in the dark. now, that's critical testimony because prosecutors need to prove holmes didn't know the machines and didn't know -- or
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did know. it's been four years in the worst mass shooting in las vegas. 58 people were gunned down during a country music festival. this was held at the las vegas community garden. it started at 10:05 p.m. the names of all 58 names were read by the mayor and candles were lit. more than 850 people were wounded in addition to the 58 people killed. back in a minute. crews in an east bay neighborhood working to repair a massive water main break. one of the darkest moments of our american history. the internment of the japanese. plus, the giants did their part but l.a.'s win means celebrations will have to wait. we'll take you live to oracle
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park. and temperatures today, 10 to 15 degrees above average. i'll show you how hot for the weekend and big weather changes in about eight minutes.
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crews are still on the scene working to repair a massive water main break. right now 179 homes, schools and businesses are still without water. a pipe burst through the pavement just before 1:00 this morning. it allowed hundreds of thousands of gallons of water down the road. they stopped the flow of water and is now investigating the cause. it is an ongoing issue for the utility as it works to replace hundreds of miles of old pipe in the system. the customers we talked to say they're willing to pay more to cover repairs and replace them.
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>> the parking lot was just inundated with water probably until about an hour and a half ago. >> i feel we are very fortunate and privileged to be able to bike out or drive out and buy water. so many people are suffering. especially during this pandemic. >> the utility estimates it will have water service restored by 2:00 a.m. let's take you outside and give you a live look at capitol hill where road blocks remain for two significant bills the president wants to see on his desk. tomorrow the house will take up the bills again in a rare saturday session. at issue, the massive infrastructure bill tied to president biden's far more ambitious social policy and climate change package. progressives have dug in on a larger social spending plan. the president says the infrastructure deal should wait until democrats deal with the social and climate change practice first. despite their division, democrats say they are committed to passing both bills soon.
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bay area home prices continue to climb meaning it is harder than ever to make it in the bay. the median price for a single family home in august was $1.1 million. that's a 12% increase over last year. the biggest price jump was in alameda county. it represents a 24% increase over last year. santa clara's $1.5 median is almost 18% higher. slano county looks like a bargain with a median 570,000. even that is 16% higher than last summer. survivors of japanese internment camps in the bay area are growing very old. so there is an effort to make sure they are not forgotten. the solution. >> when they were imprisoned in
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the united states internment prison camps, the united states flag was flying over those camps. the 48-star flag. >> the superior court judge is traveling the country with those flags given interned families a chance to find them. he is leading the legacy project. >> as a way to honor their family's sacrifice, the family's hardship, the memories of those family members that are no longer with us and also, their resiliency. >> reporter: there are 700 signatures on three flags and counting. >> the names on the flags sort of validates what happened to them. >> reporter: the former bay area congressman was the first to sign. an infant when the united states sent his family on an internment camp, he said the project is
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filled with meaning. >> it is a gesture of being victims but also being supporters of our flag and our country. and the fact that our country made a grave mistake. >> very powerful. >> reporter: the judge says some survivors declined to sign but most do. often sharing emotional stories about struggles and praix are relevant today. >> to remind folks that unfortunately history, and sometimes the negative aspects of history will often repeat itself in terms of racism and hate. >> reporter: he plans to donate the signed flags to a museum so the people behind the signatures won't be forgotten. he will be at the japanese museum of san jose for flag signing tomorrow. jean elle. bay area news. a high flying tradition will soar above the skies this year.
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fleet week is back and celebrating its 40th anniversary. that means crowds and parties. the san jose police and sheriff's department are reminding people they will have all hands on deck. uniformed officers and deputies will keep a high level watch on the crowds and visitors including mass transit. >> if you have to drive, please remember to park smart. we have information on our website that how to do that. >> if people see something happening, any tom foolery or any crime happening, anything out of the ordinary. we want to make sure people if they see something, say something. >> fleet week begins wednesday and runs through the following weekend. a good sign in the fight against the caldor fire burning near south lake tahoe for a month and a half now. you can visit the el dorado national forest again now. they have opened it for day use only. it has been closed for the past six weeks. most areas south of highway 50
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and north of 88 are still closed. the caldor fire has burned more than 221,000 acres. it is 91% contained tonight so that's really great. an historic drought in california is having a devastating effect on the reservoirs. they are at the lowest levels ever. it is so bad water agencies will not get any water from the reservoirs next year. that could mean mandatory water restrictions for residents across the state. this year unusually hot and dry conditions made nearly 80% of the water has evaporated or been absorbed by the dry soil. let's bring in jeff ranieri. we'll have some heat and then it will cool down. >> that's right. cooler temperatures. rain season officially started today. and then we are looking at rain chances as we head into parts of next week, too. we'll get you set on those
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details but let's get you into the weekend, first. we've all worked hard to get to our forecast. i think we have a nice weekend moving in. as we start you off saturday morning, we are looking great over the south bay. 57 degrees in the peninsula. 58 in the east bay. san francisco, a few clouds, 53, double 5's there for the north bay and sunny skies. daytime highs don't change a whole lot. down in the south bay, this will put you at 90 in los gatos. a little wind here in the northwest at 10. to contra costa and alameda county, you can see antioch, 94 degrees. pleasanton, 91. right here near the water, oakland and hayward. the peninsula, perfect weather. absolutely perfect. san mateo, 83. redwood city, 85.
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wanting to go to the beaches, it's warm at the coast. 78 down. if you want to head to the marina, a cooler 67. maybe not here but up to wine country. who does not like wine country? everybody loves wine country. yes. jessica is giving as you holler over there. 92 in sonoma, 90 in napa. all the way to monday's forecast and then once we roll into mid next week, i'm still seeing that storm system develop. look at 72 by next thursday. 71 by friday. in terms of rainfall, it looks like the center of the storm is off to the north of us. that will bring the best rain chances to the north. we'll get some shower chances and some colder weather. i think it opens up next friday the 8th and maybe on and off to the 9th and the 10th as well. my seven-day forecast in san francisco looks like this.
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cooler 60s as we roll through next week's forecast. and eventually, shower chances on friday and right here, we are again cooling it off. 80 on tuesday. then the 70s wednesday, thursday, friday. a few showers next friday. so maybe wine country this weekend. something cool on ice if it is not wine. or maybe you like your pino with some ice in it. >> i'll take a nice chardonnay. >> why it is important to get the applications in early at cal state university schools. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone! jerry seinfeld is here! plus, from "no time to die." happening now, a food assistance program increases benefits for the first time in nearly 50 years. cal fresh is boosting the food assistance payments by 22%. for families receiving the maximum amount, that's an extra
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$155 per month. this comes at a time when pandemic assistance benefits are running out. we're back with more news after the break.
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recreational pot could be coming to walnut creek. next tuesday the city council will take tim issue whether to allow cannabis stores there. for the past three years, people there have had access to a delivery only business but no store fronts. businesses may be eyeing the taxes that it would collect. there is no firm plan for a vote yet but there will be discussions about whether and how to expand rec pot in walnut
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creek. all 23 cal state university campuses, applying several especially important because they're expecting a high demand especially at the most in demand schools, the san jose and cal poly campuses. the fee to apply is about $70. about half will qualify to have that fee waivedincome. and thanks to the pandemic, there is no requirements for students to take s.a.t. or a.c.t. exam. after so many problems from the pandemic, businesses is looking brighter. comcast, our parent company, has announced help for people of color. it is called comcast rise. it will provide grants for up to $10,000. like this nail spa. it took a big hit during covid lockdown. >> it is very important for corporations to partner with small businesses to ensure that
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we're able to continue to grow and to keep our doors open. >> comcast rise is a multiyear program created to invest in the success of these critical businesses. >> okay. so this is the way it will work. the program will give $10,000 to 100 businesses which equals a million-dollar investment in entrepreneurs of color in oakland. the giants played a game in oracle park. we'll take you to the ballpark. we have an all now show. jerry seinfeld will be here. lea seydoux will be here. plus music from twice and brand new thank you notes.
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exciting but l.a. won. that mean the celebrations for the giants to win the division will have to wait. >> anthony, live from arcle park. anthony! >> reporter: yeah, guys, there were a lot of cheers here. and some disappointing moans and groans watching the dodgers come back and beat the brewers. plenty of reason to celebrate because the giants clinched at least to tie. they will have to keep the bubbly on ice for one more day. and opening the home stand against the padres. a great moment before the game. emily wade throwing out the
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first pitch to her son who was honored for most inspirational player this season. the giants get out to a fast start. darin ruf sends it out to left. in the sixth, wade jr. with a sac fly to center. that gives the giants the 3-0 lead. the giants would use five pitchers to keep the padres off the scoreboard. they blame san diego 3-0 the final. after the game they watch the dodgers rally to beat the brewers on the scoreboard at oracle park. the giants clinched at least the tie for the division and still lead the dodgers by two games with two to play. >> it is a soft focus on what's happening in los angeles with the brewers and the dodgers and a sharp focus on the work that we have to do. we really do have to focus on our job. it requires too much energy to have a lot of intensity on both our game and somebody else's.
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so we'll stay focused on ours. >> reporter: all right. no more scoreboard watching for the giants. they can clinch it outright tomorrow by simply just winning and beating the padres. or if the dodgers lose later tomorrow night. this place is going to be rocking on saturday. live in oracle part in san francisco. back to you in the studio. >> this is all part of the torture thing they do. >> that torture thing. thanks, anthony. >> we'll be right back. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation as an employee-own for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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okay. what fire station has the most beloved fire dog? it's here in the bay area. this is birdie, for cal fire in marin county. he won the title of fire service dog of the year. this is the first time they've held the contest. people were able to cast their vote on facebook. birdie is cute! >> way to go, birdie. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart
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of new york city, it's "th


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