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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 1, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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spending plan. it comes after a major blow a critical vote on that bipartisan infrastructure bill delayed again. our late reporting from the hill. also tonight, the potential breakthrough covid treatment, a pill that's being called a game changer. it is said to cut the risk of hospitalization and death by half also, the first state in the u.s. to mandate vaccines for students and news on when the fda could move on boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson. the deadly midair crash. a helicopter and small plane colliding. the investigation tonight. the school shooting in texas. an administrator hospitalized the suspect a former student. what we're learning. new body camera of gabby petito what she told police about brian laundrie. and where the man hunt for him stands tonight your mail, why it is getting slower and more expensive starting today and brady is back. the nfl superstar returning here to the boston area to face off against his former team, the
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patriots, for the very first time this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt good evening from foxborough, massachusetts, the site of one of the most anticipated homecomings in sports history this weekend. we'll talk more about that later in this broadcast. but right now all eyes are on the political gridiron in washington and it's where we start. declaring we're going to get this thing done, president joe biden making a rare trek to capitol hill late today on a rescue mission to save the cornerstone of his political agenda not from republican opposition, but from his own splintered democratic party after postponing a promised vote on an infrastructure bill late last night, house democrat leaders scrambling again today to appease dems who want it tructure done and those demanding an expansive social and climate safety net be done first the president with skin in the game tonight, trying to bind wounds
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our garrett haake is on the hill. >> reporter: facing a possible make-or-break moment for his multi trillion dollar agenda, president biden meeting with democrats tonight on capitol hill. >> i'm telling you we're going to get this done it doesn't matter whether it is in six minutes, six days or six weeks, we will get it done. >> reporter: the president grappling with a string of setbacks, struggling to unite his own party behind his two massive spending plans. >> come on, man. unite the party. >> reporter: but so far no deal. >> we all have one common vision failure is not an option. >> reporter: with moderate members demanding a vote on a bipartisan trillion dollar infrastructure deal and progressives threatening to block it saying they will vote no unless the senate votes on the $3.5 trillion social and climate bill first >> we need a vote. we need to be real are we going to deliver universal pre-k to this country or not >> speaker pelosi had promised to call a vote on the bipartisan
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bill on monday then yesterday >> reporter: and put it off for a third time tonight without the votes to pass it senator bernie sanders overnight encouraging house progressives to carry through on their vow to stop the bipartisan bill. >> we've gotta to defeat it now. we gotta sit down, everybody, and pass two good pieces of legislation. >> reporter: while key moderate joe manchin blasted the $3.5 trillion spending bill as fiscal insanity saying he will only support a $1.5 trillion price tag. progressive protesters showing up on kayaks outside his houseboat. >> tax the rich! >> we're taxing the rich i agree. we're going to make the rich this nation's bank >> reporter: biden pushing both sides to keep negotiations alive. a key progressive tonight suggesting she's open to more suggestions. >> we need to get this reconciliation bill and, you know, it is going to be tough like we're going to have to come down in our number and we're
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going to have to do that work, so we're going to get to work and see what we can get to >> garrett, lawmakers are now set to leave town. so what happens next >> reporter: yeah, lester today's visit from the president seemed to have calmed a lot of nerves among democrats. most lawmakers are planning to go back to their districts this weekend to regroup ahead of what could be weeks, if not months, more negotiations. >> all right, garrett haake tonight, thank you the president goes into this weekend with a great deal of uncertainty about his agenda kelly o'donnell is at the white house. and, kelly, this is simply not turning out the way the president had hoped. >> reporter: lester, the president is actually setting new expectations tonight, telling lawmakers the size of his larger spending package needs to come down to a range between $1.9 and $2.3 trillion that's a new figure. it is a big adjustment and a compromise the power of a personal visit mattered today because trust has been frayed between progressives and moderate members who differ on the cost of proposed spending and programs so advisers have told us to expect the president to answer house democrat questions.
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but in the end he did not, spending about 40 minutes with president biden getting the last word in that house for now. >> all right, kelly. thanks. tonight the president's health advisers are making new pleas for americans to get vaccinated but also, haley, an experimental new treatment for covid-19 other health experts saying it is a potential game changer that could significantly reduce the risk of severe illness and death. here's gabe gutierrez reporting. >> reporter: a covid treatment in pill form, the first of its kind merck with new data out tonight showing the antiviral drug taken twice a day for five days when symptoms begin cuts the risk of hospitalization and death in half. >> this is a phenomenal result. i mean, this is a profound game changer to have an oral pill that has this kind of effect. >> reporter: merck says it's seeking emergency use authorization as soon as possible.
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the federal government has already contracted to buy 1.7 million doses. >> we always hesitate to make any time lines. >> reporter: the experimental pill being compared to tamiflu. which is supposed to symptoms still, the new drug is only tested on unvaccinated people, so more studies are needed. >> if approved, i think the right way to think about this is a potential additional tool in our tool box to protect people from the worst outcomes of covid. >> reporter: vaccine experts say are still the best tool and with that in mind, today california governor gavin newsom announced that the covid vaccines, once fully fda approved for kids, will be required in all the state's public and private schools, affecting nearly seven million students grades k through 12, the first such mandate in the nation a u.s. supreme court justice is now denying new york city teachers' request to block their vaccine mandate. meanwhile, the new york governor says 87% of the state's health care workers are now fully
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inoculated crystal michael hasn't been and might soon be out of a job. >> i just don't want to take it right now. it is a personal choice that i feel in free america i should have the ability to make the choice if and when i want to take it. >> reporter: would you say you have got most of your information from online sources >> probably so i watched a lot of videos from multiple doctors. >> reporter: why would you trust those doctors and scientists over the fda or the cdc? >> i really don't know how to answer that. i guess maybe i'm not there yet. >> reporter: today the cdc director would not say whether she thought we were seeing the last major wave of the pandemic still, nationwide, cases and hospitalizations are down 15% since last week. >> and, gabe, there is an update on when booster doses from moderna and johnson & johnson may be approved. that's exactly, right,
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lester an fda advisory panel will now meet october 14th and 15th to discuss boosters for johnson & johnson and moderna. the panel will discuss the possibility of mixing and matching booster shots. and then later in the month, they will discuss the pfizer vaccine for younger children busy month, lester. >> all right, gabe thank you. the cdc director noted today that more than 8,000 people are still hospitalized with covid each day on average. that's made it difficult and frustrating for some people to get treated for other problems they have been simply overcrowded and crowded out. i met with one of them here today in the boston area mary was scheduled for back surgery in april of 2020 the hospital here in boston was in the throws of the pandemic what was it like to get the call from the doctor that your surgery was being postponed? >> actually, a little relieved because i was very nervous about it. >> so worried, when her doctor off for 18
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months this summer the pain so severe, she could barely walk. what did the delay in surgery cost you in terms of your physical well-being? >> strength. the ability to move around, to participate in my life >> your nerves have been pinches for a year and a half longer than it should have been. >> her surgeon says the delay made her surgery more complicated and recovery more difficult. she is one of millions of americans who have delayed treatment through the pandemic for everything from diabetes to hypertension to heart ailments many because they were scared of covid are now flooding into hospitals. >> all of our hospitals and all of those beds are full or over capacity. >> reporter: doctors at the 12 hospitals that make up the mass general brigham system are slammed, dealing with a backlog of patients who had delayed care
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their conditions often going from controllable to priceless. >> they had started with conditions that were pretty manageable at one point and those have gotten much, much worse. >> and in states where covid rates are higher, the backlog makes this situation even worse atlanta's grady memorial had to postpone nonessential surgical procedures last month. >> they waited so long, their health deteriorated. now when they come to the emergency room, it is a crisis situation. >> nationwide, some intensive care units are packed. nearly a quarter of the 5,000 hospitals who report icu capacity to the government are at 90% an nbc news analysis of government data found 20 hospitals from california to florida to georgia were full for more than 52 weeks since the pandemic began tonight doctors urging americans don't wait. >> there is absolutely no reason you cannot go to your doctor in your doctor's office or go to an urgent care center or seek care
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over the telephone. >> mary's surgery was successful. you are on the mend now? >> i'm on the mend now. i'm very much on the mend listening to my doctor, doing what i need to do to get back >> just one of the ripple effects of this pandemic in just 60 seconds, a deadly midair collision plus a gunman opens fire at a texas school and new police school involving that argument between gabby petito and her fiance weeks before she died. bby petito and her fiance weeks before she died. rent in them. it's smart we parked near the exit. -absolutely. -there you go. that way, [whistles] let's put away the parking talk, maybe, for a minute. parking is where the money is, though. can you imagine what this place pulls in on parking alone? alright, no more talking about parking lots. a lot of these are compact spots. it's not pretty. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. we still planning to head out around the third quarter?
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let's not talk about leaving before we're actually at the game. this is the planning effect from fidelity. ben isn't worried about retirement because his plan is backed by the team at fidelity. a group of investment professionals manages ben's ira for him, analyzing market conditions and helping him stay on target. he gets one-on-one coaching when he wants some advice, and can adjust his plan whenever he needs to. and now he's so prepared for retirement, ben is feeling totally zen. that's the planning effect from fidelity. a deadly midair collision today near phoenix where authorities say a helicopter collided with a small plane near the airport in arizona. the helicopter crashed and caught fire, killing two people onboard. the plane was able to land the plane and the chopper were operated by flight schools.
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tense moments at a charter school today in houston where authorities say a gunman opened fire, wounding a school administrator. police responded within minutes and arrested the suspect, who was described as a 25-year-old former student of that school about a thousand students were in the building. none of them were hurt. there are new developments in the gabby petito investigation. new body cam of petito telling police about a fight with fiance brian laundrie weeks before she went missing. catie beck now with more on the video and the man hunt for laundrie >> are you guys living out of the van right now. >> reporter: new video paints a disturbing picture. >> we want to know the truth if he actually hit you. >> reporter: brian laundrie and gabby petito facing questions from police after an argument turned physical on august 12th. >> where did he hit you? don't worry. just be honest. >> he scratched my face >> reporter: police initiating a stop of their white van after a
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witness called 911 saying he saw a man slapping a woman in the vehicle. >> did he slap your face or what >> well, like, he just grabbed me like with his nail i know i have a right here i can feel it when i touch it it burns. >> reporter: the image of petito weepy and distraught captured more than a month before her body was discovered. new footage also shows an exchange between police and laundrie. >> she gets really worked up and when she does, she swings and she had her cell phone in her hand, so i was just trying to wait >> reporter: also a conversation between responding officers >> in no way, shape or form that i can perceive does what happened here, a little slap fight between fiances who love each other and want to be together, can i perceive this is going to digress into the situation where he's going to be a battered man >> reporter: fbi agents continue their search for laundrie thursday, the laundries' lawyers say they took personal
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items belonging to brian to assist the k-9 treatment. also confirming the fbi took a cell phone laundrie left behind. he bought it days after returning to florida without petito catie beck, nbc news. up next for us tonight, postage prices up. how much longer is your mail going to take to get there? what you need to know in the price you pay. price you pay. we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. big changes have kicked in at the postal service starting today. higher prices and slower service depending on where your letter
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or package is going. tom costello explains in the price you pay. >> reporter: 430 million pieces of mail move through the system every day. starting today prices are going up, delivery times going down while 70% of first class mail will still be delivered within three days, mail going longer distances, especially coast to coast, could take up to five days for delivery as airmail shifts to ground delivery. the most affected zip codes, those on the edges of the country, including florida, texas and states west of the rocky mountains, slowing down delivery for some of the four million prescriptions that are mailed each day. meanwhile, we'll also be paying up to $5 more in postage to send packages through the holidays. >> my customers aren't going to like it. >> reporter: small business owners worry about the impact. >> it would have a drastic impact on me because i'm already having problems with delays or lost shipments >> reporter: many postal customers aren't surprised.
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>> anticipate there is going to be more. >> a pay increase, i support, but as long as the service is good and there is no delays in the mail. >> reporter: the change is part of postmaster general louis dejoy's controversial plan to put the postal service on firmer financial ground the usps tried to compete with fedex, ups and amazon in the internet age, updating a model that's decades old lester >> tom costello, thanks. now to our nbc news exclusive. after nearly 100 years, a black family has finally won back something unfairly ripped away from them, the historic beach front near los angeles. tonight the great great grandson of the original owners is speaking out to our harry smith on a victory nearly a century in the making. >> reporter: the allure of the sandy beaches of southern california is undeniable, perhaps especially so for african-americans living in the very segregated los angeles of the 1920s.
6:51 pm
so where are we now? >> right now we're in front of the life guard station, which is on top of the property that my family used to own. >> reporter: this is it right here >> this is it. >> reporter: here was lodging, a cafe and a dance hall. a black paradise developed by anthony bruce's great-great grandparents, willa and charles bruce. >> they were doing quite well for themselves, and unfortunately the community here, they saw it as a threat. >> reporter: it was a time in america when people were proud of their prejudices. park there now, the land sat vacant for more than 30 years. >> when you are robbed of your manhattan beach claimed it needed the land for a park, paid the bruces and others a pittance and while there is a park there now, the land sat vacant for more than 30 years >> when you are robbed of your dignity, when you are robbed of your integrity, when
6:52 pm
you are robbed of your decent basic rights as a human being and mistreated like that, it sticks with you for a long time. >> reporter: thursday, though, on the very land the bruce family was run off of, they were welcome back through a unanimous act of the california legislature, the land is being returned to them, a bold act of reparation. >> i'm absolutely convinced this will be catalytic. we're changing the dynamic of the debate in terms of righting wrong. >> reporter: for now the bruce family wants to rent the life guard station back to the county the property likely worth many millions of dollars, but don't expect to see them back. >> my thing is like i believe if anthony bruce or anybody else in the family comes back here, we will see the same exact thing. i don't think it's changed, harry. i think it's still here, and that's why we're not rushing to set up shop again. >> reporter: harry smith, nbc news los angeles. up next, tom brady back taking on his old team for the first time what he's saying about the big game y that's more than a factory. ♪ with thousands of american workers building together
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it could be the biggest sports showdown of the year. tom brad it could be the biggest sports showdown of the year tom brady back here in foxborough on sunday night, this time playing against the team that he led to six super bowl wins ♪ hello it's me. an adele album. ♪♪ so hello from the other side. >> it's a sports drama worthy of an adele album. ♪ so hello from the other side. >> reporter: tom brady's return to england wearing a tampa bay uniform.
6:57 pm
>> i still have a lot of great friends there. but they know i'll kick their butt this week >> the 44-year-old nfl superstar who many call the greatest of all time won a stunning six super bowls with the new england patriots before leaving and winning a championship last year with his new team. now brady is back, facing off against his old coach, bill belichick. >> i have a ton of respect for him. but, you know, this sunday, we're on opposite sides of the field, and we'll do what we can to make him not enjoy the night. >> al michaels will be calling the game. >> they will may a game here on sunday night people forget about that it is all about how does brady react to belichick, belichick react to brady i think they have a great deal of respect for each other. they were a pretty good combination, in fact, one of the greatest in the history of sports. >> the dilemma for new england fans. do you root for the home team or the former hometown
6:58 pm
king >> it is wicked exciting >> i hope tampa kills the patriots >> tom brady, the father i never if you want a ticket to be in had. >> brady is coming back for another super bowl ring he's not fading into the sunset. >> i think that plays into some of the fan reaction. some of the fans are going to say, you know, you could have done it with us. if you want a ticket to be in this stadium sunday night, it will cost you big bucks. affording to stubhub, the average ticket price for this game is over $1,000. a price many are willing to pay to see a legend return home >> it's not about the quarterback. it is not about the fans or the home crowd or relationships it is about two good football teams going at it. we have to meet the challenge. and that's "nightly news. don't forget the big game, new england takes on tampa bay on sunday night football here on nbc. thanks for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other
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good night
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. i'm jessica aguirre, get vaccinated or go back to distance learning. governor newsom making a sweeping decision, california now the first state in the nation to require eligible students to get vaccinated if they want to keep showing up on campus. >> there's still a struggle to get to where we need to go. and that means we need to do more and we need to do better. >> but not every parent is on board why they're not willing to play by the governor's rules and are ready to pull their kids out of school. >> we've already kind of don't holds but the best way to play


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