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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 1, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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infrastructure bill and they got a personal visit from the president today. we'll have complete coverage. also, could the solution for the pandemic be in a pill? a big announcement from a leading pharmaceutical giant. plus -- >> you can imagine the vast amount of things that we might be missing out on by not really understanding what we're losing. on the brink of disappearing, as our climate in crisis wreaks havoc on animals and plants throughout california, the bay area company keeping track of what's on the verge of extinction, as hope remains that some species can be saved.
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we're going to get it done. >> reporter: tonight he is walking out of a meeting with house democrats empty handed. still no deal. but the president making it clear progressives will need to compromise more is that we are going to have to come down in our number, we are going to have to do that work. house speaker nancy pelosi delaying a vote on a $2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill because progressives refuse it without a larger social spending plan. >> are we going to deliver pre-k to this country or not. >> reporter: two moderates standing in the way.
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manchin $2 trillion short of the white house-backed plan. >> let's look at the bill on their merits. there is a lot of good in both of them. we should be able to come to an agreement. >> reporter: democrats committed to passing both bills, knowing what is on the line. >> if we fail on either or both, that is going to be very damaging to joe biden's presidency and to our prospects for maintaining our majority in the house. >> reporter: one crisis is off the list, president biden signing a bill into law overnight, just in time to avert a government shutdown. congress has not yet addressed a potentially catastrophic default on the nation's debt that could trigger a damaging recession if lawmakers don't raise the country's borrowing limit in just a little more than two weeks. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. turning now to the pandemic, and a new bill designed to treat covid-19 appears to work in trials, but it still needs the approval of regulators. health officials insist the new
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drug could be a huge step toward ending the pandemic but still urge the unvaccinated americans to get their shot. the pharmaceutical giant merck announced its experimental covid-19 pill cuts down on hospitalizations and fatalities. the drug still needs fda approval. >> in the placebo group, there were eight deaths, in the treatment group there were no deaths. that's also very foreign and very good news. >> the drug comes after the u.s. passed a grim milestone this week. the death toll surpassing 700,000 americans. health officials still insist vaccination is the best way to fight covid. another supreme court justice has tested positive for covid-19. justice brent kavanaugh was noticeably missing from the incest at thisture ceremony of amy coney barrett, the successor of ruth bader ginsburg. his wife and daughter tested
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negative but stayed out of the court. just kavanaugh is the first justice to test positive. the court said he is not showing any symptoms. hospitals across the country are facing a critical backlog of cases as they try to catch up from all of those covid cancellations. on "nbc nightly news," lester holt shows you how these delays can impact your health. even in cities like boston, not currently a covid hot spot people who need surgery are currently in a holding pattern. as lester holt finds out, the wait is making some patients worse. >> what did the delay in surgery cost you in terms of your physical well-being? >> strength, the ability to move around, to participate in my life. >> on "nbc nightly news," what doctors say you can do if you are one the millions of americans waiting for care. that's coming up for you tonight at 6:30. we are getting another look at the aftermath of an alleged
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physical altercation between gabby petito and her fiancee, brian laundrie. new video from another officer's body camera was released in utah. the officers were responding to two separate callers who say they saw laundrie hit petito. in the video, petito admits that she hit laundrie first. later, she says he grabbed her face after telling her to shut up. she also says she doesn't now how she got bruises on her arm. petito's body was found in wyoming's grand tee on the national park last month after a weeks long search. laundrie is now missing himself, believed to be somewhere in a florida nature preserve. a good sign in the fight against the caldor fire that's been burning near lake tahoe for more than a month and a half. you can once again visit the eldorado national forest. the u.s. forest service has reopened part of the forest for day use only.
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it has been completely closed for the past six weeks. most areas south of highway 50 and north of highway 88 are still closed. the caldor fire has burned more than 221,000 acres. it is at 91% containment tonight. turning now to our climate in crisis. we sometimes take for granted that the plants and animals that inhabit our state will always be there. just like animals go extinct, so do plants. we have information on how a new program at east bay college is helping keep track before more of earth's nature disappears forever. >> plants are actually a very big part of our life. we go to a nature walk, and most of the things we see are actually plants. >> we are surrounded by the living. by plants. contributing everything from beauty to food, to building materials. but in the bustle of our daily lives, we may not realize, some are disappearing.
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>> in california, we have more than 6,000 plant species and more than 20, 30% of these plants are right now under conservation concerns. >> reporter: in heyward on the campus of cal state east bay, a new program called the green biome institute is studying plants on the doorstep of extinction. >> we don't even know what we are losing. there is not a lot of research done on these plants. >> reporter: inside the lab student scientists are collecting dna from endangered plant species in california creating a sort of molecular library. >> i'm looking at the medicinecal properties of manzanitas using micro chemcal and micro biological approaches. >> reporter: she is studying manzanita that gross only in california. >> i think it is important to understand --
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>> reporter: the her professor says plant species are being erased by -- it is not just weather impacting plant species, it's also the state's increasingly frequent wildfires. >> losing these plants to fire is going to be getting more serious over time. >> reporter: now the lab is collecting the dna of those plants. in some cases to simply document what was lost for history. but for others, there is hope there may still be time to save them. >> we can create seed banks and preserve those. >> reporter: the disappearance of plant species could have aest lasting impact on our food, medicine, even clothing. >> you can imagine the vast amount of things that we might be missing out by not really understanding what we are losing. >> reporter: the green biome project plans to make its
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findings available to other researchers to help raise awareness of these living things before they are gone forever. joe risotto jr., nbc bay area news. >> the more you know. >> very cool. up next for us, nbc bay area responds. >> we respond, but sometimes so do you. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, we will show you how ourviewers are sounding off to uncle sam about stalled refunds. and how you can join them. that's next. plus, it's something tens of thousands of people in the bay area have been waiting for. first fridays returning to oakland tonight. what organizers are saying about masking up. next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have isolated heat this weekend. i will give you an update on this much colder storm, even some rain chances. i'm back with that in about ten minutes.
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america.
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let's keep making a differene together. back to that spending bill congress. california is in line for some
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big chunks of that money, especially the $28 billion in disaster relief, more than $1 billion of it, 1.36, in fact, of that money is going to u.s. forest services to manage forest, clean hazardous fuel and rehas been habul tate burned areas. some $200 million, that will address the drought with the money headed for the bureau of reclamation which oversees water management. another $238 million will help with california's water infrastructure, primarily the shortage. and another $33 million will fund water recycling and projects in california. most fridays we treat to you a lightning round from our response team. and the cash they have gotten back for our viewers. but it's not always about the money. let's turn to consumer investor chris chmura. >> good friday. we enjoy scoring refunds and keeping track of every penny. we are up to $5.7 million by the
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way. sometimes our goal is a call for action. for example, we just recently ran a story about how many cruise ships are stock at the dock because of covid-19. and yet many passengers have not been able to get their refunds for excursions they paid for in advance. we told but a federal proposal to require that the cruiselines give people refunds. here's the call for action. we explained how your voice matters, and you can voice your opinion. viewers then responded. seasons our story, dozen of new comments flooded the federal maritime commission including one from joe's never gilroy. he saw our story then told the commission how his money has been stuck between the cruise line and a booking agency. here's what he said. there needs to be a rule that applies to third parties such as event planners, not just cruiselines. that's good input. by the way, our team took joseph's case. we are going to try to get him his money back. if you have something to say about cruise refunds, here's how
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to contact them. the deadline is october 25th. if you think someone is sailing off with your money perhaps we can go. go to and click on the responds option. or call. have a great weekend. you could have a shot atity getting a free flight if you have got your shot. starting today, ana is accepting applications to win one of 100 pair of free domestic round trip tickets. the airlines will also give discounts to its gift shops to passengers who show certification of the vaccination or a negative covid-19 test result. japan airlines will also offer free flights, and it will sell trip tickets that include hotel perks for vaccinated travelers.
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now accepting early applications. all 23 cal state university campuses. administrators say applying early is especially important because they are expecting a high demand next fall, especially at the system's most in-demand schools such as san jose and the cal poly campuses. the fee to apply to each school is $70. several applicants will be able to have that fee waived based on their incomes. there is no requirement to take the s.a.t. first fridays is back for the first time in 18 months. it usually brings a crowd of 30,000 in one of the city's biggest coastal attractions. people go for live music, art and food vendors. masks woepts be required because it is an outdoor event but they are strongly recommended. >> how gorgeous will the weather
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be for first friday. >> it is going to be perfect out there at that event, really, no matter what you have going on tonight. we will see this trend as we head through the weekend. a look out in san francisco tonight. if you are headed into the city you do not need to worry about any kind of fog. you can see the crystal clear skies. we are checking in with 75 degrees. a little bit of a breeze out of the west-northwest at 17. that's going to help cool us down to 60s by 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00. you are eventually going to need the jacket, especially if you are headed out late, at 10:00 we will have some 50s. in the south bay, good to eat outside. staying comfortable here. short sleeves, shorts, tank tops, whatever you are thinking of tonight. we are looking at 70s here through 7:00 and 8:00 and 9:00. eventually chillier 60s here at 10:00 and also 110:00. let's look at the saturday morning forecast. we are going to start it off
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chilly. mostly clear. no fog to worry about. down in the south bay, 57. peninsula, 55, over in the trivalley, 58. we are also beginning with the 50s over the east bay, san francisco, and the north bay. temperatures tomorrow, i am not really seeing any big adjustments. so it is going to feel similar to today. you can see the south bay. 90 in los gatos. little bit of wind out of the northwest at 10. downtown san jose, 89 degrees. gilroy, don't want you forget you, 93 degrees. east bay, oakland, and concord i in the peninsula, low to mid 80s. if you want to go to the beaches, 70 degrees, right here through san francisco. warm downtown, 78. micro climates, those are in full effect. you get in the car, you head out to the marina, we will be at a
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cooler 67. north bay -- wine country, headed up to napa. >> we have got 90. your shades, hats, everything in full effect. it is going to be a good time out there in napa on saturday. we have big changes moving our way rolling through next week. i have been tracking this system. it continues to look like unfortunately the strongest part of the storm would remain to the north of us. heaviest rainfall will be in the pacific northwest. we are holding on to shower chances and much colder weather. friday the 8th into the 10th, on and off shower chances. temperatures dipping down into the 60s here for parts of the bay. the seven-day forecast. in san francisco we are looking at cooler 60s as we head through next week. eventually chance of showers by friday. in the inland valleys, we are going from the 90s eventually down to the fall weather and 75 next friday. mark us and -- marcus, especially, we know this is your kind of weather, right? >> it is.
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i am a fall baby. i was born in october. i like it a little bit cooler. >> we can't fault you for that. we know a lot of folks at home are liking it. i put this graphic. after october 15th, you are good to go. no more 100s. >> jeff gives everyone what they want. >> all the time. i try. >> thank you, jeff. >> speaking of what people want. rolling stones, baby. >> uh-huh. >> well, looking rolling stones gathers no moss. apparently, the front man of the rolling stones gathers no crowd of adoring fans. can you believe this? >> i can't believe this story. after a concert in charlotte, north carolina, last night, the 78-year-old mick jagger went to a local bar for a beer. and nobody noticed. there he is. it wasn't until he tweeted this photosaying he was quote out and about that people realized he really was out and about. if you are in pittsburgh -- i
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assume if you are in pittsburgh you are not watching this. be on the look ut to. the stones could be there on monday. >> could you imagine? >> i would be kicking myself if i were in that photo not realizing i was in that photo. >> that's what he says, i didn't get any satisfaction. >> de dumb. >> i can't get no -- >> this is why they pay him the big bucks. google scrapping to offer a new service to its customers. the major banking announcement that has the company shifting its focus.
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wishing a happy birthday to former president jimmy carter, the nation's 39th president turned 97 years oldz today. he spent the day at his home in plains gentleman, gentleman. carter is the oldest living former president. google is scrapping its plans to offer its users banking services. a couple of years ago, the company announced it was partnering with some banks to
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offer checking and savings accounts with no monthly fees. but that changed when google's, quote, pay executive left a few months ago. a google spokesperson says the company is visiting its approach to working with banks instead of google being the provider of banking services. bay area home prices still hovering at more than $1 million. meaning it is harder than ever to make it in the bay. the median price for a fingel family home in august was $1.1 million. that's a 12% increase over august of last year. core logic reports that alameda county saw the biggest jump. we see it right here, $1.2 million. it represents a 24% increase over last year. santa clara county, $1.5 million, an 18% jump, and solano county looks like a bargain with a median price of $557,000. that's 16% higher than last summer. marcus, listen to this. sometimes you find the very best
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things right under your nose. a woman from california found this large yellow diamond just sitting on the ground at an arkansas state park. she was searching for about an hour last week before she stumbled upon it out of nowhere. the park says more unanimous 250 diamonds have been registered at the park this year. but this has been the largest diamond found so far, weighing in at 4.38 carats. >> does she want to share? >> eye know, right. at long last, "saturday night live" returns tomorrow for its 47th season. its highest rated entertainment program last season and won another eight emmy awards including outstanding variety sketch series. two veteran cast series members heidi gardner and ada woed up can't wait to get the season started. >> i think we take a lot of pride being able to bring joy to
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people, certainly during uncertain times, when things are good and otherwise. i think it is nice to reminds everyone we are trying our best. take it easy on us. >> just make us laugh. that's all we ask. >> yeah. >> watch the new season live tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc -- 8:30 p.m. here on nbc bay area. owen wilson is host, kacey musgraves is the musical guest. >> i love snfl. this is the night the giants win the west? what they need to do to clinch the division. we have a live report from oracle park up next.
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all right. this could be a magical night for the giants. >> the g men are closing in on their first division title in nine years. anthony flores has the best seat in the house. he's actually on the field at oracle. anthony, what needs to happen for the giants to be crowned the best in the west tonight? i assume they have to win. >> that is correct, guys, it is shaping up to be another beautiful night of baseball here at oracle park. every division in baseball has been decide except for the national league west. the giants lead the dodgers by two games, with three games remaining in the regular season. so let's do the math and show you what the giants have to do to clinch the nl west division title. it starts this weekend. really, tonight, because they play their final three games against san diego. that is good news since they took two of three from the
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padres a little more than a week ago. to win the nl west tonight, they need to beat the padres and the dodgers need to lose to the brewers. they could also capture the crown by winning two of their last three games. like they have done all season they say their focus remains on winning the game now and letting the rest sort itself out. >> we are going to treat this game like it's a very important game, take it seriously but also be relaxed into it and know this is a critically important game today. so was yesterday. and so will tomorrow be most likely. sore there is a chance that tomorrow's is going to be as critically important as today's. >> all right. a win tonight would give them 106 for the season. that would tie a franchise record that was set all the way back in 1904 when they were known as the new york giants. so a lot on the line tonight here at oracle park. the first pitch is scheduled for
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6:45. reporting live in san francisco. anthony flores i am crossing my finners and toes. jessica aguirre is here now with what's coming up at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00, deal reached after pumpback and even resignation, san jose makes an agreement when it comes to unvaccinated workers. breaking down what it entails and who could still face termination if they don't comply. we recognize good enough never is, that's why we recognize our responsibility to do more. >> california becomes the first state in the u.s. to require all eligible students to get a vaccination. but not all parents are on board. so what could this mean for covid transmissions here in california? we are getting answers from an expert. and speaking of hundreds of protesters making their voices heard as reports of students being


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