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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 1, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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breaking news, tens of thousands of gallons of water gushing into the street after a water main break. we're live at the scene, plus -- >> it's not about order for me, and like i said it's about safety for our students and staff. >> no vaccine, no school. a late-night vote for another bay area school. how soon do students have to get vaccinated before heading back to class. this is "today in the bay." good to have you with us on this friday morning. i am kris sanchez. laura garcia has the day off.
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>> i am marcus washington. happy friday to you. we want to get you out the door and we are looking at what kari hall for the forecast. >> if you liked yesterday you will like today, and unfortunately we will see more smoke coming in as well as ozone as temperatures heat up. some of the worst air quality in parts of the east bay and santa clara valley, especially this afternoon. not so bad for the south bay, our morning starts out with temperatures in the mid-50s. we are going to see a quick warm-up by lunchtime, we're nearing 80 degrees and we will see our high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s here. 89 degrees in napa today. san rafael reaching 88 degrees. warm today and throughout the weekend. we'll talk about with we will get a cooldown coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. first, we want to get to the breaking news this morning. tens of thousands of gallons of
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water rush into the streets in contra costa county's neighborhood. >> yeah, that's where bob redell is, live. >> reporter: right now east bay mud is trying to find the lever, and you can see the water gusting out of the road, just bursting through there. you can imagine the corrosion this is creating for the road. east bay mud has a spokesperson out here, and this is an eight-inch pipe, an old pipe around 70 years old and made of asbestos, cement, and don't know what caused it to burst this morning and it could be old age
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or something else, but causing a mess. there's a learning center nearby, and we can't tell if it has gone on to that property and most of the water is draining down the road, but it's going into another person's property. i spoke to the lady on camera, and she came out and said dirt on her clothes, she said the water has not been in her house yet but she's been shoveling the mud out of the garage to keep it from going into the house. there's 182 customers that do not have water right now, and they are trying to get it turned off, and once they get it turned off they have to fix the pipe and the road. there's another water break in alamo that happened yesterday, and the water is still out for some customers and they are trying to repair that pipe.
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here's video from last friday. this is a third water break in alamo at the intersection of stone valley road and alley oak drive. an east bay mud spokesperson was telling me a lot of the pipes in the system are around 70 years old, from the 1950s, and perhaps it's because of the old age as to why they are bursting now, and that's not definitive. right now workers are trying to figure out how to shut off the valve to get the water to stop flowing. bob redell for "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. another bay area school district giving the green light to mandate vaccinations. >> a decision was made late last night and the deadline parents are now faced with.
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cierra? >> reporter: yeah, the parents took every opportunity to share their thoughts about the concept of having a mandatory vaccine, and the school board members ultimately decided they were, in fact, going to move forward with a vaccine mandate for some of the district's older students. what does that mean for parents and families in the district? students 12 and older are required to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. eligible students must show proof of the first shot by november 15th, and the second shot by december 15th. students 12 years old, they must receive the shot 30 days after their 12th birthday. in this district, it's not just students required to receive the vaccination, staff members and volunteers must show proof of
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their vaccination status, and they need to show they have the first shot by october 15th and receive their second shot no later than november 15th. final proof must be given to the resource department by the 27th. as you can imagine, parents had a lot to say about the mandate before the board members took that vote, and those opinions overwhelmingly against the mandate. take a listen to how the parents say the mandate will impact their children. >> the risks to our children are greater from the vaccine than it is from the actual virus. >> i think you guys need to back off and let us make the decision on whether we want to vaccinate our children or not. >> reporter: the topic of mandating a vaccine seems to be gaining popularity, because there are other districts in the
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area passing mandates, oakland, piedmont and hayward also passed a mandate for students 12 and older. as time goes on we will continue to see more districts taking steps to implement a vaccine for their younger students, especially if the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds gains the fda approval. covid cases are dropping and some counties are considering dropping mask requirements altogether, but it can be tricky to keep up. we put together a list together for where you will need to wear your mask and where you can leave it off. go to to find out what the rules under your county. a live look now at capitol hill where the lights are on and federal employees will be going to work. >> president biden signed a bill to keep the federal government
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funded hours before the shutdown deadline, and lawmakers went home for the night without voting on a key part of the president's agenda. chris pallone has more. >> nancy pelosi left the capitol a little after midnight, but she insists a vote is still imminent. house progressive democrats are refusing to vote for the infrastructure bill until democrats in the senate reach an agreement on the other bill. >> what they want to do is restructure and reform america. >> moderate democrats, kyrsten
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sinema and joe manchin are not for it. the bill included money for disaster relief in several states and to help settle afghans that have newly arrived in the u.s., but it did not increase the nation's debt limit. they have to october 18th to increase the debt limit or extend it, and it has become such a political football. >> thank you, chris. firefighters are making progress in fighting the fawn fire burning in shasta county. it's 90% contained. that fire has burned more than 8,500 acres. three people have been injured
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in the fire. a palo alto woman was arrested in connection with starting the fire. now we want to turn to meteorologist, kari hall, and we have been looking into how much california has been charred over the years with the massive wildfires, kari. >> yeah, i mean, we are really seeing climate change happening before our eyes and really alarming. now october 1st, here we are seeing so much of california burned. 1 of every 8 acres in california has burned in the last ten years. normally in october, that's the peak of the wildfire seasons. eight wildfires have all happened since 2018, and we are dealing some of the driest conditions since the 1970s. as we enter into some of the dry months and we see the santa ana
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and diablo winds picking up and the potential of more fires, and it's alarming we see the statistics with the largest wildfires burning across the state. the august complex happened, and that's was the largest on record, and number two is the dixie fire still ongoing. we will continue to watch the wildfire conditions and we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. mike, what does it look look for the morning commute? >> still a light volume of traffic for this friday. there's a crew in the area, and it's causing slower drives through the area. the water main break off dublin boulevard, you saw that buckling in the video, and that's a concern because that water is still flowing under the roadway. all crews, san francisco and san mateo just cleared in the last
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few minutes, and this is probably the remanence of the crews clearing. the rest of the bay is clear right now, the south bay and further down, no problem. back to you. >> thank you. you may want to hold off on booking your next getaway. >> we are going to tell you about the destination tourists are heading. and then after this -- >> you are in luck. inner a bar, mick jaggar walks in, and what do you do? we'll tell you what happened in a north carolina bar, next.
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happy friday. it's 5:14. as you are heading out the door in the tri-valley, we are starting out with cool temperatures and a clear sky. we're going from turning on the heat in the car to the air-conditioning by noon. we will see hot temperatures throughout the weekend. we will talk more about that and what's going on, coming up in a few minutes. looking at the speed limits. no low speeds here in oakland.
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we had a lot of backup forming on the peninsula. we'll get the latest on the 101. it's 5:15. happy october to you. blue origin, the rocket company funded by bezos, some are saying the systems are not as safe as the company leaders claim. "the washington post" says the faa is look into the allegations. blue origin is also repeatedly gone to court to wrestle away some of the contracts. it has gone to court instead of just competing for the contracts, nasa is tired of it. it says blue origin seeks to prioritize its own fortunes over that of nasa, the united states and every person alive today who
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dreams to see humans exploring worlds beyond our own. back here on earth, the consultant firm known once as price waterhouse, employees will be able to work from home. now, here on netflix stocks, "squid," very popular. bay area company ion q will have it's stock market time today. one of the cool things ionq is
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doing, you can now log into a quantum computer, which i have no use for, and i am assuming you have no use for, and they are very powerful, and somebody at home can log into the most powerful computer in the world. >> yeah. i'll give quantum a try. >> good. >> thanks, scott. it's not just more vaccinated being adventurous, but the unvaccinated are going out as well. >> many are saying theme parks, why disneyland and universal studios in hollywood are among the most popular.
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a missed opportunity for bar patrons in north carolina. rock legend, mick jaggar, he went out on the town before his big concert, but nobody noticed him. >> i think i would have been, hello, sir, how are you? as you can see, everybody pretty much ignored him, they were on their phones or engaging their own conversations. >> millennials. >> the bartender that took his order did not recognize him. >> he should have turned on the karaoke -- >> yeah, people would have been, oh, yeah. >> or they would have said, that's the worst. >> we got the moves like mick
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jaggar -- >> i thought people didn't recognize him because he had a mask on, but he didn't have a mask on in that picture. wow, people. come on. we're starting out with clear skies across the bay area. a beautiful start to our morning. i think it will be a nice sunrise. we have at least an hour and 45 minutes before the sun rises this morning. we are heading towards the upper 80s and low 90s again. this is basically where we were yesterday and that will continue today. the 7-day forecast comes up now at the bottom of the screen. we're headed toward the east bay, and livermore heading towards 90 degrees. 86 in hayward and 86 in vallejo. 82 in san mateo. san francisco in the upper 60s as well as low 70s, we should say for the outer sunset.
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low 80s for downtown today. it will be warm like yesterday, reaching 90 in sonomforecast, in extremely dry. you may have gotten the notices you need to conserve water. the start of the new water year with the driest conditions we have had on record since the 1970s, and 46% of california in the highest level of exceptional drought. we normally get two inches of rain in santa rosa, and that's usually the most, but an inch or less for the rest of the bay area in october. we are going to be warm this weekend and dry up until this front moves in. we'll, of course, be closely watching it. mike, what are you seeing for the commute? >> we were tracking the
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construction zone on 101, and now it's all clear from the overnight construction. it's friday, 5:22, and we're looking at no major problems on the freeways. the build doesn't kick in until later on a friday. and then bob redell is reporting on the water main break scene. mild slowing out of the altamont and clear by the time you get here. san jose, that commute will start in about 20 minutes. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> we respond, but sometimes so do you. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura, about stalled
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good morning. yeah, we do enjoy scoring refunds and keeping track of every penny. we are up to 5.7 million bucks. sometimes our goal is a call for action. for example, we just ran a story about how many cruise ships are stuck at the dock because of covid-19 and many passengers have not been able to get a refund for the exertions they paid for in advance. here's the call for action. we explained how your voice matters and you can voice your opinion. viewers responded. since our story dozens of new comments flooded the federal maritime commission, including one from joseph in gilroy. he saw our story and then told the commission how his money has been stuck between a cruise line and booking agency. he told uncle sam, there needs to be a rule that applies to third parties such as event
5:27 am
planners, and not just cruise lines. that's good input. our team took joseph's case and will try to get him his money back. if you think we can help, go to the giants are on the verge of a division title. >> on the ground and -- >> the giants had a 5-4 win over arizona. giants now close the season with three games against the padres at oracle starting tonight. if they win two of the games, they will clinch the division no matter what the dodgers do next week.
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next stories we are following for you on "today in the bay" including, what you can expect from today's testimony in the theranos trial. and you see behind me a water main break flooded the road here in alamo. shut off service to around 180 customers. the role the age of the pipe may have played in this. you are watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, san jose city workers waking up to a new mandate. they now have to be fully vaccinated. we will explain what is in store for those who have not met the deadline. plus police and prosecutors calling one south bay trouble spot a nuisance. the deadline its facing to shut its doors. >> and then waking up to a beautiful fall morning. how about the weekend? meteorologist, kari hall is tracking your forecast. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. kris sanchez, laura garcia has the day off. >> i am marcus washington. we want to get you started with meteorologist, kari hall to talk about the weekend and how it's shaping up. how is it looking, kari? >> it looks good for us, and it will be a warm one. we are having concerns about air quality once again as we get more smoke coming in.
5:32 am
moderate air quality for some of the microclimates. and we are going to start the see not only the smoke but ozone levels increasing as our temperatures are reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. our hot spot is antioch reaching 92 degrees. cooler weather is in half moon bay, mid-70s for this afternoon. we will talk about weather around the bay area for your weekend plans, coming up in a few minutes. a soggy mess in the east bay. thousands of gallons of water flooding one contra costa county neighborhood. >> today in the bay's bob redell is live in alamo. looks like you are at water front property? >> reporter: this is the third water main break here in the city of alamo within the past week. east bay mud that runs the water
5:33 am
service here acknowledges many pipes are old and in need of replacement, and we are at danville boulevard and hemme avenue. this pipe is close to the flashing lights. it broke around 12:30, 12:40 this morning, and you can hear the rushing sound and tkpwur tkpwuling under the street. the workers are having trouble locating the valve, because that valve is in a box under the water. it could be several hours before the water is restored. they have to get the water off first. it's hard to tell if any properties have flooded. the water is draining down the
5:34 am
driveway of a woman who lives across the street. she tells me her garage is flooded, but that she has been shoveling mud to keep her home dry, so so far so good in that effect. >> the cause of the break is not known. the main is an 8-inch pipe that was installed in 1950, so it's over 70 years old. much of our system is quite old and in need of repair and replacement. >> now you are looking at video from last friday where another pipe broke. this is about a mile away at the intersection of stone valley road and valley of strive. it did cause the road to cave in. yesterday, a third pipe broke at the intersection here.
5:35 am
the issue here possibly could be the age of the pipes. they are 70 years old in some instances. it's not definitive that that's the cause, but it's something east bay mud is aware of. east bay mud trying to shut off the water. i wish you could hear it, the microphone is not picking it up, but it sounds like the rapids. >> yeah, we can see some white caps there, too. a new possible treatment for covid that could greatly reduce chances of death for covid patients. merck is seeking authorization for a new treatment. it's in its phase 3 trials. the company says it cut the
5:36 am
hospitalizations and death rate in half in all the unvaccinated patients that took part in the trial. if the drug does gain fda approval, it would be the first oral anti-covid medication. 68,000 of the 700,000 that lost their lives to covid were californians. happening now, san jose's vaccine mandates take affect and if you are a city worker you must have already had to start the vaccination process, and that includes city and fire. hundreds who have not gotten their shot could face disciplinary action. 92% of staff are vaccinated, but 8% are not. so what happens to those 585 unvaccinated workers today? >> they will be given a final
5:37 am
opportunity, at least a week, to comply with the policy prior to final notice of discipline being served to them. >> after that week they could be suspended or fired, but sources tell us police and other lab unions are continuing to negotiate with the city. around the bay oakland is mandating its employees be vaccinated by november 1 st, and so is san francisco. those officers have until october 13th. sonoma county is testing inmates for covid as they are processed at county detention facilities. all inmates must be tested regardless of their vaccination status. if they test positive, the inmate will then be isolated. happening today testimony resumes in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial.
5:38 am
the theranos lab director will be back on the stand that testified that theranos leaders ignored red flags when it came to the company's faulty blood testing technology. holmes' attorney tried to deflect the blame away from holmes. a san jose bar is now being forced to shutdown. authorities say it was a den of prostitution. agabe yea sports bar was the scene of a crash that killed a woman. the owners agreed to shutdown the business and pay $15,000 in fines, and surrender their liquor license. they racked up more than $71,000 in fines because the bar never shutdown during the city's lockdown and operated as an elicit underground club. the bar is expected to close for
5:39 am
good on october 17th. firefighters on the peninsula today will be conducting a prescribed burn. you could see smoke from cuss cordero and highway 1. this is to try and reduce wildfire risks. a look this morning at the san mateo bridge, and traffic is picking up a bit this morning. traffic at times, you know, we'll check with mike in a bit, but first let's get a look at the forecast for you. kari hall has been tracking that. >> we have a great weekend ahead. head to south 1st street to check out the booths and events going on there. it will be warm to start but as the evening continues it will be so nice and comfortable and a isolated start for the weekend. if you are in san francisco, check out the giants game.
5:40 am
it will be in the mid-60s and get cooler throughout the evening. as we check out where you might find cooler weather, dress up the kids and head to the pumpkin patch, yes, it's that time of the year. we will see our forecast at the pumpkin patch in half moon bay up to 70 degrees, so nice there. the beach will be a popular test nation this weekend. santa cruz heading into the upper 70s today. check out california fall we are seeing the peak of the fall colors happening above 9,000 feet. that means you have to take a drive, and this is sagehen summit. if you want to take a road trip, check out the website for details. we will wrap it up with the seahawks and 49ers game.
5:41 am
we will start off at kickoff at 84 degrees, and it will be hot so if you are going to be at levi stadium, wear a hat and something to keep you cool and give you a little shade. we'll talk about the microclimates in a few minutes. first of all, wear a niners hat. danville boulevard, chp has traffic control heading over to assist just off 680 in the south bay lanes. so travel from sun valley road passed the scene of hemme avenue, and they have closed the southbound lanes for danville boulevard. bob showed you how much roadway buckling there was, and there's a concern because that water is still rushing under the roadway. that's the third water main break in the area, and that's the concern. the freeways are moving well. slowing on 37.
5:42 am
nothing at the toll plaza, and south of here, here's the slowing through san jose right on time. back to you. >> thanks. and then new laws on the books because of the britney spears' saga. and then in congress, congress doing little other than to keep itself and the government open. that's coming up on "today in the bay."
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let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost?
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here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ happy friday. it's 5:44. if you are about to step out the
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door in oakland let me show you how the morning will shape up for you. light jacket for the beginning of the day as it's in the upper 50s and then heading towards the 80s here. more of your microclimate forecasts coming up. and then the toll plaza has no backup. it's a friday with a lighter build, but we do have a build and we'll show you where, coming up. president biden's plans to build back better are in jeopardy this morning. >> we have been talking about two bills. you remember them. the first is the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. this has support from both parties. already passed the senate. then you have the bigger better, the build back better, biden calls it. we thought there would be a house vote on this one yesterday but there was not. our reporters caught speaker
5:46 am
pelosi in the hall and she's hard to hear because of the mask, but she says there will be a vote today. >> we'll vote today. there will be a vote today. >> reporter: there will be a vote today? >> yeah. >> pelosi doesn't need any republicans to support the bill in the house, but she needs left wing democrats and she doesn't have their support even though they like the bill. they want to see a solution on this bill before voting on this one. congress did accomplish one thing. it voted to keep the government open with the continuing resolution to fund the government until december. this is the participation trophy of congressional work. it solves nothing, but moves the problem by a couple months. lawmakers themselves talked about their own abortions or decisions to keep their pregnancies, and democrats want to write abortion rights into
5:47 am
law rather than just depend on the '73 roe v. wade decision. pro rights advocates pushing for protections. >> choosing to have the abortion was the hardest decision i ever made, but at 18 years old i knew it was the right decision for me. it was freeing knowing i had options. even though it took long for me to feel like me again. we live in a society that has failed to legislate love and justice for us. we deserve better. we demand better. we are worthy of better, so that's why i am here to tell my story. today i sit before you as that nurse, as that
5:48 am
pastor, as that activist, the survival and the single mom that will testify i was raped and became pregnant and i chose to have an abortion. i yield. >> we will be monitoring congress for all of those issues. follow me on twitter, and i'm @scottmcgrew. >> powerful testimony. bay area assembly member, evan lowe, co authored the free brittany bill and it requires that conservatorships file spending online. "saturday night live" was the number one entertainment program last season and won eight emmy awards.
5:49 am
i was able to speak to two of the cast members about how they are really trying to bring entertainment here during the pandemic. >> we took pride in bringing joy to people in uncertain times, and when things are good and otherwise. that's a nice reminder when we are trying our best. >> take it easy on us. >> they are very funny, though. i had a great conversation with them. you can watch the new season tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. the host is owen wilson, and the musical guests, kasey musgraves. and then a new release on netflix today.
5:50 am
the soprano's prequill is out. >> all right. it's going to be toasty this weekend, feeling more like summer than fall, kari? >> yeah, and there's no fog here, at least at this spot at the golden gate bridge. another warm day. we're heading back to the 70s here with upper 70s in san francisco. of course the further you go inland the hotter it will be. livermore reaching 90, as well as 90 in morgan hill. upper 80s for napa and santa rosa. oakland today reaching about 80 degrees. as we go through the weekend, we will have the hot summer weather continuing. no storm systems headed our way up until the beginning to middle of next week.
5:51 am
look at the rain here, it just falls apart. now that we are getting into the month of october, we see if the rain systems can hold together and make it to the bay area and bring us beneficial rain. doesn't look like this will do much but we will be watching that next thursday. as we look at the next weekend forecast, will feel like summer, and then by wednesday and thursday next week a significant drop in our temperatures, only reaching into the mid-70s for the warmest spots while san francisco will be in the 70s for the next up couple of days. mike, how does it look for the commute? >> oakland looks fine. a smooth drive north bay and southbound. the nimitz, traffic is building
5:52 am
here. we had an incident heading past the coliseum. mild slowing for highway 37. we're looking at the focus of the slowing. and here the span does move smoothly and there's no backup on the toll plaza. i have to -- i dependant mean to focus on this again, but bob redell from the scene says danville is not yet closed but chp says they will close the southbound lanes on hemme avenue because of the water main break. if you are heading south of hemme avenue, maybe you will want to head south on 680 and then you can go north back on danville boulevard. that's open and cleared for access. you can also take stone valley road and loop around at monta
5:53 am
vista high school. a shout-out to monta vista as well. and there's a slight build to the nimitz. here's the san mateo bridge with an easy, light drive. we have a lot of traffic showing up. san mateo bridge sees a lot of traffic from 6:30 to 8:30, i would say. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, all 23 cal state university classes will start accepting early applications for next fall starting today. that's big news coming because the sat and act scores will not be able to determine eligibility. they will stop accepting applications after november 30th. much more ahead on "today in the bay," including a passenger
5:54 am
caught on the wings of a plane in miami after landing. it's hard to see. but we will show you what we are learning about the frightening incident. you are watching "today in the bay." after all this time, some still haven't learned, never. go. alone. universal studio's halloween horror nights. brace yourself for netflix's the haunting of hill house, the exorcist, and more.
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5:56. the mayor of san diego is apologizing for suggesting mental health is a factor in the death of a woman and her 2-year-old son. this is just before the padre's game at petco park. the family attorney says police were initially investigating the fall as a murder suicide. the mayor is sincerely sorry that he offended this grieving family. he was attempting to make the point that the covid-19 pandemic has put an additional mental strain on all of us and that it's okay to ask for help in any emotional c family's attorney s apology. to receive a direct >> it was completely
5:58 am
inappropriate. you know, this sort of thing isn't supposed to happen. >> the attorney says the family will conduct its own private investigation, and they are planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit. authorities released more body cam video with the stop between gabby petito and brian laundrie. in this video police ask petito about the reports, and she tells police she slapped him first and then he grabbed her face with his nail and cut her face. laundrie disappeared from his home two weeks ago just before her body was found in wyoming. the fbi was there to collect some of brian laundrie's
5:59 am
belongings to try and locate him. and then video taken from the tarmac on wednesday shows the man on the wing moments later. the passenger has not been identified and he was apprehended by u.s. customs and border protection. the passenger was arrested and remains in the hospital this morning. in a typical year the transportation agency sees around 100 unruly passengers. a special kickoff for breast cancer awareness month. tune in to the "today" show at 7:00, highlighting heroes who are helping others in the fight against breast cancer. drenched in the east bay.
6:00 am
tens of thousands of gallons of water gush into the streets. this is after a water main break. we have been at the scene all morning, and we have an update on the situation, plus -- >> it's not about order for me. like i said, when i started off, it's about safety of the students and staff. >> no vaccine, no school in person. a mandate for the vaccine for yet another bay area district. shutdown averted. congress agrees to fund the government, but will democrats be able to advance president biden's agenda? the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning on this friday. thanks so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez. laura garcia is off this morning. kari is not off, and she's watching the forecast because we are itching for


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