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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  September 29, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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mayes scholarship foundation. ess is very fitting. >> raj mathai with what's coming up at 5:30. >> the clock is ticking as the standoff
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>> we pass these things together, and we can better the
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future of our country. house speaker nancy pelosi. president biden canceled a planned trip to chicago today to talk about vaccine mandates to instead be here in washington for negotiations. he is under increasing pressure to do more to unite his party and get his agenda pushed through congress. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> alice, thank you. more tension on capitol hill as senior pentagon officials were pressed about the problematic exit from afghanistan. they say the collapse of the afghan government could be traced to an agreement last year with the taliban that promised complete u.s. troop withdrawal. the house armed services committee today questioned
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secretary of defense lloyd austin, general mark milley, and general kenneth mckenzie, one day after similar testimony in front of a senate committee. >> in the span of just two days from august 13th to august 15th, we went from working alongside a democratically elected long-term partner government to coordinating warily with a long-time enemy. >> he called ate deeply dangerous environment, adding that a 20-year war was not lost in the last 20 days or even in the last 20 months. okay. it might not be until after thanksgiving. that's what the nation's top doctor anthony fauci says about getting shots into the arms of kids ages 5 to 11. we told you yesterday pfizer submitted new date to the fda on its new vaccine for kids, but the process takes time for review. so the shots are still weeks away. the delta variant has led to a renewed surge in cases nationwide, and rising
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infections among children have troubled many children officials, and many children's hospitals have seen many more patients admitted. >> so we're a year and a half into this pandemic, and some places we seem to be back at square one. rising case rates, battles over wearing masks and talks of more lockdowns. >> california, as you know, is doing things a lot differently than florida. so is it working? let's bring senior investigator stephen stock in. stephen? >> we track daily per capita case and death rates all over the country, and we found some interesting comparisons. especially between california and florida, two warm weather states that approach the fight against covid very differently. >> it just doesn't make sense for us to continue masking these kids. >> they don't care about other people's health. they don't care about other people's safety. >> reporter: talk to folks just about anywhere about covid mask mandate, business restrictions and vaccinations. >> that's what america is all about. >> reporter: and you're sure to get a variety of opinions. >> it comes down to personal freedom and personal
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responsibility. >> i think it's completely unconstitutional. >> reporter: so we decided to look at the numbers, comparing warm weather states florida, whose governor took one of the most politically conservative approaches to covid, opening up just about everything with few restrictions to california, which took one of the most politically progressive approaches, instituting mask and vaccine mandates, lockdowns and school closures. >> breaking news tonight. the coronavirus forcing millions more americans into virtual lockdown. >> reporter: from the beginning of the crisis in march 2020 through summer of 2021, the numbers show little difference in outcomes. per capita case and death rates over a seven-day average while rising and falling at different times more or less reflected each other, no matter which state you lived in. >> i think there is a lot of different of course variables. >> reporter: dr. erica pan is california's state epidemiologist whose office looks at the same data we did to see how policy and approach affected outcomes and what might be learned to better prepare for the next pandemic. >> i think that's exactly what
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we're trying to understand right now as well. we are working with both partners directly and trying to monitor all these different surveys that happen across the state and across the country. >> reporter: but then suddenly in july, it all changed. the data starts to diverge, depending on where you live. california's case rates edged up over the last couple of months. same with its death rates. but they stayed mostly flat. compare that to florida, where covid cases skyrocketed, reaching record highs in early august, hitting a seven-day average north of 30,000 cases, a per capita rate of more than 100 per 100,000 people. death rates also rose significantly, reaching a seven-day average in september of nearly two deaths per 100,000 people. the highest in florida during the entire pandemic. california's case rate was at its peak last december, and death rates peaked in january. and while both covid cases and deaths started dropping the past two weeks in florida, they
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remain significantly higher than the same per capita rates in california. now with less than 8,000 cases and fewer than 100 deaths. >> we looked at california as a kind of a sister state to figure out how we're doing, and you're right. for the better part of a year and a half, we've been parallel in terms of the rates and the numbers. the past two or three months have changed dramatically. >> reporter: senior associate dean for health policy dr. jay wolfson is both a doctor of law and an md at the university of south florida. dr. wolfson attributes the sudden surge there to the hands-off approach to masks, mandates and vaccines by florida's govern ron desantis. >> there is a different perspective on how to manage this disease. and i think as a matter of public policy, the state is prepared to accept the collateral damages of high hospitalization rates and some deaths with the presumption that everybody will kind of get it and will get through it and then we'll be okay. >> that's not right. >> reporter: ron desantis recently forbid local school
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districts from imposing their own mandates. >> there were people who were hermits for a year and a half and still contracted it, okay? so let's just be real here. >> it's true that there are criticisms of california. maybe there were too many lockdowns and florida not enough. they're kind of evening out. >> reporter: the game-changer came when the data show vaccination rates in california went up consistently higher and earlier than florida's. >> so when delta hit, we had higher levels of immunity in our population and what that did was it blunted the cases. >> reporter: and that dr. gandhi says shows policy, while not perfect, can mitigate the impact of a disease. >> what did we do in california that was different? well, earlier than anyone else, we mandated health care worker vaccinations. we mandated teacher vaccinations. >> reporter: both dr. gandhi and dr. wolfson say that could change the way both political and health leaders strategize to combat not only covid now, but future pandemics as well.
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>> policy does matter. and setting the right tone is what really makes a difference. >> it's essentially the policies that were so divergent in florida and california were around requiring vaccinations. he has been really clear. and that difference i think is a huge policy implication. >> reporter: so while not popular in some places, our experts say the data make clear that while differing policies didn't seem to make a difference initially, the numbers do show they did over time. the biggest difference? vaccines and policies pushing people to get them. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephen. and if you have a story for investigative unit, just give us a call, 888-996-tips. you can also visit our website, when can we take off our masks as covid rates continue to drop in the bay area and specifically in san francisco? the city is rethinking its mask mandate. coming up at 6:00, in about 20 minutes from now, thom jensen
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talks to city leaders, including mayor breed as they discuss the future of masks in san francisco. still to come, is britney spears finally free? the late-breaking news this amp about the pop superstar's future as she looks to be freed from her father. you might be able to get an extra dose of the covid-19 vaccine right now if you qualify. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how, next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have more on a red flag fire warning, plus much needed rain making it back into the forecast. i'll have the update in about seven minutes.
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation
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what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ a lot of people asking when can i get that booster shot. well, here is the deal. we're kind of used to this by now. you have to wait your turn. >> however, if you're immunocompromised, you might be able to get the shot right now. chris chmura explains who that is and how you can sign up. chris?
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>> reporter: the cdc says an additional dose of the covid-19 vaccine might give immunocompromised people additional protection. so who is immunocompromised? the cdc says that's people who get treatment for tumors or blood cancers, had an organ transplant, got a stem cell transplant in the past two years, have an advanced or untreated hiv infection, or gets treatments with drugs that suppress your immune system. you have to be fully vaccinated with the moderna or pfizer vaccine for at least 28 days. if you got the johnson & johnson vaccine, an additional dose is not yet recommended. that could change because j&j just released new information favoring a second dose. that's a lot of check boxes. so to figure out if you need an extra dose, ask your doctor. if your doctor says yes, your next step is to find a vaccine clinic. go to and click on the blue bar on the left to find a location. most farm circumstances health care providers and clinics
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offering vaccines should be able to give you this third jab. the cdc says try to find a dose that is the same as the first two you got. so if you got pfizer for the first two, find a place that's offering pfizer for your third. if you can't find a location that's offering the same type, the cdc says that's okay. as long as the vaccine they're offering is mrna. how do you know? ask about it. when you go to get that extra dose, make sure you bring your paper vaccine record card, because the clinic should update it. they should also update the state's computer system. on your way out, take a picture of the paper card with your smartphone. save that image, just in case the paper one goes missing. >> thank you, chris. a major victory now for britney spears. late today a judge suspended her father, jamie spears as her conservator. that means the pop star will no longer have her dad managing her estate. during the hearing down in l.a., spears' lawyer called her father, quote, a cruel, toxic
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abusive man. certified public accountant john zabel has been appointed as temporary conservator. a hearing to end her conservatorship all together is set for this november. things are warming up a bit, and weave got a red flag warning effect. let's check with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. how is it looking? >> we only had a brief window to enjoy some of those showers. here we go again. once we get over, this janelle, we're looking pretty good here, especially as we go into next week. i'll explain more about some colder temperatures. some rain chance. let's go and get to that heat also. some of that increased fire danger. and it's all moving in from this area of high pressure. so all of us are going to feel those temperatures warming up. but only a few of us getting some of these gustier winds. so you can see on the red flag fire warning here as we move in closer, it's for the mountains of marin, napa and sonoma counties. those areas in red. a thousand feet and above, looking at 15 to 35 miles per hour wind gusts. down in the lower elevation, only 5 to 10. i think we'll be able to get
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through this okay, but of course we'll have full coverage. if there are any fires that happen to break out, you can count on us to cover that for you. as we roll into tomorrow morning, we're going to start it off cold. mostly clear. i think it looks pretty god here for our thursday morning. temperatures in the 50s. not quite as cold as it has been the past couple of mornings when we had 40s. so this will be nice for us. 53 in the south bay. peninsula 55 and tri-valley at 54. and those 50s continue over the east bay, san francisco in the north bay. as we move through the day tomorrow, i'm seeing temperatures warming up by 4 to 8 degrees. definitely noticeable down here in the south bay. but overall, just a little bit above average right here to san jose, 85 degrees. cupertino 84. morgan hill 87. we get into some of the 90s where you might start to be starting to get tired towards antioch, concord and danville. head over the east bay hills. not as hot, but still a warm day in oakland, 78. hayward, 81. right towards the coastline, a little bit of beach weather. happened to have the day off tomorrow, it could be good day to do that.
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half moon bay at 70. watch out future some rough waves. 83 in redwood city. san francisco, 83 in the mission and for the marina, a cool 65. the north bay, 86 in santa rosa, and down towards mill valley 79. so we warm up today right through this weekend. let me show you a trend of how things are playing out for us, and you'll be able to see in livermore, we stay with these low 90s right through monday. and then by next week, check it out, down into the 70s. we're looking at a 20 plus-degree temperature drop here wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. and that cooler air is, yes, associated with some rainfall. much needed rain for us. look at how active it is in the pacific by next wednesday. we think we're going to get a piece of this moving in once we roll into next friday's forecast. october 8th. maybe even into saturday, october 9th. we'll continue to have updates as we get closer. seven-day forecast here in san francisco, upper 60s and also low 70s. and then we drop it off next week and through the inland valleys once again much, much
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cooler by next wednesday. down to 77. so early projections right now, raj and janelle, show up to a quarter inch. we could see that go up more of just what we need to see. >> interesting. giants play-off games might be october 8th and 9th in san francisco. >> don't blame me. i gave them the heads up. >> a possible rain delay. >> thank you. up next, the winter olympics in beijing just five months away. today a notable announcement from the chinese government and the ioc. stay with us. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt.
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new york's vaccine mandate for health care workers is taking effect in hospitals and nursing homes across the state could feel the ripple effects. the mandate said more than 650,000 workers in hospitals and nursing homes had until monday to get vaccinated or they'll lose their jobs. data show about 92% have gotten one shot so far. still, administrators fear the
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holdouts could create dramatic staffing shortages. health care facilities on tuesday reported suspensions of unvaccinated employees, and some have scaled back services in anticipation of fewer workers, but so far no dire staffing shortages. according to industry administrators and representatives. for the time being, the state is allowing facilities to hire uncertified nursing assistants. vaccinated people who can basically learn on the job. last month we saw no fans at the tokyo olympics. next up, the winter olympics in beijing. and yes, there will be fans, but here is the catch. only fans from mainland china will be allowed. that's the ruling today from the international olympic committee. fans will also have to meet a set of covid safety requirements, which haven't been released yet. athletes and coaches will be tested daily, and athletes who are not vaccinated will have to quarantine for three weeks upon arriving in beijing. athletes aren't required to be vaccinated, though some
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countries like the united states are requiring team members to be vaccinated. by the way, you can watch the opening ceremony, gosh, it's that time again, february 4th, right here on nbc bay area. no shot, no paycheck. the nba says players who have to sit out because they aren't vaccinated against covid won't get paid. san francisco and new york have both passed rules requiring home players to be vaccinated. players on visiting teams are exempt. now among the players who stand to lose a substantial amount of money, warriors forward and starter andrew wiggins. he is in a five-year, $147 million deal and would reportedly pass up on $15 million if he has to sit on those home games at oracle. superstar lebron james is supporting families in his hometown of akron, ohio. today his foundation broke ground on an affordable housing project. a few years ago james founded what's called the i promise school in akron.
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it's designed for students who are falling behind. the school began to notice that housing was a common issue for the kids. so it's building 50 apartments for the families of that school. is there a quarterback controversy with the 49ers? we're going hear from coach kyle shanahan as the team is hoping to bounce back after the loss to the panthers
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despite that last-second
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loss to the packers on sunday night, there is no quarterback controversy in santa clara. >> it's not jimmy g.'s fault. >> it is not? >> it's aaron roger's fault. here is nbc bay area's anthony flores from santa clara. >> reporter: after a heartbreaking defeat to the packers on sunday night football, the 49ers say they've turned the page on their first loss of the season, and their focus is now on the seahawks. >> this one stung a little extra. any time you lose on a walk-off field goal, it stings. but i'm over it now. that's all that matters. i'm on to seattle. >> reporter: despite scoring the go-ahead touchdown with less than 40 seconds to go, the 49ers offense struggled to move the football against the packers, especially in the first half. but head coach kyle shanahan made it clear with his strongest declaration so far. jimmy garoppolo is the starting quarterback. >> there is not a quarterback battle right now. we're going with our starting
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quarterback who i think is playing very well. trey is our backup quarterback. this isn't the preseason. we're not going back and forth all the time. >> reporter: shanahan says jimmy g. wasn't the only one who struggled in the first half against the packers. the entire offense did. >> even if they show something that we haven't really planned for as an offense we still have to be able to execute it. i think there is a million little things that we got to do coach, players. but at the end of the day, it's always of us working together. >> reporter: injuries are again a big concern for the defensive secondary. josh norman did not practice today. he spent sunday night in the hospital after hurting his chest against the packers. one player who is no longer available to help at cornerback is richard sherman. the high profile free agent has decided to sign with the defending super bowl champion buccaneers instead of returning to santa clara. >> we're hoping he was going to be there for a while. when it made sense for both of us, we could do it. but we lost that opportunity because tampa came through and it wasn't the right time for us. >> reporter: the niners could have used sherman this week
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against seattle and russell wilson who the coach called one of the best quarterbacks to play in the nfl in the last decade. anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> ready for the seahawks on sunday? >> big matchup this sunday at levi's stadium. okay, jessica aguirre joins us now with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, guys. right now at 6:00, san francisco a model city for the way it's handled the pandemic. so with covid cases dropping, could the city's mask indoor mandate be lifted? >> we're seeing the numbers decline. and in fact, many of the indoor venues of course require that people are vaccinated. >> why mayor breed is considering it, but doesn't think it will make that much of a difference. also, san jose city employees must be vaccinated or show proof of an exemption. how many city workers are exempt? and is it impacting their job status? and a judge blasts the actions of san francisco's district attorney chesa boudin, saying he needs to focus more on his job. >> fancies himself a national
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figure. perhaps he is. but san franciscans are very concerned. >> how boudin's office is responding tonight. the news at 6:00 start right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. we begin with california and covid and increasingly encouraging numbers. the state is doing well, but san francisco is doing even better. the positivity rate across the state is now 2.5%. among the lowest rate in the country. but take a look at san francisco. its positivity rate is just 1.6%. now that downward trend is sparking serious discussions about ending the city's indoor mask mandate. mayor breed says it's up to the director of public health. so what's it going to take? >> and how will it impact business franchise that mask mandate is ended? thom jensen talked to the mayor. >> reporter: san francisco has been setting the tone for much of the nation when it comes to vaccines and masking since the early days of the pandemic, and
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