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tv   Today  NBC  September 14, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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amid the recall election. look for live team coverage at 11:00 and we're going to break everything down tomorrow morning on "today in the bay." head to for more information whenever you need it. >> we'll be back with you at 7:25, with more live local news. the "today" show starts right now. good morning. breaking overnight, roaring ashore. hurricane nicholas makes landfall in texas, now pounding the ida-ravaged gulf coast with heavy rain and high winds. hundreds of thousands already without power. we're live as al tracks the dangerous storm. back and forth over boosters. top fda scientists now arguing against the urgent need for that extra shot. why they say it could be too soon for millions of vaccinated americans. this amid skyrocketing covid
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cases in children to begin the new school year and new uncertainty over when they will be able to get vaccinated. we'll have the very latest. historic choice. voters in california heading to the polls today for the closely watched recall election. governor gavin newsom facing potential removing from office. president biden saying the country's future is on the ballots. >> it'll reverberate around the nation and, quite frankly, not a joke, around the world. >> why today's vote could influence the crucial midterm election. what is "awkward." "jeopardy" returns with episodes led by ousted host mike richards. why the beloved show was forced to air them. plus, fashion's big night. stars out in force dressed to the nines at the met gala. >> how does it feel to be on the red, actually white, carpet. >> it feels insane. it feels unreal.
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>> straight ahead, sheinelle's front row seat to the hottest ticket in town. and what happened in vegas? a monday night comeback to defeat the raiders in overtime. >> and he will prance into the end zone. >> the wild finish some fans are already calling the game of the year. today, tuesday, september 14th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, guys. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us this morning. is that carson we just heard scream? >> i know. i know carson was up late watching raider nation. rejoicing this morning. >> congrats to those guys. breaking news across the country and we start in california. election day there in that historic recall to determine if governor gavin newsom will remain in office.
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we're live from a polling center where votes are already being cast this morning. also breaking news on booster shots. two top experts now essentially saying not so fast. so just what are their concerns? nbc's stephanie gosk is there with details. >> we have the extreme weather to talk about. nicholas strengthening into a hurricane, making landfall in texas overnight. a state of emergency in effect there. and in louisiana, as well, with days of flooding rain expected. >> al's got everything we need to know about its path. but first, nbc's morgan chesky is in already flooded galveston. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: yes, savannah and hoda, good morning. there was concern from officials nicholas would not be taken seriously because it was a tropical storm but knew it could get stronger. that's exactly what it did slamming into the texas coast overnight as a category 1 hurricane, knocking out power to nearly half a million people, but the rain is the big issue here. in galveston alone where we are, 13 inches of rain fell overnight.
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biggest problem of all, the storm is far from over. overnight, another powerful storm hitting texas. tropical storm nicholas packing dangerous winds. some strong enough to sway this gas station from side to side. but its biggest threat, a devastating downpour. forecasters predicting it could soak some areas with up to 18 inches of rain. the rising waters swallowing streets up and down the texas coast. and this morning, hundreds of thousands of texans without power. the governor issuing disaster declarations in 17 counties. emergency workers busy until hours before the storm struck. moving equipment to high-risk areas in case flood rescues became necessary. >> we don't know if we're going to get 5 inches or 15 inches. >> reporter: daryl grew up in galveston and says hurricane or not, every storm brings its own problems. >> can't take any lightly. take them all as if they're a cat 5 hurricane, because
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sometimes the high water, sometimes the rains cause the same or more than an actual hurricane. >> reporter: meanwhile in louisiana, so many still struggling from their own hurricane. >> i know that bracing for another storm while we're still responding to and trying to recover from hurricane ida is not the position we wanted to be in. but it is the situation that we are prepared for. >> reporter: ida's recovery now made even tougher with nicholas promising heavy rain and possibly even more flooding in areas that don't need either. just two weeks after one of the worst hurricanes in state history. and this morning, the governor of louisiana issuing a pre-landfall disaster declaration. the storm is turning towards that area where they're not only recovering from ida but the city of lake charles still recovering from hurricanes laura and delta that struck nearly a year ago. hoda? >> morgan, you're standing on a regular city street? is that where you are right now? >> reporter: yeah.
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an area called the strand in galveston. rain combined with storm surge more than enough to put the streets under water now. we don't know how long it will take to drain, and that's why officials are urging everyone, please stay off the roads as long as possible. reports of trees and downed power lines in and around this entire region and we noted the winds will carry their way through southeast texas into louisiana by end of today. hoda? >> morgan, thank you so much. check in with al and see what the storm's doing now. these folks do not need this. >> sure don't, guys. unfortunately, it continues. flash flood watches and warnings for 10 million people. this rain is falling at the rate of 2 to 4 inches per hour. the latest on nicholas right now, a tropical storm, but still bringing big problems and headaches. it's 30 miles south-southwest of houston, texas. 70 mile-per-hour winds north-northeast moving at nine miles per hour. intensified overnight. the last five of six hurricanes rapidly intensified.
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with nicholas, that makes eight u.s. landfalls so far in 2021. 11 landfalls in 2020. when you average it out each year, we should only have about three. we are well above average there. there's climate change for you. looking at tropical storm warnings from bay city to galveston all the way just to the south of lake charles. the system will move quickly for the next 24 hours. traveling about 250 miles and bringing heavy rain into louisiana. but look what happens tomorrow. starts to slow down. only traveling about 115 miles in a day, and that flooding rainfall is going to continue, and as we move on into thursday, it only travels about 55 miles. it's still causing problems for louisiana. just trying to make its way into mississippi. so that louisiana flood threat will continue. we've got storm surges anywhere from 3 to 5 feet along the texas coastline and a risk of flooding, a high risk, into lake charles from texas. but a moderate risk all the way
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into louisiana, new orleans, as well. we could see upwards of 20 inches of rain with this system, but on average, 5 to 10 inches, guys. still a big problem going right into thursday. >> all right, al. check out your national forecast coming up in a bit. now, to that breaking news overnight tied to the coronavirus. two of the fda's top experts are raising doubts about the imminent need for booster shots, despite calls from the biden administration to roll them out. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us now with details. steph, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. this friday an fda advisory committee is meeting to discuss approving booster shots for people 60 and over, but there could be a difference in opinion. those two fda scientists now saying it's too early to be giving healthy adults a booster. this morning, mixed messages about boosters. vaccine experts including two top fda scientists arguing against the immediate need for
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covid booster shots. their findings published in the "lancet" calls for further review of the science that may be related more to politics. issuing them too soon or frequently may lead to serious risks and argue current vaccines are still effective against variants. the white house already has started planning for boosters later this fall. dr. anthony fauci telling craig last month -- >> no vaccine, at least not within this category, is going to have an indefinite amount of protection. inevitably, there will be a time when we'll have to give boosts. >> reporter: meanwhile, with the new school year under way, pediatric coronavirus cases are skyrocketing. new data shows children accounted for nearly a third of all covid cases last week. the american academy of pediatrics reporting over 243,000 new cases. only a fraction of those cases led to hospitalization, less than 2%, some parents of
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frustrated vaccine approval for 5 to 11 year olds is taking so long. dr. rochelle walensky telling savannah during monday's town haul, approval could be coming soon. >> kids under 12. when is that vaccine coming? >> we'll look at the data with urgency we all feel for getting our kids vaccinated, and we're hoping by the end of the year. >> reporter: this comes as the virus continues disrupting back-to-school plans. in pennsylvania multiple schools have been forced to suspend in-person learning. meanwhile, the first week of school is under way in the nation's largest school district. >> really missed this place. >> reporter: many new york city students and teachers excited to be back. >> a little bit of that normalcy returning? >> yeah. it does. feels normal. excited to be back all together. >> reporter: for some parents, lingering concern as children return to the classroom. >> it is scary, because after they've been out so long. >> back to the boosters a second. the scientists who said there may be some risks involved, what
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are they talking about? what kind of risks? >> reporter: they're worried about vaccine confidence. the vaccines trigger strong responses in people. they're worried people who are unvaccinated may be deterred from getting the vaccine. researchers in "the lancet" say the focus should be on tailoring vaccines to meet the variant, like the annual flu shot we get. hoda? >> stephanie gosk for us, thank you. a historic election day in california. stakes are very high. governor gavin newsom facing possibility of being removed from office. a decision for voters that's being closely watched nationwide, and overnight the president joined the campaign making his closing arguments for the governor at a rally in long beach. nbc's jacob soboroff joins us with the latest on all of it. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning to you. the president's visit shows how consequential this election
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truly is out here in california. today is the deadline for people to send in vote by mail ballots. come with me. drop them off at drop boxes like this throughout the state of california, of course, people can also vote in-person here in california. they're going to be voting on two questions. should gavin newsom be replaced, and who should replace him? like election eve comparing governor gavin newsom to former president donald trump. >> republican running for governor is the closest thing to a trump clone that i've ever seen in your state. >> reporter: the culmination of months of a vigorous campaign against the recall effort, newsom is fighting to keep his job. his tenure tested by wildfires, economic inequality, and rising crime. >> social justice is on the ballot. >> reporter: the greatest challenge, the pandemic. newsom warns this could be a matter of life and death. >> it's our decisions, not conditions, that determine our fate and future. >> reporter: at stake now,
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leadership of the most populous state in the nation for the next year. if the governor is recalled, it. the leading gop candidate, conservative talk radio host larry elder, opposes masking and vaccine mandates and has pledged to replace 88-year-old diane feinstein with a republican if she retires, shifting the balance in the senate. elder raised concerns about the election's integrity and, on monday, he said he would not commit to accepting the results. >> win or lose, accept the results tomorrow? >> we all should look at election integrity, a democrat, independent or republican. >> reporter: no evidence of election fraud. after a challenging year for many californians, republicans are counting on crossover voters for a win. >> i felt it was my duty to come in and vote today and make some changes in california. >> reporter: polling shows a comfortable lead for newsom. a shift from summer polls that predicted a closer race. the governor's future in the
7:14 am
hands of california voters. savannah, if gavin newsom is recalled the replacement candidate doesn't need majority of the votes to replace him. just get the most votes on that second ballot. in case you're counting, there are 46 candidates in the running as replacement candidates. >> jacob soboroff up early at the polling place. thank you. and a lot to get to. withdrawal from afghanistan, craig joins us. >> good morning. secretary of state antony blinken facing tough questions on the united states exit from poet sides of the aisle. during a tense hearing monday. meanwhile in afghanistan taliban now fully in control is tightening its grip on the country. chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in kabul with more. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. they are in control but what the government, the taliban government, now are seeking is international recognition. in part because that recognition makes the flow of foreign aid
7:15 am
far easier. afghanistan badly needs the aid. according to the u.n. with the onset of winter, a million children are at risk of death or starvation. so far, the u.s. has not recognized the taliban government, taking a wait and see approach. the u.s. government this morning still can't definitively say how many americans or afghans who helped nato forces remain trapped in afghanistan. >> simply put -- >> reporter: that's after a contentious hearing in washington. >> the gentleman's time expired. >> reporter: secretary of state blinken was grilled over how the administration failed to an sis tate that, as american troops pulled out, the afghan army would collapse and the taliban would sweep back into power, triggering a chaotic and deadly mass evacuation. >> for you to try ride the coattails of 13 brave service members that gave their lives in this effort is absolutely shameful in my mind and shows the american people how out of touch you continue to be.
7:16 am
>> i'm not riding anyone coattails, congressman. for your information the men and women of my department were gat >> that's a statement. not a question. >> reporter: in afghanistan, the taliban takeover is already pushing lives off course at bakhtar university girls are back in class, but hardly anyone showed up. teachers say only 10% of students are coming. scared off by the taliban, or they've left the country today is the first time in two weeks 20-year-old mersal left her home, studying international relations and hopes to become an ambassador one day now her dreamed deferred are drying up like raisins in the sun. >> in my opinion, no future, because they don't allow females to get education >> reporter: what is it like to have a dream and to have a plan and then suddenly -- >> everything -- >> reporter: it disappears
7:17 am
>> we are strong we are afghan. sometimes. so it's so hard. everything was not good. >> reporter: so why are you crying now >> our country is done you know it. >> reporter: the taliban promised to allow girls to go to school and university. separated from males but critically, the taliban are still reviewing new curriculum requirements. the taliban say they will respect human rights, respect women's rights, but many women here in kabul and across the country don't have faith, and when you walk around, you simply don't see many women on the streets. many of them are just staying at home. >> so heartbreaking. richard engel for us richard, thank you so much. by the way, check out a special edition of richard's show called "on assignment" focusing on the uncertain future there in
7:18 am
afghanistan. sunday night, 10:00 eastern only on msnbc and 18 minutes after the hour getting to the rest of the forecast from a busy al roker. >> thanks so much. looking at more summerlike conditions out through you southwest with temperatures getting into the 80s and 90s bright skies up through the western plains again, they could use some rain. hopefully get some in the pacific northwest coming up. of course, tropical storm nicholas along the gulf. strong storms firing up coming across the great lakes and eventually moving into the northeast. we're going to look at that in more detail coming up in the next half hour, but get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one.
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good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. you can see the fog rolling over san francisco. we have a nice start to the day. 70 degrees. heading across the bay in oakland, 75 and 95 in concord. san jose will reach up to about 85 degrees and 90 today in santa rosa. still some hot inland temperatures, but we will be cooling down, getting foot weekend. our highs for saturday and sunday in the low 80s. and san francisco headed towards the mid to upper 60. and that is your latest weather. guys >> thank you, al. still ahead, "jeopardy" returns for its season premiere with an already ousted mike richards as host how viewers and contestants feel about that as the quiz show faces an uncertain future. remember panic buying of toilet paper at the start of the pandemic get ready for round two, folks inside the growing paper
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shortage impacting everything
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(woman in van) set your intentions. (man sitting) crystals up. (woman) full moon bath ritual. cleanse and find your magic. ♪let it go (huh, huh)♪ ♪let it go (word, word, 88)♪ ♪let it go (let it go)♪ good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. here are today's top stories. the polls are open for the recall election. >> i'm bob redell here in dublin. today is the recall election californians will head to the ballot box to decide the fate of governor newsom. polls do indicate that newsom is expected to defeat the recall vote and keep his job, but he is not taking that for granted. the governor brought in president biden to campaign on his behalf at a rally in long beach. at a campaign stop yesterday, larry elder, the leading replacement candidate, he questioned how the governor has made life better for californians, especially when it
7:27 am
comes to crime and public education. good morning. apple this morning warning you need to update your iphone, your mac, ipads right now because of a spyware it's discovered that can access your microphone and your camera. good guy hackers discovered it just the other day. apple has been working nonstop on a fix but they need you to update your software. all right. we want to check our forecast. good morning kari. >> good morning. it's going to be hot for our inland areas, headed back to the mid 90s and very much like yesterday, kind of hazy. we are going to see improvements. cooler air moving in. the weekend is looking so nice. highs in the low 80s and it's going to also be better with our air quality. mist and drizzle in san francisco for the weekend but we will get sunshine with highs near 70 degrees. >> thank you, kari. we will have more local news coming up in just a half hour.
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including breast cancer, may exist. sorry, ms. you don't get to control every part of me ms can't own us. ask your doctor about two-times-a-year ocrevus. ♪ we're back back at 7:30 big day on broadway. after nearly 18 long months, theaters are reopening in a big way. tonight, the ticket booth in times square, it is ready to rock >> yes, it is. >> we're all going to broadway all three of us, al, jenna, carson, too, and give you a taste of what you can expect this morning the cast of "wicked" is taking over our plaza we have a special live performance. so good to see broadway back. >> yes. >> right here. >> it has been a long time let's get to your headlines
7:31 am
at 7:30. police officers charged with violating george floyd's civil rights will be in court today. arraigned in federal court charged with failure to provide george with medical care officers also charged in state court. in april derek chauvin was convicted of murder and manslaughter and sentenced to more than 22 years in prison the others go to trial in march on aiding and abetting charges gold medalist simone biles is one of several renowned gymnasts who will testify tomorrow before the senate judiciary committee. the hearing exploring fbi's failures during the larry nassar investigation. the former usa gymnastics doctor pleaded guilty in 2018 to sexually abusing ten minors. a watchdog report released in july says the fbi failed to interview tiew victims in a tim manner, and they say it allowed the abuse to continue. mckayla maroney and others also will appear before that panel.
7:32 am
to football. folks, if you didn't stay up to watch the end of "monday night football," you missed a wild one. raiders take it to overtime and here's how it ended. >> going to throw -- picked up the pressure all alone. jones will prance into the end zone >> that's how it ended ending the game with a 31-yard touchdown catch. raiders winning it in overtime 33-27. no matter who your team is, by the way, we've had really good football games. >> oh, yeah. >> i was thinking that. >> sunday night was crazy. monday night was crazy. >> and isn't that your dream if you're a football player. >> yes. >> catch the overtime catch. >> yes. >> bring the team to victory amazing. >> pretty cool. guys, football wasn't the only thing people were watching last night "jeopardy" returned for its 38th season. >> of course, trying to find a host to fill the shoes of the late alex trebek made for a chaotic and controversial summer the season is started with episodes taped amid that turmoil.
7:33 am
nbc's erin mclaughlin joins us with more on all of it good morning. >> reporter: that's right. if you watched "jeopardy" last night you may have done a double take at the sight of mike richards once again hosting the legendary quiz show, but it's only temporary >> mike richards >> reporter: this week "jeopardy" fans might be confused tuning into the show known for providing answers in the form of questions. >> and now, here is the host of "jeopardy," mike richards. >> reporter: embattled former "jeopardy" host mike richards appearing monday in the pre-recorded season premiere. >> thank you, johnny gilbert great to see you. >> reporter: richards taped five episodes during his one day at permanent host last month. before stepping down amid a string of controversies and past offensive comments, for which he apologized over the summer >> more "jeopardy" right after this >> reporter: the episodes are still airing because some contestants are still in the running. retapes are not possible
7:34 am
and on monday, despite the tumultuous side, a winning streak continued the controversy surrounding richards went largely unaddressed. >> let's do it again tomorrow. >> reporter: one contestant took to twitter to announce dubious distinction being one who taped with mike richards as permanent host, adding with "jeopardy" tradition took two photos including one with richards as host noting in the end that producers only sent him the head shot. who will replace alex trebek remains one of "jeopardy's" unanswered questions bialak, who is hired for the show's spin-off, will step in until the permanent search concludes. guest hosts start rotating once again. >> so much to keep up with, erin any sort of deadline, time frame for when they might decide on a permanent host
7:35 am
>> reporter: we do know that bialik hosts up to november 8th. then there will be other guest hosts, tryouts to determine who will take the role permanently we reached out to sony pictures and richards for comment and have yet to hear back. >> erin mclaughlin thank you. what are you doing after october 8th? >> nothing i got a job. >> called a side hustle. >> game show host? haven't done it yet. coming up next, guys, what's driving a new nationwide paper shortage it extends far beyond toilet paper. >> an inside look at problem facing book stores, brides to be and perhaps your holiday season, right after this. ♪ ♪ we see a close up of the grille... an overhead shot. she drives hands free... along the coast. make it palm springs. cadillac is going electric.
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cinnamoooooooonnnnnnn!!!! ha! they're gr-r-reat!!! which one of these buttons mutes shaq? we are back. 7:39 and this morning on "in-depth" today yet another pandemic-fueled problem. >> grows disruptions in supply chains fueling a serious shortage of paper nationwide and it's impacting many aspects of daily life, as you can imagine.
7:40 am
>> yeah. nbc's kerry sanders has more what it could mean for you hi, kerry. good morning. >> all the paper there >> reporter: well, good morning. one man's treasure is now everybody's -- well, one man's trash is now everybody's treasure sor sorry, i messed that up, guys. this is shredded paper here at orlando recycling, they have seen the value of just paper. not talking about toilet paper just paper they've seen it spike 60% in value just in the last 18 months. this morning, as the pandemic rolls on, the nation's paper supply is running thin and it's not just toilet paper that's at stake. the shortage now affecting everything from paper bags to books, even envelopes. >> it really came down to the wire i mean, i was -- i was scrambling. >> reporter: this bride-to-be is planning a november wedding. her invitations delayed for weeks because her vendor said they didn't have enough paper to print her envelopes.
7:41 am
>> i panicked. i didn't expect that to, for them to come back with that answer. >> reporter: many businesses and consumers nationwide are experiencing delays in their printing orders. the cause, labor shortages and major disruptions in the supply chain. exacerbated by the pandemic. recently, the highly contagious delta variant forcing many paper manufacturers to scale back their operations according to the bureau of labor statistics, cost for wood pulp, the raw material used to make paper, jumped over 50% in a year the price of paper taking a direct hit increasing over 14% during the same period. it comes as many mills have already been shifting away from paper production during the pandemic pivoting to make things like cardboard boxes instead. used largely for online orders, but even in an increasingly digital world, there is still huge demand for the old-fashioned piece of paper.
7:42 am
>> real business is done on paper. okay write that down. >> reporter: beyond "the office" the massive paper jam looming over the publishing industry, too. >> the pandemic has unleashed an extraordinary amount of reading and buying of books. >> reporter: barnes & noble, which saw a huge surge in seams sales said it could run tight during the upcoming holiday season. >> problem comes closer to the holiday and really close to christmas, when some books sell a bit more than we expect. then there is a problem. because capacity for reprinting is limited. >> reporter: barnes & noble tells us you don't need to panic just yet but if you're ordering a book for the holidays, plan on doing it earlier than you normally would experts say we're probably going to see this paper shortage into 2023 guys, maybe -- a quick call into dunder mifflin to get your paper needs met. >> thank you, kerry!
7:43 am
>> that's great. >> plan ahead. >> yep 7:42 mr. roker, check of the weather? >> anytime you it work in an "office" reference -- >> yeah. why you didn't send a thank you note paper shortage. >> we don't use paper for maps but 10 million at risk for severe weather stretching from st. louis into burlington, vermont. we're watching this frontal system make its way across country, especially around the great lakes. a cold front passes through bringing some severe weather from michigan on down to missouri then for tomorrow it moves to the east, western pa gets into it this moves into new england. heavy rain localized flooding possible from boston all the way down to pittsburgh we're looking anywhere from one to three inches of rain. some places could see just a little more. looking at bright skies out west summertime conditions through the southwest and, again, tracking nicholas and have the 8:00 update from the national hurricane center in just a little bit that's what's going on around
7:44 am
the country. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. take a look at these temperatures in your microclimate. it's going to be like yesterday but this is the last day we have to deal with the big inland heat and cool temperatures near the coast. so we are going to see still a wide range in temperatures today. a little bit cooler tomorrow and the cooling trend continues by the end of the week. friday we're looking at highs in the low to mid 80s and up to about 80 degrees on saturday. we'll be watching a storm system approaching from the north but we're not expecting any rain. and that is your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you. up next, oscar winner jeff bridges sharing an encouraging update on his cancer battle and another secret health scare. he had a fight with covid. what kept him going through a real tough year. that's coming up, right after this. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks...
7:45 am
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7:49 am
we're back with good news from oscar winner jeff bridges. >> right the beloved actor shared his cancer is now in remission. >> yes. >> but apparently it wasn't his only difficult health battle this year. bridges also sharing he was hospitalized with coronavirus. >> nbc news now anchor joe fryer is here with more. so glad to hear this encouraging news about him. >> also surprising it has been a long year for jeff bridges, battling covid and cancer now he's in a much better place and the star says coming close to death is making life that much sweeter. >> life goes on, man >> reporter: jeff bridges is celebrating life this morning in a handwritten note posted to his site monday he shared, my cancer is in remission. >> yeah, well, the dude abides.
7:50 am
>> reporter: best known for his role in "the big lebowski" last year diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of blood cancer over the last year, he's shared glimpses into his battle but kept quiet on one major complication until now a previously unpublished note published monday he wrote he and his wife susan were hospitalized with coronavirus last january after he was exposed while undergoing chemotherapy. sue spends five days in the hospital me, i'm there five weeks, because my immune system is shot from the chemo my dance with covid makes my cancer look like a piece of cake the 71-year-old added, despite moments of tremendous pain and getting close to the pearly gates, i felt happy and joyous most of the time now he says his covid is in the rearview mirror, but that he's had to overcome long hauler symptoms and work to get off supplemental oxygen. his goal, to walk his youngest daughter down the aisle at her wedding last month without
7:51 am
oxygen. ♪ >> reporter: it's one he achieved and more. he not only walked, but danced sharing the father/daughter dance with fans complete with his own doodle of them cheek to cheek. a bright moment at the end of a harrowing fight he says in the end was actually a gift, writing, life is brief and beautiful. love is all around us, and available at all times. bridges, whose work ha spanned decades, is getting ready to get back on-set the latest, a drama. "the old man," he won't just star in but he is the executive producer and it marks his return to series tv after five decades production was put on hiatus after he shared his cancer diagnosis last fall. he was one of the first celebrity interviews i did when i came to nbc news the guy you think he is, is exactly who he is. that cool, laid-back dude. >> warm and full of love, too. >> yeah. >> and he and his wife what a great relationship.
7:52 am
>> they've been married forever. >> they are fantastic. >> if you think you're in a funk today, read what he wrote. you snap right out of it >> thank you, joe. coming up, before they return to broadway tonight the cast of "wicked" is taking over our plaza for a very special live performance. plus, sheinelle will take us inside the glitz and glamour that were on full displa at last night's met gala and wait until you see sheinelle's do got all glammed up as well. >> she did. >> first, your local news and some weather. ♪ my whole life will change ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> good morning. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco at the chase center and starting today the folks at the chase center want to let you know if you're coming to any of the shows, big concerts headed to this arena you will need to bring the proof of vaccination. you can use your phone to show that proof of vaccination or use that physical card. this would be implemented for any of those events where more than 1,000 people will be in attendance. >> let's get a look at our forecast for this tuesday morning with kari. >> good morning. we're starting out with some hazy skies across the bay area. cool temperatures. it's going to heat up headed towards the mid 90s.
7:57 am
90 tomorrow. for our inland valleys we cool off. by the end of the week we're looking at highs in the low 80s. this weekend is going to be nice but cool near the coast with san francisco dealing with the low clouds, mist and drizzle and peeks of sunshine. you will get more sunshine today. enjoy it. we'll see the temperatures headed up to about 70 degrees. a little bit cooler by the end of the week. laura? >> all right. we'll get ready for it. thank you for joining us. another local news update in about a half hour. enjoy your tuesday morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. ♪♪ it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, making landfall hurricane nicholas barrels into texas overnight bringing along heavy rain and high winds. hundreds of thousands ar still recovering from ida, waking up without power. how bad will it be al is tracking it all. plus, urgent update. the new warning from apple to all users to fix a security flaw on their devices >> an attack that gives someone, you know, thousands of miles away complete access to your phone. >> we will have everything you need to know straight ahead.
8:01 am
then meet the met. the met gala returns with a star-studded sa lewd to -- salute to our country. >> tonight's red carpet our white carpet in this case is our ticket to town. >> our glamorous sheinelle jones scored a front row seat to the action and she will have a recap. al suits up for his out of this world adventure >> we have a dream what it's like to be an astronaut. >> look, mom, no hands >> today, tuesday, september 14th, 2021 ♪ i got you moonlight ♪ >> here from orlando, florida. >> valparaiso. indiana. >> shelby, iowa. >> shoutout to our brother, roger, in elizabethtown. >> we are the millers celebrating madison's birthday she is 3 ♪ >> good morning, mom and dad i love you
8:02 am
>> we are the staley's from heimerville, georgia we are celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss with you today. >> travel down from toronto to see broadway back in action. ♪ >> all right broadway is back you guys, welcome back to "today." it's a tuesday morning we are so happy that you're starting your day with us. a nice crowd out there little broadway action >> get outside in a bit, by the way. we have a packed hour ahead and more for you tomorrow on "today" as we kick off national heritage hispanic month and a group of business owners who found quite the way to thrive during the pandemic we will have that for you tomorrow. let's get to your news at 8:00 hurricane nicholas battered the gulf coast with heavy rain and w wind not along before the power outages began. morgan chesky is in the middle of it. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning.
8:03 am
this is why you do not take a tropical storm likely. officials knew it could strengthen overnight, exactly what nicholas did, making landfall as a category 1 hurricane. bringing an incredible amount of rain with it the numbers in for galveston 13 inches of rain overnight. more than enough to put streets under water and make travel treacherous for a lot of people. we have video wind of this storm striking overnight winds topping out at about 75 miles an hour. but powerful enough to knock out power today to nearly 500,000 customers. we know the threat, as the storm turns through southeast texas, it's going to make its way, unfortunately, to louisiana where so many people still picking up the pieces from hurricane ida. the governor there already issuing a pre-landfall disaster declaration and, tonight, i can tell you that the city of lake charles is in the path of this storm. believe it or not, the folks there still recovering from hurricanes laura and delta which struck nearly a year ago
8:04 am
so this region of the gulf coast getting absolutely battered. people, of course, used to hurricanes during this time of year but the frequency we are seeing it at, absolutely heartbreaking. hoda. >> they need a break morgan chesky for us, thanks we'll get al's forecast in a bit. important warning with anyone with an apple iphone or computer or apple watch the company issued emergency software updates you should install immediately because of a hacking chance, according to the company. and miguel almaguer is joining us with the details on this. >> reporter: good morning. a few hours, apple is set to unveil its newest lineup of iphone, apple watches and air pods but overshadowed by a apple warning. a team set them off to be aware of hackers taking control of an apple device undetected. this morning, an urgent warning from apple alerting all users to update the software on their devices.
8:05 am
independent researchers warned an israeli spy ware company, nso group, developed a tool to any apple computer, iphone, or watch. researchers at the university of toronto citizen lab say they alerted apple to the problem after analyzing an unidentified saudi's activist phone they say was infected with the nso group's pegasus spy ware. >> an attack that gives someone, you know, thousands of miles away complete access to you phone without you, the target, seeing anything on the screen or taking any action to allow the surveillance >> reporter: experts call it a zero click exploit because it does not require a user to click on a link or download a file to allow someone to take over their device instead, the spyware exploits a flaw in the message app, allowing others to gain control of the device without the user knowing they've been hacked. >> you don't need to do anything
8:06 am
wrong. they can actually just insert it on your phone. so it's a very sophisticated vulnerability. >> reporter: apple unveiling a software update monday, thanking citizen lab for identifying the security flaw. adding, attacks like the ones described are highly sophisticated, cost millions to develop, and often have a short shelf life and are used to target specific individuals. nso group is not responding to the substance of the citizen lab report, telling nbc news it will continue to provide intelligence to law enforcement agencies around the world with life-saving technologies to fight terror and crime apple, for its part, believes there is not a threat to the vast majority of users but says it'll work to defend all its customers. nso group previously said it leases its spyware to legitimate governments for use in accordance with their own laws and it cancels contracts with
8:07 am
countries that misuse its products still, citizen lab and other watchdog groups repeatedly said they've found examples of the spyware being used to conduct surveillance on human rights activists and journalists around the world. >> scary to contemplate. miguel, thank you. the covid crisis has worsened a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers. the governor of massachusetts activated up to 250 members of the national guard to help starting today, 90 guard members will be trained to drive in four massachusetts towns. about 15 of them should be ready to go by the end of this week. the military assist will continue and could expand until there are enough bus drivers to cover all of the routes. we got the news covered, guys would you like a boost >> yes. >> this one is super sweet and perfect for the first few weeks of school. a toddler named emilia is very, very close to her three big brothers and now back in school, she does this every single day when they come home.
8:08 am
take a look at her >> happy to see you! [ screaming hi >> hi! >> wow. >> oh, their mom brittany posted that video she said she thought she would be a boy mom forever and after five years they had emmy and the whole family could not have been happier >> that little girl is going to be adored her whole life >> a lot of love ahead, al is sharing a one of a kind, high-flying adventure. >> it's a bird it's a plane it's superman! >> we always knew he was superman this time he flies like superman the fun time al had experiencing zero gravity while channeling his inner astronaut. first, sheinelle is going to give us a first row seat to fashion's biggest night. we're talking about the mel gala, of course. the red carpet looks that you'll
8:09 am
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8:12 am
we are ready for some "pop start. and one of the stars of the night is joining us. >> all hail the queen. >> it was fun. >> spies on the inside first up the met gala considered a best of oscar nights it is the hottest in town. sheinelle, i don't know what the theme means, but you were there. what was it like >> no one knows what it's mean in a kanye line. first time i covered the met gala in new york city. some of the biggest names in entertainment were there j.lo, rihanna, justin bieber it's typically the first monday of may but it was canceled last year because of the pandemic let me tell you, it is back in a big way.
8:13 am
♪ >> reporter: o say can you scream >> tell us who you are wearing >> can you talk to the "today" show quickly >> reporter: the met gala returning with the star-spangled theme of american independence celebrities marching to the beat of their own drum. for fashion's biggest night. tonight's red carpet or white carpet in this case is the hottest ticket in town and everyone who comes up these steps is approved by anna wintour herself. you look stunning, anna. can you tell us what you're wearing? >> yes it's homage to my great friend oscar. >> reporter: from billie eilish giving off major marilyn munroe vibes as the gala's youngest chair, to lil nas x with this golden, show-stopping moment
8:14 am
>> see this? >> oh! >> we have a costume change, ladies and gentlemen >> reporter: stars ready to shine on those famous stairs at new york's metropolitan museum of art after the pandemic caused plans for last year's event to unravel. tell me what makes this night special. >> we haven't seen each other in a year makes tonight special. >> reporter: we couldn't agree more sort of. your left shoulder covered j.lo the whole time >> that's what she asked me to do >> what is the best part of the met gala >> watching people stare what is this concoction? >> reporter: what are your wearing? >> same as my wife and having a good night parents night out today. >> hi, "today" show. >> look at my nails. >> we are all channeling our inner diana ross, big hair, don't care >> reporter: what does it mean to be on this white carpet tonight? >> it's fun to get dressed up
8:15 am
and remember the balance of life tiffany diamonds and couture and a little bob and black girl wearing what she wants. >> reporter: what makes this so intriguing >> i think you get to express yourself in a whole other way and get to be over the top and incredible. >> reporter: how do you keep raising the bar every year >> i try to keep up the rest of them, all my kids. they tell me what to wear, and put it on. >> your kids are trailblazers at this point. >> it's fun. i can't wait until they get here >> reporter: of course, keepin up with kim may have proven a little difficult as she tried anonymity on for size. along with the glitz and glamour we made time for plenty of selfies. >> say cheese. >> one, two, three. >> hair is everything. >> reporter: what would an american-themed event be without members of team usa, fresh off
8:16 am
the tokyo olympics gymnast simone biles flexing her fashion muscles in an 88-pound gown how does it feel to be on this red -- actually white carpet >> insane. unreal. >> reporter: newly crowned all-around olympic champ suni lee fittingly dressed in gold, thanking simone for enlisting the help of "today" to surprise her father with a new wheelchair earlier this month >> my dad is doing better. i think he loves his chair i'm so thankful for simone. >> reporter: gratitude always in style as the met gala celebrates the land of the free and home of the brave fashion choices. >> i see why they call it the party of the year. the gala is the main source of funding for the costume institute. to make up for the cancelled 2020 gala, they'll host another one next year in may as you can imagine, it'll be even bigger. it really was a good time. >> was it your first time? >> my first time
8:17 am
i would ask the stars who do you want to see? can you guess who they most wanted to see? almost unanimous >> j. lo >> rihanna they could not wait. the young stars especially, everybody waited for rihanna we were packing up and everybody was ready to go. after six hours, maybe guess who was probably the last to show up >> who >> rihanna. >> of course >> she stole the show. make an entrance >> you looked great. >> beautiful >> it was fun. i think the biggest thing, everybody seemed to have it in perspective. it was about coming together, having a good time, you know, raising money for the costume institute. nobody big timed us. >> would did your hair and makeup >> shout-out to bianca i have a new hair girl here on the "today" show i share with amber ruffin.
8:18 am
friend of mine is a star and crestca did my makeup in brooklyn and we met at my house and we were like high school girls. >> did you sleep last night? >> no. i slept on this and woke up. >> did you get to go inside and eat or do anything normal? >> everybody goes, what happens when you go inside it looks like -- i won't say elevated chicken dinner by any means. marcus samuelsson provided the vegan cuisine. i'm sure the food was amazing. i mean, did you see the outfits? i don't know how much you can eat. >> you can't even sit in some of them. >> oh, yeah. they also get a chance to see the pexhibit. >> cool. >> thank you. >> there's your report >> i envision putting the chicken in the clutch. i'll eat this later. >> exactly >> when cameras are away, i'll morph. >> exactly >> thank you, sheinelle. nice work. beyonce and jay-z star in a campaign for tiffany and company. bay channeling her inner audrey hepburn as she have the yellow
8:19 am
diamond and performs the classic "moon river. take a look. heartbreaker ♪ ♪ wherever you're going ♪ ♪ whenever you're going your way ♪ >> can't miss it yellow diamond you can see in that shot. she is the fourth person in history to wear it audrey hepburn and lady gaga also wore it 128 carats a lot there. kelly clarkson returns with her hit talk show monday she's the queen of covers, but she did bring out one of the big guns for season three. chris martin, coldplay's lead singer he joined kelly on the couch to serenade the audience with classics, including this whitney
8:20 am
houston one. ♪ i wanna dance with somebody i wanna feel the heat with somebody ♪ ♪ oh, i wanna dance with somebody with somebody who loves me ♪ >> good one. >> great >> that looks good. >> remember that time chris martin was here and he wanted to do the forecast? >> yes, he did he still can do it any time he wants. mr. roker, what do you have in the weather department? >> until chris gets here, we are looking at nicholas making its way through the gulf coast summer like weather through the southwest and strong storms across the great lakes sunshine here in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. take a look at our temperatures for the inland areas today, headed toward the mid 90s, and still hot tomorrow. but a little lower in some spots. we continue to cool off as we head closer to the weekend. low 80s for saturday as well as
8:21 am
sunday. we're going to see improved air quality. we're going to see hazy skies today. moderate air quality. temperatures reaching 70 in san francisco. look at the cooldown we'll have for the weekend as we get mist and drizzle. >> don't forget check us out on radio sirius xm channel 108. "off the rails" it is today at 1:00 we are taking a look u beyond our atmosphere and in to space. >> before we leave earth, al, you got a chance to enjoy zero gravity. a one of a kind flight looked like fun. >> it was a blast. we had so much fun out there after recent missions by blue origin and virgin galactic, floating in weightlessness is a thing now. one company is expanding horizon by offering more folks a chance to experience life without gravity. >> reporter: on the heels of the space race between billionaires.
8:22 am
>> welcome to space unity 22. >> reporter: and images of richard branson and jeff bezos in space, there is a renewed t thirst for this out of the world experience now i can't hitch a ride on one of their rockets hi, matt. >> al? >> reporter: matt gave my nb news crew and me a chance to suit up and take a flight on him -- with him on this. >> our chariot awaits. >> reporter: a boeing 727 called g-force 1, a to give everyday folks a chance to experience weightlessness without leaving earth. >> we give people that dream of what it's like to be an astronaut. >> reporter: you have these billionaires going up. has that spurred an interest in your company >> it definitely has all of a sudden, people say, zero gravity, how cool look how much fun they are having but few people have a couple
8:23 am
million to fly up. >> welcome aboard g-force 1. >> reporter: thank you the plane operates in designated air space and pilots flying g-force one in a wave formation. at the bottom, we experience 1.8 gs of force, making it feel heavier but as we reach the top, the plane slows down and allows our bodies to experience zero gravity and float for over 20 precious seconds of weightlessness >> whoa! >> give yourself a little push off with your hands. just like that >> reporter: the weirdest moment is as you hit weightlessness, you can feel it. all of a sudden, you're just released ♪ >> reporter: our flight did seven waves. it's a bird! it's a plane it's superman! >> coming down >> reporter: oh, no. i think kryptonite is kicking in while it may look like lighthearted fun.
8:24 am
>> i got you. >> reporter: flights like these have helped conduct some serious research and training for decades, from flights with nas astronauts to the all-civilian crew of inspiration four which will take spacex's falcon nine rocket into orbit later this week >> half of our flights are more and more research of how things work on the moon, as we become more exploring of those places >> a little push >> reporter: i'm a little thirsty. ha drink is on me 30 seconds goes by really quickly when you're weightless. >> when you're in motion, you don't realize how much time you're doing things until it's over. >> reporter: all of your senses are involved in this. >> yeah. >> reporter: look, mom no hands >> wow. >> that is cool. >> that's cool. >> the craziest thing. you thought you might get nauseous
8:25 am
you have a bagel before with a little cream cheese. you take dramamine they also tell you -- in fact, kudos to the crew. you cannot look at a viewfinder or iphone or anything. you will get sick. >> oh! >> they were shooting without really looking into the viewfinder. >> imagine if you were on a jetblue flight next to al's plane, watching it go like this. >> what's interesting, they keep -- you're in an faa specified spot it's 10 miles wide, 100 miles long there is no other aircraft around you >> can anyone go on these? >> it's like $7,500. it's not cheap but one of those things that's less than the millions you'd have to pay to get on the other planes. matt says zero-g is playing with sponsors to work with stem students and they did not charge nbc for our flight i got that flattering flight suit and i'm walking around for that. >> you're set for halloween.
8:26 am
>> more of mr. roker's adventures is coming up on the third hour virgin galactic's owner sir richard branson will join us also and "dear evan hansen" is good tuesday morning. i am laura garcia. voting centers are open as california decides the fate of governor newsom in the recall special election. around 40% of mail in ballots have been returned statewide. latest polling numbers show newsom with a big advantage. last night, president biden campaigned on his behalf at a rally in long beach. leading replacement larry elder also campaigned in southern california. polls close tonight at 8:00 p.m. let's get a look at the forecast with kari. >> we're waking up to moderate
8:27 am
air quality. a little smoke still moving in from the fires to the north of the bay area. that will stay with us as we go into today, our temperatures are heating up. it will look very much like yesterday. mid 90s for some of the warmest spots inland, low to mid-80s for the south bay, mid-80s for parts of the north bay, and 70s in san francisco. as we go through the forecast, we're going to be cooling off, and heading to the low 80s for the weekend. more clouds with showers just to our north. >> looks pretty pleasant, thanks so much. thank you for joining us as well. another local update in a half hour. join us for midday news at 11:00. have a great morning.
8:28 am
this couple is working hard
8:29 am
on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
8:30 am
♪ there's nothing that can defying gravity ♪ ♪ with you and i defying demogravity ♪ oh, yes. we are back with broadway's "wicked. wait a second, no. that's savannah and hoda from
8:31 am
halloween. >> way to blow it. >> celebrating the great white way. you nailed it though. >> no. knocked my hat off. >> makes me happier that broadway is back. >> yes, exactly. we love that now we will have the real thing. the cast of "wicked" is here just hours before the show reopens on broadway tonight. they have some fantastic performances for us in store throughout the morning >> if that is not enough, guess who just walked in our studio? ben platt and julianne moore they've won so many awards between them it is ridiculous they have a new movie out. it is a movie version of the broadway show "dear evan hanson." beautiful. beautiful music. >> by the way, what are you chatting about, the met last night? ben probably rolled in hot from the met gala late night then the resident foodie on "queer guy," anthony is cooking occupy cheesy pasta dinners your family will ask for over and
8:32 am
over again >> in the third hour, nba superstar carmelo anthony. he is joining us live in the studio, opening up about lif before the nba and how he feels about teaming up with his pal lebron james. hoda, you have some exciting news to share. >> you guys, i've been working on a secret project. you want to know what it is? >> yes. >> i have a podcast that is called "making space with hoda." with me. anyway you guys, i love to get, like, life advice from people and i like people who have lived incredible lives who are great life coaches and that is what this is. i've been interviewing people. i'm not kidding. i have a notepad next to me while they are talking and giving life advice i'm like, pause, write it down i feel you can learn from people's experiences one guy said to me, i try to set my intention each and every day. he's been married ten years, four kids. i said, what is your intention this week? he said, my intention is to date my wife. so starting each day, he is reintroducing himself to her
8:33 am
because every five year, you're different than you were five years ago, right you don't know your spouse that well right now reintroduce yourself now i like this, i don't like that that's one tiny sliver the episodes are fun, people you know, people you don't know. the trailer is out check it out it's called "making space with hoda kotb. the trailer is out. >> when does it start? >> starting on monday and i have a couple of great guests to kick it off see the qr code, scan it. >> you get a little snippet of that. >> they will make you feel so much better and help you write -- right your own ship. >> making space! >> that's right. al, let's get a check of the weather. >> can't get enough hoda and not enough weather either. cooler than average next week out west and much cooler than average in the northeast and the east next week from the great lakes
8:34 am
to the gulf. it'll be wetter. through the southwest, dryer but they will get a little moisture in the pacific northwest into good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. temperatures today still very warm in the inland valleys, headed to the mid 90s and a little bit cooler tomorrow. but the real cooling comes later on this week into the weekend. we're going to see that storm system moving just to the north and we're going to get cooler temperatures here. san francisco still mild today, a mix of sun and clouds, and cooling down from friday into the weekend, with highs in the upper 60s with mist and drizzle. of "today" he's in the house sir richard branson. >> there he is >> we will be talking to him he has a big, new, top secret thing coming up. he is taking over space and another area of earth is he taking over. >> he is taking over the world. >> can he do zero gravity for
8:35 am
$7,500 >> maybe he'll take me with him and leave me up there. we have real star power in the house. ben platt and julianne moore what it was like playing mother and son in the new movie musical everyone is going to be talking about. "dr evan hansen. brea (moausic) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
8:36 am
when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where they don't just know the difference between products, they live for it. from american hardwood to spanish porcelain to italian marble, i'm looking for inspiration from every part of the world. so, when it comes to discovering every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design, one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one.
8:37 am
explore floor & decor in person or online at (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ today is going to be a good day. here is why. the stars of the new "dear evan hansen" movie are with us. >> check out the film that is bringing the tony winning broadway hit to the big screen >> oh, my god! wow! i have to go to therapy and i have to take drugs. >> nothing wrong with it there is nothing wrong with needing help, honey. >> i know that there is an i'm a burden and the worst thing that ever happened to you and i just ruined your life, okay?
8:38 am
>> no! you are the best thing you're the best thing that has ever happened to me! >> where is the tissue box that comes down when you need it? good morning good to see you. i saw you on broadway years ago. seeing the movie somehow you've done it again all these years later. you found the character again. what was it like in the different context? and you're older now. >> it was a real privilege i feel really grateful i got to shepherd the character to the finish line and preserve him i've grown to love him and the story so much. i've seen firsthand how powerful it is and how much it can affect people and change lives and start conversations. to get to be the shepherd of that all the way to the screen is -- i feel really, really lucky. i got to work with incredible film actors that helped me julie really brought me a little closer to the ground >> i love how you put that julie, you saw him on broadway. were you boo-hooing?
8:39 am
>> oh, my goodness. entire time. i was in the tenth row shortly after they opened. i was dying to see the show. i was blown away when he opened his mouth and started to sing, i never heard anything like that in my life so beautiful and exquisite and live and original. i was a huge fan of the show but never, ever thought i'd be able to be in a show like this. i feel so fortunate. what an opportunity to work with him. >> talk about beautiful singing. ben, he know you are a beautiful singer savannah and i were up on the set and like we wanted to re-watch your song that brought us to tears beautiful. >> beautiful job >> thanks, guys. >> i told you before, i was kind of mad now you have yet another talent it's enough, already >> it is a beautiful song. i feel so honored that i got to sing it. it really is the ultimate mom song, isn't it to tell your child how you feel about them and how you'll never leave them. >> were you nervous? i mean -- >> i was so nervous. it was towards the end of the shoot.
8:40 am
you know, they saved that for last i didn't think i -- i honestly thought i don't think i'm going to make it through this day. he was such a support and he was so lovely and held my hand the entire time. we had to sing live, i was like this is a movie! why do we have to do this? but yeah >> it's sweet. you helped him with sort of the film acting and you helped julianne with the singing. very mother and son of you >> nice partnership. >> it was. >> i'm taken by your fingernails. i know you were at the met gala last night very busy and important. >> i was. >> tell us about it. >> it was fun. really, really fun sometimes those things are scary. first time i weptnt, i ended up leaving. >> tell us about the digs. >> christian cowan a designer and giving a studio 54 cowboy. >> love it. >> this time i was determined to make it to the actual end of the event and not freak out because i didn't know anyone
8:41 am
i found some friends there and it was really fun. i think everyone is so happy to be around other people. >> how much sleep did you get last night >> probably five hours not too bad. >> good! >> you guys know about no sleep. >> we are like netflix thing we are not at the met gala. >> this is a beautiful movie if you saw the broadway show, you're going to love the movie it is beautiful and we want to thank you both for coming and encourage people to see it it's real good check out "dear evan hansen". from our sister company, universal pictures it hits theaters on september 24th >> perfect you're here today broadway is reopening. >> yes. >> we're celebrating that, too >> are you going to "wicked" tonight? >> i am! >> we will see you there >> see you there >> will you come with us >> yes, i will >> let me tell you have a nap it's what we do, late night to early morning. up next, the cast of "wicked" will warm up for tonight's reopening with a special performance right here on our plaza first,his is "today" on t
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi "wicked" made its broadway debut nearly 18 years ago but march of last year the curtains closed because of the pandemic. >> tonight, 552 days later, the magic is back. before that long awaited return to oz, the cast of "wicked" is with us this morning for a special performance all morning long, in fact. >> let's kick it off, guys are you ready? what is this feeling let's hear it for the company of ♪ what is the feeling to sudden and new i "wicked. ♪ what is the feeling
8:45 am
so sudden and new i felt the moment i laid eyes on you ♪ ♪ my pulse is rushing, my head is reeling, face is flushing ♪ ♪ what is this feeling fervid as a flame does it have a name yes ♪ ♪ loathing unadulterated loathing for your face your voice, your clothing ♪ ♪ let's just say i loathe it all ♪ ♪ every little trait however small makes my very flesh begin to crawl ♪ ♪ with simple utter loathing there's a strange exhilaration ♪o pure ♪ in such total destestation it's so pure, so strong ♪ ♪ though i do admit it came on fast still i do believe that it can last ♪ ♪ and i will be loathing loathing you
8:46 am
my whole lifelong ♪ ♪ dear glinda you are just too good how do you stand it i don't think i could ♪ ♪ she's a terror she's a tartar we don't mean to show a bias but glinda you're a martyr ♪ ♪ well these things are sent to try us ♪ ♪ poor glinda forced to reside with someone so disgusticifieg we just want to tell you we're all on your side ♪ ♪ we share your what is this feeling so sudden and new ♪ ♪ i felt the moment i laid eyes on you ♪ ♪ my pulse is rushing my head is reeling ♪ ♪ oh what is this feeling does it have a name ♪ ♪ yes
8:47 am
there's a strange exhilaration loathing in such total detestation ♪ ♪ it's so pure so strong ♪ ♪ though i do admit it came on fast still i do believe that it can last ♪ ♪ and i will be loathing for forever loathing truly, deeply loathing you ♪ ♪ my whole lifelong loathing unadulterated loathing ♪ ♪ boo ♪ [ applause ] >> oh! >> excuse me >> oh! wow! >> broadway is back, baby! >> fantastic >> "wicked". >> well done >> welcome back! >> they will be back in the third hour they will be back in the fourth hour guess what
8:48 am
>> whe are coming tonight >> sa vannah and i will be there your audience tonight and we will report back tomorrow. al and craig, where are you going? >> "hamilton." >> jenna and i are going to "lion king." >> broadway is back. >> it will be so cool. up next "queer eye "star antoni porowski is back. we have pasta dishes antoni
8:49 am
♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪ excuse me, i was wondering could we-- ? bedroom! finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question, you can always count on your local geico agent. they can give you personalized advice and could help you save hundreds.
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who wants some dress shirts!? for expert help with all your insurance needs, get to know your local geico agent today. ♪ >> announcer: "today" food" is sponsored by nature valley granola bars ingredients for on the go energy. this morning, on "today" food, antoni porowski of "queer eye" on netflix a show everybody knows and love. >> he has his second book that is out today i cooked so much during the
8:51 am
quarantine, i thought of doing a cookbook is that where you got the inspiration to do your book number two >> i wrote it before the pandemic, so during the pandemic, i tested all the recipes out, which was really nice yeah, it was actually written way before >> "queer eye" won an emmy, so congratulations. >> thank you it's such a great award because i love that it includes every single person in production, getting the best unscripted. i was convinced it was our second or third, but i was corrected, it's our fourth in a row. >> there you go. hard to keep up. what are we making this morning, sir? >> okay. so this morning, bright and early, this is one of my favorite kind of, like, decadent braised version i splurges and inspired from a braised meal i had growing up. but simpler and using rotisserie
8:52 am
chicken and bacon is in there. >> i like that >> you can get the roasted chicken from the store. >> you always have bacon. >> right. >> honestly. the rotisserie chicken is a star player in my cookbook because it's already ready and get an antibiotic free bird at the store. you can use it for two to three meals. it's great for families. good bang for your buck. >> free bird i'm such a dork. >> basically, i've been sweating out some onions and garlic and fresh rosemary now i'm adding some heavy cream. >> heavy. >> just a little. >> heavy. >> winter is coming. >> by a little, it's a lot it's all good. >> yes. >> i basically want this to bubble out >> bubble out? >> it's going to reduce a little bit. it's steaming pretty quickly this is basically the base for our sauce. then i have some nice wide noodles. >> already cooked?
8:53 am
>> last five minutes i chopped up carrots but you can use frozen ones, as well they'll add sweetness to it. pop that in that. >> looks like the noodles were already cooked. >> yeah. >> it does look good. >> real good. >> it smells so nice and cream with onion is like one of my favorite, favorite combos. >> my mom made beef stroganoff. >> the cream is going to separate the pasta >> like a nice fall and wintry dish. >> where is the bacon? >> yes, it's very good for the fall perfect. and then this is so important. >> okay. >> people talk about this all the time but i've actually reserved some pasta water from when i was cooking the pasta. it is a thickening agent, helping to emulsify the sauce. it looks liquidity, but it'll reduce quickly >> i was emulsified last night. >> don't listen to al.
8:54 am
we are just making comments. they're stupid like my free bird comment. >> what does it mean >> no idea >> continue. we want to know when the bacon gets in there. >> i have nice crispy bacon. i rendered some of the fat this will add a nice little crunch to the dish and so i'm plopping that right in there >> then the chicken? >> a piece of it fell on the floor but it's okay. we will go on. >> you can throw that back in there. >> there you go. and then rotisserie chicken. >> yea >> taking this off the bone already. and break it down. >> i'm using the dark meat because i think it has a lot more flavor. >> yeah. i agree. that is a fact >> then, finally, the last little step, some graded parm. cheese never hurt anybody unless you're lactose intolerant. >> fair. >> good point. >> can't argue with that.
8:55 am
>> i'm out. >> there's been asterisk there >> that looks pretty easy. >> it is pretty easy this is the finished product over here. >> looks great >> beautiful rosemary, crunchy bacon and sweet carrot cubes. >> pretty! >> red wine on the side. >> mac and cheese. >> woo. >> mac and cheese is mandatory in any of my cookbooks i always have at least one version of it. this is a wonderful skillet version with mozzarella and parm and broccoli, so the kids can get their veggies in the only way i ate broccoli as a kid is with cheese whiz. now i'm a grown-up, and i still need my broccoli with cheese >> you're not messing around thank you. wow! that is great. you're coming back with hoda and jenna. another street pan supper. you're looking for that. all of these recipes at "let's do dinner" is at
8:56 am
thanks so much, antoni. >> thank you, guys miss you all >> you too >> we are do not just ahead, third hour sir richard branson is live in studio 1a. he'll tell us why after conquering space, he is heading out to sea first, your local news good morning to you. it is 8:56. i am kris sanchez. voting centers are now open. california decides the fate of governor gavin newsom in the recall special election. some of the latest numbers show newsom with a big advantage. last night, president biden campaigned on his behalf at a
8:57 am
rally in long beach and praised the governor and his leadership for protecting californians from covid. leading republican replacement candidate larry elder questioned how the governor made life better for californians, as it comes to crime and public education. somewhere around 40% of mail-in ballots have been returned statewide. happening now, keeping a close eye on voters as they cast ballots. coming up at 11:00, we'll show you what's happening.
8:58 am
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♪♪ live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." good morning, everybody. welcome to the third hour of "today" tuesday, september 14th. i'm al being, along with sheinelle and craig and dylan. i showed you how the astronauts train before launch and i got to take a fun ride on a zero gravity flight and we cannot wait to share that with you. >> one of the few people floating around weightlessly, sir richard branson is live in


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