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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 9, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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/. and good morning to you. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. >> i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. marcus and laura are off today. let's begin with a live look across the bay area. moments ago we got the word that we're under a red flag warning. nbc bay area has issued a microclimate weather alert as a result. >> now this comes as worry of dry lightning and fire danger is expected to move in tonight. meteorologist kari hall here timing this out, and then there's a flex alert on top of that, kari. >> yeah. so we do need to conserve energy
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between the hours of 4s and 9:00 because of the heat, but we're also dealing with the big concern that we have here for the next i would say 24 hours as we're going to see this red flag warning continue. now just starting for the 5:00 hour this evening. continuing until 11:00 tomorrow morning. all of these shaded in red are included in that, and it includes much of the north bay as well as inland east bay for the hills on the diablo range. here's what's going on. we're seeing a couple of weather systems merging together. the first one moving in from the north will provide some nurse, enough lift in the atmosphere, but we're also getting that combined with some moisture surging up that we're already seeing this morning from the remnants of a tropical system that has extended into the bay area. so far we've seen a couple of very light spotty showers and even over ukiah we're getting some rain. we're thinking oh, yes, the rain, great. this rain is moving way too quickly, and the vegetation is already dried out at record levels.
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it's not enough rain to really help us out here, and it's also coming well ahead of the potential of getting some lightning strikes which will be later this evening, so we're watching out for these ingredients coming together. that's not looking good for us, and that's the reason why we have the high fire danger and the red flag warning. so we're going to go hour by hour. you can call up somebody and tell them to watch because we're going to go through the time line coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. as we talk of fire, developing right now in eldorado county, efforts from the air and ground paying off for fifthers that are battling the caldor wildfire near tahoe. we've got word this morning that it's 53% contained. the fires punched nearly 218,000 acres over more than three weeks. nearly 800 homes have been destroyed. >> to the north of there, the dixie wildfire meanwhile triggering new evacuations. in shasta county the flames are pushing hardest in the northeast direct from where the fire originated. the dixie fire is burning in five counties, and it's been
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burning nearly two months after it started in chico. it has now burned more than 927,000 acres, but containment is now at 60%, and some good news for the south bay, a once missing 11-year-old little girl is safe. about 90 minutes ago an emergency alert went out on your phones this morning in the south bail. you might have heard them, asking for the public's help in finding her. a short time later she was found near her home. that's good news. >> a difficult morning for parents, teachers and anile school students in lafayette. a crossing guard was killed while on diet. an suv slammed into him and a child right in front of the school yesterday afternoon. the child will survive though. nbc bay area's bob redell live in lafayette, and the guard saved lives, bob. >> correct. good morning to you, scott. we spoke with the mother whose kids sadly witnessed this collision that took place right here in the road in front of me
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here at stanley middle school. there's a memorial that parents and kids and teachers have been setting up for this man. this mother says the crossing guard pushed kids out of the way from the incoming suv, jumped in front of the vehicle and in her hands literally risked his life to save those kids in that moment. now this was the scene a few hours ago. you can see a lafayette police officer, the school superintendent and others man the crosswalks as kids return to school the day after this horrific accident that unfortunately, as i mention the, several parents and children witnessed. students, moms and dead left flowers. many people hugged each other and cried this morning. extra counselors are on site to help the kids cope. this collision happened a little bit before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. this was just as school was letting out. the driver of an suv hit the guard and a child. the child suffered minor injuries. the superintendent tells us they expect that child to be okay. people had to pull the crossing guard from out underneath the
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suv. they tried to save him and he was unfortunately pronounced dead later at the hospital. his identity has yet to be confirmed but friends and neighbors say he was ashley old. this was his the job as a crossing guard. >> i just feel immense gratitude for ashley diaz, for where he was at that time yesterday, that he was there to protect those kids, and i just think every time we get behind a wheel that we need to think about these things in we're in a hurry or impatient what's at risk. >> now law enforcement is still investigating the cause of this collision. the driver did stop and is cooperating with police. the school superintendent in the lafayette school district believes the collision was in his word a pure accident. wasn't somebody trying to dodge around the traffic rules or drive unsafely. we've heard from a number of
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parents, however, who thinks there's too much speeding and unsafe driving in front of the school. >> i think it's really going to say to the community that there has to be a little bit more regulation on, you know, signs for like staying off your phone, reducing the speed limit, having a little bit more layer of protection because there's two schools here, and as you can see it's just car after car after car, kid after kid after kid. >> the school superintendent believes that the security camera here at stanley middle school did capture or at least there's a good shot that it captured this collision so they will be passing it on to police. they will also have lafayette police out here manning these crosswalks, at least until the end of this week and after that they will re-evaluate how they want to move forward with these crosswalks and their cross guards. reporting live here in lafayette, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> later today, the nation will hear from president joe biden. the president is expected to
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provide an update on the fight against covid-19 as well as the steps that should be taken to ensure more americans are vaccinated and tested. nbc bay area's cierra johnson has a preview. >> reporter: president joe biden is expected to speak to the nation later this afternoon as many americans are wrapping up their summers and many families are heading back to school. the president is expected to address not only the delta variant but also measures for americans to ensure that they are vaccinated as well as tested. white house sources have confirmed to nbc the president is expected to call on all schools to establish regular testing for covid-19. in the spring $10 billion of federal funds were allocated to help test students, teachers and staff members. current cdc guidelines recommend testing for the unvaccinated or in communities there's even a moderate risk of transmission. and with school back in session in san francisco, some parents we spoke with say this is a step in the right direction. >> covid-19 is like spreading in
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most areas, yeah. how to stop the covid-19 spreading to everyone. >> i think that parents of all kids are interested in seeing our children safe, and we need the resources to be able to keep them safe. >> white house sources tell nbc that the president is also expected to announce new requirements for all federal workers to receive the covid-19 vaccine. according to nbc this would impact as many as 2.1 million americans. and the president is expected to speak at 2:00 p.m. pacific. you can check out that speech as well as coverage surrounding his announcement both on air and online. in san francisco, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> thanks, cierra. also today, the president expects to issue an executive order requiring a new vaccine mandate for all federal workers and millions of federal contractors. that step is expected to build upon a similar requirement that
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the president issued in july. again, that speech is expected to begin about 2:00 our time. we will bring it to you live on nbc bay area, and we'll stream it on >> l.a.'s school board taking action. tonight the nation's second largest school district will hold a special meeting to vote on and likely adopt a vaccine requirement for eligible students. some say the plan may even become the blueprint for school systems nationwide. >> we should not be seeing cases of pediatric hospitalization. we should not be seeing cases of pediatric infections. we as a society are not doing a good job protect our children. >> if approved, students will have to be fully vaccinated by january for in class learning. the deadline could be sooner for extracurricular activities. >> starting tomorrow berkeley joins san francisco requiring proof of vaccination for places like restaurants, clubs and gyms indoors, and that policy applies to anybody over the age of 12. the city is also requiring people who work at these businesses to be fully
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vaccinated by october 15th or submit to a weekly covid test. >> the there are five days left to vote in the recall election. the candidates are criss-crossing the state campaigning in this final stretch. governor gavin newsom supporters will gather today in san jose. they are holding a real outside the superior court building at 2:30, and we got word that president biden will join the governor for a rally in long beach on monday. here's another poll suggesting newsom will keep his job if his supporters vote. this poll done by suffolk university, not show the favored by 17 points. larry elder continues to be the top replacement candidate favored by nearly 40%. no other candidate tracking even 5%. now we have an entire page dedicated to the recall election on our website click on newsom recall in the trending bar. well, the countdown is on. insurrection supporters plan to gather at the capitol building once again to say and make their
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voices heard. high security preps now under way. >> and gearing up for kickoff. the covid protocols that will be in place as the nfl season starts tonight. the new season of kelly clarkson quickly approaching as well starting monday. here's a sneak peek. >> welcome to "the kelly clarkson show! >> it's a new season of kelly. >> are you going to like maybe serenade me? ♪♪ >> and we kick it off at nyc. i'm going to keep this girl. >> who did it first? >> this is your show. it's your game. >> thank you for having my initials. >> those are mine!
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ten days from now the nation's capitol, the so-called justice for j6 rally will be
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hold by supporters of the insurrectionists who took part in the january 6th riot. >> and there's fears it could lead to new violence. >> reporter: capitol police plan to encircle the house and senate once again with a seven-foot tall metal fence. that's according to a person familiar with the discussions as concerns mount about a pro-insurrectionist rally planned for next weekend. the capitol police department and lawmakers preparing for the worst. >> and now these people are coming back to praise the people who out to kill, out to kill members of congress. >> reporter: according to organizers, the justice for j6 real on the capitol's west lawn aims to show support for the 599 people since arrested for their roles in the january 6th insurrection and for ashley babitt, the woman shot dead by capitol police near the house floor. >> we're going to raise our voices in defense of our fellow americans who have had their rights and due process vie late. we're going to raise our voices
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demanding justice for ashley babitt. >> in an exclusive interview last month with lester hoeshlgts the officer who shot babitt describing the encounter this way. >> if they get through that door, they are in the house chamber and upon the members of congress. >> reporter: real organizer matt braynard telling nbc news that the fence is it unnecessary pointing to his group's history of peaceful protests and carmen best says capitol police are right to predict for the worst case scenario. >> one thing we do know and that is predictable is people can be unpredictable so you have to prepare for all levels acts because you just don't know for sure. >> all this comes as the fbi released new video of the suspect who left pipe bombs outside the democratic and republican headquarters buildings the night before the january 6th capitol attack. neither bomb went off, but investigators believe both were fully functional. the fbi believes the suspect is
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not from the d.c. area, but they know almost nothing else about the would-be bomber. perhaps the biggest remaining unsolved mystery of january 6th. >> that's garrett hake reporting. saturday marks two years since the dark day of september 11th. the ashes of ground zero in new york city underwent massive change. nbc has posted a visual display of how much the area has changed 9/11 to today. that's among a series of exclusive reports and other features that nbc will do. all of this remaining week as part of america remembers 20 years later. >> california is one step closer to being able to permanently take away the badge of any police officer found guilt of of misconduct. the state senate passed a police accountability bill, and it's now on the way to governor newsom's desk. the legislation will create a statewide certification system so an officer's license can be
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revoked. they would also be barred from transferring to other departments if that happens. california is one of four states without a way to decertify troublesome officers. now football fans everywhere are dying to know whether tom brady can do it again. tonight we get our first real look. if you don't know, the nfl season kicks off tonight right here on nbc bay area, and the pride of san matteo tom brady will be right at the center of it taking on the dallas cowboys. remember, brady's buccaneers won the super bowl last season. this season the league and fans will face new covid protocols and nbc's craig melvin has a preview from tampa on what we can expect. >> reporter: chryst, good morning to you. hello from tampa bay, or chiampa bay is what they have been calling it since they won that super bowl just a few months ago. tonight the defending champs, the tampa bay buccaneers taking on america's team, the dallas cowboys to kick off the nfl season. this season is going to look a lot different than what we saw
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last season. of course, last season you saw a slew of covid restrictions because the virus was so rampant. as an example you had about 24,000 here for the super bowl and a bunch of cardboard cutouts. tonight they are expecting a packed house, some 67,000 fans to kick off the nfl season. football is back. another sign perhaps that america is also starting to come back as well. another big difference this year for football fans, you get one more game. a 17-game season this year instead of a 16-game season which means, of course, even more football, kris. >> we will take it because that's one more pot of chili. >> nbc bay area's schedule is also different because of the big game. nbc bay area nuts will air at a special time at 3:00 in the afternoon and then you see there, lester holt will be on at 3:30 and then at 4:00 you can seat bucs take on the boys and the season starts at 4:00. >> well, where were you one year ago today? if you were in the bay area you
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were under this sky, bright orange due to a mix of wildfire smoke and smog. meteorologist kari hall here with a new threat. some possible storms coming in tonight. you know, you hope that would mean rape, kari but in fact it means more fire danger. >> right. because there's not a lot of rain coming with these storms and there may be just dry lightning like we saw last year with the august complex of the fires that started to break out after the lightning storm that we had. it doesn't look like it will be on that level, but even just one lightning strike will be bad here. let's talk about temperatures and where we're headed for today. now we're looking at some cooler temperatures for many of our microclimates where yesterday we were over 100 degrees and we had the flex alefrmts today the flex alert continues, but it won't be as hot soy won't have as hard of a time keeping the house cool. we're look at temperatures in concord and livermore up to about 89 degrees and 92 in antioch. us a make your way closer to the bay, our temperatures are much
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cooler. 27 for a high in oakland and in napa today, 84 degrees and 66 in san francisco. so looking at our fire danger, this is what we're concerned about going into tonight. all of these areas shaded in red will be under this red flag warning, so that means that we have the risk some dry lightning meaning thunderstorms without a lot of rain and the lightning left behind that could possibly ignite some of these extremely dry fuels that we have in place, and then those thunderstorms also may create some gusting winds making it very erratic out there and so if you have a little bit of wind and a lightning strike on some dry vegetation fires do start and start to spread very quickly under these conditions. let's get a look at what's going on. we have a storm system approaching from the north. did you see text tending off the coast with all of the clouds, and then we have a cluster of rain right below that. that's remnants of a tropical system and we're already feeling that humidity and even getting a little bit that have rain already as the system moves
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closer. what will happen tonight, these two systems will meet up right over the bay area, and so the first one part to the north is going to provide the energy and the lift and then this one that's moving in right now will provide a little bit of moisture. when these two come together, it does look like we'll have a potential of some active thunderstorms across the region. right now we've seen some spotty showers. that's because the energy hasn't arrived yet and so there's the possibility that this will move on north and then we'll see another wave and the possibility of some lightning going on tonight. it looks like even by noon we're starting to see some of the thundershowers developing off the coast and maybe even moving into san francisco right around the evening commute time. we're seeing spotty shows possible especially near the coast towards sonoma county and parts of marin county and all the way down to spots like half moon bay and as we go into late tonight we start to see the pop-up showers that will be moving into parts of the north bay with off and on rain and i've overlate potential of where
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we can see some lightning. here we are at 11:30 at night, 1:00 in the morning, and we're starting to see the showers popping up. each as we go hour by hour for many of our microclimates most off us won't see the activity unless you're in the north bay and parts of the east bay and we could see the lightning moving through. this is all of concern as we go into tonight. once again, not a lot of rain. this all clears out by early tomorrow mornings and one lightning strike will be bad because it could hit some dry vegetation and start some new fires. we'll have updates all throughout the day. check in for the latest newscasts as well. >> all right. if you're on the go, you can take that forecast with you as we track that fire danger for the rest of the weekend into the weekend. you can find out the late by downloading the nbc bay area app and get those breaking news alerts right to your phone. >> going green is obviously still a growing trending but what often gets overlooked is the sustainability of the new clothes that we buy. >> the research term recently
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released its climate report. it found many top fashion brands fail to meet their eco-friendly standards including use fossil fuels and plastics and other raw materials in their product which they say has a huge impact on the climate. >> we're seeing increasely, especially in the sportswear sector and the fast fashion sector continuing to rely on polyester and nylon and those are derived from fossil fuel and have a huge climate footprint. >> watch the whole report on nbclk at or on the air at channel xfiniti cable. >> coming up, it's been nearly two decades since the world has been in the matrix. now it's time to go back. the must see trailer from the new movie and the ties that it has here in the bay area. >> first, happening now, about 200 people including americans took off from kabul airport today on the first passenger flight since america withdrew. the taliban lived up to its promise that it would let foreigners and afghans with
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valid travel documents leave. this morning's flight was headed to qatar. we're back after the break.
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new at 11:00, did you take the red pill or the blue pril? the new trailer for the next ma tricks" is out. >> here's the trailer for
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"matrix resurrection." >> keanu reeves and carrie ann moss are repricing their roles and very little is known about the plot but parts of it were filmed in the bay area, san francisco and alameda county. >> for safety, i need you to get away. >> that's all movie stuff. you don't need to worry. filming began in san francisco last year and it was halted because of last year. the movie is scheduled to be released in theaters and on hbo max december 26th >> i remember people were thrilled to see keanu reeves eating an ice cream cone like a normal person. >> we might need some ice cream cones, kari. it's going to be hot. >> yeah. we do still have some hot temperatures through the inland areas. we also just want to make sure that you're prepared for the potential of fires late they are evening. make sure you have a plan to evacuate as well as have your kit together as we'll be watching out for the red flag, with a. after that we'll see a fairly mild weekend with temperatures
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in the mild 80s in the inland areas and that will condition into next week. kris and scott. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> our next newscast is not at 5:00 today. it's at 3:00 because we have "monday night football" or not money night, "thursday night football." >> it's football. >> it's football.
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california, california live, california live ♪♪ >> hello, and welcome to nexttic edition of "california live" and ross we're here at the garden in san francisco. what about this place? >> it's unreal. the perfect way to describe this place, feels like a fairy tale, psychedelic place through space, time and reality and it's for a very immersive period. >> first, let's check


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