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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  August 31, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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carried out last week's attack outside the kabul airport. plus, it's not just flames they're battling. and battered by hurricane ida, now facing weeks without power in the late summer heat. >> my heart sinks. i know what we went through after the rebuild of katrina. >> we'll show you the recovery process in louisiana. good evening. thanks for joining us on this tuesday, i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. america's longest war is officially over, but it's clear the politics and danger continue. the taliban once again the undisputed rulers of afghanistan just as it was in 2001. president biden addressing the nation again today to explain his determination to stick with this august 31st deadline to pull out of that country.
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alice barr has the latest from washington, d.c. >> reporter: snapshots from the end of a 20-year war. the last u.s. soldier boarding a plane to leave afghanistan. the final diplomats carrying the american flag. as taliban militants celebrate in the streets and comb through equipment the u.s. military made inoperable before leaving. president biden addressing the nation today. >> we succeeded in what we set out to do in afghanistan over a decade ago. and we stayed for another decade. it was time to end this war. >> reporter: the president faces fierce criticism for the deadly chaos of the final days in afghanistan and for sticking with his timeline, despite leaving as many as 200 americans behind and thousands of afghans who worked alongside the u.s. >> i believe there should be accountability for what i, what i see as probably the biggest failure in american government
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on the military stage in my lifetime. >> reporter: president biden defended the evacuation, calling it a success that brought more than 124,000 people to safety. he vowed to keep working to get everyone out while insisting america is better off without a lasting presence in afghanistan. >> i firmly believe the best path to guard our safety and our security lies in a tough, unforgiving, targeted, precise strategy. that goes after terror where it is today. >> reporter: the president honoring the 13 u.s. service members killed outside the kabul airport. the fallen joining more than 2400 u.s. troops lost in a bloody conflict that's ending how it began, with the taliban in control of afghanistan. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> local congressman is reaching out to afghan refugees.
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he met with members of the afghan community in walnut creek and talked about the best way to ep refugees who fled their country. he said he will help them find resources to resettle here. he says it's important to connect them with state and local agencies, nonprofits and community groups. >> for me personally, as one of 135 members of congress, i think we have a moral obligation to make sure that every afghan who wants to be relocated, that we facilitate that. >> desaulnier says the afghans saved american lives and we need to do everything we can to protect them. then there are those who are still in afghanistan, left behind. tonight, growing questions about both u.s. citizens and u.s. allies who could be the top targets of the taliban government. as nbc bay area's ginger conhair
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ras saba explains, they are in a desperate situation. >> reporter: it's a feeling shared by hundreds, if not thousands, still looking for a way out. an afghan-american attorney who spoke to nbc news says desperation and fears have only intensified now that the u.s. has officially withdrawn all u.s. troops. among those still trapped and fearing for their lives, several of her family members. >> there was an explosion not far their from their home. one of the men is her family member who helped build a school for girls. >> received a certificate of acknowledgement, thank you for
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your sacrifices and the advancement of women's education and it also says thank you for putting your life at risk and putting your family's life at risk. >> reporter: but now those sacrifices don't seem to be helping them much. sophia has applied for a special visa for her family members but has not heard from the state department, but she hasn't lost hope. >> i have the incredible fortune to link up with a non-profit named freedom support alliance. they are working to evacuate, support and resettle afghans, siv holders and applicants. >> reporter: for now, sophia and her family continue to wait. encouraging those in the community and non-afghans as well to get involved any way they can. >> what's happening in kabul right now?
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richard engel gives us a look at the reality on the ground in afghanistan and what the taliban is saying about future discussions and negotiations at 6:30. let's get to our top story, the breaking news of the caldor fire. it is still approaching lake tahoe. it's going to be another intense 24 hours. take a look at this video, doing everything they can in this power to stop these flames from advancing. the fire has destroyed almost 192,000 acres. a small bit of good news at this hour. containment has inched up to 16%. this video, though, shows how daunting a task firefighters have in front of them. it's not just a large wall of flames, hotspots are popping up started by burning embers. this is near echo lake. crews are using echo lake to fill up engines with 500 gallons
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of water. the firefighters had to open up all their hoses full blast. 500 gallons would be used in about one minute. as for the cal fire, they are also having to deal with the covid outbreak. a strike team heading to the south lake tahoe area had to be pulled out of service because all 16 firefighters on that team tested positive for covid. the affected firefighters will have to quarantine for two weeks. their vaccination status is unknown. cal fire didn't announce it and they didn't announce where that team is from. not just fighting against the recall election, but governor newsom focussing on the fires. he thanked the nearly 15,000 firefighters on the front lines across the state right now. >> number one priority in the state. it's our number one priority, putting everything we've got on
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see dc-10s. you saw clockwork, dozens of helicopters coming in and pulling water out of the reservoirs. >> these crews are working in unison. the governor in oakland today. he also said federal aid has been crucial toward getting more resources to the front lines. as we know, the situation changes by the hour. we are monitoring it all across our social platforms throughout this newscast and throughout the night. follow our nbc bay area twitter page. from fires to flooding, recovery efforts continue in louisiana in the aftermath of hurricane ida. power remains out across much of the state as residents struggle to get back on their feet. nbc's liz mclaughlin is in kenner, louisiana with the
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latest. >> reporter: parts of louisiana still treading water two days after hurricane ida made landfall. dozens bought to safety in jefferson parish. but the fate of many others remains unclear, as rescuers struggle to reach coastal communities. some who decided to ride out the storm regretting that decision. >> in hindsight i probably would have been better off taking off. >> reporter: while many who stayed struggle to find gas and other supplies. about half of louisiana is without power. some may have to wait weeks until it's restored. >> every area is not going to come back at the same time. >> reporter: meanwhile, ida's death toll continues to rise after part of the highway washed away in mississippi. the deadly storm leaving behind a path of destruction. parts of louisiana could be uninhabitable for months. >> this is going to be a marathon and not a sprint. >> reporter: and recovery could
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take years. >> my heart sinks, because i know what we went through to rebuild after katrina. >> reporter: neighbors are answering the call to help. support pouring in to rescue and rebuild once again. fema officials are now on the ground in louisiana. as of last count, 113,000 households have applied for disaster assistance. >> liz mclaughlin, nbc news. up next, concerns over a covid outbreak on board. an update on the cargo ship that's now docked in san francisco. an at-home workout gives one of our viewers a run around for her refund. and some cooler weather on the way to the bay area. you can see the fog starting to roll in right now. i'll have details on that and more on the caldor fire coming up in about eight minutes.
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we have new details about that cargo ship anchored in the
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bay with the covid outbreak on board. two crew members were admitted to the hospital and four discharged and put in isolation. the six of them were taken off the ship yesterday after testing positive for covid. a total of 21 crew members are on board, 19 tested positive for covid. about a dozen had mild or no symptoms. it had stay here anchored while crew members quarantine. pg&e is making a move that could put money back in your pocket. the state utilities commission is allowing pg&e to sell its san francisco headquarters and relocate to oakland. the current campus is made up of several buildings on beale and market streets. the future headquarters will be across the bay. the company says it will return $400 million to customers over a five-year period.
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the move is expected to begin next year. the b.a.r.t. board of directors, you see them there, 41 escalators will be installed. they will have canopies and l.e.d. strips for better lighting. the project will take some time. b.a.r.t. expects to replace about six escalators per year. tonight we respond to a south bay woman who was getting zero mileage out of her new elliptical machine. >> our chris chmura went the extra mile. that's when you do both things, right? >> that's the thing you put the clothes on. >> to hang in the room. >> stephanie didn't want hers to become a clothes hanger. she spent $200 on amazon and wanted to actually use the thing. around six months later she say
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it is stopped working. the company told her, get this, to crack it open, take a look inside the thing. here's where the photos come in. this is what she found. that right there is the belt, the main belt, completely shredded. the company didn't respond, week after week. so stephanie asked us to step in. we did. sunny health mailed her a replacement part, but stephanie says that arrived broken too. she was fed up. she was ready for a refund. sunny health declined, saying this. our team is unable to provide refunds when the item is not purchased directly from us. okay. so we e-mailed amazon. which returned stephanie's $200 and said this. we work hard to provide customers with a great experience and deeply regret that this situation did not live up to our high standards. two keys here. first, when you pay a company through a third party like amazon, that's an avenue for a refund.
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so use it early on. second, research a product's warranty when you are shopping. here's deal with sunny health. their warranty covers an elliptical frame for three years, but the other parts only covered for six months. those points important to look for in any product. if it's getting your heart rate up, maybe we can go the extra mile for you, too. call us,888-996-tips. you guys ever bought a piece of equipment that just sat and collected dust? >> oh, no. look how great of shape we're in. >> i may have hand weights. a shaker in the south bay, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake outside of pinnacle's national park. it happened around 9:00 this
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morning. usgs reports no injury or damage. labor day weekend is approaching. i see the lake tahoe region behind you as well. >> just in case you missed some of the coverage at the top of the show, we are under red flag fire warnings until 11 check tomorrow. you can see wind gusts will be 20-50 miles per hour in the fire zone. we're looking at gusty winds as you roll through tomorrow as well. it's been most active on the eastern side of the fire because of the way the wind's blowing. it's pushing any smoke, flames and embers right there off to the north. so this did burn through myers,
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unfortunately, as expected. now it's expected to approach the lake tahoe airport. they have had such a tremendous fight on their hands the last 24 hours. this would have spread a lot farther last night. let's just hope they can keep that containment away from south lake tahoe. four miles away at this point. we have full coverage at there's always two sides of the weather story. we're on the other side of the coin, and it was beautiful. some of the best air quality we have had in days. hopefully you're able to get outside and enjoy it. it helped lift my mood somewhat. we've had so much we're dealing with lately, with covid, the smoke, the fires. it was nice to get a respite. if you're headed out to get groceries around 8:00 or 9:00, take that jacket, temperatures dropping into the 60s. let me show you why i think we'll have weather like this tomorrow. we have fog at the coastline and
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a system just to the north helping to drop temperatures, also keep some of the thickest smoke away. if you are up early tomorrow, you can see the fog will be a lot different for us. spotty areas of drizzle. low clouds moving over toward the east bay, and some of that towards gilroy. as we head through the afternoon, i am expecting sunshine to return. overall we have a really beautiful day coming our way. let's go ahead and get you set up and ready to go for the morning. we're going to start off with 52 in the tri valley e more of those chilly 50s over the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. daytime highs as we move through tomorrow, i know you're going to like this. the coolest day of the week coming our way as we head through tomorrow. instead of mid to upper 90s like this past weekend throughout inland valleys, low 100s, 78 in concord, doesn't get much better than that for the beginning of
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september. 79 in livermore, 77 in san jose. the air quality forecast, you can see it will start the morning with good air quality but notice by the afternoon we are expecting some of that haze to return. overall, we should stay in that moderate air quality, it will still be okay to go outside and breathe that air. low 70s returning by monday and tuesday in san francisco, also heating it up to mid-90s by sunday and monday of next week. that will drop it off to 80s next tuesday. raj and janelle, tomorrow, that is the day, maybe you got the day off. i don't know, are you here tomorrow? are you off? >> we are here. >> lunch outside. >> we do have a nice nbc patio. >> we do, actually. haven't used that in a while. >> got to fire up the barbecue. >> sounds like good idea. next, crashing down on-screen time, the extreme measures china is taking. but first, nbc bay area and
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new numbers suggest hesitancy over the covid vaccine is the lowest it's ever been. a new survey asked people if they've already gotten the vaccine and if not if they would be getting the vaccine. 20% said it's unlikely they would get vaccinated, but that number is down 3% from two weeks ago. the poll also asks parents how likely they are to vaccinate their kids once it becomes available to the age groups. those likely to do so has risen by 12% over the last two weeks. experts say vaccine mandates are probably the biggest driver, along with fda approval and the strength of the delta variant.
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china is cracking down on children and video games. new rules will prevent young people under the age of 18 from playing video games for more than three hours a week. one expert says china is certainly not alone when it comes to this kind of problem. >> there's no clear estimate on the actual addiction rate in the united states in terms of video games, but there's no question that there are a lot of kids out there who spend too much time playing video games and in front of screens. so we don't have the kind of data that the chinese have put forward in this new law, but there's no question that this is a challenge for young people in america as well. >> china calls gaming a growing addiction and the new rule will safeguard children's physical and mental health. online game providers will be limited to allowing children a one-hour window each day and only on fridays, saturdays and sundays. well, he lost the hosting gig, and now he's lost his other job, too. mike richards is out as executive producer of
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"jeopardy". it comes after a turbulent month when he was first named the host following the death of alex trebek. he stepped down after he made comments about women. he also announced he would step down as ep. now mayim bialik will host and a roster of guest hosts will help with the show. we'll tell you who's leaving the team after three decades with the organization. back in a moment.
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some big news from the san francisco giants. long-time coach ron wotus is retiring at the end of the season. he's currently the third base coach. before that, he was bruce bochy's trusted right hand man, acting as bench coach. he says it's been the privilege of his life to work for the giants but is looking forward to spending more time with his family. >> i love ron wotus. the giants hanging on to first place by a thread. and guess who. they take on the dodgers who are right behind them in the standings. dodgers come to town this weekend. you can catch friday night's game, this is big, right here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 6:30. that's a big deal.
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>> we'll have to take off our dodger blue. jessica aguirre is here with what's coming up at 6:00. racing to protect homes. crews jump into action as the caldor fire creeps closer to south lake tahoe. >> it's known its ability to be unpredictable. >> do you have your go-bag ready? our consumer team shows you what to pack and the one new thing you probably don't have in that go bag. and demanding outside experts to come in and look at this big problem. we investigate new calls for accountability for san francisco's sinking and leaning millennium tower. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us, i'm raj mathai. >> the caldor fire started august 14th. and on this final day of the
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month that fire is more dangerous than ever. nearly 192,000 acres gone. more valuable acres lie ahead, too, as south lake tahoe remains in the fire's cross harris. hairs. to give you perspective on how big the fire's footprint is, check out this map. nearly 192,000 acres. that's more than 78,000 acres bigger than san jose. now we're going to continue our team coverage of this breaking news. we begin with jeff ranieri, though. >> let's go ahead and take a look at my weather dashboard and show you this fire weather map i've put together. there's a lot of different stuff on here, but i think it pin points where we are watching and what we are concerned about. you can see a 14,000 acre growth over the past 24 hours. winds sustained, not


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