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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 30, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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luckily it was spared but nearby hillsides did burn. main buildings and chair lift have been saved for now. >> team coverage, we'll get to meteorologist but first tom s still trying to get out of townt town as main surge of evacuees came through. it was back up for hours this afternoon people trying to get out. only evacuation route highway 50 east. west is closed for the firefight itself. everybody seemed to be getting out under the evacuation order, even people managing emergency operations on the fire in city
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hall packed up and moved today. lake tahoe boulevard looks like approach to the bay bridge as people try to get out of the way of the caldor fire. scorched another 2 1/2 miles, five times faster than it had been moving. >> humidity is low, winds fast, lends to aggressive fire activity that's fast spreading. happened yesterday. >> reporter: destroyed more homes along highway 50 and threatened thousands more as it closes in on the tahoe basin. the emergency evacuation orders expanded to south lake tahoe and western shoreline of the lake. people wasted no time getting out. traffic backed up for miles as thousands loaded up and headed to safety. >> started packing last night when we got the -- i wish we had started packing earlier.
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>> reporter: some second guessing immediate evacuation after running into wall of traffic. >> think of going back home and rethinking it. no use sitting in traffic forever. >> reporter: emergency operations center for caldor fire and city hall also moved, clearing out of tahoe airport offices along highway 50 and relocating to harris casino and hotel. hotels, hospitals, restaurants, everyone is out, evacuating right now, closed out. worst is yet to come with the high winds you're talking about, expected tonight and tomorrow, fire could move even more rapidly than yesterday. live in south lake tahoe, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> look at the fire from several vanltage points. right here at tahoe, hazy, dark
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and yucky air and left, a plume of smoke. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, thom was talking about high, gusty winds, what are the conditions? >> really the worst conditions on the map here, that's why the evacuations are in place. if you know one living there and deciding to stay even asked to evacuate, may want to urge them to think twice. look at red flag fire warnings. include the caldor fire and dixie and antelope fires. mountain gusts 20 and 50 out of the southwest, highest peaks could gust over 50 miles per hour and humidity 5% to 15%. show you the fire zone. there's a lot happening but focus in on the growth, mostly eastern side of the fire, kooib
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urz to twin bridges. gusts tonight, 20 to 50 and seeing same forecast through tomorrow. closer, meyers in jeopardy, six miles south of south lake tahoe. next 48 hours with the fire warnings in place. >> part of the reason that sierra ski resort survived is because of this. using snow making machines to spray water on to the buildings, effort to save the resort from the flames. also using sprinklers. right now the lodges and buildings are standing but hot spots are smoldering next to the chair lifts. why the fires and others are taking off quickly, meteorologist rob mayeda
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continues the coverage. so much burning and everything try. >> drought setting the stage why the fires are taking off. caldor fire and dixie fire north, both originally started in highest severity of the current exceptional drought we're seeing on the west slopes of the sierra. all-time dry levels. west side of the sierra, next to the red line that indicates once a fire is started, going to take off quickly and burn intensely. seeing fire behavior of this caldor fire, any embers that fall in the high erc environment means fire will take off and spread rapidly with high heat. we've been seeing that throughout. and seeing more in california, in terms of the climate change angle, as weather turns warmer and drier through time, this type of fire behavior, long range spotting and massive
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wildfires generating their own weather becomes more common and also at night, drier in the mountains and winds going like caldor fire growing last night. seeing the cycles moving more at night than in the day. >> thanks rob. >> continue our reporting online,, shows the evacuation area for the wildfire. link top of the home page. new details now, last plane carrying american troops has left afghanistan, united states' longest war over. last took off 12:30 our time. marine corps general says last two weeks, more than 6,000 americans were airlifted out of the country. represents quote, vast majority of those who wanted to leave at
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this time. number of remaining americans is quote, very low hundreds, he says. evacuated more than 120,000 people. u.s. citizens, citizens of allies and afghan allies of the united states. largest airlift in u.s. history. in final week, fighting and terror attacks killed 13 military members and civilians. >> i'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan and end of the military mission to evacuate american citizens, third country nationals and vulnerable afghans. >> president biden will address the nation tomorrow, tonight released a statement which reads ending military mission is best way to protect the lives of our troops and secure the prospects of civilian departures for those who want to leave in weeks and
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months ahead. pandemic style sos call, multiple crew members suffering from covid-19. from pier 26 where the firefighters answered the call for help. what is the situation melissa? >> reporter: pier 26 is usually a storage facility for nearby businesses to park vehicles, but today pier 26 the site of rather unusual rescue. can see some of the fire paramedics leaving right now. six crew members from a cargo ship believed to be infected with covid-19 reached dry land and got medical help. show you video. camera caught the moment some of the sick crew members disembarked from a fire boat and were treated by paramedics. all six wearing face masks and life vest. "the global striker" is based
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out of the philippines, out of 21 crew members, 19 were experiencing flu-like symptoms, six asked for medical help and said they tested positive for covid-19 on saturday. fast forward to today, reached dry land, six were escorted into ambulance bus and team of paramedics started treating them. >> none of the six we currently have are exhibiting severe signs of covid-19. all able to walk, breathe comfortably. this is a very mild onset at this time. >> reporter: and spokesperson for san francisco fire said the group was cleared by customs before they were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. no word which exact hospitals they were, but right now cargo ship is anchored in the bay accord together coast guard. back live in san francisco fire
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says individuals are getting same treatment as anyone who would dial 911. even though the folks were heavily masked up as you can imagine, you can see how grateful they were, how relieved they were to finally reach dry land and get the medical help they needed. that's the latest in san francisco, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. covid in schools, tracking the cases in school districts across the bay area. break down four. san francisco has highest cases, 145, one of the largest districts. teachers and students, district doesn't differentiate. pleasanton unified, 86, 70 students and five staff. oakland unified, 42, 37 students and five staff. santa clara county unified, five
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students infected with covid., we're tracking the cases, we have a covid-19 dashboard link in the trending bar. still ahead, how likely are you to get covid-19 if you're vaccinated. new findings from ucsf study and what experts are saying about so-called escape mutants. promised new technology to make medical testing easiest, ther anose trial, what's at stake for the founder. still hazy in the south bay, look at air quality forecast and another check on the fire near tahoe.
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high profile investors, billions of dollars, technology supposed to change the health care industry and young found we are huge goals, a silicon valley tech story for the ages, until it all came crashing down. why theranos and founder elizabeth holmes will be in court starting tomorrow. will draw international attention. business and tech reporter scott budman. >> reporter: the trial begins tomorrow in san jose with jury selection. at issue, her intent. with hundreds of millions of investor money lost because the technology didn't work or did she intend to defraud investors, patients, regulators and doctors? elizabeth holmes and theranos with claims that machines could
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run dozens of critical medical tests using a tiny amount of blood got so big, hosted then vice president biden. at one point valued $9 billion, huge win for company started by 19-year-old stanford dropout. >> first thing i remember is being inspired. >> reporter: for female tech ceos like leslie, holmes was important leader. >> there are so few prominent women that investors believed in that much, that made the fall more heartbreaking for a lot of us. >> reporter: and fall was steep. layoffs, billions lost by prominent investors, and patients given inaccurate test results from theranos machines that didn't work. >> talking about fraud and conspiracy. >> reporter: many silicon valley venture capitalists were burned
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by theranos. some told me the losses froze investments temporarily and freeze hit women-run businesses the hardest. >> sadly, whatever happens is going to send and deepen a message particularly to female entrepreneurs who have experienced a tough time, especially in the valley. >> reporter: documents show that holmes' plans to say she was under the influence of and abused by her former boyfriend and cotheranos executive bawani, whose attorneys deny abuse. he will have a separate trial in january. scott budman, nbc bay area news. let's get back to the fire, fast-moving caldor fire still ravaging parts of northern california, picking up speed. south lake tahoe and much of the basin under mandatory evacuation as firefighters struggle to keep
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it from spreading. more than 177,000 acres have burned, 427 structures damaged, five injured and it's 14% containment. >> containment is down from yesterday. joining us on the phone, west sacramento fire department captain. thanks for joining us, i know this is difficult and stressful time, appreciate your time. fire is six miles from south lake tahoe, what is the strategy to prevent it getting to that part of the basin? >> lot of work has been done ahead of time in is structure protection. it's near summit area now and fighting red flag warning with the high winds that increase how far the brands will fly and spot out ahead of the body of the main fire. we have a lot of resources
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working, we're hoping to make progress today. we'll see how the weather cooperates. >> it's been difficult with the red flag warnings, gusty winds. with the conditions returning tonight, biggest challenge you're facing? >> absolutely. and second biggest challenge is terrain, it's incredibly steep and can drive the wind to higher velocities than normal and makes it hard to get crews in safely to do the work. >> you've done a lot of work ahead of the fire, protection. realistically, hearing containment, maybe middle of next week said cal fire, is that realistic? >> we're shooting for that, better for everyone out here affected by this. lot will depend on the next 24
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to 48 hours. 3,500 personnel up here working tirelessly, and hoping to make progress. lot of plans in place for us. >> sounds like next day or two, critical in stopping forward progress of the caldor fire. if that does not happen, will this fire reach south lake tahoe? >> our goal is absolutely to prevent it from getting there. we have plans in place. fire is dynamic, ever evolving situation. we're doing everything we can to prevent it from happening but at the same time there are plans put in place should it get there to effectively manage it. >> captain hunter, thank you so much, west sacramento fire department, we appreciate your efforts, we know you're exhausted and we're hoping for best next day or two with the gusty winds and flags whipping in south lake tahoe.
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good luck. >> you're welcome. >> jeff ranieri is watching the conditions. how high can the wind gusts get? >> 20 to 50 is the range for most areas for highest peaks could be 50-plus miles per hour. other thing i wanted to show you, while we're focused on the caldor fire, these red flag fire warnings also include dixie and antelope to the north, massive fires. mountain gusts southwest 20 to 50 miles per hour through wednesday, 11:00 p.m., and humidity 5% to 15%. fire lines, there's a lot happening, but does a great job of showing parameters we're watching. all of the fire icons here, that's representing the most growth, really happened on the eastern side of the fire. way the wind is blowing, this is
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unfortunate scenario we're in tonight and why evacuations are in place. way wind is blowing is pushing any smoke, embers, flames right toward south lake tahoe. that's the big concern next 24 to 36 hours with the red flag warning. 20 to 50-mile-an-hour gusts possible tonight in the mountains and same thing tomorrow. full coverage at bay area, it's been hazy, air quality overall better than this weekend and temperatures have been hot as well. currently 93 in walnut creek but ocean breeze is back tonight, cooler 60s into the forecast. other thing that's happening as we move through tomorrow, tracking this cooler system off to the north moving just close enough to drop our temperatures tomorrow, would continue to push the smoke out of the bay area. we're looking at improved air quality and cooler temperatures.
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get you into that look for tomorrow morning, starting off with 50s. mostly clear, little bit of lingering haze but overall better. 56 for san francisco and north bay at 54. daytime highs tomorrow, 5 to 10 degree drop. more manageable. north bay, 70s and 80s. bay or coast, 60s, san jose 80, morgan hill, 83. seven-day forecast, moderate air quality throughout the bay area tomorrow, good news. and seven-day forecast in san francisco, holding 60s next seven-day forecast. inland valleys, much more enjoyable, 79 by wednesday, holding 80s through friday. little bit warmer sunday and monday but nothing like the heat we just dealt with. back with more news after this break.
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are you a super commuter? 4.6 million people in u.s. commute more than 90 minutes each way to get to work. according to apartment list, lot of people are in the bay area. stockton is highest percentage. 12% nearly commute to san francisco. modesto is almost 10% and santa rosa in eighth, over 4%, and san jose area. trains are back. long transition to normal operations after mass shooting in late may that left nine dead.
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raiders and niners fans among the first to ride to the game. happy to see the trains back in service. we'll be right back.
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was gridlocked through most of south lake tahoe. >> to pass the time, a driver got out of his car to serenade fellow motorists. ♪ ♪ >> he's lived in lake tahoe for a long, long time. he got out of his car, played the violin. >> when you are so frustrated and trying to get out of town as quickly as possible. >> it was really cool. a lot of volunteers, doing it for free. so we see a lot of good volunteers out there as well today. >> some encouraging news in new orleans. hurricane ida is now a tropical storm. that's positive sign, but it has left a lot of huge problems in its wake. torn-off roofs, flooded neighborhoods and power outages.
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new orleans and louisiana in recovery mode. >> we really didn't have time to react. the ceiling came crashing down. >> we are live in new orleans with the latest. >> and the troops are gone. the u.s. officially ended its 20-year war in afghanistan today. what happens to the americans still there? also, he expected a trip to hawaii, then covid hit. so then he expected a full refund. if i'm standing here talking about it you know it didn't happen. nbc bay area responds, next. the news at 5:30 starts right now. good monday, thanks so much for joining us, i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. we are tracking two natural disasters causing a lot of destruction and evacuations. the caldor fire is five or six miles away from south lake tahoe. about 22,000 people are


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