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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, they made the dangerous journey from afghanistan to the u.s. just days before disaster struck. but it was a phone call from someone in the u.s. to a marine in the gates of kabul that changed everything. an east bay woman shares her story.
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and rob tracking the sunday forecast. and three months after tragedy, passengers will ride the light rail again. a major announcement from the south bay. ♪ the news at 11:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. as the effort to get people out of a gan stan continues around the clock a dublin family is relieved tonight. ten of their relatives got out alive. >> reporter: this is video as they slowly made their way to tarmac. pretty soon they'll be on their way to the bay area. >> my mom, my dad, my two brothers, my sister in law, my four nephews and one younger sister. >> reporter: all ten were able to navigate the treacherous journey through the gates. these are photos she's shared
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that her family took along the way. we're consealing their identity because she's concerned for their safety while they're in transit. they made it to the air base in germany. >> finally, finally they are safe and alive. >> reporter: she says it's nothing less than a miracle that all ten made it out together. and she says it's all thanks to two men who worked tirelessly to help. aiken is a marine veteran. he talked to his fellow marines by cell phone. >> i told them i was a marine that served in 2010. that the family was very close with a close friend of mine; that they were in grave danger and essentially asked, marine to marine, if there was any way they could get them out of there safely. >> if they were not there, i wouldn't be able. and the whole family, including myself, give them a new life. >> reporter: all of them are being processed in germany.
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she expects them to come to the u.s. to live with them in dublin. she's not sure when they'll arrive but they'll be celebrate wlg they do. a touching scene tonight. the 13 u.s. service members killed in the bombing, honored with a candlelight vigil near the nation's capitol. and here are photos of all the troops killed in the blast. four of these service members, called california home. and among those lives lost a marine corps sergeant from sacramento, nicole g was 23 years old. these are pictures of herself in uniform holding a baby in kabul. you see it there. she wrote i love my job. she posted that days before her death. in a gofundme post, her sister said i've always said she's the absolute light of my life. yld do anything for her.
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she was my first best friend, my partner in this crazy life, my hero. there are no words to express how much she'll be missed. in kabul, the pentagon warning of a credible new threat at the airport today. army major general, william taylor, says more strikes against isis k are possible. >> i'll say we'll continue to have the ability to defend ourselves and capability to conduct counterterrorism operations as needed. >> on friday alone, 6800 people were evacuated. today pentagon spokes spokesman, said 17,000 people have been air lifted out in the last two weeks. they wouldn't say how many. tomorrow, secretary of state blinken will join chuck todd on "meet the press" to discuss the troop withdrawal and what happens next.
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and h.r. mcmaster, is going to weigh in about what went wrong in america's 20-year war, now ending in chaos. you can watch "meet the press" right after today in the bay. and we're watching the massive wild fire, the calder fire burning for two weeks. new video of flames in along highway 50. now more than 152,000 acres. containment is still at 19%. now, to a microclimate weather alert. a quick look in wall put the creek. we've been dealing with it all week and that has everyone on alert to spare the air again. what's going on? >> it's wall put the creek down into san jose. seen the worst of the air quality. get enough to figure a spare the
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air alert around the bay area. one of the things we'll see is a slightly stronger sea breeze, as we go hour by hour. but take a closer look around the peninsula and the coast as that sea breeze develops. we start to see air quality improve slightly later in the day. but we have another spare the air day tomorrow. another day of 90s to hundred degree temperatures inland. by monday, better air quality but the wind over the sierra could increase fire danger on the major wildfires. we'll have a closer look at that scenario, coming up in our forecast in about ten minutes. thanks. it's been three months since light rail trains carried passengers in the south bay but tomorrow that all changes. moving forward after that mass shooting. marian reports from san jose. >> reporter: light rail service will be back up and running tomorrow morning, just in time
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to takes a many as 6,000 passengers to the 49ers game at levi's stadium. for three months these rails have remained empty after light service was shutdown following a mass shooting tpass. it will look much different sunday, as some light rail trains resume service. >> the orange line will run from mountain view to allen rock and we'll stop at every station in between. the green line, we're only going to open near tazman. >> that will help 15% of niners fans, who usually rely on bta to get to the games. and help commuters. >> that's awesome and it's a necessity. >> we need the light rail and i feel it's a luxury way to travel n stead of the buss and all that. >> reporter: but some employees are still not ready to come
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back. >> people were extremely traumatized with the situation. many of our employees are still trying to figure out how to work through it. we are offering and providing counseling services and trauma recovering services. >> reporter: which is why they have no estimate yet on when all trains will be back on the tracks. in san jose, marian favro. one teenager dead, others injured after a car crashed near livermore. six high school students in a pick up truck that plunged into an embankment late last night. they air lifted two of the teens to hospitals, rushed the other four to hospitals and ambulances. one of the victims died. the superintendent says crisis support teams are being mobilized for students and staff. another bay area city might be asking people to mask up.
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earlier this week we told you about vunessau, moving forward its own mask mandate. salono did their own. now, vallejo is considering doing the same thing. vallejo will have a special meeting tuesday to discuss the possible mandate. stanford ramping up the covid testing requirements. they announced, starting september 20th, weekly testing will be required, regardless of vaccination status. unvaccinated members of the university must test twice per week. the good news is stanford provides the test for free at several locations around campus. >> this is going toby a huge moment for me. i hope it's a huge moment for others too. >> we have been following the story for years. but now a paralyzed california rugby player is about to do something his doctors never thought he would. er for it's an inspiring story coming up.
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and a twist in the trial of elizabeth holmes. her defense strategy revealed. what she's claiming her ex-boyfriend did. and after 11:00, still 78 degrees in wall put the creek after a hot day. one more day of these hot temperatures and bad air quality when cooler temperatures arrive and the smoke moves out in the forecast when we come right back.
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back in 2017, he was playing for california thinl rugby game, when the unimaginable happened. he was carried out paralyzed. doctors told him he would likely never walk again.
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the doctors were wrong and tomorrow he'll take some of the most important steps of his life to receive his college diploma. imagining this moment has motivated for him for years. >> everybody has a challenge in their life or a goal they want to achieve. and i hope when they see me walk across the stage that they see them doing the things that others told them that they couldn't do or wouldn't do. they see them overcoming the challenges they have in their lives with the goals they want to accomplish. this is going to be a huge moment for me but i hope it's a huge moment for others too. >> a huge moment for all of us. tomorrow he's going to walk on his own two feet to receive his business degree, along with the rest of berkeley's class of 2020. graduation ceremony was delayed because of covid. now, we're going to be there when he takes those steps. we'll have complete coverage for
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you tomorrow evening. a bomb shell twist in the criminal trial of elizabeth holmes. newly unsealed court documents she she plans to defend herself in her fraud trial by claiming her ex-boyfriend psychologically and sexually abused her. he's facing his own criminal trial. his attorney calls the allegations inflammatory and false. the documents reveals that holmes plans to testify in her own defense. jury selection begins tuesday. returning to our coverage in afghanistan. one of the thousands of u.s. service members helping allies out of the collapsing country. lieutenant colonel, the commander for the 21st squadn are at the air force base. so far he's completed evacuation flights, flying thousands to safety. for him, it's an honor.
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he recalls one moment after they off loaded passengers and cleaning up the aircraft for the next crew, bound for kabul. >> they found a pair of shoes and they were made out of cardboard and duct tape and he looked add me and said man, that's sad and i said no, that's inspiring. some family made a pair of shoes for their kids so that they could walk to freedom. and so, that really touched our crew and that's what we're really hoping to accomplish is to provide an opportunity for freedom for these families. >> as the mission comes to a close, street says he's gratefulel for the stories evacuees have shared with him and for their support during the war. right now, louisiana braising for impacts as a powerful hurricane approaches. an inside look at hurricane ida, expected to hit homes along the gulf tomorrow. mississippi, alabama, louisiana all under states of emergency.
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the message, hunker down or get out. we're learning ida has been down graded. still very dangerous. landfall expected 16 years to the day since katrina. and rental car counters as officials issuing a mix of mandatory and volenatory evacuation orders. >> by the time you go to bed, you need be where you intend to ride the storm out. >> fema is on standby. the white house sends emergency response to the area to help with surging covid cases. look at that behind you going crazy. >> we just had that 11:00 update that came in, sustaining winds up to 150 miles per hour. that is now good enough for a category three, which classifies the storm as a major hurricane. you can see the outer bands
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approaching the louisiana coast. and posaeblt to a category four. winds up to 130 miles per hour. within the next 12 hours or so, west of new orleans still as a major hurricane tracking inland over the next 24 hours. storm surge measured by feet and very heavy flooding rings as it continues to track inland. this will be occurring during the morning hours our time tomorrow morning. right now in san jose, 69 degrees. our top concern will be the heat and air quality to wrap up the weekend. 78 degrees after a hot day in walnut creek. skoivl is pretty mild, even by san francisco standards. for the morning, 50s and 60s to start the day. i think today is the peek of the hottest temperatures but still near 100 degrees in the trivalley. 90s in the north bay. 70s from san francisco to
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oakland and san jose still climbing into the 90s. it's the inland, east bay and south bay seen the worst of the air quality. during the day tomorrow as the sea breeze strengthens, we should see improvement around the peninsula and the central bay. what you probably won't find is this aqi-indexed forecast which shows the progression of the smoke pollution later tomorrow. north bay still in the orange. so, if the air pollution issues continued for monday. if we see the spare the air alert extended t could be because the north bay seeing sensitive groups there. the winds will be increasing monday. that's go tag help clear the skies, certainly by tuesday. but the wind on the ongoing wildfires is the reason we have a fire weather watch for the sierra that includes the calder fire and the dixie fire.
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we'll have to watch that very closely. look at monday's highs now. 80s to low 90s inland. and by tuesday, almost 20 degrees cooler than the high temperatures we're seeing tomorrow and that should coincide with boater air quality. san francisco cooling off as the sea breeze picks back up in the valleys, which will still be near 100 degrees tomorrow. get the cooling, kicking in monday to tuesday. that will be better air quality for us and more wind on the sierra wildfires. something we're watching closely monday into tuesday. >> thanks very much. coming up on wednesday, we've got september associate would football. we're not going to wait for september. we have college football tonight. >> hot and smokey is not what comes to mind. but they got through it at san jose state. kicking off the college football season with a bang. and san jose state's season-opening victory.
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welcome back. they get a big win to kick off the college football season. check this out. fans in the stands for the first time since 2019. 16,000 on hand. the biggest crowd in ten years for a home opener and they were treated. nick starkal playing catch with broadic. 23 yards for the touchdown and the route is on. second quarter. spartans up 21. he fires over the middle of charley and breaking ankles. the defender's take each other out. 65 yards for the score. starkal five touchdown passes. 394 yards passing. the spartans win their season opener 45-14. next up, they're at usc.
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giants in atlanta in what could be a post season preview between division leaders. giants get off to a fast start. a solo home run and just like that, san francisco has a 1-0 lead. logan web is dealing with him on the hill and getting the double play ball there. he struck out six in seven scoreless innings. get this, he's not allowed more than two runs in consecutive startsds. a solo home run in the seventh. the giants blank atlanta 5-0. driven left center field and that baby's gone. >> matt chapman, the 21st home run of the season. they also put an end to the yankees' 13-game winning streak. the a's win it 3-2 the final.
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the 49ers' preseason finale against the las vegas raiders. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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averages way for children battling illness to have some fudge, despite all the pressure and anxiety surrounding covid. they organized in san jose. organizers say it's been tough for children with chronic or life-threatening conditions. so, they did this. the parade route ran to st. john catholic school. the mission to improve the quality of life for the sick and injured children by providing care at their homes. a lot of really nice cars, very nice thought right there.
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finally tonight, face masks mixed with costumes at the relaunch of a popular comic convention. the original hulk. yes, indeed. he was there. silly-con made a comeback this morning. attendees showing they could work with covid rules into their partying. some really nice costumes. makes you think of halloween, which really isn't that far away. massive temperature checks, a must as well. silly-con runs again tomorrow and goes until the afternoon. if you're interested, it's happening. let's check in with rob one more time for the forecast. >> and the smoke, which will be most widespread in the morning and the sea breeze starts to bring improving air quality in the coast. 90s to near 100 in the inland east bay valleys. and cooling, kicking in on monday and tuesday with better air quality.
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the smoke should start to move out as we head to the middle part of the week. temperatures back into the 80s by wednesday. >> rob, thank you very much and thank you for joining us. "saturday night live" coming up next. have a great night. jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee.
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