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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  August 27, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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bryant had to come out of the game. we still have not heard word of why. he never came back after the rain delay. giants have already had to make one move off that bench. not quite as deep on the bench tonight as they would be ordinarily. strike one to tommy la stella. alex dickerson has come out on deck for the giants with the pitcher's spot due up next. there is alex. curt casali is available.
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with posey and that knee i don't think you want to use your backup catcher unless it was a do or die kind of spot. 2-1. tommy had a big hit in the fourth inning. rbi double that took it from 3-2 to 4-2. >> javier: he has been putting together great at-bats even in new york. work the count and fight stuff off. oakland as well. being able to see a lot of pitches on this road trip. >> dave: ahead of minter 2-1. hit hit on one hop and kicks past albies who is hurting a little bit. that one caught a piece of his hand, i think. that should be a hit i would think for tommy. tough play. >> javier: pretty hot shot. looked like it caught him on the thumb. squares this pitch up. kind of jumped on ozzie. tried to pick it.
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thinking it was staying low and it goes up and catches the thumb and rolls out to center field. tommy la stella with another base hit. big one. >> dave: that gets alex dickerson to the plate here. la stella 2 for 3 tonight. dickerson, hitting for gausman, in his first at-bat. 94-mile-an-hour fastball. alex, get loose. that always seems to be his thought in the box. that is his move. complete the turn. 0-2. tony watson, excellent pitcher,
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can handle the water bottle in the glove. can do it all. >> javier: it's a gift. >> dave: you don't want to get that pitching hand wet. >> javier: absolutely not. it's already humid enough. >> dave: 2-1. >> javier: reach back fastball. d'arnaud wasn't quite sure to make out of that one. he had to pop out of his spot real quick. >> dave: end of june, the atlanta bullpen had a 4.71 e.r.a. for the season and killed in the bullpen. since then, they have been awesome. >> javier: it helps when you pitch with a lead. they got rodriguez from pittsburgh so another late inning addition but you're trying to get more defined roles
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and they kind of seem to use the same guys towards the end of the ball gamer giant will smith getting a lot of save opportunities. when you have a defined role that is when the wins start coming. >> dickerson got a piece of that fastball. maybe starting to measure it up a little bit. >> javier: sure seemed like it right there. >> dave: alex has five pinch hits this year and three have been home runs. >> javier: if they are going to set the all-time record, every time an opportunity, go for it. >> javier: guys have more pinch-hit homers and more two-strike homers than anybody. that was close. but the counted runs full. tommy gets a head-start now over
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at first base. freddie freeman is telling his pitcher he is playing behind tommy la stella. don't make a pickoff throw. i'm not there. >> javier: that's what that is. >> dave: fouled off. alex dickerson is hanging in there ball four. nicely done. dickerson works the walk. he earned that one. >> javier: he did. great at-bat. great at-bat.
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attacked the first pitch. falls behind. able to foul off and spoil some real good pitches. now you're turning the lineup over. this is the reason austin slater is in the game because he hits really well against lefties traditionally. giving him an opportunity with a runner in scoring position and eliminate the big breaking ball. minter is more of a power/slider guy. >> dave: slater 0 for 2 and hit by a pitch and scored a run. the guy in the white shirt behind home plate didn't get enough sleep last night. i guess a tense tight ball game, two of the best teams in baseball is not good enough for him. >> javier: just watching tv is all he is doing. staring at the television. come on, man.
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he is trying to peek in on the sides. >> dave: i he can help anybody >> javier: right. >> dave: fastball. strike one. 91 pitches in six innings for kevin gausman. a couple of strikeouts and low for him. but no walks. slater to third. riley is going to second to get the force-out there. you doing okay with those new spicy tiny tacos, jack? yeah, it's funny some of those people you see, they... they can't handle it at all right? no, they can't. that's not you. that's not me. no.
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seventh inning. it's the left-hander tony watson in to pitch for the giants. >> javier: coming up for the 47th time and pitched a couple of nights ago and got a win in new york. the first run he allowed on that wednesday night game since making the ten appearances as a giant. he is looking to hold the line and get some of these going. a veteran arm in the back ends of the bullpen. >> dave: he has been a great addition. as javy said, the first run he allowed in a giants uniform. he hadn't pitched in a while. it had been days and days just by circumstance since watson had pitched. adam duvall 1 for 2 against gausman, the starter, with a home run. pop-up back out of play.
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he had a pretty darn good career, adam duvall has. drafted and developed by the giants. giants traded him in a deal with cincinnati to get mike leak in the middle of a playoff chase. he had been a third baseman with the giants. >> javier: slug rat of louisville. university of louisville. >> dave: 2-1. giants were not totally sure back then that adam duvall was a player who could move around. he had only played on the infield basically. so he left the giants organization and became a gold glover. he didn't just learn how to play the outfield. he learned how to play at a very high level. >> javier: i'm not sure if they were totally sold on the power playing at then at&t park, but it was such a big yard. not many home runs getting hit.
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he went off to cincinnati and lifted and separated an awful lot. >> dave: yes, he did. the trade was a long time ago. 2-2. got him. watson gets him to chase down and in for strike three. out number one. >> javier: 2-2 slider down and in. just a devastating pitch whether you're right-handed or left-handed to try to cover. especially from that low third quarter arm ankle. now left on left facing joc pederson. >> dave: part of the reason i'm sure watson is in is the split between lefties and righties. not that he is not capable. but he is a different player
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against left-handed pitching. strike one to the former dodger. what was it? a couple of years with l.a. he had 36 home runs and every single one of them was against a right-hander. >> javier: yeah. >> dave: that one of the more remarkable things i ever heard of. not one against a lefty? not a single one? again, it's not like he is incapable of doing it. >> javier: real good pitch there. >> dave: i have to uncrumble my james hoye scouting report. now the strike zone is getting small again.
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>> javier: you may wonder why joc is facing this one but the braves have a switch hitter and righty on the bench so they are going with their starters pretty deep in the ball game most of the time. they would rather go with a platoon split, go with the matchup regardless of what the numbers say. >> dave: for tony watson, it's time to bear down and throw a strike. all of those split numbers are out the window if you walk him. that is a strike. 3-2. good pitch. >> javier: nice 3-1 fastball down and away. ended 94 miles an hour. got to attack him. >> dave: 3-2 the count. he walked him.
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>> javier: this is the third of five games on nbc bay area this season. join us next friday september 3rd for the giants and dodgers as they battle for the west. >> dave: the biggest games of the season will be friday, saturday, sunday. they are all big at this point. those are the last three games head-to-head between the top two teams in baseball, giants and dodgers. andrew bailey is coming out. braves are sending a pinch hitter to the plate. guillermo heredia will hit for atlanta in place of a.j. minter.
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96 games. not every day play for heredia. hits that one where nobody is. right through. didn't hit it very hard but that is a single. so the braves use the bottom of the order, a walk, a hit to build a rally with the top of the lineup coming up. >> javier: wasting no time. heredia had been on a cold streak. even there, hits it off the very end of the bat and hits it where they are not. estrada pinching up the middle for a double play. i don't know what that is. that is something. yeah, there you go. i'm not sure what the hand signals mean. >> dave: ozzie albies gets to hit from his stronger side.
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very dangerous no matter what but especially as a right-handed hitter. this is a pressure spot now for tony watson. that one lined out into the gap in left center field. slater is trying to cut it off and he will. in to score pederson and heredia around third. gets the stop sign there. the giants, for the moment, stay ahead, barely. 4-3. >> javier: you mentioned it. wasting no time. first pitch, hunting. throws it into the gap. easy wave for ron washington. he is cranking and then he slams on the brakes. now second and third, one out. this is what makes the braves so dangerous, how quickly they can put pressure on you.
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>> dave: that is going to be it for tony watson. big mistake was really that walk to joc pederson which has turned into a run.
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>> dave: giants lead is on the line here. bottom seven. braves have a run in. still only one out. runners at second and third as
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the giants go back into the bullpen. it's zack littell. >> javier: coming out for the 45th time. he is asked to do a lot of work right here. he pitched at oakland and one earned run and a couple of strikeouts. this is a strikeout situation with second and third, one away. expect lots of breaking balls from him. >> dave: instead he throws a fastball and jorge soler sends it into deep left field and it is gone! first pitch swinging and soler, a three-run homer! braves have put a 4 spot on the board here in the seventh. it's 6-4 atlanta. on the very first pitch that zack littell throws in the game.
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>> javier: these braves hitters have not been waiting around. a lot of first pitch swinging going on the last few innings. they get it there. soler, we documented his power. this is why they traded for him and brought him over. first pitch heater looking for it and drills it into the seats' gives them a two-run lead. >> dave: man, that hurts. giants, that lead evaporated in a hurry. it at all started at the bottom of the lineup. 8th place hitter pederson drew a walk and heredia, pinch hitter. didn't hit it hard enough but enough to get the base runners on. albies and soler, the big boys did their thing. giants are behind.
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albies swung at the first pitch. the double that knocked in the first run. soler swung at the first pitch that brought three home. all of those runs scored in a span of two pitches. >> javier: now the braves are setting up their bullpen the way they want it. giants have to do it against luke jackson. >> dave: he's been very good. braves have a bunch of guys. it isn't totally interchangeable. you're right. they have had some set roles here recently. on the ground. flores playing on the shift. freeman is out number two.
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>> javier: first pitch swinging and trying to get it up and away and back middle. soler knows it and bat flip and stares in the bugout. these power guys, they never get off the heater. he got one. he didn't miss it. that is what makes the braves so dangerous. just like that, up two. >> dave: steven vogt in the dugout leading the cheers. giants down two. still two innings of offense left. 2-0. giants bullpen has had a spectacular month. facing the braves a little
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different, show. darin ruf for out number three. but damage done. giants had a 4-2 lead and now trail 6-4. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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>> dave: summertime in atlanta. giants just watched their lead disappear. 6-4 braves. we go to the eighth inning after a four run seventh. pitching change. it is setup man, the right-hander luke jackson coming in for atlanta. >> javier: coming off for the 55th time. last time he pitched was in baltimore on the 22nd. threw one inning and punched out the side. but what you're going to get is four-seam, high velocity, 95 to 97. his pitch is the slider. you'll see that a lot. high 80s on that one.
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he loves to attack with the slider. >> dave: strike one to lamonte wade jr. he's had two at-bats in this game. he came on for kris bryant. bryant left. we don't know why. he did not stay in the game after the rain delay. that one pulled to first. fair ball right to freddie freeman. wade is out number one lamonte is 0 for 3. heredia stays in to play center field and joc pederson now in right field. soler hit the home run and now he is out of the game. >> javier: he gets to take a seat. >> dave: darin ruf. fastball inside.
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ball one. got him to chase that slider. >> javier: when this guy is not getting strikeouts, he is a ground ball machine. he's over 60%. >> dave: braves want to ask. no swing. 2-1. buster waiting on deck. ruf down the right-field line but that is going to slice foul.
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five game winning streak for the giants on the line now. he took that slider. tough take. >> javier: a nasty pitch too. he has a real nasty slider. giants just got to find a way to get some traffic and getting the tying run to the plate. >> dave: two down. >> javier: you see this thing. the spin created it all and pop off that finger. just goes hard down and away to these right-handers and hard down and in to the lefties. he will throw that pitch any
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time. >> dave: a great pitch. posey. just got incredible movement. >> javier: he does. >> dave: you watch that pitch and you think how does he ever give up a hit? >> javier: that is the only way he does. he gets a little squirrely and get into hitter counts and they are able to zero in on a pitch and occasionally in the 2-0 counts he'll rush a fastball in there even that fastball is 95, 96. >> dave: 2-0 to posey. fastball. strike one. >> javier: this is the way the braves have been building it. luke jackson. then you have


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