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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 24, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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right now at 11:00, is it just what we needed? what the pfizer's fda approval could mean for vaccination rates
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across the country. also shock and sadness, a 14 year old girl found dead at home, and the investigation now under way. and you can smell the smoke in the air. fire is creeping closer toward lake tahoe. we're tracking that raging caldor fire and the smoke that threatens our own air quality. good evening, i'm raj mathai. is it simply symbolic, or will today's fda approval prompt more people to get vaccinated. more workplaces will require employees to be vaccinated. >> reporter: pfizer's covid vaccine is the first to be given fda approval. it is 91% effective in
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preventing disease. many predict the approval will be enough to convince holdouts to finally get the shot. >> at the individual level we know from the kaiser family foundation that one third of the unvaccinated folks may be more willing to get a vaccine if it's fda approved fully. >> reporter: public health experts say the fda's decision has more wide-ranging implications as the state struggles with a surge in covid cases driven by the more-infectious delta variant. >> it will lead to more mandates among employers, governments and schools, and that will have a much bigger effect. >> reporter: the pentagon is already saying it will require the vaccine for more than a million service members starting next month. >> we're going to move forward making that vaccine mandatory.
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we're preparing the guidance to the force right now. >> reporter: there's another possible impact. >> it does lead to off-label potential use by clinicians across the country, now that it has full fda approval. >> reporter: ucsf's dr. peter chin-hong says that means doctors could give an additional dose to severely immunocompromised patients. but they don't believe they would use it off-label for children because it is not fda approved for patients under 16. >> now the question, the change, what's the difference between emergency use authorization and full approval like we got today. basically, it's the amount of time vaccine recipients have been studied. the pfizer vaccine received emergency authorization last december in 2020. that was based on data from an
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ongoing clinical trial of thousands of people. today's decision come afters after more trials. moderna approved for full fda approval in june, a month after pfizer submitted theirs. it's possible the fda could give the final approval to moderna by next month. it will be approved if and when the fda has reviewed all the data about moderna's vaccine. as for j&j, johnson & johnson, the company hasn't asked for full approval yet. they plan to submit the application before the end of the year. we have an in-depth explanation of the approval process at click on fda approves pfizer vaccine right there at the top of our page. tonight the caldor fire has
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become the top priority for calfire. this fire has jumped highway 50 and closing in on lake tahoe. bone dry vegetation could create a nightmare situation. the fire has already displaced about 25,000 people and destroyed more than 600 homes. >> obviously, like i knew that, you know, there was fire risk in the area and in the mountains, but i didn't expect it to happen so soon. >> it just blew up super fast. super fast. and, you know, we're canyons, and this is rugged territory. resources were on the dixie fire, that's just how it is. >> it is exploding fast. the caldor fire has destroyed more than 114,000 acres and is just 9% contained as of this hour. if you are planning a trip to lake tahoe, you may want to rethink your plans, because that
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air quality is very unhealthy. jeff ranieri tracking where that fire is going and the heat. >> you can see on the satellite view all the different smoke plumes from the fires that remain off to the north, which includes the dixie fire. there's the caldor fire right there. the way the wind pattern was, the strongest and thickest smoke moved off to the north and east, away from the bay area. right now our air quality is moderate, and i expect a moderate forecast for the air quality tomorrow. that means it's okay to be outside, okay to breathe that air. let's get you outside to the caldor fire. 20 miles south of lake tahoe is that fire. with that said, there are so many small towns in the path of this that have already been impacted. so we'll get you in closer here. i only see temperatures in the 60s tomorrow. so the weather is helping
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firefighters, considering we're in august. but the way the wind direction is blowing out of the south, this would continue to try to push more of these flames right towards that interstate or highway 50 corridor. we'll take more looks at our own weather and the heat later this week, i've got that in about ten minutes. new details this evening in the death of a berkley father who never came home after a run. phillip kreycik disappeared july 10th at pleasanton ridge regional park. his body was found nearly a month later, but he may have died before anyone even started looking for him. the chronicle reporting that kreycik may have been delirious from the heat and passed out. investigators used his smart watch data. he zigzagged and began to slow after about five miles. the path stops where his body was found earlier this month. it's a difficult way to start the school year.
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an east bay community is in shock after the death of a 14 year old girl, valentina died saturday from what appears to be fentanyl poisoning. this type of tragedy is destroying more and more lives. >> reporter: family and friends in disbelief that 14 year old valentina longhammer is gone. she attended concord high for one week. she texted her friends that kids at school had given her a pill and she was thinking about taking it. >> and the kids, it's only for relaxing. but later, is dead, is gone. is finished, you know. >> reporter: police providing pictures of what the deadly pill may have looked like. >> yeah, so, the one right there, is her bike. that one.
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>> reporter: valentina loved birth biking, hiking, the outdoors, adventure. her father found her lifeless body in her room saturday morning. >> really hard to say bye to her, goodnight, and wake up the next day and see her laying down in the ground with the blood in her pillow, try to wake her up, and she's dead. >> reporter: tears and sobbing at the memorial tonight, a scene playing out across the bay area and the nation. tom wolf says the young people aren't overdosing but dying of fentanyl poisoning. >> their child purchased what they thought was oxycodone or xanax off of social media, and the pill itself was actually counterfeit and was fentanyl or laced with fentanyl and their child died. >> i dot this from her, now it's
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only two. >> reporter: the school district say it's providing counselors for anyone who needs it. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. when will the trains run again? tomorrow the vta will give us an update on its plans to resume light rail service. the trains have been out of operation since that deadly shooting at the san jose rail yard on may 26. the vta's ceo is expected to address test trains that will run on the light rail system, employees returning to work and finally bringing back passenger service. death records are being amended across six states, including california, which is changing what we know about the early days of the pandemic. until now, san jose's patricia dowd has been recognized as the united states' first covid death. now, six death certificates have been changed to show covid has a
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contributing factor to death.20 patricia dowd. in california, alabama, and wisconsin, they don't dispute the changes but aren't providing any other information because of privacy laws. the rush continues in afghanistan to evacuate people as quickly as possible. the u.s. military today reporting its biggest day of flights out of the country. about 17,000 people left afghanistan over the past day and a half. this is video of refugees landing at washington dulles airport. meanwhile a deadly air fight at the kabul airport slowing progress as the taliban hinted it may shut down airlifts. the biden administration says it may extend the evacuation deadline. three women have given birth
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on board evacuation flights. incredible. one of the births happened saturday on a c-17 headed for germany. officials say the pregnant woman began having complications during the flight. the aircraft commander made the decision to de-skepd in altitude to increase air pressure inside the aircraft which helped stabilize the mother's condition. when the plane landed at an air base in germany, u.s. medical personnel came aboard and delivered the child safely in the aircraft's cargo bay. >> it was kind of, it was a little bit of panic, a little bit of shock, but i was also trusting in my training and that i've helped deliver lots of babies, hopefully this one wouldn't be any different. >> job well done. the new mother had a baby girl. the captain says they're in good condition. we're back in 60 seconds. still ahead, san francisco's district attorney says he's overcome with emotion.
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it could mean chesa boudin's father may soon be released from prison. have you voted yet? ballots are being returned. and check it out. fog is back for tomorrow morning, pretty widespread on that cloud cover. we'll take a look at that. chilly morning it's the biggest sale of the year, on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing, proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, free premium delivery. ends monday. tonight, news from new york
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is impacting san francisco. it was new york governor andrew cuomo's final day in office, and he commuted five people, one of them is san francisco's district attorney's father, chesa boudin's father, david gilbert. cheryl hurd gets reaction. >> as you probably know, i'm stepping aside as your governor. >> reporter: with only hours left in his term, governor andrew cuomo commuted the sentences of five convicted killer, one of them is david gilbert, the father of california's district attorney chesa boudin. >> he should think long and hard about the families and the pain that they've had to endure for 40 years. >> reporter: gilbert and his wife were members of the violent weather underground. they left boudin with caregivers
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and took part in a robbery. his father was still behind bars after being convicted of murder and robbery. >> it was a disgusting final act on the part of the governor who commuted the sentence of david gilbert. >> reporter: chesa's spent decades visiting his parents in prison and as a result learned the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. he ran on eliminating cash bail. tonight he gave us this picture saying in part, my heart is bursting and also aches for the families of the three victims. although he never used a gun or intended for anyone to get hurt, my father's crime caused unspeakable harm and devastated the lives of many separate families. mike lawler. >> i think cop killers do not belong out of jail. >> reporter: the president of
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san francisco's police officers association agrees, saying, as chesa boudin continues to use his influence to lobby for his biological father's release, the victims will continue to be haunted by their immense loss. gilbert's commutation heads to the parole board in new york. lawler plans to try and block his release. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. governor newsom's recall election is three weeks from tomorrow and many of you already have a ballot mailed to you. we're getting some numbers in, early voting results. in san francisco, more than 512,000 ballots were issued. so far about 80,000 have been returned. in santa clara county, over 1 million ballots sent out, less than 50,000 have been sent back. we spoke with the political editor for nbc lx. >> we saw 80,000 ballots come in as of this weekend from san francisco county. this is not one of the biggest
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counties, but it is california's bluest county. if you are gavin newso you are thrilled to see so many ballots coming in from the bluest county. santa clara the numbers have not been coming in as fast. it's also another blue county. if you see those numbers in san francisco you know democrats are getting ballots in early. ? election day is tuesday september 14th. tougher rules for covid vaccines. city employees had to show proof that they were vaccinated. anyone not vaccinated will be tested weekly. by september 30th, tests will no longer be an option for workers. employees will have to be vaccinated unless they have an exemption. >> wve taking proactive measures. we don't want to get to the point where we start seeing public health orders to shut down businesses again.
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>> tomorrow mayor they will tat new rules. students were welcomed back this morning at san francisco state. all students and non-union staff must be vaccinated. they must prove they have an exemption if not vaccinated. an update on the water main break near stern grove in san francisco. san francisco public utilities say it is shutting down water service. people who live on excelsior and mission streets have no or low water pressure right now. earlier this evening a spokesperson said no customers would be affected. that's obviously changed. it's not known how long it will take to fix this afternoon. pretty interesting to see if you're driving by or walking by. >> for sure.
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>> how are you doing tonight? >> we're doing really good for august. we're going to be setting into a pretty good weather trend. it's going to take its time as it gets to the bay area. next two days it marches closer and closer. it's going to bring cooler than average temperatures, fog back for the morning. here's the other thing. it continues to push the thickest of that smoke off to the east. the air quality tomorrow definitely looks okay to breathe. let me give you a closer look at the air quality. we're in this blue color tomorrow morning. that's just hazy, the unhealthy is the red and magenta color out there toward tahoe. we start off with hazy skies and end the day with a little haze as well. moderate air quality through tomorrow. we're going to start it off with the fog, though, be ready for that if you're heading back to
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work crossing any bridges. we'll see drizzle near the coastline. lots of low clouds for the east bay and peninsula. not too much for the south bay, except down there in gilroy, we'll see fog moving in from the south. through the afternoon, look at that. we clear out to sunny skies here throughout the bay. now we're going to start it off on the chilly side, with that foggy breeze at our backs. look at this, down to 54 in the tri valley, 57 in the south bay, mid-50s in the peninsula, and the spot to really watch out for is right here in the north bay, an average of 53 degrees. those of you near saint helena and yountville, you could be getting down to 49 and 50. jacket weather in place to start. then as we roll through the afternoon, i think we're looking mighty fine. temperatures just below average, in the low to mid-70s to the north bay, right back to concord and livermore, low 80s. san jose, palo alto, 76. oakland to san francisco, in the
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60s. really, really good for august temperatures. on my seven-day forecast we do start to warm it up friday, saturday and sunday with low 70s returning to downtown and hotter weather yes, on the way for the inland valleys. 98 friday, 99 saturday, here's the thing. it does look like it will drop off by next monday to 93. it's a short-lived event. enjoy it the next two days. it's going to be mighty fine. up next, a popular spot for cyclists, but also a trouble spot. the changes planned for mt. diablo. and happening now, progress made against the biggest fire in the state. the dixie fire is now 40% contained. fire officials say better weather could be helping the fight. the fire has burned through four counties in northern california near chico, the
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hate crimes against members of the asian community have been dominating the headlines. the community is taking a stand through art. scott wiener is behind a grant to fund work of aapi artists. he was in san francisco for a musical performance to mark the occasion. the money will support artists who champion social justice and equality. >> and this investment will empower our communities to tell our own stories and our own
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narratives. and this investment will support art that will take a strong stance against hate. >> senator wiener says chinatown and artists have been hit hard. a new plan to keep cyclists safe on mt. diablo. new bike turnouts were announced to be built along the mountain to allow cars to drive around the cyclists. they've mapped out 77 possible spots. the state budget set aside money for this project. hard hats and gold shovels in the south bay, a symbolic gesture that will mean homes for the uphoused. stakeholders broke ground at the future sitef the villas at fourth street. it will have 93 apartments for
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seniors 55 and older. it is part of a private-public partnership including companies like google and apple. it will provide supportive services to residents once they move in. we are back with a heartbreaking
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. okay. did you see this? this one hurt. they blew the last two games over the giants and they had a nail-biter against the mariners. at the coliseum, a's and mariners. cover your eyes if you're an a's fan. top of the ninth inning. the a's had a lead. almost game over. but trivino gives up the run. and just like that, game tied 3-3. a few batters later, jake bowers with a two-run single. mariners win 5-3. a's are now one game out the wildcard race. today niners head coach shanahan was noncommittal about who the starting quarterback will be. will it be jimmy or trey? jimmy g or trey.
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most likely it's going to be garoppalo. but he was a little coy. jimmy g liked it. next sunday the raiders come to levi stadium for the final preseason game. and we have a new name. when the cal football team kicks off the season september 4th, they'll be playing in a newly-re-named field. ftx field. ftx field. uc berkley signed a deal for the naming rights. it's a cryptocurrency exchange. tom brady has an equ
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before we go, a update from outer space. perseverance tweeted pictures after it made it to the top of a ridge called citadel. pretty cool to see. the rover's twitter page said nearby are lots of good rocks to choose from for my next attempt
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at sampling mars. pretty cool to see. that's going to do it for us. have a great day tomorrow. thanks for joining us tonight. tonight, the pfizer vaccine the first to get full approval from the fda. will it be a milestone in the effort to get more americans vaccinated this as infections from the delta variant soar with icus packed. president biden's message to the unvaccinated tonight the move already leading to more vaccine mandates plus my interview with pfizer's ceo >> is this going to be a game-changer do you expect to see more people coming off the fence and getting these vaccines escape from afghanistan. chaotic scenes as many americans and our afghan allies still struggle to reach the airport with fears now about isis attacks and the new threat from the taliban after president biden says
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the u.s. might stay longer than that august 31st deadline plus the afghan refugee who gave birth after u.s. troops helped get her out the flooding disaster in tennessee. more than 20 dead. dozens still missing devastating scenes and heartbreaking loss children among those swept away we're on the ground. and in the northeast, tens of thousands are without power tonight after tropical storm henri and a rental rush. americans looking for a place to live now finding higher prices and fewer choices as they head back to work how you can save >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening there is news tonight that officials hope will get many cautious and reluctant americans off the fence and to covid vaccination centers. pfizer today granted full fda approval for its vaccine. the hope now is that americans who have been waiting for a


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