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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live in lassgatos with a look at how today's news could change things. >> janelle, this cvs store offers covid vaccines and public-health leaders really hope that more people will come into places like this to get their first shot. now that they know the fda has fully approved the pfizer vaccine. pfizer's covid-19 vaccine is now the first to be granted full-fda approval for people age 16 and up. after tracking the vaccine, the fda says it is 91% effective in preventing disease. many bay area infectious disease specialists predict the fda approval will be enough to convince holdouts to, finally, get the shot. >> i think at an individual level, we know from the kaiser family foundation data that one-third of the unvaccinated folks may be more, you know, willing to get a vaccine if it's fda approvaled fully. >> and public health experts say
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the fda's decision has more wide-reaching implications as the state struggles in a surge in covid cases driven by the more infectious delta variant. >> the full approval will lead to more mandates, um, among government, employers, and schools. and that is going to have a much bigger effect on getting more people vaccinated across the country. >> reporter: the pentagon is already saying it will require the vaccine for more than a million service members starting next month. >> we are going to move forward making that -- that vaccine mandatory. we're preparing the guidance to right now. >> reporter: and there is another possible impact. >> it does lead to off-label potential use by clinicians across the country now that it has full-fda approval. >> reporter: ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. peterth severely immuno compromised
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patients. but public-health experts say they don't think doctors would use the drug off label for children because the vaccine is not fda approved for patients under 16. even with full approval, the fda is still requiring pfizer to continue to study its vaccine, especially looking at possible heart inflammation after the second dose. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, marianne, thank you so much. pfizer getting full approval from the fda means several barriers could be removed for vaccine skeptics. a new poll by the kaiser family foundation found that three in ten unvaccinated people, roughly 31%, say they would be more likely to get the shot if the fda gave it full approval. the move could also provide justification for employee-mandated vaccinations. and let's take a look at how our numbers are trending. the good news, california's positivity rate is going down.
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today, the state reported the positivity rate is at 5.4%. just 20 days ago, it was at 6.9%. the state hospitalization rate is climbing, though. check out this graph. hospitalizations have been steadily rising all month. right now, close to 8,500 people are in the hospital with covid-19. #. and please download our nbc bay area app. we are following the latest updates on covid protocol and vaccine mandates. we have what you need to move you forward and keep you in the know, even when we are not on the air. okay. well, take a look at this bird's-eye view of what it's like to fight a stubborn wildfire. the nevada army guard helping cal fire fight this fire tweeted this video of a helicopter dropping water over the caldor fire in el dora co-counselty. over the weekend, the fire jumped highway 50 triggering fire crews to start protecting even more homes and businesses.
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highway 50, by the way, remains shut down in that area. more than 25,000 people in el dorado county have had to leave and the fire is only 5% contained. nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us live from the walmart parking lot which has been the temporary home for dozens of evacuees. how are they holding up, melissa? >> reporter: they're holding up. despite the elements. the blazing sun which i'm feeling right now. the smoky air. it has not been easy. for some of these evacuees, they have been here since last tuesday. so tomorrow, it's going to be a full week since they have been camping out here at this walmart parking lot. now, the lucky ones have trailers. the less fortunate ones have had to pitch a tent but evacuees we spoke to say they are incredibly grateful, they are thankful for the community, for the strangers who drop off hot meals so the septic company who volunteered to pump out rv septic tanks. the fire which started on the
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14th has burned through more than 106,000 acres displacing people in communities southwest of lake tahoe. and a key stretch of highway 50 between sacramento and south lake tahoe remains closed indefinitely. kristen spang lives in oakland but last summer, she bought her dream cabin in the town of strawberry, which is south of lake that show. she says she understood the risk of wildfires when she purchased the dream property. but she never expected a wildfire would come within 4 miles of her cabin's door. she says she last checked on her cabin last week when she filled her car with as many belongings as possible. >> kind of feels like -- like a family member's in mortal danger and there's nothing you can do about it. >> it just blew up superfast. superfast. and, you know, we're canyons and this is rugged territory. and resources were on the dixie fire. that's just how it is.
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>> and today, a cal fire director said the caldor fire has now the number one priority out of all the fires burning throughout the country. and that's because of its proximity to lake tahoe. there is just so much dry vegetation in the el dorado national forest that cal fire warns there is a potential for spot fires within half-a-mile of the fire's perimeter. so clearly, a very dangerous situation for any person who is still in that evacuation zone. and that is a concern i heard from an evacuee here. she says she is really worried about the people who stayed put, and refused to evacuate. from their homes. but again, it's been a very stressful week for these evacuees. we are seeing about anywhere from 20 to 30 people that are still remaining camped out here in this walmart parking lot. but again, the evacuees just grateful for the support system from the local community here. that's the latest here, i'm melissa colorado. nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, melissa,
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for that update. now, with all the smoke over the caldor fire, it's affecting our air quality right now and we are going to find out where the smoke is blowing. jeff jeff joins us and you are tracking it all. >> yeah, you can see on this map of the smoke today, the smoke plumes off to the north and east of us. and the way the weather pattern's setting up. it's blowing the thickest, most harmful smoke off to the north and also to the east. so, right here across the bay your area, we are left with some haze and then right here the fog at the coastline. so at this point, it is okay to be outside. we have moderate air quality through the north bay, coast, bay, east bay, and for the south bay. let's take you into the smoke forecast for tonight and i do think we have the chance of a little bit of smoke pushing in just north of napa. also, closer to fair field. but the majority of the bay area's in this blue color, which is the haze and that's what we will continue in as we roll through tomorrow morning. we will take more looks at that smoke forecast, also some heat on the way. i'm back with that in about 12 minutes. >> okay. thanks so much, jeff. well, firefighters
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tirelessly battling the dixie fire are slowly but surely making progress. crews are strengthening control lines and have now contained 40% of this fire. and there's some more good news. weather is expected to be more favorable this week after firefighters dealt with strong winds last week. the second-largest fire in california history has burned more than 725,000 acres in parts of butte, and tahama counties. now, to coverage in afghanistan where the rush continues to evacuate more people as quickly as possible. the u.s. military today reported its biggest day of flights out of the country. about 17,000 people lift afghanistan over the past day and a half. you can see, refugees here landing at washington dulles airport. meanwhile, the violence is not slowing down. a deadly air fight today at the kabul airport slowed down progress. it's blocking many evacuees from getting out. u.s. forces are looking beyond the main airport, a helicopter, for example, today picked up more than a dozen americans.
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this comes as the taliban has hinted it may shut down airlifts. the biden administration says it's looking for more ways to move refugees into the airport in kabul and may extend the original august 31st troops evacuation deadline. here in the bay area, volunteers at the jewish family community services in concord sorted through donations for arriving refugees from afghanistan. the donations include dozens of household items that were purchased on amazon. hate crimes against members of the asian community have been dominating headlines, recently. and today, the community is taking a stand through art. state senator scott wiener is behind a $1 million grant to fund the work of aapi artists. he was at the chinese culture center in san francisco today for a musical performance to mark the occasion. the money will support artists who champion social justice and equality. >> and this investment will empower our communities to tell our own stories and our own narratives.
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and this investment will support art that will take a strong stance against hate. >> senator wiener says china town and artists have also been hit hard by the pandemic so investing in the community couldn't come at a better time. a family in the east bay is mourning the death of their 14-year-old tonight. concord police are investigating the death which they say likely happened because of an accidental overdose. they say the concord high school student may have ingested pills that looked like this. police say they aren't aware of these pills going around the high school or neighborhood. but they want parents to be aware. well, hollywood divorces frequently make headlines. but a silicon valley divorce has a lot of people talking. it's between a billionaire who helped launch google and his estranged wife, a senior research fellow at stanford university robotics lab. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, was in corp. he is now outside with the latest and, scott, normally very private and personal matter
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public here. >> yeah. it's true, janelle. because of lucrative stock options, there is a lot of money on the line here but lawyers say ultimately this is a divorce case in search of a settlement. it starts with scott hassan, he is the man in the video with the white mask and white shirt. he is well known in certain tech circles because years ago, he helped the founders of google create the company's original code and was rewarded in pre-ipo stock eventually worth billions. but seven years ago, his marriage to allison wen, a fellow techie, who also went to stanford, broke up and now their divorce is in san jose court. now, both admit things have gotten ugly. scott even admitting to posting a revenge website earlier this year to discredit his ex. scott says he has since pulled that website down. opening ceremonies took place in the courtroom behind me. at issue, so far? stock options and real estate and whether they should be divided up. back to you. >> billions of dollars. so, scott, was there like a
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prenup or postnup in this marriage? >> it's interesting. there was not a prenup and today was the first time i had ever heard the term post-nup. apparently, scott offered a post-nup saying if in the event that things go south, how about $20 million? and apparently, allison turned that down. this was during the marriage and that is at least part of why we are here today. >> okay. very contentious divorce. thank you so much, scott. well, still ahead. back to class. a long list of covid protocols that students had to follow on their first day back to school. plus. we will tell you the new thing you may need if you plan on dining indoors at a mall in san francisco. and we will have an update on our smoke forecast. plus, fog is back tomorrow morning and it's going to be cold to start. i will let you know how low those temps go coming up in about six minutes.
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only at metro by t-mobile. a lot of eyes on san francisco as it rolls out its first in the country proof of full vaccination mandate for indoor public spaces. that goes for restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues like chase. but things aren't so simple when it comes to indoor malls which have a mixture of businesses, and only some require full vaccinations to get in. nbc bay area's ginger explains. >> if you are planning on visiting a mall in san francisco, you are going to need more than your wallet and your mask. you'll need to show proof of vaccination if you plan on dining indoors. today is the fourth day that a security guard has been checking vaccination cards at the food court at downtown san francisco's westfield mall. if you want to enter the roped-off food court area, you
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must show your actual vaccination card, a photo of it, or a digital copy. so far, management says there's been little pushback. >> people weren't exactly sure what to expect. but everybody's been really, overall, people have been really understanding. >> reporter: but there have been some confusion. the new policy requiring proof of vaccination only applies to people who want to eat inside at the food court but you don't need to show proof if you are simply entering the mall or shopping. now, if you want to eat but don't have proof of vaccination or didn't know you had to bring it, you can take your food outside. >> we also have a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your foot outdoors. >> a food court employee says she is happy the mall is taking this new step but thinks it will be tough to implement because you can still enter the food court area if you are using the restrooms for picking up food and taking it to go, without needing to show proof. mall management says things are still new, and they are constantly working to improve implementation of their new policy. but are happy to generally see cooperation from guests.
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13-year-old sebastian and his mom sandra, from the dominican republic, are an example of that. they didn't know they needed to bring vaccination cards around when they first arrived in san francisco but have had no problem making the adjustment. >> the covid is a -- a pandemic that it's around the world. and it's killing a lot of people. so i think that it's okay that you have -- you need to have the vaccine to go to places. >> reporter: san francisco's stonestown mall has also started requiring proof of vaccination for indoor diners. nbc bay area news. well, students return to class at san francisco state today for the first day of school. a long list of covid protocols are obviously in place. all students and non-union staff are required to be vaccinated. those who miss the deadline to be vaccinated must show proof of exemption or face weekly tests until they get the shot. >> my health, which is an app that we are using and it's
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linked through our app. so the students can open up their app, hit the vaccination upload and be able to upload it there and our student health services team are actually the ones who are going through verifying uploads. and contacting students if there are any issues. >> diablo valley college also welcomed back students today. it is a crucial time for savings in the rush to rent as people pack up and move back into cities for work, those rents are now spiking. millions of americans fled big cities during the pandemic but that is all changing now that businesses have set return-to-work deadlines. renting tool, zumper, says prices are reversing course in most of the country but are still down year to year in some areas. tonight, on "nbc nightly news" at 6:30, stephanie ruhle breaks down the price you pay for rent and which cities are the worst and -- for renters and where you can get the best deals. okay. it is monday. we have got our meteorologist jeff ranieri here and let's talk
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about the air quality. doesn't look so hot behind you in walnut creek and i am talking about air quality, not the temps. >> it's not that bad. you know, it is okay to be outside. little bit of haze off in the distance but nothing compared to what we went through as we headed through last week so it's okay to be outside and breathe that air. we have moderate-air quality, all across the bay area. also, the other good news. 73 degrees right now. and then, cooler 60s once we wit hit 8, 9, 10, even into 11:00. and the good news continues as we roll through tomorrow. let me show you what i am tracking and it's this area of low pressure offshore. it's going to take time getting here. so over the next two days, it slowly marches toward the bay area. that's going to keep the fog owe e at the coastline for the morning. and here is the best part. it continues to push that thickest smoke away from the bay area. let me show you that better on our smoke model forecast. k see tomorrow morning at 8:30, we have a little bit of this blue color across the bay area
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and that's the haze we will still have to contend with. but that thickest smoke again is right over the sierra. as we roll through the day tomorrow, we will continue with just a little bit of haze in the forecast. so at this point, the air quality looks okay as we roll through your forecast on tuesday. now, the other thing we are going to be dealing with is the fog at the coastline and this is going to really bring in that chilly breeze. you are going to feel it all across the bay area, definitely. you can see that thick cloud cover at the coastline. but we do get sunshine returning right there as we head through the afternoon. so let's get you into those morning temperatures again it is starting off chilly. doesn't matter where you are. we are going to be down in the 50s widespread across the bay area. 55. south bay at 57. also, more of those mid-50s over the east bay. and san francisco north bay down to 53 degrees. so jacket weather for the morning. then, as we move through the day, numbers below average. so for august, this is amazing weather down here through the
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south bay. have you at 76 in downtown and 77 there in couper tee know. let's bring you over to the east bay and we do have some little bit of some mid-80s here back to antioch. some low 80s in livermore but that's not that bad. 79 here in walnut creek. and then, over to oakland, we are at 68. for the peninsula, anywhere from 63 in daly city to 76 in palo alto and let's bring you to san francisco. plenty of 50s and 60s from the marina through downtown. and into the north bay, 64 in mill valley. 73 in santa rosa. 77 back to sonoma. let's roll into my seven-day forecast for san francisco. and we will get some warmer weather here once we hit friday, saturday, and sunday. with some low 70s back in the mix. and across the inland valleys, we are at 82 tomorrow. but notice, the heat does go up once we hit thursday, to 93. 98, friday. 99 on saturday. but it looks like it could be a short-lived event. once we hit next monday, we will certainly start to see those
5:21 pm
temperatures drop and that trend would continue into next week. so yes we got the heat on the way but again, some cooler weather would be on the way the following week. so, janelle, it's august and not too bad as we roll through tomorrow. >> exactly. okay. thank you so much, jeff. coming up. he is a notorious gangster who even spent time on alcatraz. and now, you can have a piece of al capone's most treasured items. more about the capone auction, next.
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a big step toward housing hoemgless people in the south way. city and county leaders broke ground at the future site. the complex will provide 93 units of permanent housing for chronically homeless seniors ages 55 and up. the project is the outcome of a
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public-private partnership including companies like google and apple. san jose's mayor says the housing is critically important. >> sometimes, a tough sell initially but we know, in the end, after it gets built and people are housed, you never hear the complaints. >> the organization people assisting the homeless or path is heading up construction of the development and will provide supportive services to residents once they move in. a new safety plan for mt. diablo and it's making some bicyclists happy. cyclists say it's a trouble spot. they have tracked 160 collisions between cyclists and cars over the past few years. but today, mt. diablo park leaders announced it will build bicycle turnouts along the mountain. they mapped 77 possible turn-out spots. the turnouts will allow cars to drive around the cyclists. the state budget set aside money for this project. personal items blng belonging to one of the most notorious criminals of all time could soon be yours. al capone's granddaughters are
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getting ready to auction off a lot of the gangster's personal possessions. among the items for sale are a handwritten letter capone sent to his only child while he was locked up at alcatraz. his favorite gun is also up for auction. as is the picture of lucille ball and dezi arnez signed by arnez. the auction is october 8th in sacramento. his granddaughters live in the bay area and near auburn. okay, we are back with new images from the rover on the martian planet. we will show you, next.
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the mars rover . the mars rover has tweeted an update from outer space, check it out. nasa's perseverance tweeted two images after it made its way through a narrow gap and to the top of a ridge called citadel. near by are lots of rocks to choose from for my next attempt at sampling mars. does it sound like a robot? >> they have their on twitter page? >> yeah. hasn't tweeted in a while, nice to see. full approval. the fda gives the green light
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for the pfizer covid vaccine. >> this really tells people that there is no doubt whatsoever. >> what does this really mean now for you and your family. plus, can president biden push back the deadline to move americans out of afghanistan. the threat from the taliban, as americans are flown out of the country. and governor newsom's race is under investigation. will this have an impact when we get to next month's election? the news at 5:30 starts right now. good monday. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. big news from the fda. the federal agency has granted full approval to pfizer's vaccine, making it the nation's first to move beyond the emergency use authorization. here's the possible impact here. this full approval might prompt a lot of those skeptical people
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to finally get vaccinated, and this coul a


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