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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, we're following several major stories right now. the u.s. racing against the clock to evacuate more people out of afghanistan as a new threat emerges. we'll have complete coverage. plus, breaking news involving reverend jesse jackson. as we found out moments ago, he's been admitted to the hospital along with his wife. but first hazy skies here in the bay area. meteorologist rob mayeda will
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have the weather. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm connie. we did see some improvement today. >> not in dublin though, as you can see. >> let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda to see what's coming up next. >> right now the sea breeze making a difference on the inner bay. a cloudy coast on the north bay. you can see the air quality at this hour. instead of orange and red, in dublin, it's green and yellow. it's moderate. brought on by the sea breeze and a surge of low clouds. the good news for the weekend, we saw upper air smoke, but the surface smoke, the healthy air that we breathe, a lot of that has pushed off to the east. we might see a little smoke moving to the north bay, but not to healthy levels.
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meantime the wind increasing here, look at this. the radar shows the ash being tossed up by the vertical winds. you see the major wildfire along highway 50. that's a big concern as the fire moves off toward the east bringing hazardous and very unhealthy air quality. that's an air quality concern as we wrap up the weekend. closer to home, enjoy these mild weekend temperatures because the seven-day forecast has 90s and 100s just around the corner next week. a closer look at that coming up in ten minutes. >> rob, thank you very much. let's take a look at it. the caldor fire. you look at the community here. remember the red skies. it's an incredibly dangerous situation right now. here's an alert from the wildfire camera. you see how large the fire has
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gotten. ten acres. that's just since yesterday. a huge impact. a portion of highway 50 remains shut down. you see the orange glow over the desolate highway near echo lake. and while some communities have still been spared, others have been devastated. this is new video from near grisly flats. in all, more than 83,000 acres have burned. there's no containment yet, none. now, the dixie fire, that continues to burn. in the past few hours, there are new evacuation orders. crews faced a challenging afternoon. the winds are picking up. a red flag warning is in effect over the entire length of the fire zone. so far more than 700,000 acres have burned. 35% contained. that's only 40% over the past week. as these fires continue to burn, it will have an impact on the air quality here. we're tracking everything on our home page.
5:04 pm follow us on all of our digital platforms and get updated weather forecasts. now to the latest out of afghanistan. the u.s. embassy now warning americans in afghanistan not to travel to the kabul airport without specific instruction from u.s. leaders. troops are trying to maintain calm as thousands of people arrive every day trying to get out of the country. in the last 24 hours, there have been 38 flights evacuating 3,800 people, bringing the total number to 17,000 since last saturday. >> i think we've been very honest about the fact that we know we're fighting against both time and space. that's really what we're -- that's what we're -- that's the race that we're in right now. and we're trying do this as quickly and as safely as possible.
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>> president biden has set an august 31st deadline to get all troops out of afghanistan. demanding more action. members of the local afghan american community held a rally and a march today in free month. so many of them are worried about families still trying to get out of afghanistan. here's nbc bay area's chrisie smith. >> reporter: they gathered in fremont to rally and march. >> i am an afghan american whose heart is breaking. >> reporter: carrying signs and a merge. >> i'm here because i want the airport to be open and i want president biden if you're listening, please do everything in your power to negotiate with whoever you can in terms of diplomacy to keep the airport open. >> reporter: as people in the region try desperately to escape the taliban, today came word
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that the u.s. was establishing alternatives to routes to the airport due to threats from the taliban. >> there are so many who need to be evacuated, and we need more time on how do that. >> reporter: for many, they wish more help would arrive in afghanistan. >> immediate humanitarian assistance on the ground for the internally displaced. more refugees allowed in the u.s. >> i keep thinking about that. from the other side, it's not only my family. it's not only my brother. i have my friends there. i have my classmates. >> the honest truth is we know it's heartbreaking, and we know it's not fair. not fair to human life. it is not a left or right talking point, and i think the united states public actually understand that. >> reporter: many hope actions like this keep momentum building and keep the pressure on u.s.
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leaders to help. in fremont, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> more in-depth coverage from afghanistan is coming your way next on "nightly news." jose diaz-balart will have more and how they contradicted the president. we just learned jesse jackson and his wife are in the hospital with covid-19. jackson's son announced it in the past hour saying his 79-year-old father and 77-year-old mother boast tested positive. they're now in northwestern hospital in chicago. it's not known how sick they are. it's worth noting the reverend was vaccinated. more than a million doses were administered yesterday. we haven't seen numbers like that in more than two months. most were newly vaccinated people. as of right now, 60% of the u.s.
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population, 12 years old and older is fully vaccinated. getting ready for that first day of school has been different this year. the convenient was a partnership between kaiser and glad tidings international. students 12 and up could not only get a dose of the covid vaccine, but they could get a free haircut, free backpack, and other things as well. they've been working hard to get the word out to underserved communities. >> we're telling everybody, bring your children, bring your grandchildren. we're saying bring your students. we want everyone vaccinated. this is a pandemic, and we're all in this together. we have to encourage one another to live. let's live. >> both the pfizer and the johnson & johnson vaccines were offered. children under 18 needed parent consent to get a dose. tonight henri is a category
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1 hurricane, churning out in the atlantic ocean, likely to make landfall tomorrow on long island, new york, or the southern region of the coast. people are making preparations. nbc's chris pollone has the latest. >> reporter: in new york they're boarding up in the hamptons, henri likely to make landfall near the rhode island border. governor cuomo declared a state of emergency and two more dozen counties. >> new york tough also means new york smart, and new york smart today means get out of harm's way, please. >> reporter: in connecticut, officials are asking some people on the coast to voluntarily evacuate their homes. a storm surge warning has been issued for the entire connecticut shoreline. >> this may not be a perfect storm, but it's going to be close to it. the alarm bell should be ringing loud and clear. this storm is going to pack a
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powerful punch. >> reporter: henri's strength was packing winds at 75 miles an hour. >> we don't know what we'll see, but we need to be prepared. >> reporter: it's shifted to the western and central part of the state. in worcester, people grabbed last-minute groceries in anticipate of long-lasting power outages. >> i'm keeping my fingers crossed. we've been through it before. >> reporter: the time to prepare for millions quickly running out. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. coming up, bay area professors working to find safe homes for afghan refugees. we'll hear from one teacher who made the same journey years ago. and a big celebration in the south bay today. where to find the newly named barack obama boulevard. and right now we're watching the smoke in the skies around our inland east bay, but look at the temperature. just 68 degrees in walnut creek.
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afghanistan, professor joins us. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> you know so many people in afghanistan. what has it been light for you this past week as it's all been unfolding, and what are you hearing from them? >> sunday was devastating. the weeks before sunday have also been very heartbreaking as every region and every city fell to the taliban. i would hear from friends and former colleagues who lived in those regions, in kandahar and herat. we knew they were coming closer to kabul, and sunday i woke up to that news. i woke up to dozens of messages, and they with from frightened friends and family colleagues in
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kabul. >> as you say that, we're looking at video. frightened people who don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. >> you're part of a group of professors working to bring afghans to the bay area. tell us more. how are you going to do that, and who do you want to help? >> so sunday i just frantically started sending messages to my colleagues and the human rights institute, working groups that are part of that groom, and we started sending messages to other universities, to other colleagues. that message went to a lot of places. we partnered with the uc berkeley human rights center. we thought, we're going to help scholars at risk, academics, professors, because of the work they've done and because of their profession, and we've worked all week to try to put a
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crowd funding campaign together which is really growing and building, reaching out to afghans, the ones that have reached out to me, almost 100 professors, journalists, activists, women and men, talking to them. they're sending me their application information. they're asking for help. [ indiscernible ] we're trying to help them as much as we can. >> let's talk about the scholars at risk. what is at risk if these people are not protected? >> their lives many of them are in hiding. many of them, their work is on display in public, on social media, on all over the lab, and they're vulnerable. and in places where the taliban took over two weeks ago where it
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was earlier reported that things are calm, they want to negotiate their peaceful movement, they're reporting -- and i'm talking to people on the ground in those provinces, they've made lists to target them because of the work they've done and the advocacy that they've been involved in. whether they've been working with women's groups, teaching politics and media. it really depends. it's really important to listen to them, to take them seriously. to evacuate them. our initial response is we need a humanitarian corridor in afghanistan, in kabul, to be able to evacuate these vulnerable people. and then these universities, every day we hear from universities all over california and the united states that they're interested in hosting the people we're in contact with, scholars, professors, the activists, the women.
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i'm placing afghans within institutions that will support them, but i also support their goals because what we don't want is brain drain, which has happened in previous years after conflicts, the knowledge, the experiences, the work that these people have loved so much to do and contribute to the work and history that has been lost. we don't want that to happen again. >> professor kazim, thank you very much for this information. best of luck to you. i hope all goes well. thank you. >> thank you for having me. well, another thing we're keeping a close eye on definitely, the crisis in afghanistan, but also here at home, the skies, rob. >> yes. >> we're looking at hazy skies. >> we had two days, spare the air days this week. it started wednesday when we had the unhealthy air spilling over.
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you probably noticed the cooler temperatures that are coinciding for the moment with a slight improvement in our air quality. 76 at san jose. winds at ten miles an hour. you do see livermore at 72. still looking at moderate air quality. aqi between 51 and 100 around the tri-valley. walnut creek, still some haze. the temperature, 68 degrees. it's not going to be anywhere near that later on next week. drizzle, and wind out of the west at 15 miles per hour. the strong sea breeze as you talked about is not only bringing in low clouds and drizzle, all the way into the tri-valley for the morning and sunshine for the afternoon. it will once again help our air quality heads into your sunday. so low clouds. chilly start. low 50s around the north bay. highs this afternoon, only low
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70s. around the north bay, a little more sunshine. 75 in san jose. 60s from san francisco to oakland and 80 for morgan hill. here again is the most important part of the forecast. you see the smoke right now, thanks to the sea breeze, pushed off to the east, but sunday toward the evening we might see a little bit of smoke come down the coast. not unhealthy at this point. but you may notice a little more haze as we wrap up the weekend. we do have air quality problems right there downwind of the caldor fire. check out south lake tahoe. very unhealthy. high pressure strengthening. later on next week, that it's going to lead to a big jump in temperatures. we're talk 20g to 30 degrees in warming. let's move you forward across the bay area. you've got numbers in napa, 70s to finish the weekend.
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90s by the weekend. livermore, that's a big jump. 90s here. much like the heatwave, oak land only likely to get into the low 80s. what when talk about the heat that's on the way, bayside, not too bad. 70s toward next week. where you'll see the jump is the inland val willies. we have to watch every time the wind changes. that could also mean more smoke heading back to the bay area. >> rob, thanks very much. all right. well, up next, it's sleek, quiet, and runs on solar. we'll tell you the unusual record temps here in the bay area.
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today in san jose, a lasting tribute to the country's first black president. the city unveiled the newly dedicated barack obama boulevard with feign fair including performances and speeches. they renamed part of bird avenue and autumn street. people who came out are very happy with the change. >> i think it's awesome. it's a great way for us to say thank you and appreciate all the work he did for those eight years, and i'm hoping it inspires someone else to maybe have a career in politics and do their best as well. >> the street renaming was all the work of a local committee who worked for years toward the goal of honoring the 44th
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president. still ahead, honoring the victims of 9/11, the great lengths one former flight attendant is going to.
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a former united flight attendant is honoring those who died on 9/11 in a very unique way. he's pushing a drink cart from boston to new york today. it's a 220-mile journey starting at boston's logan airport where two of the hijacked planes departed. the journey ends at ground zero.
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he worked on the same united airlines route, but he was off on the day 175 hit the south tower of the world trade center. many of his friends were working that day. >> compared to what they did, it's nothing. that's the way i look at it. they were the first first responders that day. >> reporter: money raised is going to be donated to support 9/11 crew members' families. we're back in a moment. and there you have it— -woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow! -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just $30 bucks. sweet, but mine has 5g included. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. switch to xfinity mobile and save hundreds
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you've heard of freight trains, steam engines, even bullet trains, but get this. a solar train? that's exactly what you're looking at. they're trying to set the speed record for a solar train, and while it can only reach about 25 miles an hour now, engineers
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hope by doubling "i" size and power, it can hit 65 miles an hour in a year. >> wow. solar trains. >> thank very much for watching. "nightly news" is next. we're back at 6:00. hope to see you then. tonight, the historic hurricane speeding to the northeast. henri at hurricane strength, growing more powerful. on track to hit long island and new england. which haven't seen a hurricane in 30 years, tomorrow. coastal areas now evacuating the rush to board up and stock up lines for gas. empty store shelves. governors calling up the naonal guard. >> you should be prepared to deal with the possibility that you could lose power >> we have the latest on its path new terror threats in afghanistan. americans told not to come to the airport. it's too dangerous, despite the


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