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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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businesses will be requiring proof of vaccination from guests 12 and older in order to have them inside. pick up and to-go orders would not require proof, neither would outdoor dining. the city says it is a necessary step to slow the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. >> it is to protect the workers. it is to protect kids. it is to protect those who can't get vaccinated. it is to make sure that we don't go backwards. it is to make sure that i never have to get up in front of you and say, i'm sorry, i know we just reopened and now the city is closed again because we are seeing too many people die. >> we're very supportive of it. it is the right thing to do. we hope that it is not a long-term thing. you heard the mayor say we're going to want to see the hospitalizations and the case numbers come down. >> these new rules take effect next friday, which is august 28th. so san francisco really just the latest city to do this.
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let's bring in nbc bay area's lili tan with more details from the city. >> reporter: after 17 long months "hamilton" returned to san francisco and aer short days it has to change policies. today the city of san francisco announced that starting august 20th residents and visitors age 12 and older will need to show full proof of vaccination against covid-19 in order to enter certain indoor spaces, including large event spaces that can hold at least 1,000 people. this production of "hamilton" seats 2,200. >> if the city says this is what we must do in order to make it even safer for our audiences, then we support it. >> reporter: though there is an exception. anyone who buys a ticket by august 12th can still show a negative test instead of proof of vaccination as long as the event they're attending is before september 15th. that goes for the theater, concerts and sporting events. >> i feel like a human.
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>> reporter: warriors' fan pauline says the new rules give her peace of mind. >> you can be far more relaxed and enjoy the game and not freak out that if you leave you might get sick. >> reporter: the warriors and chase center say they will comply with the new guidelines for their next event, a concert on september 15th. the question between now and then is how they'll do it, because verifying vaccinations for thousands of fans at the door simply doesn't work. in san francisco, lili tan, "nbc bay area news". well, state health leaders say new cases among unvaccinated people continue to climb. they say people who haven't gotten the shot have a case rate of 600% higher than those who are vaccinated. in the last 24 hours the state of california saw more than 10,000 new infections. the positivity rate stands at 6.5%. okay. how about this? you get a friend to get a covid vaccine and you get $100. contra costa county health leaders launched a new incentive
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program to get more people vaccinated. it is called the helping hands referral program. basically anyone 14 and up can earn $100 for each person they get to sign up for a vaccine through a special county website. you get the actual money once that referred person is fully vaccinated. we have new details about that shooting take took the life of a young boy in the south bay. that boy was only 13 years old. the shooting happened yesterday around 4:00 p.m. outside of a house in the district near foot hill high school. investigators say a car drove up to the house and the people inside the car, the people inside the house exchanged gunfire. the boy was in the car and his friends dropped him off at regional medical center. he died soon after. police say guns on the streets are becoming more of a problem in san jose. >> i've been doing this 22 years now and in my 22-year career i haven't seen thai mount of guns getting taken off our streets.
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>> no word on any suspects or arrests. san jose police say this was the 24th homicide of the year. a central valley man convicted of torturing and burying a young man alive will be paroled in just days. david wider was 17 years old when he was convicted of a murder. now 58, on monday he will be a free man and it appears his first stop will be in the san francisco area. janelle wang joins us with more from the victim's family and the whole situation as it is unfolding. >> reporter: yeah, jessica. the parole board does not release the exact date or location of his release for security purposes, but did say it will be in san francisco county within the next ten days. the victim's family heard it will be this monday. the family is shocked and heartbroken by this decision to release david wider and believes he is still a danger to the community. he was convicted by a jury when he was 17. in 1980 he stabbed, tortured and buried alive 20-year-old mike
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morganti in the central valley town of clovis. he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole but because of his clean record and overcrowding prisons the state board granted him parole, actually four times, but governor brown block it twice and governor newsom blocked it also. i spoke to his sister who says he is not remorseful. >> he has not once told us, this is what happened, i'm this way, i am that way, i think i dealt with it, i read these books, i have had that counseling. that has not happened. that should scare the crap out of you guys, and that's what i'm concerned about. so what i hope happens next is i hope that people work with me and my family to really get at the heart of what might be a good parole situation for this person to try and limit exposure to the public. >> he is going to be in a
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transitional housing program for about six months in free society, and then i believe he will be going back to his mother and his father who are both quite old. i think his intention is to care for them in their -- their elder years. >> weider's attorney charles carbone told me today after transitional housing he will go back to his parents' home in the clovis area. he says he is remorseful and accepts responsibility for his crime and has an impeccable prison record but the victim's family disagree it. they say weidert only reached out once to their family in the past 40 years with a strange letter and he doesn't seem to be remorseful. vicky says she feels she let her brother down because his killer is now going free. her mission now, to raise awareness and try to change the justice system to make sure murderers of the most heinous crimes don't go free. raj. >> janelle, thank you. a new look on the streets of
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oakland. chp officers. this comes after the oakland chinatown community asked for help and the mayor took that did straight to the officer. putting more armed officers in oakland isn't sitting well with activists who spear headed the defund the police movement. here is bay area's melissa colorado. >> so beware, there will be more enforcement. >> reporter: that was oakland mayor's libby schaff's warning to criminals yesterday after asking governor newsom to send more chp officers to patrolled heavy trafficked streets like international boulevard. >> to bring traffic enforcement, which is the job of the california highway patrol, into oakland is an appropriate request and i'm so grateful that the governor has granted it so quickly. >> reporter: but it was a president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, carl chan, who kick started the request following an armed robbery that ended in the shooting of a good samaritan over the weekend, chan sent a letter to the governor imploring
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him to deploy chp officers to help the understaffed oakland police department. chan says the mayor called him afterwards to share the news. >> i was so excited, you know, when she texted me and calling me and saying that we got it, and it is good news. >> carl chan does not get to single handedly determine the agenda for public safety for the city of oakland. >> reporter: cat brooks is co-founder of the anti-police terror project, a leading group in the defund police movement. >> it is disgusting, it is scary and it wreaks of fashionism. >> reporter: brooks brings up the case of eric salgado, a 23-year-old man shot and killed by chp officers in east oakland last summer. police say he was driving a stolen car and rammed several chp cars before police opened fire. salgado's pregnant girlfriend in the passenger seat was also shot and survived, however, family members said her unborn child did not. >> we have to fight back. we can't take this lying down. >> reporter: we reached out to
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the chp to find out how many officers will be dispatched to oakland and are still waiting to hear back. in oakland, melissa colorado, "nbc bay area news". still to come, how to go about making sure staff and school campuses are safe. a highly anticipated meeting just underway, aimed at getting those answers. we will take you there live. also, it is move-in day for a lot of bay area college kids. the strict rules they now have to follow to make sure everyone is safe as school starts. and some interesting weather around the bay area. we have stormranger keeping an eye on the skies off to the west where we could see scattered showers. more humidity and heat on the way for the weekend. a closer look when we come right back. when we welcome our viewers in the west, we will have the latest as the u.s. prepares to return troops to afghanistan to evacuate americans. why officials say the security situation there is deteriorating. also, what's behind a summer surge of rsv, a respiratory ailment among children?
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when we see you on "nbc nightly news."
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it is expected to be a tense meeting. tonight the san jose unified school board is meeting to come up with a new plan for student safety. that's because at the last meeting board members voted to remove police officers from campuses. so what happens next? nbc bay area's ginger conejero saab joins us where the public portion of the meeting is
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about to get started. >> reporter: raj, there's been a steady stream of people for the last 30 minutes for both sides of this debate and there's no shortage of passionate opinions on this. some say the board made a mistake and need to bring cops back to campus and others say the answer is counsellors, never cops. somehow the board needs to bring both sides to the table tonight. >> police on campus does not make the school any safer. what it does is intimidate kids of color and it starts to work on that school-to-prison pipeline. >> reporter: crystal calhoun has been lobbying with san jose's unified equity council for almost a year. a grandmother of four, san jose unified students, she says police presence on campus does much more harm than good for students, especially students of color. she says the school needs to consider counsellors or private security. but campus counsellors and security guards aren't enough for other parents. san jose planning commissioner rolando bonilla sees the
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parents' sides. he issued a statement urging the board to reverse its earlier decision and bring police back to campus. he says he understands the worry that officers can create more issues than solve, but feels police must be a part of the plan for keeping students and staff safe on campus. the board has said tonight won't be rearguing the past. instead, they'll focus on debate over police games, but many here say the board also needs to explain how they plan to keep kids safe day to day going forward. >> because it was very clear from the vote that there were concerns about having police on campus during school session, right? so that's not going to happen. but we do have safety plans in place. we have campus supervisors. we have, you know, administrators. >> reporter: now, there are a lot of passionate opinions, but so far everyone has been peaceful and respectful of that opinion on the other side. we are told the last time that
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the board met on this issue back in june when they originally eliminated police presence on campus it lasted until 11:00 in the evening, so it might be a while before the board gets closer to an answer. live in san jose, "nbc bay area news". >> thank you, ginger. a rough start to the first day of school in the south bay. no power at lot gatos high. pg&e says the outage impacted about 4,000 households nearby. power went out about 9:30 in the morning. classes were not dismissed but moved outside. power came on around 1:30 in the afternoon. thunderstorms would seem to be good news for crews battling the dixie fire, but an expert on the line battling the fire says it is bad news because high winds can spread the flames quickly. dry lightning is also a threat. right now all evacuations in
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butte county -- the fire is just 30% contained. if you have been outside you know the bay area is under an air quality advisory. the pollution, due to all of the fires you burning across the state right now, and it is irritating to most adults but it can be dangerous to younger people. earlier today we spoke to a stanford pediatrician about it. >> and children in particular are vulnerable, particularly younger children because their lungs are developing pretty rapidly in the beginning. they breathe faster than adults do. so they get more of that toxic pollution into their body mass. >> the doctor went on to say for that reason breathing smoky air can really hit them harder than it does adults. okay. heading back to campus. this is a big day, a big week for so many students around the country. cal state east bay started its move-in process today for the 850 students living on campus this school year. before any student with move in they must go through a lot of
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protocol. they must test negative for covid even if they are fully vaccinated. this year they have two per room but reduced the capacity of dorms about 85%. they are keeping extra rooms available in indicates a student catches covid and needs to isolate. >> i feel like it is a lot but it is something we need. i want to make sure not only myself, but my peers as well are safe, faculty as well. we have to make sure we're all good and glad to do my part. >> reporter: i think she is smiling under the mask there. she is excited. all students must be vaccinated unless they have a religious or medical exemption. those with exemptions will be tested regularly. everyone must wear a mask indoors even in the dorm hallways many you can take off your mask once you are inside that dorm room. didn't you just do a move-in? >> not yet, in a month. we went for orientation. but they give you 15 minutes, they bring out big bins, they throw your stuff in and they tell you, keep driving, keep driving. >> that's pretty cool. >> it is challenging with all of the smoke. you have a mask on and then the heat on top of everything else. >> yeah. and that one school losing
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power. >> yeah. >> you have to have the air filtration and ac going. it is a big problem we are seeing this time of year. we have the air quality advisory still ongoing for another day tomorrow. and by the weekend temperatures will be climbing on up. we will see mid to upper 90s possible by the end of the weekend. let's take you outside right now where you can see some of the temperature. speaking of wildfire smoke, some hazy skies east of san jose. 74 degrees. livermore, it is 84. by sunday we will be looking at some mid 90s possible around the tri-valley. towards walnut creek, probably we're seeing most of the haze ear skies towards inland contra costa county. the fog has cleared out with mid level clouds above, 62 degrees, wind out of the west at 15 miles per hour in san francisco. the sea breeze is making a difference during the midday and evening hours as it applies to air quality. you have the air quality advisory again tomorrow. notice how the concentration of near-surface smoke pick up towards the morning because the sea breeze backs off a bit
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overnight. in the north bay, to inland places like the tri-valley for the morning you may notice the smoke extra thick in the morning, and as the breeze picks up for the afternoon we should see better air quality for outdoor plans but temperatures will be climbing over the next few days. a little bit of inland haze with that smoke. you are temperatures in upper 50s and low 60s to start your day, and then highs tomorrow, 85 in san jose. close to 80 in santa cruz. san francisco, upper 60 fs. mid 70s in oakland. near 90 in santa rosa and progressively temperatures will climb heading through the weekend. you saw the clouds out of the south. let's check out stormranger here scanning the skies west. we are seeing bands of showers by passing us, thunderstorms over the sierra. we talked about some of the lightning strikes and strong winds over the dixie fear. we have a weakening tropical storm which will reset the
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humidity. more clouds coming in during the day. don't be surprised if you run into a stray, isolated shower for the morning, especially north of san francisco, and then towards the evening might briefly see a shower pass through the bay area. again, next 24 hours probably the best chance for seeing some showers moving through the bay area, as you see there off to our coast. as we head into saturday moisture moves off to the north, and as you are about to see a presentie big warm-up on the way for the inland valleys. ten-day outlook for concord, inland east bay could go close to upper 90s by sunday. san francisco with a backdrop of tropical clouds could see 70s heading into the weekend. so not big heat on the coast of the inner bay, it is the story of the summer so far, but probably upper 90s, near 100 degree temperatures heading into the new week. >> no fog over the bridge. >> so you brought tokyo back wu. the common denominator seems to be you, wherever you go it is
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hot. >> and it is rainy now possibly too. thanks, rob. work under way on the new housing complex in the south bay. we will show you where it is and how many people might benefit from it of that's next. ♪ ♪ it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple. with comcast business you'll be ready... with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere... all on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. every day in business is a big day.
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a new affordable housing complex is going up in san jose to help people struggling to make it in the bay. south bay leaders broke ground on the project today. the development is being built on the street from the children's discovery museum, down the street from. there will be 87 units, complex targeting families and people who work at artists. >> we know we need it. we need a lot more great projects like this. it is not just about building affordable housing but building great communities. >> reporter: the mayor says as part of the project the city is getting grants from the state to help add bike lanes and they will buy electric buses to run in the area. despite the high cost of homes, millennials now make up the largest group of california home buyers.
6:25 pm
"the sacramento bee" reports millennials are part of the nearly 40% of home sales in the state, but they're still having a tough time buying a home than their parents or grandparents ever did. real estate values are now about double what they were 40 years ago adjusted for inflation. realtors say many millennials are only able to afford a home because family members are helping with the down payment or closing costs. we're back in a moment.
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm.
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then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. coming up at 7:00, san
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francisco's vaccine requirement. we're going to take a deeper discussion with business owners about what it means going forward and what it means for you as a customer. also, could radio talk show host larry elder replace gavin newsom as governor? elder is in the bay area tonight getting a lot of support as the recall election is next month. those topics and morality 7:00. first on "nightly news," lester holt talks to the man who wants to change the way wrongful convictions are handled in new york city. you will meet alvin bragg who is leaning on his childhood in harlem to run for d.a.. that's coming in a minute. taco bell used pandemic lessons to create its restaurant of the future. this is what it is going to look like. you see it is two stories there. the kitchen is upstairs and there are four drive-through lanes down below. taco bell says you go up there, you order food on touch screens or on video screens where you can see the cashiers, which is cool. the food then comes down on what the company calls a bell-vator.
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>> this is like the old bank thing. like we are going back to the future with the num attic tubes. >> yes. >> so it comes down on a bellevator. the first restaurant of this new look opens next summer. so a year from now in minnesota. so perhaps soon after that we will get them here in california in the bay area. >> okay. i'm going out and say i don't like the purple. it doesn't scream tacos to me. >> in the executives are watching? >> could you change it to orange or something? that purple doesn't say tacos. >> we'll debate this. thanks for joining us. lester holt is next for "nightly news". >> bye-bye. tonight, the urgent mission to evacuate americans in afghanistan's capital as the taliban rapidly close in the pentagon deploying 3,000 u.s. troops in 24 to 48 hours to airlift american embassy personnel in kabul.
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the state department doubling down on its warning to american citizens to get out now. it comes as the taliban reportedly seizes afghanistan's second largest city. our team is there. an fda decision expected soon on authorizing booster shots for immunocompromised americans as the delta variant surges a cdc warning over 90% of u.s. counties now have high or substantial transmission where indoor masks are recommended. florida has seen more cases in the last week than 30 other states combined. florida and texas accounting for 40% of new hospitalizations dr. fauci is here answering your questions. a tropical storm watch issued for parts of florida as fred takes aim. and over 200 million americans under extreme heat alerts in 43 states. al roker is here just in, the battle of britney spears with her father verdict is in. and if you build it, they will come


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