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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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reacting. i have had people coming at me and voicing their opinion, and that's fine. i'll take it as it comes. >> bring your cash and card. one iconic bay area restaurant wants to see proof you are vaccinated. we'll hear the reaction from diners. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. 6:00 right now. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we are tracking smoke from the dixie wildfire that will likely affect air quality here in the bay area. kari? >> we have seen more smoke coming in as well as the new fire that is burning, the glenn fire, and the monument fire. we have large fires burning across the region having an impact on our air quality especially for the north bay today where we see the numbers are much higher.
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an air quality advisory due to the smoke near the surface and we will see some of the smoke coming in today, and the highest impact to the north as high pressure continues to build and our temperatures will go up. we will have more on the temperatures and what is ahead coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much, kari. 6:01 right now. the mask debate in schools continues as more children are returning for the fall term, and that includes thousands of additional students in the bay area, probably waking up right now and about to begin their first day of class. bob redell joins us. there are support for masks on campus but not so much for vaccinations? >> reporter: yeah, you are aware many of the schools here already require teachers and students to mask up. the kaiser family foundation, they just released a national survey of 1,200 parents and they find that 63% of parents support
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mask mandates for unvaccinated students and staff, and 54% do not support mandatory vaccination for students. you will recall last week, a meeting was shut down over their policy requiring mask on campus. am growing number of districts in those states are ignoring orders telling students they will still have to mask up. you will recall yesterday governor newsom announced all public and private k through 12 schools, teachers must be vaccinated. an overwhelming majority of teachers unions support that mandate and see testing as a key to track the outbreaks.
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>> we know that those who experienced the most serious conditions are those that don't have a vaccine. >> what is very concerning is the government thinks they can continue with the overreach. we don't want to see that extended to our children. >> that was the founder of let them breathe. that's a national group that opposes mask mandate in schools and requiring anybody to get vaccinated. let them breathe is concerned the next step could require student vaccinations, and something governor newsom admits is not off the table. >> so much to keep following. thank you, bob. that conversation with masks and schools spread across from grade schools to college and universities, and kris sanchez you have been following that part of the story as well. >> yeah, have to know what the big kids are up to, right? things are going to look
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different as they head back to campus, and i want to tell you we saw pretty surprising incentives. $5,000 in fruition money. i will tell you who is offering that. first, cal east bay students, all students have to test negative before they can even move in regardless of whether or not they have gotten their shots. move-in day is today. dorm capacity reduced to 86% to try and limit some of the exposure. san jose students move in this weekend. we are also required to be fully vaccinated. this year san jose state is allowing freshmen to live off campus and normally they have to live in a dorm. there will be a strict no guests policy in the dorms except on move-in day when two vaccinated people could help move in. and stanford announcing its requiring weekly testing for all
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people coming to campus, and that's in addition to proof of vaccination, and they will provide highly sensitive self tests with results available in 24 hours. we talked with a student that said a lot of them are already used to the frequent testing. >> not really all that surprised because they already allowed us to get covid tests anyway regardless and most of the students were already taking weekly covid tests regardless of the recommendation because people already knew that the breakthrough cases were a thing, and it made sense to take the test because they were free anyway. >> university nevada reno is offering vaccinated students to enter a raffle to win $5,000 tuition scholarships, and campus meal packages, $500 textbook credits -- that's a lot of
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incentives. >> a have two step daughters going there now. >> yeah, right now the university is highly encouraging students to get vaccinated, but, you know, i just got a sticker when i got my shot. >> me, too. >> i got it anyway, though. >> i got a pin. >> they saw you coming. >> the incentives are nice, and the goal is to get the kids vaccinated. that's the greatest line of defense. >> we have to get over this somehow. >> at some point. >> yeah, eventually it won't be every story we are doing, eventually. there's new evidence to back the cdc information that pregnant women get the covid vaccine. new studies analyzed data showing 2,500 pregnant women vaccinated and it showed no increased risk for miscarriage. it also extends to mothers who
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are breastfeeding and women trying to get pregnant. one of san francisco's oldest restaurants going 21st century when it comes to eating inside our outside. requirement not sitting well with a lot of the customers, while owners say they expected some pushback, but they are hoping to better protect employees and customers. >> given the recent surge in some of our restaurants having to close because of outbreaks in the restaurants, and we just want to keep everybody safe. >> no surprise here. some of the customers venting about this on yelp. developing in san jose police so far not saying a whole lot about a shooting that took the life of a boy. happened about 4:00 p.m. yesterday in allen rock on little wood lane near foothill
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high school. all we know at this point is the victim is under the age of 18. police announced his death about four hours after the initial reports of gunfire. we know it's being treated as a homicide but no word on suspects or a motive. a second person has been arrested in the 2020 shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. jace young was killed by a stray bullet as he watched fireworks on july fourth of last year. that stunned a lot of people in that area, and police issued a $100,000 reward. in january they arrested a 19-year-old but later identified a second suspect. that man was arrested yesterday. also a follow-up on an effort to recall san francisco's district attorney. that effort has come up short. supporters yesterday turned in their petition for recall, and they needed more than 51,000 verified signatures but came up
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1,700 short. supporters say they thought they had enough only to discover that many were fake. a second recall effort is still in play, and the organizers there have until the end of october to gather enough of those signatures. 6:08. happening now, these ten wildfires are burning across northern california, and the biggest is the dixie fire. and one started yesterday calling the glenn fire. evacuation orders have been lifted for some people in brownsville. the fires burned close to 300 acres. it's 10% contained. we'll keep an eye on that. we are seeing the infiltration of all the smoke coming to the bay area as well. taking a live look outside on this thursday morning in walnut creek, but what is this that i am hearing? possibly rain on the radar, kari? >> yeah, talking about the monsoon moisture and the humidity going up. now some of the showers that were just off the coast making
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into san francisco, and we powered up our storm ranger, and it's going across the golden gate and bay bridge, and we are going to see a chance of some of the showers moving close by and we are going to see some of the showers continuing throughout the morning, and another chance even as we go into tomorrow night. look at the lightning strike. it's well off the coast, and that's what we were concerned about, there could be lightning over land which could spark new fires. mike, you are giving us a look at the north bay? >> yeah, light traffic for the most part. this was a deadly crash, eastbound 80 getting away from the bay area and heading up through vacaville right at 5:05. and the freeway is closed. you will reroute and continue on your way, and coming into our area a crash blocks three lanes around travis and the effort there. once you are south of there, we have a smooth highway drive
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through contra costa county, and back up in the bay bridge, metering lights on. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:10 right now. going up. next on "today in the bay," prices for everything from gas to groceries to clothes all on the rise. we'll tell you how much more you are paying for meat prices and the big reason why. here the thing, why are gas prices going up if oil prices are going down? and let's look at the market, a little going up and down and unchanged on the s&p 500. we will show you the unique way one rescue group is helping animals find families. stick around because you may find your forever baby right here. we'll be right back.
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good thursday morning. right now at 6:14, a live look at the golden gate bridge where you may feel a little something heavier than the typical mist we see this time of year. we will look at stormranger and the forecast coming up. and then typical slowing for highway 101. atypical is the closure. we will talk about what is going on near one southbound high
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school coming up. we get the jobless claims data, and we did just a moment ago showing 375,000 americans told the government they were newly out of work. there's also a record number of job openings. a strange story of the huge hack of the crypto depository. half of it was returned, explaining they wanted to teach poly network a lesson about its security. southbound airlines warning investors coronavirus is biting into the bottom line as ticket sales are slowing, and the company says it will not require its employees to get vaccinated, unlike united airlines. it warned its seeing a deceleration in bookings and an increase in trip cancelations in august which are believed to be driven by the recent rise in
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covid-19 cases. we talked this week about how oil prices were falling because more people are staying close to home as hospitalizations hit records in some states. so low oil prices should lead to lower gas prices, but that's not true. the white house on wednesday ordering an investigation into why gas prices were not moving lower. president biden saying there may be illegal activity though nobody has provided proof of that. google plans to bay play on where you live. if you live somewhere with the lower cost of living, an employee working from home in
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lake tahoe had his pay cut by 20%. for instance, in boulder you might say you are from the denver area. the government says you are not from denver even though the two are 27 miles away, and it's like school districts, and i live a couple blocks from a high school that my kids didn't go to, because there are lines drawn. >> thanks, scott. a new sign of inflation. tyson foods can't keep up with the rising cost of raw materials like grain to feed its animals, and last quarter it increased the average price for pork by 11%, and beef by 11% and chicken by 15%. zoom is launching a new focus mode and it's allowing a
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teacher to keep an eye on everybody. when activated participants won't be able to see each other's videos or screen shares, but the host can still see everybody's web cams, and it allows a teacher to engage in focus mode when giving a penetration and then turn it off for general discussion. and then you may just decide to swipe right to them all. the shelter create add tinder for pets. 15 profiles were created and they hope to find homes for each and every one of them. i'm sure those pets will be more faithful than some people. >> how do they know if people swept left or right -- >> our dog was on the phone
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looking for something, and he wants to make sure we are not going to get anymore. i take my dogs out for a walk religiously, but some of the afternoons have been warm. >> yeah, today it feels humid. today we are dealing with that as well as a little bit of this. take a look at storm ranger. there's rain on the radar. we powered up our mobile doppler radar to show where it's raining, and anytime it rains it always rains in mill valley, right? the san rafael richmond bridge could see downpours having you turn on your windshield wipers, and we're mostly along the coast as we see the surge of moisture pulling northward and even a lightning strike well off the coast. this is what we are concerned about when we saw the monsoon returning when we saw a couple
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lightning strikes. our temperatures heat up today reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. we're up to 93 degrees in concord today. it's not just going to be as hot temperature wise as it was yesterday, and then when you factor in the mugginess it's going to feel a lot warmer. as our temperatures reach in the upper 60s in san francisco, we're up to 103 in clear lake and 88 today in napa. and these two tropical systems, kevin now just a tropical depression. and it could enhance moisture and bring us more showers by tomorrow evening as well as the isolated thunderstorm threat in sierra. the green shows the increase in moisture. once again that coincides when we could see showers returning and then drier air as we go into the rest of the weekend, into early next week.
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temperatures still hot as we go throughout the weekend into monday, and then slightly cooler for the middle of next week. mike, you have been watching a couple closures and crashes? >> yeah, there's an important one for the south bay. andrea hill high school close to a deadly crash that happened last night before midnight, and san jose pd told us that is still closed so avoid the area, if you go to high school get there early and plan for reroutes for traffic control. and the off-ramp here is closed for a crash. loop back to take the washington exit to the south, and traffic is light and smooth for most of the bay. there's no we'll talk about vacaville coming up. back to you. >> sounds good. coming up next on "today in
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the bay," nbc bay area responds. when a state agency makes a billing mistake, should you pay for it? we don't think so. you can check out cierra johnson. she posted these stunning pictures while on a walk at the palace of san francisco. great photographer, too. she's @cierrajohnson. you can look at all of what she is posting. it's 6:22 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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our consumer team has been busy this summer. >> consumer investigator, chris shows us. >> wayne should not have had to pay anything for his colonoscopy. he was told he would get a refund and weeks went by and nothing happened so he called us. shortly after that the billing department sent $176 back into wayne's account. maybal paid $223 to renew her
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registration, and then she got a call that said it looked like her registration went to the old address and she would have to pay $69 to buy new ones, and she asked us to take a look. we reached out to the dmv and within days it sent her registration and sticker to the correct address and did not have to pay anything extra. are you being charged for something you shouldn't? call us, 888-996-tips. >> thank you so much, chris. when it comes to making it in the bay and buying homes, millennials make up the sweet spot, and that's the generation making up the largest group of california home buyers. "the sacramento bee" shows they are having a harder time buying their home than their grandparents or parents did
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because of the inflation. realtors say many millennials afford to buy homes because family members are helping with down payments or closing costs. illegal pot farms continue to sprout up, and this is according to new data. in 2009 when it was still illegal, the agencies seized 4.46 million plants. coming up next on "today in the bay," the top stories we are following including -- >> rain in august, monsoonal moisture making its way into the bay area this morning. nbc bay area stormranger tracking that rain, and kari
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hall will let us know if that rain is going to make it to the ground. coming up on "today in the bay," the fda could be a step closer to approving a booster shot for a specific population. i will break down who that involves after the break. you're watching "today in the bay."
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when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online. right now at 6:30, two big weather stories unfolding this hour. rain, and we're talking about
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the concern of smoke. rain in august. take a look at the left of the screen, we're tracking that along with the smoke moving back in the bay area and causing new covid concerns this morning. we'll tell you why. plus -- >> if the level of their protecti a plan ready to go to get them their boost. >> a shot in the arm. the fda could approve a booster shot as soon as today as the delta variant continues to surge, but will you be among those in line to get one? police inside san jose schools. why the district is considering letting officers back on campus. this is "today in the bay." 6:31 on your thursday morning. we are traditionally broadcasting on television and we're also streaming live. we want to bring in kari
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hall, something we have not seen in quite a while, rain making its way to the bay area? >> yeah, monsoon bringing a couple spotty showers to parts of the bay area. right now we powered up storm ranger approaching san rafael with showers moving further to the north, and overall the rest of the bay area not seeing rain as it stayed over the open water and even the lightning thing off the coast as well as we have seen some of the rain and nearby as we start out this morning, looking a little hazy. our air quality also seeing something we are watching as we see the fires across the region billowing smoke into the air, so you want to limit your time outside if you are sensitive to that spoke. i'll have more in the forecast, coming up. >> thank you, kari. sobering new numbers in the dixie wildfires which is the state's second largest fire. cal fire puts the number of structures destroyed at 1,100, half believed to be homes.
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that fire has burned more than half a million acres in four counties since it started in mid july in the northern sierra nevada area. firefighters this morning say it's 30% contained, about 14,000 homes are still threatened. taking a live look at the san francisco bay this morning. smoke from the dixie fire now blowing in our direction with an air quality advisory being issued for today. let's bring in kris sanchez. that smoke is causing covid concerns as well. >> yeah, that smoke we are seeing now pales in comparison to the orange haze from weeks ago, and we have had a record number of spare the air days and we were told to stay inside, and outside we were told to wear n-95 masks to protect ourself from the toxic smoke, and covid infection rates spiked during the wildfires in 2020 and there
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was a correlation between particulate matter and the positivity rate as well. getting back to the script, most susceptible people are those with heart, lung disease, children and elderly. so protect yourself by keeping your windows and doors closed and run your air-conditioner as much as possible, and use the n-95 masks, not the ones that we have gotten used to using for covid protection. if you are really sensitive you might talk about getting a respirator, although they are not approved for children. you may have to replace the air filters in your home more than usual. >> very important. thank you. 6:34 right now. to the pandemic and the fda appearing to be one step closer
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to signing off on an additional covid vaccine shot, but there may be a little catch. cierra johnson, this would be only for certain groups of people? >> reporter: that's right. that certain population would be those that are immuno compromised, so right now we are waiting to hear from the fda about a third booster shot that would be approved for that population. as you know it's coming at a time when covid cases are on the rise and folks going back to school and the delta variant is running rampant across the country and in the bay area. nbc learned the fda is expected to approve a booster shot from pfizer and moderna. thursday, we're learning the immuno compromised are those that had a heart, lung or bone marrow transplant. friday on cdc advisory committee is scheduled to vote on
6:36 am
recommending who should get the dose. one doctor says while he believes the first approval will be specifically for those whose body have not had a strong response because of their condition or because of the drugs they are on because of the surgery, he believes a booster may ultimately include other vulnerable populations. >> my guess is it will be restricted to patients with known imuno compromise, but eventually that may be widened. >> reporter: the nation's top doctor, dr. anthony fauci, just appeared on the "today" show. take a listen as he discusses how more than just the immuno compromised may be in need of an additional shot one day. >> there may be a time when we have to give a boost. what we are doing on a weekly
6:37 am
and monthly basis is follow cohorts of patients to determine when and whom should get it. but we are not going to be giving boosters to people but we are following them carefully and if they do need it we will be ready to give it to them. >> reporter: we too will be following the situation close. we are keeping an eye on any information, any updates by the fda, and we will in turn relay that information to you on air and online at a lot to keep track of this morning. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> a lot indeed. thank you. and then here's the average case rates this week. for unvaccinated, 51 per 100,000, and for vaccinated 8
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per 100,000 vaccinated. and then starting new campaigns to help get people vaccinated. in the east bay contra costa health services have a new incentive program offering $100 for every person somebody can convince to get vaccinated. and then tonight san jose unified will consider reapproving a memorandum of understanding allowing the district to hire off-duty police officers as private security guards. in june the board voted to end its school resource officer program. that meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. and it includes public comments. with housing in short supply a. big chunk of bay area still not ready to boost development enough to reach mandate goals,
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and the goals were set under something called the regional housing needs allocation tied to the states' guidelines. some have filed appeals to lower the goals. more than one quarter of the bay area is included among the cities and counties filing that appeal. it's 6:39 on your thursday morning. friday eve we like to call it around here. a little baby friday. >> yes, yes. >> taking a live look outside this morning. what a hazy start taking a live look. you know what? smoky skies, but look what it says at the bottom of your screen, tracking rain. >> there's just one little isolated cell -- >> that's okay! >> we're like, come on! >> yeah, exciting to see even a little rain across the bay area,
6:40 am
and we are going to see highs in the mid-90s by the weekend. if you plan to head to l.a. this weekend we have warm weather there with highs in the low to mid-80s, and we will see our coastal temperatures if you want to make it a beach weekend, perfect highs in the upper 70s and low 80s with a lot of sunshine. south lake tahoe will heat up, 83 degrees for the highs tomorrow. and we have the san jose jazz festival kicking off and it will be in the mid-80s starting off and then cooling into the 60s. the drive south 880 with an update, and we have learned instead of all pwhraeupbz blocked they are all open and they cleared a crash southbound of just i-82. a quick recovery here.
6:41 am
still the closure south of 680, and you will move back from southbound 680 to washington boulevard and take it from the northbound side. east bay, all lanes at 505 come into the area, a crash at travis boulevard has a number of lanes blocked. it's tough for the north bay and then after that slowing through concord and barely any backup at the bay bridge. >> thank you. so much more ahead on "today in the bay," including -- >> in a couple hours thousands more bay area students will return to school for in-person instruction. there are now new indications a majority of parents support mask mandates for kids on campus. dealing with another loss. a sports team now leaving oakland this morning. we will find out about who we are as americans this morning as the census releases new
6:42 am
numbers. let's take a look at the numbers on the big board with the dow industries pretty much unchanged. plus -- >> she's always working. the new role country star, dolly pardon, is taking on. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:44 on your
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thursday morning, stormranger showing showers off the coaston marin counties. we will see we'll talk more about the humidity and what is ahead in the forecast coming up. a beautiful view at the bay bridge of the bay bridge traffic which is for the first time this morning starting to show backup at the toll plaza. we'll show you where the bigger problems are coming up. sounds good. the mask debate in schools is continuing as more children return for the fall term, and that includes thousands more students here in the bay area. probably waking up right now to get ready to begin their first day of classes. today in the bay's bob redell is live. one study shows support for masks on campuses but not so much for vaccinations?
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>> reporter: correct. you will recall many schools in the diablo unified school district, and they are returning to in-person instruction today, and masks are required on mask and we are finding a national survey of 1,200 parents and it finds that 63% of parents support mask mandates for unvaccinated students and staff. however, 54% do not support mandatory vaccinations for students, even if the fda were to grant full approval. last week parents temporarily shutdown a meeting of the san ramon unified school district board meeting over mask mandates, and there are a growing number of district in the states ignoring the orders, telling students they are going to have to mask up. you will recall yesterday governor newsom announced all
6:47 am
teachers and staff at public and private schools must be vaccinated by october 15th or submit to weekly covid tests. this is the first in the united states to have that kind of mandates. last night california's superintendent of public education and the state surgeon general tested the new ground rules at a town hall. >> we know those that experienced the most serious conditions are those that don't have a vaccine. >> what is very concerning is the government thinks they can continue with the overreach. we don't want to see that extended to our children. >> reporter: that was the founder of let them breathe a. national group that opposed mask mandates in schools and are also are requiring teachers or anybody else to get vaccinated. let them breathe is concerned the next step may be mandatory
6:48 am
student vaccinations, something the governor admits is not off the table. reporting live here in walnut creek, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> thanks for following it all for us, bob. the democrats plan to spend trillions more on a new program passed in the senate. >> and yeah, some senators said yes even though they had the reservations about it. >> they are worried about the $3.5 trillion price tag. an infrastructure bill that many senators on both sides agreed to passed, and then the $3 trillion blueprint -- that should be trillion, and if the senate moves forward they will have to do it with democratic votes. >> every part of biden's proposal will be there in a big robust way. there's some members in our caucus that want less and some want more, and the same in the house and we'll all come together to meet that goal. >> and schumer said there are
6:49 am
some on his side that want less, and he's talking about joe manchin and manchin thinks the amount is too high, and they will need his support but that may take a while. house speaker, nancy pelosi, said she will ask them to pass the two bills together. this could take months because the wish list bill, it has not been written yet and is not ready, and you have a flury of votes followed by a waiting period. >> we anticipate there will be a decline in the nonhispanic white population in both california and the nation as a whole, and an increase in the latino program and pacific islander population, and it will give us an indication also of the population under 18 years of age, and that gives us a hint of
6:50 am
what the future will look like. >> that data can be used as states redraw voting districts. finally, we learned that rand paul's wife bought stock in the maker of remdesivir two days after a world health organization official praised it as a way to fight covid. senator paul was supposed to disclose that months ago but says for some reason the information was never sent. paul is the only senator to oppose the covid relief bill and he was the first senator to get covid. we'll be watching what the census says that will come moments from now. you can find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. and oakland's loss is san jose's gain. the panthers held trials in late 2019 to begin play in the indoor
6:51 am
football league in 2020. then the pandemic hit and the panthers' season this year also gets wiped out. the team next monday plans to announce it's moving to the sap center for the 2022 season. if you dream it, it will become real even if it takes years. >> if you build it, he will come. >> okay, you must have heard that! >> oh, yeah, we heard it. one of the most famous scenes in any baseball movie, "field of dreams," and tonight this is where the film was made, and it includes a nearly 8,000-seat pop-up ballpark, and kevin costner will throw out the first pitch, and i will sing the national anthem --
6:52 am
>> no, because you are here. >> no, just kidding. happy thursday. a new role for a real singer out there, it's dolly pardon. >> that's right. she's writing a new novel and getting help from james patterson. it will be called, "run, rose, run." pardon will also release an album with the book and it's all due out in march. >> and the soundtrack will go like, run, rose, run -- >> writing credit. spotty showers out there, most off the coast and we are seeing low clouds, all of this due to the monsoon moisture that is here. if you don't see the rain you will feel it. you will feel that humidity that has been surging up. as we get a closer of exactly where we are seeing showers, now over some of the marin county
6:53 am
hills and along the coast and we are going to see some of the showers once again staying away from the bay area. just offshore, and also the lightning staying off the coast as well. as we go into today, even though the temperatures are coming down a few degrees, it's going to feel just as hot as yesterday, reaching into the mid and upper 80s. low 90s for much of the east bay. 77 in san mateo. san francisco, downtown 69 degrees. low 80s for santa rosa today. 103 in clear lake. we are still dealing with the hot temperatures. our models show we could see even more spotty showers and a chance of isolated lightning by late tomorrow night and saturday morning. there could be rain close by. all of that from the surge of monsoon moisture also giving a chance of showers and thunderstorms over the sierra. let's get to where we see the green. that includes the bay area late
6:54 am
tomorrow night and into saturday. after that the air dries out and we go back to the dry heat we are seeing. temperatures are going to reach into the low to mid-90s in the next few days, and some of the hot spots in san francisco, staying in the upper 60s with clouds and fog. mike, you are giving us a look at the north bay. >> yeah, a couple key spots in the north bay, east bay 680 still closed but should open one lane in the next few minutes. there was a deadly crash at 505. there's another crash getting closer to highway 12 on one of the on-ramps, and that's visible. south 680 at mission boulevard still closed for a crash there. here, capital at center, the overnight deadly crash has the investigation right near andrea hill high school. if you have kids going to school there, use caution because the intersection still closed.
6:55 am
>> thank you. happening now, the boy scouts of america asking a judge to approve a $860 million settlement. this is one of the largest child sexual abuse cases in history. boy scouts filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. a look at the top stories including the fda could green light a booster shot in just hours. only 9 million people will be able to get it. who will and won't make that list for the third dose? we'll tell you when we return.
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welcome back. before you head out the door, it's 6:58. we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay." first the fda appears to be one step closer on signing off on an additional covid shot. >> "today in the bay"'s cierra johnson has more. >> that approval is expected to come today but it's for those who are immuno compromised. nbc learned the fda is expected to approve a booster shot at some point today, and we are learning the immuno compromised community is those that have organ, heart, lung or bone marrow transplant. now on friday a cdc committee is
6:59 am
expected to vote on recommending whether folks should get that extra dose and we will keep you updated every step of the bay. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." sobering new numbers in the dixie wildfire which is the state's second largest file. cal fire puts the number of structures destroyed at more than 1,100. it has burned half a million acres in four counties since it started in july and it's now 30% contained. we need a little relief from this heat and we are tracking rain in parts of the bay area. what are we talking about? not a ton? >> not a lot. light showers moving through parts of marin county this morning, and as we go into today it will heat up and we will see the sky clearing once again, but it will feel muggy. all of this because of the return of the monsoon. >> there we have it. you feel it out there?
7:00 am
>> yeah. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we will be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. don't forget our midday newscast at 11:00, as we leave you with a live look at palo alto. the "today" show is next. good morning shot good morning. shot in the arm. the fda expected to approve vaccine booster shots as soon as today as the delta variant sweeps through the nation. the cdc urging all pregnant women to get vaccinated. and the battle over masks rages on with kids returning to school caught in the middle. >> i'm not willing to pay russian roulette with somebody's life like that. >> we're talk about all of it one-on-one with dr. anthony fauci. scorching. that intense heat wave expanding across much of the country. more records set to fall today with tens of millions also at


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