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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 9, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: masked up students recited the school anthem in front of guests that included state superintendent tony thurmond and mayor libby schaaf. >> we will do our parts to make sure we never have to shut down our schools again. >> reporter: more than 70% of people in alameda county are vaccinated. but that doesn't quell parents' concerns that the highly contagious delta variant will somehow find its way into school. about 850 students are still choosing to stick to virtual learning while ousd has yet to require all teachers to be vaccinated. >> if they don't want to, that's up to them. >> reporter: the district is continuing to host pop-up vaccine clinics at specific school states. the state superintendent says his office is focusing on giving districts enough funding to make sure they have stacks of covid test kits and ppe supplies. >> even though there are many challenges facing us with the variant -- >> reporter: another challenge.
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addressing students' learning loss after a year of zoom classes. listen to this fourth grader ask his teacher a question about math. >> one more thing. people be saying, like, fourth grade math is harder because they say they added more stuff to the fourth grade. >> we will focus on accelerated learning to make up for lost time. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado, be nbc bay area news. >> and renewed concerns adds the fda still has not approved the vaccine for children younger than 12. we want to bring in dr. peter chen hong from ucsf. thank you for joining us. let me ask you this. how are you feeling about children going back to class right now? >> i feel pretty good, terry. particularly in the bay area when so many of the adults are vaccinated. of course, above the age of twrefl there is vaccinations available. so it's very different from many
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areas in the south, for example, where many of the community members are not vaccinated as high as here. so what that leds to is more intrahouse transmissions. most of the transmissions in kids kids occur from the community, not the school. >> teachers in oakland are not under any vaccine mandate. the district is waiting on guidance from the county and the state. how concerned are you about that? >> well, if we were in arkansas or louisiana or mississippi, i might be more concerned. but statistically, that teacher is going to be vaccinated given the high levels of vaccinations in adults. of course, i will feel safer if they are vaccinated. i guess you want to form a wall of immunity around the kids and that means vaccinate as many adults in their lives as possible. >> okay. students are not going to have
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to social distance, but they have to wear masks. are there any other protections that they could take? >> that's a great question, terry. of course, there are many things that schools can do and the cdc gave guidance. masks is one of them, probably the easiest thing to implement. other things are ventilation, distance when possible. that's not always possible. and testing is one strategy at some school districts. but again it's not an all-in approach. it's just a menu of things. but the most important one, the first, second and third things is to vaccinate the adults in the kids' lives. >> doctor, thank you again for being with us this afternoon. >> thanks so much. as the doctor would say, get vaccinated. you heard that plea from a health official dozens of times. tonight a delta variant survivor is speaking out hoping his personal experience will convince others to roll up their
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sleeve. he was fully vaccinated when he got the virus and as nbc bay area's ginger con harrow explains, he says the vaccine is likely the reason he survived. >> reporter: this selfie video taken shortly after mauricio torres contracted covid-19 in july. >> wear a mask, please. >> reporter: he says a week after catching the virus during the fourth of july he took a big turn for the worse. >> i couldn't take a deep breath. i could just feel like my lungs and my back hurt really bad. i had a cough. i had a high fever. body aches. chills. pretty much the whole list. >> reporter: mauricio went to the hospital where he was quickly admitted and diagnosed with covid tsunami. he was told his doctors believe he caught the delta variant. >> i had a really high fever and
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they admitted me right away, isolated me and i was there for two days and then was able to leave. >> reporter: mauricio attributes his recovery to one thing. getting vaccinated in may. >> my emergency room doctor said if i hadn't been vaccinated, my symptoms would be far worse or my outcome would have been far worse than what it was. >> reporter: stories like his puts a punctuation mark on san francisco's rising covid case rate. the city has seen cases surge, but health officials say a a high vaccination rate has helped keep hospitalization and death rates down. that's why health officials are begging those who haven't done so already to get vaccinated. >> i am very thankful to be alive and thankful that i got the vaccine. it will save your life. it really will. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. the dixie fire the second largest fire in state history
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spanning an area larger than the city of los angeles and so far flames have burned nearly a half-million acres. it's only 21% contained. cal fire says 400 homes and other buildings are destroyed. the losses include the greenvil. three firefighters have been hurt. turning now to our clooichl in crisis. it is a code red for humanity from a new united nations report on climate change. it found greenhouse gas emissions from human activities have caused global warming at a rate not seen in the last 2,000 years. global temperatures are expected to exceed 2 degrees celsius this century. the only way to stop it is reductions in greenhouse gases otherwise it will cause irreversible change and continued rising seas, more extreme weather. here at nbc bay area part of our
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commitment to moving you forward is helping you understand how your climate is changing and what that means for you life. chief meteorologist jeff raniere plays a role in our climate reporting. he has a deeper look. >> terry, as you mentioned, really the big item of this report today is all of the new data and what scientists are looking at is that if we continue to see things the way they are right now we would continue to get warming across the globe. so what you're looking at here is our future temperatures. what we want to do is keep the warming at 2 degrees celsius and below. you can see if we make substantial duts in emissions, we could by 2100 continue to be stay below 2 degrees celsius. if we don't, we could be up to 4 degrees celsius and that's where things would continue to get even worse. so take a look at this impacts map and you can see across the central and the east all of these different things that would be coming our way.
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increased temperatures, sea level rise, also powerful hurricanes and decreased ice and snow. across the west we are looking at increased temperatures, extreme precip, sea level rise, drought, and wildfires. so those are all things that we've already seen across the bay area and those could get worse. now, look, we could do everything we want across the bay area as best as we can and it won't be good enough because it's not just the united states that's polluting. look at the top world polluters, china, u.s., india, russia, japan, germany, every one of those locations has to make some drastic changes. so what can you do? it's very simple. some simple stuff. seems small. buy local food, recycle, solar panels, carpool, maybe work from l.e.d. light bulbs. >> if you want to learn more,
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head to in crisis. check out all of the bay area hot spots. road rage is suspected in a bizarre incident in oakland. it happened yesterday. the driver ran down one person and attempted to strike at least three others. >> gabe, no, please don't, no. >> don't! >> oh, my god! >> those people didn't know that silver chevy bolt thaw see at the top of the screen would return a third time, yeah. watching it right now. the driver hit a man as his neighbors were shouting for him to look out. this video was recorded last night about six. police say once the driver struck that man he or she quickly drove away. the victim was not hospitalized. investigators welcome any information on that case. coming up, stuck overseas. a south bay woman seriously hurt
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after suffering a serious scooter crash the major effort to bring her back home. an economic problem here in the bay area. business is good but businesses have more open positions than ever before.
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getting his hands dirty to send a message during a trip to the bay area today, he visited a homeless encampment in berkeley where caltrans is cleaning up garbage. there is the governor helping to clean up under this overpass. he says this is part of his larger plan to offer cleaner and safer streets and better housing for the homeless. >> we are stepping up our
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efforts. what you see here is unacceptable. we have a big fire here. this is life safety risk. it's public health risk. there are literally hundreds hundreds of rats running around. people should not live in conditions like this. we have accepted it too long. >> so it comes as the recall election is set for september 14th. critics have blasted these events as nothing more than photo ops. the recall ballots will be in your mailboxes in the next week or so. we will be talking about what they are expecting to see during the final weeks before that vote. a popular travel blogger from santa clara in a coma after a scooter crash in bali. a gofundme says katelyn mccaffrey was unconscious and bleeding on the side of a road. the family says she suffered traumatic brain injuries. because of covid the indonesian government has refused their request to visit her.
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she graduated from cal state fullerton. so far more than $230,000 has been raised. the family says the cost to evacuate her to a california hospital is more than $250,000. finding affordable house something a huge part of making it in the bay and that may be getting harder. we are learning more than two dozen cities and counties are pushing back against building more homes. the state sets new housing mandates. this time around 27 towns, cities and counties have filed formal appeals trying to lower that number and some say they don't have the land or resources to handle the influx of new residents. sausalito has been told to built 724 new homes. they are appealing to reduce that number by more than 80%. danville wants a 73% reduction. san anselmo ordered to built 833 new homes is asking for a 67% reduction. the tokyo 2020 olympics are
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over. you can see the olympic flame slowly going out across the world here in the united states people welcoming their athletes home. and a big welcome home to the men's water polo athletes. they placed sixth at the olympics. dylan woodhead is a three-year starter all-american from stanford. this year in tokyo the team had its best finish since 2008. >> i think the biggest thing about this year is we got a ton of young guys on the team. i think the whole olympic experience is pretty inspiring. >> he says the team will spend the next three years perfecting the sport. they want to come home from the next olympics with a medal like the women's team is. saturday the women's team scored a gold medal for the third straight year. jeff joining us now. i got to say, looking around the south bay today, it was a perfect summer day. >> so nice. >> perfection. >> i am with you on that, terry.
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after this weekend, we had a lot of that haze from those wildfires off to the north. but we are beginning to see the clear that out. so as we take you into that microclimate forecast, i wanted to start off with a look at the air quality and it is so much better than we had at the end of last week. you can see all of the bay area right now with green, which means good air quality. we have the fog right here at the coast and that's going to stay persistent tonight, even through tomorrow, helping to continue to keep this smoke out. bay area. now, let's get you outside to the live sky camera area in walnut creek. it looks a little hazy, but two, three days ago you couldn't even see some of these mountains or buildings right back here. so this is so, so much better. currently 90 degrees in walnut creek. breeze west/southwest at 16. cooler 70s by 8:00 and 9:00.
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i am seeing even hotter temperatures on the way tomorrow. let me show you what's happening. a lot through the west. we have this smaller system just off the coastline and that's keeping the fog at the coastline but there is also warmer air trying to build in. now, on top of that we have this unusual hot area of high pressure to the north and there is some extremely dangerous hot air with it for the pacific northwest. we are also doing to see that move down. we are getting heat build interesting two different places and that's why i see the temperatures warming up as we roll through tomorrow. let's get you ready to go for that tuesday forecast. we will start off with fog near the coast and some patchy clouds near the bay, also for the north bay and through the afternoon we get lots of sun returning. so for the morning we are beginning with lots of 60s here through the south bay, peninsula, and the tri-valley with a best chance of fog at the coastline, also for san francisco, and that's where we will have some cooler 50s to start. now, through the afternoon we
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showed you the hotter air that's building in from the north and also the east. that's going to give us about a three to seven degree warmup. i think we will be okay. it will be manageable in the south bay. you can deal with 85 in downtown san jose, 92 morgan hill. might get a little bit uncomfortable for the inland east bay, specifically antioch, concord, pleasanton, danville, back to livermore with the mid-to-upper 90s. over to oakland, 74. right here through the peninsula 70s from san mateo and 80s in redwood city and palo alto. san francisco isolated 70s and through the north bay a little of something here for everyone. we have 60s in paint reyes, 70s in mill valley, 80s novato, 90s sonoma and 102 in ukiah. the seven-day forecast in san francisco we have some low 70s in downtown next couple of days and then 60s returning this upcoming weekend. and across the inland valleys
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it's an up, down, up, down, back up again, a little bit back down again pattern. all in all, we are not expecting a heat wave, but it is going to get hot on and off. looking at the hottest day through the work week here once we hit wednesday's forecast with 97. but like you said, i am so glad to see the blue sky back after that smoke we dealt with. >> yeah, i had flashbacks to last august and i really didn't enjoy that smoke. >> me, too. the nerves. ptsd. i felt it, too. >> yeah. well, if you are looking for a job right now, your timing couldn't be better. almost every industry says it can't find enough people for the jobs they have got. the business and tech report is here. scott, this is a problem impacting just about everybody. >> if you are at home, you are waiting longer to get things fixed. if you are going out, you are facing shops closing earlier than usual or you are waiting longer because they don't have employees. help isn't just wanted.
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it's needed. >> reporter: from your local restaurant to silicon valley tech companies to that improvement project at your very own home, workers are needed. >> we need more workers. >> reporter: right now there are more open jobs in america than at any other time in history. here they are busy, but have to close early because they don't have enough employees. >> a lot of our students, you know, that are going back to college as of this month we are looking atnd trying to reach out and even doing a $500 hiring bonus and we still can't capture people. >> reporter: many pandemic-related home projects and a slowdown in permitting have left contractors busier than ever, but they are having trouble finding workers needed to get it done. >> now a day to three days, three, four, sometimes six or eight-week project timeline from a planning perspective.
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not even the actual construction. >> reporter: add in tech companies seeing record sales and you have a giant help wanted sign across the bay area and the country. >> so essentially you just had a supply and demand problem for workers to help support the demand that was coming because people were flooding restaurants, travel, hotels, i mean everything. >> back to where we were, i hate to use the word normal. . >> it's going to take time. there are factors pushing against people come back to work. childcare issues are there. people are going back to school. but also unemployment benefits are still higher than they have been for a long time. for some people that's higher than the wage they are making. why would they go back to work? those benefits come to an end soon. another reason to go back to the office. it's financial. it's social. everything is kind of out of whack because of that pandemic
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still. >> yeah, scott, thanks very much. >> you bet. here is a question for you. unsatisfied the choice of burial or cremation? californians could have a new option for what happens to you when you check out. how you can go green. i got to wait to see how this ties in with the video, even in the after life. is that me?
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you.
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new at 5:00, transforming bodies into soil. sounds like something from science fiction, but it could become a reality here in california. there is a bill moving through the state legislature that would make human composting legal. it's gaining support from both
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sides of the aisle. it was introduced in february after so many people died of covid, l.a. county lifted limits on cremation. other states have already made composting human bodies legal. talking about colorado, washington, oregon, all western states. apparently, one composted body creates two wheelbarrows full of dirt. never thought of it that way. supporters say if californians were composted after death it would save enough carbon to power 225,000 homes a year. that's more than half the homes in san francisco. the catholic church is against this idea and against the bill. the senate appropriations committee is set to discuss human composting monday. so much more than a backpack, especially this year. san jose sacred heart community holding its annual backpack giveaway for underserved students in the south bay. this year the organization is providing 3,800 backpacks filled with school skplie supplies. items mean more now than ever that kids are going back to
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campus. >> this is schools opening up again and there is a lot of anxiety and worry. we want kids to at least have their backpacks and to come back to some type of normalcy, even though i know we are not there yet. >> sacred heart is there every single year. the in-person event had to be canceled last year because of the pandemic. today kids getting to shop again, pick out their own pack, give away a spread over three days to reduce crowds. we'll be right back. hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart
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for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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simone bile gymnast simone biles is relaxing pool side at her home. she released photos herself cooling off, supporting her boyfriend as he trains with the houston texans. she made headlines not just for winning medals but focussing on the subject of mental health. her time off, though, is going to be brief. next month she leads a 35-city gymnastic tour which includes teammates jordan chiles and makayla skinner. >> that comes here!
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>> coming up at 5:30. a lot going on. a bombshell report warning us about the future and the major reason our planet is heating up. ? recent changes in the climate are widespread, rapid and intensifying. >> what experts say need to happen now. >> what you have to do to go north for a final summer vacation. and you may soon get a recall ballot in the mail. what governor newsom. whats you to focus on when you get it. the news at 5:30 starts right now. i'm janelle wang. >> it is a dire report from the u.n. scientists warn the effects


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