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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 31, 2021 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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year. >> football season is going to start, preseason, a shorter one, 17 games. a lot of action. >> a lot of action going on. more action at 4:00. see you then. >> see you soon. bye. tonight, the new the delta variant surges. days ahead. more cases spike 60% nationwide. florida hits a new, daily record. the most cases since the pandemic began. the fda announces an all-out sprint for full approval of the pfizer vaccine, as vaccination rates rise in the states hardest hit. what's driving people to get the shots, now? and violent protests, in one country, over vaccine passports. here, in tokyo, simone
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biles pulls out of more events. will she compete in the remaining two? and the record-breaking golds for caeleb dressel and katie ledecky in the pool. what she told me, about coming back in 2024. fear and anxiety, across the country, as the eviction moratorium ends, tonight. millions could be forced from their homes, as some landlords face bankruptcy. the scams ruining vacations. imagine driving across country to a rental house you thought you booked. only, to learn it was all a fake. what you should look out for. and so proudly, we hail. the emotional moments on top of the podium. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. reporting, tonight, from tokyo. hello, from japan, on a big weekend of olympic competition, we'll have more on that, ahead. but here's where we begin, tonight. the biden
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the virus. after acknowledging a growing th officials now weighing next steps, as more cities adopt their own rules. but there is, also, welcomed news, tonight, about the pace of vaccinations. kathy park starts us off, now, with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, another, major turning point in the pandemic, as covid cases soar. >> can americans expect more guidelines coming out? more restrictions because of covid? >> in all probability. >> reporter: the president, telling americans to expect more restrictions, after internal-cdc documents warn the war has changed due to the surging-delta variant. and the vaccinated can spread the virus, too, when infected. >> are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level? >> um, you know, that's something that i think the administration is looking into. it's something that i think we're -- we're looking to see
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approval of from the vaccine. >> reporter: the cdc director, later, clarifying her comments. tweeting, there will be no nationwide mandate. cases have spiked in almost-every state. averaging more than 70,000 infections, a day. a 62% increase, from the previous week. florida hit a record 21,683 cases, today. the most, since the start of the pandemic. >> patients are showing up sick, today, and last week. and unfortunately, this is going to continue for at least another six weeks. >> reporter: and healthcare workers are, also, getting sick. the san francisco chronicle reporting dozens of staff members at two hospitals in the city have tested positive, in the past six weeks. most were vaccinated. to slow the spread, rules are tightening across the country. washington, d.c., now, requiring masks indoors, even for those fully vaccinated. this weekend, in chicago, in addition to proof of vaccine or a negative-covid test,
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thousands flocking to lollapalooza will need to mask up at indoor venues. while in new orleans, mask mandates are back as louisiana joins a list of top states with new infections. >> what we're saying, now, you really need that mask on, period. >> reporter: and here, in new york city, the priority is still to boost vaccination numbers. and the mayor said that they will be updating, possibly, the indoor-mask guidance as early as monday. lester. >> all right, kathy park, thanks very much. let's bring in dr. john torres with me here in tokyo. a lot of understandable worry about these breakthrough infections. should we be changing our lifestyle in reaction to this? >> not really, not much, other than this. the mask. you want to wear a mask if you are in an area with high transmission rates, low vaccination rates. if you are worried about your health, simply put a mask on. and don't forget the children. those under the age of 12 can't get vaccinated and so they might need to be masked and you might need to be masked around them as well. >> in all of this, i get the sense, there
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is still a strong argument for vaccinations. >> if you look at the data, it's showing vaccinations work really well. put in perspective, about one out of ten americans has had covid when it comes to testing positive, only one out of 1,300 who have been vaccinated. >> thanks very much. let's stay on that point now about vaccines. there is some good news on that front, today. the number of people getting vaccinated is, d been lagging. vaughn hillyard has more for us. >> reporter: the country's hottest-infection spots this month are now, also, leading the country in new vaccinations. across the the u.s., a 31% jump, this week. in first doses administered. some of the states most responsible? places, like georgia, missouri, and texas. those with the country's lowest-vaccination rates. with the delta variant sweeping through, doctors began pleading. >> we really need your help. to help us. >> reporter: and republican governors, taking a louder stand. >> it's time to start blaming the
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unvaccinated folks. >> reporter: now, data showing progress this weekend. in alabama, vaccinations are up, 159%, compared to three weeks ago. and florida, up 78%. a local pharmacist in missouri encouraged by the new demand. >> it's gone up by at leas where it was end of june. >> reporter: but why now? what took you these many months to finally decide to get the shot? >> um, because i saw the cases are rising. >> because i've seen more people, my family and friends have taken it and they are okay. >> reporter: one entire family in st. louis decided to roll up their sleeves before school starts. >> i wanted to get the shot because i wanted to protect myself, and i also wanted to protect other people. >> we do know. >> in some states, offering $100 with the shot. >> um, you know, the pros outweighed the cons. so that's why i decided to get it. >> reporter: and today, an urgent push
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formally approve the pfizer vaccine, elevating it from its current eme status. >> if that means additional people getting vacc >> now, therel a long ways to go at vaccination efforts like this one, here in georgia. despite this recent uptick, it is still one of ten states with less than 50% of its adult residents fully vaccinated. lester. >> all right, vaughn hillyard, thank you. and make a plan for where to get vaccinated. visit for more. here, in tokyo, team usa swimmers are shattering new records with one of its stars, caeleb dressel, back in the pool in just a few hours. and simone biles has made a decision about whether she'll compete tomorrow. here's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: simone is out, makayla is in. with the announcement today that simone biles is withdrawing from the bars and vault final, mykayla
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skinner gets another chance. joining teammate jade carey to compete for a medal in vault. the-year-old who was an alternate in rio thought her olympics were over after the qualifying round. >> obviously, to make an individual event would be icing on the cake. >> reporter: consider the cake iced. skinner posting on instagram today, looks like i get to put a competition leo on just one more time. doing this for us, simone biles. it's go time, baby. the news about biles, not that surprising, after she posted and later removed this video. writing on friday, literally, can't tell up from down. biles, still, could compete in the floor and beam finals, next week. while the lineup shakes out in gymnastics. >> announcer: it's all katie ledecky. >> reporter: team usa was swimming on a goldr for katie ledecky. >> reporter: katie ledecky won the 800 meter ending her run in tokyo with two silvers and two golds. >> gold medal number
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seven. congratulations. did it feel any different than, say, gold medal number six? >> yeah. i mean, each one has a special story behind it, i think. and um, you know, this one. i won that event three olympics in a row now and that is a pretty special story. >> reporter: caeleb dressel broke his own world record, his third gold medal in tokyo. >> do you feel like world-record pace when you are doing it? >> no. no. >> and the pain continues for dressel. he is the favorite in the 50-meter freestyle on sunday. >> about to tag morgan pierson for the u.s. >> reporter: and on dry ground, the u.s. picked up a couple of medals in mixed relays. a bronze in track and field. >> announcer: and now, the silver medal to the united states. >> reporter: and a silver in triathlons. bringing the u.s. medal count to 46. >> and stephanie joined me here in tokyo right now. i was at the bmx race on friday. connor fields, american, really an
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awful crash. >> usa cycling said he is out of the icu after suffering a brain hemorrhage. his father told "usa today" that he is fine, cognitively, but he also has a broken rib and bruised lung. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> absolutely, thanks so much, stephanie. and i got to speak with katie ledecky just after she made history with her sixth individual gold medal. >> announcer: and an historic career for katie ledecky. >> did you have a clear mission coming here that i want to collect so many medals? i want to set this record or that record? >> yeah, i had goals for myself. but i also just wanted to enjoy it all. and i feel like i did a good job of that. i was happy with how i raced each of my -- my races. >> where do you find the joy in swimming? >> i love the training. i -- i think i love the training, just as much as -- as the racing. and just the day to day of being with my teammates, being with my coaches.
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they're the ones that make this fun. >> how do you manage the pressure of being you and the expectations that come with being you? >> i try to stay focused on my goals. and i feel like i have a really great support system around me. i live a pretty balanced life, i think. it's not just about swimming, for me. it's -- i just finished up school at stanford. my family keeps me focused on my goals. but they, also, allow me to have fun. and -- and do things out of the pool. >> how will you remember these olympics? >> well, i'll definiteber the extra year and -- and everything that it took to get here. and all the mask wearing and covid testing. but it, also, did feel very similar to the past olympics i've been to. just being around every country, all the different athletes. um, all different sports. there's so many memories from 2012, 2016, and -- and now, 2021, that i am going to have for the rest of my life. >> talking about '24
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and '28. you want to be there? >> i want to be in '24. and then, at that point, i'll assess whether i will go to 2028. the olympics being in los angeles in 2028 is amazing and not very compete at olympics on home soil. >> we haven't even seen your medals. >> you want me to show 'em? >> is your neck okay, by the way? >> i the fury in france over new covid vaccine passports. plus, the scamrs passports. plus, the scamrs me to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means... grabbing a hold of what matters. asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with fulvestrant or a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is approved for both pre- and postmenopausal women, and has extended lives in multiple clinical trials. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective
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fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours. we are just hours away from a deadline that could put a million or more americans out on the streets. the ban on evictions put into place during covid ends tonight. megan fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: tonight, fear and anxiety in neighborhoods across the country. >> i don't want to be on the street. >> reporter: yvonne bryant lost her job in the pandemic and has been struggling, ever since. she is among the more than 6 million americans behind on ou on your -- on your rent?ee months. >> there are a lot of people in trouble, and a lot of people that need help. >> reporter: anthony is the ceo of a nonprofit in chicago that helps people stay in their homes. distributing some $2 million throughout the pandemic, but he says it's not enough. >> it's definitely a potential crisis. the vast majority of
3:46 pm
these people are gonna be low-income renters. and are least likely to be able to sustain the shock of loss of income, as a result of the pandemic. >> reporter: the eviction moratorium ends tonight. >> i'm like i might be homeless, at any day. >> reporter: in a last-ditch effort, the white house urged congress to extend the moratorium. but democrats didn't have enough votes. they are now recessed for six weeks. the federal government has allocated $6 billion to help with rent and mortgages, but it's nng out fast enough. a ten emergency-rental assistance and hasn't received it, yet, that's not necessarily enough for them to avoid being evicted and losing their homes. >> reporter: it's money that landlords have been waiting for. >> there's been no safety net provided that was focused on the landlords' needs. it's been focused on avoiding eviction of tenants. >> reporter: property owners shortchanged some $21 billion nationwide. many, not able to weather the storm.
3:47 pm
>> are people going bankrupt over this? >> yeah, there are some who are suffering financial hardship because of it. >> reporter: the pandemic affecting so many. homes and livelihoods at stake. >> it's absolutely a race against time and we are actually out of time now. >> megan fitzgerald, nbc news chicago. there were massive, at times violent, protests in france today over new laws that will require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants and other businesses. matt bradley has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, in france, the fight over who needs to get vaccinated hitting the streets. demonstrators in paris pelting police who respond with tear gas and fists. at least three officers were injured, nearly 20 protestors were arrested. they claim the choice should be about d liberte, freedom. i think our freedom is in danger. i have children, she says. i am fighting for their future. they're outraged over
3:48 pm
a new-virus pass coming into effect august 9th that would legally restrict entry in most places, like restaurants, bars, and theaters, to the vaccinated. and those with a recent-negative test. i won't sell my soul to go to the restaurant, the cinema, says this man. there is nothing about freedom. >> france is battling a frightening, new wave. cases climbed to nearly 24,000 just tonight. a nation fighting the disease, now, fighting over civil rights. matt bradley, nbc news. still ahead for us, tonight. the vacation-rental scammers stealing your money. what to know before money. what to know before you bo ok it takes a certain kind of person to change the world. my great-great-grandmother, my great-grandfather, he protected this nation. they lived their lives in extraordinary ways. with ancestry, i learned the story of peter vaughters... william lacy... madam c.j.walker. they are the heroes in my family.
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we're back with a too. catie beck, now, on protecting yourself before you book. >> reporter: after driving 15 hours, from st. louis, missouri, to virginia beach, missy bursing was ready to feel sand beneath her feet. >> we are excited. we haven't done it in two years. >> reporter: but hopes for a dream trip became a nightmare for her and 16 family members. did it occur to you i've been scammed? >> i think when we knew the code didn't work. >> the security code to open the rental home didn't work. provided by an alleged-airbnb host. first connected on the
3:52 pm
site, he had spoken with her by phone several times. offering house rules, even the wi-fi code. suddenly, he was unreachable. >> it was just scams jumped 17% last year. online scammers swiping pictures of properties they don't own. posting them for rent, and making off with the money from post-pandemic travelers desperate for escape. real estate agents say demand for summer rentals is at an all-time high and inventory is extremely low. which, they say, is the rife conditions for a rental scam. >> and they show up and -- and their dreams are dashed. >> reporter: gayle bucker manages properties in virginia beach and says she's been forced to turn families away. a first sign of scam for renters should be the price. >> they advertise it really low so that's the bait. the bait is, it's cheap. >> reporter: other red flags? rental listings on social-media sites.
3:53 pm
requests to wire payment to the owner, directly. requests to adjust dates of the rental. and owner unreachable, by phone. airbnb refunded her family for the rental and travel cost and banned the scam host from their platform. still, they say, bad actors are out there. >> we are seeing scam artists, who are going to really extraordinary and sophisticated lengths to make people believe that they are on airbnb. >> reporter: bursing's family returned home with packed cars and a sad reality. >> the fact that it's so easy for them to be dishonest. >> reporter: words of caution, after a vacation stolen by a scam. catie beck, nbc news, virginia beach. >> when we return from here, at the olympics, >> when we return from here, at the olympics, it's so mu yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they?
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finally, tonight, some of the most powerful moments of each olympics take place atop the podium. an athlete, an anthem, and a moment they'll never forget. >> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of the united states of america. its soaring notes, never more impactful. never more heartfelt than at the moment of olympic glory in a foreign land. the sound of our country's "national anthem." the sight of our flag. so many times, opening
3:57 pm
a floodgate of emotions for gold-medal-winning athletes. for some, the anthem is a moment of resistance. for others, it is overwhelming. years of sacrifice, perseverance, and, now, pride culminating in this moment, on this world stage. champion swimmer came during the 2016 rio games. describe the moment of -- of standing there and -- and hearing our anthem and getting that gold. >> yeah, it was -- it was just an but i have heard the national anthem just seemed a little, like, sweeter. >> softball player, jenny finch's moment was in 2004. >> the national anthem meant to me, in that moment, just freedom.
3:58 pm
gratitude. opportunity. >> the anthem, still, gives this gymnast goose bumps 13 years after her gold. you have been there, that moment in a foreign country. and your national anthem plays. what's it like? >> it's almost like you're not living in real life. it's just like you and the national anthem and the flag. and you just, kind of, take a second to think back to all the obstacles you had to overcome. every single hard day, when you really wanted to just give up. and you kind of realize that it was all worth it. >> you have been in the arena when -- when these gold medals are -- are handed out. the stadiums are empty. >> uh-huh. >> does that rob them of that moment, when the anthem plays? >> that moment will never be taken away from you. you are an olympic champion, for the rest of your life. and that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm lester holt. thank you for
3:59 pm
watching, everyone. stay tuned for nbc's prime-time olympic coverage, beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and we'll be back here, from tokyo, tomorrow night. until then, please, take care of yourself and each other. good night, everyone. just a big hole that we need to have back. >> right now at 4:00, the search is for a missing east bay runner. once again the focus of law enforcement in the east bay. the plea his family is making at
4:00 pm
crews resume efforts to find him three weeks after he went missing. indicted for insurrection at the capitol building and now trying to raise money in the north bay. what we know about the event tonight following emotional testimony on capitol hill this week about that deadly event. and victory in tokyo. the sports world, team usa dominating. looking forward to more gold medals. news at 4 starts right now. good afternoon, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney and i'm janelle wang. three weeks this philip kreycik, a runner, went missing. >> why they were there today.


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