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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  July 31, 2021 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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...gets us closer to non-stop... adventures. chevron. together ahead. i got you! (horn beeps) help propel team usa to victory. plus a temper tantrum on the tennis court. the latest olympic headlines. >> plus, as the delta variant continues to spread, we talk to an expert about what more we can do. >> and not giving up, the research resumes after a runner in the east bay goes missing. what's prompting law enforcement to renew their efforts to find him and what his family is saying today. >> the news at 3:00 starts right now. good saturday afternoon. welcome to the special olympics
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edition. >> more competition is under way at the olympics, down to the final events in the pool as track and field gears up. the u.s. currently tied with china in the overall medal count. liz mclaughlin joins us from tokyo with the latest on the games. >> reporter: good morning to you from tokyo. now, the u.s. men's basketball team is getting in the groove and putting up points. they join italy, france and australia in the quarterfinals. >> middleton in the corner. perfectly done. >> reporter: the men's basketball team are into the knockout round. they broke open a four-point game with 72 points, beating the czech republic. >> we got our rotation down, the guys understand what they need to do in order for this team to win and i feel great moving forward. >> not moving forward is djokovic. he l
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opponent. he later withdrew from team lost jordan thompson to injury and then dropped its first match in straight sets to russia. but medal hopes remain. in the pool, caeleb dressel broke his own record, touching for gold. >> i had two guys go two of the fastest times in history, it's amazing. >> and the fastest qualifying time in the u.s. semis. >> of course i want the gold but i'm going to have to fight for it. >> just a week of competition left in the games. the final round of the men's golf tournament tees off in just 30 minutes and california native xander schauffele has a
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one-point lead over japan and he is expected to medal, the only member of the american team in contention. he's a four-time p&g winner but has never won a major. i'm actually wearing the golf uniform and it's an adidas collaboration with a japanese designer. there's bold stripes. they have a different design every day and it's supposed to represent infinite possibilities. live in tokyo, i'm liz mclaughlin. back to you guys. >> you are like the runway model for team usa. >> it's who you know. >> before we let you go, any update on simone biles? we know she dropped out two individual events. what about the last two? are we not going to see her again in tokyo? >> that's still unclear. according to the statement from usa gymnastics, she's continuing to get monitored and evaluated every day. but so far she's still not ready to compete, still suffering from
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that phenomenon called the twisties that gymnast talk about where you can feel lost in the air and that can be dangerous in a sport where every detail matters and it can career-ending and life-altering possibilities. according to u.s. gymnastics, she's taking the situation with grace, and her replacement, mykayla skinner will be competing tonight in those uneven bars and the vault. >> thanks a lot mair we head to another busy day in tokyo. both team usa and china are tied with the most medals. 46 each. china, though, has more gold medals with 21. team usa behind with 16. the russian committee is behind. >> this was his first day out of
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quarantine, that had to feel good. in 15 minutes we'll go back to tokyo and raj will take us to a part of tokyo you likely haven't seen. a record coming out of tokyo. they passed the 4,000 mark for new covid cases in one day. 4,058 reported. the last report was last thursday. now, to put this in perspective on the day of opening ceremony a week ago, tokyo reported fewer than 1,400 cases. only 21 of the new case rs connected to the olympics and there are no athlete cases. in all, fewer than 250 covid cases are connected to the olympics. covid clearly not the main focus for some olympic fans in tokyo. some today openly defying calls from authorities to please stay home because of the pandemic. organizers have banned spectators from the events. that did not stop some people
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from showing up to watch the cycling and running courses of the race. they had different reasons to show up in spite of the pandemic. >> we love biking and he used to triathlon. we wanted to see the olympics. >> yeah. >> and they're so fast. >> excited about it because it feels different than watching the games on tv. >> a lot of spectators were masked, but in close proximity to one another. on one short section of the running course, fans squeezing or standing on tippy-toe for a view of the athletes. back here at home the number of covid cases are climbing. the state released these numbers. this is a map showing the new number of covid cases broken down county by county across the bay area. you can see the most cases are in contra costa county, followed
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by alameda. san francisco is just one behind with 268. now, when you look at the number of people hospitalized, alameda has the most with 210 covid patients. contra costa with 149. doctors say the overwhelming majority of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. now, with case rates on the rise here in the bay area, people are wondering what this means moving forward, and should those that are vaccinated be doing more? the cdc came out with new masking guidance and just yesterday talked about how the war against covid has changed. ian cole spoke with the department of medicine chair about the cdc's announcement this week and his message to everyone about the spread of the delta variant. >> reporter: doctor, with all that came out today, what do you want to tell vaccinated people? what should they do now? >> well, the most important
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thing is thank you, and congratulations, you've done the right thing. vaccines are holding up well. the chances of getting a mild case, a breakthrough case are a little bit higher than they used to be with delta. the chances that you're going to get a bad case, get sick and die are very low. but the new news that you can catch the virus and spread it is changing the guidance in terms of the need to wear masks, even indoors, at least until the case rate goes down. it's pretty high in the bay area and there's a lot of virus around. >> do vaccinated people need to start getting tested again? >> you don't need routine testing but if you have symptoms you should get tested. >> do you think masking will be enough to avoid lockdown? >> i don't think we're going to need to lock stuff down again, but i think we may need to go back to universal mask wearing or create more restrictions. i'm hoping we don't have to
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because we do the >> some covid driven changes in the eastccination status is, to wear a mask. city officials say they made in covid-19 cases. thousands of seniors in israel will be offered a coronavirus pfizer booster shot starting tomorrow. this is for anyone 60 and older who is fully vaccinated. more than 40,000 israelis have already booked appointments and the prime minister says he wants the 1.5 million people eligible for the booster to get it within ten days. >> israel has already vaccinated 2,000 immunosuppressed people with a third dose and now we're
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rolling out a national third dose campaign. >> trials of a pfizer booster shot under bay in california. in fact, we spoke to a man who already got his. you can watch that story on your website. >> firefighters have just contained a fire near dublin. you see smoke. the fire just before 1:30 this afternoon near 580 east. at first firefighters feared the blaze would spread quickly, so they called for backup. it's three weeks since the runner was seen alive. >> law enforcement is looking for him in pleasanton hills after stopping their initial search. why they were up there again today, here is christie smith. >> i think we continue to have
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faith and hope and comfort in the outcome. >> reporter: a renewed search is under way. he was reported missing three weeks ago. his family shared their thoughts. >> the support we hed, so much, has really made us feel less lonely and this just hurts. it's an incredibly difficult time. >> he's a delightful person. he has such spirit, such love, emanates for him. it is just a big hole. >> according to police the 37-year-old came to pleasanton ridge, parked his car and was expected to go for a run, but didn't return. search and rescue teams looked extensively along with volunteers. now they're back today. >> we have about 17 outside agencies that came back upon the
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request from alameda county search and rescue. >> pleasanton police say this was from data using technology in their searches. >> we're going with lower probability areas. we've already searched every si there on the ridge line. anywhere near the original path he was going to take. >> they're looking in the canyon area with drone teams, dog teams, ra pelling teams, more than 100 searchers and are reminding people about their tip line hoping to find answers. >> we continue to believe in what they're doing and we appreciate the work they've done. >> we ask people to continue to stay with us and have faith with us. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. the nationwide eviction moratorium set to expire. the reason why renters in
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california have nothing to worry about for now. >> plus, a decades long dream coming to live. we'll bring you details for a new community youth center in the east bay. >> what a start to the shootout. >> megan rapinoe! it's in the top corner and the usa wins 4-2 on penalties. >> the tokyo olympics brought to you locally on nbc by prudential. millions of people rely on prudential's rock solid strength for investing and planning.
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people who are a month behind on event could soon be facing eviction. today is the end of the moratorium. advocates fear many will be forced out of their homes in the coming months. speaker pelosi says she's frustrated only a small amount has made it to those who are behind on their rent. >> why should the renters be punished for the fact that the system did not put money in their pockets to pay the rent to the landlords? >> here in california, governor newsom signed a law last month extending the state's moratorium
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through september 30th. the governor says a fourth extension is unlikely. an exciting day as a community dream becomes reality. >> get ready for the stack center coming to south hayward. here are artist renderings of what it will look like. it will be two existing community centers. people gathered there today to celebrate. it will have a new pediatric clinic. >> this community has always delivered more services and that's one of the reasons we're focusing so much of our efforts here, to get the community center built, to serve the residents, the children, everybody that lives here. >> it will feature an outdoor amphitheater and a plaza that can accommodate a farmers market. >> let's check in with the dixie fire. the growth has slowed down dramatically since yesterday,
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but that could change quickly. this is time lapse video of some of the smoeg billowing. it's expected to be active today due to thunderstorms, active winds, dry conditions. it is burning within containment lines so firefighters will be watching for flying embers. 64 structures will be destroyed. so far the dixie fire has burned 240,000 acres. it is the 11th largest wildfire in california history. >> which brings to wind that we've got serious things to think about. we've got to be safe. >> and watching where the smoke is going. a lot of the smoke might notice over the next few days. we'll begin to see more of the upper level smoke, the good news for now for outdoor plans, we're still in the good range. the forecast to hold up through sunday. as you take a closer look, you
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can't help but notice there's more smoke in the skies. you see on the index, near surface smoke levels not all that bad. there's the dixie fire off to the southwest and other fires in northwestern california, these are actually producing more smoke. the mcfarland fire in northwestern california, you might start to see a little move down the coast monday and tuesday, but not expected to have a big impact for tomorrow. inland temperatures did cool off. you see the temperature change for places like concord and livermore down about 8 degrees from yesterday. 81 degrees in san jose. you can see a little u haze, about 89 degrees. san francisco still cool, sticking around 66 degrees and set to see the low clouds to return again tomorrow morning. another drizzle storm possible
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on the coast. temperatures mostly in the mid-50s. could see patchy low clouds, and our highs tomorrow generally similar to what we saw today. we'll have 70s and 80s, mid-60s again for san francisco. warmest spot around the bay area, out toward tracy. 82 in san jose and 65 degrees in santa cruz. ongoing thunderstorms here across the sierra. right now these are producing quite a bit of rain. we've seen flash flood watches around the lake tahoe area. through tomorrow as most of the monsoon moisture stays out. seven-day forecast might get a little more interesting later next week as we see a break in the ridge of high pressure, enough to allow rain in the pacific northwest. that's a become sight. we should see a bit of cooling. for now, rain chances staying
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just a little bit too far to the north. we'll watch time we head toward thursday and friday. morning clouds, comfortably coal temperatures. your july forecast will carry through into the start of august. valleys not all that bad. a little warmer towards tuesday. next weekend we could see temperatures in the low 90s. no signs of any big heat waves. air quality for now, as long as the sea breeze sticks around, it's keeping most of the smoke away. we'll be watching that closely to see if smoke tries to come down the coast. air quality is fairly good. >> the first week of august on a nice note. >> yes, it's good not to see extreme heat wave given the fire danger. >> thank you. a new layer of protection, how a group of doctors played a pivotal role. >> and olympic prime time tonight, you can see beach
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volleyball, u.s. versus canada, swimming in the men's 50 meter freestyle finals all night right here starting at 5:00. >> the bay area is so much a part of who i am. and, like you, i always want to know more about what's happening here in our home. >> this shouldn't be happening in a city this size. >> it shouldn't be happening here. >> we want to get more answers, context, solutions. so you know more about our community. join us for nbc bay area news tonight weeknights at 7:00 following "nightly news."
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yes, indeed, the olympic flame burning brightly in tokyo right now. that's a live picture for you. it's about 7:23 sunday morning. later today, san francisco's alex a competing in a qualifying round for the fencing event in tokyo. >> new rules for fencing. they were adopted because of the pandemic. adding a whole new layer of protection for athletes, literally. in addition to no high-fives, handshakes, screaming, doctors
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had to create special masks that fencers can wear under their helmets to help stop the spread of particle transmission. >> with the paper masks, they would sweat through them, so they were discussing double layer, even triple layer cloth masks that they would wear. >> some of the other restrictions in place at this time, equipment and mats have to be sanitized between bouts and athletes have to limit celebratory screams. >> how can you do that? >> i know, that's so hard. >> all those years, you go for it. >> look at this. >> it is so hot in tokyo. the dew point is high, the humidity is high. so olympic athletes taking advantage of their time off right now in and around the athletes village. those are swedish athletes. they got some ice cream today. time also allows athletes to go outside maskless for a bit. rules are really strict right now and most athletes, they have to go home right after they
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compete, within 48 hours. so after your competition is over, you've got to go home. you can't even stay until the end of the games. the closing ceremony is on august person that's ve right now, raj, after being in tokyo for two weeks, he is finally out of quarantine. >> i think it's like getting out of jail. >> right. he said it's like getting paroled. >> he is absolutely stoked. he filed this report. he's finally able to get out and check out that city. >> reporter: our quarantine is over. our 14-day quarantine has come to an end so we are out and about this weekend in tokyo. first thing i did, it's like being paroled, i just left the darn hotel, got in a taxi cab. first time we've been able to get in a taxi cab. crossed the street, did a lot of walking and went to the world famous markets, and, man, we found everything. do we go with the grilled
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lobster, the fruit? we went with the bread and butter. traditional sushi, so fresh, so good. just for a point of reference, it was about $30 u.s. for two of us to eat, me my photographer. there's no tipping in japan, but we wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation, so we gave the restaurant staff olympic pins from nbc bay area. we made fast friends all around the market, having a great time. i'm loving it. we had people giving us trinkets and oragami. i don't know if i'm ever coming back. that's it. have a great weekend. we'll see you later on tonight. >> he's got to come back. raj, we need you. and digital correspondent abby fernandez is checking in with raj every day. great back and forth. she's following all of his add
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adventures. great stuff. >> he's finished with covid testing. i think he had to do >> he's a free man. >> enjoy t r. all that would happen at some point in the day, i would end up doubling up. umm, other ways that i'd try to quit was, umm, i'd stop buying cigarettes totally. but if i took three puffs off of, like, fifteen friends', those didn't count. because they weren't my cigarettes and they weren't full cigarettes. [laughs] ya know, i went through a lot.
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coming up at 4:00, he's accused of chargingight a fundraiser for him in the bay area. some are questioning the timing. that story and more coming up at 4:00. >> i want to really commend, we've got some applause. [ applause ] >> a big shout-out to frontline workers at the 49ers training camp in santa clara. john lynch welcomed health care workers who came to watch the practice. he thanked them for their hard work occurring the pandemic. he thanked firefighters and law enforcement for all they've been doing. he said it's great having fans back in the stands. probably more people at the practice than some games last
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year. >> football season is going to start, preseason, a shorter one, 17 games. a lot of action. >> a lot of action going on. more action at 4:00. see you then. >> see you soon. bye. tonight, the new the delta variant surges. days ahead. more cases spike 60% nationwide. florida hits a new, daily record. the most cases since the pandemic began. the fda announces an all-out sprint for full approval of the pfizer vaccine, as vaccination rates rise in the states hardest hit. what's driving people to get the shots, now? and violent protests, in one country, over vaccine passports.


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