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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 30, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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and so did we. that's why hill's always stau c, feel and trust so you're always a step ahead. z. she won another gold medal, will it be the last? katie ledecky reveals the plans for the future after the final swim in tokyo. >> back moment and back on the mound. the special honor a local olympian received at a giants game. >> their families and forth bay he cheering them on. >> i feel really excited and emotional and anxious. >> the bay area town that has a
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lot to be proud of. >> also, tonight, for the fully vaccinated the troubling new data on the night in the pool for team usa. another g ledecky who just swam her last race in tokyo. is she are ready to hang up her goggles for good? >> we will find out and there's an update on simone biles. raj, a lot to talk about. >> there is. good afternoon to you. 3:00 p.m. here in tokyo. a lot of headlines. yes the olympians, the quarantine is over, and it's right now. we are on the town tonight. let's start with katie ledecky. is her olympic career over? say it ain't so. she was in the pool today for the final time here in tokyo. and you know what?
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her third straight olympic gold in the 800 meter free style. she is so fun to the event. dating back to the london olympics. she has ten olympic medals and seven of them gold. is this it? >> i know, i know you are in in pain and i know you are exhausted and happy. how will you decide if this was the last swim for katie ledecky. >> maybe 28, we will see, no, i knew it would be the last one here on. you never take anything for granted just take it all in. >> we love 2024 is parisand here you are l
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caleb his family at home in florida. butterfly, beautiful his third gold medal here in tokyo. we have an update with simone biles. obviously still in the headlines. late tonight she is saying and confirming she will not compete in 2 of the 4 individual events. she will not compete in vault or uneven bars. she still has the case of the twisties. yes, it's a gymnastics term. she said that she cannot tell up from down. so, biles is out. skinner is in for the vault as for the bars, it's l will i that will represent team usa. we like this tweet, skirn tweeting, looks like i get to put a competition leotard on one who time. can't wait to compete in the vault finals. doing it for us, simone biles,
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it's go time, baby. here is a down side of the covid style olympics. because of the new covid rules, once you are done competing, you have 48 hours to get out of tokyo. it's a hard and fast rule. which is good news for everyone back hope in the bay area. take a look. or cal park tonight. if giants game and guess who ? it's monica abbott, the silver medalist from team usa softball. stretching out and she is a good lefty there. throwing out the first pitch in tonight's giants game. she tells our reporter that she is grateful that women's softball is getting so much attention. and we agree. women's softball, we hope sticks around as a sport. terry and jannell, we will come back and talk about the first day out of quarantine and we will check in with the family. >> you are a free man, raj, to l
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be up to. check in with you in a bit. >> raj, thanks, looks like a free man. we have so many athletes in tokyo, it's hard to keep up with all of them. good thing we have jonathan bloom, he will do it all for us. click on local athlete tracker in the trending bar. >> our other on top story tonight, that internal report from the cdc, which warns the war has changes it acknowledges that break through infections are on the rise and may be as transmissable as unvaccinated cases. to stop the rapid spread, federal and local health officials are now considering mask mandates again. here is nbc bay area's jean ellie. >> fans don't have to keep their masks. >> never stop, even with the vaccine. >> i just wear it in the restroom area, or when i was in line for food. >> it may soon be required again. the centers for disease control
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said than the delta variant is putting americans at risk in documents obtained by nbc news, the agency warns the war has changed the variant causes more severe illness as earlier variants and spreads as easily as chicken pox and break through cases among the vaccinated are expected. a review shows that 3/4 infected in a town in massachusetts were fully vaccinated. and the president said that more restrictions may be coming. >> we thatted a good day yesterday. >> pressure is mounting to increase vaccination level wills as cases ruz. federal and local officials are considering new mask mandates. in san francisco, where cases are climbing in the fourth surge, the director of public health said it will be regional.
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>> we are very vigorously exploring issuing mask mandates. >> developments that have some taking their mask out of their pocket. >> even though you are vaccinated with the dell ton variant. you need to mask. there i change my stance now. >> say it's necessary. but frustrating. >> wearing masks is probably just the best option for everybody. and until we figure out what is really needed to get done and hopefully we get it over. this is tiring. >> with the new information people wondering what it means moving forward. ian cole spoke with one of the nation's leading covid experts, ucsf department medicine chair. >> dr. walker, with all that came out today, what do you want to tell vaccinated people, what should they do now? >> the most important thing is thank you and congratulations
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you have done the right thing. vaccines are holding up well. the chances of getting a mild case or break through case are a bit higher than they used to to be with delta. the chances you are going to get a bad case and get sick and die are very, very low. the new news that you can catch the virus and spread it, is changing the guidance in terms of the need to wear a masks even in doors, at least until the case rate goes down. it's high in the bay area. >> do vaccinated people need to get tested again? >> you don't need routine testing but if you have symptoms you should get tested. >> what do you think happens next year? you think masking will be enough to avoid lock down? >> i don't think we are going to need to lock stuff down again. but we need to go back to universal indoor mask wearing or we may ultimately need to, do a, create more restrictions. i'm hoping we don't have to because we do right thing now. >> dr. bob walker.
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thanks for joining us. >> great insight from the doctor and the numbers are telling. two months ago, it was less than a %. .8. 1.5%. this is in late june. check out now. july 30th. today. 6.4%. that is four times higher. now, hospitalizations are creeping up a month ago about 1300 californians were in the hospital with covid. tonight, the state says that number is more than 4,000. how many of these hospital patients are vaccinated? we have been checking in with the local county health department. in santa clare a county, there's 86 patients in the hospital with covid and none of them are vaccinated. in marin county they have had 200 patients
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medically vulnerable. in san francisco county, it's seen more than 3,000 patients in the hospital with covid since the pandemic began and only 16 of them have been fully vaccinated. of course, we will continue to track the numbers. >> we are following breaking news out of san francisco, police are investigating a shooting in the city's bay view neighborhood. it happened at 7:00 on bertha lane, two women were said to have been taken to the hospital, both women with life threatening injuries. so far no arrests with the shooting. and it could have been worse. these pictures have been posted of an oak tree that came down to of a house in castro valley. no one hurt, the house has been red tagged meaning you cannot live there because of the damage. >> tomorrow, search and rescue teams will be returning to look for philip krichec, he went for
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a run, parked his car and left his phone in there and has not been seen since. volunteers and search and rescue crews have searched for days and have not found a traces of him. they are going to a canyon that they believe may have been a district route. >> i think this checked a lower area of that area. but this will be the higher area of the canyon. >> this new search comes to say after the family asked the public's help for tips or info. >> with 66 giant uncontained fires burning in california and other western states, president biden met for a second time today with gavin newsom and other governors, the dixie fire called the megablaze. president noted the smoke impacts air quality in the eastern u.s. states too. >> quick update, we are blowing past every record and not in a good way. we are at over 5700 fires here
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today. we surpressed 59 just yesterday with initial attacks. over half a million acres burned in california, put in perspective, record breaking last year. we are at 130,000 acres burned with 504,000 as i speak to you today. >> at the biden said wild fire and climate conferences will be ongoing in the administration. something you have not seen in a while, rainfall in california, and lots of it. >> we will take a loob at the radar and brand new information on the hot area of high pressure and the difference in our temperatures. we will see it this weekend. i have it for you in six minutes. >> and hometown pride. north bay town cheering on not one, but two olympians. we will take you to the special watch party tonight. >> yes.
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be warned people, his quarantine is over. to roam aroo and tonight, he has olympians. >> raj youo restaurants, what about testing do you still have to do that? >> i actually have one more test today, but guys it's like i've been paroled, seriously i've been here 14 days and it's now day number one. day number one of life out of quarantine. you guy abouts are crimping my style, i have to get out of here and finish the show so i can experience the city. we will tell you about the sights and sounds of tokyo in a moment. and we have to start with business. two local athletes fun to watch. we love this, team usa baseball, they beat israel, final score 8-1.
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yes, baseball is back at the olympics for the first time in 13 years. the starting pitch er for team usa, number 40. that guy right there, joe ryan, one run through six innings. team usat's exciting to get on field and see the stadium. what they have done here is amazing. the mountain was perfect. and it was a great place to>> s. joe ryan right before the limb will picks started, got traded. major league from the tampa bay devils organization to the minnesota twins. he is looking good here. it's a cool story. joe ryan is 1 of 2 olympians from the same nool marin county in san ensalmo, formerly known as drake high school. there was a lot of cheering there. here is cheryl herd.
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>> she does not have an olympian in tokyo, but she is hosting two sets of parents who do. >> win or lose, we just want them to know we are here. >> a house full of people cheering on the pride of san enselmo, joe ryan and dillon woodhead, the two were classmates at archie williams high school. >> i feel really excited and emotional. >> terry spears' anxiety comes from watching her son, joe, the lead pitch er for team usa. they played team israel early this morning and won. >> he is staying focused and energized. the team comradery is a big part of the energy for him. >> reporter: joe and dillon woodhead played water polo together in 2014. joe chose baseball. dillon making his mark in the pool at stanford and now on his journey toward gold with the water polo olympic team.
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>> with an outside shot for him to make the team, and the pandemic probably helped him out as he grew in to himself. >> we all raise our kids together and you know, they are just as much their boys as our boys. >> reporter: they cannot believe their kids are living out the olympic dream, because tonight, they believe dreams come true. >> cheryl, thank you and yes, we are looking after your son here the tokyo. joe ryan, and dillon woodhead, so cool, two teammates in high school, now representing team usa in baseball and water polo. all right will, back to our quarantine. that is it, our 14th day here in tokyo. that means we are free to go. and roam about the country. specifically this city of 14 million people in the area. the first thing i did today was get the heck out of the hotel. i took a taxicab, we were not
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allowed to do it until today. we walked down the road to the would and butter. some amazing sushi. some of the best in the world if not the best in the world. we had a great lunch are. the price point here, about $30 for both of us, and it was fantastic. they get it fresh right there in the morning and it goes dock to market to our mouths. and you may know this. there's no tipping here in japan. so, the way we can just share our appreciation and our gratitude was to share love olympic style, we gave our on restaurant staff the olympic pins and they loved it. oh, my gosh, we made friends here in tokyo. and keep in mind, it's our first one or two hours and i feel like i have made so many friends. i don't think i'm coming back. so send my wife and two kids on
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the first flight over. our first two quarantine. it's great. >> i will give raj, coming from me and then you are back to work. >> coming from her . >> enjoy tokyo. >> here is what i will do. you know how they do the mic drop. i will do it and get out of here. we will see you. >> good, go enjoy yourself. thank you so much, raj, you deserve a break. >> he has saki to check out right now. >> and sushi. >> how about this, video from yosemite. >> heavy rain in the middle of summer? our meteorologist shared this with us and all of her twitter followers this evening. she said there's been some occasional lightning with isolated flooding and that is where bring in jeff. you have been s >> right over on yosemite area. >> and it has been bringing up the monsoonal moisture over the last couple of days. we will be in for a chance of
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showers through tomorrow in the the friday night and get you ready to go as we move in the weekend. and you can see how active it was this afternoon with the lightning strikes over the sierra. now, current view shows a few showers left over reno, and also, south lake tahoe. if you are headed up, be ready for that. okay on, let's bring it back to the way. we have been working hard this week to get to our saturday and our sunday. and i don't think the weather is going to dispoint. now, we have had the area of high pressure. it's what is bringing in the humidity and the heat. we get a subtle change in it tomorrow. it's going to move a bit off toward the east and that will make through for the cooler system. it will only drop 5-10 that will be enough to see it be noticeable. so, let's move it right in to your morning forecast. you can see, we start it off with low squs over the south bay
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peninsula and the tri-valley. mostly sunny skies with the best chance of fog here in san francisco and also for the north bay and temperatures in the 50s. now, as we move through the day tomorrow, it looks beautiful. if you don't like the temperature in your city, it's one of the days where you can drive 15 or 20 minutes and find drastically different weather. a micro climate in the full affect. down in the south bay, looking good, and that is 82 degrees. over to morgan hill, 89. and right through the east bay. i have it up to 90 in antioch. that is easier than what we have had earlier in the week. oakland and hayward. 74? san mateo. right through the north barracks 69 in mill valley. we will be in the low to mid 80s. seven day forecast in san francisco. a very steady, stable pattern
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over the next seven days. 60s coming our way as we head through the next seven day forecast and across tip land valley. there's the cooler weather. upper 80s and we roll through the week and that means a lot of low 90s. locate go ahead and bring it in to tokyo's forecast, you will see, it's hot and humid. some of the host weather of the games coming our way, once we hit monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. heat index values in the low 100s. with the on and off thunderstorm chances. if the athletes thought it was bad already will, it's going to get worse. >> i was in florida for a summer. a couple of summers, that was bad. >> this is worse. thank you so much, jeff, still to come, now disney is making a change because of covid. >> happening now, checking in with raj. the fish market. al roker machine every one of us is connected.
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60 days if you are not vaccinated. they are requiring employees to be vaccinated against covid. the policy goes in to affect immediately. walmart is requiring employees at the headquarters and managers who travel in the u.s. to be vacciated by early october. you will have to show prove of
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vaccination or a negative covid test the next time you go to a theater. sf broadway made the announcement, hamilton in san f august 10th. all ticket holders, regardless of vaccination status must also wear masks. broadway in -- >> the final last call and a much loved downtown san jose bar is serving the last drinks right now. patty's opened at the end of prohibition they are making room for google's campus. one employee told us they are planning a goodbye party for customers. >> we have the highlights next.
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>> barry bonds. >> they lost to the astros 9-6. houston's jose altuve had two home runs including a grand slam a. and the a's, taking on the angels in southern california. the second night in a row the a's got a strong pitching performance from one of the starters. chris bassit, struck out 7, allowed no runs over seven. and had a solo home run in the 8th and won it 2-0. >> okay, let's look at the olympic medal count, the u.s. up to 45 medals overall. 16 of them gold, china in second with 41 medals, 19 of them gold and the russian olympic committee in third with thirty-four medals. we will see you right back. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles...
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we've got to start lifting each other up. and give everybody a fair shot. because when that happens, we've all made it. ♪ story dear to my heart. an exciting win for a pair of ireland's rowers. they won the first ireland medal
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since 2012 and the first ever if in rowing. this is what was waiting for them. the entire irish olympic team was waiting and applauding and of course, breaking in to song >> congratulations. >> nice. >> finally tonight, 15-year-old portrait prodigy has done it again. his teenage artist is winning praise for the latest creation, a portrait of simone biles. he set this up to watch him can with the art work, and said thank you for finding your voice and staying true to yourself. he has painted lebron james for the cover of "time" magazine. and he pained kamala harris and she called him back to say thank you. >> let's take a look at the olympic flame. it's:30 in the afternoon. hot as that flame. >> the same thing.
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feels like fact of 100. you have on and off thunderstorms and it will be the hottest stretch in the competition. it will feel like low 100s all week long. bye, folks. ay ledecky wins the first gold in the event. the greatest female swimmer of all time! >> hi, everybody, mike tirico with you. it's a busy friday night back at home. how busy of a is it?
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