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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  July 30, 2021 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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new nexcare duo let's you say goodbye to flinch face for good. mandates for county workers. right now what one bay area county is doing about the surge in cases. >> and more on a fourth covid-19 wave. that is the message from hnl leaders in san francisco. >> plus a bombshell report from the cdc. what doctors and researchers have saying about the delta variant that is trouble some to veteran health leaders. the news at i'm terry m janelle wang.
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a stunning cdc report has top health leaders even more concerned about the delta variant. the cdc said the variant is more contagious than the virus that cause ebola, the common cold, flu and smallpox and it is just as contagious as chicken pox. even more troubling, the report said there is a higher risk of hospitalization or even death in older americans regardless of vaccination status. and all that is the reason that the cdc is changing its masking recommendation. earlier this week, and now telling everyone vaccinated or not to mask up. >> here is how the cdc came to these conclusions. the report stems from a study in a county in massachusetts where there were 469 cases that were linked to several large public gatherings this month. cdc said 74% of the cases were in fully vaccinated people. nearly 80% of those had symptoms. in a statement the cdc said high
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viral loads suggest an increase risk of trans mission and raise concern that unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with delta can transmit covid. that is just part sobering update coming from san francisco health leaders today. the director of health said the unvaccinated are leading the new surge with c rates more than twice as high as the vaccinated. so the city has overall high vaccination rates, it is now averaging 176 cases of covid a day. compared with the low of 12 earlier this summer. health leaders addressing growing questions about breakthrough cases involving fully vaccinated people saying the message is still clear. >> vaccines are working. they're not as effective for breakthrough infections as they are for hospitalizations but really from the beginning of this pandemic, the morbidity and
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mortality and right now vaccines are performing extremely well. >> dr. colfax said doctors across the entire pandemic, only 16 fully vaccinated people have had to be hospitalized for covid in the city. across california, the numbers are telling. look at this snapshot of our positivity rate in the last three months. today we're at 6.4%. last month we were just a fraction of that sitting at 1.5%. in may, even lower, less than a percent. >> hospitalizations creeping up as well. the state said more than 4,000 people are now in the hospital because of covid. in the past 24 hours, 122 more people have been admitted. some vaccinated and some not. we've been reaching out to the county health department and so far these are the answers that we are getting. in santa clara county, 86 people in the hospital with covid. the county said none was fully vaccinated. only one of the patients had highest vaccination rates in the
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country, out of nearly 200 patients hospitalized, only two, two were vaccinated. in fact you could see in the graph. blue is for vaccinated and orange is unvaccinated. it is stark. you could see the seven-day average case rate much higher for those without vaccines. >> let's bring in our in infectious disease specialist. thank you for joining us. the cdc report concerning about how contagious this delta variant is. are you surprised? what stood out to you the most in the cdc report? >> i think i'm not surprised, janelle, we know we're dealing with a different beast that is delta. whatever works for folks before in 2020 will not work with delta and i'm speaking mainly to the unvaccinated population. i think what was not surprising is the fact that, you know,
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vaccinated people, like fax said, are not going to get seriously ill and go to the hospital and die. our local data support that. >> there are a fewer people who are hospitalized who have been fully vaccinated. the percentage much lower. still spread it if you've been fully vaccinated. we weren't sure about this for a long time but it sounds like we could still get it and spread it even though we're not showing symptoms. is that true? >> yes, that is true from the data we have so far. so when they did that study in provincetown, massachusetts, with that big july fourth gathering, they swabbed the noses of the people who were vaccinated and infected and people who were unvaccinated and found a similar viral virus red compared to unvaccinated folks who will continue to what we vi.
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but for right now, initially it still have a lot of virus in their noses, potentially spreading it to unvaccinated folks as well as vaccinated folks. >> yeah, i mean, just on that point, i have not known basically any kids who have come down with covid. but just in the last week, i know two young children. and for the longest time we thought we weren't going to pass it to them because if we're vaccinated, we're not getting it and we're not passing it to our young kids. but that seems to be not the case as much any more. we're still passing it to the younger folks because they can't vaccinated yet. >> even though you might have had those two cases, janelle, i would say that statistically the data is still very much more than 99% in the adult population. so it will be -- and things may change. i'm keeping an open mind. but for right now we're still not seeing a lot in the kids under 12. >> okay, that is promising news.
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doctor, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it so much. even before the cdc report about the effectiveness of the vaccine against the delta variant, doctors have said a vaccine is the best way to protect yourself. now there is a growing call to require workers to get vblgd before they return to the office. robert handa has more from santa clara county which is on the verge of issuing a vaccination mandate for 22,000 employees. >> reporter: santa clara county has not yet announced the policy to require workers to get vaccinated. but as we reported, it is coming and the new information from the srds about the covid variant will only accelerate the process. >> i think what all of the information shows is that it is critical to get vaccinated. >> rstandond vaccination. just this week while masks at w
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regardless of vaccination status. santa clara county is preparing to exceed state rules on vaccination. while california is requiring employees to get vaccinated and get tested weekly, the county will soon require employees to get vaccinated or lose your job. >> what we are going to be implementing is an actual vaccination mandate. meaning you need to get vaccinated unless you have a medical exemption. >> reporter:? some unions have expressed skepticism and mallory bar, an attorney for a law firm which specialized in employee litigation said the county is on solid legal ground but anticipates legal challenges. among the arguments. >> it infringes on individual freedoms and liberties, but i think ooepers are in their right to demand the employees as long as they comply with ada and
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title 7. >> reporter: the public should not view the mandate as punitive but as a necessary health precaution. county leaders say they expect to roll out the mandate sometime next week. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area. down on our bay area news app, it is a great resource to stay in the know and keep you updated even when we are not on the air. let's go to tokyo now. live at the olympic caldron. you could see some blue skies today. they have some rain yesterday, serious downpours. but it is still hot and humid in tokyo. athletes for team usa bringing in more gold. >> the women's soccer team scores a spot in the semifinals so more gold coming from there. wins 4-2 against the netherlands. and the swimming dominating the russian olympic committee with an 18-5. and i still think it is a strange name. and setting the goal for most
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goals by a water polo player and ryan murphy comes up shortsilve the more games and matches that we watch in the tokyo lmss, the more we're seeing the of it. garvin thomas has shared some special moments already and he joins us with the last 24 hours. >> it is always bringing us new and wonderful stuff. let's start in the pool and share a moment that happened last night in the women's 200 meter breaststroke final and this makes the olympics special. this is the moment south africa realized that she set a world record. tears start flowing. and who were the first to congratulate her, the two americans, that she just beat. it turns into a group hug in the pool. but laser amazing. and that played out live on
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get to see. irish rowers just won that country's first gold medal since 2012 and the first ever in rowing. this is the team waiting for them as they return to the olympic village. the entire olympic team was waiting for them and applauding them and singing to them. such a touching moment. and janelle, terry, it is quiz time. what is this man doing? >> he's lubing up the try pod. >> what is that? >> he's shooting diving. >> he's shooting the trampoline gymnastics video. that is what -- you think about it. and i'm always fascinated because we're in the industry how they get the amazing perfect shots and you have to think now we know how they do it in trampoline gymnasti it is a lot of up and down. up and down. up solid.
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like a foundation. they're not moving a inch. >> the technique is impeccable. >> very smooth. >> you see g and think there has to be a photographer in a certain position at the right time and anticipating what is happening. i'm always fascinated by that. >> and then that is one of them. >> are you ever going to watch trampoline gymnastics and not think about that. >> the photography is incredible. thank you. well still ahead, the fires are here in the west but the impact is being felt all over the country. now how president biden is tackling the issue with governor newsom. plus -- >> i'm scott budman. google to downtown san jose means some local hot spots are closing, some are moving but others say it is going to be good for business. we'll check on that. >> i'm jeff ranieri, a lot of heat inland this week. even a lit bit of humidity but we'll talk about when this moves out and give us a break this weekend. i'm back with that in about six minutes. >> tonight the cdc new findings
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on covid and the risk vaccinated people could spread the virus. how the delta variant is changing the battle. also exclusive new reporting about covid spread among migrant children held at a shelter near the border on "nightly news." in the race to succeed, does somebody always have to fail? we've got to start lifting each other up. and give everybody a fair shot. because when that happens, we've all made it. ♪
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well last call for a nearly century old bar in downtown san jose. closing its doors to make room for google. the entire look of downtown will change soon. scott budman spoke to neighbors and businesses about the changing face of downtown san jose. >> reporter: opened at the end of prohibition, patty's in san jose will go out with a final shot. after more than 80 years, the downtown san jose bar crammed full of sports memorabilia is closing this weekend. >> man, that is tough. >> of course. we all miss the institutions. but we're told that the little
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bar is a david making room for goliath. google's san jose campus will be built here. the poor house bistro is also going away. not shutting down, though. moving its entire building to nearby little italy. >> it feels like when somebody comes in and buying up blocks of land that is definitely going to be excluding some potential small guys. >> reporter: but while some local spots say all of those techies will boost their bottom line. >> a lot of people coming in walking. i think it is good for business. >> reporter: some say they'll miss the local feel. >> and the corporation is taking over. it is not how it used to be. >> reporter: and google isn't wiping out all of the little places to get a drink before a shark's game. just across the street on that balcony, a fairly installed bar where you could hang out with friends and have a drink and get a view of san jose arena. it is part of the local whole foods. which, if you think about it, is
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also owned by a giant tech company, in this case amazon. scott budman, nbc bay area. in san francisco, renters are taking on landlords and their winning big. at this 100-year-old building in presidio heights, many renters stayed because of the view of the golden gate bridge. one negotiated a buyout of $475,000 by far the biggest in city history. but get this, the attorney representing the man's neighbors predicts they will walk away with millions. >> they lost their rent control department. average of $5,000 a month below market, because they've been here five, ten, 30 years. and they're entitled to that deferential for the rest of their life for as many years as you would expect them to live here. >> mcdonald describe the the last four years of nonstop construction as making the
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building unlivable for tenants. covid was last straw when they were stuck inside with the construction noise all day long. well classrooms will soon be back in action ind today the superintendents of several counties showed support for in-person learning. santa clara, contra costa, marin, san francisco and san mateo and alameda counties as the american academy of pediatricians and the cdc recently recommended all students wear masks indoors. san jose unified school district also told teachers and staff they need to be either fully vaccinated, or get tested twice a week for covid-19 in order to return to school campus. >> you have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test the next time you go to the theater in san francisco. sf broadway made the announcement today. this includes hamilton returning on august 10th. all ticket holders regardless of vaccination status have to wear
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masks. the hollywood theater and broadway in new york have similar policies in place. well 66 giant uncontained fires burning in california and other western states. so president biden met for a second time today with goofr newsom and other western governors. california's dixie fire is now called a mega blaze, threatening homes. the president noted the smoke impacts air quality in the eastern u.s. >> quick update. we're boring past every record and not in a good way. we're at over 5700 fires here today. we suppressed 59 just yesterday with initial attacks. over half of a million acres burned in california. put in her spective, record breaking. last we're we were at 130,000 acres with 504,000 as i speak to you today. >> president biden said wildfire and climate conferences will be an ongoing part of his administration. jeff ranieri here now, looking at your weekend weather.
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>> yeah. we're shaping up good, you guys. >> are we cooling down a bit. >> just a bit. so i could tell from your energy, you're ready for the weekend. me too. i'm with all of you guys, can't wait. so let's bring into the microclimate forecast. we've been working hard all week long and be we, i mean me. and so your ready to go for your friday night and maybe also making plans. so you could see what it is like over the next couple of hours so you could maybe change your plans in walnut creek because it is hot. 92 now. 95 at 4:00 p.m. and the reason i say change your plans because you may want to push things back to around 8:00 or 9:00 when we're in the 70. we'll be por comfortable out there in downtown walnut creek for you. now in san jose, it has been pretty comfortable here. we're getting the ocean breeze. 82 degrees right now. we have 80s the next couple of hours and 70s through 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00.
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so certainly eating outside, not a bad idea. if you're looking for refreshing weather, it is in san francisco. beautiful shot of downtown. currently we have 65 degrees. 60s next several hours and then we drop into the 50s here by 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00. so if you are heading to sf, definitely take your jacket. the high pressure has the heat and humidity with it but here we go. tomorrow it is going to make a subtle move off toward the east to make way for the cooler system. that is not too dramatic. only by five or ten degrees and that will bring bag morning fog. tomorrow morning, we begin on the cooler side. 63 for the south bay. peninsula 62. the alley at 64. best chance of that fog is right here in san francisco. 58, also some clouds in the north bay at 56. now daytime highs tomorrow still offer widespread temperatures.
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and on out on my dinner break, i've been hearing from you that stop me and say i love this weather because if it is too hot where you are, you could just get in the car and drive to where it is cooler. and we're going to be setting ourself up with that again tomorrow. 90234 concord and livermore. oakland at 71 and then go to san francisco at 67 and 65 there in half moon bay. on my extended forecast in san francisco, you could see temperatures are in the 60s over the next several days with that pattern of morning fog and afternoon sun and through the inland valley, we're in the upper 80s and plenty of low 90s as we roll through next week forecast. so really great trend setting up and i have to say, you know, thank you for coming up and saying hi when break. i heard from so many people saying we're amazing. and we love it. >> and you're getting credit? >> i take it. >> you should. thanks jeff. coming up, check in tokyo.
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all of the olympics that we have covered. who is that throughout the years. a lot of years and a lot of olympics coming up next.
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[announcement on pa] mt, featuring fresh artisan bread, red with tender seasoned steak,
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sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. well the giants are hosting the astros tonight in the first of three home games and a few miles south of that, the giants community fund opened up a new field for fans. this is the gilman playground baseball field. close to bay view park. the field just got a makeover. and a whole lot of people out there. got new dugout and benches and grass in the infield and outfield. but that is a great mascot. he made a special appearance with all-star shortstop brandon caw ford showed up. >> that is cool. raj mathai continues to report on the latest at the olympics. he's working super hard in tokyo. >> as part of our segment
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checking in with raj, we'll show you a snippet of his conversation with abby fernandez. today they go down memory lane in all of the olympics that raj has reported on. >> this is salt lake city, and that i believe -- oh, gosh, i'm for getting these are so long ago. >> this is the london one. >> that is london 2012. and that is vancouver, 2010. and the hair getting a little more gray. and less of the hair. here we are in tokyo. >> we're checking in with raj every day. see more of his conversations with abby, just go to in with raj. that will take you to this page where you could watch every episode and he will be live from tokyo tonight at 11:00. >> abby taking raj down memory lane. >> so nice. >> back in a moment. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles...
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that's a big deal for a big world of travel. go global with alaska airlines and oneworld. learn more at mary lou retton, same own -- simone biles, will the name suni lee be added to that list in suni lee is going to win the olympic all around gold medal. 15-year-old portrait progeny
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tyler gordon has done it again. >> take a look at this. the teenage artist is winning praise for his latest creation, a portrait of simone biles. he posted a speed up video of him creating the art work and he posed with the for finding your voice and staying true to yourself. he's also a champion. he painted lebron james and did vice president kamala harris. and in prime time here on nbc bay bridge, at 6:30, tom shields going for gold in the 100 meter butterfly and then the 16 minutes later, talk about a legend. katie ledecky looking for her seventh gold medal swimming in the 800 meter free and set your alarm for this one. mexico taking on south korea in men's soccer. janelle is swimming on set. i want to let you know what it going on here when you can't see it. watch all of the action at 4:00 a.m. on of our bay area
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athletes including janelle by heading over to butterfly. >> there we go. >> you could make it, you could make it. >> see you at at 4:00. tonight, the cdc sounding the alarm on the delta variant and the risk even to fully vaccinated americans. the cdc warning in internal documents the war has changed, citing evidence vaccinated people can suffer rare breakthrough infections and may spread the delta variant as easily as the unvaccinated. delta also believed to cause more severe illness. the pivotal discovery a major cluster with a staggering three in four infections in vaccinated people. and what nbc news has found. at least 125,000 breakthrough


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