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tv   Today  NBC  July 30, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> makes you want to take a nap in the clouds. that does it for us friday morning. we're coming back at 7:25 with an update. have a great weekend and enjoy it if you can. mask up if you're out around people. the "today" show is next. ♪ suni shines. >> oh. >> baby. >> with an unforgettable performance, gymnast suni lee becomes the breakout star of the tokyo olympics olympic all-around gold medal. >> an emotional and unexpected victory. >> i mean, this is a crazy experience like, this doesn't even feel like real life >> and this morning, we've got the golden girl herself, here, live breaking overnight, cdc stunner. the internal document leaked online, saying the delta variant
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is as contagious as chickenpox more transmissible than the common cold, flu, and smallpox even the vaccinated capable of spread the cdc now saying the war has changed. just ahead, what we now know about the alarming findings that led to that major reversal on masks and what it means for the country moving forward >> what is happening in america right now is a pandemic, pandemic of the unvaccinated >> we'll have everything you need to know trail of destruction powerful storms spawning tornadoes in the midwest and northeast. several near philadelphia causing injuries, collapsed buildings, and power outages we'll have the very latest and al's forecast heading into the weekend. all that, plus, thrills. >> and lilly king is pushing to the wall for silver annie lazor gets the bronze. >> and spills. >> going to be on the site of a pileup, as conner fields goes down
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>> team usa bmx star leaves on a stretcher after a scary crash. while action begins in track and field, allyson felix, the most decorated track star in history, gearing up for her final run for gold and her first as a mom. we'll catch up with her live, today, friday, july 30th, 2021 >> and how about silver? and how about bronze for the united states? >> what an impressive run for the americans. >> suni lee, who is in the top spot from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today: at the olympic games," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from tokyo, japan. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, and good evening, here in tokyo getting used to the evening hours.
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we're still feeling the excitement 24 hours since that stunning and amazing gold-medal performance from suni lee. >> this was remarkable not only did she win the women's all-around, she is capturing the attention of the entire world with that electrifying display and guess what first of all, gold looks so good on her and we see that sparkling medal right here on our set. >> she is right over there >> she is right over there we're going to talk to her about her amazing performance, her inspiring story, in just a couple minutes >> hi, suni. we're happy to have you here we're going to begin with the breaking news overnight. a disturbing report about the coronavirus and the delta variant. the report is that the cdc is saying that even among the vaccinated, the delta variant spreads as easily as chickenpox. we've got complete coverage. we've got doctor torres here he will weigh in and help us understand this in a moment. let's get to gabe gutierrez, back in new york, with the latest on this document. gabe, good morning >> reporter: savannah, good
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morning. this is all based on unpublished research that prompted the cdc to up its mask guidance. it comesed a the biden administration is struggling to inoculate more americans this is one of the hospitals where health care workers have rallied against vaccine mandates breaking overnight, the cdc reportedly warning that american officials need to acknowledge the war against covid has changed. writing in an internal document first obtained and posted online by "the washington post," that the delta variant is as contagious as the chickenpox, much more than previously thought. noting the person-to-person transmission rate is more drastic than the covid-19 strain >> if you allow the virgs to freely circulate because so many people are unvaccinated, you give it yet again another opportunity to mutate even more. >> reporter: the cdc finding that vaccinated individuals may
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be able to infect others as easily as the unvaccinated vaccines are still paramount the cdc noting they protect against the symptoms the delta variant can cause. the agency acknowledged a daunting public relations battle over vaccines and masking, telling officials it's time to acknowledge the war has change because of the nature of the delta variant and because some vaccinated americans are seeing breakthrough infections. the government now saying officials have to reinforce that breakthroughs happen but that vaccines reduce risk of severe disease or death by ten-fold or greater. it all comes as president biden says this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated >> people are dying and will die who don't have to die. they're unvaccinated you don't have to die. >> reporter: the president says more than 2 million federal workers will now be required to get the shot or abide by testing and social distancing requirements the department of defense also announcing all military and civilian personnel will be asked to attest to their vaccination
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status but one in four health care workers still haven't gotten the shot >> i'm not comfortable putting something into my body until i am ready i won't be forced. >> reporter: you just don't trust the cdc. >> i don't trust the cdc absolutely not >> reporter: as for booster shots, president biden says no needs them right now that could change depending on the science. >> gabe, thank you we want to bring in dr. john torres, with us here in tokyo. reading from this document, it's alarming it says that the delta variant is more transmissible than the viruses that cause mers, sars, ebola, the common cold, the flu, smallpox and as contagious as chickenpox what is the effect of this it found that transmission is as likely among the vaccinated and the unvaccinated your head explodes when you hear this >> unfortunately one of the consequences is you will hear confusion.
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a lot of people will not understand what is going on. you're seeing real-time science play out in the open usually, it's behind closed doors and scientists debate back and forth and the debate gets settled and that information comes out. you're seeing that scientists are looking at the data. some are unconfirmed studies, saying, it could be more contagious than this, vaccinated people are getting it more often, and those are true facts. and we don't know how that will affect everything overall. it is concerning >> what's the bottom line here if i'm vaccinated, which i am, should i be wearing a mask, when i'm out and about, outdoors, indoors? if i'm out with my mother who is vaccinated but is elderly? >> it comes down to how many unvaccinated people are around you. and you simply don't know. in some areas where vaccination rates are low, and cases are high, you want to wear a mask when you go indoors. we now know, and this is what we know, if you're vaccinated, there's still a potential to get
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the virus and the potential to spread it. not as much if you're unvaccinated, but it's there in an area you don't know how many people are unvaccinated, you need to protect yourself and your family by wearing that mask that's where we're headed in this direction these are the things we have to live with, throughout the pandemic and maybe beyond the pandemic >> the reason you get vaccinated is not so that you never get the virus. it's that you don't get sick and die. >> exactly the vaccine does not prevent the virus from getting in your body. it prevents you from getting sick from the virus. that's its claim to fame it doesn't work 100% of time but it's the best thing we have going right now. it's very effective. the bottom line, get vaccinated. in some areas, you don't know where other people's vaccine rates, you need to wear a mask >> hopefully we get more clarity in the days to come. thank you, dr. torres. let's move to the action here on day eight of the tokyo olympics one of the biggest story lines, maybe the biggest of all,
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continues to be gymnastics, led by suni lee's incredible journey to gold in the all-around. we're so looking forward to our live conversation with her first, let's get you caught up on all things olympics, including a stunner in tennis this morning nbc's tom llamas is covering it all. good morning >> reporter: hey, hoda good morning to you. novak djokovic is out. we'll have more on that in a moment just behind me, track and field is under way at the tokyo games. we are all still talking about suni lee and what an amazing night she had. she has more action here in tokyo. on sunday, she will be competing again, as simone biles' future is now in doubt. she shared some videos on social media we're about to show you. and it shows an athlete trying to come back but struggling. >> the olympic all-around gold medal. >> reporter: when team usa needed it the most, gymnast suni lee delivered the performance of
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a lifetime the 18-year-old showing the world what it takes to be an olympic champion >> oh, baby. >> i've been working towards this my whole life >> reporter: her loved ones back home in minnesota cheering, while teammates, including simone biles, shouted from the stands lee, now the fifth u.s. gymnast in a row to win the event. jade carey, stepping in after biles withdrew from the competition, making her country proud. >> really nice >> reporter: in the end, the night belonged to lee. celebrating later on tiktok. lee catching up with hoda after her life-changing day. >> this is a crazy experience. doesn't even feel like real life >> reporter: biles' olympic status remains uncertain the star posting the since-deleted clips to instagram. the videos showing her
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struggling on the uneven bar along with messages, including one reading, i didn't quit my mind and body are simply not in sync. while on the tennis court, a shocker. novak djokovic losing in the semifinals, ending his bid for a golden slam. germany's alex zerev, rejoicing. in swimming, another u.s. medal haul >> lilly king, is pushing into the wall for silver. annie lazor, gets the bronze >> reporter: the two americans finishing behind tatjana schoenmaker, who set a world record in the 200 breaststroke the competitors celebrating this historic moment together in men's bmx, a scary scene. defending gold medalist, conner fields, crashing seconds into his semifinal. he was put on a stretcher. olympic officials say he is awake and awaiting further medical evaluation
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now, we will stay on top of that news concerning conner fields as he recovers. one more note on suni lee. her day is getting better and better she wins the gold medal in the all-around and her home state of minnesota and the twin cities do this -- they proclaim today, july 30th, as suni lee day, for the incredible night she had, winning the gold medal for team usa and also, quote, for inspiring us all she has inspired this entire country. back to you, hoda. >> tom, thank you. i think every day should be suni lee day. that's what we decided here. welcome, suni lee. you have your gold medal around your neck. how does it feel how does the medal feel on you these days >> heavy >> is it heavy >> it's amazing. >> it happened i saw your face when you realized that you were at the top of the board you were the best all-around gymnast in the world
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tell me how you slept last night, what dreams you had >> to be honest, i did not sleep very good last night i was just so excited. there was so much going through my head. i can't wrap it around my head >> you know what freaked me out, you were standing next to the beam you had to wait. it felt like three days. you were holding your stomach. what were you saying to yourself how were you calming yourself down >> i was telling myself to do nothing more and nothing less. and i was telling myself to breathe. in that moment, i felt like i was going to puke, i was so nervous. and i was telling myself to calm down >> what do you mean, nothing more nothing less >> my normal is good enough. i don't need to do anything more time. >> or anything less i just have to do what i normally do. >> i had my eye on you the whole time >> i know. throughout the whole meet, i was looking at you were i went on
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every event. >> i was feeling you because i knew your parents couldn't be there. i don't know if you could tell and at one point you were on the beam you couldn't see us. we were behind you i think we have a little bit of video. we were trying not to be obnoxious. we couldn't help ourselves you do this great thing. i think we're in the corner there. but anyway, we were directly behind you -- hang on. see those -- the girl in the red. yeah yeah out of control it was such a beautiful moment and i know you called your dad and mom before the national anthem was sung. tell me about that conversation. >> it was right before the medal ceremony i facetimed my sister and everybody in the camera was screaming and crying i was like, i did it we had this little moment. we did it. >> you know, this year, your
7:15 am
family and the hmong community has been behind you. the hmong community pulled together for you in what ways did they help you >> they helped me a lot. they sacrificed a lot for me they support me, like, so much and then, we also have fund-raisers and they're willing to give anything if we ever need anything, they're supportive of my whole family >> fund-raisers to make sure you could get where you needed to get and do the things you needed to do. >> yes >> that's pretty incredible. your dad said so many amazing things he built you that beam in your backyard, which struck me because it's still standing in your backyard. and after i had a chance to speak with him yesterday, i said, what do you think? he said, you know what, i'm so happy built her that beam. that was a symbol for him. what does that mean to you >> that beam is, like, i don't know, i grew up going on that beam if i wasn't in the gym, i was outside on the beam doing extra things i didn't want to get behind.
7:16 am
i always wanted to get better. it was something that we cherished because when i was bored, i would go outside and he would watch me and coach me, even though he didn't know what he was talking about >> he had no idea. i know you said to me yesterday, you said your dad dreamt of being here and you said he would do a backflip if he could tell me about his recovery we know he's been paralyzed from the waist down for a little bit now. >> he's doing a little bit better he is learning how to drive. they're teaching him to learn with the handles or whatever in the car. and he's been doing this year-long trial. it stimulates the nerves in his legs it's exciting. >> he said something interesting, too i want to tell simone that she truly is the g.o.a.t. because she let my little girl bring the gold medal home. >> that's just -- ah my dad means so much to me i love him so much i wish he could be here and
7:17 am
cherish this moment with me. >> you've got two more events, right? >> i know. >> how are you feeling about those? the bars and the beam. >> i'm nervous and i feel like i'm ready to compete on bars and beam >> you made your community proud. you made us proud. you made america proud it was your moment, you're 18 and your first olympic games you just slayed it congratulations, suni, i will see you again at the gymnastics meets. look for me. >> i will. >> okay. >> all right >> i will be throwing you some hearts from up there. we're not done with her incredible story coming up, what that gold medal that suni has around her neck means to her community back home in minnesota by the way, this girl, she is inspiring the next generation of u.s. gymnasts, savannah. >> you were jumping up and down like a crazy person. >> i couldn't help it. you would have done the exact same >> we were jumping up and down for you here we are proud of you. craig is here. we're going to another big
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story back home. >> good morning. talking about the severe weather. five people were hurt after at least two tornadoes ripped through parts of pennsylvania on thursday those tornadoes causing widespread damage to homes and businesses, including a car dealership that was nearly leveled. all of this happening just a few miles northeast of philadelphia. one official calling it the worst devastation he's ever seen after 34 years on the job. thankfully all of the injuries were described as minor. there were six reports of tornadoes in pennsylvania and ohio some of the reports are still unconfirmed. speaking of the weather, let's bring al in for more on those storms and today's forecast >> a lot of heat to talk about, too. those storms there, the system is pushing out, another area of showers and thunderstorms through update new york, parts of new england that's out of here quickly the big story that will be lingering, the heat. we are talking 61 million people the pacific northwest, into the gulf, into the southeast, as well
7:19 am
heat advisories, heat warnings, sweltering humidity, triple-digit feels-like temperatures in shreveport look at new orleans and pensacola. it will feel like 114 degrees. same in charleston tomorrow. the humidity hangs from wichita down to little rock with triple digits in mobile and savannah, feeling like 113 we know savannah feels like 113. >> the good news is, lower humidity she has the vapors lower humidity and more comfortable conditions from chicago by sunday, in the upper 70s. this is a system that won't budge. massive reach over the west. all-time record heat low pressure over canada, keeping it cooler than average this is what we've seen for june and july, above average out west look at this, 35 cities across 12 states, hottest summer on record wewe're going g to get to o youl foforecast coming up in the next 30 seconds hot chocolate.
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7:21 am
seven-day forecast, it will be slightly cooler for the weekend into at least the middle of the next week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys >> okay, al, and that's your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you coming up, another chance for another american gymnast to step up here in tokyo. with simone biles' future in question, how mykayla skinner, who thought her time was over, is getting ready to possibly compete again. and later on, the track and field, and the u.s. starts as that competition begins this morning. one of the big stars is with us live nine-time medalist, allyson felix is here for her fifth and final olympics this time, she is a mom. how that motivates her and changes everything
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coming up, our adventure, checking out the action in beach volleyeyball, led d by april r and alalix klinemaman.
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7:27 am
and solano, sonoma, san mateo, napa, marin, marin with seven hospitalizations. >> good morning. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. some of the folks that took part in the original clinical trials for the pfizer vaccine are heading back to the lab to help them test the effectiveness of a booster shot. pfizer says they believe a third shot is needed to help keep the protection of the virus high. the company also said it could apply for emergency authorization for booster shots as early as august of this year. right now time to get a look at the forecast for you on this friday. meteorologist kari hall with the numbers. >> we're seeing hot weather for our inland areas for today with our highs reaching into the mid 90s. a little bit lower for the weekend and stay in that pattern into early next week. san francisco, not changing too much here. we start out each morning in the mid 50s, reach into the upper 60s. clouds and fog linger and then clear out for the afternoon. marcus? >> all right. thanks, kari. another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. as we leave you with a look at
7:28 am
the golden gate bridge. the fog sticking around. a look above the clouds, look at that, beautiful shot. we'll be back in 30 minutes.
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lelet's give e everybody a fair s shot. becacause when t that happen, we'v've all madede it. ♪ welcome back, guys welcome back, guys 7:30 this friday morning, july 30th, 2021 a beautiful friday night here, as we bring you -- look at that view of downtown tokyo, y'all. gorgeous beautiful. >> got a lot to get to this morning. let's get to our 7:30 headlines. the u.s. navy has charged a sailor with starting the fire last year that destroyed the "uss bonhomme richard. the warship docked off san diego burned for four days and was left with structural and mechanical damage. 60 sailors and civilians were
7:31 am
treated for injuries and heat exhaustion and inhalation. the name of the sailor has been not released there's no word of a motive. jill biden is back at the white house after undergoing a medical procedure to treat a foot injury. she stepped on an object at the beach while visiting hawaii last weekend. she stopped in oahu to meet with military families on her way back from the tokyo olympics she's said to be doing well. to basketball now. and a big night for the future stars of the nba >> with the first pick in the 2021 nba draft, the detroit pistons select cade cunningham, oklahoma state university. >> no surprise there cade cunningham, the number one overall pick in the draft, heading to detroit widely considered the best player available in the draft, by the way the second pick, the houston rockets selected young g-league
7:32 am
standout jalen green >> darling little girl that cade cunningham has let's keep the sports going and the olympic action here in tokyo. in the wake of suni lee's gold in the all-around, the event finals will be this weekend. >> it remains to be seen if simone biles will compete. that will potentially open up an unexpected opportunity for her teammate, mykayla skinner. natalie morales is here with that story a lot of people thought her journey was over >> she was ready to say good-bye that would be an comeback story. mykayla spent days cheering on her teammates. after she said what was an emotional farewell to her impressive run but if simone isn't able to compete, mykayla might come back on the competition floor >> a fantastic job >> reporter: just days ago, it looked like her olympic journey had run its course
7:33 am
>> i'm an olympian no one can take that away from me >> reporter: the 24-year-old failing to qualify for an event final scoring behind simone biles and jade carey on vault, her best event the result leaving her heartbroken but proud she got this far >> to compete after all these years and everything i've been through and the trialingss and just to persevere and get to where i am has been incredible >> reporter: it turns out the utah native might not be finished just yet. a stunning turn of events for an athlete whose dreams always seemed just out of reach in 2012, mykayla wasn't selected to compete at olympic trials four years later, she was named an alternate to the rio team >> that was a great vault. >> reporter: she soon left elite gymnastics, stepping into a sparkling collegiate career instead, becoming a 26-time all-american at the university
7:34 am
of utah. but in 2019, she returned to elite competition to take one last shot at the olympics. like everyone else, her training stalled when the pandemic hit. and in late 2020, mykayla contracted the coronavirus >> i know you went through a lot. i know you had covid i know you were hospitalized i know you wondered, am i ever going to get back to my performing best. >> i know. i wanted to give up so many times. i was like, i don't know if i can do this anymore. >> reporter: but she kept going. earning her individual spot on team usa >> this is one of the most important vaults of her life right here >> reporter: two incredible vaults at trials catapulted her to history >> the emotion says it all >> reporter: a dream finally come true. >> i'm really glad that i never gave up my dream and i kept going and i pushed myself to
7:35 am
come back for this olympics. >> reporter: right now, simone is still scheduled to compete in the vault final. as you saw on the instagram q&a piece, she had the twistys that's that feel ochg getting lost in the air. she didn't know what was up or down she said they were worse on the vault and on her floor routines. this time, she is feeling it in every event. so it's really is difficult to see if she will be able to go on and compete here >> mykayla, she will possibly be able to compete on the vault because she was next in line >> she was next in line. two athletes per country get to compete in each individual event, in the top eight who qualify. and mykayla finished fourth. she is the next obvious choice she has a good shot on the vault, unless simone decides to compete. jade carey qualified, as well. you saw she was solid on the
7:36 am
vault, as well she will be competing in the vault and the floor. a lot more chances to medal. and suni lee, she has uneven bars and beam. >> a lot of gymnastics, alive and well >> thank you, natalie. isn't it great to have natalie right here >> this is our favorite thing. right here >> seeing nat is the best reason still ahead, guys, we will have more on suni and the impact of her gold medal when she gets back home. get ready to shed a happy tear when you hear about what they think about seeing her shine on the world stage. and track and field athlete, star allyson felix joining us live, as she gears up for her final olympics and her first as a mom, rigight after t this. a plplace where e everyone lives s life well-l-protecte. ♪♪ and evenen when thinings go a t wronong, we've g got your baba.
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7:42 am
to win gold. ryan krauser, threw 76'8 1/4". and cindy mclaughlin, who became the first woman to complete the 400 meter hurdle in under 20 seconds. >> the only goal i set for myself was just to compete >> reporter: one of the biggest questions, now that usain bolt has retired, who will be the fastest man. one possible answer, trayvon rammel he won the 100 meters at the u.s. olympic trials and is making his second olympic appearance as a gold medal contender. also hoping to make history, gabby thomas she makes her debut in the women's 200-meter qualifying as the second-fastest woman all-time at that distance, behind another track icon, florence griffith joyner
7:43 am
>> i've been working really hard and it's such an honor >> reporter: also in the 200 meters, noah lyle, the reigning world champion for men >> they say in the track world, if you make the u.s. team, you might as well already got yourself a medal >> reporter: sprinter allyson felix is putting her best foot forward, too she made the u.s. team in the 400 meters less than three years after giving birth to her daughter >> it's been a fight to get here one thing i know how to do is fight. >> reporter: felix, the most decorated american woman in track and field history, will fight to earn her tenth medal, tying the legendary carl lewis as we mentioned, we have her, the most decorated female olympian in track and field history, allyson felix hi, allyson. great to see you in tokyo. >> hi, guys. so nice to be here >> these are your fifth and final olympics what is your mindset as we start
7:44 am
off with track and field today >> just really excited i want to embrace it all take it all in it's my last time around i'm going to leave it all out on the track. >> you had a lot of firsts, allyson, over your incredible career this is a first at this olympics your first time competing as an olympic mom. i know little cami is probably freaking out, seeing her mom on tv how is this one different? >> i think everything is different. obviously the world is different. i've been trying to make the best of everything obviously, my family is at home and i'm missing them i want to represent for women and moms i want to show it can be done. >> does cami know you are a hot shot what does she think you do for a living i'm just mom to her. i just clean up spills and make her put away her toys.
7:45 am
>> i have to think having a toddler is good training for a runner you have to run after her. >> she keeps me busy i'm always chasing her >> it's your fifth olympics. every athlete who is here, you should get an extra gold star or gold medal, having to wait an extra year, having to figure out how to train during a pandemic what kept you going? what was your motivation i'm sure it occurred to you, should i keep going? should i still be in this thing? >> definitely. it was really challenging. i had those moments of doubt can i do this? i am going to be another year older. do i have the motivation being a mom and seeing cami every day, i wanted to show her what it was like to overcome adversity and tell her about these moments and make her proud. she was a huge driving force for me >> allyson, we love to watch you
7:46 am
do your thing. and just -- only just to show the pictures you were 18 when you started your olympic journey i guess it was athens in 2004. we love to see how you've come along all these years, just the highlight reel you've given us such pleasure. if you get a medal here, you >> i have my mind at the task at do you keep that in mind >> i have my mind on the task at hand it's an honor to even be in the same sentence with him just really focused on what i have to do and taking it all in. it's been a lot to get here. i'm enjoying the moment. >> we're enjoining getting a chance to talk to you. we'll be watching, allyson >> thank you, guys >> you can catch track and field. it's getting started all of the stars of team usa swimming is in action tonight. primetime coverage, 8:00 eastern.
7:47 am
what a fun way to spend friday night. >> how delightful is she >> she's been going at it for a long time. >> cheering her on this time around mr. roker, what do you have in the weather department? >> high heat and humidity in on the gulf coast it is going to feel awful. like a wet rag kind of thing strong storms in the central plains very hot in the pacific northwest. flooding in the northwest. and we have showers in the mid missis . >> good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at our temperatures today, our inland valleys are going to be hot reaching into the mid 90s and we cut down a few degrees for the weekend but still our steady weather pattern continues with some inland heat and cool coastal temperatures. san francisco will be in the upper 60s, clouds and fog each morning with some afternoon
7:48 am
sunshine. we are going to see this continue at least through next thursday. >> and that neck of the woods. >> and that is your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you. still ahead here, a medal moment in the pool that was extra special for two members of team usa and one of those swimmers involved, annie lazor. there she is she is here to talk all about it >> hi, mom >> hi, mom >> first, these messages and one e that's fororever wi. but freeeedom means yoyou don't hahave to c choose justst one advenenture. you u get both.. introducining the wildldly civid all-new 3-3-row jeep grand chererokee l breyers isis always so delicioious...
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7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here's what's happening. >> good morning. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. some of the folks that took part in the original clinical trial for the pfizer vaccine are heading back to the lab to help them test the effectiveness of a booster shot. now, pfizer says they believe a third shot is needed to help keep the protection of the virus high. the company also said it could apply for emergency authorization for booster shots as early as august of this year. i'm bob redell. the delta covid variant is sending more people to the hospital in the state of california. here are the latest numbers from the california department of public health. just over 3600 people are now hospitalized state wide. that's an increase of about 108% from two weeks ago and if you break it down by counties here
7:57 am
in the bay area, you can see the alameda county leads with 160 patients, followed by contra costa county where i'm at with 126 and then you have santa clara, solano, sonoma, san mateo, napa, marin, marin with seven hospitalizations. >> time to get a look at that friday forecast. meteorologist kari hall tracking that. >> we do still have hot valley temperatures expected for the mid to upper 90 but it does come down a few degrees, up to 90 degrees into next week. san francisco still foggy and at times some sun coming out for the afternoon. we stay in this weather pattern going into next week, so our morning temperatures start out in the mid 50s up towards the upper 60s and we see that fog rolling right back in each day. it looks pretty good, steady weather pattern continues for the weekend. marcus? >> thanks, kari. another local news update in 30 minutes. i'll meet you back here then.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, golden girl suni lee takes home the top prize in the women's all-around. and she is not done yet. >> i'm really nervous. but i feel like i'm really ready to compete on bars and beam. >> how the young olympian is inspiring a new generation of gymnasts >> it makes me want to work harder, to be like her then, a little bad weather could not keep us away from cheering on team usa
8:01 am
>> yeah! >> howow the women of beach volleyball brought the thunder all on their own plus, the zen of kyoto we'll take you to the cultural heart of japan >> just stunning >> just ahead, why the city's ancient rituals are still so important today. and a week to remember we'll take a look back at the olympic moments we won't soon forget >> lydia jacoby, it's gold >> proud to call team usa silver medalist >> "today," friday, july 30th. >> we're from illinois >> from tennessee. >> go, team usa. and happy first birthday go for the gold. ♪ >> only 7,000 miles. >> and still watching the action >> game on
8:02 am
>> we're the vanness family. skateboarding, surfing how about slip and slide racing. >> go, guys! yeah usa! usa! ♪ >> yes >> that looks good >> gold medal. welcome back to "today" on a friday morning so glad you're with us late at night here in tokyo. >> we love to see our plaza packed it's a thrill. and check out our two biggest cheerleaders, sheinelle and jenna and our fully vaccinated in the usa representing big time. >> those fans have been busy cheering on all of the athletes. sunni lee, the first asian-american to ever win gold in gymnastics all-around >> we're going to celebrate. jen is here with us. we were so excited taking pictures for more on suni's big victory,
8:03 am
including a huge upset in tennis, we want to go to sam brock, who has all of the olympic highlights he's at olympic stadium for us this morning sam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a very active day, certainly. we know the first heats for track and field took off today and heat seems to be an appropriate word, guys, because the temperatures here have been touching near 90 degrees routinely. this is one of the warmest olympics so far on record. in swimming, we've seen more heartwarming moments produced all day. and of course, suni lee, who has an entire country beaming with pride. the glow of gold looks good on suni lee >> suni lee moves in the top spot she is going to win the olympic all-around gold medal. >> reporter: who just became the fifth-straight american gymnast to top the podium at the all around competition, a gigantic morale boost to team usa, as the 18-year-old rocked her new hardware on tiktok and absorbed
8:04 am
the magnitude of the last 24 hours. >> you were standing by the beam and you had to wait. it felt like three days before you got your chance. you were holding your stomach. what were you saying to yourself how were you trying to calm yourself down? >> i was telling myself to do nothing more and nothing less. telling myself to breathe. in that moment, i felt like i was going to puke. i was so nervous >> what do you mean, nothing more, nothing less why was that your mantra >> because my normal is good enough >> reporter: simone biles opened up on instagram stories. posting now-deleted video. struggling on the bars then a q&a about the twisties, the feeling of getting lost in the air, which she's experienced before but now telling her followers, it never trumped to bars and beams for me but this time, it's literally on every event. meanwhile, on the tennis court a surprise twist
8:05 am
novak djokovic's hopes for a golden slam lost the attention in tokyo racing to the track, too the spotlight on allyson felix, the american making her fifth olympic games and one medal shy for tying carl lewis in track and field athletes with ten. perhaps the day's touching moment belonged to annie lazor >> annie lazor gets the bronze >> reporter: who placed third in the 200-meter breaststroke, after her father passed away, months before olympic trials her teammate, lilly king, was annie's rock after her father's death, once promising her mom to keep her on track to tokyo now, the two celebrating >> i wouldn't have done it without her next to me this is what we've been working for. i'm so proud >> reporter: and also in swimming, ryan murphy won the silver in the 200 meter backstroke and then made comments that sent shock waves through the sports
8:06 am
world. he said, and i quote, i do believe there is doping in swimming and he does not believe his races were clean murphy did not, however, implicate or accuse his russian opponent who won the race. nor did that opponent test positive savannah, back to you. >> interesting sam we'll follow that. let's do more on suni's golden moment capturing the all-around title in the face of an unprecedented situation >> a historic victory. a victory that could have a lasting impact on the sport of gymnastics stephanie gosk is here with that part of the story. >> suni lee said she thought she would be going for silver. that's what she prepared to do then, the tables turned. talk about rising to the occasion a gold-medal performance inspiring a whole new generation of gymnasts. suni lee may not have headlined these olympics at the start. but the 18-year-old has always been a superstar >> it's suni lee, who is in the
8:07 am
top spot she is going to win the olympic all-around gold medal. >> reporter: on thursday, it was her chance, and she grabbed it the spotlight and the headlines. a younger generation of gymnasts left in awe. >> suni lee is amazing and talented >> it makes me want to work harder to be like her. >> reporter: the people at home who helped get her here sharing in the glow of olympic gold. the watch party couldn't fit in her family's minnesota home, instead, filling an auditorium, most of them members from the hmong community. suni represents her country and her people >> i was really proud. knowing she was from the hmong community. >> reporter: minnesota is the largest hmong community in the country. >> in what ways did that help you? >> they helped me a lot. they sacrifice a lot for me.
8:08 am
they support me so much. >> reporter: many fled to the u.s. after the vietnam war and struggled to rebuild their lives. one of six kids, suni comes from modest means it didn't stop her father. the makeshift balance beam he made out of a 2 x 4, cemented in her legacy >> it's really good. i think she took the risk. i watched her back tuck. that's making her a better gymnast. >> reporter: that dedication has been tested. a day before nationals, in 2019, her father, her mentor, her best friend, tumbled off a ladder the fall paralyzed him from the waist-down >> at this point, i was like i don't even want to go to championships anymore. my dad comes first but her father told her to compete. suni listened and surprised everyone with a second-place finish >> i go, he is probably watching right now. i just know he'd be so proud of me >> reporter: now, on the world stage, she thanked her team at home
8:09 am
thousands of miles away, they were still right beside her. >> i'm going to start crying i miss you guys. thank you for watching we're basically all like family. we're all related somehow. >> reporter: now capped by olympic gold in the all-around, suni lee's story is inspiring a legion of young gymnasts the twin city twisters have a local hero and now, her dream has become theirs too >> i think she is inspiring hmong girls because we're all like a family. to try gymnastics out and work hard and be like her >> love that she is inspiring the next generation the cutest she has a couple more events a chance to win gold again >> reporter: medals to come. uneven bars on sunday. she is the favorite, even if simone biles is competing. and she has beam on tuesday. she will be -- she will have hardware to bring home to those little girls >> that's good that's a hell of a beam her dad
8:10 am
made in the backyard >> and just to think he could do it i'm just going to make you a beam >> he said couldn't afford to buy one. he built one >> and she just flips on it. >> pretty cool >> needs to go in the smithsonian or something >> yeah. up next on this friday morning, our visit to see the u.s. stars of beach volleyball compete here in tokyo. >> the fun we had despite a little rain, coming up, after this or l last minutete gift shopg rashida rarashid i'm putttting a bow wn itit! wow. even sneakaking away f for a y rashshida. rashida: shhh! i'i've earned d ? fromom home imprprovement, drugststores, select t travel and d more earn 5% cacash back ththat auautomaticalllly adjujusts to youour top eligi spspend categogory, up to o $50t each bililling cyclele. not t everybody y wants ththe same thihing. that's s why i go w with liliberty mututual
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♪ we're back, with a moment that we have been excited about all week we took a little trip over to beach volleyball to cheer on the american duo of april ross and alix klineman. >> the only problem, we woke up, the weather looked a teeny iffy, on the edge. >> that didn't stop us we turned it into an exciting day at the beach >> reporter: it felt like a typhoon. >> beach volleyball. >> reporter: but you say typhoon, we say ty-fun >> usa >> a beautiful beach day >> raining just a bit. >> reporter: i did hear thunder. these girls are amazing. they play no matter what the conditions are >> rain? >> rain or shine >> what if it's a downpour >> keep playing. unless there's lightning, they play >> here we go.
8:16 am
it's up here >> reporter: april ross and alix klineman were playing in these conditions, then we could watch in some slightly damp -- okay -- soaking wet, clothing. usually, if there were spectators allowed, this crowd would be pumping and jamming >> we're >> we had to bring the pump. >> here she goes here she goes. >> we're down one set. that's a free set. >> we got this >> and the jam >> and the dancing all the dancing. team usa down a set against the netherlands, came thundering back >> yeah. >> when there was actual thunder -- >> oh. is that thunder? that's thunder >> we were asked to take cover >> yeah. that's the thunder >> yeah. >> bring the thunder >> and while we were taking
8:17 am
cover within the scaffolding of the stadium, the "a" team went . on to win their match. and then, after a lucky turn, al and craig ran into the stars of the match outside the stadium. >> hey, team >> congratulations >> how do you feel >> good. >> i think the weather helped you. >> we were ready for anything. >> whatever is happening with the weather. >> thank you >> turns out, the a-team's performance and our fan section was weather-proof. >> the a-team. >> that was fun. >> that was fun. >> they won. they came back >> they said we were good luck charms now, we have to go to all of the matches. >> all right i'll be game for that. >> with that win, ross and
8:18 am
klineman move on and play this weekend. to watch every minute of the tokyo olympics live, whip out that smart fon, scan the qr code for the nbc sports app he's getting crazy eyes. getting late for roker >> no. you never say hairy with me. as you look right now, you can see, we have thunderstorms in the gulf wet weather through new england. and strong storms through the plains today temperature-wise, we are looking at those afternoon highs in the 100s through the southwest in central california and feels-like temperatures that will be in triple-digits for the day today, as far as sky conditions, we're looking to strong storms in the central plains flooding likely in the southwest. very hot in the pacific northwest. and the heat and humidity will feel like tr
8:19 am
good friday morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. inland temperatures are still going to be hot today. some spots it may be cooler compared to hot weather we had in some spots reaching 100 degrees. how about mid 90s. going into the weekend, upper 80s. san francisco providing more cooling as the fog continues and that ocean breeze picks up in the next few days. high temperatures reach into the upper 60s. no change into next week. and that is your latest weather. are you ready to talk tokyo, al roker >> let's do it >> let's do it >> let's talk tokyo. kick things off with the hottest mode of transportation here. on the baseball field, it is the bullpen cart check this out these adorable four-wheelers have to be our favorite thing
8:20 am
about getting around baseball at the olympics between yesterday's game between israel and south korea, officials drove one of the relief pitchers on the field in their baseball mitt thrown it appears to be a baseball diamond. and the front of the vehicle has a cheerful display that flashes go, go that's the way to ride in style. >> i like that >> i get it. >> a glove seat. all this week, we've been checking out all of the unconventional ways the athletes are showing off team spirit. yesterday, we looked at the popularity of olympic tattoos. >> that's dressel's tat right there. >> others are sporting red, white and blue fashion have you seen the nail-art they are rocking usa pride all the way to their fingertips on the soccer pitch, in the gymnastics arena there you go even at the pool the fans are noticing those olympic-themed nails you have to give it up for these guys, ladies and everybody showing off team spirit
8:21 am
literally, head-to-toe up next, we've heard of athletes getting pumped up with pregame rituals. michael phelps, he used to walk around listening to music before his competition, wearing headphones team egypt gathered in prayer on the field before their big game this week. one athlete drawing a lot of attention for her tradition, martinique trydos. the judo star walks out, the coach grabs her by the collar, shakes her, and gives her slaps on the face. after concern for the athlete poured in online, she took to instagram to respond this is what she wrote this is what i asked my coach to do don't blame him. i need this before my fights to be awake once it was understood she wasn't being harmed, fans responded with funny reactions one person comparing the german
8:22 am
coach to their alarm clock the german coach telling me i don't need to buy something. >> oh, boy >> try coffee. >> there's that. on to one of our favorite golfers, rory mcilroy. you might have noticed the world golf champ has been out on the green without one wardrobe staple, his hat. we talked about why he wasn't wearing the hat at the olympics. he said, my head is so small, i have to get nike to make custom hats when i'm in a team event and the hat is not custom, it's all too big. he's the anti-craig melvin he has a huge melon. >> my head is larger than average. >> no team ireland cap for rory. he is 4 back from the leader, team usa's xander schauffele >> schauffele.
8:23 am
just slap me shake me and then slap me! i can't believe we had this conversation before the showsch. i can't believe we had this conversation before the show. schauffele let's get to the -- she is right over here. the moment we have been waiting for, the "today" mascot, getting a name >> yes >> 27,000 of you voted she is so excited. and the winner is what my gosh. breaking news. do we have the election music? we still don't know. it's a tie both are 34% one means "today" bear, one means sunrise. >> we will rank-choice voting, like they do in new york city. >> we'll find out in september
8:24 am
>> we'll find out next year. it's a tiebreaker, folks and vo we have to go to a runoff. >> we are now. we need you to go back and vote again. all right, we will reveal the final final results on monday. >> okay. >> it could be schauffele. >> vote so our mascot can move on >> she can't talk. >> what do you like? mochi? mochi is out >> people only knew how overqualified she was. >> she is so good at it. >> a fulbright scholar she's so good at it. >> so emoting. >> i really feel her >> love it >> become the bright spot. can you save us with an "olympic boost" >> i might have one more you the olympics medal ceremonies here in tokyo are inspiring teamwork between athletes. because of covid protocols, the officials no longer place the medals on the winner's necks they hand them out on trays. some of the athletes are taking
8:25 am
turns helping each other and it's created really touching moments between teammates as their excitement for each other shines through the medal ceremony with the three-tiered podium, that's been a tradition since the '60s now, a new tradition how sweet is that? very sweet much more ahead here in tokyo, including the laser-focused american who swam her way to a medal annie lazor. so proud of her. can't wait to chat with her. fifirst, your r local newsws and weatather.
8:26 am
good morning, 8:26. i am marcus washington. chp investigating a hit and run. it happened a little before 3:00 in southbound lanes near win ton avenue on interstate 800. officers found a driver lying in the road 100 yards past the truck. the unidentified victim died at the scene. chp hasn't indicated if they have a description of the kind of vehicle they're looking for now. time to look at the forecast. kari hall has a look. >> more of the same weather from
8:27 am
the past few days, highs in the mid-80s for north bay. 60s for san francisco. hot as 99 in brentwood, low 90s for south bay. if you are traveling to the cierra, there could be pop up showers and thunderstorms, potential for flash flooding from monsoonal moisture. other than that, it is quiet across the region. we are settling into a weather pattern with cooler temperatures for the weekend into early next week. marcus? >> thanks. another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. meet you here then. a live look above the clouds in the bay area.
8:28 am
8:29 am
who coululd have knonown that e righght food could hehelp your nenew fried liveve their besest life or givive your oldld friend new w energy or that ththe smallestst changs could mamake the bigiggest imp. you didid. and so d did we. ththat's whwhy hill's always s s wiwith a pet''s biologogy to antnticipate ththeir everer-changing g nutritionanals
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for difffferences yoyou can s, feel a and trust so you're always s a step aheh. >> see it all happen on "today". >> we ha see it all happen on "today." monday, track and field heats up with all eyes on team usa's gold-medal favorites at the tokyo olympics, "today" is where the games begin ♪ we fancy like applebee's on a date night ♪ 8:30 the tiktok dance to this song is to die for >> who sings this? >> hunter -- walker hayes. he's brilliant look it up it's on tiktok for a way to catch up on everything happening here, we
8:31 am
have just the thing for you. >> we sure do. it's called "today in 30." tune into our streaming show, and get the e highlightsts from acroross all fouour hours ofof e broadcast.t. say you dodon't have f four hou. we put i it in 30 miminutes. >> a all of the e interviewsws the athlhletes, the e profiles . onon t today all day the places here in japan and all of the fun we've been having behind the scenes. we cover it all on the streaming channel, today all day head to, 1:00, 5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. let's look at the excitement happening 6,700 miles away back on our plaza. sheinelle, look at that crowd! it is huge hey, guys. >> this might be the biggest crowd had since we started this we're taking the cheering to a new level this morning we pulled this group from our crowd. all of these cheerleaders. we talked to them, almost 200 years of experience between them >> let me introduce you to my friend, rusty.
8:32 am
rusty, cheerleading is looking to be an olympic sport what do you think? >> this is the biggest and best step for our sport that we love so much, with such passion we can't wait. we can't wait. >> love it >> yes >> we will see you out there >> do a little cheer for that. cheer for cheerleading >> we will step out of the way [ cheers and applause ♪ usa ♪ ♪ ♪ usa ♪ ♪ usa ♪ ♪ usa ♪ >> this is so good should we try? >> we're going to try. usa. let's go, today.
8:33 am
>> usa let's go today >> usa let's go today usa, let's go today. usa, let's go today. >> yes >> yes >> i was concerned about jenna but she is amazing way to go, jbh >> i have never been a cheerleader. next week on the plaza, come and join us. go to to register >> we're out of breath >> i mean, can't wait. >> that was amazing. >> his legs and my heart were shaking. >> playing for gosh sake >> way to go, guys >> see you soon.
8:34 am
>> bye >> that's olympic spirit >> that was fun. >> that was great. let's give you a what's happening as far as weather is concerned. first of all, in tokyo, the next seven days, it will be around 90. with the humidity, it will feel like 100 degrees and scattered showers and thunderstorms. let's look at the weekend outlook. on saturday, a really nice day in the northeast. flood risk continues out west. and sunday, sunday, we are expecting isolated storms in the northeast, wet weather down through the gulf. a beauty of a day for the northern plains. and monsoonal moisture continues in the southwest. good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. we're still going to feel hot temperatures in the inland valleys today, reaching mid to upper 90s. our trends will be for temperatures to drop a few more degrees going into the next few days. then they hold steady going into next week. early clouds and afternoon
8:35 am
sunshine for san francisco as our temperatures reach into the upper 60s. each morning looks like fog rolls back in. we see some clearing for the weekend for the afternoon hours and highs will continue to reach into the upper 60s. announcer: "today's" medal count is sponsored by mattress firm. >> we have a lot to celebrate when it comes to the medal count. check this out. team usa remains in the lead. followed closely by china. behind china, the athletes from russia and japan. coming up, the special story behind two of the medals. and annie lazor here to share it with us. can't wait to chat with her.
8:36 am
8:37 am
lilly king is pushing to the
8:38 am
wall for silver. annie lazor gets the bronze. >> and we are back with the latest medals for team usa swimmers coming in the 200 meter breaststroke >> and the story behind annie lazor's bronze is a very touching one we wanted to have her share it with us. annie, welcome and congratulations. i could just watch that race over and over again. i bet you could, too do you feel like you had the swim of your life today? >> no 'cause i was between two people who were swimming so fast >> you were pretty fast, too >> yeah, yeah. i had to do some work coming home, the back half of the race. but to hit the wall third and to have my teammate and friend from back home finish second and have the swim of her life and be next to someone who swam the fastest time of all time is pretty incredible not a lot of people get to say that yeah >> a lot of people, when they swim, they carry things in their heart. we were all feeling really for you when your dad passed away in
8:39 am
may. and i was thinking, he was with you every step of the way, your biggest cheerleader. you touched the wall it was an amazing moment did you think about what he would be thinking in this moment >> yeah. i thought of him, not a lot before i swam but a lot after i swam i had a minute to sit to myself today and thought, he would only care about the result because i cared about the result he just loved watching me do what i love. so whether i got third or last today or broke a world record, he would have loved to see me afterwards and get a nice meal with me. he only cared about the results because i cared about the results. to get a bronze is amazing but to know he had that love for me, that transcended any kind of results was really all i needed.
8:40 am
>> and your friend who snagged silver lily king. when your dad died, she hops in a car and drives five hours to be there at your side. and she makes a promise to your mom that she will get you to the olympics and on the medal stand. you guys did it together today what was that like >> from a physical aspect, it is what we prepared for and what we trained for the last three-plus years we've been training together to have that finally come to fruition was amazing obviously, to have the emotional aspect behind things the last few months also made it really special and not only to have her there but we have our coach here on staff as well and he has been through this with me every step of the way, as well. to see her and to see him, the first two people after i swam, who walked this road with me, is not something that a lot of people get to experience, especially this year, and the age of the pandemic. not a lot of people had their loved ones here. it's a feeling i can't put into
8:41 am
words quite yet. >> it was a beautiful race and the moments after touched me you with there with your dear friend but what happened with the sportsmanship. you're hugging the girl who won, from south africa, who won gold and her teammate i thought, this is an olympic moment these are two different countries. all of you are hugging together. and the joy that you're sharing together, that truly touched my heart. can you let us into that moment? you're rivals. you're swimming your hearts out. you all want to win. but look at this it went on and on. >> like i said, before and after, we're friends when it's happening, we're fierce competitors you look up and you see someone who's done something that's never been done before, you can't feel anything other than, wow, i can't believe i was just there for that, and i had the swim of my life swimming next to her.
8:42 am
i and lilly, we were able to push her, but to be able to be there for that moment for someone, which, you know, is something that doesn't happen to everyone, obviously, i was just so happy to be there with her and experience that. >> when you called your mom, did she freak out? >> they had a big watch party at home i got off the medal podium and had a few moments to myself, surprisingly so i sat down and was like, okay i guess i will call my mom now she had no words she was in tears i don't think there's any words needed i can't wait to see her. >> what are you going to do with the medal? >> i don't know. i have one of my world champion medals in my night stand i haven't done anything with it. that's something i will have to do when i get back i didn't want to make a place for it before i got it didn't want any bad karma there. >> we've loved having you here you are such a delight thank you so much. >> you're inspiring. >> thanks, guys.
8:43 am
when we come back, your moment of zen. keir simmons found the perfect place here in japan for a beginner's lesson in meditation. >> his trip to one of this country's most important destinations
8:44 am
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8:45 am
those didn't count. because they weren't my cigarettes and they weren't full cigarettes. [laughs] ya know, i went through a lot. and welcome back the olympics are all about the sights and sounds of tokyo any trip to japan, you really need to visit kyoto. >> keir simmons took a trip to that ancient capital. >> i'm happy before the week is out, we get a chance to take you to kyoto it is a magical place. you can't miss the unparalleled beauty of kyoto. it is the cultural heart of the country. right now, that heart is hurting. temples and shrines at every turn in the historic city of kyoto. more than 2,000 of them, many of these twice as old as the united
8:46 am
states the narrow streets, a temple dating back to the year 1778 just stunning. it means temple of pure water, said to be infused with prayer-granting power. write a wish on a piece of paper. for my children to be happy. and if it dissolves, it comes true like so many of us, is for the pandemic to and with visitors down 60%, like so many of us, the prayer is for the pandemic to be over. young women dress in traditional kimonos. geisha still entertain visitors with music and dance from a bygone era. >> it's not just joy it's the way of life
8:47 am
>> reporter: covid restrictions have meant financial hardship and worries for the future it's a tradition passed on through teaching if people aren't teaching, it won't be passed on >> exactly >> reporter: she says the geisha shared resources to get by women supporting women, culture worth preserving >> i believe it's one of the oldest job or, like, business for woman. very -- how can i explain? >> reporter: you don't need a man. >> no. exactly. >> reporter: kyoto entertains the senses nourishes the soul he practices mindfulness at this temple he says the pandemic has forced many to slow down and discover their senses for me, a beginner's course in
8:48 am
zen meditation first, you need to sit properly. >> my knees kind of hurt a little bit a clap begins the session. the ringing of the bell reminds you to concentrate, focus on your breathing and posture a whack on the back with a wooden stick, is, i'm assured, aimed only at awakening. to bring you back to the here and now. experiencing kyoto, timeless charms, a chance to escape, in a city touched by the troubles of today, but where culture and beauty endure. many japanese believe in buddhism and shinto. you can say they believe in a higher power you get really magical moments,
8:49 am
guys there's a saying, you walk between two rocks blindfolded, you will find true love if you reach the second rock. it's nice. the silver lining, with not so many international visitors, we got so see japanese enjoining their heritage >> thank you, keir coming up, we will look back at some of our favorite moments from week one of the olympics and our time here in tokyo first, this is "today" here on
8:50 am
who coululd have knonown that e righght food could hehelp your nenew fried liveve their besest life or givive your oldld friend new w energy or that ththe smallestst changs could mamake the bigiggest imp. you didid. and so d did we. ththat's whwhy hill's always s s wiwith a pet''s biologogy to antnticipate ththeir everer-changing g nutritionanals for difffferences yoyou can s, feel a and trust so you're always s a step aheh.
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all right, guys. this is kind of hard to believe. this wraps up week one for us in tokyo. week two for you, because you did the opening ceremony can you believe we're already at this point we're halfway through. >> so many surprises, so many things we never saw coming we knew there would be beautiful moments and stars we never saw coming and we met them. >> yeah. i think some of the things that
8:52 am
we expected happened and so many unexpected things. so many great, interesting, new stories to tell. >> and we have days left >> we have more. we're halfway through. >> yeah. >> we have track and field more gymnastics. a lot more ahead >> and the "today" mascot, breakout star. >> all right >> hinode? >> we know this. he knew this >> runoff election go to if you want to vote for the name. the third and the fourth hours are just ahead we're going to leave you with a look back at some of our favorite moments of the exhilarating and inspiring moments from here at the games of the 32nd olympiad here in tokyo. hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you for more in just a bit. >> we've never done this before. a morning live broadcast an olympic opening ceremony. >> usa usa! >> such an emotional moment for me >> naomi osaka, the tokyo games
8:53 am
under way. ♪ >> one-two for the united states >> that's a first world record we've seen >> gold for south africa >> italians are going to be left behind by the united states. another gold medal >> hi, guys. >> yes >> you all look so good with those medals >> this is the stuff you dream of when you're a little kid. >> and lydia jacoby. >> lydia jacoby, from alaska 17 years old >> it's incredible >> titmus has an olympic gold. >> a celebratory frenzy. >> the greatest female swimmer of all-time, katie ledecky, who will win gold. erica sullivan to pick up the silver >> that was a beautiful moment >> so exciting ♪ >> golden sweep in skeet for team usa
8:54 am
>> i don't think it's totally set in yet >> i'm so proud of you >> first women's gold medal in olympic history. >> history makers, trail blazers. >> a gold medal. >> i don't feel like it's real >> hands in the air like you just don't care, carissa moore >> aloha congratulations. >> hey ♪ >> america's first-ever medal in that event >> thank you thank you for having us. >> women's triathlon >> i'm glad your olympic dreams came true. you made us proud. >> proudly called team usa silver medalists >> this journey has been incredible it shows how far we have come as women in this sport >> can he stick this trick yes, he can. jager eaton with a medal around his neck >> claiming the goal at 13 years of age >> michael phelps over here. >> yeah.
8:55 am
>> what do you think >> my mom is going to kill me. you're such an inspiration thank you. >> breaking news simone biles is out of the team competition. first, just tell me you are okay >> yes, i'm okay physically, i'm in shape emotionally, that varies at the time, in the moment. >> what you did in that moment, things short of incredible >> come on >> it was a lot of pressure. my heart was speeding above 1 million miles an hour. >> this is the moment she is going to remember no matter what wow. the best vault i have ever seen her do >> yeah. >> there you go, suni lee. >> she is going to win the olympic all-around gold medal. >> welcome to the most exclusive gymnastics club. >> a dream come true ♪ >> caleb dressel is going to win gold >> he did it
8:56 am
>> thank you so much >> thank you, guys >> one of the greatest finishes in olympic history >> and the american is passing by everybody >> it does not get much more exciting than that ♪ good morning. 8:56. i am marcus washington. sacramento county joining l.a. and yolo counties requiring masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. under half all those fully vaccinated, well below 62% statewide.
8:57 am
the mandate started at midnight. new delta variant is contagious as much as chickenpox, according to the cdc. hospitalizations are starting to surge. overnight, we checked state data showing where the most are hospitalized in the bay area, most hospitalizations are in alameda. happening now, the delta variant is causing impact in the bay area in all sorts of ways. from the home page, link to new findings, how it is effecting unvaccinated people the most. one san francisco supervisor working to change the street name to honor an asian man killed six months ago. more on our twitter feed.
8:58 am
ang sielt on the minds of students headed to the classroom. we help move you forward. and the weekend drama playing out at the olympic games, monday 4:30 to 7:00.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from tokyo, japan, this is a special edition of the third hour of "today," at the olympic games. >> and good morning. welcome to the third hour of "today." it is an olympic fri-yay here in tokyo. fri-yay, there in 1a. craig, al, hanging out with jenna bush hager and sheinelle. >> how are you guys doing? >> friday night here. >> one week down. >> take fri-yay across the world. >> it's international. >> and there's a whole crew of folks from columbia .


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