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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

11:00 pm and the nbc sports app. over what some called frivolous lawsuits. the community celebrating suni lee shining a light on them at 11:00. 11:00, she
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captures america. suni lee is a household name. >> this medal is dedicated to them. >> from tokyo to the midwest and here in the bay area, so much celebrating tonight after a historic win on the world's stage. we investigate what some are calling frivolous lawsuits and how it is causing the bay area their livelihoods. first, are you going to need
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another shot? tonight we learn some in california are getting a third shot as well. well, a covid-19 booster shot could be apart of your future. pfizer is studying the effect of the third shot. one man got his shot this guinea pig is coming back to the lab. >> reporter: now he's apart of another study to discover the effect of covid. >> they did blood work and they told me we are going to give you a jab in the arm. may be a real thing or a placebo. uc davis is also using 60 people from the previous trial. >> there is been a few complaints of sore arms and low
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grade fever. while it is still something being studied here. israel is moving forward with booster shot to people over 60 on sunday. it is the first to do so to help stop the spread of the delta variant. >> israel vaccinated 2,000 immunol suppressant people. >> what the data don't show are when we may need those boosters and i am not sure we are ready to say we need boosters at this moment. >> reporter: pfizer reported the power of the two dose vaccine declines slightly every two months. >> reporter: more data needs to be analyzed. she also says getting a vaccine
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is the best way to stay healthy and out of the emergency room. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, the delta variant may be more contagious than we first thought. the washington post obtained an internal document from the var spreads as easily as chickenpox than earlier variant. officials must acknowledge the war has changed. as the delta variant spreading, los angeles joins los angeles and yolo county for mask mandates inside. now in sacramento county, 49% of the people are vaccinated, well below the state's number of 62%.
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it is official, if you want to grab a drink inside, you will need more than an id. hundreds of bars in san francisco are requiring proof of vaccinations. the bar owner says its members want to protect staff and customers from the delta variant spread. the doorman was enforcing the rules. customers we spoke with say makes them feel comfortable knowing everyone has had the shot. >> it is fine at this point. i guess you know, we want to make sure everyone is safe. >> we are hoping to have our community stay healthy and ourselves stay healthy and the families that are touched by our community stays healthy. that's the whole idea. people who can't provide proof of vaccination can sit outside. the bar alliance represents 300 establishment. to the olympics now. a story from utter triumph.
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she's a trailblazer in the asian community. she's just 18. america is still beaming after suni lee's gold victory. let's bring in raj mathai from tokyo. >> reporter: two things janelle. the glow of suni lee is a border story a lot of people are enjoying. we'll go behind the scene with her in just a moment. ryan murphy within the past 45 minutes causing a lot of emotions in terms of alluding to doping. ryan murphy saying this, i am swimming in a race that's not clean. he did not point the finger at his opponent.
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happy with the results of this race. murphy won silver medal. he won three gold medals at the 2016 rio gain. murphy adds a short while ago, i got 15 thoughts in my head and 13 of them would get me in trouble. let's talk about sunisa lee now. it is a true story of america. it is great to see. here in tokyo it was simply sunisa lee capturing the hearts
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of the global audience. not only the hmong descend but the first to win the all around individual award. >> this video is going viral. her family watching in oakdale, minnesota, and suni lee feels the love. >> it makes me cry every time i see it. i love my whole family, i love the hmong community. i would not be here without them and this medal is dedicated to them because without them this dream would not be possible. >> so nice to see her dad in this interview. she mentioned the hmong community. he's my photographer here, he's hmong american. the proud he felt watching suni lee. mikey is behind the camera right now, give me a lit hmong commun
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been in this type of spotlight. here is sergio quintana reporting from milpitas. >> reporter: the hmong community is pretty small and tight-knit. >> we are not close but we know each other. my husband has played soccer with suni's dad. >> reporter: it was at the end of her floor exercise when the score were announced, it became clear, she won gold. >> welcome to the most exclusive club, suni. >> reporter: the first hmong athlete to win gold. >> i never thought that i would be able to see someone of hmong decent receive at
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the olympic. their experience here had been difficult and unknown. >> people say hey, you arehmong from laos. they don't know. she says this olympic moment will no doubt make people more curious of their culture. >> what's that relatable? kind of like native americans here. we are indigenous people. >> reporter: everyone who's hmong can be proud. they can be a little better understood. nbc bay area news.
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>> reporter: a lot of spotlight and a great way in the bed for because we got soccer against nether national. you can watch on our sister station and telemundo 48. a lot of locals. among them of sacred heart prep. you can get anything from a vending machine, toys, gifts, so das and candy but how about meals? actual full on meals. let's take you to our dinner. how good is this? the vending machines back in the u.s. is nothing like this. you select what you want, you get the receipt, the order goes right to the kitchen of the
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restaurant and boom, it comes out to your table with a stunning view. that's a serious bowl of ramen. the question is why am i for 15 get a quick bowl of ramen and bring it back and eat it here at the hotel. it is delicious. >> i love ramen, i will get i from a vending machine also. yummy! >> you can follow all of our athletes by heading to, we also have our athlete tracker on our trending bar. they survived the pandemic. many china town businesses are at risk of shutting down over what some called frivolous lawsuit. two people behind more than 100 lawsuits. ranieri, live moore atst we'll get you
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ready to goweekend, too. who did they pick? who did they pick? we'll show you ♪i got it, you got it♪
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♪when i want it, you've got it♪ it, yeah♪ ♪i got it, you got it♪ ♪when they want it♪ ♪we got it, yeah♪ ♪ san francisco is mourning the loss of the cofounder of glide, janice mirikitani. she was an artist and named san francisco's lauriette. >> she cared about including people and feeding people and supporting people and lifting them up with her words of wisdom but also her poetry. >> reporter: the president of glide says detail of the the reverend caesar william is
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as together they mourn her fina small businesses, recently hit with disability lawsuit. the lawsuits accused of 100 restaurants and other small businesses in china town of violating american's disaility act. many businesses say the lawsuits are confusing and too costly to fight or settle since they are struggling to survive through this pandemic. the san francisco da is investigating if they are in proper or a form of extortion. our investigative have been looking at the cases. more than 88,000 lawsuits across california since the pandemic
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began. >> reporter: it is been here 54 years in the heart of china town. the community that i love. if you visit san francisco's china town. you will find chan at the workshop. china town is unique. they don't have this anywhere else in the united states. >> chan has been put on alert along with 100 small businesses in china town all hit with lawsuits. the federal law prohibits discrimination based on a person's disability and protect their access to public spaces. >> we have been in business for so long, i never heard complaints about ada. >> reporter: hahn's wonton's house was also hit on the lawsuit. >> it is very low.
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>> reporter: amanda works six days a week and at least 1 hours a day to keep other business going. >> i am a single woman with the business. it is very difficult for me. >> reporter: the lawsuit made things even more difficult, fighting or settling it could cost her thousands of dollars. i want everyone to come into the restaurant >> san francisco's district attorney announced an investigation into the wave of lawsuits hitting china town, calling them possible extortion. >> if the lawsuit alleges and they never entered it all, that's fraud on the court. >> we don't target the chinese owned businesses. >> dennis price, the san diego firm investigative unit found ot
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that price is businesses all over california. >> these cases are based on making this place more assessable. we are not trying to put these people out of business. >> reporter: since the pan democratic. brian whittaker filed more than 80,000 lawsuits across california. >> we need businesses coming out of the pandemic. they are hurting people. >> reporter: kirk franklin is a partner at the firm in san francisco. franklin defended the ada lawsuit the past 20 years. it is all too familiar with the center of disability access. >> reporter: we didn't inspect thesehey are in compliance.
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the small old buithings. franklin still questions the intention of these lawsuits. >> typically the way these cases are, it is a payment of money and that's how it resolves. >> all my clients are out making a change. >> i believe that if my client didn't sue them, they would find compliant a couple of weeks later. >> reporter: chan is hopeful that the community will find a path forward for everyone. >> we can't keep having these lawsuits and let's just get together and try to make it work. we can't shut our store. this is a living for so many families. >> the chinese chamber of congress is raising money for help these businesses respond. a supervisor is working to
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change a street's name killed there six weeks ago. >> the 84-year-old was known to take walks there back in shove to the ground and died two days later. his daughter support the name change. >> the resolution was introduced this week to the board of supervisors. the 19-year-old antoine watson was arrested. he's due back in court next week. we are going to go back to tokyo now. look at this. the weather there, first there was as tropical storm and it was hot. super humid and wet again. rain coming down. we saw raj mathai with his jacket on. at least they're not really, really sticky. >> it is going to stick around
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for tomorrow. i checked the radar in tokyo. yeah, they got hit hard, it is moving off to the north. they have gotten a little bit of everything there across tokyo. >> we'll get you into our micro climate forecast. let's start it off tomorrow morning, just in case you were not keeping track for some reason. yes, it is friday. let's go ahead and get you ready to go. we'll start off with the mild side. 64 over the south bay and 65 for the tri-valley. east bay coming in with some low 60s, san francisco. that's going to be the one spot where we do have a little bit of fog flowing in and 57 degrees and 59 at the north bay. daytime highs tomorrow, i don't see any big adjustment because the weather pattern is stagnant. 87 in milpitas. morgan hill at 92.
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the spot is right here the bay tomorrow. oakland to fremont. 70s to 80s. back towards the in land valley. this may be a little too hot for you. 97 in antioch. we do have some changes coming up with that isolated heat. we'll talk more about that. let's get you over to the peninsula. 83 in palo alto. the cold ocean breeze that keeps san francisco in the 50s and 60s. 59 in the marina. the north bay, this illustrates our, tropical storm hermine micro climate. 70 in mills valley, 80 in sonoma. we got hot low 100s clearly to ukiah. this kicks off towards the east, we have a cooler system moving
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in, 5 to 10 degrees drop. it is not major but it is something. san francisco, no big drop for you. you will stay stable the next several days with temperatures in the 60s. across the in land valleys. saturday and sunday and next week looking good. tokyo and you will see hot and humid and thunderstorms as janelle talked about. we saw it in the video. next week the hottest stretch of weather, heat index value, monday through thursday. >> that's going to be tough. especially track and field. >> they heard them talking about that. the runners and everyone was talking about the weight of that humidity. >> it changes the dynamic of everything. >> and their time. thanks, jeff. bta is bringing back a temporary bus service. the service will continue until
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light rail service resumes. no estimate when it will be stopped after the shooting at the rail yard. the bus service will be free. buses will run every 30 minutes. on weekend, from 7:00 to 7:00 a.m. >> we'll be right back.
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pg&e says it did not cut down that tree because it appeared healthy. the federal judge overseeing the stemming from the san bruno gas line explosion. a lifeline for bay area families. the food bank is celebrating breaking ground on a $40 million warehouse improvement project. the food bank says it is serving 200,000 people a week and the need continues to grow as the pan democratic continues. they're still working to raise $3.5 million to meet the budget. when san jose largest school district welcomes students back full-time. faculty or staff fully week for covid. so the district and teacher association agreed the plan is the safest thing for students
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and educators. about 2700 are already vaccinated. warriors making some big decisions about their future. sports is next. welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion.
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okay, the warriors had now
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not one but two chances. >> tonight's nba drive with the seventh overall pick. the warriors chose jonathan kuminga. he could be one of the best players of his draft class. with the 14th overall pick, golden state chose moses moody. giants beat l.a. with the win, the giants are three games ahead of the dodgers in the nl-west. the a's facing the angels. ramone, scoring, a's go up 3-0. here is a look at the
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medal count in tokyo. usa at 41 golds and china second place and the russian committee at third, 30 medals overall. we are back. or the day your you'll be ready.... withs with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere. all on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.99 a month from comcast business. call or go online today to learn more.
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women's event today. sidney payne went to uc berkeley. set your alarm. alex morgan, the rest of the women are getting ready for the big match. you can watch all the action at 4:00 a.m. on our sister station and telemundo. >> if you are up at 4:00 a.m. what's the temperature outside? >> 70s there for sure. >> and maybe some rain drops still? >> the hottest weather fof the whole game is


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