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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 29, 2021 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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my new roost fries, mystery sauce. what's not to love? this could be my biggest hit yet! my new $3.50 roost fries. only at jack in the box. right now at 5:00, new covid concerns infiltrating the olympic bubble. what that news means for athletes competing in the middle of a pandemic. also, will you need another shot? the debate brewing over the
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effectiveness of your covid vaccine, and what a new number reveals about what of the bay area's biggest covid hot spots. and then making it easier. a new project that will bring hundreds of new homes. this is "today in the bay." we're also streaming live on i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. the usa racking up the medals. >> good evening. kau niche wow to you. >> go ahead. >> covid cases are going up while the games are going on? >> reporter: they are. we kind of expected this,
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actually, because there's about 80,000 people coming here to tokyo for these games and those are athletes, journalists and support staff so doctors did expect a small spike. we start with athe daily cases tokyo, 3865. we start with simone biles. an overwhelming amount of support for her decision to take care of her mental health. biles on social media saying
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this, the outpouring of love and support i have received made me realize i am more than my accomplishments and gymnastics, which i never truly believed before. she's feeling the love from so many people. simone biles did practice today which would indicate she will compete in the days. and hoping for gold in the individual all around, and lee has a lot of support from her home state in minnesota, and the hmong community sizeable in sacramento and fresno also supporting her. and then the world of anime. if you don't know about it you better ask somebody. here's a sneak peek. it's everything from cartoons to action heroes, movies and video
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games and even this giant robot you saw there, the gundom. i checked out the base today. it's a massive store showing all sorts of action figures. it's like "star wars" in the united states, this store is mecca for gundam. >> i love it. i hope you brought an extra suitcase because your kids will want some of that, no doubt. >> reporter: don't tell them. >> they are probably not up. it's summer. team usa has a big lead 37 medals, and china coming in second with 29, and still has one more gold medal than team usa, and that's for now, of course. and roc jumped japan out of the
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top three with 26 medals. up tpherly 55% in the last week. president biden expected to announce a policy change for all federal workers requiring they be vaccinated, and the new mask guidance is causing confusion across the country and outrage on capitol hill. and tracie potts joins us to break it down. why are so many people confused? >> they say the cdc is sending mixed messages. we are talking about two different things here, getting the vaccine and wearing masks, and some here in washington argue if you have done one you don't need to do the other. today president biden expected to mandate civilian workers, federal is expected to wear
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masks. the cdc is recommending covid-1t spots mask up indoors whether or not you have had the vaccine. there are reports that san francisco and berkeley could be eyeing a mask mandate as we have seen in other areas around the country. meantime here on the east coast, the washington nationals postponed their game last night because 12 people in the organization tested positive. kansas city will face a state lawsuit for following cdc guidelines, and at least nine states outlawed mask mandate. we can see all this playing out in the courts. the u.s. surgeon general is explaining why the cdc reversed course? >> if you are vaccinated, the likelihood of having a breakthrough infection is still low, and we know if itppen tran
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place. >> the white house and military requiring masks inside federal building and it's causing chaos on capitol hill with republicans pushing back concerned the cdc is not based on science. their argument if they got the vaccine and they say the vaccine is working why do we need to wear a mask. and kevin mccarthy got into a debate with nancy pelosi who called him a, quote, moron. we will expect the announcement from the president on vaccines for federal employees later today. >> thank you for keeping track of it. bay area covid cases are continuing to climb. and bob redell is live for us in
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san ramon. >> the booster shot will be needed but right now the fda says there's not enoughin to be. a new study that has not been yet pier reviewed or published in a medical journal shows that the vaccine effectiveness are preventing covid illness fell over the first six months. when it comes to severe covid during the same time period, the pfizer vaccine is still 97% effective. the johnson & johnson vaccine received a longer shelf life. yesterday the fda extended the self life on j&j doses by six weeks. i'm hearing across the country, as you mentioned, the county
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infections, and you are thinking didn't contra costa county have a high vaccination rate. that's true. it shows how fast the delta variant spreads and reminds us those vaccines are not 100% effective. right now, as you can see, we did sift through the numbers overnight. 2,700 active covid-19 cases in contra costa county. you can see them here where the spike started here at the beginning of the month. 19 to 30-year-olds make up the majority of new infections. laura? >> i will take it from here, because i have a question. we talk about the cases going up across the bay area. exactly where are we seein case in contra costa county and who last 14 days center in the
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eastern part of contra costa county. these are areas with some of the lowest vaccination rates. area county leaders are trying to get the shots, too. we're talking about diablo, bay point, and brentwood and others, and they are experiencing more cases in the last two weeks, and mid june, covid-19 cases across contra costa county have gone up nearly 50%. marcus? >> this is more news and why you should get that vaccine. a lot of people are hesitant, but probably the best thing. thank you. hundreds of homes may soon help people make it south bay. residences. a public hearing will be held
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next month to discuss that proposal. now to the drought and as water restrictions continue to grow, so does the worry. >> yeah, 1 in 4 californians are calling water supply and drought to the state's top environmental issue. more than 60% say that water supply is now a big problem in their region, and a majority says the state should prioritize renewable sources like wind. >> yeah, you see the farmers out there and the need for water. that's not very plentiful these days. >> not at all. as we talk about climate change and we know there's going to be less water in the future, we need to do something about it, right? >> yeah, agriculture is huge for this economy. >> yeah, 70% supply for the country. let's get a look at what is going on this morning as we are starting out with some of the
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temperatures. ni parts of the north bay. mid-50s as you step out the door in santa rosa. that's one of the cooler temperatures. look at brentwood, right now 68 degrees. dublin at 64. as we look at our highs for this afternoon we are going to see the high clouds still moving by the south bay and those temperatures reaching into the upper 80s. upper 70s for the peninsula, and for the tri-valley up to 98 degrees. for the east bay, upper 70s. north bay up to 90 degrees. mike, you are looking at what is happening for bart and it's right on schedule? >> yeah, right on schedule for bart and the same thing for the rest of your early commute. tri-valley has a little good news, and 84 reopened right on time. a smooth drive here for the longer drive for antioch. no problems for contra costa.
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we're looking at a smooth drive at the bay bridge toll plaza. a steady flow of traffic here. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the nba draft getting under way tonight. the warriors getting ready for the biggest day of the offseason. coming up for you at 5:25, how can you get in on the fun. a silicon valley ipo, and it looks like high prices are here to stay. plus, a childhood staple for many coming to an end. we'll tell you what is happening with "author" and why his three decade run is ending. this coupld on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin
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right now at going to be in the low 60s in fremont. we will see a mix of sun and clouds as our temperatures heat up again today. in the upper 70s already by lunchtime. coming up in a few minutes we will talk about our inland heat and an update on the wildfire crisis coming up. many of the lights are moving. 880 in fremont moving nicely, and a smooth flow of traffic right now. we will show you how things are building just a couple minutes away. happy thursday to you as
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well. we have been talking about how different silicon valleys are requiring vaccine shots for their employees, closing some offices down again. apple said it will require all masks on customers and workers at many of its stores but stores will remain open. it strongly encourages the retail employees to get the vaccine but won't require it. robinhood will start trading on nasdaq today. the peninsula company makes the app that they use to buy and sell companies like gamestop and amc theaters. that very fast growth is causing the demand pushing prices up
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that causes poverty is now the lowest it has everbeen, particularly with families w be spending and much is set to end and perhaps never again has america seen a lower poverty rate ever. the senate passed the first steps in the trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, a plan written by both democrats and republicans, and we'll talk more about that shortly, and ahead is paying for that with largely unused covid funds and money set aside for unemployment. we are talking about these states that ended the extra unemployment benefit early, they didn't keep the money and had to send it back to washington and washington has figured out a new way to spend it. >> speaking of spending, even
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though it's onlyarents to start thinking about -- dare i say it -- christmas. mattel is raising prices on many of the products, and while demand continues to grow the company is facing a shortage of raw materials because of shipping delays. and then speaking of what children love, one aurd bark will be saying good-bye. >> ya, "arthur." the show has not been in production for two years and the producer confirmed the show will
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end in 2022. >> is arthur a mouse? >> an ardbark. >> yeah, trying to put arthur in a box. >> we have little squares moving around. lights in motion. we do have a smooth drive for contra costa county. highway 4 out of pittsburgh and antioch and continuing towards i-80 moving smoothly. there's a trash fire reported at octavia and san francisco. there's debris in the roadway, so just tracking the incident. a little slowing for 280 near king street. sometimes crews move around and not a big deal. and then everything else looks great right now for your
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commute. how does the weather look? >> let's get a look at our forecast as we are starting out this morning with a little bit of low clouds and fog. in san jose, looking good. right now temperatures feeling warm, in the low 60s compared to our normal start in the mid-50s. as we go into today, we will see temperatures heading up heading for the upper 70s for early in the morning into the afternoon. eventually the high will reach 86 degrees. morgan hill reaching 93 like it was yesterday when we still see the hot temperatures for the inland east bay and even for the tri-valley heading over to livermore. 75 in oakland today, and along the coast we have upper 60s and up to 69 degrees in half moon bay. redwood city reaching 80 degrees this afternoon, and 70 in downtown san francisco. napa in the upper 80s. still hot in ukiah, over 100 degrees. we're in this weather pattern
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that is not changing. the high pressure that has brought us the monsoonal moisture for the sierra as well as the hot temperatures, and we will have a stronger coastal breeze and slightly cooler temperatures for the beginning of next week. as we take a look at our 7-day forecast, we have u today in some of our hottest spots in the valleys. tomorrow still more of the same. by the end of the weekend we just come down a few degrees early next week. we are looking at more of the same. for san francisco, no changes here. at times, clouds and fog. a little sunshine with highs reaching into the upper 60s. now let's turn to our climate in crisis and an update on our wildfire season. in the past what is considered the wildfire season ran from june through november, but as our climate gets warmer and the west gets drier, wildfire season could be year round. to date we have already had over
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5,600 fires scorching 480,000 acres across california. in the west, 1.5 million acres have burned to date. that's even before we hit the peak of the heat and dry brush. it's expected to be another historic season that could be worse than 2020. i asked one of the top fire weather researchers about how climate change affects those wildfires. >> as it gets warmer it draws more moisture out of the soil and out of the vegetation, and the atmosphere gets thirstier, basically, for moisture. it's not just the heat but the demand for water that the atmosphere has that we see impacting the fuels, the way forests will come back and the fire behavior that we are experiencing. >> you can watch more of that interview on and
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click on the "climate in crisis" story on this page. >> thank you. 5:23 for you this morning. next here on "today in the bay," would you like to live in the home of a former 49er team leader? >> we're one of the lucky few to cover the olympic, and we're talking about tokyo culture, softball and what setting up for his day looks like. you are watching "today in the bay."
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5:26. welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." this is the biggest day of the nba offseason. this is when lives and futures can change in the nba draft. the warriors have the seventh and 14th overall picks. do we need to remind you, steph curry was the seventh all around pick in 2009. that worked out pretty well for us here in the bay area and the warriors. let's all hope for the same with more seventh pick magic, unless the warriors trade up for a higher selection. the team will hold a watch party outside the chase center. if you are looking for a place to call home, one 49er head coach may have the place just for you. >> harbaugh was the coach from
5:28 am
it has a guest home and it's listed for just under $13 million. >> that's a good price. i'll go check that out. >> all right, in the next hour. >> yeah. top stories we are following today, starting with cierra johnson live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. i am in san francisco. coming up we will introduce you to the two cities that could propose bringing back mask mandates for indoor use. and the problem from the east bay to tokyo. oakland has become a hot spot for olympians training for gold.
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a great earthquake hitting alaska overnight. a lot of rattled nerves. plus mask mandates looming. two bay area cities considering making masks a requirement. and head being back home, silicon tech workers heading home once again. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. a powerful quake striking a
5:32 am
remote region off the coast of alaska. 8.2 magnitude quake hitting the islands and even being felt in anchorage. all the tsunami warnings are canceled. the quake also triggering a tsunami watch for hawaii but not here along the northern california coast. so far no reports of any injuries or major damage. that quake was above an 8.0, and given its power it's known as the great earthquake. a trimmer that size only happens in the world once a year. mask mandates could be coming to bay area cities in the rise covid-19 and delta live
5:33 am
with information in light of the recent surge. >> earlier this week the cdc recommended anybody regardless of vaccination status wear their masks indoors, and two more bay area cities could soon be following that trend. according to "the chronicle" san francisco mayor london breed is considering a mask mandate regardless of vaccination status for indoors. "the chronicle" is also reporting she's talking to the city attorney office about an indoor mask mandate, and she's hoping the mayor is hoping for more clarity by the end of this week or early next week. it's a similar story in berkeley. berkeley is reporting the increase of covid cases there has prompted the mayor of berkeley to pressure city officials to make an indoor mask rule for everybody in the city of berkeley. with more communities and the
5:34 am
cities in the state preparing to reinstate mask mandates, the state of california is advising folks, again, regardless of vaccination status to wear those masks indoors when you are around those large crowds. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. the decision was made earlier this week by the 500 bars that make up the san francisco bar owner alliance. this won't be a government mandate but an industry recommendation. proof can come in the form of a qr form or vaccination card, and the other option is proof of a negative valid covid test. customers without proof will be able to sit outside. more than 100 shop owners this month received demand letters for alleged violations by americans with disabilities
5:35 am
act. the city believes that the suits are being filed by out oftown attorneys and so-called serial plaintiffs. new this morning, caught on camera. police are looking for a man they say vandalized an art installation. the vandal is shown spray painting the piece. the work is focused on racial justice depicting marin county's past, present and future. police say this is the second time it has been vandalized this summer and it's not clear if the same person is tied to both attacks. 5:35. happening in plumas county. new evacuation orders from the dixie fire. that fire has burned 220,000 acres, destroying at least 60 structures including smaller buildings and sheds. that fire is about 25%
5:36 am
contained. >> smoke from the dixie fire is having an impact on the skies above sacramento. the sky is a bit hazy this morning. we have a recent still image to compare that to as well. look at that. sacramento is 65 miles south of where the dixie fire is burning. all that smoke gets trapped in the valley and winds have shifted in direction. people with breezing issues have been told to stay indoors. >> yeah, the wind shifting the direction of the smoke, and hopefully not affecting us this weekend. >> yeah, thinking about making weekend plans and getting outside and you have to factor that in based on where you are going. if you are going to santa cruz, it looks good for the weekend forecast. temperatures there reaching up to about 70 degrees each day throughout the weekend. heading to yosemite, it will be smoky temperatures up to 96 degrees, and on saturday cloudy. there will also be a chance that we could see thunderstorms popping up as we see a surge of
5:37 am
monsoonal moisture coming in. for sunday, it looks to clear out temperatures reach into the mid-90s. if your weekend plans take to you l.a., looks like air quality there is good and temperatures reach into the low and mid-80s throughout the weekend. check out this event on saturday. aloha by the bay in san francisco, a nice event with comfortable temperatures and highs reaching into the mid-60s with a mix of sun and clouds. we'll get a look at our forecast for today coming up in a few minutes. mike, what is happening with the morning commute? >> looking at a smooth drive right now, kari. chp reported calm -- i will say it quietly, don't want to tempt the fate. build.nt pass, the there was a steady volume of
5:38 am
traffic, and it looked like a burst of volume, and then back to normal. we will show you more from contra costa county coming up. back to you. in washington republicans and democrats working together. the vaccine mandate is shifting here in silicon valley as a result of the federal mandate. we are going to talk about some of the companies that are requiring their employees to get a shot if they want to return to the office. and then democrats and republicans working together. a rare sight. we'll bring that to you. and one olympian going viral but not for the diving board. why he's getting so much attention this morning. >> you can have a special
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triple bacon chee... how's that song coming along? that's for me? oh no, you're making music, i don't want to get in your way. oh c'mon man. oh. hang on a second. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. good thursday morning. 5:41 as you are heading out the door in the tri-valley, we have a live look outside in dublin. we will see a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures going from the low 60s to the low 80s at noon. it's going to be a hot day for the valleys. we'll talk about the range in temperatures and what is ahead
5:42 am
for the weekend in minutes. traveling over the bay bridge, and those taillights are the commute direction. you see slowing around the curve, and i see slowing as you approach the incline. we'll look at the toll plaza coming up. >> thanks, kari and mike. a has nothing to do with technology. >> it sounds like they are not only thinking when workers will return but what may be required? >> reporter: yeah, i think the big conversation at the federal level about requiring federal employees to be vaccinated really kind of changed the conversation here in silicon valley. we know facebook is going to require employees to be vaccinated before they can return to any campus here in the united states, including here in
5:43 am
med be expanded to other regions. the statement also mentions a process for people that cannot be vaccinated. google was the first tech giant to mandate vaccinations. the company pushing back the in-person return to october 8th as well, although the ceo wrote in a blog post that he was encouraged to see how many employees were already vaccinated. twitter will require employees to be vaccinated, and twitter announced its closing the san francisco and new york offices once again. the company also told employees back in may that they don't have to ever return in person if they don't want to. according to industry site deadline hollywood, netflix will require all actors and crew to be vaccinated, and the streaming giant has not said if that would apply to nonproduction
5:44 am
employees. microsoft and amazon still highly encouraging their employees to get vaccinated, but have not come out with a formal policy requiring those vaccinations. although it's all changing very fast. >> and workers and other businesses paying attention to this. >> absolutely. >> thank you, kris. disney announcing a new rule last night for all of its parks, you will need to mask up if it's vaccinated. mask will be optional outdoors. the rules apply to guests ages 2 and up and cast members. the new rules take affect tomorrow. a bipartisan push to build bridges and deliver clean water. >> that has gotten yes votes from both democrats and republicans. >> yes, including a yes vote
5:45 am
from mitch mcconnell. there will be money for bridges and mass transit. the largest federal investment for public transit in history. money for clean water. it's enough money to replace all of the lead pipes in the entire country and more electric charger stations for electric cars, just to name a few. it was enough to push it easily over the key 60-vote mark. this bill is written by both republicans and democrats. >> i am working with democrats and republicans to get this done, because while there's a lot we don't agree on, i believe that we should be able to work together on the few things we do agree on. i think it's important -- >> former president trump reacting to the news of the
5:46 am
bipartisan badly, and he said it would make the republicans look weak and badly. obama didn't regularly comment on trump until the end, and bush didn't do it to obama and clinton did not do it to bush. and president biden will speak about coronavirus vaccines and masks today. here he is in recent pictures back in a mask. it was just yesterday i was telling you the white house was telling us there would be no vaccine mandate for federal workers, and that's technically true. they are not making federal workers get the vaccine, they point out. there's an option. actually it's exactly what california osha requires of every worker in the state. prove you are vaccinated or you have to wear a mask in the office full time. we are watching everything happening in washington and
5:47 am
tweeting about it. you can find me @scottmcgrew. >> thank you. and then supporters argue there's no law disallowing it, but it may put them at risks of information given to immigration. it would apply to only elections on the local and not state level. 5:47. now it's time for our 2020 olympics coverage. east bay eyes will be focused on one event tonight. that event is rowing and the men's 8 final. the coach and team captain both from cal. the team practice facility is in oakland. this is where they have been training since 2017. one two-time bay area gold medalist in the women's 8 knows exactly what they are going
5:48 am
through right now. >> they will still be nervous and anticipating the race and the pain that comes along with the race. >> i love how she is wearing the gold medals. >> the race is scheduled for 6:25 tonight. you know we like to say, go team usa! >> primetime, starting at 6:00, murphy and bryce both from cal in the men's 200 meter backstroke. and then we're also rooting them on. in the meantime, british diver, tom daily, he can do it all, he's a husband, a dad, and get this, he it's in. >> i made this for my medical to keep it from getting scratched. here it is. >> he took his knitting and
5:49 am
crocheting to instagram to show off the pouch he made for his gold medal to keep it from getting scratched. he said love of knitting and crocheting kept him shane throughout the olympic process. >> yeah. >> i went to his instagram page, it makes no mention of diving or olympics -- >> because he's modest. >> he's perfect. i don't know if it's a perfect score but it's enough to get a gold. we have beautiful sunrises and sunsets. as we look at our view this morning, isn't that nice? we can see above the fog in san
5:50 am
francisco. this is looking from the sutro tower. if you are sensitive to the smoke you need to limit your time outside, especially for many of the bay area microclimate. with air quality just below the 50 threshold, it will still be very smoky. i got this picture from twitter, and mike said he had to keep pulling over to get a picture of the sunset. we're all in awe of the orange beautiful skies we are seeing. mid-90s heading to morgan hill. east bay, 98 degrees in danville. oakland reaching 74. check again.
5:51 am
while the coastal areas stay cool, daly city reaching 66. palo alto, 83 degrees. san francisco, mid to upper 60s. we do still have the wide range in temperatures. also these high clouds moving through as the monsoonal moisture clearing. as we look at the forecast beyond the next few days, comes down a few more degrees by the end of the weekend into early next week. for san francisco look for highs reaching into the upper 60s and the fog not going anywhere. mike, you have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> and the phrase not going anywhere, not associated with the toll plaza. you are going through it just
5:52 am
fine. there's slowing going towards san francisco. the longer drive, highway 4 building a tad bit. vasco, we added three minutes to the morning commute. nothing dramatic or unexpected. 580, a similar thing. highway 37, traffic just starting. there's the slowing we talked about on the incline near the bay bridge. there's a little slowing for san jose that is typical. a new crash here and we'll check that out. a new gallup poll showing more people are dissatisfied how asian-americans are being treated in theanti-asian attack across the u.s. over the past few months, including right here
5:53 am
in the bay area. still much more ahead on "today in the bay," including reversing course. the message one self proclaimed anti-vaxxor wants you to know. and a mysterious object floating in the air that has pilots on high alert. we'll talk about it. stay with us. you are watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." as the delta variant spreads across california, a self proclaimed ex-anti-vaxxer is urging everybody to get the shot. he's now in the hospital with covid-19 and pneumonia. he first got sick after visiting reno four weeks ago. his diagnosis is only a 50% chance of survival. he's now sharing his experience to not buy into like he did into anti-vaccination propaganda. >> i did not get a shot. i believed all of the hoopla. >> he says while some now claim
5:57 am
that he just wants the attention, that's actually the last reason he is sharing his experience. he just wants people to be compassionate. new this morning an online poll indicating vaccine hesitancy among adults dropped gradually. in january it was 25%, and by may that dropped to 17%. developing now in southern california, an 18-year-old woman is dead and 19-year-old social media influencers hospitalized after a movie theater shooting. it happened in corona. officials say riley goodrich was pronounced dead scene. barajas is currently on life support. he's well known on social media with nearly 1 million followers on tiktok.
5:58 am
investigators say a 20-year-old man was arrested. >> we can't imagine the significant amount of pain that both families and friends are feeling right now, but we hope the suspect's arrest will bring relief knowing he's in jail now. a plane crashed under unknown circumstances short much a runway and caught on fire on monday. the names of those onboard have not been released. a section of highway destroyed by storms and flooding -- look at that in south carolina. storms rolled through yesterday morning. then the flood just washed out that highway. it's expected to be closed for weeks. happening today, a father is due back in court for allegedly bringing his 2-year-old daughter inside an elephant habitat at the san diego zoo.
5:59 am
the 25-year-old is facing a child cruelty charge. in march authorities say he carried his daughter through two fences including an electrified fence to get inside the elephant habitat. once inside the habitat, the elephant charged the man and child. they escaped unharmed. and then l.a.x., a pilot said he saw an object resembling a backpack at 5,000 feet. some think the object is a drone made to look like a man with a jet pack. so far no solid explanation. the los angeles city council passing an measure. l.a. has the population.
6:00 am
next at 6:00, the stanford grad at the center of it all. plus -- >> please, please, please, if you are not vaccinated protect yourself. >> a new plea from the president amid a surge in covid-19 cases and the new mandate federal employees will have to start following today. will you need another shot? that new debate brewing this morning over the effectiveness of your vaccine. this is "today in the bay." we are live for you this morning on the airwaves as well as streaming at thank you for joining us on this thursday. i am in tokyo. a big day for team usa in the pool and on the softball diamond. >> raj, a lot of people


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