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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 28, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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right now at 5:00, the worst drought in years. leading to dangerous fire conditions. the new impact it's having on bay area wildlife, water and your wallet. a teenager's trip to mexico ends with the trip to the e.r. the woman attacked by a crocodile now telling her frightening story. we have the latest on simone biles, the decision about tomorrow and what's happening behind the scenes with team usa gymnastics. we'll see you in a few minutes. good morning to you. thank you so much for make us a
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part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i laura garcia. this is something to talk about. >> some parts of the bay area may be experiencing just that after we were dealt a bone dry rainy season impacting wildlife, water use and wallets. >> we want to bring in bob redell with live more on that and smoke billowing over the south bay, bob. >> reporter: yeah. that fire is out. but a fire truck showed up here near the border which is not far from the fire scene. presumably to keep an eye on the scene to make sure nothing were to flare back broke out last ni scorched over 25 acres. the fire sent up smoke which could be seen for miles last night.
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fire crews were stretched thin. this fire was another indication that we may be experiencing some of the worst drought conditions that we have seen in 20 years in some parts of california. only on nbc bay bor meteorologist rob looks at the record dry fuel moistures. how flammable dry brush really is. so far the fire season it is outpacing last year's by 3:1 margin. rob notes how marin conditions are much drier since the monitors started to keep track 21 years ago. inland hills area at near all 2000.drought severity since this include solano contra costa and a closer look at how
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allocations fare in the drought just today we'll send it over to kari hall. good morning to you. >> thank you. yes. it is such a great reminder we are really deep in with this drought and need to conserve water and monitoring the air quality because that's another impact from the fires developing across the state and so we see the shades of blue showing that for to we will have the drifts of smoke coming in and may be worse for the tri-valley in afternoon. going into the next couple days much more of the smoke moving away from the bay area as we get a westerly wind pushing it away from us but into the weekend we watch outt and smoke moving in. we'll talk more about the temperatures coming up. >> thank you very much. a statewide flex alert
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taking effect 4:00 to 9:00 p.m., asking to conserve electricity. set the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. avoid using major aploonss and of course as always turn off all unnecessary lights. all federal workers may soon be required to receive the covid vaccine. america adjusts to the new cdc recommendation that everyone mask up in locations where case rates are high. tracie potts live in washington this morning. what do we need to know about this? >> reporter: so you need to know that the cdc's map shows case rates are high in most of america but chances are you live some and if you work for the federal government they're now thinking about requiring the vaccine.
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new overnight, the top doctor at the u.s. capitol is requiring everyone wear a mask, vaccinated or not. the white house will, too. as president biden now weighs whether to also require the covid vaccine for all federal employees. >> that's another consideration right now. >> reporter: the cdc reversing course now recking indoor masks or everyone in high transmission areas. red and orange on the map. health officials believe 100 million unvaccinated people are driving the spread. >> we have to get to them. we have to convince them to get vaccinated. >> reporter: there's also new evidence that infengted people who are vaccinated can transmit the virus to others. >> those data are very compelling and that triggered the change in the cdc guidelines. >> reporter: the cdc recommendationen cluds masks for all school children and staff.
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>> it is confusing to parents. one school district going this we and another district is different. >> reporter: vice president harris seen masking up in washington tuesda wearing masks. people need to get vaccinated. >> reporter: the mask debate heating up again as federal employees wait to hear if they will also need to get a shot. tracie potts, nbc news. >> thank you. so while you were sleeping a new development in tokyo. one day after pulling out of the team competition simone biles said she will not compete in the women's all around competition. >> such a stunning 24 hours or so. >> reporter: it really is. when you think about it this is good for the sports world and us watching on tv or here in tokyo. you don't need to be an athlete to understand what's transpiring.
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this pandemic has been part of the issue. mental health issues. specifically on top of that being here in tokyo, being in this 14-day quarantine. not working or competing we are alone in a hotel room and combined we now know for sure biles not competing tomorrow in the all around individual finals. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: behind the scenes without the lights and cameras jordan and grace fresh off the team silver medal asked about simone biles and own dealings with pressure and mental health. >> we are human. we are not just athletes. we have things to deal with at home or even in our daily lives. >> reporter: biles officially pulled out of thursday's alm around individual competition but the door remains open for other individual events. this issue not about sport but
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mindfulness. >> i say put mental health first because if you don't then you're not going to enjoy the sport and succeed as much as you want to so it's okay to sit out the big competition to focus on yourself to show how strong of a competitor and person that you are. >> reporter: the strength on full display. the golden glow of olympic success fades away. in its place the expectations from fans. the unfiltered comments on social media and the international media. tracking her every move. >> we are just a little bit too stressed out but we should be out here having fun and sometimes that's not the case. >> reporter: we can all learn from that. biles today had the day off. no practice. too many for her to heal mentally and physically and said she is banged up in terms of body. jordan childs in that story, we
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had a nice conversation with her. she said what she does when she gets down on the dumps. >> i online shop. i'm a sneaker head. i'm actually named after michael jordan so my shoes are only jordans so i like to use that retail therapy to help. >> reporter: we love that. plenty of options to shop here whether in person or online. if she wants to shop in tokyo in person she has to wait until that quarantine is over but nice moment of levity here with jordan childs, as well. more story lines to wake up on this wednesday, katie ledecky, just graduated a month ago and here she is in tokyo dominating again. take a look. talking about the 1500 meter freestyle. they have 1500 meter freestyle in international competition but not the olympics until now and
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this is the bread and butter. katie wins gold holding off her teammater i can sullivan. what else? we mentioned stamford why take a look at these photos. we dug them up from the archives. she did time with the famous or infamous stamford band. can she really play the saxophone? she said no and had fun with the band. this is during a football game in 2018. pre-pandemic. six-time olympic medalist can add marching band to the linkedin band. didn't you go to st. mary's? >> my brother went to stamford. that's so fun to see. >> so cool. see you later. >> sounds good. let's talk about the medals there at the olympics. here's the current count from tokyo. team u.s. still in the lead with 30 medals overall with 10 gold.
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china in second place why japan in third and have more gold than the usa for now. wait until -- >> for now. exactly. really exciting olympics. watch it here on nbc bay area. a great schedule guide online, as well. the team is all here this morning. you're watching tokyo. >> they talk about how hot it is. it is the temperature but it is also the humidity. it is miserable there. let's show you what's going on after that tropical storm passed through. there's still high humidity and temperatures that are reaching into the upper 80s to 90 degrees. showers and thunderstorms pretty much each day and going to continue as we go into the rest of the week into the weekend. here at home we've gotten rid of the humidity and now see the temperatures reaching up to 97 in concord. 100 degrees in brentwood.
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livermore 96. not going to feel that for parts of the inner bay and the coast to reach back into the upper 60s and mid-70s. mike, how's it look for the commute? >> better than 75% but the humidity. the taillights to the denny's. toward the berkeley curve. moving smoothly. low clouds. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the drivers are doing just fine. the camera's up where the clouds are. the construction clear i believe toward the golden gate bridge. a smooth drive for the bridges and easy drive here. something going on around danville coming up. a teenager is talking about a scary moment for her attacked by a crocodile in mexico.
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>> 18-year-old is at a hospital in marin. this month she was celebrating high school graduation at the marriott. and that's when a 12-foot crocodile bit her leg and then dragged her into the ocean. sh this tight senation on my leg and i looked see the nostrils and the teeth and first thing is trying to hit it. >> the hotel says signs are posted warning people to avoid the areas especially at night when crocodiles are more common. >> scary but she is able to talk about that. >> frightening. coming up, power lines and fire risk. our response team is digging deep into what you need to know enters the worst part of the fire season. what you should be watching for to protect your home.
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it's 5:16 on your wednesday morning. time to get moving and the temperatures are starting out nice and cool. pleasant hill at 61 degrees. a few clouds in the mix but heating up fast. lunchtime temperature 83. a look at the microclimates and
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hotter temperatures coming up. >> the commute will heat up and we always have traffic through oakland. a smooth drive northbound with the taillights. steady stream of headlights heading south. that's right. toward 92. good morning. very happy wednesday to you. employees at video game company activision say they'll walk out of work today in protest of the conditions and disparity in pay for women. they make hit games like call of duty that earned the company billions of dollars. the state of california said they paid women workers less than women for the same job and detailed conditions that led to what state regulators called the culture that fostered harassment and picture vasive frat boy culture. the walkout is virtual.
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wall street waiting on the fed this morn yg they will talk about the two day interest rate meeting 11:00 our type. the fed will likely give us an idea about when increases might come. we did something economists would have said is naughty. tune in more often. we're in the middle of what investors call earnings season when they show investors and analysts the financials and companies like apple and tesla hit new records. starbucks, too. starbucks says it's selling more coffee and other drinks and scones now than it was selling before the pandemic. same store sales, listen to this, up 10% from 2019. up 80% from 2020. you'd expect that. the stores were closed for a while but selling more coffee
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now than they did before the pandemic is astounding to me. amaidsing. >> interesting. >> right. how -- not going back to work back to work. a lot of us aren't. >>ic use one right now. this is just not kicking in yet. all right. thank you so much. trending this morning perhaps something to think about if you're a beer drinker. but with heart disease. >> a new study from london finds that drinking six pints of beer in a week can reduce potentially deadly side effects of risk of heart attack or stroke. an important note that study applies to people with cardiovascular disease and shows that nondrinkers should continue to stay sober. >> one point six days a week or one -- >> if you have gout beer is like a no. yeah. i guess you should ask your
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doctor about that. >> probably so. >> something to think about. >> all right. while you think about that let's talk about what's going on above and around us with a look at what's happening at this cool view of san francisco. fog rolling by. this is the way we start the wednesday. i just love this shot because it looks so refreshing there. we have the salesforce tower coming out of a bank of low fog rolling through. it is helping to keep san francisco cool and inland warming up. if you plan to head out for a hike south bay upper 60s in the morning and then low 80s and some temperatures to the 90s. morgan hill reaching 93. 97 in con word. 103 in antioch today. oakland will be in the mid-70s. we have upper 70s for san mateo, san francisco. up to 70 downtown and the knot
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bay temperatures at 69 for mill valley and 100 for ukia. still in the same weather pattern. wide ranging temperatures. a weak ocean breeze picking up. high pressure parked over did desert southwest and still does cause the chance of monsoon moisture coming in especially by the end of the weekend. hot for the valleys. mid-90s. early next week a slight cool down and temperatures in the upper 60s and near 70 degrees. mike, you have a look at san jose? >> 101. i did notice a good number of cars. more traffic than early in the 5:00 hour. no extra slowing. and the east bay looking great here. this was not danville.
5:22 am
san ramon officially. no major injuries. a smooth drive as major roads through contra costa county. >> thank you. nbc bay area responds. >> is the power line at the property a fire risk? i'm chris chmura. we'll tell you what to keep an eye out for and who's responsible, next. digital fun checking in with raj every day. our latest episode raj talks about simone biles and a behind the scenes look at tokyo. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. consumer team is highlighting steps to protect the homes from wildfires. >> chris chmura is here to say look up at the power pole. >> how many times recently have you had a report that the power pole or lines sparked a fire? it is happening a lot recently. what about the line at the home? who's responsible for keeping it clear? power company? you? turns out it's both. when we drove around the south bay one day we found lines uncomfortably close to trees. if you see them touching pg&e says call in immediately. >> if there's contact with the line tell the operator that and then we'll send someone over right away. >> not touching but close pg&e
5:26 am
said it is responsible for keeping the top two lines clear. you are on the hook for hines below them. power, phone or cable lines. so how much space is considered safe? the public utilities commission says you must kt will check for. >> we see something coming close call us. >> if pg&e says pruning branches is on you do not do it yourself. >> we don't want you trying to cut the trees. >> both pg&e and cal fire say it's too dangerous. a few companies said they would charge from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars depending on how much you need cleared and where. here's advice from pg&e. looking at the tree trimmers, ask if they're clearance qualified. they get special power line training. we are uploading the wildfire advice to the website. just click the responds option
5:27 am
from the main menu. okay. so i'll be back on friday. >> great. >> how would it go if you're asked to list everything in your home right now without actually being in your home? >> oh. >> i have tried to take pictures of valuable things and rooms to help recollect. >> we will reinforce that advice and explain why it's more important than ever. >> good deal. also have a drawer of things to grab if the house is on fire. the whole drawer. next on "today in the bay" simone biles out of another competition. the latest from the olympics all next.
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right now at 5:30, a new twist. simone biles dropping out of the all around competition in tokyo. what the g.o.a.t. is saying about competing at the games. not participating. the new cdc issued mask guidance the bay area county that's so far not following suit. back to school in july. some bay area children head back to the classroom this morning. the new precautions taken to protect them. this is "today in the bay." right now, for the north bay, a 3.2 magnitude earthquake at 3:51 this morning. 8 miles west of healdsburg.
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good morning to you.ra garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. while you were sleeping simone biles will not take part in tomorrow's women's all around competition. raj mathai is tracking it all for us in tokyo. >> good evening from tokyo. good morning to everyone in the bay area. we follow the late developments with simone biles. as you wake up on this wednesday morning, simone biles is out of the competition for tomorrow. tomorrow is the individual all around competition. we still haven't heard from her or team usa gymnastics of what she might do for the other individual competitions. this is about mental health and being specific saying part of the irs is the pandemic.
5:32 am
being away from friends and family and then compound that with the tokyo japan quarantine all quarantined here. essentially not working or competing we are alone in the hotel room. really a good reminder to us that regardless of the age or stature and the sport life to take time. not just about the physical deal but about mental health. we have more coming in a short while here in tokyo. >> thank you so much. back to school in july. thousands of students heading back to the classroom this morning and this morning this is for the fist day of school. >> it comes as covid cases surge among children nationwide. we have team coverage this morning. let's start with kris sanchez in brentwood. what are hearing? >> reporter: you know, after months and months of hybrid learning brentwood union
5:33 am
students are headed back on campus in person and the superintendent says they're ready and very excited to have adjustments and the districts got a share of more than $5 billion in learning loss mitigation funding from the state. >> we spent the one time money on counselors, intervention programs, on the summer school jump start program and then coordinators to make sure they support the needs of every kid. >> reporter: districts got to target the money as they saw fit. the state requires all california school children to wear masks while indoor and outdoors is optional. the staff can go maskless with
5:34 am
no children from present. the state detailed screenen and contact tracing resources with quarantine requirements particularly for unvaccinated children and staff. the staff has a page for pants from the guidance just mentioned to how to help your child if they're struggling. local districts have leeway so for more specific questions contact your local district. of the next few weeks we'll explore the challenges and solution that is the bay area districts are coming up with because all of kids have headed back to school in the next few weeks. kris ents are paying attention. thank you. want to bring in sierra johnson live in san francisco with the new numbers on infections for children. >> reporter: good morning. the big takeaway from the
5:35 am
numbers with the american academy of pediatrics is covid cases in younger children are going up. take a look. we gathered this information. the latest numbers ending week july 21st there were 38,000 new cases of children and teens bringing the total to 4 million infections since the start 069 pandemic. children and teens make up 14% of the weekly cases. also important to remember only one vaccine approved for children 12 and up and a number of children not yet el viable to receive a vaccine. some drugmakers have a clinical trial for covid vaccine to be used in children under 12 why the fda says emergency authorization for that drug could come
5:36 am
midwinter. the fda is asking for follow up of six months. two months of follow up required for adults. kris was talking about brentwood reopening. we are less than a month from other districts reopening so i wanted to give you an idea how many folks under 18 are vaccinated. so according to the cdc 7.1 million kids under 18 are vaccinated. that breaks down to 39% of 16 and 17-year-olds and 27% of 12 to 15-year-olds. i'm sure we are continuing to evaluate the numbers edging to the start of school. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. governor newsom perhaps trying to avoid a new personal controversy tied to state covid poliis children from a summer camp.
5:37 am
not requiring masks which runs counter to the state's policy. and the governor also catching heat this week for photos showing the kids maskless at camp. remember last year. she was skewered for dining at the french laundry when people were told to avoid the large gatherings. the cdc is recommending masks indoors. even if you're fully vaccinated including the bay area. cdc guidance applies to areas with substantial to high transmission rates. this map that you see here showing the bay area counties under one of those two categories. all but one county recommended the return to maskings. business owners are already reposting mask required sign just solano is a holdout. the health officer there calling the new recommendations misguided. >> the transmission that is occurring occurring the surge is in homes, backyards, camping. not the environment where the masking recommends apply. >> he said he won't recommend a
5:38 am
return to masks. an east bay man in custody after police say he was found with what they describe as an active shooter bag. found in th car. allegedly include modified flare gun with metal pipes taped to them. dozens of shotgun rounds, body armor and a knife. the suspect tried to actually purchase a shotgun over the weekend and asked to pay double the gun for skipping the background check. the check tipped off police. happening today gilroy marking two years since the garlic festival shooting rampage. three people died. 17 more were injured. the gunman took his life as authorities moved in. a service will take place this morning and a vigil later today. the largest wildfire burning in california continues to grow in size. the dixie fire.
5:39 am
now larger than san francisco, oakland and san jose combined. the fire which started two weeks ago today is more than 212,000 acres and it is only about 23% contained. 31 structures have burned. evacuation warnings are still in effect. that smoke is such a concern, as well. kari has a look at the forecast for today. the heat sticking around. >> for the valleys. and the smoke always is a concern but it does make for some beautiful sun rises. >> true. >> the view over the fog over san francisco. that is amazing. just posted it to twitter. no words needed. we are seeing that smoke moving by overhead but it's just now starting to affect some of the air quality. we have moderate air quality with smoke moving in. near surface smoke models with blue to see the smoke moving in from the morning to the amp.
5:40 am
and it may get especially bad for the tri-valley today and the central valley. i just disappeared. all right. we are going to see the smoke to the east. tracking hot temperatures in the inland valleys and more on that in a few minutes. mike, the east bay? >> yeah. let's take folks out here to the east bay where the drive is fine. highway 4 okay. i-80 westbound is splitting. caldecott tunnel alert word for folks just buffalo the caldecott reports 0 of a disabled vehicle they be in the second lane. looking at a smooth drive. no slowing over ten minutes but tracking that. those are words of caution to the caldecott tunnel. clear in both directions. bay bridge starts to slow on the incline. also here 101. so right on schedule for the
5:41 am
first blips out of the green zone. >> all right. thank you very much. get the shot or may not be employed. next on "today in the bay" the two california cities issuing man dates. a police officer recounting his day at the capitol on january 6 told congress he thought this is the day that i die. we'll bring you the testimony. katie ledecky making history in the pool but might not have been possible without the help of a peninsula man. you can catch the olympics highlights at follow along with the local athlete tracker. that's all on the trending bar.
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good wednesday morning. 5:44. take a look at the hi temperatures today. anywhere from 100 degrees in brentwood to 68 degrees in half moon bay. we are looking at a pretty big spread in temperatures and will continue as the valleys heat up. more on that and a look ahead to the weekend. we have san jose. 101. it is bunching up. more than usual. more dramatic than usual. no crashes reported. we'll show you how it affecting the drive coming up. starting today san francisco will require all new city employees to be vaccinated before they start on the job or
5:45 am
they won't get hired. it comes after the city announced to mandate current employees to get the shot once approved by the fda. the only exception is for people with medex emptions. negative tests will not be accepted. s to show proof of vaccination or weekly negative covid tests. the announcement yesterday from l.a. mayor. this week governor newsom issued an order requiring the same thing from all state employees. will president biden make federal employees get the vaccine? >> scott mcgrew joins us now. the white house said it is unlikely. >> the president said it is under consideration but the prez department there told us repeatedly it doesn't think making people take a shot is the right solution. to be clear it is only federal employees. president biden probably doesn't have the legal authority to make regular people get a vaccine but
5:46 am
can make fbi agents and food inspectors get a shot because he's their boss. he says individual departments under him are free to do what they wish and saw that are w the va telling the doctors and nurses to get the vaccine. other news the justice department says when congressman brooks stirred up supporters at the january 6 rally he have not acting in his official role as a congressman and therefore the doj doesn't have to represent him in court in criminal or civil right trials and a hint it would be same for donald trump. if he were taken to court the indications are the government would not step in. the select committee is investigating what happened that day. started the work yesterday with testimony from four police officers who protected the capitol. i'm going to show you testimony from all four and this is going
5:47 am
to take sometime. the third officer was crushed in the door. the fourth uses language we felt best to bleep but we know what word he is using. >> traitor. a disgrace and shouted that i, i a army veteran and police officer should be executed. >> i was grabbed, beaten, tased, all while being called a traitor to my country. i was at risk of being stripped of and killed with my own firearm. as i heard chants of kill him with his own gun. >> directly in front of me a man seized the opportunity of vulnerability, used the gas mask to beat my head. he pulled it off. the strap straining my neck. there were no words. guttural screams.
5:48 am
he put the cell phone in the hands. >> a woman in a pink maga shirt yelled you hear that, guys? this [ bleep ] voted for joe biden. then the crowd perhaps around 20 people joined in screaming, boo [ bleep ]. no one had ever, ever called may [ bleep ] while wearing the uniform of a capitol police officer. in the days following the attempted insurrection other black officers shared with me their stories of racial abuse on january 6. one officer told me he had never in his entire 40 years of life been called a [ bleep ] to his face and that streak ended on january 6. >> i have posted the testimonies to my twitter and facebook pages. a warning they are not bleeped on social media. >> all right.
5:49 am
thank you. all right. 5:48. imagine having two of the world's best swimmers train in your backyard swimming pool. that's the store of a man. it happened in the pandemic when it hit last year. todd says that hid neighbor is a former swimming coach. when the olympic training shut down he asked if katie ledecky and simone manual could train in his cool in the backyard. he said absolutely. and then in the end they train in the backyard for three months. >> sure adds a huge extra set of interest levels when you know they trained here in a backyard pool. >> small little backyard. >> 25-yard pool. that's it. he says that he was gone most of the time but daughter and grand kids over often and hanging out
5:50 am
to watch them train. and last night they were of course cheering extra hard when ledecky won gold in the 1500 meters. how cool is that? all right. tonight in prime time representing the bay area in numbers. and this is a lot of events out there. cara color looks to finals and then ryan murphy until backstroke. after that reagan smith looks to medal in the 200 meter butterfly. don't miss the men's team usa water polo team taking on italy here. so you may have seen this in the social media feed. what do you think? she can pretty much do anything but can she compete in tokyo? many say olympic athlete is her
5:51 am
doppelganger. what do you think? yeah. >> the fans twitter page. >> take the hairstyle off of lady gaga. >> she was born that way. >> that's true. >> can't tell how she feels because of the poker face. >> that was good. >> i like that. i have nothing for you, kari. >> i don't either. this morning starting with nice weather. beautiful day ahead. looking at warm valley temperatures. going to work in dublin it is all clear. temperatures are feeling nice and refreshing but will heat up fast so here in dublin where it's 61 to start at 71 at 9:00 and then 83 degrees at noon so
5:52 am
we're looking at temperatures for the south bay up to 86 in san jose. 93 in morgan hill. here's where you start to feel the heat. antioch reaching 93 today. upper 80s for martinez and hayward today at 78 degrees there. 77 in san mateo. san francisco a little bit warmer here, too. breezy with upper 60s in the mission district. along the coast but then inland to santa rosa up to 85 and 100 today in ukia. stuck in the weather pattern. a reason why we have a wide range in temperatures. high pressure parked over the desert southwest giving us surges of monsoon moisture. and then this low off the coast is just staying there blocked by the high pressure. so we look at the temperatures here reaching into the mid-90s
5:53 am
in the valleys and a minnesota vikings of sun and clouds and the weekend only just slightly cooler next week. san francisco upper 60s, low 70s. no change here. the fog difficulting in and out. >> i don't know exactly what the cause is but san jose is sorting itself. northbound 101 looks like a crash right near where we showed you. i saw is slowdown focused and then smoothed itself out. there was another bunching up around capital expressway. five minutes for that to reko. the rest of the silicon valley drive just fine. highway 4 coming out of con that kos tra county close to the speed limit. back to you. >> thanks. happening now a 4-year project is finally complete in san francisco. today mayor london breed will celebrate the upper haight
5:54 am
project with a ribbon cutting event. there's now new pedestrian lighting and added trees. this is along the street along with the sidewalk repairs. still much more ahead on "today in the bay" including stirring up controversy why the bay area school mural debate. a judge will now decide. up in smoke. the vape ban decision leaving some cannabis activists feeling slighted. plus trash. san francisco looking at new ways to keep the streets clean. why the backlash for the trash cans is making leaders reconsider the plans. stay with us. you are watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." new details this morning and some closure in a bizarre criminal case involving a weltdy political donor. jurors in southern california con vingted ed buck tied to the deadly overdose of two men in the west hollywood home. prosecutors laid out how buck they say would inject homeless gay men with methamphetamine in sexual encounters and faces life
5:58 am
in prison. developing now the faa says a fourth person may have been killed in that airplane crash near lake tahoe. that's another death that the authorities previously reported. paper work indicates there may have been four people on the plane when it crashed monday. climate in crisis causing some to consider pulled out autostops and mendocino considering trains to deliver water. california western railroad is a historic line between wilits and fort bragg and they're debating using train and then trucked to customers now running dry. mendocino has no central water system and relies mostly on wells that are pretty much tapped out right now. the delivery may provide 25,000 gallons a day to 1,000 reds. we'll look at the drought and that area coming up in less than five minutes. the ban on cannabis and
5:59 am
vaping products will be in effect. supervisors voted to keep it in place. it first approved it in 2019. the board did leave the door open to change the ordinance going forward and including vaping devices for medical use. a judge overturned a 2019 san francisco school decision to cover a controversial mural at george washington high school. opponents criticized the mural for its depiction of nate i americans and african-americans. the judge agreed saying the school board failed to provide an environmental review making the decision. now backlash, san francisco will spend less money to test out a new trash can prototype. the city plans to spend 12,000 per can instead of $20,000. supervisors among those questioning the original cost and then voted in favor of allowing public works to spend
6:00 am
$400 thousand on the new program. right now quickly approaching 6:00 why new mask guidance. the bay area county that's not following suit.biles, the decist the competition tomorrow and what's happening behind the scenes with team usa gymnastics. we'll see you in a few minutes. also we could be experiencing the worst drought in 20 years. leading to dangerous fire conditions. the new impact it's having on bay area wildlife, water and your wallet. i bent down and rolled with him when i could. just because i didn't want to lose my leg. >> that teenager's trip to mexico ends with a trip to the e.r. the bay area woman attacked by a crocodile telling the frightening story. this is "today in the bay."


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