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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 28, 2021 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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right now at 4:30 simone biles out again. the g.o.a.t. dropping out of competition in tokyo. not playing ball. here at home a new mask guidance from the cdc. the bay area county not following suit. two years after tragedy. how gilroy is honoring victims of the garlic festival shooting. this is "today in the bay." a very good now wednesday morning. north bay, did you feel it? 3.2 magnitude earthquake at 3:51
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this morning. 8 miles west of heelsburg. shallow. 3.2 not too big but something we are certainly paying attention to. especially when it wakes you up. good morning. >> all right. it is time for a look at the forecast today. kari hall tracking that. >> looks great today. not as humid and also going to get more sunshine. a live look outside in walnut creek we feel temperatures in the low 60s. nice refreshing start to the day and heating up. you will notice it will be hotter this afternoon especially for the inland areas like concord at 97. 96 in livermore. 89 in martinez. in san jose up to about 86 degrees. we'll see the temperatures ticking up the next few days. that's coming up in a few minutes. laura? >> thank you. developing right now in
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tokyo, the greatest gymnast of all time says she's taking a break in the olympics just gymnastics says simone biles pulled out of the individual competition at the tokyo olympic games to focus on her mental health. she'll be evaluated daily to determine whether she can participate in next week's individual event finals. she says the emotional toll was the reason for her exit. the ninth highest score gymnast will take biles' place. we'll have a live report at the top of the hour live from tokyo. katie ledecky won the first-ever olympic women's 1500 freestyle race. >> the pandemic shut down virtually all training for olympians. >> when did it a man opened the pool to some of the best in the
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world. "today in the bay's" ian cole reports it was largely a secret until now. >> when the pandemic shut down pools across the country and training came to a halt todd speaker said his neighbor gave him a call. >> he said, todd, we'd like to know if we could use your pool in essence. i said who? i said have them get a hold of me. she did. i said have at it. >> reporter: stamford and olympic swimmers training in his backyard for three months with their coach. >> people training rivers and it was horrible. this filled the bill. >> he was an all-american swimmer at ucla. his 25-yard pool is built for the real thing with special gutters and timers. >> basically two competition lanes. >> he was mostly gone during the
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training his daughter and grand kids were over often bonding with the two women. >> having them here was such an honor. it was so fascinating watching them and fast they are inledecky won gold it is a special feeling knowing they played a role in helping team usa. >> it sure adds a huge extra set of interest levels when you knew they trained right here in a small little backyard pool. >> ian cole, "today in the bay." >> okay. that's pretty amazing. >> yeah. just came over. swam in the backyard. >> what can we offer? >> give them a gold, right? here's the current look at the gold medal count from tokyo. usa in the lead with 30 overall including 10 gold. china in second place overall. host country japan in third overall and both have more golds than team usa. back to news the centers for
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vaccinated. take a look at rates. all bay area counties categorie. some business owners are already reposting mask required signs. the health officer is calling the new recommendation misguided. >> the transmission that is occurring occurring the surge is in homes, backyards, camping. not the environment where the masking recommends apply. >> he said he won't recommend a return to maskings. today san francisco will require all new city employees to be vaccinated before they start the job or they won't get hired. it comes after the city announced to mandate current employees to or religious
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exemptions. negative tests will not be accepted. the california system said it requires all on campus students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated. previously said it was going to wait until the fda fully approved the vaccine to make it a requirement. the shot isford authorized only for emergency use. the cfu system said the change is sparked by the delta variant. live look over los angeles. the city will now require its employees to show proof of vaccination or weekly negative covid tests. this week governor newsom required the same thing for all state employees. san francisco attorney
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general will hold a summit. the event starts this morning at 9:15. happening today gilroy is marking two years since the shooting rampage. three people died. 17 others injured. the gunman took his life as authorities moved in. a service will take place this morning and a vigil later today. the largest wildfire burning in california continues to grow in size. the dixie fire. it is now larger than the size of new york city. also larger than san francisco, oakland and san jose combined. the fire which started two weeks ago today is more than 212,000 acres and it is only about 23% contained. 21 is structures have burned. because of the high heat expected in some areas the statewide flex alert is issued today from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m.
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you're asked to conserve electricity. set the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. avoid using major appliances and turn off all unnecessary lights. maybe grill outside today, too. >> good thing. will the weather cooperate? >> it is going to be hot in the valley today so grilling outside get it done early as we see the temperatures heading up to close to 100 degrees for to. as we get out the door in the north bay santa rosa nice and cool. 54 degrees. we can see the trend going from 54 to 74 at 11:00. and it does continue to heat up from there. if you are going to be out and about in the south bay here we have a fairly comfortable afternoon as the temperatures go from the low to mid-60s during the morning to the low 80s today. we'll see still more clouds moving through today. take a look at the range in temperatures because spots like
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brentwood very hot today at 100. 97 in concord. morgan hill reaching 93. still going to have enough comf. 85 todayumbers and we are going to see it getting hotter going into the next few days. i'll have that coming up. >> thank you so much. 4:39. next on "today in the bay," apple booming. >> silicon valley company reporting blowout sales. which devices are credited for the growth? free tuition. a new incentive for front line workers. a live look at the bay bridge. where are we going with this? shopping this morning? maybe some of these people going to the 24-hour grocery stores. a light commute there. but i'm sure it won't last. along with more news after this
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right now at 4:42, stepping out the door we have a live look outside. dublin we can see everything is flowing well across 580. the weather is pretty nice with some low 60s. we are going to see our temperatures heating up again today from the low 60s to the low 80s at lunchtime. for now we say good-bye to
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bertha coombs. >> good morning. that's right. i'm bertha coombs from cnbc with your headlines on some business world. right now wall street looking like we are set for a mixed open after stocks fell yesterday. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all snapping a five day winning streak. despite that dip the indices on the space to end the month high we are the s&p 500 leading up about 2.4% for the month of july so far. this morning you're going to be watching for the federal reserve as they wrap up a two-day meeting. we'll get a decision from them later this afternoon. not expecting to see any move on interest rates but then the press conference by jerome powell is the main event. folks will be watching to see whether the fed will start to pull back or has a better idea to pull back on the emergency supports they have been doing during the pandemic. we are also watching earnings this morning.
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good results from boeing, pfizer better than expected, mcdonald's as well. we are waiting for facebook that afternoon and ford. meantime apple reported blowout earnings after the bell yesterday that were well above analyst forecast why the company generating half of the revenue, nearly $40 billion in sales just from the iphone. growth boost by sales in cheen and people upgrading to 5g devices here but apple is warning that growth may not be sustainable in the current quarter saying they're experiencing with the problems with the shortage. meantime walmart offering to pay the cost of college tuition and books for 1.5 million full and half time employees and will drop the current $1 a day fee paid by associates at walmart
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and sam's club. the company says nearly 28,000 employees have been active in the education program this summer. 8,000 graduated since the program began in 2018. marcus and laura, that's a fantastic thing. not sure how widespread that tuition assistance goes. i don't know if they pay the full boat for stamford but a great opportunity for folks just trying to get a leg up. >> i love it. that's wonderful. >> good to see you. >> thank you. good news. the climate and crisis causing some to consider pulling out all the stops. mendy no considering having water delivered. they debate using trains to deliver water and could be
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trucked to customers running dry. mendocino has no water supply and depends on wells that are tapped out. train delivery may have 25,000 gallons a day. next on "today in the bay," former u.s. senator boxer talks about the attack in oakland. she has a message for the community. plus the forecast. high heat for some parts. >> the temperatures that's going to be heating up for the inland east bay and the north where we could see the triple digit temperatures and staying cool near the coast. we'll take a look at this coming up. more controversy surrounding governor newsom and it's involving his family. how theesponding this morning.
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-nice work, guys! -introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. getting started with your wednesday morning. good morning, san jose. as we get started with today. hey. cars on the road getting ready for the day. hey. you like that? wonderful wednesday. i like that. >> it's good. >> okay. not wacky wednesday? >> a little bit of that it feels like. i don't know why but it does. >> the weather looks pretty good for us. shaking the monsoonal moisture that we had. the fog rolled in. get a look at this beautiful shot of the fog and the
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salesforce tower. fog reaching 1500 feet. so above that it's all clear. i love that shot. let's talk about what else is going on because i have our near surface smoke we could see our air qn because of the smoke that's been moving in and developing from the fires across the region. where we do see the blue is pretty much all the bay area with exception of the santa cruz mountains. we could see unhealthy air quality. the bulk is pushing away. we see the plumes across the country and affecting the air quality off toward the's. temperatures today, slightly hotter. 93 today in mor dan hill.
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we have some mid-90s for spots like walnut creek and 103 in antioch today and in hay ward a high of 78 degrees. up to 80 in redwood city. san francisco up to 70 degrees downtown. mostly in the 60s today and as hot as 100 degrees for ukia. still a wide range in temperatures. this will continue as we see the same weather pattern. stagnant area of high pressure, but also causing a surge of the chance to see some showers and thunderstorms between saturday and sunday, especially for the parts of the sierra to the north and then the bay area may just be a little bit more muggy. taking a look at the 7-day forecast and reaching into the mid-90s for hot spots up to 100 degrees. this weekend slightly cooler. overall trend will be for the temperatures to come down by early next week.
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san francisco we start out the day with fog and should see clearing and the highs up to 70 degrees for the next few days. i'll have a weather update coming up. >> thank you so much. developing now the faa says a fourth person may have been killed in that airplane crash near lake tahoe. that's another death that the authorities previously reported. paper work indicates there may have been four people on the plane when it crashed monday. former senator barbara boxer is now talking about being attacked. so on monday someone pushed her to the ground and yanked the cell phone out of the hands. this is all in broad daylight. boxer said the person was young enough to be a teenager and said shoefs not physically harmed but shaken up. >> you can't come up to a little old lady and smash her down to
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the ground. that's just not right. so there's a lot of work to be done but i have spoken to the mayor, congresswoman lee. i feel very optimistic that change is coming. >> glad she is okay. boxer said oakland needs more community policing and so plans to leave. separately she also says that she is in full support of a new howard terminal ballpark to revitalize the jack london square area. the ban on cannabis and vaping products will be in effect. they voted yesterday to keep the prohibition in unincorporated areas. the ban was putt in place in 2019. the board left the door open including vaping devices for medical use. governor newsom perhaps trying to avoid a new personal controversy. pulling the children from a summer camp not requiring masks
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which runs counter to the state's policy. and the governor also catching heat this week for photos showing the kids maskless at camp. remember last year. she was skewered for dining at the french laundry when people wereo avoid the large gatherings. next on "today in the bay" a lot of attention at the olympics. we're going to introduce you to moco and what it takes to make him move and dance. if there's specific olympians you're curious about follow along with the athlete tracker. happening now a 4-year project and it's complete. today san francisco's mayor london breed celebrating the upper haight transit project. updating the street.
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now new pedestrian lighting adding trees along the street and the sidewalk repairs. more for you right after the break. ♪ ♪
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and figure things out for themselves. so hurry up (screams) they're not gonna stay this way forever. kick off your kidifornia vacation at 4:57 this morning. if you think the olympic athletes are larger than life wait until you meet mocco. >> a 32-foot puppet promoting the olympics and paralympics. takes several handlers to make him move and dance. the puppet traveled through towns in japan before arriving in tokyolion travelers watch the travels via live olym time coverage bay area
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representation in a number of events. ryan murphy goes back in the water for the men's 200 meter backstroke semifinals. reagan smith looks to medal in the butterfly and don't miss the men's water polo team taking on italy starting at 6:00 tonight here on bay area. live from tokyo in a few minutes with a latest headlines including simone biles dropping out of yet another competition. plus, kari tracking the forecast for us here at home. >> starting with cooler.
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right now at 5:00, the worst drought in years. leading to dangerous fire conditions. the new impact it's having on bay area wildlife, water and your wallet. a teenager's trip to mexico ends with the trip to the e.r. the woman attacked by a crocodile now telling her frightening story. we have the latest on simone biles, the decision about tomorrow and what's happening behind the scenes with team usa gymnastics. we'll see you in a few minutes.


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