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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 27, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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broke just this morning. in washington, a new look at the deadly capitol riots. testimony expected during the capitol hearing on capitol hill. and thee fallout that could follow. plus, a rare rain event in the bay area. taking a live look outside this tuesday morning. meteorologist kari hall timing out when we could see the rain. definitely feeling the humidity this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. a look at your morning commute for you in a bit. mike is keeping his eye on that. first i want to talk about that rain on the radar, kari. a little bit here and there, mainly along the coast. we powered up storm ranger for it as we continue to track the chance of showers that's been moving through the bay area. overall we've seen a lot of the showers staying off the coast. but we'll continue to watch this as we've seen some of the showers and even some lightning
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off the coast to the north of us, but that will be moving away. there's still a slight chance we could see some rain here and there across the bay area. i'll have the update as we go throughout the morning. laura? >> thanks so much, kari. turning to breaking news out of tokyo, a shocker this morning. simone biles pulling out of the team gymnastics competition. raj mathai is live in tokyo. this is really shocking to the world, raj. this happened about 90 minutes ago, laura. we're still shocked. shocked here in tokyo and now it's spreading across the world. if you're just waking up in the bay area, yes, it is true, simone biles, the 24-year-old, four-time gold medalist, the star of this olympic games, she is out. she pulled out suddenly without warning from the team competition which just started here in tokyo about 90 minutes ago and suddenly she was out. here is the official response from team usa gymnastics. it is a medical issue. they did not clarify whether it's a mental health issue or a physical issue.
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bottom line, a medical issue. what's interesting here, simone biles recently within the last 24 hours telling us here in tokyo she's feeling all that pressure of performing and living up to those gold medal standards. also her body is starting to break down just a bit. take a listen to an interview from yesterday. >> definitely get tired a lot quicker. i'm a little bit more scared of my skills now because when i was younger i was pretty fearless. now, i'm getting older this could go wrong, this could go wrong, i could do this, and so that kind of scares me a little bit and just getting up every day and going back to the gym, something always hurts. you always have aches and pains. >> 24 years old, your body does get banged up, which is relatively old, 24, for a u.s. gymnast on the olympic level. so, again, simone biles is out of the team competition. will she be available for the individual competition coming up
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later in a few days in tokyo? let's talk about good news now. a somewhat local olympian. this is a fantastic story here. we're talking about the triathlon. katie zaferes wins the bronze medal. they lived in the santa cruz area until just recently. the 32-year-old is a two-time olympian. this is her first medal, congrats to her. and with her on this olympics journey, her late father, who just died earlier this year. katie tells me during the race today she saw him right there in that rainbow. the rain is a blessing. her father looking down on her. >> i asked my other competitors, did you see the rainbow? how did you see a rainbow during this? but i think for me that was him looking out for me, and i just feel -- i know how proud he would be.
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>> she got very emotional during that interview. again, congratulations to her winning the bronze medal. she is so happy even to win bronze. that's going to do it for now. we'll continue tracking the simone biles story. we'll send it back to you in the bay area. >> all right. tracking all that's going on in tokyo. nice rainbow story there, too. brought a little tear to my eye, though. thanks, raj. here is an updated look at the olympic medal count, team usa now in first place with 22 overall medals. china very close behind with 21. japan with 17 rounding out the top three. in the quest for gold, it's a threeway tie. the top three countries have nine gold medals each. 6:04 and turning now to the pandemic and a look at new covid infections as the delta variant spreads. nearly 89,000 cases were added across the nation yesterday. there have been at least 34.5 million since the start of the pandemic. california adding nearly 22,000
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cases to the overall total now topping 3.8 million. america's veterans affairs facilities are among the latest to reintroduce mask requirements. all health care workers will be required to wear masks due to a recent surge in covid cases. infection rates have doubled at va hospitals. now to capitol hill where this morning a critical hearing begins on the january 6th capitol riots. a house select committee will hear directly from four law enforcement officers about their struggle to defend the capitol building on that fateful day. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live with a look at what may play out today he and, tracie, that testimony really expected to be emotional. >> reporter: it is, marcus. good morning, everyone. let's take a live look inside the hearing room where that session is about to start in about 30 minutes. the testimony today expected to be emotional about not only the challenges these officers face but the very personal and
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violent backlash that they got from some of the people on capitol hill at that time, january 6. today bennie thompson a democrat from mississippi will chair the select committee along with eight committee members testifying today d.c. metro police officers michael fanone and daniel hodges and haley dunn and sergeant aquilino gonell talk about their struggles to defend the capitol, motivating the newly named capitol chief of police to come out of retirement. >> if you would have asked me on january 5th, do you want to be a police chief again, i would have said, no, i'm fine. i'm enjoying retirement. the events of january 6th changed that. >> reporter: one new member, adam kinzinger tapped by nancy
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pelosi joining seven democrats and one other republican, liz cheney. she will be giving opening remarks along with the chair, bennie thompson, for this hearing that starts in just about 30 minutes. we are told there will be new video of the capitol riots that the public has not seen before. marcus? >> certainly capturing the attention for a lot of people. tracie potts this morning in washington, thank you. you can watch the hearing live on nbclx, channel 185 or 11-5 over the air. that starts around 6:30 this morning. developing right now oakland pope lease still saying little about a strong-armed robbery targeting long time california senator barbara boxer. her office says someone assaulted her and stole her phone. boxer released a tweet saying she's thankful she was not seriously injured. the owner of a nearby restaurant says crimes like this happen all the time. he hopes this could serve as a
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wake-up call. >> work together with our law enforcement to beef up security so we don't have these types of issues. >> libby schaaf said she was deeply troubled to learn of the crime. she spoke with the senator's family who sent her well wishes for a speedy recovery. happening in a few hours contra costa county leaders will revisit the ban on flavored cannabis and cannabis vaping products. >> bob redell live for thus morning. bob, talk to us about why the county decided to take another look at this issue? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. the contra costa county board of supervisors wants to know what, if anything, has changed since the ban on flavored cannabis and cannabis vaping products went into effect in 2019. is there anything new in terms of safety precautions or state and federal regulations they need to know about. four options, one, it could keep
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its current ban in place for unincorporated parts of contra costa county, which is what staff recommends, electronic smoking devices for medicinal purposes. it could allow all cannabis vape products regardless of the flavoring, or allow except for flavored liquids which typically target children. >> the children will look at it more appealing. they don't want that. at the same time those flavors give off a better product to help people like me, because i have a condition. >> i think it's stupid. >> reporter: you think the ban is stupid? >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> people should be able to do what they want to do, i guess. >> if it's dangerous, they should take it away, get rid of it. kids don't need to do that. not anybody. >> reporter: the board of supervisors could impose quarterly inspections on places that sell cannabis in unincorporated areas of the
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county. that board meets later this morning at 9:00. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob, thank you. now to our climate in crisis coverage, and a looming suspension. reporting state regulators will suspend water rights starting the first week in august. now this is all in an effort to preserve water shortage and storage, i should say, in lake mendocino and part of the plan that first took shape in june. more than 2,000 rancher, grape growers and towns including clover dale will be affected by this. it is 6:10 right now, tuesday morning already. a little warm-up on the way. i felt the humidity yesterday. it's continuing today? >> it's continuing today. at least for the morning and then as we go into this afternoon it will start to feel less humid and it's all because the monsoonal moisture bringing
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clouds this morning. it's 63 degrees. dew point at 50 degrees. so when the dew point is closer to the temperature we feel that mugginess. and then as we go into today we'll see our temperatures heating up, eventually headed for the upper 80s here and some upper 90s for spots like concord. 100 degrees in brentwood and the upper 60s near the coast. and, mike, you were tracking a backup. how is that looking? >> i like that dew point interface. great science. over here looking at the bay bridge, the commute backs up just before 6:00. it started now in full effect pretty much back to the 880 overcrossing. it may be complicating because there is a report of a minor crash to the metering lights which are on now. there's another crash on the east shore freeway. your typical commute just starting to kick in a little bit. this tuesday looking good, right on schedule there. on the peninsula a lot more slowing than you would expect for 101. this has been around for 40 minutes. down two lanes just shy of sfo.
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again, that traffic looks like it's starting to speed up. 280, that's the clear route from 92 up in towards south san francisco and daly city. another crash on the dumbarton bridge westbound. there's slowing off the high rise, one lane is blocked. no major injuries. you may want to use the san mateo bridge if you have to choose between the two. 6:12 right now. struggling to keep up with shortages. next on "today in the bay," the major airline saying your next flight may be impacted by pandemic-related supply problems. plus -- ♪ you can take me anywhere you're making me feel like i'm loved by somebody ♪ >> the shocking revelation singer ed sheeran is making about his music career, and it really has us talking this morning. i want to you stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:15. we powered up storm ranger to track some light showers moving very close to the bay area, also right along the coast. i'm watching this as well as our chance of lightning. we'll talk about our climate in crisis. a live look at highway 101, palo alto just fine, just high of 84. but getting to this section of the bay area may be a problem from the east bay and these folks with headlights may be
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headed to unexpected slow drive as well. we'll sort that out coming up. a very happy tuesday to you as well. you recall the u.s. is pushing for a global minimum tax so that big innational companies won't pick and choose which country they pay their tax in. "the wall street journal" says big pharma is pushing back led by pfizer. "the journal" reporting a minimum tax could cost pfizer and other drug makers hundreds of millions a year. the treasury secretary janet yellen is leading the push for a global minimum tax of 15%, 130 countries have signed on. the bay area's tesla opened its financial books to analysts and reporters as it's required to do once every quarter and, boy, they made record profits. lost money on their investment in bitcoin as many said they would. the other numbers were downright spectacular. this is the eighth quarter in a row tesla made a profit. net income up ten times from a year ago. remember, this is why this is
6:17 am
important. it wasn't at that long ago tesla was running out of cash. elon musk toll us on the conference call that the tesla semitruck would be delayed two more years. he also said the cyber pickup truck on the right will go on the back burner so tesla can concentrate on current models. it's supposed to go into production later this year. a busy day for financial reports. we expect apple to announce record revenue as well as high as $73 billion for the quarter. that is a staggering figure. and i will admit economists hate when reporters do this but we will anyway. i like it because it puts $73 billion into perspective. if our estimates are right, apple made more than the gdp of costa rica, about the same as oman, and the czech republic, that's a big number. remember, these gdps are yearly. we're talking about apple's
6:18 am
quarterly reports. so over the course of a year at this rate apple would outearn everything the czechs make and do. out to the futures this morning where the dow industrials are expected to lose 100 points on the open. a crackdown on businesses in china as well. so may see some losses on the market today but, again, record profits out of tesla and apple, even coming out of a pandemic. >> big things for the bay area company. nice. all right. moving ahead for you right now a live look at sfo this morning. some american airline flights may soon be adding stops due to problems with fuel delivery. airline sites, fewer tanker drivers and trucks. some flights will have to carry additional fuel into some airports affected by the shortage. the problem may persist through mid-augment britney spears' newly hired lawyer with a move
6:19 am
by her legal team. a petition filed in los angeles superior court by her lawyer seeks to oust her father as conservativor and replace him with a california cpa. jamie spears has been accused by his daughter in court of abusing his power over her and she says ruining her life through the conservatorship. trending this morning a close call for all of you ed sheeran fans. ♪ i'll do my best ♪ >> okay, so if you love his music, he almost called it quits. yeah. just saying, hey, i'm done with this. this is after the birth of his daughter. he told sirius xm it was because he wanted to focus on being a father but realized that music defines him and he said that he really felt it was more important for his daughter to grow up knowing her parents have great work ethic. he could afford to take a year
6:20 am
or two off. makes great music but also his last tour, that divide tour, grossed $7.75 million. >> wow that will buy a lot of rattles and diapers. >> or a house in the bay area. >> did you ever think about that? >> buying a house? stopping my music career because of the traffic? a lot of people have asked me to stop my music career. >> i've heard you sing a tune or two, i agree with them. >> i will do traffic while i think about that in the background. over here to the roadways. thank you, marcus. we're looking at the san mateo bridge. you may want to take the san mateo bridge instead of the dumbarton bridge. that's the san mateo bridge there, all green. the dumbarton bridge is slowing at the high rise because of a fender-bender. that is slowing from fremont and newark over to east palo alto. menlo park, the south bay is
6:21 am
just fine. 101 up here. up to sfo we still have two lanes blocked. they may have just cleared that. i will track that and reserve any updates. 280 is cleared through the area. regular slowing to the bay bridge. building for concord as well and there's the bay bridge with the backup but no problem. the hills behind emeryville and oakland. here is a look at storm ranger where we've seen some showers very close to the coastline. but most of us waking up to dry companies. and as i zoom it out there is rain all around us. it's unusual to see all of this activity happening in july but as we look at the rain and even some lightning strikes this is what we were worried about off the coast and heading to the north so it's mainly going away from us. but we'll have to watch that for eureka and that area. even just one lightning strike could start a fire and that rain is not enough to help out. we're looking at this surge in humidity and moisture.
6:22 am
notice where it's cloudy and where it's all clear. this will be pushing through as we head into this afternoon and that will be ending our rain chances as we go into today. still 60s near the coast, 70s for the bay and it will feel hotter for spots like concord and brentwood heading to 100 degrees and that heat will continue to crank up as we go to the end of the week. our temperatures in the low to mid-90s in the valleys while san francisco will see a little bit more sunshine and highs reaching into the 70s the next few days. now as we turn to our climate in crisis, you've probably seen the wild videos online with wildfires and the erratic conditions that can happen around those fires. and due to our warmer climate these explosive fires are becoming more common generating their own weather, even creating high winds, hail, rain and tornadoes. i talked to a leading scientist on the front lines with crews battling our growing number of wildfires and talked about the difference between a fire whirl and a tornado.
6:23 am
>> the fire whirls tend to be transient, small features of short duration, a few tens of meters in scale. like 100 feet across. when we're talking about fire tornadoes we're talking about things that extend 10,000, 15,000 feet into the atmosphere are often connected to fire generated thunderstorm. you're going to have winds up around 100 miles an hour, perhaps more. >> sometimes that video is just unreal and we talk about his research team and what they're finding out about these fire tornadoes and how they can be as strong as an ef-2. you can see this full interview on our climate in crisis page on laura? always so interesting. thanks, kari. it's 6:23. up next on "today in the bay," the shocking new data showing how lifting the eviction moratorium had a direct impact on the number of covid cases across the country. plus, up in flames. that investigation into what caused this deadly plane crash
6:24 am
in truckee.
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6:26 on your tuesday morning. new video to show you. this is the aftermath of that deadly plane crash in truckee. twin engine jet crashed into trees and burst into flames yesterday afternoon sparking a small wildfire at nearby ponderosa golf course. the faa says the pilot was trying to land at the truckee tahoe airport.
6:27 am
everyone onboard died. it's not clear how many the plane was carrying or where it originated from. mike enzi died. the republican was elected to the senate in 1996 and depp sided not to seek re-election in 2020. a ucla-led study finds covid-19 deaths increased when eviction moratoriums expired. in fact, the number of deaths attributed to covid-19 was five times higher in the four months after eviction moratorium expired. a number of cases doubled. recertificate ers focused on data from washington, d.c., with eviction moratoriums including california. 6:27. next, a mega fire still burning out of control to our north. all new video showing you the damage from the dixie fire and an update on the evacuations still in effect. plus, an expensive build. why building your dream home may cost you more in the bay area
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than just about anywhere else in the world.
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and it's 6:30 right now and a good morning to you. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. simone biles suddenly pulls out of the team gymnastics competition. and we also have a spoiler alert about the competition that followed. let's go straight to raj mathai who is in tokyo this morning.
6:31 am
>> reporter: good evening from tokyo. good morning to everyone in the bay area. we continue to follow this breaking news story of simone biles out of the team competition for team usa. it happened just a short while ago. she started the competition and then pulled out. the official reason from usa gymnastics, simone biles leaves with a medical issue. we'll find out what her availability is for the individual competition, but we do know this. just a short while ago in that team competition without simone biles how about this the american team usa win the silver medal. congratulations to them. the russians win the gold. we will have more in about 20 minutes from now here in tokyo. for now we'll send it back to you in studio. laura and marcus? >> thank you, raj. all right, so we're back home here in the bay area taking you live outside this morning. kind of a hazy start in parts of the bay area right now. some areas could see some rare rain today. meteorologist kari hall, we are
6:32 am
in july. we are in july. and we are looking at the calendar and the radar as we get a look at what's going on. storm ranger powered up tracking the rain mostly near the see i bay with some light showers moving through and then the overall picture shows that rain rolling through as we go throughout the morning we'll still have a chance of seeing more of this, so i'll have more on the radar as well the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. thank you very much, kari. it is 6:32 right now. new this morning, a disturbing discovery in the east san jose foothills. arson investigators are looking into a fire at a home where one person was found dead inside. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live there. what are investigators telling you so far, kris? >> reporter: we know the san jose county coroner will be looking into how the person died to find out whether it was a result of the fire or whether it possibly was a result of something else. san jose firefighters were first called to this home here on the 2000 block of estate view way on
6:33 am
reports of smoke coming from the home. firefight hers to breach the residence to get inside. they did find one person inside, a man in his 40s. the fire is under investigation but earlier this morning the san jose fire battalion chief told us it looked like the fire was accidental. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." kris, thank you. it's 6:33 right now. with covid cases rising, new safety rules will soon go into effect impacting those who work in the city of san francisco and the state of california. to help us understand what's going on here "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live this morning in san francisco with more. cierra? >> reporter: good morning. you are right. the protocols for those working for the city of san francisco and the state of california are changing, both of which to help flatten the curve here in our region. now starting with the city of san francisco, starting on wednesday, it's all new city employees being asked to get
6:34 am
vaccinated before they start their job. now this is in addition to an announcement made last month that asked all city employees to get vaccinated once those shots become fully approved by the fda. these rules will impact about 35,000 city workers. and moving on to the state level, not just the city but also the state, we have learned that those working at the state level are also going to have some new protocols. california will require the state employees as well as health care workers to show proof of a vaccination or get tested weekly. now this move will impact millions of workers in the state. there are at least 283,000 workers. our cameras were rolling as governor gavin newsom announced this new state mandate. take a listen. >> your choice not to get vaccinated and to listen to these pundits that are
6:35 am
profiteering off misinformation intentionally misinforming comes at a real societal cost. >> reporter: so what about those who decide not to get vaccinated or not to comply? at the state l sd right now theo fines but they are giving those in the health care sector until the end of august, august 23rd to implement those new vaccine rules. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. it's not just california issuing those mandates, all new york city government workers will need a covid vaccine starting in september, or weekly tests to prove they are covid free. mayor bill de blasio made that announcement. that rule affects nearly 350,000 city workers. children under 12 may be getting closer to being eligible
6:36 am
for a covid vaccine. moderna plans to expand the size of its vaccine trial in kids aej ages 5 to 11. it will, quote, increase the likelihood of detecting rarer events. the vaccine may be ready for approval for that age group this winter. happening now a live look at lawrence livermore lab. it's possible a planned strike will disrupt traffic in to and out of the facility. organizers are hinting at blocking entrances. the dispute involves some 200 skilled trade workers. when it comes to making it in the bay, construction costs tied to development, san francisco one of the priciest cities in the world. so this is according to a new survey by an international firm ranking 90 global construction markets. tokyo the most expensive for new construction in terms of labor and material. hong kong in second. san francisco third, just in front of new york city. now to new video of the
6:37 am
dixie fire still burning intensely this hour. over the weekend the flames completely engulfed an alert wildfire camera. the 15th largest in history burning more than 198,000 acres. it's 22% contained. evacuation orders are still in effect in butte and plumas counties. and a calmer site for you that morning taking a live look here in walnut creek as we get started with the day. you can see there traffic moving along and, of course, still hazy out there this morning. the question is will we see rain in that area, kari? it doesn't look very likely. we're just seeing a little bit of spotty, light showers here and there. take a look at this view over san jose. that monsoonal moisture bringing in clouds we've seen and it feels muggy as our temperatures are now in the mid-60s and heating up quickly. by noon we're at 80 degrees. and we're headed for the upper 80s today up to 100 degrees in
6:38 am
brentwood and 86 today in napa. now we're tracking that chance of rain that still lingers. more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're looking at highway 101. kari, it's been very slow, a delay for the construction project or maintenance project, north 101. it was slow up to sfo and then it backed off to about broadway and now backed up just past 3rd. there was a crash in the area that might be delayed creating this additional delay coming off 92. again, things are improving, 280 from 92 up to the same area is your alternate. west 84 past the high rise, the san mateo bridge is your better avenue if you're choosing between the two. you can use 237 over there. the south bay real mild slowing and right on schedule. of course the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on. the backup forming just before 6:00. back to you. thanks so much, mike.
6:39 am
6:38. no vaccine, no problem. next on "today in the bay," one southern california restaurant is taking a stance. why the owner says he's not concerned about covid. plus, weeks away from the recall election, this morning the race is narrowing between governor newsom and his opponent who is leading the pack on the republican side. in washington the historic start to the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack. let's take you out to the big board, the dow industrials losing about 230 points waiting on a fed decision coming tomorrow. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we're coming up on 6:42. as we look at storm ranger we've seen showers surrounding the bay area, but we're walking out the door to dry conditions. i'm tracking this monsoonal surge of moisture and the chance of rain we could have coming up in a few minimum. and san jose surge not so bad. not what you would expect. all the slowing for 101 farther up the peninsula and, of course, getting to the peninsula. the dumbarton bridge, another one to watch. we'll show you coming up. thanks so much, kari and mining. 6:42. one of the candidates seeking to replace governor gavin newsom will appear today in the bay area. kevin faulconer will speak in san francisco. here is where he stands compared to some of the other recall contenders. larry elder leading with 16% support.
6:43 am
tied with john cox at 6%, more than half of those polled are undecided. the numbers were gathered in a poll by emerson college. the same poll finds 48% support keeping governor newsom in office. 43% want to recall him. 9% undecided. 6:43. president biden says u.s. combat in iraq will stop by the end of the year. >> and, scott mcgrew, this is something that dates back to president obama. >> three presidents trying to get us completely out of iraq, this time president biden saying it in front of the iraqi prime minister. the united states will end combat missions in the war torn country. we have roughly 2,500 there now but they will not be called to battle. meantime a big day on capitol hill, site of the january 6th attack. the house select committee to investigate the attack just
6:44 am
started its work, one of the first witnesses we will hear from is police officer daniel hodges. that is him being crushed by attackers in a capitol door. four officers will testify today about the attack by trump supporters. shortly after the then president said let's march to the capitol. i'll be with you. live pictures of those officers. we are showing their testimony and hearing on nbc lx at comcast channel 185, 11-5 over the air. msnbc as well. the chairman of the select house committee bennie thompson said i had hoped such an investigation would be carried out by an independent commission composed of national security experts. like the panel after the september 11. that was not to be. house republicans voted against a nonpartisan board made up of experts. members of congress would not have been on that committee.
6:45 am
now it's nothing but members of congress, mostly democrats. adam kinzinger of illinois and adam cheney. republican cheney said it's entirely possible she would push the committee to subpoena donald trump. beth appointed by speaker pelosi. the xhoe walked into the committee room. there's thompson leading, liz cheney there in the back between the two men. republican cheney is conservative, has said she just wants to find the truth to better protect the government. republicans worry the blame will land on trump. republican leaders had already blamed trump. take a look from days after the attack. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. >> there's no question, none, that president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the
6:46 am
events of the day. >> i have the hearing playing at my desk. i have twitter up and running. i'll be posting clims so you can keep up on your busy day. >> thanks, scott. well, vaccination required. san francisco bars are ready to change their drink policy for patrons. as expected starting thursday the 500 bars will require patrons to be vaccinated. that can be in the form of a qr code or vaccination card. the other option proof of a negative covid test. those without proof can still sit outside and this won't be a government mandate but an industry recommendation. >> the owner of a southern california restaurant says he's willing to pledge his business as a, quote, constitutional battleground. the sign on the door in huntington beach says, quote, proof of being unvaccinated required. the statement comes as orange county reported more than 1,300 new covid infections yesterday.
6:47 am
health experts say the virus will continue to spread as it mutates among the unvaccinated. >> you're going to get this at some point. do you want to get it without developed protection or do you want to have that protection already in place that's hyper focused and quick to eliminate the virus? >> the owner says the restaurant has never complied with any covid restrictions and says he hopes people can read between the lines with his message. this is a sad story with a happy ending. these are some photos of a bear cup rescued sunday night by a wildlife team in alpine county. the residents there alerted firefight who transport it had to their facility where that cup is expected to make a full recovery. good news there. a bizarre ocean journey. >> this started in florida. a man told authorities he wanted to use his homemade floating
6:48 am
wheel device to run along the atlantic coast florida to new york. he was south of where he started and that's when they had to rescue him. >> it looked like that plan couldn't fail. >> speaking of crazy sights, i know you had lightning in las vegas? >> this monsoonal -- >> i thought you were talking about a light team. >> they're attracteding it right now. is that the stratosphere? it's basically touches the top of the building there. this is what we were worried about. let's get a look at storm ranger and producing rain just off the coast. for most of us it's pretty dry
6:49 am
and quiet but some of the rain is chess close. not just the typical fog. we can see what's happening all around us with a lot of lightning activity to the north of us and off the coast. some of that lightning making it to the coast. we'll have to monitor this closely. it could spark some fires and that rain is not going to be enough to put it out. i'm stopping it right here at 10:30 because it does show the north bay with the clouds and the chance of some lightning near the coast as well as spotty rain. look at how dry it is just to the south of there. the dry air will continue and our chances of getting in on any showers or lightning tapering off as we go into today. and it will be a warm one. we're heading to the up earp 80s and low 90s, even up to close to
6:50 am
100 degrees to brentwood. in the upper 60s and that monsoonal moisture continues and even for parts of the sierra so still chances we could get more video of the lightning strikes. lookingality our temperatures here it is going to be warm reaching into the low to mid-90s. a few spots even close to 100 degrees. san francisco in the upper 60s. you were saying two unexpected delays. >> it's not lightning, not a water wheel vehicle. it is over the water for the dumbarton bridge. a look at the shot. san jose, castro valley y, typical slow spots there. slowing across the dumbarton bridge, the crash past the high rise still has not been cleared. slowing for half an hour in its focused area. some folks may be using that as an alternate.
6:51 am
another ins deny, a debris or disabled vehicle north of 3rd street. that construction has cleared 280. 280 is clear heading up to san francisco. the build here, guys, through walnut creek is typical but sneaking in the last ten minutes, back to you. >> thanks for keeping your eye on things, mike. 6:51. happening now, san francisco mayor london breed preparing to tout the city's recently passed budget ahead of today's supervisors meeting. the two-year $26 billion plan includes nearly half a billion in continued response for covid relief. it also includes a billion dollars to support the city's homelessness epidemic and is pledging $144 million in funding early childhood education. and next a quick look at the top stories including all new outage over a spike in crime. former senator barbara boxer mugged in oakland. what she's saying about the
6:52 am
incident. plus -- >> reporter: hello again from tokyo. we continue to follow the biggest story of the olympics so far. the withdrawal of simone biles from the usa team gymnastics competition. we have more details next live in tokyo.
6:53 am
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welcome back. before you head out the door we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay." and the breaking news we've been following out of tokyo, olympic favorite simone biles suddenly pulling out of the team gymnastics competition. and we have a spoiler alert about the competition that followed. raj mathai is live in tokyo with more. raj? >> reporter: okay, you know what, laura, every time we look at the olympics, we look back and say, what were the one or two or three seminal moments that stand out? this would be at least one of them. simone biles pulling out just a couple hours ago from the team competition. what's interesting here, she actually started to compete here but then pulled out. she actually came back out to cheer on her teammates. the question now, what's going to happen next? here is the official stance from team usa gymnastics. she pulls out for a medical issue. she will be assessed daily. no word yet if she will compete in the individual events which come later this week. we should note, and here is the spoiler alert, without simone biles, you have to hand it to
6:56 am
team usa. they win the silver medal in the team competition. the russians win the gold. all right, how about something we can all smile about. are you ready to jump in the swimming pool? the new teenage sensation, 17 years old, lydia jacoby golden in the breaststroke. look at her reaction as they watch this race back in her hometown of seward, alaska. this is one of those magical moments we will remember from these tokyo olympics. and behind the scenes lydia jacoby was here with us. keep in mind she is still in high school getting ready for her senior year. she brought if her gold medal and told me about all those friends cheering her on back home this alaska. >> it was just amazing. those are all the people in front of the video are some of my best friends. just to see them so happy for me means a lot. it really means the world. my phone is blowing up, so i've been scrolling through texts. i've responded to my parents and
6:57 am
a couple people, but not everyone yet. working on it. >> reporter: lydia, take your time. make sure you respond to your parents. everyone else, they can wait. but, you know what, her phone was blowing up during that interview, ding, ding, ding. can you imagine, 17 years old. she still has her senior year and is committed to going to the university of texas in austin. really cool to spend time with her today. >> congratulations to her. exciting. 17. go back to school, what did you do this summer? hello. >> she can write a cool report. thanks a lot, raj. and more to watch tonight in prime time, katie ledecky going for the gold. both will be live right here on nbc bay area. plenty of other bay area athletes also competing including the men's volleyball match at 7:00 tonight. the brothers from stanford representing team usa.
6:58 am
in the meantime colton brown comes in in tonight. that is ahead of u.s. women's water polo team taking on hungary. 6:57 and more top stories for you this morning. a disturbing discovery in the east san jose foothills. arson investigate, are at the scene of a house fire where someone was found dead inside. firefighters responded after 1:00 in the morning and got the fire under control in about an hour. they believe no one else was inside that home when the fire started. the cause is under investigation. oakland police still saying little about the strong-armed robbery targeting barbara boxer. this happened midday yesterday in jack london square. her office says someone assaulted her and then stole her phone. the 80-year-old boxer released a tweet saying she's thankful she was not seriously injured. a live look at the san francisco skyline. starting tomorrow the city will
6:59 am
require all new city employees to be vccinated before they start on the job or they won't be hired. that comes on the heels of california becoming the first state in the nation to require its state employees to either be vaccinated or get weekly covid tests. health care providers have until august 23rd to get all their employees to comply with the new rule. all right. quickly approaching 7:00. one last look at the forecast. looks pretty good. we're just watching this surge of humidity and the chance that it could bring some rain. temperatures today headed for the low 90s and it's going to get hotter once that humidity leaves us, it's going to be a dry heat. >> at least it's dry, at least it's moving. dumbarton bridge slow. the crash on the decline after the high rise north 101. a disabled vehicle there around 3rd and your alternate to the san mateo bridge moving again. there was something going on in the flat section that just cleared. it's a little tougher. >> a little hazy out there, too. thanks for starting your day with "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live
7:00 am
local news update. and take a look at this, a live look at san francisco. the haze laura was talking about, there it is. getting started with the day. enjoy the day and make sure you take in some of the olympic coverage we have here on nbc bay area throughout the day. the "today" show up next. have a great morning.


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