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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. right now at 11:00, we are live in tokyo, where it's been an up and down day for usa in swimming. also, she's going for gold, but they can't be here to cheer her on. >> it's been very, very tough for me and her dad. >> how a local family's dealing with the 5,000-mile gap that separates them from their daughter. and the world is watching, nobody knows that more than simone biles. we hear from the superstar, as she hopes to add to her legacy. and good evening. we're going to get to those
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headlines in tokyo in just a moment. but we begin a developing story here at home. former senator barbara boxer attacked and robbed near jack london square. ? . >> it happened in the middle of the day, after a plan was announced to crackdown on violent crime. >> unfortunately, i'm not surprised. >> reporter: derrick johnson is the owner of the home of chicken and waffles. the restaurant is two blocks away from where former senator barbara boxer was assaulted and robbed. >> robberies and car break-ins in oakland have gotten really out of control. >> reporter: the former senator was robbed here in the 300-block of third street. someone pushed her, grabbed her phone and got into a get away car. later she released this tweet confirming what happened and
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saying she's thankful she was not seriously hurt. he hope this is assault on a public figure will be a wake-up call for action. >> we need to work with law enforcement to beef up security. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf releasing a statement saying she was deeply troubled to learn of the assault and robbery on the former senator. today two hours before the attack on boxer, the police chief, along with the fbi and other city leaders held a news conference to talk about plans to address violent crime in oak land's chinatown. johnson said all of it must stop. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a twin-engine jet crashed near the pond rosa golf cours
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somebody posted this on instagram. it was trying to land just after 1:00 when that accident happened. it's not clear how many people were on board, but the nevada county coroner says no one survived. let's go to tokyo where athletes are dealing with the pandemic and this, a heavy storm, forcing some events to change their schedule for tomorrow. also a roof leak. there's no need for alarm. >> the games must go on despite the wild weather. the athletes have trained so hard, come this far, need through the pandemic delay. they can't let rain ruin this now. >> reporter: what else can you throw at everyone here in tokyo, but yeah, it's happening. last night overnight we could hear it in our hotel, rain and rain. and today kind of drizzly. pockets of sunshine. you're talking about the rowing being rescheduled.
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the venue is right behind me in the tokyo bay. all this rain another hurdle, another obstacle for team usa and all the athletes. we just chatted with alix klineman. beach volleyball in the rain. >> we're used to playing in this a little bit we don't get a lot of experience in it. it changes the ball a little bit. the ball gets heavier, a little bit slippery, for me it was kind of nice to get a break from the heat. >> reporter: oh, i couldn't agree more. it's about 6 degrees, 7 degrees cooler today. she and her partner april ross beat spain. you're looking at the pool. cal alum ryan murphy, he still lives in berkeley and is the defending gold medallist from the rio olympics. today he gets bronze in the 100 backstroke. two russian swimmers win silver and gold, the first time since 1992 that the u.s. has not won
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gold in the backstroke. katie zaferes wince the bronze medal as well. she lived in santa cruz until recently. the 32-year-old now lives in south carolina. she is a two-time olympian and today wins her first olympic medal. let's talk family now. could you imagine as a parent, all those years of little league or practicing and all that training, and now you can't go to the olympics to watch your son or daughter? that's the sad reality for many of the olympic families, including the courtney family in marin county, but they are cheering on their daughter kate courtney who goes for gold tonight. here in tokyo, we're not missing the love. we're missing the families. those embraces of joy. the hugs for mom and cheek to cheek. so now. it's face time to get time with your loved oning. >> this is brutal.
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not being able to be there, and we've had such little communication with her. because of the time difference. it's been very, very tough for me and her dad. >> reporter: 5,125 miles from tokyo in kentfield, mom, dad and the entire courtney family nervously await kate courtney to hit the trail. the vibrant resident is among the gold medal favorites in mountain biking. but like so many olympians, she won't have her biggest and loudest fans in japan >> my mom is the loudest cheerer of anyone. it actually, it sounds like an ambulance or a fire truck. like, because she's so excited that she can't make it into words. >> i had to devise some kind of cheer that was distinctive and super loud. >> reporter: kate will hear
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this, whether she medals or not, her mother's message will be the same after the olympics. >> i'm so proud of her. i'm proud of the way she competes, the way she traines, the way she handles herself. no matter what happens in the race, it doesn't define her or the world from which she comes, from her family and friends. >> reporter: really incredible family. we thank them for their time. we are crossing our fingers for kate courtney. her event begins this hour right here in tokyo. watching there in kentfield, her grandfather, 95 year old, and her grandmother, 88 years old. they are staying up late tonight, glued to the tv. did you she? see this? this is brazil's surfer carving
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his way to the highest wave so far in tokyo. the waves are not maverick, smaller waves, but this dude was awesome. so we are off and rolling again here on this, gosh, what day is it today? >> it's tuesday for you. tuesday for you. >> reporter: monday night for you guys. >> it will be tuesday for us soon, too. >> reporter: we'll check in with simone biles in a little bit. >> team usa beat south africa today, 20-3 in water polo. the team has a lot of support in the bay area. >> usa! >> go usa! >> fellow water polo players and fans in san francisco had a watch party cheering on five members who play and train at the club. >> we're going to put their
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picture right up there on the wall next to the olympic water polo trophies. but it's going to be fantastic. we haven't medaled since 2008. >> they say they serve as inspiration and have worked hard to make the water polo team and compete in tokyo. the club has had 90 members compete on the world stage. >> well, a lot of people will be staying up late for this one, including the folks in kentfield. in less than two hours, the usa women's soccer team takes on australia. can you watch all the action, 1:00 in the morning, though, not too far away. and you can catch all the highlights on can you also follow along with our local athlete tracker. new at 11:00, summer camp cut short for bay area boy scouts after a covid-19 outbreak. this is at the mendocino national forest about 30 miles north of ukiah. all the scouts are on the way
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back home tonight. the local chapter release add releaseed a statement. we plan to safely reopen on august 1st. california is the first state to impose new covid-related orders. first it was the stay-at-home order. now to will require allstate employees to get vaccinated or tested weekly. governor newsom made the announcement. all 246,000 state employees will either need to provide proof of vaccination or conduct weekly covid testing. it's the latest push to slow down the highly-contagious delta variant. the governor also blasted conservative politicians and pundits. >> we're exhausted by the ron johnsons and tucker carlsons, the margie taylor greens, the
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right wing echo chamber that has been perpetuating misinformation around the vaccine. >> health care providers are trying to get all their employees to comply with the new rule. >> a new poll shows the race is getting tighter. as of last week, 48% favor keeping governor newsom. 43% want to recall him. according to a poll by emerson college in boston. it appears his numbers are declining as coronavirus cases climb again. >> if this pandemic decides to rear its head even more so, the governor's going to have a more difficult time, you're going to have those who didn't want to be re-masked and those who didn't want to be masked period. >> the governor has larry elder as the surprise leader among the
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opposition with 16%. a live look at the u.s. capitol where tomorrow the search for answers begins of the house committee investigating the deadly january 6 insurrection at the capitol will have its first hearing tomorrow. law enforcement officers are expected to testify. you can watch the hearing live on nbc lx. that's comcast channel 185 or 11-5 over the air. we're back in 60 seconds. ahead, when will a vaccine be ready for younger kids? a move moderna is making and what it could mean for your family. i'm jeff ranieri. storm ranger is scanning dry conditions right now. but we do have rain to the east and south of us. i'll show you the best chance for our possibility of thunderstorms coming up in about six minutes. and she makes it look so
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easy, but it's not. simone biles talks about the pressure she feels to win more golds for team as you. we're going to check back in with raj live from tokyo, next.
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a live look at the olympic cauldron as we continue our coverage. >> members of team usa are in action right now as we speak. while others are preparing to compete. raj joins us again live from tokyo. and the sun is breaking out. it's nice. we know you have a tropical storm moving north of you. team usa softball team is looking for a little revenge and gold. it's going to happen in a few hours. >> reporter: it's going to be fun watching usa softball, especially because some of the key players are from the bay area. the sun you mentioned, you guys are good luck here. the sun poking through here on tokyo bay. let's talk about team usa softball. yes, they are in the gold medal finals against japan. coincidently, they also played
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japan yesterday to finish up the round robin tournament. they beat japan 2-1 on a walk-off home run in the bottom of the seventh inning. remember they go seven innings. it's important because this win gives usa the home team status for the gold medal game. in international softball you want to be the home team, because if it goes extra inning, they put the runner on second base to start the inning, which really gives a good advantage to the home team. monica abbott from santa cruz could be the starting pitcher. she has been magical so far in the first several games. monica arioto is also starting. the g.o.a.t., a little shaking during the qualifying event, the gymnasts finished second to russia no qualifying. she talked about the difficulty of doing what she does at her
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age >> definitely get tired a lot quicker. i'm a little bit more scared of of my skills now. when i was younger i was fearless, now i'm going, okay, this could go wrong, this could go wrong. i could do this, that scares me a little bit. and just getting up every day and going back to the gym is just like something always hurts. you always have aches and pains. >> reporter: we know how you feel. by the way, she's 24 years young. but in terms of a gymnastics body, that's a lot of wear and tear especially for the accomplishments and duty that she's put in. we're talking about the exchange, a slice of tokyo. in terms of the money, it's yen here, about 100 yen to $1. like everything in japan, it's spotless and beautiful. this is 1,000 yen. that's a 1,000-yen note, which is about $10. it gets you a nice bowl of ramen or other treats, make sake or
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sushi. i love the exchange rate. good value for your buck here. >> yes, very, very true. like that $1,000 bill. >> thanks, raj. glad you're having sunshine. a bay area olympian's trip to tokyo is back on tonight. luis has been running since before he was a student in fairfield. now he attends a university in arizona. he placed second in the 5,000-meter race, but as a daca recipient he can't run for the u.s. because he's not a citizen or legal permanent resident. so his home country of guatemala invited him to run for their team. he was granted special permission to go to tokyo. the race happens august 3rd. tomorrow night in prime time, katie ledecky goes for gold in the 1500 meter freestyle
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and freestyle finals. plenty of other athlete also be competing. u.s. versus tunisia with brothers from stanford. san jose state's colton brown and the women's water polo team with maggie stefen and makenzie fischer. so many of those names are familiar to all of us. the thing that struck me about watching simone biles make that, when you see them up close what a difference five years makes. i remember seeing her in rio. she was like a teenager and had a teenager-like vibe to her. and you see her, and she's like a woman now. 24, considered older. >> even the way she presents herself, a little bit more, it's really fascinating. >> sounds like she can't bounce back as quickly either. feeling the aches and pains every day. >> i thought it was interesting now she analyzes things in a different way. that could go wrong, this could
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go wrong. >> you've been analyzing the tropical storm. it's moving north of tokyo now? >> the worse of the rain and wind is over in tokyo. that's good news. we had events delayed. they are on the good side of things as we bring you into the microclimate forecast. let's show you back here at home what's ruling our weather, and you might have noticed it today i know a lot of us definitely had the cloud cover moving overhead. that was from monsoonal moisture we've been telling you about this for days that this would happen today. and it's all because of this setup here, high pressure. heat tomorrow. and we have a smaller system to the south, the counter clockwise is reinforcing this entire pattern and making it like a conveyor belt and keeping those choices across the state. a closer look will show two areas i'm concerned about. two the south and to the east.
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no lightning on the current loop at least as of right now. it's from these two area weise areas. the best chance would be around 4:30. this would lift off to the north around 11:00 a.m. and eventually everybody will get in on the sun. so may feel a little strange to you tomorrow morning. some humidity. temperatures starting in the 60s. i have 60 for the tri valley. the north bay will be the coolest spot due to an ocean breeze, temperatures in the upper 50s. as we move through the afternoon. sunshine is on tap for us, and with that system starting to pull away we should start to see
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things heat back up again. today was cooler, but tomorrow it does get hotter. down to san jose, 86, we're going to have 50s at the coastline. low 70s coming wednesday and thursday. and then a nice weekend shaping up with plenty of 60s. for the inland valleys, up to 98 tomorrow. mid-90s wednesday, thursday and friday and down to 88 sunday. let's take you back out to tokyo. look at this, top line of temperatures is the heat index, temperature plus humidity. it's the feels-like temperature, and it's going to be a scorcher. feels like mid to upper 90s for the rest of the week with on-again, off-again chances for thunderstorms. everything raj is dealing with out there is like the on and off record that's been playing for him. so i think athletes are getting used to it, but it's definitely a little it difficult. >> they probably train in all
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those conditions. just ahead. it's not a request. it's a requirement. the dixie fire, 22% contained. the fire has burned 200,000 acres in butte county. cal fire says it's the 15th-largest fire in california history. it has destroyed 22 structures and 10,000 more are threatened. we're back with more. oneworld welcomes alaska airlines
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as the bay area's newest global airline, so you can fly to more places around the world. now alaska mileage plan members can easily earn and redeem miles worldwide. that means up to 1,000 worldwide destinations, and elite priority check-in and boarding, and elite international lounge access. that's a big deal for a big world of travel. go global with alaska airlines and oneworld. learn more at welcome to this world.
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you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive one of the women who built a ship in richmond has passed away. her service to the country did not stop when the war as over.
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phyllis gould worked state side for the war effort and she began a letter-writing campaign that would go on for 12 years. >> her letters, anything to catch their eye didn't work. but when she wrote to vice president biden he got her letter and called her on the telephone and invited her to washington, d.c. >> she and designed the rosie the riveter medal. she was 99 years old. new at 11:00, younger kids could be eligible for the vaccine. moderna plans to expand the vaccine trial for kids 5-11.
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the expansion will quote increase the likelihood of detecting rarer events. the vaccine could be ready for approval early this winter or early next year. you'll have to prove you're vaccinated if you want to grab a drink in san francisco. the bar alliance has decided the 500-member bars must require patrons to be vaccinated to get inside, another option, proof of a 72-hour negative covid-19 test. all others are welcome to sit outside. the new policy starts thursday. on the peninsula, masks are back in san mateo count. as of today, face coverings are required in all county buildings. the county is recommending mask masks for places like grocery stores and theaters. the county calls the statistics
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troublesome. she's got her work cut out for her tomorrow, katie ledecky's busy day.
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the games about an hour ago. she lost a straight set. osaka had the honors of lighting the olympic flame. and from tennis to table tennis. a woman in taipei won in the third round. >> in women's beach volleyball, alix klineman and april ross continue to take care of business. they defeated spain. klineman was an all american at stanford in volleyball before switching to beach volleyball. ledecky is set to compete in the 1500-meter freestyle. the russian olympic committee is third with 15 medals. we're back.
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you've seen the bouquets handed out to medalists, but the flowers have a special meaning, they were grown in three provinces in japan hit hard by the earthquake and tsunami. >> that's really nice. >> and so meaningful.
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>> hydrangeas? >> looks like it. tropical storm came and athletes seemed to like it because it brought down the temps a bit. the heat was in the 90s. >> we'll take tropical storm activity, because it's so uncomfortable. you can see on the forecast, the top line of temperatures is the feels-like temperature when you factor in humidity. we're looking at 96 through tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms and staying in mid to upper 90s all the way through the next seven-day forecast. we'll get you a look of the tropical storm tracking. it's still north of tokyo. still may get a few bands of rain with the isolated thunderstorms. but the worst is now pulling away. back here at home we also have unusual humidity, monsoonal moisture moving in. this will bring us an isolated chance for showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm. by the afternoon we get sun, and it's going to be hotter.
11:35 pm
98. it's going to be similar to tokyo in some respects but not as humid. >> so tomorrow 98. >> yeah. >> wow. >> and muggy. >> and muggy. welcome to miami, people. >> exactly. have a nice evening. >> or tokyo lithe. he's going to stand alone in olympic history! the greatest olympic champion of all time. ♪♪ and we welcome you. it is a rainy tuesday morning in tokyo. typhoon was heading our way but it's been downgraded to a tropical storm. the rain not too bad and the outdoor action is continuing, including the women's triathlon.


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