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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 26, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> approaching 6:00 for you right now. fauci's forecast. >> we are going in the wrong direction. >> the possibility of new mask mandates. >> violence erupts. what investigators are telling us. >> a rare event and a good thing that sounds quite concerning. this is in the bay. >> hello on this monday. we've already had a lot of things transpire and more things coming up today. the rain. tie few-like conditions coming up in just 15 minutes.
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>> we'll start out with perry seeing the overnight hours as we get a look at the day, that risk of lightening going on a little too close for comfort. we'll have more on this. >> before i head out with more reports this morning. >> down the peninsula it is not affecting folks coming in we'll
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have more about what's going on. maybe more traffic slowing on the incline and the decline. we'll track that and folks coming off the freeway. that's all right. through the bridge that may see more traffic. >> with covid cases in some places growing. now the cdc may follow suit. talking about two americas adding to the uncertainty.
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>> exactly. the covid response team who has been out in front of this. he made those comments. about half the country is unvaccinated. there is big concerns about that. dr. fauci saying the concern with the number of escalating cases we are seeing with the low vaccination rates that the current vaccine cannot handle. he said this is a difficult place to be. >> kind of like we have two kinds of america. we have the vulnerable unvaccinated part and the really
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relatively protected vaccinated part. >> dr. fauci saying we are going in the wrong direction. that cdc could recommend fully vaccinated people wear masks in doors again. st. louis starting their mask mandates again. now recommending they mask up in doors. that's starting today. >> models also preducting how those numbers will spread. >> saying in the middle of august, we could have 10,000 new cases to 100,000 new cases a
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day. there are also models that show we could see more numbers. >> a live look in los angeles. continue to see those. over 700 cases. continuing to account for 80% of new cases. >> one woman dead and a child injured after the latest freeway shooting. >> live this morning. do we know of any arrests right now? >> not in the case of the woman shot and killed on highway four. according to the latest, the
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shooter was in another vehicle. the 24-year-old woman behind the wheel was shot and killed around 6:30 saturday evening as she drove westbound on highway 4. also shot. and no description of the suspect vehicle looks like. just after midnight saturday morning another shooting which sent a grandmother to the hospital with a sun shot wound. three men started shooting each other, one bullet went through the window. >> there was two guys.
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one went in the store and starting popping off rounds. i thought for sure i would be hit. >> that laid yay was not hit. two others were hit. a second gunman was arrested. two in custody, one in hospital. a thirtd shooter still on the run. firefighters were able to put fires out before they spread and caused damage. the officers chased the suspect through the shopping mall behind me. they cornered him and took him into custody. >> bob. thank you. >> 6:07. the first full week of 2020 big games now in full swing.
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a live look in tokyo. it is 16 hours ahead there. we start our coverage at 5k. china still leading with 15 total medals. the most gold of any nation with seven. japan has nine medals. and rounding out the top four with eight modals. live from tokyo this morning. good morning. >> good morning. good evening. 10:10 pm here in japan. less we for get all the intense emotion. simone now saying she and her teammates feeling the pressure
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on the weight of her shoulders to succeed. really part of winning a medal and competing is managing your mental stress and health. ryan murphy lives in berkley with his girlfriend. he says when it gets to him, he will see a sports psychologist or counselor to help him through it. >> if i feel like i've got a lot on my plate, i'll talk to someone, get stuff down. i do yoga, stretching. those help me lower my stress levels. >> very honest there. 26 years old. no family or friends here. long distance support from mom and dad. he will swim tonight in the back
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stroke. happening live. speaking of mom, she usually packs him, ready for this? a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. >> before i go to a session, i'm eating that every time. she made it for me growing up. when i got to college, i kept it going. >> we'll see him today in the ready room. talking simone biles now. we are used to perfection. team usa had some stumbles. they finished second. team usa goes into the team final a little shaken.
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that is tomorrow. >> aside from the olympians. other gold medallists here are the meteorologists. typhoon weather creeping up. i came ready for the heat and humidity. no one told me about the typhoon. >> it is just going to pass to the north of you. i'm going to keep this away. we look at the temperatures now. working with all of the heavy rain on wednesday. it looks like it does clear on
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thursday. it will be hot and humid. you have been watching breaking news. >> there is a delay heading up the east bay out of the south bay. a separate issue than the one going through san francisco. single tracking through the stations because of the power supply. only one direction causing the delays. right now, it is holding steady. typical for a monday. a deer was hit on highway 84. tracking some delays on the bart back yutu. are you planning a summer
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get away? the groiing number unplugging and stepping away from the office. >> california to take on another summer wild fire leaving more homeowners worried about the worst outcome. labor shortages and prices are getting better. take you out to the futures this morning. we'll explain why when today in the bay continues.
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s. good monday morning. not our typical coastal clouds. these are monsoonal clouds. it is going to be humid today. we are watching out for a chance of thunderstorms this evening. >> and major delays holding steady. we'll keep track of that and
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i'll show you the bigger picture. >> tesla looking forward to profits. we do expect they'll set new records on the amount of money. see what the investment of bitcoin did. the value of bitcoin has been on a bit of a free fall but now recovering. the highest it has been in weeks. >> after another winning week. trade tacks as u.s. and china. lucid motors will go public through a spac and will trade shares. we don't have the patience for full explanation of spac. an unusual way to take a company
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public. becoming more common. >> no feud in the family of economists. saying shortages will continue through this year. the survey says we are in for that shortage for the long haul. >> big problem. we'll see if it changes come september, october. we'll see. thank you. also new this morning.
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it seems more of us are unplugging. more americans finally using all or most of those vacation days. more of us also shutting off our phone or laptop. 82% plan to have less contact with the office when gone. i still have maternity leave. >> a teen found that puffed up dorito and decided to sell it on ebay. she got up to $100 for the chip. later she said it was just an experiment. they've given her ntpreneurial .
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>> they sell a full line. they had to go to me. >> that too. >> why would you not have taken $100,000? >> why are people bidding on this? what's wrong with us? why are people bidding on a dorito chip? let's move on to weather. something more serious.
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kwer we are going to see this from the moisture coming in. spotty showers overnight. very hit or miss activity. late tomorrow to the afternoon, we start to see that activity roll gs to the north of us. we are watching closely. this is not going to help us out. may bring in lightening.
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get ready for a hot week. some mid-90s. cooler for the weekend. san francisco getting more sunshine. high here in the low 70s. >> the single tracking. that's the problem on the track. i might have gotten those stations wrong. bay bridge is looking great. tri-valley as well. coming up next, nbc bay area
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this week, we are arming you with tips and vital information you need for the threat of wild fire. >> joining us, recommending
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three steps for a wild fire checkup. is your insurance agent in your contact? they should be. get on the phone with them and review your homeowners policy. when your coverage doesn't match the actual cost of rebuilding, something has to give. >> it can be very difficult. >> the american property casualty, can you review your policy with a simple phone call. >> recommending you discuss extended replacement cost coverage to prepare for price jolts, rebuilding afterwards. >> the replacement cost coverage will give you more. that's even more important this
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year. it is your responsibility to update your coverage. >> that yellow line here, you cannot depend on those increases to actually match construction costs. that's the red line. home insurance issues, go to nbc bay area responds. i'll be back on wednesday to talk about power lines. you share some responsibility with pg&e to keep those clear. >> good to have you in-house. a violent standoff leaving a deputy dead. the call that triggered a deadly shoot out. >> as vaccine rates flatten out and the delta area spread. could a new order be brewing?
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♪ who's your rock? a new push from a doctor to make vaccines required. and who is seeing the worst of congestionon and the pricing push to help ease. into and fire fighters with a
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heroic rescue. good morning. we'll look at the morning commute in bit. >> rain in the middle to end of july is unusual. this morning we are seeing some cloudy skies. humid and the tropical system moving just north. 6:31 right now with the delta variant spreading. one high-profile doctor sparking new debate. he wants to require everyone receive a vaccine. this could make a huge difference. >> we are seeing pretty
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incredible surges. we've heard this day bait. now that notable voice that says asking nicely is not enough. >> yes, the pl ticks are hard but dying is worse continuing it is time for that mandate. right now, the delta variant is hitting the population of unvaccinated people very hard. 99% among those who have not gotten a shot. the daily case rate according to the bay area in those groups
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requiring all faculty and staff. so are many universities. bay area health officialles calls on employers. you might remember the last time we talked about a possible mandate. we asked could our bosses require us to be vaccinated? the answer is, yes they can. if you choose not to, you can be fired for that? depends on your work place. >> vaccines for children. this applies to staff and the
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public regardless of your vaccination status. >> a deputy has died from a shoot out. >> that was the sunday o skpariy responded from the second of two gun battles. one later died. the other is expected to survive. today in the bay, live this morning with more on this and where driving may soon become part of a bigger price to pay.
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>> traffic here a topic of information. things lulled during the pandemic one agency is working on a study and could cost a little bit of money. san francisco county transportation authority is leading a study. drivers co-pay a price to cross into the boundary area and looking to making the pricing clear and exploring pricing based on income. they are looking at $6.50 for high-income drivers. public input will help shape that cost.
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the average number of miles is up to almost 30%. at levels. according to the document with several companies exploring the concept of this pricing. cities like seattle and vancouver have been exploring it. implementing the pricing. looking to make a little more progress and have the final report on this progress. >> thank you. mike joins us now. >> some people who hear traffic
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is back might say, wait my morning commute is easier. we see it spread out through the day. that is less focused throughout the day. the hov lanes can get you through the area. same amount of drivers. we are concerned now with the traffic. >> one of the reasons is the delay for the bart system. headed towards daly city. single tracking to the city. that is the issue that will look very nice.
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>> we could see a little fog over the bay bridge now. turning our attention to southern california. all of this rain headed closer and closer. we could see some of that rain. it is not a lot of rain and we could see some lightening strikes. we'll track that and talk more coming up. >> firefighters making a push. the number of structures now standing at 16.
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with that order lifting it. that fire has burned 100,000 acres. >> scarey moments proofing that crews are first responders and never off the clock. >> saving a 10-year-old boy from drowning. >> i do. i have four. it is hard not to look at a crew and think of my kid. >> they were staying at the hotel and heard screams from the pool area when they saw the young boy. no word on his condition. still much more ahead. including. another deadly freeway shooting here in the east bay. the latest on the search for the
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suspect or suspects. >> in washington the investigation continues. getting to new york where the dow is much less than we were expecting. causing controversy, a female athlete team told they could not wear shorts. stay with us. you are watching today in the bay.
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good monday morning. we had headed out the door and seeing some clouds rolling by. seeing some peeks of sunshine leading to the thunderstorm later this evening. recovering from delays. we'll see how that shapes upcoming up. >> a woman dead and a child injured in the latest freeway shooting. making for a busy weekend for
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first responders. >> any arrests? >> not as of yet according to the latest from soter or shoote away. the vick tim was a 24-year-old woman. in concord and a child in the front passenger seat shot and survived. a child in the baby seat behind the driver was not hurt. that driver ended up crashing into the guard rail. no description of what that vehicle looks like one of those
6:45 am
bullets went through the car and hit a grandmother. she was in stable condition. two other people shot including one of the gunman. >> in brentwood on friday, the man was arrest. starting two to three wildfires. spreading fire out before causing any damage. the shopping mall behind me. cornered in the clothing store and took him into custody. reporting live here from the bay. >> a quarter to 7:00 right now. president biden will celebrate 31 years of the americans with disabilities act. >> he ushered in that law and you have new information about foreign travel restrictions.
6:46 am
>> just crossing my desk, the united states is not going to continue to allow a number ever people in the united states because of the delta variant. this includes the uk, not without a 14-day quarantine. all of the chinese countries and including americans traveling to the uk. just don't do it. >> p when the historians write books about president biden, they'll have to divide it to vice president and president. making the ada happen. ramps, braille and closed captioning. illinois congressman adam
6:47 am
kinzinger, the second republican. in a statement he says, i'm a republican dedicated to conservative values but i swore an oath to up hold and defend the constitution and while this is not the position i expected to be in or sought out, when duty calls, i will always answer. >> he still serves as a military pilot was one of 10 republicans to vote in favor of trump's impeach finding his actions had been dangerous and that he was not fit to be the president. you'll see him described a number of ways reading headlines. talking about him as an anti-trump republican. fox news calls him the leader of anti-trump. and gop impeacher. these are all accurate. he says he supports the united
6:48 am
states. he has a movement that is called country first. we'll continue to follow that. >> donald trump was at a rally in arizona over the weekend k4 he repeated those election lies. the form ever president's former head held on a quarter billion dollars bail accused of acting as a paid lobbyist for the united arab emprits without telling anyone. you can follow me on twitter. thank you. one snow leopard at the san diego zoo among the state's newest covid cases. the caretakers noticed a cough and runny nose.
6:49 am
no, clear how the snow leopard was infected but that he is not vaccinated. a gorilla tested positive for the virus. singer pink, supporting members of the norwegian beach handball team. >> the team fined for refusing to wear bikini bottoms. they wore shorts saying they are keeping what is considered, quote, sexist rules. the handball federation says it lans to change uniform requirements. hard to believe.
6:50 am
>> it's going to be hot today especially in the valley. look at the beautiful sun rise. get back out there with the camera. clouds rolling by. that moisture has moved in. we are at 60 degrees. that will be warming up with a mix of sun and clouds. we'll be tracking a chance of thunderstorms. we'll see how close it gets later on this evening. as we go up to tonight, take a look at those models. it is not enough to help us with the drought. embedded in some showers, it may be possible thunderstorms. that rain evaporates. we are still left with the
6:51 am
lightening strikes which could spark fires. by the evening, those chances go down. up to 81 in napa. 87 for the high in liver more. once that humidity moves out. the temperatures go up. we'll see those types. san francisco will be in the low 70s. you are tracking some breaking news. just released, we have delays is the power issue reported. power has been restored in both directions causing the big delay. in san francisco, you should be
6:52 am
good recovery. typical flowing a little through san jose. also highway 4 really kicking in you now. there may be a stall just past the toll plaza. there it is but nothing unexpected. back to you. more talk about the possibility of a third booster shot to slow the spread of the coronavirus. dr. fauci saying the cdc is looking foo value whose immune systems are compromised. for now, the data is at the preliminary stages. >> masking up again. what america's top doctors are
6:53 am
saying about the new mandate. >> we are live in tokyo. we'll check in with the marine family hoping for gold for her daughter. >> and a typhoon on the way to japan. we'll have the latest.
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moving forward with a look at the top stories. >> the cdc may recommend. the agency trying to predict how fast the variant may spread. recommending you mask up in doors. happening now south of lake tahoe. 65,000 acres since the 4th of july. the fire is now about 30% contained. >> the first full week at the olympic competition. things to be concerned about. worries about the weather there.
6:57 am
as she was mentioning early this hour here. we'll come north of tokyo but still hit hard with a lot of rain. a lot of events to come from rowing and beach volleyball. going to marine county. 5,121 miles away. family dinner. mom, dad, fiance, grandma, grandpa. all there ready to cheer her on. 25 years old. she might medal.
6:58 am
she's one of the best mountain bikers in the world. she tells me her mom is her biggest and loudest fan. >> my mom is the loudest cheerer of anyone. it sounds like an ambulance or fire truck. she's so excited that she can't make it into words. >> i had to devise some kind of cheer that was distinctive and super loud so she would know i was there. >> super loud but of course you want to be there. she said it is brutal not being here in tokyo to cheer on her doubt. hopefully she brings home a medal. >> i can see you with the triples just out there screaming. >> you bet. little by mighty and loud. little by loud.
6:59 am
thanks a lot. nbc bay area is your home for the olympics tonight at 8:30. rooting for the men in south africa. women's volleyball team in china. catch your local headlines. a quick look at weather. we are watching for a chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms. >> we are back up out of richmond heading west. it looks like we are cleared. should be better news. the 80 to bay bridge. the bart has you covered now and that is a minor delay. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live news update.
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>> the flame burning bright or there, 16 hours ahead. keep it right here. thank you for making us part of your morning. have a good one. the today show is up next for you. >> the closest -- good morning. striking gold. >> the united states are going to put away another gold medal. >> a strong start for team usa led by the u.s. men and swimming sensation caeleb dreelsso t begin his quest for six gold medals. and a battle in the pool that lives up to the hype. katie ledecky facing down her archrival from australia, beaten by just milliseconds to win silver. >> delivered as advertised. >> we'll go one-on-one with both stars. and a ne


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