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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 26, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now we are going to watch out for a chance of thunderstorms. there will be a risk of some lightening. a chance of seeing lightening and thunder. for us in the bay area, there will be a slight chance of rain over south california we'll a little bit of rain and thunderstorm. overnight including early tomorrow. watching automatic of that and we are watching the tropical system. how is it looking for the commute. >> looking at a smooth drive. traffic here. one area of concern is eastbound
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580. now learning one lane is blocked as a result of the crew there. your traditional slowing. that eastbound did clearup. a smooth drive as well out of the north bay. no problem as we head across the north bay back to you. >> with covid cases growing. more and more cities are considering new mask requirements tracie potts in washington. >> are there?
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>> we are talking a number of incidents here in the shooter in another vehicle did get away. another woman in a toyota camery was shot and killed. a child in the front passenger seat also shot but survived. the child in a baby seat was not shurt. the car ran into a rail. just after midnight saturday morning another shooting sent a
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grandmother to the hospital. >> there were two guys. went in the store, started popping off rounds. i thought for sure i was going to be hit. the third shooter still out and about. starting two or three fires the
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officers chased them into a closing store. reporting for today in the bay. >> we were talking about those covid cases. the cdc may now be considering doing the same thing. >> let's check with tracie potts this morning. the nation's top doctor adding to the uncertainty going on. >> absolutely. two americas. those vaccinated and those not. nearly half the country remains
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unvaccinated. happening now, almost all deaths, 99% are people not vax nalted. dr. fauci says we are going in the wrong direction. dr. fauci fears the vaccinated are at risk. the spread and it will mutate. the cdc could soon recommend fully vaccinated people wear masks again in doors.
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all bay area counties except for salano county are skk i mask up indoors. now happening in california and the bay areaia. >> a lot of big concerns going on. 5:06. tri valley summer camp operates for children 5 to 11 years old. last week, five campers tested positive. no adults were inspected.
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>> evacuation orders were lifted. that fire now about 30% contained. smoke from the nearby dixie fire is impacting some of the visibility. >> the full full week now. beginning the coverage at 5k. >> japan has 11 and the community rounds out the top four with eight medals. >> you know what i love about
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this. i've been up all day. all night. i'm ahead of you. we are ready to go. just graduated last month and she's back in the pool. she didn't win gold. she won silver. it was close. australia swimmer wins gold. on this monday, we have an apology. olympians should never apologize if they try their best. this guy dos. from san francisco. still among the best in the world. favored to win gold. he gets shocked in the prelims. eliminate ped by his opponent
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from germany. alex, his dad said he didn't respond well i'm so sorry i wasn't able to live up to my own expectations. he luke forward to winning gold in the team event. >> another arrives later today. kate courtney, a mountain biker from marin county. mom, dad, fiance. the dog. whole deal. she competes tonight.
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25 years old. says her mom is her biggest, loudest fan. >> my mom is the loudest cheerer. it sounds like an ambulance or a fire truck. she is so excited she can't make it into words. i had to device some kind of cheer that was distinctive and super loud so she would know i was there. >> hard for those saying it is brutal being so far away. weather permitting, she goes for gold tonight. >> finally, remaining in
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quarantine. 7-11. they are fantastic. they are spotless. the 7-11 i'm used to. here, they are fantastic. i could see the muffuletta sandwich. stay healthy, my friend. >> 45 miles an hour puts it
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there all of the warmth and humidity and possibility of thunderstorms. as we go to thursday, it is moving on tracking the weather and beyond. how is it looking now we do have an issue. we'll watch for any developments of lanes blocked. a smooth flow on that side of the bay and east bay as well.
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it is 5:15, north bay temperatures feeling cooler with low 50s right now. notice these clouds. we'll see our temperatures slowly warming up.
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>> this monday morning says those experts expect to race prices. the labor choice r shortage is a bit surprising to those who say we have that shortage because we are paying too much in employment. those extra benefits have expired. california keeping them until around september. tesla will report its profits and report the car company will set records in the number of cars made. we'll look through the books to see the investment in bitcoin. value had been in a bit of a free fall and since recovered some losses. highest in weeks just in time for tesla.
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set to spend trillions on infrastructure. the vote to come out as two side $decide how much to spend on mass transit. you are going to get a lot of news about democrats and republicans argument. truthfully in the senate, there is a lot of stuff coming together in a really bipartisan way. >> that's good to hear. thank you. check your wallet. if you've been waiting to use that gift card you got over the holidays, you are not alone. new bankrate says americans are
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sitting on $15 billion in unused gift cards and credit. an average of $116 per person. the top reason people give, either they loose them or the business actually shutting down. >> which is why you want to use them. >> use them fast. >> i have some baby r u.s. ones. >> they shut down. picked up karate at age 58. she got interested taking her
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granddaughter to lessons. she met chuck norris who told her she was his inspiration to start training again. >> such a loving heart. his family is wonderful. they really, care. she's also an actress and artist. >> you are five black belts behind but you can catch up. >> you can catch up. >> chopping away at the
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forecast. i did take my son to some karate lessons last summer or i guess it was the summer before. let's get you out the door. i know you want to see what's going on in the forecast. we are feeling that humidity. our air quality still really good. blowing that smoke off to the east but a little settling in.
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bringing in that moisture we typically see across the southwest. wringing in that heat. looking to the north bay. 87 today in liver more and more continue easy. if some of our hot spots reached the high. we'll see upper 80s in san francisco. highs in the low 70s. there is a second report of a crash just like this. both of them are a distraction.
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starting to slow down a little more. looking at travel time around 30 minutes. >> next here, we respond with a wild fire checkup for you.
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>> this week, we are arming you with tips and tricks for the threat of wildfires. >> three steps with a wild fire checkup this morning. >> get on the phone and review your homeowners policy. possibly you are under insured. when the coverage doesn't match the cost to rebuild your house. >> it could be very difficult. the american property casualty they recommend you discuss replacement cost coverage that
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will give you more. >> it is your responsibility to adjust your policy. do call your agent. perhaps we can help. go to the website or call us. i'll be back on wednesday with a surprising look at your responsibility for those power lines in your backyard or front yard. >> watch the trees. we'll be back in a bit.
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the new push from prominent bay area doctor forcing everyone to get covid-19 vaccinations. >> traffic picking up. we'll break down the worst of it. >> and the rescue. helping with fires in the right place at the right time. >> a very good monday morning to you. >> we'll get to the commute in
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just a bit. >> we have more watching. there will be a risk of lightening today as the search moves northward. there could be lightening and/or rain. how is it looking overall for the commute. >> we are looking at slowing on the 101. debris fine getting cleared. a report of someone hitting that
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debris. discovery bay, we'll check more traffic coming up. >> with the delta var yeahant to require everyone to get the some bay area counties, that could make a huge difference. >> we are seeing a surge, before the mandate was mandatory. now that voice saying asking nicely is not enough to kill covid. the chair of medicine said yes, the politics are hard but dying is worse and retaking the economy. nothing else gets us where we need to go. right now, the delta variant is hitting unvaccinated people.
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99% of all infections statewide are among those who have not gotten the shot. daily case rate is 13 of 100,000 in contra costa and 15 per 100,000 in sonoma group. all students, faculty and staff to get vaccinated. during that last time yes, your employer can require you to get vaccinated and can fire you if you refuse.
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>> happening today, a free vaccine clinic. all required vaccines will be available. the clinic starts at 10:00 a.m. then as i was saying. this applies to staff and the public county leaders make that decision. >> a deputy dies in kern county. that is the sound of deputies squaring off with a gunman northwest of bakersfield. they responded to reports of two people responding to the house.
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those two cars in the road with people driving to get there. >> now leaders are looking for answers. >> joining us live where they may soon come. >> the topic of discussion here in san francisco. the county agency looking to enforce a toll or fee for having to drive in some of those areas looking at making that pricing
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fair by exploring pricing looking at income. looking at study time line pros year for recommendations next step in those reports. >> how much of an increase we are seeing. cal trans said the average number of miles are up and 6 of the 9 counties are at or above those levels. >> already exploring similar fees. a few cities have already implemented congestion fees like singapore and milan. looking at san francisco as the study moves further and further.
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>> we are talking overall we are seeing more cars. it might be misleading. >> it is a little spread out. maybe more cars with an adjusted amount. >> let's take you further out. these are not just numbers. they are cars moving through right now. through the bottom of the screen
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a crash blocking one lane eastbound. unto problems there. that's pretty good. the tri valley can get slow right now. we get a look at what's going on. looking across the region. showers and thunderstorms firing up. we are watching this. all a part of the system through the bay. bringing us a chance we could see some isolated showers. we talk about some dry lightening. very little rain. that's not enough to help out with the drought situation. that could spark new fire. watching closely. that's coming up in a few
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minutes. 5:38, happening now, firefighters are making a push to tackle the dixie fire. a number of a 16. one couple stayed behind because of their animals. i was relieved. about 20% contained. new this morning. an incredible story posted from fire crews.
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proving first responders are never off the clock. this is after saving a 10-year-old boy from drowning. >> i do have kids. i have four. it is hard not to look at a kid and go, hey, could be my kid. >> staying at the hotel when they heard screams coming from the pool area and saw the boy. they started cpr and got the child to start breathing again. crews are grateful they were there to help. coming up, california adventuring. new program giving people free access to state parks. who qualifies and how to get in on this deal. a new republican assigned to the january 6 attack investigation.
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could be congested. president biden will celebrate 31 years of the americans with disabilities act today. >> when historians write the book about biden, they'll have to divide them to to vice president to president. the move to offer closed captioning and more. and added to the committee to investigate the january 6 attack on the capitol. the second republican chosen. in a statement he said, i'm a
5:45 am
republican dedicated to conservative values but i swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. this is not the position i expected to be in or sought out, when duty calls i will answer. >> he still serves as a military pilot was one of 10 republicans who was in favor of the trump impeach calling his actions dangerous. he describes a number of ways. the headliner calls him an anti-trump republican. or anti-trump leader. gop impeacher. he says he calls country first. >> i do believe the work of this committee in order to retain the confidence of the american
5:46 am
people. i'm very proud of the committee and certain they'll accomplish that goal. >> and the former president former head of the inauguration will be arraigned held on a quarter million bail. paid lobbyist for united arab emirates without telling anyone he was. on twitter, you'll find me @scott mcgrew. count one snow leopard that tests positive with covid-19. one animal and two separate tests confirming the status.
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not clear how he was infected. zoo keepers say he was not vaccinated. months ago, eight gorillas tested positive. the california state park pass signed into law by the governor. offers free passes to fourth grade students and family for a year. starting september 21st. also establishing the library state park pass. >> the women's handball team
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refused to way bikini bottoms. they were fined. pink will pay their fine. >> they should. those look like biking shorts. >> only on a hot day. >> early in the morning and under the desk. >> you can put those back on later today. it is going to be hot. >> our temperatures heat up for some spots. it is cool and foggy right now. we start out with clouds rolling by. we have a chance we could see some showers developing. watching some moisture. as we've seen here at 9:00.
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starting to see some rain moving into the valley. we'll have the highest risk that could spark some is new fires. we go early tomorrow morning, we'll be watching some of that rain moving in with spotty activity but isolated lightening chances because of the high humidity. we could see some thunderstorms popping up. we'll be monitoring that today. what is happening is that high pressure is making its way that is usually over the desert southwest forcing it into the bay area. once the humidity is out, we are stuck with high pressure. as we take a look at the
5:50 am
temperatures today. we look at our seven-day forecast. we see the humidity dekreegs. that heat goes up. mid-80s to mid-90s. by thursday, the temperatures peak. san francisco seeing more sunshine. highs in the mid-70s. >> this is bad news for those traveling. delays out of sf. across daily city or each bay. equipment reported off the track.
5:51 am
there may be more problems across the bridge. just some slowing on the incollide there. watch for shift in the volume. we do see that slowing through san jose at the 101. 5:80. we have a crash in both directions. on the shoulder. eastbound in both directions. highway 4 at discovery bay
5:52 am
boulevard. standard traffic is slow. volume getting busier. if you can choose, you might want to choose san mateo, the bart delay may be an issue. we'll track that. back to you. >> happening now, more talk about the possibility of a third booster shot associated with the vaccine. slowing the spread of the coronavirus. the cdc advisory that may lead to a third shot especially those whose immunity may be compromised. >> more ahead including the covid out break at a summer camp. the number of kids that tested
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positive and the measures now. shipping on the west coast. stay with us today. every one of us is connected.
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everyone. everywhere. where everyone is included. where everyone has access to information, education, opportunity. ♪ ♪ ♪ when everyone and everything is connected. that's really beautiful. anything is possible. good morning. cisco. the bridge to possible.
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summer camp now canceled. operating the camphor children 5 to 11. last week, five campers tested positive. canceled for the rest of the summer. all in-person events were canceled so teams could disinfect the building. a deadly landslide without warning. those terrified witnesses screaming for people to get out of the way. rocks destroying the bridge. 13 injured several dead. fighting the county south of lake tahoe. evacuation orders lifted yesterday. smoke from the dixie fire now impacting some of the
5:57 am
visibility. don't be surprised if the nation's jet fuel shortage impacts flights along the west coast. that's what law makes in nevada are starting to fear. in new york, the rescue effort for mother and baby struck by a car that crashed into a barber shop. first a warning, you may find this video disturbing. >> car hitting the curb and striking the woman and her eight-month old baby. the bystanders.
5:58 am
lifting the vehicle off the infant. that driver arrested. a group of thrill seekers at a roller coaster in new mexico. rescue crews after one of the park roller coaster got stuck. seven teenagers rescued there. this is a bright story here.
5:59 am
>> looking more like 83 depending who you talk to. this is getting her fifth degree black belt. the legend chuck norris told her she inspired him to get training again. >> he has a loving heart. his family is wonderful she's also an actress.
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>> approaching 6:00 for you right now. fauci's forecast. >> we are going in the wrong direction. >> the possibility of new mask mandates. >> violence erupts. what investigators are telling us. >> a rare event and a good thing that sounds quite concerning. this is in the bay. >> hello on this monday. we've already had a lot of things transpire and more things coming up today. the rain. tie few-like conditions


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