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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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one of the most talked about match ups of the entire olympics. going for the gold and down to the wire. a heartbreaking loss for a bay area olympian. reaction from the athletes father. >> the nations top doctor said reigniting the debate about wear masks in public. >> something so many people need. affordable housing. why some say the solution is hidden in plain sight. we investigate the state housing crisis. >> news starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us.
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>> the competition heating up to close the first weekend of action. it's monday afternoon in japan. some of the biggest stars are hoping for better performances this come. let's go outside to tokyo live. the olympic flame is burning bright. >> live from tokyo. and incredibly exciting competition tonight. >> we got it. we have dramatic story lines. that's the beauty of the olympics. what's happening on monday afternoon. look behind me. it's gray skies. the rain is coming in in a big way. that will impact the schedule of the games. we'll talk about the weather later. let's start with katy la decky the headliner. she graduated from stanford last month. five gold medals coming into the tokyo. silver is almost like a let
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down. not bad today. she finishes second in the 400 free. australian wins gold. let's talk about the covid case count. it continues to rise. every day new athletes test positive. another heavy weight in golf will not be competing. this is the world's top ranked golfer of spain. testing positive. he won the u.s. open in san diego last month. updated numbers 16 new cases over night. we are at 153 total cases tied to the olympics. 16 of the 183 are athletes. here comes the heartbreak. all relates to san fra the fencing event. he was the favorite to win gold. this is a shock.
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he won silver in rio. this was supposed to be his time for gold. instead he's out. had lives and trains in san francisco. went to stanford. certainly a tough day for him. i spoke with his dad who is the head coach for team usa fencing. he tells me and quote all this isolation got to him and he tensed up. this modified quarantine has been hard on him. rat least he will clear quarantine the day before the team event. he has the opportunity for the gold in the team fencing. i should add i was on the flight with the family. we all end quarantine here in japan august 1. now for team u.s. a. basketball. don't be shocked. this is the new reality of international hoops the world has caught up. behind the scenes of the historic loss.
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there was no panic. instead plenty of chatter. green animated on the bench with kevin durant. steve kerr making adjustments. watching france hand the americans their first loss of the olympics since 2004. following lt game no american spoke to reporters. but green stopped to us. >> we have to play better. better on offense. when we have a lead we can't slow down. we have to continue to do the same thing. and pick our defense up. >> it's a really good win. we wanted to start the competition the right way. we'll keep getting better and better. they are the best team in the tournament. >> what now? manage expectations and don't be surprised the world has caught up to america. >> people shouldn't be surprised that the french team or australian team or spanish team
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or -- it doesn't matter who it is. the gap in talent shrinks every year. more and more great players over the world. >> you get a chance to play against the world. represent your country. we obviously think basketball is our game. we want to come out and show that. it's an incredible opportunity. love being here. >> despite the loss, nice to hear from green. later in the newscast, our coverage continues. amazing seeing team u.s. basketball lose. not since athens had they lost. it's a real tournament now. it will be fun to watch. we'll talk about this typhoon like conditions that are coming here. it's going to be wet. >> rob standing by. >> big headline a rough day for gymnastics. the women landed in second place behind russia. in that qualifying round. they'll hit the matt tuesday.
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other athletes tonight stanford malone hitting the floor in men's gymnastics. at 3:00 a.m. prime time tomorrow hitting the sand in beach volleyball. they will take on spain. later in the evening, ryan murphy jumping in the pool going for gold in the 100 meter backstroke. that coverage continues online. you can sign up for daily news letter. five to watch. and stream some live competition. it's all there. you can head to nby bay more olympic athletes test positive over seas here at home dr. fauci says first of all mask guidelines could be changing. and san mateo county they will be changing in and changing tomorrow. to fight the surging delta variant. we have more.
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>> this is under active consideration. >> five words catching attention today. dr. fauci says federal health leaders are considering a new recommendation that of vaccinat. covid cases soaring to 40,000 per day in the u.s. nearly four times the daily average in mid-june. and feds are monitoring surges leek the one in l.a. wear masks are already required for everyone inside. >> the local officials have the discretion and the cdc agrees with that ability. >> in the morning it will be the law in every single building operated by san mateo county. vaccinated or not. you must wear a mask to enter. >> these are the steps to take to protect the community and employees. >> 89% of residents are vaccinated. most of the new cases involve
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unvaccinated. people say they are trying to persuade people to get the shot. >> definitely. i was against it at the beginning. she's like you have to do it. >> it's up to us. the ones who are vaccinated to encourage those who are against it. >> supervisor says the county will continue to follow science. and enact more restrictions if needed to save lives. >> covid cancellation a day camp ends the program for the rest of the summer after five kids test positive. the kids five to 11. tested positive last week. forcing organizers to shut the program down. so, all in person events this weekend were cancelled. the building was disinfected. the symptoms were mild and no staff tested positive. >> if you feel like you have been spending more hours in the car lately you are right. traffic is creeping back up.
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check out the roads and bridges. this was about 5:00 p.m. the roads packed. cal tran said the average number of miles driven is up 29%. in six of the nine bay area counties traffic is at or above pre-covid levels. a 4% increase in traffic compared to before the pandemic. in san mateo, traffic is down still by 20%. san francisco also before the pandemic. >> fighting for a clear path to citizen ship. 75 people gathered in front of city hall. to defend daca. the policy that protects undocumented students brought to the u.s. illegally as children. they are out raged a federal judge ruled the program is illegal. and ordered the government to stop granting new applications. he came to the u.s. when he was
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3. and later became a daca recipient. after being deported by ice. >> what's happening is not working. it's not enough. we are renewing daca every two years and paying $500 to renew daca. and we are always living in that uncertainty of when it will be taken away. >> the biden administration plans to appeal the rules and the case could end up in the supreme court. two people arrested in connection with allegedly vandalizing a black lives matter mural in santa cruz. police say they took turns driving over the mural friday night leaving tire marks. dug an emotional community meeting city leaders vowed justice. >> the city will throw the resources needed to right this wrong. as i stand here i'm starting to shake more and more. it breaks my heart. >> police are looking for two other people involved. >> a grass fire kept
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firefighters busy near the marina. before 7:00. took firefighters an hour to knock it down. only two acres burned. >> new video of the fire burning in beaut county for two weeks. more than 192,000 acres are burned it's 21% contained. 16 structures destroyed. crews are working to protect communities the best they can. bay area crews up there helping out. >> all right let's check in and see what's going on weather wise. >> watching for the potential of a change in the weather that could mean more lightening over the sierra. and rare summer showers passing through the bay area. i'll have a closer look at that. >> thank you. live look at tokyo. new rules for athletes on the podium. >> this is supposed to be affordable housing. so is this is this and all of
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we certainly wouldn't live here if we didn't think california is one of the most beautiful places to live. we know that beauty comes with a steep price. >> the state has been in the grips of a housing crisis and yet investigative unit found what some are calling a possible solution. hidden in plain sight. here's investigative reporter. >> we are talking about hundreds of empty lots meant to provide housing being used for nothing. sometimes for years before any sort of construction. so what's the hold up? we investigate. >> reporter: this is supposed to be affordable housing. and so is this. and this.
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and this. and all of these. projects funded in part with your tax dollars. just sitting vacant for months. even years. >> this is the second phase. >> the site is the future home. >> we are the new google headquarters. >> our unit found data from the non-profit enterprise showing 200 shovel ready affordable housing projects that haven't started yet. we went to several of the in oakland, san francisco and san jose. finding some located blocks away from homeless camps. >> if we don't invest, they'll turn into market rate housing. >> first community housing ceo has spent 20 years building affordable housing in california. he says the job keeps getting harder. >> the rules got more complicated. life got complicated.
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construction cost started climbing. 10% a year. we went from a three year time line to a six year time line. >> he showed us an example ot project that is stuck in the prebuilding stage. in construction he says, time is money. >> what's stalling all of the projects? normally when a developer builds they borrow money from the bank and the construction is passed onto renters. you can't do that with affordable housing. they put together puzzle of funding bf they can build. that process can take up to a decade to navigate the red tape and make the puzzle pieces fit. if that wasn't hard enough they say the state is removing a critical piece for hundreds of projects in the bay area. leaving them in limbo. >> there's almost 3,000 units of housing that was denied funding. >> we lst out on a whole number of projects that are ready to
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go. >> it started with governor newsom. creating huge financial incentives to build affordable housing. developers and governments mobilized and submitted so many projects for affordable housing bonds the state now has to pit the projects against each other. for the first time, qualified projects are getting denied. >> without the financing, how much harder does it construction get? >> it's close to impossible. >> right now we have a competitive process. and sometimes they don't get funded. >> california's state treasurer. chairing a committee that plays a huge role in deciding which projects get those bonds. >> our team found there are hundreds of projects and thousands of units that are shovel ready. that are sitting there because of the lalk of funding. is that acceptable? >> it's not.
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in a competitive environment in government we can't pick and choose which projects we like. so, they have to compete. >> that competition is a race to the bottom. projects with the cheapest construction costs get ahead. developers say with the bay area being so expensive, it's big city projects don't stand a chance. >> governor recognizes the problem. they sit on the boards with me. and he allocated$1.7 billion to housing community development to decrease the backlog for some of the projects. >> how big is this backlog? >> 3 billion. >> since taking office in 2019, that he made changes to speed up the process and fund projects stuck in the pipeline. still it's going to take a whole new attitude in sacramento to fully address the housing crisis. >> it has been challenging because you are going against
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what has always been done. >> is this even a solvable issue in california? >> i think it is. the pandemic obviously has exacerbated the crisis. we are moving in the right direction. >> it's going to take two four years for the state to get rid of the backlog. the housing projects will remain stuck. along with the people who need them. >> thank you. if you have a story for the unit, call. or visit our web site. >> olympic coverage. a live look at the olympic caldron burning bright in tokyo. it is tomorrow afternoon. >> it is muggy. there's a change in the weather. yes, exciting when it comes to the games. they have to do shuffling because of the bad weather. >> we do. it's coming in.
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i'll tell you about it. it's 3:00. i haven't had lunch yet. they said grab one of these snack sticks. it's a japanese -- a cheeto? spicy cheeto. we are enjoying snacks here in tokyo. let's talk about something nice. the smiles on the faces here. japan's abe and his sister. the first brother sister combo. to win gold at the same olympics. they did it in judo. a japan sport. we have an u update from the podium. changing the rules about wearing masks during your medal ceremony. athletes are allowed to take off the mask on the podium. for 30 seconds. that's it. for a physically distanced
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photo. you want the golden moment. put it on again for a group photo. now let's talk about the weather. back here live at the bay. we'll look from the camera and the tokyo bay. the rain is coming in. we talked about that in fact let's bring in meteorologist. a few days ago it was a typhoon. and a tropical storm. what's the time line when it's coming to me? the sun is trying to peek out. they said be prepared in 12 to 24 hours. >> we appreciate the live weather report. we're beginning to see the outer band with this particular storm. typhoon in the west pacific is the same as hurricane. and it is now a tropical storm. you see the clouds from the east. it is still a very muggy 89 degrees. northeast wind 10 miles per hour. if there's a little bit of good news a tropical storm winds of
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45 miles per hour. and the storm center itself is likely to track north of tokyo. this will have a big impact. later today on into tuesday. if you'll cool down tokyo this time of year. it's one of the tropical storms. we'll see the numbers drop mid-80s tuesday. wind and rain at times and the low moves out, continues weakening on the path to the north side of japan. that will start to make things trend drier again by wednesday. back it high humidity and 90s. that is typical weather for japan. what's not so typical for us is showers. we could see precisely that later on tomorrow into tuesday. there's a temperature around the bay area. 60s. increasing moisture at times which will lead to a mild start. still in the fog in san francisco. 56 degrees. patchy low clouds start the day. if you don't have the low clouds inland notice the high clouds
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spilling in. highs tomorrow mid to upper 80s. 60s and 70s from san francisco to oakland. chance of rare summer showers. isolated showers to the east tomorrow. monday night and tuesday, look at this on the futurecast. out of the southeast. into tuesday morning, that appears to be the window of opportunity for midnight tomorrow night into early tuesday morning. showers pass on by. and clearing skies heading into tuesday afternoon. futurecast looks impressive, real measurable rainfall. brief showers out of that. it tracks towards the north and west. we have to watch for a potential for lightning. slight chance on the far north bay. early tuesday morning. the best chance for finding thunder showers which we'll watch for fire danger will be near the sierra. moisture lifts out tuesday, high pressure begins to build in. that is going to lead to a significant warm up for our valley. even san francisco could get close to 70 degrees.
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the temperatures climb up as numbers continue to climb valleys will soar into the 90s. early as tuesday temperatures climb. it will feel muggy. a taste of tokyo weather here tuesday. and a drier summer heat for the second half of the week. >> it's not all the news from tokyo has been good. you have good news. >> weather from tokyo. they were anxious today about the weather. thinking it was going to effect the gold medal game. they thought there could be a chance this would be the gold medal game. u.s. pulls it out. softball team gets a walk off win. now onto the gold medal game. who they'll face and when.
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(screams) they're not gonna stay this way forever. kick off your kidifornia vacation at welcome back. the u.s. softball team hitting the diamond. taking on japan. final game pool play. she didn't get the start but closed the door in the seventh. down 1-0 in the sixth. she comes through in the clutch. the rbi single tieing the game at one. in the bottom of the seventh, stewart with the crush. it's a walk off solo home run. u.s. rallies to beat japan. the same two meet in the gold medal game tomorrow. in about five hours. >> it's awesome. as a team we were trying to get comfortable. we'll have to win gold tomorrow.
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and it was cool just the whole day we stuck to the plan. and to end i right. onto rowing. east bay native advanced to the semi-finals in the singles. she won a bronze in 2012 in team. now she's on her own. she's gaining more confidence. >> now that i have two races under my belt, the initial nervouses are calming. and and i feel focussed and ready. for the races ahead of me. >> all right. one update. lily won her table tennis match. she's onto the round of 16. in baseball the giants beat the pirates. and a's lost in seattle. and there you have it - wireless on the fastest, most reliable network. wow! big deal! we get unlimited for just $30 bucks. i get that too and mine has 5g included.
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before we go. the medal count. china leading the way. a total of 13. u.s. right behind. half of them gold. host country japan in third. with the total of eight. >> finally tonight. players weren't the only ones on the court. this is fan of the robot. >> this is, yes, look at that. a robot. shooting a free throw. that's a slow delivery. >> where's the robot? >> at the foul line. >> shoot. >> halftime of the u.s. france game. he makes it.
11:32 pm
i don't know how much it cost. you can have steph curry for 40 million a year. he has moves and make the same shot. he has personality. >> kick the robot in the stomach and it'll fall down. >> i can see you doing that. >> i don't like it the sorry. bay area kids gaining inspiration from olympic skate borders. skate borders hit the park today. no robots. trying out new tricks. until now skate borders have been seen as out cast. cool kids. but now, the olympics could change that to super-cool kids. >> i think it's great. anything that gets more notoriety for skate boarding and it's good. >> skate boarding is a positive out look for kids and hopeful the sports olympic debut will encourage people to get involved. i find it scary. the dips and things.
11:33 pm
it's hard to stay on the skate board. it's not easy. >> people were noticing in the competition, they are not wearing helmets. those kids are. >> the women wore helmets. >> did you see who won? >> 13 year-old. a girl won. a 13 year-old girl won gold. >> the other one was -- they're both 13. >> which we don't realize, when they fall. it hurts. they get right back up. if you're an average person it hurts. >> there's a shot of the one guy who came down the rail, totally lost control. and there's worse things you can hit than your head. he did. that's available online if you want to check it out. >> we're all out of the skate boarding business. wrong age group. >> my sons do it. they're good. >> stay off the skate board. >> i will.
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. she's a 4'8" giant. this has been her destiny all along. we wish you a good sunday evening back in the states. the week has started anew here in tokyo. it's partly cloudy monday morning. the typhoon is potentially headed this way. but right now, sun still shilg


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