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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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next at 11:00, he's qualified for the olympics, but he might not go. why his immigration is the biggest challenge in getting the gold. inside a tokyo store with some very different options.
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right now at 11:00, triumph and heartbreak for team usa. swimmers rack up medals in the pool. and one of america's top golfers is out because of the covid. live in tokyo with a recap of all of today's highlights. then -- >> it's still unknown as of now.
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>> a pay area runner qualified for the olympics but right now he can't go because if he leaves the country he can't come back. the 11-hour save he needs in order to compete. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining. >> raj is live at tokyo. team usa earned its first gold medal. >> and trying to make it a 1-2 finish for the americans. >> it was a 1-2 finish in the pool. the 400 meter individual medially. his teammate came just behind him and had silver. team usa now has a total of seven medals. minutes from now simone biles will compete for the first time in tokyo. women's qualifying underway
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right now. let's begin with a major setback for team usa. a star athlete from modesto is back. it is just after 3:00 p.m. sunday afternoon for you. i know it is hot and muggy there. have you adjusted to the tomb change as well? >> i have finally been here for more than a week now and finally adjusted to the time change. but the humidity and the heat will take some getting used to. we have a lot going on and really we should get used to this. the excitement of the opening weekend here of the olympics. yes, that's the excitement. but on the flip side more athletes testing positive. bryson dechambeau is out of the olympics. he was supposed to start competing here in tok you on thursday, but that's not going to happen. he announced just a few hours ago that he did test positive for covid-19. here's the deal. he's a major player in golf.
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he won the u.s. open last year. born in med esto. of those 137 tested positive, 13 are athletes. how about some good news now? you just saw it on our national broadcast. the debut of skateboarding as an olympic sport. this is jagger eaton. he wins bronze. congratulations to him. just cool to see these guys getting the recognition they deserve. the japanese skater, a big story line here in tokyo. a lot of national pride. >> as for our local skater, this was a major surprise and not in a good way. we talk about in decades past the agony of defeat. he's the top ranked skateboarder
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in the world, but houston could not get it done. three rails off of that rail. he did not medal, but we did speak with him a short while ago. >> yeah. man, sorry, guys. wish i could have landed a couple more tricks out there and done a little better, but still an honor to represent the usa for the first time, the first skateboarding ever in the olympics. >> all right. houston already capitalizing on his popular. he's a multimillionaire with several followers. we have a lot of vips and a lot of people in the stands here usually, but not this time around, not with the covid concerns. but we did have the first lady, jill biden, here watching the 3 x 3 women's basketball tournament, along with the french president macrone.
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now she is back en route to the united states. she has left japan. >> also today simone biles, team usa swimming, they finished with the bronze. she was a last-minute addition to the relay team. the australians win it. it's a world record. in terms of women, speaking of the women, female athletes in the olympics, look at how it's changed over the years. 1968 the mexico city olympics, about 20% of the olympians were females. look at the numbers there. almost 50% of the olympic team are women. things are catching up here. that will do it for us right now. coming up, we will check in with team usa basketball. and, yes, how 711 is different here in tokyo.
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it is actually saving our rear end. >> i think i got that one. i think i got that one. i don't know how much an explanation we might need. great job. more athletes with bay area ties competing overnight. the swimming competitions continue. katie ledecky will hit the pool for the 400 meter free style. and torri huske will try for a medal. those races shown live tomorrow morning. the men's basketball team will also hit the court. draymond green, damian lillard, coach kerr and the rest of the team looking for a win over france. the game starts at 5:00 a.m. our team. the opportunity to participate in the olympics is one few athletes get. one's citizenship status has put a ticket in limbo.
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>> earlier this summer, he came in second in the 500 meter races, but he was fast enough to call foou for guatemala. exciting news. but just as soon he crossed the finish line, he realized getting there will be complicated. >> if i don't get the permit in time, i will be self-deporting myself. i won't go until i get the permit. >> he had been running since before he was a student in fairfield. because he is a daca recipient, he cannot run for the united states. instead, guatemala has invited him to run for them. he is a student at northern arizona university. his coach and fellow runners there will be leaving for tokyo tomorrow. >> he's been an excellent student. and now he has a chance to rupt us and his country at the highest level of international
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competition. he's an easy guy to run for. >> they are headed to phoenix monday. he needs a special permit which usually takes 90 days to process. >> we tried to go through the normal process as soon as reasonably process. however, this is an exceptional case, exceptional circumstance. >> it's a nerve racking proves. >> it is still unknown as of now. and probably won't find out until a day before my flight to tokyo. >> the latest he can fly to compete is july 31st. >> you could find more olympic stories and highlights on our website. you can sign up for our daily newsletter, read our five to watch updated daily or stream live competitions. you can also head to
11:10 pm at this hour, a t shooing has shut down a stretch of highway 4. it happened at 6:30 this evening. investigators say two people in a black toyota camera were shot. the car crashed into a mt. dal guard rail. one person died. the suspect drove off. all westbound lanes are closed right now. it is unclear when they will be open. new video tonight of a fire as they approach a wild fire camera. a simply stunning sight to see from that perspective. the biggest in the state is just 20% contained. a lot of bay area firefighters on the line right now. evacuation orders are in effect in both of those counties. smoke from the fire is turning skies a hazy yellow.
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does that bring back memories of this summer? >> yes. >> the worst air quality in the nation because of the dixie fire. >> okay. our weather will be changing. >> we're watching the air quality issues to our north and east. but the potential for lightening sparked fires as we wrap up the weekend. a closer look coming up. plus, we return to tokyo. there is some really cool tech behind the olympic calderon. and raj will tell us where he's getting all his yummy snacks. >> that's what i want to know.
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a hate crime investigation is underway tonight after police say someone vandalized a black lives matter mural in santa cruz. there are car tread marks across the paint. investigators were able to get ahold of video of the crimes happening and have identified a car and a person of interest.
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tomorrow city leaders will update the public with the latest information and address any questions or concerns from the community. more bars in san francisco are requiring customers to show proof of vaccination before coming inside. this comes ahead of a key vote on monday. people have had to show proof since friday. but if they want to sit outside, no problem. no proof is needed. going to be outside. some bar goers are not sure about the requirement. others are onboard. >> it is our first time encountering it, so we don't know what's required yet. >> i think it's great. i don't know how we're all going to get out of this if there is a way to prove people are vaccinated. >> alliance says 85% of bar owners are in favor of providing proof of vaccination for all indoor customers. rob is heree will talk about the weather. we have changes. you were talking about monsoonal moisture. >> a little sample of what raj
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is dealing with in tokyo. we'll be watching that on the increase. speaking of tokyo, it's going to trend cooler tomorrow, but you have a tropical storm bringing the cooling. this will cause some issues there for outdoor plans monday. tokyo's forecast drops the temperatures from the low 80s. back to that miami-like weather by wednesday. and that is the impact in the weather there across the olympic games. we think monday add times wind and intense rain could be possible. right now in san jose, it's tropical out. 62 degrees. humidity at 78% and still relatively warm out around the tri-valley. upper 60s at 11:00. and there is the fog in july since the nonstop fog and temperatures around san francisco, which is what you will wake up to tomorrow morning. mid up toer 50s is an unchanged
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part of the forecast to start the weekend. tomorrow numbers near 80. 60s and 70s. the change will begin to see increasing cloud cover out of the east. notice how the thunderstorms move away. some of these showers could get closer to the bay area. our top concern is where the lightening could set up. this animation shows you these areas in blue. that is where the highest odds of lightening will be. we hope that holds because we don't need to see lightening spark any more fires as we head into monday and tuesday. let's look at the ten day outlooks here. temperatures climbing. heat will be the next part of the chapter as we get to wednesday and thursday. but bay said areas will not get all that hot. numbers closer to 80 degrees.
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san francisco briefly will see 70 degree temperatures. that will be tuesday and thursday. valley temperatures once we lose this monsoonal moisture and the slight chance of thunder, we'll start to dry out and warm up. wednesday and thursday, numbers back into the 90s. >> rob, thanks very much. >> back to our olympics coverage now. that calderon is more ecofriendly than past ones. >> and raj is finding something different at 7-11s in tokyo. what's going on? >> do they have slurpees? >> that's what i'm used to at 7-11s, making my 12-year-old boy to get slurpees. but team usa soccer back on track. remember they lost a couple nights ago. they beat new zealand, so they are rolling again. as for tonight for me, 3:00
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a.m., i will head to the u.s. basketball game. usa against france. i will check in with draymond green and check in with steve kerr. look at the olympic flame. this is a live look. the flame is going green. not literally. we're talking figuratively here. for the first time it is powered in part by hydrogen. usually it is propane. okay. so are you ready for 7-11? yeah. not really the slurpees we're used to. since we remain in quarantine for another week, we can't enjoy the cuisine from tokyo. 7-11 in tokyo, look at this. wow. this one right across the street from our hotel. we're allowed to go out for 15 minutes to get our essentials. it's amazing.
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sushi, sandwiches, beer, sakes, liquor, anything you need. this is essential living right now. jenelle and terry, i'm not afraid to say it, this is one of our main sources for a quick snack because we're one more week in quarantine. >> but it looks gourmet. >> what about the answer to jenelle's question? no hot dogs rolling on the -- >> they do have doughnuts. just sake, which is just fine for me. >> cheers to you. thanks to you, raj. >> we got it all. thanks very much. anthony flores joining us now for sports. and, yeah, really good news for usa. >> that's right. and some drama on the diamond. the u.s. softball team has to
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rally. sports is next. every one of us is connected.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. u.s. softball team remains undefeated in tokyo. abbott not able to get out of a jam. she gives up the free pass. that is a no no. the u.s. gives up its first run in four games. team usa answers in the bottom half of the frame with runners on second and third. amanda lifts a sungle to left two-run score. the u.s. rallies to walk it off. the win all but guarantees them a spot in the gold medal games. simone biles cheering on the u.s. men during call tying. our national champion from stanford navigates a pair of big
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releases on the high bar. then he sticks the landing. he qualifies for the individual high bar event. malone also getting it done on the vault. he rocks the landing. he qualifies as the top american for the individual, all around final. team usa finishes fourth, but they do advance to the team final. >> one, two, three! >> these two -- the u.s. women's water polo team making a big splash in the pool against japan. former stanford cardinal scores 20 seconds into the match. five goals. the u.s. beats japan 25-4. >> it was a long your honor. . this was game one. it is a long game at a time. for all of us, there is things we can be better at. we're excited to work on those so we can be a better team the next day and enjoy playing finally at the olympic games. >> let's go to the beach. women's volleyball.
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four-time stanford all americans second in the tournament. they took care of business against china and win 21-17. finally with the exclamation point to close out the win thei in pool play. the giants and a's both lose. the quakes played to a 1-1 draw against houston. >> there is a lot going on right now. raj is talking about team us ax basketball, the men's. steve kerr, draymond green, damian lillard from oakland. they had a rocky week a couple of weeks ago. >> they lost their first two exhibition games. they're just working out the chemistry. a lot of guys coming from different places. they don't know who to defer. give the ball to kevin durant. he'll score. >> and then a couple guys in the nba finals are joining on the west. >> yeah. the guys on the suns who were
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playing in the finals. they made the trip over. draymond green said he has so much respect for these guys. their bodies have to be born out. but they're there. i imagine this team will get going and it shouldn't be a problem. >> that should be fun. >> and michael fell ps makes his olympic return. olympic return. he's not welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat.
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everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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oneworld welcomes alaska airlines as the bay area's newest global airline, so you can fly to more places around the world. now alaska mileage plan members can easily earn and redeem miles worldwide. that means up to 1,000 worldwide destinations, and elite priority check-in and boarding, and elite international lounge access. that's a big deal for a big world of travel. go global with alaska airlines and oneworld. learn more at and just like that, like anthony flores said at the 6:00 show, i didn't like us having none. all of a sudden, we've got a bunch. hours away from nothing to 7.
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china and japan tied for the most gold, though. matthew phelps may be retired from swimming. >> he found a way to go to tokyo. >> michael, welcome aboard your first broadcast with us. what is it like for you to be here instead of back down there. >> there are a lot of emotions. we first landed. i was so amped, i could barely even sleep. i woke up this morning. i'm like a kid in a andy store. >> he's part of the nbc broadcasting team calling the races. in fact, he was pool side when chase won gold. the two have a special connection. they used to be training buddies. michael phelps is the most decorated in olympic history. he has 28 medals. 23 are gold. >> we hope you get a shot at his mantle one of these days. every olympics has his owns
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mascot. tokyo has two. we will check out the robotic version. the blue guy represents the olympics and the pink robot for the paralympics. they put on a show for staff. >> they answer at my speed, and that i appreciate. >> it is like a slow dance for siri. their dances are preprogrammed so i'm sure they could jam faster if we programmed them to do that. >> everything is controlled when someone moves. but if you move, they will react to it. if you wave, they will wave back. they may blow you a kiss. look at her. she's like, oh, come on. >> there is a video on social media. don't you dance? >> she dances a lot on social media. check it out. check her out. >> come on. we're trying to do something. >> thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" coming up next. have a great night. >> bye, folks.
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