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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  July 24, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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explode into space... ♪ born to be wild ♪ start your california road trip and right now on a special edition of nbc bay area news, going for gold. team usa already dominating in the competition. look at the highlights from overnight and what's still to come in prime time. there aren't many spectators in tokyo, but members of team usa did have one special guest cheering them on. and cyber criminals preying on olympic fans. what you need to know to stay safe while watching the games. the news at 3:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm janelle wang. this exciting weekend that we've been counting down to for
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months, actually for years are the tokyo games officially under way. let's go live outside to tokyo bay right now. it's just after 7:00 a.m. sunday there. athletes waking up getting ready for another day of competition. >> we want to get you caught up on some of the action already happening. team usa already dominating in the pool and on the soccer field. >> anthony flores is here for this very first busy day in tokyo. i guess this is the first full day of competition? >> it certainly is. that's more like it as we talk about women's soccer. a dominating performance for the u.s. women's soccer team. after dropping their opening match in tokyo, the u.s. taking on new zealand this afternoon. hey, this thing was over early. up 3-1 in the second half, julie ertz with a cross to christen press and just like that it is 4-1 team usa. then in the 88th minute, press will feed former cal bear alex morgan. the u.s. blows out new zealand. your final, get in there, 6-1.
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team usa improves to 3-0 on the softball diamond. ally aguilar comes through with a two-run clutch single in the third. monica adams closed the door and the u.s. plays australia tonight at 6:00 p.m. pacific on nbc sports network. a dominating day in the pool for the u.s. women's water polo team against japan. the pride of danville, maggie stefan, scores 21 seconds into the match. what a day she had, five goals. she now needs just five more to become the all-time leading scorer in olympic history. the u.s. beats japan in a rout, 25-4. >> it's one game at a time. i know for all of us there's things we can be better at.
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honestly we're excited to work on those things so we can be a better team the next day and enjoy playing finally at the olympic games. >> she is one of five stanford standouts on the water polo team. they have been so dom nationality, they have not lost competition going on nearly seven years. >> anthony, thanks a lot. there are nearly 90 athletes with bay area ties competing in these games. here are a few. our prime time coverage starts on the sand with the qualifying round of women's beach volleyball. that's tonight. stanford grad alix klineman looking for a win with april ross. men's gymnastics on center stage. brody malone hitting the floor in his first olympics. you can watch men's gymnastics right here on nbc bay area at 5:45. now, in the pool, incoming stanford freshman torre husk is swimming in the women's 100 meter butterfly. you can watch her race right around 6:40 right here on nbc bay area.
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at this hour first lady jill biden is heading home. she boarded her flight a few hours ago. she had an action-packed two days in tokyo for her first solo international trip as first lady. she attended the opening ceremony and several of team usa's first events. this is video of her meeting with the women's 3-on-3 basketball team after the game. the sport is making its olympic debut and team usa beat france. the players said it was an honor to have the first lady there cheering them on. >> it was incredible. i mean it was pretty special that she took time of her day and her schedule to come watch us. heard she was cheering for us and clapping and stuff. it's really nice. she's an amazing woman, incredible woman. for her to come support us means a lot for us. >> the first lady attended several of the swimming races. she's one of the few dignitaies at the games because of the pandemic. katie ledecky is looking to
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make another splash in tokyo. ledecky one of the faces of usa swimming. at 24 she's a veteran of the team, hoping to add five more olympic medals to her collection. nbc's mike tirico sat down with ledecky who says she still can't believe where she is right now. >> so as the profile and responsibility gets bigger, what happens to the joy? do you still love it as much? >> i do love it. i think i love it more and more every year almost. i think i love the challenges of the sport and the different phases of my career that i've been through from being a major underdog -- >> for a lot more great olympic stories, watch nightly news with lester holt at 3:30. it is the biggest showcase in the world for athletes. the olympic games are also a big opportunity for hackers. local security companies say they're actively monitoring traffic on phones and computers looking for scams.
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our business and tech reporter scott budman reveals what they're looking for and how you can protect yourself. >> for fans, the olympics are always a giant global spectacle. for cyber criminals, the games have become a giant target. >> these things are run just like our everyday life, on technology. >> reporter: technology that makes the backbone of the games, software, hardware, the electric grid, vulnerable to hackers. silicon valley cybersecurity companies are already tracking them. >> and you start to think about not so much the olympics as an event but all the technology that's enabling it and all of these represent attack servers. >> reporter: the risk is not just to the game themselves but to us as streamers of the action. the tokyo games will be all over our phones and computer screens, giving bad actors another target, our passwords. >> they're trying to install a
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malicious software on your computer that can in the end result in anything from ransomware to information stealers to coin miners. >> reporter: yep, hackers are trying to use your machines to mine cryptocurrency. so protect yourself. the best advice from security experts, be careful. when it comes to streaming sites, go with what you know, don't download apps or click on links because they promise to be faster. they're likely scam sites trying to snag your passwords. scott budman, nbc bay area news. overnight another olympic athlete tested positive for covid-19. that brings a total number of athletes who have tested positive to 14. despite the new aletes continue to come and go from 12 tied to the games. five members of team usa have either tested positive or been places in a health and safety
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protocol. here in the bay area, a major milestone reached in alameda county. the health department posted this tweet saying 1 million people living there are fully, fully vaccinated against covid. the county is thanking people for getting their shots, continuing to wear a mask and staying home if they are feeling sick. getting people vaccinated and helping put food on the table. today the alameda county food bank and eden youth and family center distributed food and covid-19 vaccines in hayward. organizers say the pandemic hit their community hard and people need more than just medicine. >> we are able to come out and have food free for families as an incentive because we know that families need access to resources. >> the group hopes to offer home bound vaccinations as well and meet people at their own front doors. taking you outside right now for a live look at walnut creek. the hills are bone dry, fire danger is high. you probably knew that. here's something you may not
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know, rob mayeda joining us, another chance of lightning this weekend just north of us. we made it through last weekend without any lightning fires. how does this one look? >> the sequel no one really wants to see given now dry things are. right now you're not seeing much in the way of clouds. hot temperatures, near 90 in dublin of the the next 24 hours, another round of monsoon moisture. you can see the areas in green all over the bay area on monday which is increasing instability, more clouds and a chance of those lightning-sparked fires. starting tomorrow you can see the activity picking up in the afternoon. if you look closely here, notice how these mid-level clouds starting drifting towards the bay area. we'll see less of the deeper layer moisture as we see over the sierra as it starts to spill farther to the west, which unfortunately means fire weather watches could be issued over the next 24 hours. as the monsoon moisture comes we'll be tracking lightning fire danger. highest through the sierra tomorrow but expanding closer to
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the bay area by monday and tuesday. on top of that, hot temperatures which could be getting closer to 100 degrees by the middle part of the week. we will go through all of these changes coming up in the weekend forecast and an outlook on that fire danger coming up in ten minutes. >> muggy and hot. similar to tokyo. thanks, rob. a disturbing case out of brentwood. police say a man was purposely starting fires along a roadside. this happened last night after 8:00 p.m. near highway 4 at sand creek road. here you see firefighters trying to put out the flames. brentwood police found the alleged arsonist, chased him and arrested him in a clothing store. fortunately, firefighters were able to put all the fires out quickly. up next on this special edition of nbc bay area news, it is a summer weekend trip so many people are used to making, but this year the gilroy garlic festival is a little different. well, maybe a little bit more than a little. we'll check in to see how that first weekend is going. and a live look at tokyo
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earlier than expected. the reason some events are being moved up. but first, a spoiler alert, we're checking out the medal counting. >> here's your moment to turn away. here we go. here's a look at the medal count for you. at the end of today, the usa is still seeking its first medal. it's the first time since 1972 in munich the u.s. did not win a medal on the first day. china is leading the overall medal counting, it's early, followed by south korea and italy in third. -great idea. [gasps] look at the little cutie. -he's coming for a visit. -hi. [chuckles] aww! oh! he's leaving! -nice work, guys! -introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread,
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like the millions of people who rely on prudential for financial planning and investing. ♪ who's your rock? new video of fire burning about 45 minutes south of lake tahoe. it's the tamarac fire and it's exploded to more than 65,000 acres. it started on the fourth of july near the town of marpleville.
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lighter winds have given firefighters an opportunity to cut new containment lines while hand crews are fighting the fire on several uad. and the dixie fire has burned nearly 200,000 acres and is threatening thousands of buildings. the fire in butte and plumas counties gained more ground, up. although it has torched largely remote, unpopulated areas, it is now threatening thousands of businesses and homes along lake alminor's west coast. firefighters are obviously very busy right now. there are more than 6,200 firefighters on the front lines as we speak. cal fire says they're battling more than seven major wildfires across the state. so far this year more than 382,000 acres have burned statewide, about 600 square miles. that's an area nearly three and a half times the size of san
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jose and flames have scorched 257% more land this year than the same time last year. two men are dead, four others hurt after a shooting in downtown san rafael. the shooting happened just after 10:30 during a concert at a bar. police found gunshot victims at several locations, including a nearby parking garage. witnesses say they saw several cars speeding away from the scene. one of them a black dodge charger. two victims involved in a car crash shortly after that shooting. it was bedlam there. another victim dropped off at a nearby emergency room. look at the damage done to a nail salon. glass is shattered, bullet holes on the wall. the salon manager says he's never seen anything like it in his hometown. >> so driving by here yesterday, everything was perfectly wonderful and normal. i get here right now and i'm just like in my town, this has never happened in the 37 years that i've lived here. like this is unbelievable.
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>> the victims range in age from 24 all the way up to 62. police say most of them were in san rafael for a wrap concert. san francisco police trying to figure out who did this, set off an explosive at a thai restaurant in the tenderloin. it happened about 4:00 monday morning. you can see the blast sent debris flying. the chef and owner says surviving the pandemic has been tough. he and other businesses in the neighborhood have been burglarized as well but this incident rattled nerves even more. >> it's not like a rock, somebody cracked the window and threw something inside. they didn't want to come inside. they just do it for fun or whatever they want. i don't know. >> he said it's going to cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage and he's considering leaving the tenderloin because he doesn't feel safe anymore. the gilroy garlic festival is back since the mass shooting there two years ago. it's a hit but things look forward. gourmet alley is a drive-through
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now. it's set up and ready to go. festival goers must preorder their food. today the drive-through is already sold out. if you want to go, you have to place your order online and they recommend you order four days in advance, it's that popular. gourmet alley will be open again tomorrow and then next weekend. well, we showed you the medal count a few minutes ago. now we want to show you the video from the first competition that handed out medals. this is the women's 10-meter air rifle competition. you can barely see it, but there are little pellets that they're shooting. on the right, right there, is china's yen chen. the 21-year-old beat a russian shooter in a battle of nerves to take gold. team usa's mary tucker was eliminated early and finished sixth. back to tokyo we go where that's really a gorgeous shot. it's about 7:00 sunday morning. everything looks fine. the things are going to change. bad weather is on the way.
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an approaching tropical storm forcing changes to the athletes schedules. organizers have moved up rowing events. the double skulls finals and quarterfinals are moved to sunday to monday. this is the first time for things to be rescheduled because of weather. a tropical storm coming to tokyo. >> by this time tomorrow morning we're expecting a have you there. the winds won't be the big story but rainfall will be intense at times. so this is causing the change-up to the olympic schedule. if you downloaded a schedule guide a month or so ago, all of that is changing for rowing events monday maybe into tuesday. notice the winds about 35 miles an hour as it crosses the coast. look at the projected rainfall. weaynd tuesday. as that runs off into some of the harbors and bays and may impact water quality at times, we know it will affect monday
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perhaps but possibly into tuesday in the three-day forecast. you can see the thunderstorms, winds at times for monday. decreasing impact by tuesday. and then by wednesday back to that miami-like weather tokyo typically sees this time of year. right now in san jose it's 80 degrees, humidity at 45%. dry for now. around livermore up to 94 degrees, humidity bone dry at 11%. to walnut creek, similar temperatures there in inland contra costa county. 92 degrees. humidity at 22%. the fog and the air conditioning continues. and san francisco, 62 degrees and the west wind going at 15 miles per hour. more of that as we head towards tomorrow morning. there is low clouds at times. fire danger suppressed along the coast and inner bay due to low clouds and misty skies at times. afternoon temperatures tomorrow similar to today, but we're going to see more clouds by late day, which leads to the bigger changes potentially as it could impact fire danger by tomorrow night. now, notice the low clouds to
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start the day here off on the right side of the screen. those are the mid-level high clouds or what we consider tropical looking clouds that typically come in from the southeast as that monsoon spills out of arizona toward the sierra tomorrow afternoon and evening. eventually that will mush to the west. look how the band of green pushes to the bay area. you will notice more humidity, kind of a muggy feel to the air monday and tuesday as our temperatures climb on up. as you look at the highest concentration of lightning, the potential of fire danger highest out toward the sierra, but there's a chance we might see a little toward the bay area. monday and tuesday that moisture sweeps through the bay area, through northern california. things trend hotter as we head toward the middle part of the week as the high does build back towards california. check out the temperatures. san francisco, you may see 70s for the middle part of the week. temperaturewise that's pleasant. what's unpleasant is the heat in the valleys. as you see, mid-90s and that risk of fire danger. we'll have to watch closely.
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right now it does have a sierra focus, but more of that could be closer to the bay area by monday and tuesday. so fire weather watches up near eureka within the last 12 hours or so. there's a chance we might see some of that issued for some of our local mountains too. something we'll watch closely as we wrap up the weekend. >> rob, thanks. well, not one, but two mascots. we'll introduce you to the robotic versions of the tokyo olympic mascots, next. >> they're so in sync.
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i saw the opening last night by tv. i am very emotional by watching the tv because even the pandemic, the olympics go on and i'm so emotional and so praying to have this olympics a very successful event. to heal the world. >> some residents of tokyo now
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expressing their support for the olympic games. many initially doubted whether they would or should take place because of the pandemic. after last night's opening ceremony, which included flags and fireworks and amazing drone display, that's so cool, many are hoping thelile bit closer t which is exactly what the olympics is supposed to do. security around the olympic stadium remains tight but that hasn't stopped fans soaking up the atmosphere. many posed for photos in front of the olympic rings. some ticket holders decided to make the trip to the venue even though they're not allowed to enter. every olympics has its own mascot, but tokyo has two. meet the robotic versions of the mascots. the blue guy is miraitowa, representing the olympics, and someity, the pink robot, for the paralympics, which takes place afterwards.
3:25 pm
they put on a show at one of the nbc work spaces in tokyo. their dances are preprogrammed but everything else is controlled when someone robot, they wave back and also blow kisses. >> wow. that's pretty cool. a live look at the olympic torch at the national stadium. that flame will burn throughout the games following decades and decades of tradition. but how it will be fueled is historic. this flame is powered in part by hydrogen. it's the first time this fuel source will be used to sustain an olympic fire. previous flames have usually run on propane, although magnesium, gun powder, resin, even olive oil has been used. unlike propane, hydrogen does not produce carbon dioxide. a second cauldron burning along tokyo bay is also fueled by hydrogen. head to to see the story of a father and son, both architects.
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see the olympic venues they designed in tokyo a half century apart. well, this will make you smile. a heart-warming reunion several weeks in the making. we have the video. con nected. everyone. everywhere. where everyone is included. where everyone has access to information, education, opportunity. ♪ ♪ ♪ when everyone and everything is connected. that's really beautiful. anything is possible. good morning. cisco. the bridge to possible.
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to get to 21 points, that is just exchanging buckets. >> at the horn, can't get it to
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go, and the dominant, impressive showing from the united states pays off. we have a programming note for you. up next, nbc nightly news with lester holt in tokyo. then we're back with more local news at 4:00. be sure to stay tuned for the olympic zone at 4:30, such a fun show. then our prime time olympic coverage from tokyo begins at 5:00. well, after several weeks and some detective work, a missing dog in san francisco is reunited with her family. >> yes. this is the emotional reunion of nayez, a flurry white terrier mix, and her owner. the dog went missing earlier this month. animal control officers spotted the dog yesterday and she led them on quite a chase, running across train tracks, through
3:29 pm
parked cars. she mistook the officers for dog nappers, was scared. she ran for five hours even though she's eight years old, a senior in dog years, but she's in good shape. >> i'd like to say something on behalf of seniors but that can wait for another day, but go ahead. >> they trapped her, picked her up and took her to the animal shelter in san francisco. she was transferred to muttville senior dog rescue in san francisco. the counselor there combed social media, found a lost dog alert leading the counselor to the dog's owner and this beautiful reunion. oh, my goodness! she's been on the run for weeks. she does have a tale to tell. >> it would be funny -- and a tail to wag. it would be funny to see some of the highlights of the chase. >> yeah. >> as irritating as it was. >> that would be fun. >> body cam video from the police officers. oh, my goodness. >> you know what, it's got to be available. maybe not, i don't know. anyway, weather tonight, how's it looking? >> pretty good. locally patchy low clouds.
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tomorrow's temperatures similar to today. 90 in livermore, 80s in san jose. watching monsoon moisture and a chance of thundershowers toward the sierra tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news with lester holt is next. >> we'll be back at 4:00. hope to see you then. bye. tonight from the tokyo olympics, after the first full day of competition the stands are empty but the competition is full throttle. the u.s. shut out of medals on day one, but the women's soccer team comes roaring back with a commanding win. now all eyes turno the pool and kie ledecky. american swimmers off to a strong start. athletes also competing against covid. a beach volleyball match canceled after a player tests positive. winners putting medals on themselves for the first time. back in the u.s., will you need a third shot? the new report


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