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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  July 23, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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second largest olympic team in u.s. history. >> right now at 3:00, let the games begin amid a cloud of covid uncertainty, opening ceremony goes off without a hitch. new concerns about johnson & johnson. should you get a second shot from pfizer and moderna? dead fish being found, is it drought? what can be done?
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>> news at 3:00 starts now. special olympic edition of nbc bay area news. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm janelle wang. take you to tokyo to look at olympic rings where the sun is rising, just after 7:00 a.m. saturday, another day of competition about to begin. last night, early this morning for us, opening ceremony kicked off just before 4:00 a.m. you can watch encore presentation this afternoon. liz mclaughlin has a look at the competition already happening. >> good evening, janelle. fewer than 1,000 people were able to witness the pageantry of the opening ceremony in person. but after a year delay, athletes and those watching from home are finally able to celebrate the start of the world's biggest sporting event. >> the united states of america! >> reporter: team usa together at last, a force to be reckoned
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with, 613 strong. >> second largest olympic team in u.s. history. >> reporter: first lady jill biden in person as eddie the un states in the parade of nations and naomi osaka lit the cauldron in her home company. some japanese citizens gathering to protest the olympics as cases rise in tokyo. members of the olympic and paralympic committee say the decision to hold the game is right one. >> safety measures are exceptional. >> reporter: strong friday in archery and rowing preliminaries. >> kara kohler of the united states. >> reporter: advanced in singles
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scull. >> i'm at olympic games finally. >> reporter: opportunity even sweeter when you've had to wait for it. ralph lauren is official outfitter of team usa. i've got a polo on. there's a hotter blazer that athletes are wearing. official team usa patch and traditional pony. those flag bearers were wearing a special white den um jacket with cool technology. literally a built-in mini air conditioner inside. those only a prototype, couldn't get one of those unfortunately. but sales of the collection go straight to the olympic and paralympic team. in tokyo, nbc bay area news. >> thanks liz. if you missed the opening ceremony. about 90 minutes from now. 4:30, watch on nbc bay area and
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online. also stream on peacock and primetime watch out for the women's water polo team, first match led by danville's maggie stephens. watch at 10:00. and san francisco's kendall chase rows for team usa in qualifying heat. watch that tonight. another potential delta downfall. it's dangerous if you're not vaccinated and potentially problematic if you got the johnson & johnson vaccine. some doctors are questioning how effective it is against the delta variant. should you get another shot of a different vaccine? nbc bay area's damian trujillo is at the health department. >> reporter: the public health
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department says it will continue to give j&j to people here, saying they still trust its efficacy. some agree, others not so sure. tina took in april. one and done is how she put it. >> to be honest with you, i'm paranoid. when i g went to get johnson & johnson, i did it because i knew this is my part that i have to do. >> reporter: with conflicting studies whether or not j&j can protect against the delta variant, some thinking of going back for pfizer or moderna shot. including the ortega family vacationing in hawaii. >> grandson is only one that got j&j and we've been talking about it as a family, whether or not the j&j is enough of a vaccine for him. >> reporter: county public health says a booster is not
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needed right now, no matter which vaccine you took. >> j&j and other two vaccines are working as intended. >> reporter: everybody hospitalized with covid in santa clara hospital right now are not vaccinated. that's clear evidence all vaccines are proving effective. >> at this point no booster shots are recommended and county agrees with that federal statement. we're not going to be able to provide booster shots at any of our sites. >> reporter: she's not worried. >> i trust johnson & johnson. >> reporter: cdc says it does too, nbc bay area news. california's positivity rate risen 1.4% in past week. positivity rate at 5.2%. still much lower than the peak over the winter at 17.1% but spike is worrisome, similar to
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what we saw before previous surges. rate is six times higher with unvaccinated than vaccinated. keep a close eye on the cdc website. with the delta variant surging, hot spots to avoid, especially if you're not vaccinated. florida, missouri, texas and nevada seeing particularly large surges and cdc says think long and hard before visiting las vegas or south florida. >> if you're unvaccinated, this is a dangerous vacation you would be planning. putting yourself and other people might come into contact to at risk. >> in casinos, people weren't wearing masks, mainly the employees and restaurant workers. patrons, nobody really cared. >> sobering also, contra costa county among the high
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concentration areas right now. if you're unvaccinated there, avoid eating inside, going to movie theater or working out inside a gym. u.s. has hit a wall getting more people vaccinated. new poll might tell you why. ap poll says 45% unvaccinated americans saying they will not get the shot. 35% said probably won't get vaccinated. just 3% said they would definitely get the shot. as you know, biden administration's goal has been to get 70% of americans vaccinated with at least one dose. right now only at 57%. >> a sad and stunning sight to see. dozens of dead fish showing up in south bay pond that's drying up. found out when viewers reached out after watching along the trail on the guadalupe recharge pond in san jose.
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asked the water district what can be done. >> reporter: fish having nowhere to go is somewhat unavoidable problem in midst of a drought but people told us it makes them feel sad and they want something to be done about it. motorcycle riders, joggers and bikers like the pond along the recharge pond in south san jose but there's a jarring new addition, large dead fish laying near the last bit of water in one of the ponds. lisa saw it after working as volunteer to distribute food at homeless encampment, shot home video capturing the fish and anguished reaction. >> just blown away. thought this can't be happening. somebody has to save the fish or care there's no water in the pond. it's a multitude of things i dt are not necessarily but water
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moved to aquifer. seeing the pictures say they appear to be carp, nonnative and they're not rescued because they compete and prey upon native fish. landry is still concerned about other ponds here. >> that water will also go away. there's opportunity to save the fish going to die as well. >> reporter: with resources stretched to the limit with the drought, rescuing nonnative fish is probably not going to be high priority. agency points out its programs to rescue native fish but even that is limited since permits will often needed. robert handa nbc bay area. search for a missing jogger. today.
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live report coming up. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, lots of warm weather inland, livermore in the 90s, 4:00 p.m. 93 and 70s by 8:00 and 9:00. heat for the weekend and monsoonal moisture moving close. in about eight minutes. so you can fly to more places around the world. now alaska mileage plan members can easily earn and redeem miles worldwide. that means up to 1,000 worldwide destinations, and elite priority check-in and boarding, and elite international lounge access. that's a big deal for a big world of travel. go global with alaska airlines and oneworld. learn more at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a very uncomfortable look at what firefighters are seeing, crew narrowly escaped wall of flames battling the tamarack fire. fast moving fire, surrounded for nearly a mile. so far it's burned more than 58,000 acres, only 4% contained and new round of evacuations were issued yesterday. more people also ordered to leave near the dixie fire in
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butte and plymouth counties. so far destroyed eight homes, 18% contained and it's extra tight because it's burning in area very difficult to reach. tomorrow marks two weeks since a berkeley father vanished. told his wife he was going for run in pleasanton and not seen since. philip kreycik's car was found. following up on tips, report of distressed man running along this arroyo in pleasanton on the night he wasie have scaled backe search but continue to investigate. believes investigators need to look at digital footprint just
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in case. >> also need to consider the possibility he's voluntary missing. in other words does not want to be found. >> we're trying to find anyone along the arroyo trail who might have witnessed or have security camera footage. >> a friend of kreycik said he was happy, a family man, believes he got heat stroke. police in south bay searching for hit-and-run driver after deadly crash tully road and la ragon avenue near the golf course, woman walking outside the crosswalk when the suv hit her. 12th pedestrian killed by car this year. gilroy garlic festival is
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back for first time since the mass shooting two years ago. gourmet alley is ready to go but it's drive-through experience at the church. preorder the food and meals will be delivered to the car. shrimp scampi, all with garlic and fries too. they recommend you order four days in advance. it will be open again next weekend. on the peninsula, new life for old hospital. >> three, two, one, cut. >> today's ribbon cutting ceremony starts the $60 million seismic retrofit project to keep seton hospital running. got a new owner last year after it fell into bankruptcy, then local lawmakers had to get laws
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passed to give it time to comply with the earthquake rules. scott wiener praised the perseverance. >> not going anywhere, this is part of our community, do whatever it takes to make strong. >> seton is daly city's largest employer with 1,100 employees. opening day for the olympics in tokyo, also in san francisco's japan town. >> celebrating the games, the culture. nbc bay area's sharon is there. we hear drummers now. >> reporter: that's right, you can tell i'm trying hard to hear you. it's so powerful, the
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performance. people watching to enjoy the performance for a while. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> reporter: you're just getting a taste of what is happening at the plaza. you can come down, see the super cute kids watching the performances, magnificent. celebrating the opening ceremony today for the tokyo olympics.
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powerful performances here. and well deserved applause right now. and you can hear here, mikey emceeing, doing a great job. honor to be here right now. all the audience learning about japanese culture and celebrating the opening ceremony which you can watch later tonight if you didn't wake up at 4:00 a.m. back to you guys, absolutely wonderful. going to be here until about 5:00 with these activities. you can play some games, too. back to you. >> difficult to hear with all the festivity but a fun event in japantown in san francisco. let the games begin. we're tracking all the big moments on all digital
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platforms. follow us @nbcbayarea. >> japantown is one of the gems of the bay area. i used to live a couple of blocks from there, loved to go down to the plaza. when it's beautiful day in the city, it's gorgeous in japantown. >> perfect. >> they lucked out today. fog at coastline but not super thick. beautiful weather into the weekend, microclimate forecast. in san jose, the blue sky. little bit of haze but there's no thick smoke from any of the wildfires, that's a little bit of good news certainly. 82 degrees currently. winds out of the north-northwest at 12 miles per hour. will stay warm in the 80s in san jose next few hours, dropping off slow, 70s at 7:00 and 8:00
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tonight. show you what's cranking up the heat this weekend. hot area of high pressure. ordinarily this would be good enough to set off a heat wave across the bay area. but thankfully we have this fog that's going to be staying right near the coast as we head through saturday and sunday's forecast. it's going to get hot in isolated areas but not expecting widespread heat. with the drought and elevated fire danger, more great news on the weather forecast. tomorrow morning, temperatures a little bit warmer. 62 in south bay. peninsula 60 and tri-valley at 64. san francisco with the coolest weather, chance of early fog and 57. start off with patchy fog in the morning but through the afternoon, everybody gets in on the sunshine and there's something for everyone on this map. if it's too hot for you,
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livermore at 95, head to oakland, 72, or the coastline, 63. hottest weather towards brentwood, antioch and pittsburgh in the upper 90s. talking about monsoonal moisture, area of high press ure bringing the neat. humidity, moving in, sunday and into monday and tuesday. best chances of thunderstorms are south and east of the bay area. tahoe, sierra and south of fresno but with it so close we'll keep eye on the radar. san francisco, 60s for next several days and inland valleys 94 tomorrow, 80 sunday and monday and back to more 90s next week. tokyo, it's hot, it's humid. heat index of 96 on saturday's
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forecast. can't believe it's already here. even though the fans and spectators are not there. when you're zoned in on what's happening, you forget that. >> spectacular. >> it's so reminiscent of the bay area. >> it is beautiful. >> doesn't look that muggy but --next, so-called bay area exodus over? new numbers show it might be.
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it appears that many san franciscans who left in the pandemic are moving back according to the u.s. postal service. the san francisco chronicle looked at data. peaked in august but may and june, net loss dropped to 1,500, new arrivals, more people coming back. finding rent prices up and
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apartment hunting getting competitive again. proof that san francisco's coyotes may be getting too comfortable. nbc bay area's sergio quintana had a close encounter at the park. he posted this on welcome to, seen them at park but this is the closest he's been to one. coyotes approaching people and sergio more frequently. they say in part because people are feeding them. one had to be euthanized getting too close to toddlers. a connection to kanye west's new album that drops today. ♪ he did miracles on me ♪ >> beats by drake commercial featuring the new song "no child left behind," and do you recognize her? sha'carri richardson and organ
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in the background is grace cathedral church organ, one of the largest in the u.s. team usa singing happy birthday to kevin durant but it's not amused. >> why? >> we'll explain, next. every one of us is connected. everyone. everywhere. where everyone is included. where everyone has access to information, education, opportunity. ♪ ♪ ♪
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next on "nbc nightly news," lester holt is in tokyo with a profile on simone biles, how the olympic star has found her voice and used it to push for change. that's in one minute ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♪ >> also in tokyo, team usa serenades kevin durant. more than 600 u.s. athletes belting out "happy birthday" before the opening ceremony. funny part, why h laughing, not his birthday, it'
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>> all these people singing. >> set up as prank maybe? >> i don't know. >> athletes are super excited to be near k.d. singing to him. >> that's it. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt is next and opening ceremony. >> see you soon. >> bye. tonight, from the tokyo olympics, let the games, finally, begin, after a year of delays and disappointment, their faces say it all. athletes from more than 200 countries at the opening ceremony. tens of thousands of empt seats. covid and sweltering heat among the challenges with a big weekend ahead for team usa, the athletes to watch. the new covid wave and more cities cracking down. now mandating masks in schools. some bars and gyms, now, requiring vaccinations. alabama's republican governor, begging people to get the shot.
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saying the unvaccinat


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