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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 22, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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what's happening "today in the bay". >> a covid curve ball. covid cases on the rise across the country and here in the bay area. we'll talk about the county that's seeing the sharpest spikes. >> also coronavirus in the classroom. could your kid be heading back to school wearing a mask this fall? biden weighing in on the controversy. the all new guidance that could be coming. >> let the games begin. a live look at tokyo less than 24 hours to go until the olympic opening ceremony. we have more on the growing pandemic concerns and he's breaking down the controversy surrounding one of the top event organizers. this is "today in the bay". good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us here "today in the bay". a lot of stories to get to this morning.
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i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we'll get a look at the forecast. but we want to see what we can expect as we inch closer and closer to weekend. >> we're starting out clear for the inland area but foggy in san francisco. the trend we've seen in the past few days. if you're heading out the door in santa rosa, upper 40s and nice cool start. sunny and mild day. how is it looking heading out the door >> as we inch into that 6:00 a.m. traffic block still looking pretty good. overall i did notice a little bit of slowing down here in the south bay. i want to check out what that's about. i have some good news. remember that grass fire that i reported about along eastbound 4 it looks like the fire is out. we're not seeing any delays. traveling in from brentwood to the city you're good to go. south bay drive times, nice.
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marcus? >> once again we're being overwhelmed because of the delta variant that is on the rise. latest wave of covid spreading at an alarming speed. many outbreaks are where the vaccination rates are below 45%. get this that data is showing that the u.s. is averaging 1,000 new cases every hour. >> we're breaking down the numbers close thoerm and what we found is becoming disturbing. in one county the average daily number of people hospitalized with covid-19 has grown 50% in the last month. we're talking about contra costa county where there are vaccination numbers certainly strong. as of this morning there are 67 people hospitalized in contra costa county with covid and one supervisor is saying vaccinations are not enough to solve the problem. >> currently about 80% of county residents over 12 are vaccinated. getting that last 20% is difficult. >> the state department of
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public health says during the week of july 7th there were 13 per 100,000 covid cases involving unvaccinated people in california. compare that to the case rate involving vaccinated people, only two per 100,000. >> the concern growing here in the bay area new masks, national maverick guidance. today tracie potts is breaking it down for us. the president just commenting on masks in children. what is he saying? >> reporter: right. going a little bit further than the cdced did because, of course, families are wondering now that they are going back to school in a manner of weeks, in fact in brentwood students are starting up in another week. the president is saying that the cdc will probably advise that the children who are not eligible to be vaccinated should wear masksn the classroom and, remember, that all kids under 12 because that vaccine has not been approved yesterday.
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biden making those comments at his cnn town hall last night while boarding air force one he told reporters when it comes to break through cases due to delta variant the rate infection is very slim. >> at a minimum i can say that even if they did contract it, which i'm sorry they did, it's such a tiny percentage and it is not life threatening. >> reporter: now a quick note about the mask. state guidance is that students and staff need to wear masks when they go back to schools in california but allowing every district to administer that and enforce it individually and some districts said they wouldn't enforce the rule and the state hasn't said if there would be any penalty for not doing so. >> that's quite concerning to a lot of parents. a lot of people commenting on
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the state superintendent trying to calm those heading back to the classroom. >> reporter: absolutely. happening in california and all over the country, parents wondering is my child be safe. yesterday state superintendent spoke about these rising cases, at a back to school event in san diego. he said he's confident that masks, hand washing and frequent test is enough to allow schools to re-open safely but as you can imagine there's a lot of angst by parents who are very close to sending their kids back into the classroom. >> it's coming very soon. some students as soon as next week. 6:05 this morning and happening today a legacy of chp officer killed while on the job will be forever cemented in the north bay. section of interstate 505 near sacramento will be named in honor of officer kirk grist. he was killed on i-80 in
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fairfield. a year ago during a traffic stop. he was on the side of the interstate with another driver when a car slammed inthe home, killing them both. today's dedication takes place at valley church and it will be streamed live on the chp facebook page. >> 6:06. we're counting down to the opening of the olympic games. covid concerns weigh heavy on athletes. >> we go to tokyo live. what's the feeling now on the ground? we're finally getting so close to this all starting. >> reporter: we are close. 24 hours away. wake up bright and early with all of us here in tokyo but bright and early in bay area. there's some concern. we hear from the politicians, hear from the journalists, athletes, olympic officials, but we're finally now hearing from
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the people here in tokyo about their feeling about these olympics and tomorrow's opening ceremony. what happened? how did the most wired futuristic and stylish city in the world get left behind in this race to vaccinate? in a nutshell tokyo was slow in its clinical trials, a lot of government red tape, and vaccine hesitancy. anti-vaxers. a dangerous mix that led to a lot of backlash. >> not too many people are vaccinated in tokyo, in japan, so many people still getting infected every day. they worry about this situation. and my family as well, they worry about me in tokyo. >> reporter: the latest public opinion poll more than 80% say they are concerned about hosting the games. but concern doesn't mean cancel. >> how they prepared for this event, you know, if you think about it, it's grassroot,
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initially primarily. so i hope, you know, they can do what they do best. >> japanese government as well, i think, they just want to hold this competition or this event because they are still losing money if we put this to next year they will lose more money. so they better finish this as soon as possible. >> reporter: here we are. full speed ahead. not knowing how this will turn out. it will facts naturing two and a half weeks ahead of us. let's talk about now all the people here in japan for the games, meaning the japanese population and about 68,000 of us here to cover the games and support the games. and the athletes themselves, let's take a look at team usa basketball our friends say hello to dramond green.
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americans start their first game on sunday against france. green on team. of course the assistant coach for team usa, steve kerr, gregg popovich is the head coach. steph curry why he chose not to come tokyo he wanted to rest his body. for green it's the opposite. he needs that wear and tear, needs the intensity to get better as a player. >> i think this will being a great for dramond's own personal welfare but also for the team. to me he's the best defensive center in the world even though he's not our center. when he does play center he's amazing defensively. so we'll need him in tokyo. >> reporter: should be pretty cool to see team usa and all the other teams as well. marcus and laura before we go, i don't speak japanese, right? the other day i went to the little store and i got this. it's in japanese.
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it's easy to figure out. these are potato chips. tn i got these. laura you might recognize this. i thought it was one of those chocolate sticks. what's your guess? it's in japanese. >> noodles? >> i did the google translate on phone. a phenomenal app. it's veggie sticks. i don't want veggie sticks. >> they are in the form of a chip? >> a salad. >> i wanted chocolate, marcus. i wanted chocolate, marcus. come on, help me out. >> i'm with you. >> the point of this is, it's a great app. i had no idea about the google translate. point your phone, scan like you're taking a photo and comes up, bam, in english whatever you're buying. >> keep your phone charged. >> i got to charge my phone? >> live a little.
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just go for it. close your eyes and eat. >> you know what i'm going to do, i'm going write out. i have one more segment with you guys and then i get to go to bed. the city is quiet. city of 14 million people quiet right now anticipating tomorrow's big opening ceremony. >> you're 16 hours ahead of us. we're glad it works out you can join us in the morning. have a good midnight snack. he's anchoring two olympic specials today. later today at 4:00 p.m. and then at 7:00 tonight from the bay area to tokyo. another programming note for you. "today in the bay" will not be on the air tomorrow morning. we'll still be in the newsroom because the opening ceremony will be on starting at 3:55 our time. it's hosted by savannah guthrie and tolded by a special edition of "today" at 8:00 a.m. and all your local news on also do any local news cut ins
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for you to make sure you know what's going on. the >> we got you covered. 6:11. crypto currency. we'll talk about that big reversal, tesla founder elon musk is expected to make. a new lawsuit dredges up some bad old memories. the dow industrials looking for a slight loss. we got more than expected jobless claims today. plus -- ♪♪ here is your chance to dance. ahead we'll tell you where you can go to catch holographic whitney houston concert and when those tickets are going on sale. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay".
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at happy thursday. it is 6:15. let's check out our high temperatures today around the bay area. pretty much like it was yesterday. cool near the coast. warm inland. we'll see this weather continue to the weekend. we'll talk more about this and our climate in crisis coming up in a few minutes. >> checking in on your bridge times. notice some regular morning slowing. 14 minutes on the bay bridge. san mateo bridge 12 minutes. good morning. happy thursday to you.
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those horrible accusations against former e-bay executives are back in the news. you may recall five former e-bay executives are accused of harassing a couple that wrote a blog that was critical of e-bay. this is the couple. when we say harassing, the alleged harassment was awful. there are already federal charges against the former e-bayers. one pleaded guilty. the couple is suing the individuals and e-bay. here's their lawyer reading from an alleged e-bay memo. we're going to crush this lady. we'll do everything we can. we'll take her down. now is the time. burn her down. i want to see ashes. >> former executives allegedly sent the couple a bloody pig face and also scents them this book on how to survive the passing of a spouse. e-bay for its part acknowledges the harassing happened.
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e-bay in a statement to the media said the misconduct of these former employees was wrong, and we will do what is fair and appropriate to try to address what the steiners went through. the events from 2019 should never have happened and as e-bay expressed to the steiners we are very sorry tore what they endured. other news the valve bitcoin is up 8% after elon musk said tesla may accept bitcoin for payment soon. tesla invested $2.5 billion of its own cash buying bitcoin and since that time the valve bitcoin has fallen by half. that's a disaster. tesla's losses will show up on its next balance sheet. tesla would benefit if bitcoin's value increased. bitcoin supporters and critics have come to notice elon musk himself appears to be the biggest single influence on the valve bitcoin. what he says moves market. you can see them protesting
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musk's influence on bitcoin. when tesla said he would accept bitcoin for people wanting to buy cars, bitcoin went up. but musk later changed his mind said they wouldn't accept bitcoin and it fell. tesla's bank accounts fell along with it. below $30,000 earlier this year. so, the sudden pivot, again, bitcoin joins 8%. that's very good for tesla. >> interesting. >> interesting to see elon musk controls the crypto currency. remember dogecoin. >> remember when he was on. >> total counter to what people who really love that currency are trying to do. they are trying to make it stable and usable. >> but when it's all over the map. >> biden can't move the dollar the way elon musk can move crypto currency. new this morning, beauty un
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plans to launch ulta mini stores in some august. feature more than 50 brands including clinique and dry n ca chicken sandwich on that secret menu. rumors of it exist went viral earlier this month when a video of tik tok showed a customer ordering one. that user encouraged people to go and try it themselves. in a statement in-n-out was created as a prank and to get attention. it worked. trending this morning, whitney houston heading to las vegas in a hologram form. ♪♪
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♪ i do it naturally ♪♪ >> pay me i'll do it. featuring the late singer and will be in paris, las vegas ino. those tickets go on sale starting tomorrow. >> wow. kind of fascinating how they are able to do that. >> kind of creepy too. >> let's check out live here in the flesh. >> i'm not going to sing anything at all. zero things. i'll just say good morning. i leave that up to laura and marcus. they have the vocals. let's talk about your traffic. even if there's not much to talk about. you know, we are starting to see some slow spots. pretty typical around the 6:30 hour. down here in the south bay. even looking green throughwe. tri-valley drive s.
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580 to grant line, 24 minutes. the roads are looking pretty good. let's gate check of the weather with kari. >> we're going see our temperatures that are nice and cool near the coast and warm for the inland areas. let's head to the south bay. here's a look at our highs reaching 86 in morgan hill. very much like yesterday. make even coming up a couple more degrees in some of our inland valleys like livermore. high of 88 degrees and 74 in hey ward. and in daly city still in the low 60s but some upper 60s for palo alto. cool, foggy in san francisco but warm in the north bay reaching 84 degrees in santa rosa and clearlake reaching 97. our seven day forecast is going to go up and down a little bit. slightly warmer for the weekend. we could see in some of our hottest spots in the valleys near 100 degrees but on average in the low 90s and then going into next week still some mid-80s in the forecast.
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san francisco getting a little bit more sunshine for the weekend and temperatures come up to the upper 60s. now as we talk about our climate in crisis we already have a look ahead to what could unfold this upcoming winter because of the overall weather pattern. we have been put on la nina watch. la nina is not good for us. this is what causing our mega drought we have across the region. as we go into winter months we look how warm or cool the number is near the equatorial pacific. looks like it will be cooler. what happens when we do have a la nina we get a strong area of high pressure which drives the storm track further to the north and causes a lot of that rain to stay in the pacific northwest and miss us. so we are going to be monitoring this over the next few months. unfortunately it does look like this drought could continue and we'll be watching that more stories on, click
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on the climate in crisis tab. thanks. coming up next for you here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> there are new rules for one employed workers to continue to get unemployment checks. we'll show you how it works next.
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here are the two battling to the line and allyson felix... simone manuel's above her trying to fight on, and above simone... getting an opportunity to show her stuff. nonstop, displayed at the highest performance level... finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ welcome back. 6:25. a lot of people are still collecting unemployment checks. recently the rules changed. >> to keep those checks come
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underground need to know how to show you're looking for work. >> reporter: let's get this out of the way first. lying to the state about whether you're looking for a job is fraud. if the state catches you lying they will stop your unemployment checks and possibly prosecute you. tell the truth. edd says it will ask when you certify, which you should be doing every two weeks to get paid. what qualifies looking for work? that depends on the job you had before the pandemic started. if you had a full or part time job as an employee you're on regular unemployment. you're looking for work if you set up an account on the state job board, create a profile on job websites. and apply for jobs. if you had a gig job or self-employed, the rules are different. you're collecting pandemic unemployment assistance. you're looking for work if you're trying to get new clients, expanding your network or enrolling in training. whatever you do keep a record of when you look for a job, where you applied and any training you enrolled in.
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that way if the state starts asking questions you have proof you've been keeping up your end of the bargain. good luck. we hope you get back on your feet soon. thanks. 6:26. coming up next top stories we're following today. >> reporter: a recommendation to mask up indoors, the reason one doctor thinks masking up may soon again be required. are you struggling to make epidemics meet? -- ends meet. shocking new numbers showing neighbors can't afford to live here. we'll be right back.
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now at togo's. it's been too long. >> right now at 6:30, are we heading towards new mask mandates? most california counties are asking you to put that mask back on even if you're fully vaccinated. is it a nuisance or necessary? also fire infernos. evacuations and damage across the state as wildfires burn through the dry brush. this as the bay area prepares for any potential sparks. plus the summer olympics are finally here. we go live to tokyo on this eve of the opening ceremony. we'll show you the last minute preparations being made and overnight controversies over allegations of racism. this is "today in the bay".
6:31 am
6:30 on your thursday morning. we're broadcasting through television and streaming liver on right now. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> we're talking about masks if they will once again be mandated. one local doctor weighing in on the benefits of going back to mandatory masking. bob redell joins us in costa contra county. are doctors changing their guidance? >> reporter: we know one doctor has become the surgeon of delta variant. in contra costa we saw the number of hospitalizations jump 50% within the past 30 days. all counties are now recommending that you mask up indoors. but you thought you didn't need to mask up if you're fully vaccinated, right? that's what the cdc was saying earlier this year. we spoke with dr. bob wachter. he's the chair of uscf department of medicine. we asked him for an plaination.
6:32 am
he's vaccinated but wearing a mask again indoors now and says that you should too for three reasons. the delta variant as i mentioned is circulating more widely now. secondly he doesn't want long term symptoms, something you can get even after a mild case of covid and thirdly lastly there's not enough people vaccinated nationwide. >> san francisco is essentially 75% vaccinated. two months ago i would have said to you i think that's maybe high enough to have local herd immunity. that's high enough to bump down the cases even if people do take their masks off. with delta it's not high enough. that's why we're seeing the surge. delta has changed all of the facts on the ground. >> reporter: yep. dr. wachter says this surge is much worse than the bump he was expecting with the re-opening. he thinks the bay area will follow thread of los angeles and mandate indoor maverick use within the next few weeks.
6:33 am
reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell. >> this situation because right here the statewide numbers are inching up as well. as of this morning california's positivity rate down here you see 4.5%. and for some that was in mid-february. only . hospitalizations, they are just barely starting to creep up. take a look what we see right here. you can see since mid-april, in this area here, since mid-april for the most part number of people hospitalized from the virus was holding steady. this came morning 2,600 californians are battling the virus in hospitals. >> san francisco's district attorney says his office is launching an investigation into demand letters and lawsuits sent to business owners in chinatown. the letters spell out alleged violations of the americans with disability act but the d.a.'s office is investigating to see if any of them are fraudulent.
6:34 am
we go to san francisco for more information on who is behind these letters and how business owners are responding as well. >> reporter: good morning. the district attorney here in san francisco said his office is officially investigating those letters that went to as many as 100 business owners in chinatown, alleged that they were violating some aspect of the ada. so on wednesday the district attorney was joined with business owners and community leaders from san francisco' chinatown. at the event the business owners expressed concerns about potentially being exploited by lawsuits and demand letters that may potentially have no merit. chinatown's chamber commerce is putting together a $25,000 legal fund to help shop owners respond. district attorney made it clear his office is taking the allegations of violating the ada very seriously.
6:35 am
>> we will not tolerate fraud or abuse of legal process. we will stand with our small businesses. we will open an investigation into these allegations. and we encourage any small business owner in san francisco, in chinatown to come forward, to cooperate with our investigation, to help us get to the bottom of whether or not these claims are, in fact, fraudulent. >> all they have been doing is serve take out orders only and based on the claims i don't see any way possible that this person was going into the establishment. >> reporter: and our team has tried contacting the attorneys that have sent these legal notices. a member of our team was able to get in contact with one of the attorneys. that conversation was pretty brief with that of the demand letter and asked that we call him later.
6:36 am
thank you very much. 6:35. happening now the tamarac fire raging in two states. new video shows the sky glowing orange there as the chopper drops water on the flames. the fire is burning south lake tahoe but the flames have now crossed into nevada. crews are trying to keep the perimeter west of 395. fire sparked back on fourth of july but really exploded over the weekend. flames have burned nearly 44,000 acres with zero containment. right now want to take a live look at walnut creek. starting out nice and beautiful. still looks like it's a little hazy out there this morning. heading in to the weekend, looking good out there. >> we'll have still more of the nice weather. a big range in temperatures. all you have to do is make a little road trip and you can change your weather. heading to l.a., expect it to reach into the low 80s tomorrow.
6:37 am
it cools down slightly as the weekend goes around. in muur woods, more sunshine. going to lake tahoe expect temperatures to warm up to mid-to upper 80s. a lot of sunshine and looking good there. for your destination forecast with our valley temperatures heating up a lot of people will be heading to the beach. stinson beach reaching into the mid-70s. cooler by sunday as once again we see more clouds and fog. upper 60s. half moon bay holding steady and moan terri in the mid-60s as we get a lot cooler temperatures there and it's going to be at times the sun peeking out from behind those clouds. lake shasta hot this weekend, up to 108 degrees on saturday. you want to go for a swim.
6:38 am
heading out the door for work this morning, you have to pay for that weekend trip. >> we're seeing building when it comes to the commute and i do have something you may want to listen up if you take 580 westbound. not a crash but unfortunately there is a stalled vehicle in the number three lane and i am starting to notice that we're seeing some slowing with this yellow and the red that you see here. so keep that in mind. your tri-valley drive times could slow down. northbound 101 from highway 85 you're only looking at about 20 minutes. so, so far so good. i'll send it back to you. as we are preparing for the opening ceremony it's not just california athletes showing off their talents at tokyo games it's southern california designer made the skate mark you'll see during the olympics. skateboarding one of the new
6:39 am
sport at the olympics. so the first skateboarding event is saturday for the men's street qualifying. >> have you ever wondered what it takes to broadcast the biggest show on earth? here's a look inside the nbc control room in tokyo. 1700 hours of olympics programming will be on the air out of this 50,000-square-foot nerve center and nearly 3,000 people will bring the games to your tv. a lot of organization there. for more in depth look knks headed to our new lx platform. at 6:55 we'll go live to tokyo. 6:39. will your weekend plans include day he at the beach? next the bay area spot getting top grades when it comes to water quality. plus a fight over a fight in washington. they can't agree on how best to
6:40 am
investigate the attack on the capitol. take you to new york city. the big board, dow industrials down slightly after a bigger than expected first time jobless claim number. you're watching "today in the bay".
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6:42 am
good thursday morning. right now it's 6:42 as you step out the door at the east bay. fremont forecast will start out with a few clouds. temperatures in the mid-50s. a lot of sunshine and overall very comfortable day.
6:43 am
69 degrees at lunch time. a look at all of our microclimates in the forecast coming up. let's check in on those bridges. drive times right now, westbound towards the bay bridge 14 minutes. san mateo bridge, 13 minutes. closer look at east bay, tri-valley and south bay drive times coming up. thanks so much. 6:43. biden's attorney general is declaring his independence today. >> merritt garland said he wants the department of justice to be totally independent. >> which if you remember your junior high level civics class is how it should be. really doesn't need to be reminded of. but merritt garland would like to remind americans that while joe biden appointed him he does not work for joe biden. criminal and civil investigations should not and cannot be influence by the white house. donald trump felt very differently. firing his first attorney
6:44 am
general for not protecting him in the russia investigation accusing jeff sessions in a tweet of not being loyal. eventually letting him go. trump let his second attorney general go after bill barr said out loud trump lost the election fair and square and there was no widespread voter fraud. barr had been quite protective of the president previously which, again not the ag's job. at the capitol today very unusual move or yesterday by nancy pelosi. rejecting two of the republicans picks for the select committee to investigate the attack on the capitol police and the alcohol. pelosi in a written statement says representative jim jordan of ohio, jim banks of indiana were not suitable to help run the investigation because they themselves supported the big lie that trump had actually won the election. the man who picked jordan, house minority leader kevin mccarthy was incredulous.
6:45 am
>> speaker pelosi has taken the unprince edwarded step of denying the minority party's picks for the select committee on january 6th. this has not happened before. it's an egregious abuse of power. >> republicans rejected a vote on the infrastructure. biden back from ohio. pushing the infrastructure bill. he'll meet with business and union leaders today at the white house. first lady is in tokyo. as you know we're on social media all of us. if you look for me, look for me on twitter. >> we know a lot of people struggling to make it in the bay and this morning a new study
6:46 am
shows just how hard that struggle is for so many of our neighbors. >> we're talking about a lot of people here. >> reporter: sound like one in four bay area families are struggling just to cover their cost of living, all the expenses they have as families and that's according to a new united airlines way survey that's out this morning. in the bay area one in four families cannot afford basic necessities like housing, food, medical care and child care. that amounts to more than 600,000 families in our area. the data reflect what was happening even before the pandemic. now across the state the study is finding even more dire with one in three families or 3.5 million families barely make ends meet. 95% of those households are considered working poor. meaning they are working. they are making money. they are just not making enough. half of these families also have
6:47 am
children under the age of 6 and in some places child care is more expensive than rent according to the united way analysis census data from 2014 to 2019. we are tracking resources for families to try to make it in the bay from the push to get more rental assistance to the eviction moratorium to making sure you get your federal child tax credit. find all of that at just click on the tab that says making it in the bay. happening today university of california voting to raise tuition for all of its campuses. currently in-state tuition is roughly $11,000 per year not including entering fall 202 will pay an additional $534. increase is only for first year and transfer students. students would keep that rate for six years. new this morning a north bay
6:48 am
city receiving top grade this year on its beach report card. the environmental group heal the bay said 24 beaches tested in marin county received straight as for water quality. this was during last summer. they looked at 500 statewide beaches. the reason for the good marks is lack of rain. water quality leaders say when there's a drought or small amount of rain less pollutants flow out of the ocean. surprising visitor showing at the olympic games. >> due to covid fans aren't allowed in stadiums but an asian black bear has been spotted twice inside the olympic softball stadium. guards are trying to get rid of it blasting loud music, using firecrackers to scare that bear away. it's worth noting here team usa beat canada in the stadium overnight. here we go looking towards the weekend. a good day for us. >> we're so excited to watch the
6:49 am
opening ceremony of the olympics. and you may be wondering what's the weather like there in tokyo. there is a typhoon that's to the south and some of the outer rain bands affecting southern japan but should not affect the games. the main part of the storm heading over china the next few days. it's warm and humid and they are going to be talking about that 90 degrees for today and then tomorrow it's going to reach into the upper 80s and a chance of thunderstorms. so we'll see if that pans out. here at home, nice, quiet, beautiful sunrise as we wake up and head out the door. san jose upper 50s and very much like it was yesterday where we see a gradual warm up in our temperatures heading towards 80 degrees. just a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. in concord expect a high of 88 degrees. 88 in livermore. inland valleys a touch warmer while we'll still see cool temperatures near the coast, san francisco mid-60s and our north
6:50 am
bay highs reaching into the mid-80s. we'll still see some changes in our temperatures little bit warmer for some of our hottest spots like brentwood could dip into or actually rise into the triple digits as we go into tomorrow as well as saturday but then we do see those temperatures dipping a little bit by early next week. as we take a look at our inland temperatures, trying to average it out. mostly upper 80s and low 90s while san francisco, see a bit more sunshine and high in the upper 60s. any problems for the morning commute? >> traffic has been moving along quite nicely and no major accidents to report which is fantastic. i just have a couple of slow spots for you, you may want to watch out for. this is around 580. traffic tarts told you about. there was a vehicle that was broken down. it has been pushed off to the shoulder. no delays expected. but eastbound drive times,
6:51 am
westbound 80 from highway 4 to bay bridge, 17 minutes. check out westbound 580, 238 to bay bridge only 16 minutes. 6:50. and happening now, san francisco is taking action combat climate change. supervisors passing an ordinance to speed up the cutback on greenhouse gas emissions. it updates the city's environmental code focusing on energy, transportation, housing, zero arrest and roots. it requires the city to have an action plan by the end of the year. they want to reduce gas emissions by 61% by 2030 and eventually reach net zero emission. >> next a quick look at those top stories including will your kid be heading back to the classroom with a mask. plus we are live in tokyo. >> reporter: thursday night here in tokyo. just a few minutes ago we got more information about new covid
6:52 am
cases related to the olympics. also a vip visitor here in japan. we'll show you next live in tokyo.
6:53 am
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welcome back. before you head out the door we're moving you forward with a look at your top stories. >> first happening now tamarac fire raging 2019 states.
6:55 am
the sky is glowing orange as the chopper attempts to drop water on flames. the fire is burning south of lake tahoe. the flames have crossed the border into nevada. it's burned 44,000 acres and at zero containment. >> hospitals in parts of the country are once again being overwhelmed april a fourth wave of covid is spreading. many of those outbreaks are where vaccination rates are bloef 45%. data is showing us u.s. right here we're averaging 1,000 new cases every hour. >> new national mask guidance could be in the works when it comes to masks and children. the president said cdc will advise children who are not eligible to be vaccinated to wear masks. state guidelines we acquire all students and staff to wear masks. california is allowing each district to decide individually
6:56 am
get a chance to catch the opening ceremony of the 2020 tokyo olympic games. >> as we countdown to the official start there are some major concerns. we go live to tokyo. >> reporter: this is such a fantastic story to tell. we have no idea what direction is beginning to go. it's almost 11:00 at night here in tokyo the eve of the opening ceremony. if you look over my left shoulder towards the tokyo bridge, the rainbow bridge and tokyo tower that's the athlete village across the water. tomorrow we're going to see these athletes not just team usa all the other countries they are going to be filled with pride, they are going to be filled with joy and they are excited about these games. the reality we have some new covid numbers associated with the olympics. just a few minutes ago into our nbc newsroom here in tokyo there are reports that five members of the czech delegation have tested
6:57 am
positive. that brings the number to over 95 people associated with these olympics who have so far tested positive for covid-19. keep in mind there's about 65,000 of us, support staff and journalists here to work the games plus 11,000 athletes. relatively speaking the covid numbers are low for new. we do have some scandal here on the eve of the opening ceremony. the director of the opening ceremony was fired because of a holocaust joke he made back in 1998. you see him there on the left side of your screen. earlier this week the music composer of the opening ceremony was forced out. he was forced out because of past bullying issues that have resurfaced here in japan. and the vips usually come in to town now for topping ceremony, billionaire ceos, heads of state. not too much pomp and circumstance but we have the
6:58 am
first lady, jill biden touching down at the okada air force base. she had binner with perimeter suga and his wife. 90 minutes ago i spoke with mike tirico who is co-hosting the opening ceremony with gut. i asked what do you expect to see because you're sending the tone back to america. he said look we're going to do it with respect and also it's going to be powerful. think about it. respectful and powerful, two very good words to describe the japanese culture. i'm looking forward to it. 3:55:00 a.m. california time live here on nbc bay area. >> you say that in a way it sounds so early but for us we're already up and at them. >> a normal day. >> i'm an evening anchor.
6:59 am
cut me some slack. >> that's why you should be staying up now. >> we're delighted you're joining us in the morning on "today in the bay". we'll let you take a cat nap now. >> perfect. see you tomorrow. >> sounds good. we'll check in with him every day right here on "today in the bay". he'll be anchoring two olympic specials at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in another programming tonight, "today in the bay" will not be on the air tomorrow morning because the opening certificate morgan will be on starting at 3:55:00 a.m.. followed by a efficiently edition -- followed by a special edition of "today" at 8:00 a.m. >> today same weather. our inland valleys warming up. keeping it cool at the coast. >> not a lot going on. quick check of the south bay drive times. looking good. smooth commute from 101 to 85
7:00 am
only 23 minutes. >> let's hope it stays that way. that's what's happening "today in l.a.". we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> see you tomorrow. good morning. countdown. the opening ceremony of the tokyo olympics now just 24 hours away. overnight, our first look at women's gymnastics. simone biles putting on a show before the games even begin. while the women's softball team notches a second straight victory. >> and the united states has a 1-0 win over canada. >> the games forging ahead, even as more athletes test positive for covid. savannah is live in tokyo with the last-minute preps, and her partner for


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