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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  July 21, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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next on nbc bay area news. tonight the opening ceremony hasn't even happened and covid is already causing problems at the tokyo olympics. we're joined by our covid expert to talk about the risk to athletes and the games. also we talk to raj mathai about what he's seen so far. and power lines blamed for sparking some of our biggest wildfires in years. pg&e and how much they plan to spend on it. plus, getting carded, and not just for your age. hundreds of san francisco bars
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show your card. >> there are folk whose don't understand it or don't agree with the policy. >> one explains why he's already checking your covid status. i'm jessica aguirre. we start tonight in tokyo, where the games have begun. the official olympic ceremony is on friday, but some competitions are under way. while we don't have a medal count we have a covid count with five u.s. athletes testing positive. here's a look today. the city reported 1800 new cases. compare that to last wednesday, 1100 new cases. the sharp increase had the government issuing a new government saying that the case load is putting a strain on tokyo's hospitals and clinics. among the americans testing positive, taylor crabb, his first beach volleyball match was
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supposed to happen this week, but he will no longer compete in the olympics. other team usa members out because of covid. coco gauff, bradley beal, katie lou samuelsson and kara eaker. and yet the games are a go. we are going to have a conversation about whether that's the right move, to keep the games going. joining us from tokyo is our very own raj mathai. raj knows first hand all the precautions being taken to keep everyone safe. also with us is dr. shin hong, our expert from ucsf. good to see you. >> good to see you. you're watching from the united states, and we are here. we got here about a week ago. we're just taking it all in. >> raj, let's talk about these athletes that have tested
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positive. the athletes have to be super focussed during these games. how are these positives, you know, tests creating stress for them. what's the vibe? or are they just going to say i'm going to keep moving forward? >> no, i think they're really stressed out. we talked about the beach volleyball player, taylor crabb. we spoke to his brother who says he's a little ticked off. they feel fine, but they go through so much testing. they're just waiting. if they have a positive test they're out. they have that built into their mind where this could be a possibility where they work for years but it could be dashed because of the positive test. >> what's general vibe in the olympic village and around tokyo with these cases rising? >> oh, it's strange. there's more than 11,000 olympians that are going to be here. those numbers are going to go up. first of all, being in tokyo,
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it's stunningly beautiful. this is the tokyo bay, the skyline is gorgeous. what gets me about the city. we learn about it through schoolbooks and friend whose have traveled here. but when you're here, 37 million people, the largest metropolitan area in the world, bigger than shanghai, new york city, and it is spotless. it is clean. they were supposed to have a great celebration here, but it's not happening. we are on the outside looking in. because we can't interact with the japanese people. we've talked about the journalists and olympic officials, should we proceed with these games. we spoke with some of the people who live here. >> not too many people have been vaccinated. still so many people being infect every day. they just worry about this situation. they worry about tokyo. olympic.
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it's for the athletes primarily. >> japanese government as well, i think they just want do hold this competition or like this event, because they're still losing money. if we put it to the next year, they going to lose more money. so i think they'd better finish this as soon as possible. >> and that's a general feeling here. let's just get this over with, but we should have it, accord tog so many people in tokyo, because there's so much money on the line. >> you can't go out and spend any nbc dollars because you're in quarantine. what is that like? and how does that compare to what the athletes are going through? >> it's similar. every morning i start my day in the hotel room. we take a spit test, we register that covid test. then we get our phones out, they
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are tracking us, our movement, we cannot leave this nbc hotel. we can't really get out of this balcony here. we can go to the venues and dweelt athletes, but that's it. essentially, they're keeping us in three bubbles, the athletes, the journalists and support staff in a second bubble and the citizens are in a second bubble. that's for the first 14 days. i'm in the midst of my mandatory 14-day quarantine. i want to get out of here, but i can't do that until august 1st. >> which is so different from every other olympics you've ever covered. dr. peter, are these precautions that raj and the athletes are going through, is that enough to keep covid at bay? or do you anticipate seeing a lot more positives? >> well, jessica, i'm very worried. i think there will be more positives, like raj said. no bubble is a bubble.
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it's not like the nba where it's a true bubble and imperfect verious to the outside world. there are people who come to and from the community to support the athletes, the staff, the custodial workers, food service employees. they're not necessarily in an isolated bubble, and, you know, i think there will be more disruptions that we'll see to come. >> it is heartbreaking to see five team members of team usa already test positive. do you think they got it en route or that they got it at the village? >> i think it's different strokes. at this stage, many who are testing positive had a false negative. you have to have two negative tests before you get en route to
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tokyo. so we know that there are limits to testing. probably the first four days of an exposure, you're going to have a false negative before you turn positive. those early athletes were probably exposed en route or back home. we'll see more positives. >> do you fear that this could become a superspreader event? >> i do. mainly, because, again, just on the route out of tokyo back home, again, given the limits of testing, if you were exposed in, you know, in the airport or on the bus, on the, you know, the transportation going to the airport, you're going to then turn positive after you got home. you probably going to potentially expose a lot of people, you know, en route to getting home, including your fellow athletes and trainers. so potentially, not just --
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>> all right, let's bring in raj real quick. >> -- as well. >> let me close this up with you. the olympics. you've been to so many. i've been to some. usually it's fun, rio was a party. this has been dubbed the no-fun games. it just isn't the regular game that weary' used to with the pomp and circumstance and excitement. >> opening ceremony is friday. we know it's not going to be that. the magic of the olympics, and you experienced it, jessica, as well, whether it's athen, london, salt lake city, rio. the magic of the games is the global community coming together and having fun. we're not going to see that here. but there will be magical moments we hope and we believe, from the athletes themselves. it's a different type of olympics. what we've been through in the last couple years, all of our lives have changed. and that imparts in tokyo as
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well. >> the bay area well-represented in the summer olympics. jonathan blume recently met up with a skateboarding alternate from the north bay. check it out. >> i see myself. i'm 15, and i'm a skateboarder. i like flying high and going fast. >> do you remember the first time you were on a skateboard? >> i don't. i just remember being able to do it. >> well, that is minna. you can see her story at minna shows us the skate park in her back yard and talks about how she recently became the number one female skater in the country. can you find it at we're featuring athlete stories from the bay area to tokyo, airing 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and 7:00 p.m. and then friday, the opening day of the opening
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ceremony. most of the olympic athletes have made their way to tokyo and are posting about it on social media. abbey fernandez is keeping an eye on it all. even with the specter of covid, the athletes are like, game on, they're psyched and trying to have fun. >> it's interesting. they're not shying away from posting the comments we want. and since we were talking about skateboarding earlier, let's talk about a skateboarder out there. i'll start out with what a bay area native is up to. he's enjoying japanese food and put a red heart on there. he got to see yao ming. that's pretty cool. that must be good, right? they're getting to see a lot of
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folks out there. >> you get to experience the new food from that country. >> for sure. here's what another athlete is up to. katie ledecky is enjoying the beautiful views. she posted a photo carousel with a lot of skyline photos with the caption "the sky's the limit" and ended with a picture of the olympic pool. i'm excited to watch her. >> ledecky killed it in rio, and you can expect that she's going to kill it in tokyo again. she was awesome. she rules that pool. >> last one here, an olympic fencer having a fun little time with a fellow member, leigh kiefer. they had a little fashion show of their ages." for sure, those videos having a lot of fun.
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>> sabrina has olympic pedigree. her brother alex won silver in rio, and his dad is the coach. and this is her first olympics competing. >> they're olympic family. >> they totally, totally are. thanks for being with us, abbey, abbey is posting a lot of olympic content. you can watch right now on watch it after the show. still to come, preventing future fires. pg&e unveiling a new plan to make 100,000 miles of its power lines safer. and then carding for covid. hundreds of bars in the bay area weighing whether to make vaccines a requirement for you to get the drink. we'll talk to a bar owner already doing it.
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finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ the dixie fire continues to keep fire crews busy in butte county as an investigation is under way into pg&e's admission that its equipment may have sparked that fire. it will bury 10,000 miles of power lines across california over the next few years. the ceo says the goal is to have a safe system. crews will start in fire-prone areas. the price tag for the plan, some $15 billion to $20 billion.
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another story we're watching, taking aim at brazen retail theft. you see thieves snatching up purses and running out stores. bunch of louis vuitton out the door. governor newsom met with san francisco's police chief, and they signed a bill they say will help solve the problem. >> you've seen those organized efforts, and they are organized, disproportionately, efforts, and we want to go after those rings. >> they have a task force fighting this crime, it will be funded for the next five years. okay. how about a cosmo? with that vax card. an organization is considering require having patrons show vaccine cards before bellying up to the bar. the ally yachbs is trying to come up with a workable policy in response to the spike in covid cases. if it happens, it would be up to
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individual bars to enforce it. many bars and taverns across the bay area are watching closely what happens there, including the san jose downtown business association. >> currently right now in downtown san jose we have one bar requiring proof of vaccination, and they're kind of at the continue of the spear here, seeing what the backlash is like in person, online, and they're an interesting test case for this in our community. >> that one bar already carding is the haberdasher, joining us is the owner. thanks for being with us. let's talk about this carding for covid. how long have you been doing it and how did you come to the decision to do it? what was your thought process? >> we startedth. we sat down as a made them most
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comfortable. we moved to outdoor where that's was lots of sanitizing, all these procedures we were doing to keep ourselves safe. it seemed like the natural next progression. it has to do with our space which is a very old basement in a very old building. it felt irresponsible to open all the doors and let everyone in. >> you guys are kind of like a speak easy. is it like carding for your age? you have a bouncer at the door and the guy asks for your id and vax card? >> pretty much. i wouldn't say bouncer. we don't use big old bullies at the door. just our staff. they'll ask for proof of vaccine, which is the card itself, a photo of it. >> what's been the reaction from
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customers so far? >> from our long-term regulars, folks who have been visiting us forus for over a decade. at the door for some folks it's infuriating, frustrating, and i understand why. you want to come out, have a drink and you're told no. we do it to be as safe as we can for our staff and the guests inside. that's kind of our stance, and we've been sticking to it. >> very quickly, bars have had such a tough time. are you at all worried you're going to get people so upset that they're going to be like, yeah, we're never going there again? >> i'm sure that we will turn some people off, and i'm okay with that. this rule is not going to please everyone. those folks that do appreciate it i know will come and visit us and return. those folks that don't, it's not worth risking my staff's lives or my life to make a buck.
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we think it's the most responsible thing to do in a time when we have no idea what's going to happen next. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> what do you think of this, carding for covid? what do you think of bars requiring vaccination. several of you answered in the spirit of the response tweeted by nicole who said quote, i think it's a good idea. i have my vaccine card and am ready to show it to any business. if people know every patron at the bar is vaccinated they'll feel safer. columbus spoke, "let people judge their own risk." if you are scared of covid, stay home. the bay bridge, that's it outside. a lot of fog out there. and trip adviser's best restaurants list is out. you may be surprised at which
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dining spot, bistro jontee. >> it's been so long since i've done anything, it's like, okay. a lot of fog out here. if you're making plans for the french laundry or wherever. we're going to get the fog as we roll through tonight and tomorrow morning. it's going to be back for us. as we roll through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine coming our way. a gorgeous thursday. 86 for morgan hill, similar for concord and livermore. up to napa, 84. 70s from oakland to palo alto. let's get a look at my seven-day forecast. we continue with 60s over the
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next several days. the chance of thunderstorms to the south and east of us once we hit sunday. monsoonal moisture will be moving in for us. we saw raj out there ineather f. and we talk a lot about how ay f humidity and what it feels like is the dewpoint. it's currently at 79. look at this comfort chart. pleasant is 55. but when you get to a due point of 79, right there it's considered miserable. really tough for these athletes as they start to get the competition under way. you even see the heat index, feeling like the mid to upper 90s. on and off thunderstorm chances too. we know raj even with miserable conditions, he's going to get through it and get those stories for us. >> that is repressive.
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is it a nuisance or necessary? most bay area counties have you putting your max back on. we talk to the ucsf department of medicine. that's going to do it for me at 7:00.
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conditions, he's going to get 7:00.
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were you feeling the presence of your own mother? >> it felt so real to me. >> my last moments with my mother was by a piano. >> her own mother tragically murdered. how jennifer hudson channeled her inner emotions to play aretha. >> the wife, lover and cheating husband who found them both dead. >> we call this halston red. >> rooftop style.


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