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tv   Today  NBC  July 21, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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we have a lot coming our way. opening ceremony is on friday. >> we'll look forward to you checking in with raj every morning right here on "today in the bay." as we take a live look at the oldest budsest temple in tokyo. the "today" show coming up next. ♪ good morning sounding the alarm, a new warning from top health officials about the delta variant. the u.s. now averaging 1,000 new covid cases every hour hospitalizations and hospitalizations and deaths on the rise. while on capitol hill, the battle over misinformation leads to this heated exchange. >> senator paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. and i want to say that officially. >> so what is being done to slow the spread? and are new mask mandates just around the corner? prime delivery, jeff bezos back on earth after a historic flight to space and responding to critics calling it nothing
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but an ego trip paid for by amazon customers. we'll take you inside the mission, the reaction and what's next for the billionaire and blue origin. let the games begin. after a year of waiting, the tokyo olympics are under way. >> and the united states gets the win over italy. >> this as another u.s. athlete tests positive for covid. and this morning, our exclusive reveal, the two flag bearers who will lead team usa during the opening ceremony. in a haze. >> we definitely can barely see the skies today. >> smoke from western wildfires drifting all the way across the country to the east coast. the air quality warning for millions. al has what you need to know before you head outside. hairy situation. why the timing of prince harry's tell-all is rocking the royal family and causing headaches for them after an already tough
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year. all that, plus milwaukee's best. >> after a half century, the milwaukee bucks are nba champions once again. >> a celebration 50 years in the making thanks to an amazing performance from the bucks superstar. >> slam. >> only the seventh player in the history of finals to have a 50-point game. >> today wednesday, july 21st, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, welcome to "today." so happy that you are joining us on this wednesday morning. happy to have craig with me. savannah is in tokyo. >> yes. >> she's getting ready because how long until -- >> 48 hours. >> 48 hours, all right. all right. >> 48 hours. >> 48 hours until
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"today." are you ready? these are the team usa flag bearers for the opening ceremony as chosen by members of team usa. eddie alvarez, he earned a silver medal in sochi as a speed skater. the 31-year-old who also played for the miami marlins is now representing team usa on the baseball diamond. >> so we have eddie. next up, legendary basketball star sue bird. sue making history at the age of 40 as the oldest american basketball player too ever compete on the olympic level. >> i am so pumped. we get to hear from eddie. we're going to talk to sue live a little bit later in the show. but we are going to begin, guys, with those new warnings, the new warnings about covid and the highly contagious delta variant. on wednesday, the nation's top health officials testified before congress and things did get heated at times.
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this as confusion grows over new vaccine and mask mandates. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in new york's times square with the latest. hey, gabe, good morning. >> reporter: here in new york city, the mayor is expected to announce today that all employees at city-run hospitals must be vaccinated or get weekly covid tests. this all comes as the cdc is revealing troubling new numbers about the delta variant and that is prompting new measures, health measures across the country. this morning, the cdc is sounding the alarm about the highly contagious delta variant saying it now accounts for 83% of new covid infections nationwide. >> in some parts of the country, the percentage is even higher, particularly in areas of low vaccination rates. >> the nation's top pandemic officials testifying on capitol hill tuesday with some heated exchanges. >> senator paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. and i want to say that officially.
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>> also in washington, a fully vaccinated white house staffer and an aide to house speaker nancy pelosi testing positive for the virus. this as confusion and anger grow over new mandates requiring mass today the new york city mayor will announce all employees at city-run hospitals must get vaccinated or submit to weekly covid testing. it joins san francisco which mandated vaccines for all city employees last month. a growing number of school districts will require masks this fall after the american academy of pediatrics recommended students wear them in school, even if vaccinated, creating an uproar among some parents. >> we were under the impression with the vaccine we would no longer have to be wearing your mask. >> the problem is schools can't tell who is vaccinated and who is not and that's why they're
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putting in these policies. >> the country averaging more than 1,000 new infections every hour. in 22 states, cases have skyrocketed more than 100% in the last two weeks. in nine states, deaths have surged 80% or more. in southern states like louisiana, only 36% of the population is fully vaccinated. john bartucci is finally getting the shot he put off for months. >> what was holding you back before? >> honestly, i just didn't see the need for it. you know, i just thought, well, i'm young and healthy. >> but some are pushing back against the new mandates. nine states have already barred public schools from requiring students to be vaccinated. >> to force kids to wear masks or to be vaccinated against their parents' wishes, i don't know, i don't think we should be doing that as a government. >> gabe, a lot of people did get that johnson & johnson vaccine and they're wondering how effective that is against the delta variant. there's new data out. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, hoda, according to the study posted online tuesday, it says that the j&j vaccine may be less
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effective against the delta variant. and the authors of this study argue that that could adds to the calls for the 13 million people who got a vaccine to get a booster shot. ffials do not recommend that. it's important to note this hand or published in a scientific journal. j&j says its smaller studies show that the vaccine does offer strong protection against the delta variant. >> gabe, thank you. now to jeff bezos historic trip into space and new new criticism back here on earth. the billionaire amazon founder delivered a message to his critics. and he also laid out a vision for the future. tom costello has been covering it all for us from west texas. he's there for us once again this morning. hey, tom. >> reporter: hey, good morning. van horn, texas, good morning, craig. jeff bezos yesterday described it as the best day of his life and the fulfillment of a childhood dream. he's been criticized for
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e tornado warning -- taking a joy ride for a billionaire. although he did announce a $200 million philanthropic initiative. he said yesterday was about taking a new look at the earth and recognizing how fragile it is. >> is it everything you thought it would be? >> fantastic. >> call it prime delivery, the culmination of a lifelong dream for jeff bezos who reached space with his brother, mark, teenager oliver daemen and 82-year-old veteran pilot wally funk. >> i love it! >> reporter: thrilled by the sensation of weightlessness 66 miles above the earth. >> god speed, first crew of "new shepard," let's light this candle. >> reporter: rocketing into the lower edge of space, the spacecraft pulled off a perfect landing in the west texas desert. >> expectations were high and they were dramatically exceeded. >> reporter: bezos earning his astronaut wings 21 years after founding blue origin.
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trailblazing pilot wally funk now the oldest person ever in space, had to wait decades because nasa refused to send her into space. >> i loved it and i loved being here with all of you and the - i want to go again, fast. >> reporter: amid the celebrations, bezos is facing backlash, though, for this comment. >> i want to thank every amazon employee and every amazon customer because you guys paid for all this. >> reporter: bezos sold amazon stock to fund blue origin, but amazon has been criticized for underpaying workers and fighting against unions. >> this was your dream, but for all those millions of americans who are watching this who are saying, this is a joy ride, it has nothing to do with me, what did you experience that matters to all americans? >> we live on this beautiful planet.
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we need to take all heavy industry, all polluting industry, and move it into space and keep earth as this beautiful gem of a planet that it is. >> reporter: bezos recently stepped away from his role as ceo at amazon. he says his climate change foundation and blue origin will now become his primary focus. but how many people can afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to take the ride? >> we've got to do it the same away we did with commercial airline travel. really almost in the barnstormer phase. that's what we're doing right now. but you know where that phase leads? to 787s and that's what we have to do. >> reporter: an incredible day. more flights are planned. we don't know how much people are paying for these flights. bezos said they sold $100 million worth of tickets. one of those we believe is the guy who bid $28 billion in a charitable auction. we don't know when he is supposed to be going to space. it could be in the coming weeks.
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craig, back to you. >> you mentioned bezos putting money into energy and fighting climate change. there was a lot of talk yesterday about the environmental impact of that launch. what do we know about that? >> reporter: yeah. it's a clean burning engine using liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. as is rockets into space, the continue trail is really water vapor. it's a pretty clean mechanism for getting up into space. the question is if you have many of these rockets flying into space, what's the cumulative effect? we don't know. this rocket used yesterday a pretty clean ride. >> tom costello for us wednesday again from van horn, texas. tom, thank you. now let's get the latest from tokyo. the summer olympics officially kick off in two days with the opening ceremony, but action is already under way. amid the excitement, another member of team usa has tested positive for covid.
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nbc's senior national correspondent tom llamas is in tokyo with all of this, this mixed bag. hey, tom, good morning. >> hey, hoda, good morning to you. the tokyo games have started and team usa making it into the win column. but a rough match for the u.s. women's soccer team. and as you mentioned, a likely covid infection hitting the beach volleyball team. these athletes are dealing with the pressure to win and the pressure to try to stay safe and healthy. >> and the united states gets the win over -- >> reporter: this morning, the tokyo games have begun. and team usa tasting victory, but also feeling defeat. >> jack jacobson, another cross. >> reporter: the u.s. women's soccer team defending world cup champs led by megan rupino losing to archrival sweden. >> the throw to the plate -- >> but in softball, team usa beating italy 2-0. the sport back in the olympics for the first time since 2008. >> you know, i think we were all just excited and honored,
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basically, to be taking the field. we weren't sure this day was really going to come. >> reporter: we're get ago sneak peek at the opening ceremony japanese jets rehearsing a flyover high above the national stadium. the olympics are bei there are still crowds in busy areas like shibuya trains all over the city are packed and fans can still go to baseball games here. i asked tokyo's governor why spectators weren't allowed at the olympics showing her all the fans at a recent baseball game why can people go to a baseball game but they can't go to the olympics >> translator: the olympics is not a local game it's an international game therefore, the medical sector has asked us not to have spectators due to there being more passionate cheering and more -- >> reporter: the pandemic hitting team usa just before the games. in basketball, bradley beal and katie lou samuelsson, tennis star coco gauff, gymnast kara
7:14 am
eaker all testing positive for covid and now team usa is losing another key athlete who also tested positive. beach volleyball player taylor crabb, our los angeles station knbc reporting crabb's brother says he's fine and healthy and should be allowed to play, but the rules at the tokyo games are clear. a positive test means immediate isolation. now the head of the olympics here in japan says there is still a chance the entire event could be canceled if there's a spike in cases, but they are focused right now on delivering a successful games and we've learned this morning that brisbane in australia will host the 2032 games. so next up is paris then l.a., now brisbane we have so much to talk about with tokyo but maybe in 11 years i will be seeing you in australia. >> maybe you will. these athletes are up against a lot of stuff, covid and everything else. now we hear the heat is really how bad is it? >> reporter: there's no way to sugar coat this, hoda. it is so hot
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right now there are heat warnings at all 42 venues in tokyo and outside of tokyo around the olympics. this includes indoor facilities. i was at a skateboard park two days ago it was the hottest i've ever been in my life and i'm from miami. >> what are the temps, tom >> reporter: the temps -- it's not so much the temperatures they're between 80 and 90. it's the humidity. so you just walk out and you feel like you're in a sauna. luckily the "today" show is on at night here. so there's a bit of a breeze here it's a little different for our friend lester holt when "nightly news" is on. >> sounds a little bit like a new orleans going on there yep. now to those wildfires that are burning out west that are crea thousands of miles away. the smoke so intense, in fact, it's impacting air quality all the way on the east coast. garrett haake is in our nation's capital. he's down in d.c. with all of
7:16 am
it garrett, good morning. >> it's a sign of how interconnected our climate is, those same fires torching hundreds of thousands of acres in places like oregon and california are now responsible for air quality warnings in places as far away as baltimore and right here in washington a fiery tuesday night sunset lighting up the east coast fueled by these orange skies taking hold across the drought-stricken west as wildfire smoke there drifts across the continent triggering air quality warnings here. >> that is just nasty. that is the haze and the smoke coming down across our area. >> reporter: satellite imagery showing the smoke spreading across much of the u.s. all the way to the east coast. in the west, more than 80 wildfires are burning across 13 states, torching more than 1.3 million acres of land. a raging battle against fire and wind as firefighters work to put out the flames in oregon, the bootleg fire is
7:17 am
so big, it's generating its own weather by producing its own massive cloud, creating dry thunderstorms, lightning and strong winds that can potentially start more fires that mega fire, the largest in the u.s. so far this year, has already devoured nearly 400,000 acres of forest and forced thousands to evacuate. in california, the rapidly growing tamarack fire near lake tahoe is threatening hundreds of homes with many communities in the area under mandatory evacuation orders. >> they gave us about 20 minutes' notice that it looks like they said the fire was like five, six miles away and about an hour later, it was right on us >> the smoky infernos creating hazy skies thousands of miles away >> there's a ton of smoke coming across the continent >> reporter: stretching from toronto to philadelphia. >> we can barely see the skies today. >> reporter: the wildfires so strong, in new york city, a plume of haze clouded the city skyline. the air quality tuesday, the worst the city had seen in
7:18 am
nearly 15 years. a front here on the east coast should blow most of this round of smoke and haze out of the big cities here by this afternoon, but, craig, it's so early on in the fire season out west which means a potentially long summer of fires now impacting the whole country. >> garrett haake from a hazy washington, d.c., thank you. >> and a lot of us on the east coast looked up and said, wait, what is that i can't believe it made it all the way to the east coast. >> absolutely. and it's going stay. as of this morning, 5:30 a.m., new york city the second worst air quality of any major city in the world. >> really? >> because of this smoke >> that smoke, wow >> and it's going to hang around a little while longer. this thing is really a big deal and a big cause of problems. look at this across the great lakes and all the way into the northeast, that smoke hanging in there here is the smoke forecast for today. it makes a -- kind of an alley-oop up over the dakotas, down across chicago, cincinnati,
7:19 am
finally clears out today here in new york, but down to raleigh and washington, d.c., they're going to be seeing this. and this system, especially the big fires out west could create their own weather systems. pyro cumulonimbus clouds the fire heats the air at the surface, the air rises, cools into the clouds, those clouds can reach 50,000 feet creating high winds and lightning, behaving like a thunderstorm electric charger spark lightning, strong down burst winds and that causes big problems and fire-nados can develop in these things. a narrow plume of rising air air rushes in causing a pin and the winds out of this could be upwards of 100 miles per hour. back here in the northeast, that cold front that garrett haake was talking about and, in fact, i'm going to start doing some capitol hill reporting if garrett is going to do my job. anyway, 37 million folks at risk for damaging winds, hail, tornado risks are low, but we could see severe weather heavy rain developing with this
7:20 am
system albany, so far, they've had 7.11 inches of rain boston almost 10, 9 in new york. more rain coming from augusta down to atlantic city. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds now, all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults, with a career that makes a difference. ♪♪ apply today. ♪♪ i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our seven-day forecast, we have upper 80s in our warmest spots in the inland valleys. we're on a cooling trend and it does warm up a few degrees going towardseekend.
7:21 am
overall looking good here. a lot of fog near the coast and we're going to see that keeping san francisco as well as much of our bay area beaches cool. highs in the 60s. upper 60s by friday into the weekend with just a little bit less fog by the end of the weekend. >> and that is your latest and that is your latest weather. next half hour, i'm going after chuck todd coming up, fallout from prince harry's big announcement. why his upcoming memoir is making waves in the royal family >> and an incredible honor for a true legend. >> come on, sue. >> sue bird live to tell us what it means to her to carry the flag for team usa. but first, this is "today" on
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coming up, a real home run we're going to talk live with the five women who just made major league baseball history. >> can't wait for that
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if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at today's top stories including what you might need to bring with you the next time if you're going out for drinks in san francisco. >> good morning. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. as you visit local bars you may not only need to show your license, but your vaccination card. that's if the san francisco bar alliance proposal moves forward. this group that represents as many as 500 bars say they want folks to show their vaccination card not only to get ahead of any potential surges, but also to protect their business. now the group hasn't made a final decision.
7:27 am
they're expected to continue the discussion next week. i'm bob redell. the oakland a's expressed disappointment in the terms that city of oakland have agreed to try to keep the a's here in the city. yesterday the city council members agreed to preliminary terms for a $12 billion project at the howard terminal that would include a new stadium for the athletics, but the terms that the council approved are not the same terms the a's agreed to. the city amended the terms to require more affordable housing and tenant and anti-displacement protections. at 7:27, let's get a look at that forecast. how are we looking? >> we look pretty good. hazy sky over the south bay, fog near the coast. our inland temperatures today head toward the mid to upper 80s and it's going to warm slightly going into the weekend as well as early next week. overall, stays fairly quiet as the fog continues near the coast. san francisco going to see highs in the mid 60s.
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back now, 7:30 on a back now, 7:30 on a wednesday morning, july 21st, 2021 and there's a good chance that party in milwaukee is still going on this morning. this was overnight there fans poured into the streets to celebrate their milwaukee bucks. in case you hadn't heard, they won the nba title last night, their first championship in 50 years and 50 is exactly how many points their superstar, giannis scored to help finish off those phoenix suns in six games. giannis, just the seventh player
7:31 am
in nba hour to drop 50 points in a finals game. >> he's a great all-around guy a lot of people are just discovering him now. a couple of days ago, he said something that went viral. and it was a little conversation about how he stays humble despite his success. take a look. >> i kind of like touch folks in the moment, in the present that's humility. that's being humbled that's not setting no expectations that's going out there and enjoying the game, competing at a high level and i think i've had people throughout my life has helped me with that. >> you've got to look at the whole clip it's a beautiful clip and it talks about how the past is over, don't brag about it, the future is ahead, don't say i'm going to beat them, but stay in sure has.t. let's get to your 7:30 headlines. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein was extradited to los angeles yesterday to face additional charges he was convicted in new york
7:32 am
last year of sexual assault and rape and sentenced to 23 years in prison. in california shg, he's accused of attacking five women. he could face arraignment there as early as today. tom barrack, who chaired former president donald trump's inaugural committee, has been charged with acting as an agent of the united arab emirates. he's accused of unlawfully influencing the foreign policy of the trump campaign and the administration to advance the interests of the uae the longtime friend of the former president is charged with obstruction of justice a spokesperson for barrack saying he will plead not guilty of all the charges and nfl training camps open across the country next week, but first, one piece of unfinished business from last season president biden welcomed the reigning champions tom brady and the buccaneers yesterday tom brady and his teammates presented the president with a number 46 jersey it was the first white house visit for a super bowl champion
7:33 am
since 2017 now to the fallout over print harry's announcement that he will write a tell-all memoir. the book isn't expected until late 2022, but it's threatening to over-shadow an important year for the royal family nbc news now anchor joe fryer here with more on this one >> so it's a year that the royals are hoping will be full of personal celebrations and commemorations, but now buckingham palace is gearing up for a major family tell-all. something we haven't seen from such a senior royal in decades buckingham palace is now bracing for what prince harry may reveal in his newly announced memoir. >> they're going to have to wait a whole year now without knowing what's actually going to be in it so i -- i think the atmosphere is tense. >> reporter: the book is slated to be published at the end of 2022 casting a shadow over a year that will be monumental for if royal family we will celebrate 70 years on the throne, her platinum jubilee.
7:34 am
the majesty and members of the royal family travel around the commonwealth to mark the occasion in jung, prince william celebrates his 40th birthday in august, they celebrate 25 years since princess diana's death. a string of high-profile projects and media visits. the statement released by the publisher says he is excited for people to read a first harnd account of my life that's accurate and wholly truthful that will join a long list of royal-related books that sent shock waves through the palace edward the viii shared his side of the story in a 1951 memoir in a bestseller that made headlines around the world in 1992, the royals were thrown into crisis after andrew morton published his buy ogy of princess diana, detailing the breakdown of her marriage to prince charles
7:35 am
royal experts once pointing to the baptism of lil beth and a chance for the family to reconcile now acknowledge hope is dim sneempb is hoping that the birth of their dagter would be a chance for reconciliation. but this memoir does overshadow any reconciliation, even everything he said about the royal family thus far, they're going to come out particularly well in this >> i know, joe, a lot of people are wondering what is actually going to be in this memoir do we have any indication of what may make the books? >> you know, the publisher is saying it's going to cover everything from childhood to adulthood. harry has said it will cover lessons learned, mistakes made, but we can expect stories about childhood, about growing up as a royal, about getting married and, of course, about fatherhood the big question, though, is how much if at all he's going on delve into the recent controversy that we've been talking about for the last year and a half that's what people are bracing for.
7:36 am
coming up, an olympic honor. the two athletes just announced as team usa's flag bearers at the opening ceremony we will talk with one of them live, the legend, sue bird, right after this kathy martin has one in medicare from blue cross blue shield. she won't go a day without the right card. because she can't go a day without running. the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. this is the benefit of blue. learn more at if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself... 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months.
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7:41 am
the two athletes chosen as flag bearers for team usa here they are, eddie alvarez, he earned a silver medal in sochi he is a baseball player. he is competing for team usa we wanted so interview eddie on our show, but as we speak, he is flying to tokyo. but here is what happens when he found out. >> eddie, come on up here, man you are our official flag bearer of the united states of america. let's go >> means everything to me to be able to lead team usa is an absolute honor there's a lot of sacrifice i have had to make in this life, my athletic career, so just absolutely incredibly honored and what a privilege >> wow you feel surprise there, feel the emotion.
7:42 am
what a moment for eddie and the other flag bearer, none other than legendary basketball star sue bird, a four-time olympic gold medalist. she's competing in her fifth olympic games. sue got the news just a few hours ago. >> i'd like to announce that sue will be the flag bearer for team usa. >> oh, sue >> sue bird. with us this morning good morning >> good morning. >> you mean good evening >> that's true that's a good point. here is the thing, sue this isn't an honor that is handed out by some committee this is something that's voted on by your fellow team usa athletes how do you feel about that >> i mean, i think that's the best part, to be honest.
7:43 am
to have your peers be the one to kind of see your career and pick you to be the one to lead us in. and people always ask me what my favorite olympic moment is and it's always been that in 2004 my teammate at the time, who is now my coach, dawn staley obviously. so to be named that now is mind blowing. >> sue, we are so pumped for you. what an honor. usually when someone hears good news, they make a first phone call they have to call somebody to say, oh, my god, guess what? it's me. i know someone who you love and adore, she's a fellow olympian, a fellow gold medalist and she happens to be your fiancee, megan rupino have you had a chance to tell her what happened? >> i have. when i was first told, everybody was sleeping i tried to text. they were all sleeping i didn't catch them. so i did text megan right away as you said, she was getting
7:44 am
ready for a game, but i was able to share the news. she already knew i was like how >> of course because it had to be you, that's why. >> sue, you're on the verge of making history once again. there's never been a basketball player, male or female, to win five gold medals what would that fifth gold medal mean to you? >> i mean, it would mean everything but i have to say, i'd be remiss not to bring up diana taurasi. we saw in the video, she was able to share the news with me she's also here for a fifth time, also going for a fifth gold medal usa basketball has been so dominant, but to be able to do it with my best friend, dee, and even though i'm holding that flag, she's with me, right next to me as always. we've done this together so that is what makes this fifth gold medal that much more special. >> hopefully >> hopefully >> sue, before we let you go, we know a lot of folks here, covid
7:45 am
is a big story there we've watched some of your fellow athletes come down with it and have to isolate what is the feeling among your basketball team and how are you dealing with it? >> we take the protocols really seriously. you know, we're not staying in the village so it is a little bit of a different experience for us we're in a hotel we can't really leave. we like to think that our bubble season last year prepared us, but this might even be worse we really can't leave the hotel. we're here for one reason. it's to play basketball. hopefully we can find some time to, i don't know, play phase 10 or uno or something like that, keep things fresh. but other than that, i think we're trying to stay safe like everyone else. >> sue bird likes uno. >> congratulations to eddie alvarez and congratulations to sue bird way to go. looking forward to seeing you guys bring back some gold. and, of course, you can watch sue and eddie lead team usa friday during the opening
7:46 am
ceremony right here on nbc about this time, actually. we're going to follow it with a special edition of "today. and you can catch all of the olympic action on all of the networks of nbc and streaming on peacock, as well >> yeah, cool. it was michael phelps last time carrying the flag and now we've got two. very cool. it is 7:45 got a check of the weather for us >> if we had a flag bearer here on the nbc show, it will be al roker. >> that is kind of you by the way, i have packed a deck of uno and jenga we're going to be playing some jenga. get ready, baby. hot temperatures cool in the northeast and down south where they've been looking at a lot of rain today from green bay, chicago, cincinnati, buffalo, burlington, binghamton, because of the showers, everybody is going to see temperatures below average that continues into tomorrow from bangor, boston, new york city, detroit, temperatures just about seasonal, but still a few degrees cooler but you go out west from chicago, nashville, minneapolis,
7:47 am
into the weekend, 98 in minneapolis. omaha, 98. 92 st. louis add in the humidity and it's going to feel like triple digits on friday in minneapolis 95 in nashville. 100 degrees in st. louis those temperatures staying warm. fire risk continues out west smokey skies stretching from the great lakes into the mid-atlantic states. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. today it's going to be fairly warm for the inland areas, but still continues to cool off compared to what we've had recently with some highs in the upper 80s carrying us into the weekend. mostly sunny sky. san francisco, cloudy, foggy, highs today will reach into the mid 60s. we'll see a little bit more sunshine from friday into sunday as our highs there reach into the upper 60s so still staying cool along the coast. before
7:48 am
and that's your latest weather. craig. >> thank you, mr. roker. still to come, an exclusive look at what could be the future of grocery shopping. and this isn't the only high tech twist vicky wynn will have that for us and more, coming up after this i've never slept like this before. we gave new zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep to people who were tired of being tired. what is even in this? clinically-studied plant based ingredients passion flower, valerian root, and hops. new zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep. [slow electronic notes fade in]
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
. a very good morning to you. 7:56. here's a look at what's happening now. >> i'm kris sanchez. you don't have to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated but you might want to. right now 83% of u.s. cases are of the delta variant. a big spike from 50% of all cases the week of july 3rd. in california nearly half of all cases are of the delta variant which is highly contagious. for that reason 17 california counties are now recommending that even fully vaccinated people wear masks when we are inside public places, that includes all bay aounty is mandating a return to masksm. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. as you visit local bars, you may not only need to show your license but your vaccination
7:57 am
card. that if the san francisco bar alliance proposal moves forward. this group that represents as many as 500 bars want folks to show their vaccination card not only to get ahead of any potential surges but also to protect their business. the group hasn't made a final decision. they're expected to continue the discussion next week. >> all right. let's discuss the forecast right now. how are we looking today temperature wise? >> it's going to be a nice day, slightly cooler for our inland valleys with highs in the mid 80s and low 80s in the north bay. san francisco reaching the mid 60s and in san jose a look for a high of 79 degrees. as we go through the forecast slight cooling continues with a lot of sunshine for the inland areas and a little bit warmer by the end of the weekend while san francisco gets less fog. we'll see the highs trending into theugsunday. >> looks nice. thanks so much, kari. thank you for joining us as well. we'll be back with another local
7:58 am
news update in a half hour. hope to see you then.
7:59 am
what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, new warnings, top government officials sounding the alarm over the delta variant, now accounting for 83% of all cases >> in some parts of the country, the percentage is even higher. >> this morning, the latest pushback and the heated exchange on capitol hill over covid research we're live with what you need to know then, high-tech checkout our behind the scenes look at how robots and humans are working together to pack up thousands of online grocery orders
8:01 am
>> everything you do walking up in line on a grocery store, all that is being maintained through these bots >> just ahead, how this could change the future of shopping. plus, great call we will talk to the all-female broadcast team who made history after calling an mlb game from start to finish. >> i'm excited about it, but for me it's just another day of work >> how they hope to open the door for other women in the business and they're going to make it after all. new details about a mary tyler moore documentary. how the production team hopes to make the beloved star shine today, wednesday, july 21st, 2021 >> it's been over two years since our whole family has been together and we're celebrating two birthdays. >> my dad turned 49. >> and our papa turns 90 >> happy birthday! >> we're both marine corps veterans and just celebrated our anniversary.
8:02 am
>> i just want to wish my first born a very happy 16th birthday. i love you, naz. >> thank you >> we're the maloneys from maryland >> and we are here to wish our rtay >> happy birthday, mom >> judy is a legend. it is clear. welcome back, guys it's wednesday we're so happy that you're starting your day with us. savannah is off today, but i have to say she's hard at work getting ready for the opening ceremony in tokyo just days away coming up tomorrow on "today," we have an exclusive conversation with our pal, meghan trainor, her husband, darrell, and that beautiful baby riley. she has a lot to share sheer goes to talk about parenthood, the baby, and it was a bit of a rough start with the baby, but all is good right now. >> looking forward to that tomorrow let's get to your news at 8:00 and the latest on the coronavirus as the cdc says the delta variant now accounts for 83% of new infections
8:03 am
nationwide nbc's gabe gutierrez is in times square with the latest good morning >> reporter: craig, good morning in new york city the mayor is expected to announce that all employees at city-run hospitals must be vaccinated or get weekly covid tests. the city will join san francisco, which mandated that all city employees must get vaccinated last month. this all comes as the cdc is sounding the alarm over that highly contagious delta variant which it says accounts for 83% of all new infections nationwide these new health rules are prompted by alarming virus spread the country is now averaging more than a thousand new infections every hour. in 22 states, cases have skyrocketed over 100% in the last two weeks in nine states, deaths have surged 80% or more and in southern states like louisiana, only 36% of the population is fully vaccinated now, craig, there is news on the vaccine front. according to a study posted online on tuesday, the j&j vaccine may be less effective
8:04 am
against the delta variant. the authors of the study argue that the 13 million people that got that shot may need a booster shot but it's important to note that the study has not been peer reviewed or published in the scieg. >> gabe gutierrez for us, thank you. this morning, we are learning what it was like for amazon founder jeff bezos and his team to make that historic flight yesterday however, the successful mission has generated some backlash. tom costello has been in texas all week covering the space flight hey, tom, morning. >> hey, hoda van horn, texas, not van halen you're right, this has been an exciting couple of days here jeff bezos and three other passengers lifting off yesterday, it was a -- about a 10:30 trip 66 miles high, as you know, floating weightless for about
8:05 am
four minutes or so, and then descending back down to the ground bezos under fire today because he thanked amazon customers and employees for paying for this. now, granted, he cashed out on amazon stock to make all of this doable but is this just a billionaire joy ride bezos said it's really now, his focus now is about trying to preserve the earth and specifically that very thin line of atmosphere that he looked down upon when he was in space >> we live on this beautiful planet we need to take all heavy industry, all polluting industry and move it into space and keep earth as this beautiful gem of a planet that it is. >> reporter: yeah, bezos, by the way, did announce $200 million in philanthropic donations yesterday and says his focus now is going to be on blue origin and on his climate change initiatives. he has left, as you know, his role as ceo at amazon. back to you. >> tom costello for us, thanks
8:06 am
a massive rescue effort is under way in central china where severe flooding has left at least 25 people dead so far. heavy rains that started last weekend have left streets under water, people trapped in cars, trains, buses. many roads are closed. rail service has been suspended. all of that water has caused walls and buildings to collapse. more than 100,000 people have been forced to leave their homes and head for higher ground there in central china we've got time for a little morning boost. >> always. >> so here we go, a toddler named liam started getting attention when he showed his muscles at this restaurant in long island. before long, he had the whole place cheering him on.
8:07 am
take a look. >> come on, that kid is a crowd pleaser. you know when roker does the "my people" on the plaza, it's like the mini version of that congrats, liam coming up here, they are going to bat for women we are going to meet the broadcasting team that just made major league baseball history. hear what they have to say about it, right after this ewards dan s spending is trending. just ask stepping outside his comfort zone dan... dan: okay, i don't know where the hole for this is. or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... dan: you just made me miss her best line, dan: so now i'm going to have to start it again. even insisted he didn't need directions dan. dan: okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. dan: that said, do you know where i am? from select gas, streaming, travel and more earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels
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or how hard we work to find answers, partners, and hope. ♪ each one of us deserves to have our story, our lesson, ♪ our love shared with everyone who needs it. ♪ we make medicine. not just for some ♪ but for everyone. ♪ back now, it's 8:11. with the five women who just last night made major league baseball history they became the first ever all-female crew to call a game we're going to talk to them in just a minute. but first, how they arrived at a
8:12 am
historic night overnight, a group of women breaking barriers in a sport that has looked and sounded one way for more than a century. >> swing and a miss. you got him on the fastball. >> the trailblazing team of veteran female broadcasters setting the tone early on. >> that is five women calling this game for the first time in mlb history. i'm excited about it, but for me, it's just another day of work >> for the first time ever, a team of women taking charge of the broadcast before, during and after tuesday night's matchup between the orioles and the rays melanie newman on play by play, sarah langs doing the color analysis alanna rizzo on the field and lauren gardner and heidi watney in the pre and postgame reports >> today that door opens it's staying open. >> we're getting the ball rolling. >> this all-star lineup of ladies hoping to set the tone for future generations >> for young girls and young boys to see this as commonplace.
8:13 am
>> there's so many accomplished women that have the resumes that could absolutely do this broadcast. happy to be a part of it, we recognize the moment, but above all, it's baseball >> acknowledging their major moment without missing a beat. >> if we can show them that it is possible, then we've done our job. >> i could not agree more. shay mcclanahan, strikeout at a blistering 99. >> boy, are we thrilled. we have all of the women us this morning. sarah langs, heidi watney and lauren gardner here with me in studio melanie newman and alanna rizzo are joining us, too. first of all, gang, so good to see you together i'm so proud of you, what you did last night heidi, did you have the pregame discussion did you put the hands in and say, okay, ladies? what did y'all say before you started? >> this was getting so much attention from so many people that it surprised all of us because this is our job. this is what we do but -- and i think because we were getting so much attention and pulled in so many different directions before the broadcast,
8:14 am
i sent a text out to everyone and just said remember, you're here because you love the game and that's what fans want to see. the joy you have for the sport that they love >> wow melanie, you did it. i just wonder if you've had a minute to sit with it. it was an historical night it was something that people are now that you've had a moment to reflect, what is going through you? >> well, hoda, full transparency, a lot of coffee is going through me right now i had to get back to baltimore because we have game three at noon today so i got back in around 3:30 we're up getting to talk to you and literally as soon as we finish this i'll take off for the park and get on the headset for that so i think after the final out today, i might finally get some time to really digest it and look back at it. i got to have a late night call with my dad and he got to talko it while he was at work and was just reflecting, really, on the journey that they've watched me go through from the minor
8:15 am
leagues to this point. so it hasn't fully hit yet, but i'm excited to be able to look back at it >> alanna, when savannah and i coanchored together, they made a big deal out of it saying it was the first all-women team and i remember thinking we fit like puzzle pieces whether we were a man or a woman or green, red or white it didn't matter but one thing that did matter, that showed little girls that it is possible and it's normal. did that thought occur to you when you were out there? >> well, hoda, first of all, thanks for being with us today it's an honor to be with you you know what it's like to have to break barriers and pave the way, as well, so you can certainly relate to the story. and i think it's so important for us to recognize the moment of we have an important job to do and we have an opportunity to open some doors for some young women that may not have realized that this was, in fact, a career path that they could do. i didn't grow up doing play by play or talking about games in
8:16 am
the mirror and listening to myself i got into this game very late when i went back to school at 28 to get a masters in journalism it is never too late to follow your dream and if we can impress upon one young woman or one young man that there's an opportunity out there, then i think we've done our job. the five of us collectively have earned this right. we have the resumes to be there. at some point, we need to take gender out of the equation and say this is a quality broadcast team, not a quality female broadcast team >> go, go, go! that was awesome lawrence o'donnell, who told you that you were good who did you look at and say i want to be like that person? was there somebody when you were just starting out who gave you the confidence and courage >> you know, alanna and i were talking about this, and all of us, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the men who empowered us and supported us along the way, whether they were in positions of power or they were fellow colleagues
8:17 am
and we kind of called them like our guardian angels. and i was always making sure that i would pass that along and pay it forward but it was a lot of those people and i'll never forget, i had a boss in my previous job who, you know, for so long i had been painted into that corner and we all discussed this of being a reporter because that's the only place for a woman in this industry and he said, no, you're going to be hosting the pre/post games and intermissions for the colorado hockey game at first i thought i don't know if i can do this because i hadn't seen it that often. you do it because that is what you love and it was so empowering >> sarah, you do the color commentary that's a big job i know that was a big deal for you and it was a big deal for your mom for your mom to see you last night, tell me what that meant for her. >> my mom, my parents are huge, huge sports fans i grew up watching sports. that's rally all i watched
8:18 am
and my mother growing up wanted to be the next lon simmons or russ hodgens those are two legendary giant announcers, she's a san francisco giant fan. she wanted to do that, but at the time when she was young, that was not a realistic career path i didn't know this until a couple of years ago, but it turns out i'm living out her dream, and i didn't really know that when i was starting to go down this path >> so you didn't know that that is something that she want -- what did she say to you after the broadcast? >> she was just so excited she said we all did such a great job. she loves baseball, so any game is amazing, but from us, it was outstanding. >> heidi, you've got two little ones do they realize what mom did last night do they have any idea what went on >> well, the baby is about 7 months old and my 3-year-old, i was playing an interview for the "nightly news" with lester holt that we did prior to the game and he's like, "mommy!" so they don't quite get, you
8:19 am
know, the gravity of the situation, but i -- you know, i feel proud that i did this and i hope some day they look and say, wow, mommy was a part of that. that is really cool and something to be proud of >> melanie, i was watching wally funk when she went up into space at 82 years old. she missed her moment when she was younger. she was too young, she was a woman, and then she was too old and she couldn't do it then i thought about kim ng who is the gm for tampa. and i see you guys and i feel like there's something happening, like we're in a moment do you feel like we're in a moment for women where we're finally able to strip off the fact that this is about being a woman? >> yeah, you can't help but feel to be in that moment and that was something we had kind of gotten to discuss, especially watching the progression of how the sports world has reacted to women over the years. and that ratio of positivity has so far outgained what used to be pretty negative and quite frankly an ignorant reaction when it was negative to our presence in the sport. so it's really cool just to see
8:20 am
that turning the tide and moving forward and just the number of minor league managers and players that i've shared time with over the last couple of years that were all reaching out yesterday and just so thrilled to be able to see us out there and doing this collectively and they all had different stories to tell about each of us and just that reflects of being able to be a peer with these men. and they took away that title of gender because they see that they're working just as hard if not harder than they are that respect is finally coming around it might have take an while to get here the foot doesn't come off the gas now. >> i have to tell you guys, you all were just good men, women, it didn't matter y'all were good last night congratulations. we hope to see you guys do it again. we appreciate you. sarah, heidi, lauren, melanie, alanna, that's awesome mr. roker, how about a check of the weather >> some wet weather is making its way to the northeast looking at strong storms down through the gulf coast
8:21 am
that will be part of a stationary front pushing through. unfortunately still dry and hot out west stretching from the plains all the way into the southwest with temperatures triple digits 90s through texas into florida severe storms fire up later today in the northeast more wet weather along the gulf. the smoke continues to permeate from the pacific northwest into the plains and back down into the ohio river valley. and still looking at monsoonal moisture bringing storms into the southwest. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall, taking a look at our inland temperatures and our forecast for the next seven days, upper 80s today in some of the warmer spots. we're also going to continue to cool off a degree or two over the next few days before it warms up and we are still going to continue to see a lot of sunshine in our forecast. cool, foggy and some highs in the 60s for san francisco, and near the coastline and into the weekend there may be a little bit more sunshine, especially
8:22 am
friday into sunday. and that's your latest weather. time for the best part of the day. >> you're too kind >> come on, popstart, popstart >> speaking of strong women, we are going to start popstart with mary tyler moore is set to become the subject of an upcoming documentary called "being married." so this takes a look at the personal life and the legendary career of the actress who passed away back in 2017. she famously played mary richards in all seven seasons of "the mary tyler moore show," a character never afraid to make audiences question the way women were being treated in the workplace. she usually pulled that off with a laugh like this. >> what religion are you >> mr. grant, i don't quite know how to say this, but you're not allowed to ask that when someone is applying for a job. >> what, do you think i was violating your civil rights if i ask if you're married?
8:23 am
>> presbyterian. >> film "being married, the mary tyler moore documentary" set to premier sometime next week next up, coldplay just announced their next album, it's called "music of spheres" and marks their ninth studio record. yesterday they released a song teasing what fans can expect here is a taste of that. ♪ ♪ >> as you can see and hear, the music sphere continues that interstellar theme from their most recent musical release "higher power. they did that on the plaza the next single is set to drop this friday and that full album in october >> that was so great oh, my gosh. next up, matt damon and ben affleck together again in the
8:24 am
first trailer for their new film called "the last duel." they wrote the movie, costar in it together. it's a medieval movie based on a true story in the movie, both actors looking almost unrecognizable. here is a look matt damon as the knight challenging the squire in a fight to the death after he's accused of attacking damon's wife >> a most unspeakable charge has been brought against you >> shockagree entered our home he attacked me >> the accusation is false >> i request a duel to the death. >> if you lose, your wife will suffer dire consequences >> one of us has lied. let us let god decide. >> a little "game of thrones." >> definitely. >> looks like it the film has a great cast. jody cummer is playing matt damon's wife "the last duel" is set to hit theaters this october. hugh jackman, his recent social media post had people going, i'm sorry, what
8:25 am
what is that add backgammon champ to his many talents hoda caught up with him to discuss his latest projects including his fierce competition between him and his wife >> how are your skills >> deb and i play 20 games a day. and it gets heated she is competitive >> she is? >> oh, yeah. my backgammon skills got very good over the pandemic so beware. >> maybe one of the nicest people i've ever known in my lifetime is that guy right there. >> deb is amazing. >> deb is incredible we ended up going to this place called the edge which is like a hundred stories up you can see the glass through the bottom we strolled around he has a sci-fi film coming up it's called "reminiscence" in august we shared a lot. he was fun to talk to. >> i feel like i see deb all the time in the lounge at jfk when i'm flying she's always there, has the dog and talking to people on the phone. >> sweet
8:26 am
>> carson, thanks. coming up here on a wednesday morning, no more wandering the aisles, no more waiting in the checkout lines. we're going to have an exclusive look at what could be the high tech future of grocery shopping. and jill martin is getting morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. it's 8:26 right now. more water restrictions are coming to the north bay. people who live in napa will have to cut back on water use. the city council just approved new rules asking people to reduce their water usage by 20%. they'll also limit how much water is trucked out of the city and limit the irrigation to two days a week. the move is to reduce the strain on napa's primary source of water. let's get a look at the forecast for this wednesday morning. midweek, how are we looking? >> it's still dry as we start out this morning, but at least
8:27 am
temperatures have been cooler and it's all clear as we get a live look outside in dublin. our temperatures today, mostly in the upper 70s and low 80s, toward the inland valley, 79 for a high in san jose. as we go through this forecast, cooling off a couple more degrees before the end of the week and then we warm up into the upper 80s. but overall not too bad here as the fog lingers in san francisco, our highs here will be in the mid-60s. laura? >> looks pretty good. thank you so much. thank you for joining us. i'll be back with another local news update for you in about half an hour. also join us for midday news at 11:00 a.m.
8:28 am
here are the two battling to the line and allyson felix... simone manuel's above her trying to fight on,
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we're back now it is 8:30 it's a wednesday morning and we have some exciting news to share. this is a good one >> yes usually when we say that, somebody is having a baby, but that's not the case this morning. no one's having a baby we are, in fact, opening the plaza for the olympics and we want you to be with us here to cheer on team usa, to be part of our live broadcast
8:31 am
and we're going to do it right here in rockefeller center >> we're going to invite a fully vaccinated crowd to join us every weekday morning to join us starting next monday, july 26th through friday, august 6th. >> spectators aren't going to b. so we thought, how can we ce we're going to do it right here and right from our plaza for more information, head to i like doing something collectively i think it's different than being in your house. >> throwing an olympics party. we have a lot coming up on this half hour, by the way, including vicky wynn's exclusive first look at the incredibly high-tech ways one super market chain is working on getting your groceries to you we're talking drones, robots it's really cool plus, we're going to share the incredible story of olympian chaunte lowe
8:32 am
she has beaten cancer and covid. even though she won't be competing in tokyo, the last few years have been nothing short of inspirational. and then it's time for another "steals and deals" with jill martin. and coming up in our third hour, we are going meet a fitness expert who went viral on tiktok how she tackled her own pandemic weight gain. >> that's a really cool story. >> we have so much coming up and tomorrow on "today," we've been looking forward to this one all week. jason sudakis, aka ted lasso he will be here to tell us what we can expect. >> can you tell you what i did last night >> you watched it. >> i didn't watch it, i rewatched it it's that kind of good two episodes >> we have al to thank for that. >> that's right. >> it was my pandemic favorite >> what have you got let's take a look and show you what we have looking ahead to the opening ceremony with savannah and tirico.
8:33 am
friday, 6:55 a.m. here in america, 7:55 in japan partly cloudy, warm, humid, 79 it will feel like it's in the mid 80s and it gets warmer the week ahead we're going to look at that later. butt here, not to humid in the northeast, scorching heat in the plains a july delight here in the east. ooh, i always love a july delight. fire danger out west and then sunday, sunday a few storms in the northeast. a flood threat with all that moisture in the southwest. unfortunately, still dry in the pacific northwest into northern california sunshine from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf coast. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some upper 80s in our warmer spots in the inland valleys today. overall pretty nice and comfortable. we do still have a big spread in temperatures and only some slight warming for the weekend
8:34 am
into early next week. san francisco, highs up to 64, clouds, drizzles. expect more of the same tomorrow. there should be more sunshine on friday and we could see more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures for the weekend. and that is your latest weather. hoda coming up, grocery shopping goes high tech >> good morning. you are looking at hundreds of robots programmed to fill grocery orders i'm vicky wynn i'm going to give you an exclusive look at how the future of grocery shopping is going to look that's coming up next on "today." "today." but first, this is "today"
8:35 am
ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? we are back. 8:36 now with a "today" exclusive and a look at the future of grocery shopping as more folks than ever turn to delivery services to fill those fridges. >> yeah.
8:37 am
vicky wynn is here with a behind the scenes look at how one of the nation's largest grocery companies is going high tech this is wild >> this is wild. shopping from the comfort of your home has never been easier. and this morning, we are taking you inside kroger's robotic fulfillment warehouse. it's called the hive and it really is buzzing with activity from robots packing your order to drones dropping off last-minute items. the future of grocery shopping is now for many, this is what grocery shopping looked like over the past year. companies like insta cart, fresh direct and amazon bringing groceries right to your door monthly grocery delivery sales increased 380% from $500 million before the pandemic to $2.4 billion in may to keep up with the exploding demand, kroger is building high tech fulfillment centers across the country like this one here in ohio.
8:38 am
for the very first time, our cameras are getting exclusive access to show you how they're changing the way we shop for groceries. the facility is called the hive. the general manager showed us what's behind closed doors >> welcome to the hive >> wow this is incredible inside, 800 robots zip around this grid packing up to 20,000 online orders daily for delivery to anyone within a 90 mile radius >> so i see them up on this level, but where are they being filled >> what you don't see underneath is stacked from the floor to the ceiling are 21 levels of totes in those totes are products ranging from bread, apples, diapers, anything you would want >> the robots can pick and pack a family's entire order in 5 to 10 minutes >> everything you do in a grocery, all of that is happening and being maintained through these bots >> reporter: ilgts it's not just bots doing the work.
8:39 am
about 400 humans are involved in the process, as well once the bots take out the groceries, the order gets dropped down to an associate this is lindsay and she's packing the order. then the items head down a conveyer belt. more humans are waiting to sort them for delivery. outside, a fleet of trucks awaits the orders. frozen and refrigerated items loaded first into this special cold compartment followed by the rest finally, the driver heads out to deliver each order, including ourselves, to the house we rented >> delivery from kroger. >> that's me right now, the delivery fee is $10, but kroger says no tips are expected thank you so much. it's not just robots kroger has launched a drone delivery service for customers within a one mile radius of this store in dayton, ohio. right now, customers in that delivery area can do to this order and order a specialized delivery ordered right to their yard a headache bundle with pain medication and a sports drink. smores with graham crackers, marshmallows and movie night
8:40 am
with popcorn and soft drinks for now, deliveries are free i'm going to try it with the cupcake bundle unsalted butter, vanilla frosting and cupcake mix sounds good. at the store, an employee gathers my items and packages them in this box specially designed for the drone the weight limit, 5 pounds then it's off to the sky navigated by a pilot there it is, wow, it is massive. it's here. this is amazing. it hovers over the yard and -- bye. the frosting i inspect my order my cupcake mix and my butter. still cold delivery to this high tech high future of groceries had a arrived. >> very cool very futuristic. currently kroger has two operational hives, the one in
8:41 am
ohio we showed you and another one in orlando, florida. they have plans for six more including one in atlanta that opens this year. expect drone delivery in a second location in atlanta kroger has not said which city and when just yet. >> so many questions >> i'll do my best >> first of all, any limitations on drone delivery? >> yes the faa is limiting them to one mile flights and five-pound packages drone express, who operates the drones, they say it is capable of flying a lot further with up to 15-pound packages and their goal right now is just to prove they can do it safely and then they want to expand they can't fly right in and out at night or in bad weather >> that's about four cases of beer, i think. >> that's going to be a bigger drone. >> kroger is doing that. it's a matter of time. the technology is unbelievable i'm conflicted i actually like going to the market i like walking through i like seeing the fresh fish, the deli, am i going to get
8:42 am
something for dinner tomorrow? look at the cheeses. i like the experience. >> i agree, i love going to the grocery store. it's therapeutic for me. there's a new generation, people don't even use cash any more because they're so used to everything is touchless or through the phone. >> i don't like all that, either >> get off my lawn >> we're old school, we'll pay cash >> where is our flying cars. that's what i want to know >> vicky, thank you. coming up next, an athlete and a mother who defines the olympic spirit even when she's not competing. four time olympian chaunte's
8:43 am
8:44 am
the journey forward on today is sponsored by lily, a medicine "the journey forward" on today is sponsored by lily, a medicine company >> 8:4, our countdown to tokyo olympic athletes are known for their dedication and their grit high jumper chanute lowe goes
8:45 am
way beyond that. >> we've been following her story through some incredibly difficult moments, including fighting cancer. nbc caught up with her to find out what she's setting her sights on right now. >> if there is an art to staring down obstacles and coming out on top, chaunte lowe takes the gold she has cleared her share of barriers, racking up an olympic medal, american record, and global accolades in the process. but her biggest obstacles have come off the track when we first met her in 2019, she was still reeling for a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis. are there any words to describe that moment? >> it was devastating. i was in a state of disbelief. >> reporter: a crushing blow emotionally and a hit to her career, forced to bow out of the national championships for a
8:46 am
double mastectomy, the world championships missed for chemotherapy still, chaunte made a decision she would fight. and against all odds, still compete, training through chemo in hopes of making the 2020 olympic team what were some of the most difficult parts for you, training through that period >> every step was painful. every time i would run, i feel a lot of exhaustion, the stories of the women newly diagnosed with breast cancer and the women fighting through diagnosis helped fuel me to keep fighting. >> it carried her to february of 2020 and the two words she longed to hear, cancer free. >> when it's done and you get to hear those words, you're like, okay, i guess i can relax now. >> reporter: that relief was short lived. while home schooling her three children and training for a now delayed olympic games, chaunte hit another hurdleye and a half later that i would be
8:47 am
doing it again, saying good-bye to my husband because everything i had been reading and learning and understanding about covid was that it did not look good for a person with a low white >> once again, she fought and but it took a toll on her training just days before the olympic trials, chaunte announced she would not be competing >> the runway was not long enough unfortunately for the first time, i did not qualify for trials >> reporter: while chaunte will watch the olympics from home, she's already training for her next big jump, the track and field world championships next year when people see you up there on the world stage, what do you want them to see >> i want them to see a bit of themselves, a bit of their story, a bit of the story of somebody that they loved or love i want them to see hope. >> chaunte is now channeling
8:48 am
that hope into advocacy work when she's not spreading awareness about early detection, the former math teacher is particularly compassionate about s.t.e.m. education >> science, technology, engineering and math are all around us. >> reporter: a platform made possible by her work as a spokesperson for olympic sponsor lily >> in the midst of any type of difficult situation, i want to encourage people to still try to reach their potential. >> reporter: a lesson out of her own book you fought cancer. you beat it. you got covid, you beat it you have this fight now that's ingrained in you that so many people don't have. >> it has been a monstrous couple years, but in that, i have a smile on my face and i have a joy that's radiating from my heart because i figured out that living for others is what makes me happy >> for "today," blain alexander, nbc news
8:49 am
>> oh, my word >> we watch the olympics for stories of inspiration, but chaunte's story, she's inspired us and she didn't have to go to the olympics >> amaziamazing. >> by the way, a quick thanks to poly purdue high school for hosting us on the last day one of many indianapolis area schools that benefit from lily's $2.6 million commitment to s.t.e.m. education coming up, jill martin has some great steals and deals that will make you want to curl up. but first, this is "today"n o i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill,
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carson is ready. >> carson has his phone out. good morning, everybody. there's nothing like relaxing in the summertime and let's just be lazy but also, it's great to spruce up your home in the process. so i've put together six products from your favorite brands that often sell out in seconds. so get your fingers ready and these can help you unwind and make over some key areas in your home, too. let's start with something that i have on my bed, the patina vee vintage comforter set or peach sheet sets retail $120 to $250. the comforter set features a classic design with a modern twist. this is so beautiful soft, 100% cotton with frayed edges for that cozy and chic beach house look the three-piece set includes two shams and the comforter. or shop the sheet sets we spend 30% of our lives in bed. it's an easy upgrade to elevate your space both sets come in queen or king. really beautiful and cozy. comes in neutral and bright
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you open it and it gets to that. and to complete your fresh bed look we have always popular malibu feather yarn throw. retail $150. made from exquit sit feather yarn it comes through the screen. they are cozy enough when it's chilly, and lightweight enough for the summertime they're machine washable and are oversized 54x72 inches, perfect to drape on the edge of the bed or keep in the living room as a comfy throw. available in five beautiful colors it has a bow on it already, hoda easily giftable. usually retail $160. the deal is $45. that is 72% off. it is so super cozy comfy. moving on to a few finds to help you refresh your routine, the set. case, one satin eye mask and the
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last up, as always, we have the penguin random house three piece fiction book sets. i still love picking up a book the retail, $48 to $54 come in three-piece sets 12 different versions of this. go on to see all the details. these are the ones you want to grab and just get away chill and relax. the retail, $48 to $54 the deal, $16. up to 70% off. and that wraps up "today's steals and deals." i want to go over the products one more time. >> well, we don't have time. >> you got it. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. the next time you want to grab a drink in san francisco, you might need proof of vaccination. the san francisco bar owner alliance might require people to show their vaccine card in order to get inside any of the 500
8:57 am
bars. the head of the alliance says that he wants to get ahead of the potential surge in covid cases and protect employees and businesses. he says that it would be voluntary for bars to participate. straight ahead at midday, what the group backing the suggestion is saying about the potential requirements. plus, as covid-19 infections are spiking in the bay area counties, could this lead to another shutdown? on our nbc bay area home page, what health officials are saying about the potential for our region to go backwards. and less than 48 hours until the start of the tokyo olympics, right here on nbc bay area, one more member of the u.s. team won't be competing due to covid-19. we have the latest at 11:00 and the concerns over the upcoming games are hitting a fever pitch. we'll have another local weather update for you coming up in an hour. we're always on oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients
8:58 am
as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. tomorrow we'll get an update on how much it's impacted us. >> countdown to the opening ceremony, wer live as the
8:59 am
excitement hits fever pitch. join us tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today i." >> good morning. it's wednesday, july 21st. >> you know what wednesday is. you know what it is. whew! hump day! >> never gets old. >> i want to know, go to third hour on today and tell me whether or not you think it's ol o


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