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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 21, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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could a shutdown return? wildfires raging in northern california. how bay area crews are helping to fight this is "today in the bay." a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. all right. let's get you started with the day. meteorologist kari hall working hard to keep us updated on the forecast today. >> we're so excited about the opening ceremony, the olympics, and we're watching the weather as well. we were talking about how hot it is for the athletes but take a look at the typhoon that is making its way south of japan. this will not affect the olympics and it will continue to move farther off towards the west. as we take a look at the forecast for tokyo, yeah, it's hot and it's humid, so 91 degrees for the next few days and also the high humidity, but we will see a chance of some pop-up showers and thunderstorms. let's get you ready for the day in oakland as you're stepping out the door, we're in the mid
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50s and it's going to be a nice cool start. we'll see clouds and fog for the first part of the day but then the rest of the day it's clear and sunny as we take a look at our high temperatures today, we're reaching into the low 80s, up to 81 in napa, 83 martinez, oakland reaching 71. a high of 79 degrees. so overall, very comfortable after seeing our temperatures cooling off a few degrees. that trend will continue over the next several days. we'll talk about the fires that are burning across the region and where that smoke is traveling. it's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you very much. we're still talking about covid concerns and cases of the delta variant that are continuing to surge at a pace that would put some countries back in the purple tier if they were still actually using that tier system. for so long, we had gotten used to the tier system of where we were, mask, no mask, but now there's concerns as the delta variant is growing. >> do you have your vaccination card and do you need it.
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kris sanchez is with us now, what this means for all of us in the bay area. kris? >> hi, marcus and lara, nice to see you in person by the way. it is no surprise that delta variant is the dominant strain. health officials always said it probably would be becausecoagio seeing the impact of a summer surge. right now 83% of u.s. cases are of the delta variant, a big spike from the 50% of all cases back in the week of july 3rd before a lot of folks started to travel. here in california nearly half of all new cases are of that delta variant. now for that reason, 17 california counties are now recommending strongly that even fully vaccinated people wear masks when we are inside and that includes all bay area counties except for solano county. so far los angeles county is the only california county mandating a return to masks indoors. now here's where we would be if we were still under that tier system that went away early in the summer.
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the bay area as you can see would be solidly in the red and most restrictive purple tiers based on case numbers. the tier system went away in june. the cdc is urging people to get vaccinated as all of the authorized vaccines provide protection against the delta variant and because most new covid cases are among people who are unvaccinated. >> yeah. you know what, also that concern about growing with the breakthrough dealing with cases and dealing with covid-19. an aide to former house speaker nancy pelosi and the white house staffer have both tested positive, despite being fully vaccinated. the two cases in the nation's capitol like almost all breakthrough cases are experiencing mild symptoms. ucsf professor of medicine dr. monica gandhi says almost two in 100,000 of the new infections require hospitalizations. the severe cases are almost always elderly and have numerous
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conditions or immuno compromised. the cdc is expected to decide in the next week or so if people in that group need a third vaccine dose. she said the real world efficacy of the vaccine is amazing. >> 99.4% of people in the hospital with covid across the united states are unvaccinated. that gives a higher effectiveness for at least severe disease. >> dr. gandhi says a recent south african study shows no significant breakthroughs among those who received the johnson & johnson vaccine. and now to a live look in san francisco, this is where small businesses may have found pervisors excused a party fromt. a contract because fulfilling it becomes impossible. it only applies to small
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businesses that were completely shut down during the pandemic. the city report from march says businesses in san francisco owe up to $400 million in back rent. take a look at your screen, this story developing now, contra costa county man is wanted for murder, considered armed and dangerous. vallejo police say denmark a. bernstein killed a 15-year-old one week ago today near the sleigh ferry terminal. he is on patrol for attempted murder. if you know where he is you should call 911. an experiment under way in the east bay. a new state budget allots money for contra costa county and eight other statewide to participate in resentencing pilot programs. inmates can apply to be resentenced if an initial sentence was too harsh. the district attorney, public defender and nonprofit for the people, which identifies candidates for resentencing, will share $2 million. the dixie fire continues to
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keep fire crews busy as a strike team from the east bay is among the 2400 personnel on the ground. it's made up of firefighters from albany, alameda county, hayward, piedmont and freemont, while the firefighters are gone from their cities off-duty firefighters are filling in. on the large fire the entire state has to work as a team. >> when a big fire happens in a community, they don't have the ability to staff it themselves, we go help them. the idea is that if we have it in our community they're going to come help us too. >> as of this morning the dixie fire has burned more than 61,000 acres, 15% contained. mandatory evacuations are in place in both counties. smoke from california's wildfires have reached the east coast. i want you to take a look at this. the haze over new york and new jersey, all that smoke drifted over is now creating unhealthy air quality for some parts of the east coast. kari, i know tahoe experiencing some of the most smoke over there. >> because the dixie fire is
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close to south lake tahoe. you see all of the smoke moving by. i retweeted a picture over new york city and all the smoke. i want to show you what our smoke model shows near the surface and all of the fires that do continue to burn. of course some of the larger fires, the beckwourth complex and the dixy fire and the tamarack fire is pushing a lot of smoke near the surface but a lot moving away from the bay area. you can see how it travels through the atmosphere and where we are seeing some of the most intense smoke even up around minneapolis, moving through kentucky and then also all the way over towards the mid-atlantic coast over toward new york city. we're going to continue to monitor that. we're also getting a very beautiful sunrise over some of the fog that we're seeing over san francisco. do expect it to be very colorful as a lot of that smoke travels into the upper levels of the atmosphere. but near the surface we're looking pretty good. if you plan to head out for a hike in the south bay, the air quality will still be good and
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our temperatures will be nice and comfortable, mostly 70s today. heading out the door for us this morning, how is the commute rolling? >> rolling along just fine. you don't need to rush if you are commuting along the bridges. take a little extra time i'm noticing that bridges are getting busier. overall the speed sensors are green which means no major delays and the chp reports are quiet. a couple fender benders overnight have cleared. east bay drive times westbound 80 in highway 4 to the bay bridge, 14 minutes. westbound 580 from 238 to the bay bridge, about 15 minutes. a quick check, 101 from sfo to highway 92 six minutes. back to you. >> if you need to get around, happening today you may have trouble getting an uber in san francisco among other places. that's because ride share drivers across the state are taking to streets on foot to strike. in san francisco, drivers will protest outside uber headquarters to demand the right to unionize.
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several rallies will be held in california today. this one starts at 1:00 p.m. 5:08 this morning. coming up a new flavor of mountain dew catching a lot of attention. why you might be blowing out candles for this one. plus, and bs. limited. meanwhile, big tech and washington getting unfriended. they're running out of allies. plus, chasing niagara falls is about to get a bit easier. when americans can visit our neighbors to the north again and the requirements you'll have to adhere to. much more ahead this morning.
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good wednesday morning. 5:12, stepping out the door in walnut creek, we have temperatures around 60 degrees and we'll see a few clouds here and there, but overall a lot of sunshine and slightly cooler. temperatures today. we'll get a look at our microclimates and a look at the weekend coming up in a few minutes. let's check out your bridge drive times right now. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge about eight minutes. westbound 82 towards the san mateo bridge 12 minutes, and towards the dumbarton bridge 9 minutes. full traffic report in a few minutes. the olympics are now under way and after a year long delay with covid concerns, some of the athletes are playing ahead of the opening ceremonies. >> raj mathai is our connection
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to the games, in tokyo, 9:00 p.m. there. with everything happening there there's olympic surprises coming out. >> there's a lot going on. good morning to you, good evening to me. 9:15 tokyo time. let's tell you where we are. this is the beautiful tokyo bay. it's like glass. you can water ski on it right now. the olympic rings is in a barge floating in the water from one end to the other about three school busses. there's still a lot of buzz for these games and the games in terms of the opening ceremony hasn't started but the games have started. while you were sleeping show you what happened. we start with the shocker, the women's national soccer team, yep, team usa women, they lose to sweden 3-0 the final. it was aired live overnight for you guys on the usa network. among our bay area stars on the u.s. national team stanford alum kelly owe hero and men lo mark's abby dull cammer.
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sweden elimit natsds the united states in the rio games. it didn't happen. the silver lining, team usa still has a chance for gold. they will play again their next game is saturday against new zealand. let's talk about the covid concerns. there is a serious crisis happening right now here in japan. it's real. tokyo olympics official muto telling us if it's deemed unsafe, they will cancels the games. can you imagine? the opening ceremony is friday but they would still cancel it. right now more than 70 people associated with the olympics have tested positive. it's believed about a dozen athletes have tested positive. the latest one, taylor krads, a beach volleyball player from l.a., sitting a few rows ahead of me on our flight from san francisco here to tokyo. the concern is real. laura and marcus, i'm under a 14-day mandatory working quarantine. among the protocols i have go through, we have to download two separate apps on our phone that
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track our movement. we have to check in and register each day. of course masks are must you. we're in a secured nbc news location. i don't have to wear it. want to gets grossed out on this wednesday morning, ready for this -- >> it's coming. >> a spit test. our -- >> i saw you post that on facebook. >> every morning. yeah. i have to spit into this and drop it off in a box and they look at my spit and then make sure i'm negative. so far, so good. i'm sorry, tmi, but that's how we have to do it. that's the reality of what we're doing. we're following the guidelines. august 1st, august 1st i get to end this quarantine and then i can go out and get sushi and sake and look at the sites. >> do you feel safe with all the procedures that you're doing? >> i do. we're in bubbles. they're keeping the media and the support staff in a bubble. they're keeping the athletes in a separate bubble and a third bubble is the japanese population. this is a city of 14 million
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people and i feel like i'm kind of like in a fish tank of fish looking out saying i want to get out and experience the city, but right now that's not going to happen and we totally understand that. august 1st we can leave bubble and interact with the people ges have begun. we'll see you at 6:00. >> august 1st. >> of course. >> good to see you. >> he's hosting three olympic specials this week from the bay area to tokyo. tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and then at 7:00. and then on friday which is also the day of the opening ceremony. all this week savannah guthrie will be live from tokyo on the "today" show that starts at 7:00 after "today in the bay." good morning. very happy wednesday to you. we're getting word from washington that president biden will appoint jonathan cantor as the next head of antitrust at the justice department. this is bad news for big tech. cantor is a frequent critic of
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silicon valley companies and their dominance in the marketplace. in private practice he made a career out of taking google and facebook to court. big tech running out of friends. last week president biden accused facebook of killing people because of the anti-vaccines posts. marjorie taylor greene echoed a conservative talking point that twitter violates her first amendment rights. that is not a good constitutional argument but she does have a vote in congress. it wasn't always us. it was a few years ago politicians tried to curry favor with companies like facebook and high-tech executives found places in the white house and white house officials found new jobs in high tech. some criticism for jeff bezos. even as he gave hundreds of millions to charity, spending so much on space, he spent around $1 billion a year out of his personal fortune, not everyone was enamored with his rocket
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launch yesterday, sending himself and three other people to the edge of space and back. some criticism has to do with the fact that he doesn't pay income nor did amazon which is a problem with our tax code. we taxbe a flat joke about amazon customers and employees. >> i also want to thank every amazon employee and every amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this. seriously, for every amazon customer out there and every amazon employee thank you from the bottom of my heart very much. >> bezos has been investing in blue origin for ten years now, hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars and when people say that's a waste of money, why throw that money away when you can spend it on charity, he does spend money on charity, lots of it and secondly
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a facebook user who made this point, he didn't throw the money away or leave the money in space. he didn't burn the money in his rocket. he spent it here on earth paying engineers and people and taxes. it took a team. for the last et cetera. you can't spend money on space because you don't take thetasn' e-ticket at disneyland. >> it stayed here. >> yeah. >> all right. >> thanks. new this morning, as travel starts to pick back up, you know what, there may be fewer places to travel for those travelers to stay. according the data by lending tree, the number of short-term rentals available on airbnb plummeting in some major markets. oakland saw a loss of 40%, san francisco seeing a decrease of 17%, lending tree says the decline is because people are buying up those homes and taking them off the market. >> who is thirsty?
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trend if you need something to quench the thirst a cake flavored mountain dew. the first 250 people to purchase mountain dew cake smash will receive a free party pack filled with balloons, cups and a button. sounds a little sweet. >> a little. >> i know, right. >> when you said it i knew i didn't want it. i looked at her face she didn't want it either. >> i never had a mountain dew in my life. i don't know what it tastes like. >> it's very sweet. >> very sweet. >> imagine that. >> yeah. it's way too sweet. let's get you started this morning. a sweet shot over san francisco. this is like starting our our wednesday morning, take a look at this. it is a beautiful above the fog and the low clouds that we're seeing over the city right now and it will be rolling through as we go into today. most of the day will be foggy in san francisco and all clear as we head out the door in san jose.
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it's nice and cool as we start out our morning commute. in antioch we're in the low 60s and sunshine today. as it gradually warms up it will be warm this afternoon. let me take you to the south bay, reaching 77 in milpitas, gilroy today headed up towards 86 degrees and 87 in concord. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. low 60s, palo alto tops out at 76 degrees. some upper 50s in the marina district where the fog will continue today and a little bit of sunshine in the mission district. our north bay highs reaching into the low 80s but we're still not ukiah and clearlake. we're back into the 90s today. overall our weather pattern is cooling for many of our inland areas as we're seeing a stronger ocean breeze picking up, a storm system moving into the pacific northwest and we'll be heading up around seattle, portland, by monday and tuesday we could see showers there. also rain in parts of the sierra
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that will be possible with those thunderstorms, but here, temperatures still kind of going up and down. let's check out livermore. we have mid 80s today and tomorrow and then some mid 90s in the forecast for friday. a little bit cooler for the weekend, but overall we're seeing our temperatures coming up and down a few degrees and pretty steady weather pattern for our inland areas over the next seven days. near the coastline at times a little bit more sunshine, especially friday as we warm up a bit. but we are going to see those high temperatures reaching into the 60s. heading out the door, vianey, any problems for the morning commute? >> chp is reporting a new crash along southbound 808 near the great america exit. i'm going to take a closer look and get details. hopefully no major delays and everybody is okay. i'm starting to notice some delays if you live in the tri-valley and traveling into the city or down to the south bay, this is typical and normal along 580. a lot of construction overnight
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tends to happen around this area. it's not because of any accidents. i just noticed my speed sensors were picking up yellow and red along that area. so with that being said let's take a look at the tri-valley drive times because there is a little bit of slowing along westbound 580 from grant line road to 680. 23 minutes. southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road about ten minutes and slowing along westbound 84 to 680 about ten minutes. i will get a closer look at the crash along 580 and check back with you. coming up next. >> championship win, we'll take you to the scene in milwaukee. >> you know what, our team always on social media. we just saw raj live from tokyo where he's posting some stunning pictures while he's over there. this is from his walk. you can stay up to date on all things olympics by following raj mathai and there's so much more for you @nbc bay area on twitter, facebook and instagram.
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aww! oh! -nice work, guys! g esh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers,e w c, now at togo's. 5:26 this morning. our neighbors up north are making a big change. canada will soon open its borders to vaccinated u.s. tourists. leaders will ease border restrictions in august as long as people are fully protected by one of the vaccines approved by
5:27 am
health canada. people don't have to quarantine. u.s. citizens and current residents will have to have a negative covid test sent information to the government's app. unvaccinated children under 12 will be allowed in and skip quarantine as long as they avoid large gatherings. september 7th travelers from other countries who have been fully vaccinated will be allowed in as well. the milwaukee bucks took home their first nba title in 50 years. the bucks defeated the phoenix suns 105-98 in game six. the game was played in milwaukee and fans went wild as the team secured their win. look at the crowd out there. this is the team's first championship since 1971. a championship parade for the bucks is planned for tomorrow. that's a lot of people. >> i was looking at that, excitement but where are the masks. i see a mask. some people. >> i don't know. >> we'll be following that in the days to come i imagine. much more ahead for you this morning, the top stories we're
5:28 am
following including cutting back. how much some north bay customers are asked to conserve this time. >> how much extra would you doll up to buy a house? the bay area city experiencing
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right now at 5:30, a bay area bombing suspect almost released from jail only minutes away from walking free, how his wife put a stop to that release.
5:31 am
i think there's going to be a big headache here for a long a's ballpark but the move not glse with you the next time you grab a drink in the city. the change some bars are considering as the delta variant spreads. this is "today in the bay." welcome to wednesday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. could the movement to show proof of vaccination be making its way now to the bay area? you may soon have to show a vaccination card in order to get inside a bar in san francisco. "today in the bay" cierra johnson is live in the city with what's behind the controversial move. cierra? >> yes. good morning. the delta variant is becoming quite prevalent among those covid cases and one organization, the san francisco
5:32 am
bar alliance, as you mentioned, represents 500 bars here in the city, says they're preparing to recommend that vaccinated patrons only be allowed in both participating bars. this is accordi. the paper reports the goal of the alliance potentially implements proof of vaccination and it's to get ahead of any potentials surges, protect the employees and businesses, and get ahead of the locally government on that issue. the group says if a decision is made on the issue the request to only allow vaccinated guests would include signage outside of participating businesses. again, this is according to "sf gate." the alliance is not expected to make any decisions until next week. this is a story we will continue, as 500 bars, a good portion of bars here in the city. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there. as of right now, more than 20 million californians have
5:33 am
been vaccinated. nearly half of the numbers are coming from the bay area. as students prepare to return to the classroom the state wants to make sure that everyone is prepared. state superintendent tony thurman will discuss vaccine awareness and back-to-school future plans on the california department of education's facebook and instagram pages at 3:00 this afternoon. you may remember this month state health leaders ruled that individual school districts will have the final day on whether students will be required to wear the masks on campus. good news for a's fans in the bay area, the city of oakland has agreed to preliminary terms to keep the a's in oakland. >> bob redell joins us live outside of the coliseum this morning. the question is, are the a's on board with these terms as well? >> reporter: good morning, laura and marcus. the a's have expressed unhappiness with what the city council has agreed to. yesterday in a 6-1 vote, oakland city council members agreed to preliminary terms for a new pro
5:34 am
terminal that would include a new stadium for the attics, that would be a move from the coliseum behind me, include housing, retail and office space. this is a project that would be privately financed. the terms that council approved yesterday, which would serve as guidelines for future negotiations with the a's, they are not the same terms the a's agreed to. they amended the terms. >> we were disappointed that the city council didn't vote yes on our proposal, so we're taking some time to understand what they voted yes on. >> reporter: major league baseball's commissioner rob manfred also not happy with the council vote and said, quote, we are disappointed the city council chose to vote on a proposal to which the a's had not agreed. we will immediately begin conversations with the a's to chart a path forward for the
5:35 am
club. the a's president dave kaval and the team owner are schedule for meetings today and thursday in las vegas about a possible new stadium there. the a's hope to have final terms voted in oakland by the end of october. later this morning oakland mayor libby schaaf will discuss yesterday's council vote with us. reporting live here outside the oakland coliseum, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll keep following it. thanks. new this morning, san francisco expanding its mental health services. according to "the chronicle" paramedics can decide if a person should be held for up to 72 hours. this is if they believe a person is dangerous to themselves or others. only police officers and doctors could order a hold. san francisco fire department says between july 2019 and june 2020 police initiated around 8 holds a day. the vallejo man plotting to blow up the democratic party head quarters in sacramento remains in jail. he was minutes away from getting out yesterday but according to
5:36 am
the "sacramento bee" a judge agreed to release john copeland on the condition that his wife act as his custodian and the deal fell through when she refused. he and ian rogers are accused of hatching a plan. if convicted they could face 20 years in prison. now to our climate in crisis, as more water restrictions come to the north bay, people who live in napa will have to cut their water use. the council, the city council, they just approved new rules asking people to reduce their water usage by 20%. they limit how much water is trucked out of the city and limits irrigation to two days a week and the move is to reduce the strain on napa's primary source of water, lake hennessey. in the east bay, customers can learn simple steps they can take to conserve water. east bay mud is holding its water wednesday speaker series that starts at 6:00.
5:37 am
east bay mud asked customers to voluntarily cut their water use by 10%. you can get tips on how to do it. >> get outside and enjoy the time because the weather has been nice. >> it has been nice. >> enjoy it. >> you know what, we've all been trying to give you tips on how to conserve water and how to also help us out because we know that our reservoir levels are very low. take a look at overall how low our south bay reservoirs are. on average about 23% of the historical average of capacity. so as we are going into our dry summer months, we are going to continue to monitor that. looking at petaluma right now as you're stepping out the door to 50 degrees, we have a nice cool start to the day and yes, enjoy that time outside because our highs reach into the 70s and 80s here as we get a look at all of our microclimates and high temperatures for today. reaching up to 87 in concord and 83 in santa rosa. vianey, how is it looking for the commute? >> we actually do have a couple
5:38 am
of accidents to report in the south bay. let's get right to that because the first one where you might see some delays is north bay 880, but i'm happy to report that this is actually cleared out exit and we have another crash along southbound 880 as well. keep that in mind if you're going to be out and about near this area where you might encounter residual traffic as they work to clear that out. another crash along southbound 680 near the auto mall expressway. it looks like they're working to clear out what could be a potential multiple car crash accident there. i'll take a closer look in a bit. northbound 280 from highway 101 to 85, seven minutes. an update on the 680 crash in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. new this morning, get your fast track ready and get ready to pay up if you're driving through parts of the east bay. the new express lanes on interstate 680 running 11 miles
5:39 am
from martinez through walnut creek is opening up. drivers will start being charged next month. a fast track pass must be used in order to use those lanes. homeowners trying to make it in the bay buying a home can come at a hefty price tag. we know that here in the bay area. according to one city shells out the most homes for over the asking price in the country. berkeley taking the top spot. the report says the city has seen a nearly 20% increase for over bidding. some of those homes asking for over a million dollars but potential home buyers are offering double that to snag the home. in alameda county home sales have climbed 20% in 2021. it's 5:39. coming up next on "today in the bay," kanye west back with a new album, but it's his comeback commercial that makes the headlines. in washington democratic leadership pushing for a vote on an infrastructure bill today, but they don't have the bill. plus a story that made national news.
5:40 am
a gender reveal party sparks a deadly wildfire. new charge the couple at the center of all of this is facing.
5:41 am
5:42 am
good wednesday morning. as you're making your way out the door in the east bay, pleasant hill, upper 50s, clearing out around 9:00. 62. 75 at lunch time. another beautiful day to spend
5:43 am
more time outdoors and we'll get a look at the weekend forecast in a few minutes. if southbound 680 is a part of your commute near the auto malled sigalert because the off ramp is closed due to an yerl crasp is currently closed. a sigalert has been issued. more details coming up. the couple whose gender reveal party started a deadly southern california wildfire has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. you may remember last september they used a smoke generating pyrotechnic device in a san bernardino field which started the grass fire that erupted into a giant wildfire killing a firefighter and injuring 13 people an forcing hundreds of people out of their homes. the pair has pleaded not guilty. convicted rainist harvey weinstein expected to be arraigned on sexual assault
5:44 am
charges. prosecutors allege he attacked five women between 2004 and 2013. the charges include rape and sexual battery. he maintains any sexual contact with consensual and says the same about this convictions in new york state where he was given a 23 year e prison sentence. weinstein is appealing his conviction and sentence in new york. 5:44. the first vote in a multibillion dollar infrastructure bill is scheduled for today. >> senators are missing something important here. >> they don't have a finished bill or agreed on how to pay for it. these are very important details. nonetheless, senate majority leader chuck schumer schedule a vote for today. it's just an initial vote, procedural, but senators on both sides are asking for more time. this first infrastructure bill is critical because there's another one that's going to follow right behind it. the second one is the big one in the trillions. much broader with money for child care and elder care.
5:45 am
video here of president biden meeting with his cabinet yesterday marking his from republican leadership about the vaccine. on his show on fox urged viewers to get the shot. congressman steve scalise got his first dose, urged his constituents to do the same and senate leader mitch mcconnell had this message. >> it is not at all unclear that way to avoid getting back in a hospital is to get vaccinated. i want to encourage everybody to do that and to ignore all of these other voices that are giving demonstrably bad advice. >> tampa bay buccaneers at the white house to celebrate their super bowl win. president biden urged the players not vaccinated to get vaccinated and the oldest quarterback ever to win the championship tom brady got political.
5:46 am
>> it didn't look great at one point 7 .500 struggling a little bit. as the president alluded to, but we found our rhythm. we got on a roll. not a lot of people, you know, think that we could have won and in fact, i think about 40% of the people still don't think we won. >> i understand that. >> you understand that, mr. president? >> i understand that. >> yeah. >> and personally, you know, it's nice for me to be back here. we had a game in chicago where i forget what down it was. i lost track of one down in 21 years of playing and they started calling me sleepy tom. why would they do that to me? >> we'll have to post that video to twitter and facebook. on twitter find me @scott mcgrew. >> thanks, scott. to our continuing coverage on the recall elect of governor newsom. the state is scheduled to release the final list of candidates vying to replace him. several court battles are already in the works over the september 14th election.
5:47 am
kevin faulconer expected to seek permission for the right to be called the retired san diego mayor on the ballot. meanwhile, conservative talk radio host larry elder filed a lawsuit arguing that california election officials improperly blocked him from the contest and this afternoon, a court hearing is set as youtube creator and candidate kevin seeks to get his name on the ballot. governor newsom's administration is tapping a former federal prosecutor to help investigate the unemployment benefits fraud controversy at the edd. mcgregor w. scott will serve as special counsel in the investigation. he was the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of california under former presidents george w. bush and donald trump. california has paid $158 billion in unemployment benefits since march of 2020. state officials estimate $11 billion of that money is fraudulent. we are just 48 hours from opening ceremonies of the olympics. covid isn't the only concern
5:48 am
athletes are facing in tokyo. another problem there, the weather. today the athletes will compete in intense heat and humidity. new zealand's men's hockey team, the head coach there saying that team had to use a special heat chamber to acclimate to the tokyo heat. >> we've gone through the same process getting into tokyo 2020 and 2021 and had plenty of time in the heat chamber and training to be able to get ourselves as good as we can from new zealand. >> who else is dealing with that heat, our own raj mathai and there and hosts three specials from the bay area to tokyo. tomorrow at 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. and then on friday, also the day of the opening ceremony. 5:48. after nearly two years, kanye west fans have something to look forward to this morning, this friday the rapper's new album drops. west no stranger to the headlines. he actually used a woman who has been in the news a lot lately to
5:49 am
let the world know the album is coming. ♪ he's done miracles on me ♪ >> as you can see sha'carri richardson front and center in a commercial for beats by dre headphones and serves as an announcement for the upcoming release of "donda." the compilation is named after west's late mot a follow-up to the rapper's "jesus is king" album. richardson tested positive for marijuana, disqualifying her from competing in the tokyo olympics. speaking of the heat there, something we don't have to deal with here, at least with all that humidity. >> the humidity is the issue. i mean that's what makes it feel worse. highs in the 90s and then feels muggy. we've been watching the typhoon to the south of japan. it looks like for now everything is looking good. let's bring it back home as we're starting out this morning with fog rolling over san francisco. it's. providing cooling for our inland
5:50 am
areas in spots like dublin as we start out all clear. temperatures in the 50s. the view here in san francisco, i know you can't see anything. that's because we are above the fog and starting out this morning with some nice and comfortable temperatures. then we're heading towards the upper 70s for the south bay. downtown san jose still warm in morgan hill but not bad, reaching 85 degrees there and 83 in danville. hayward today looking at a high of 73 degrees and near the coast still foggy, daly city reaching 60 and 75 in redwood city. seven-day forecast is now up at the bottom of the screen. as we take a look at upper 50s in the outer sunset and marina district and 65 in the mission district. novato headed up towards 80 degrees and 94 in ukiah. still hot farther to the north but overall, our trend is for cooler weather to move in. that monsoonal moisture to move away. at least for now. it's possible by sunday into monday we could see the resurgence of that monsoonal moisture, a chance of showers and thunderstorms for the
5:51 am
southern sierra. we're still looking at a strong ocean breeze and keeping our temperatures cool near the coastline. let's get a look at our ten-day forecast for napa. some low 80s today and days. then by the end of the weekend into early next week a nice little cool down. jumping back up by the middle of next week. our temperatures still coming up and down a few degrees in many spots. mostly 80s for the inland areas. morning starts in the mid '50s and a lot of sunshine in the forecast. for san francisco we should see more sunshine on friday but then on saturday, the fog just rolls right back in and our temperatures stay in the mid to upper 60s. vianey, you have a sigalert and some breaking news. >> indeed. a chp has issued a sigalert in the south bay. listen up, if your commute consists of southbound 680, you definitely want to pay aten and exit before you get to the auto mall express way because there
5:52 am
is a big rig alternate routes, mission boulevard which runs sort of parallel. that would be your best option because right now my speed sensors are showing some delays backed up, again, the crews are already on scene, fire crews are on scene actively working to move and clear that out but for now they have issued a sigalert because as you know it's going to take some time to get that big rig up and going. as far as your northbound lines lanes, i'm not noticing delays. maybe a little off the auto mall express way on the auto mall, but northbound 101 and northbound 85 looking good. another update in a few minutes. >> thanks. the department of health is nor covid vaccines and go to ensure proper staffing and needed infrastructure to set up vaccination clinics.
5:53 am
leaders say they're focusing on accessibility for those areas which have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. there's still much more ahead on "today in the bay," including a key ruling. the order a judge is making in an ongoing battle over wildfire insurance here in california. and what it means for homeowners across the state. plus, offering free internet. the steps governor gavin newsom is taking to expand broadband service to those in need. a lot more news ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:54 am
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welcome back. new details on the man who opened fire inside a southern california synagogue. he's pleading guilty. john earnest, now 22 years old, avoided the death penalty with his plea yesterday before a judge in san diego. prosecutors say he agreed to serve the rest of his life in state prison without the possibility of parole. earnest killed one person and wounded three others when he fired a semiautomatic rifle inside the temple in 2019. sentencing is scheduled for september. a california judge is ruling that the state insurance commissioner can order companies to offer more options for homeowners. the fair access plan offers coverage to homeowners who can't buy traditional policies because they live in areas threatened by
5:57 am
wildfires. most of the plans sold in this way only cover damages from fires and other disasters. two years ago the insurance commissioner ordered the plan to cover more things such as liability and theft. the fare plan association sued arguing the order was illegal. as this year's wildfire season rages on pg&e expanding resources for customers at risk for planned power outages. the power shutoffs are part of the community's efforts to prevent wildfires that could happen if high winds cause damage to power lines. power for medical needs can register for pg&e's medical baseline program. it includes an additional energy allotment every month and extra notifications about any upcoming shutoffs. the utility is hosting webinars and handing out portable batteries. happening today, state senator scott weiner plans to shine the spot on food
5:58 am
insecurity. he's highlighting meals on wheels which will receive $1 million in new grants. he plans to talk about a bill included in the recently passed state budget aimed at making it easier for seniors to receive cal fresh benefits. that event begins at 10:30 this morning. bridging the digital divide, governor newsom made a $6 billion commitment to get the internet to underserved and rural communities. he signed new legislation yesterday. school authorities had to give hot spots to students last year so they could take their classes all virtual. in southern california, two sisters working to change their community and inspire others along the way. >> nicolle and keri own every mcdonald's in compton. there are 18 of them. their mother patricia williams got started running franchises in the 1980s and the sisters say since they've taken over the restaurants they've been dealing with a lot of issues in the
5:59 am
community including homelessness and violence. they're a part of the black mcdonald's operators association, that serves as a support network. both help to give back by holding food drives and school supply drives. >> not only do we work in these communities, we live here. it's important to us to make sure that we're giving back not just taking from the community. we try to really get engaged and eninvolved in our communities in a variety of different ways. you know, just to let people know we're privileged to be here. you know, we live -- i live in los angeles, nicolle lives in inglewood not far from our restaurants. you know, we could choose to live elsewhere but we don't. >> watch the full story and others like it on our platform, nbc lx, 11-15 over air, 185 on xfinity cable or any time on right now, 6:00, the
6:00 am
countdown to the olympics opening ser moanenies in tokyo is on. could new covid-19 cases among athletes hamper the games? our own raj mathai is live with more and the big upset on theve. plus -- >> masks continue to be a critical part of these layered prevention strategies. >> the fight against covid. top health officials issuing a new warning about the delta variant now that dominant strain is in the country. the measures some california cities are taking to slow the spread and the renewed debate over masks. raging on, the big impact wildfires here are having on air quality on the east coast. meteorologist kari hall tracking the conditions in the frontline forecast. this is "today in the bay." is. good morning to you. we're broadcasting to your television and streaming live on


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