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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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build a new deal for the ballpark? not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ right now at 11:00, we are live in tokyo just three days before the opening ceremony. there is a lot of uncertainty here. things are moving forward. >> also, what happens next. the oakland city council votes yes to move forward with the a's new ballpark. but the move is not sitting well with major league baseball. and what started as a gender reveal party ended as a deadly
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choir. the criminal consequences the couple is now facing. good evening with new developments from tokyo, we have confirmed another member of team usa has tested positive for covid-19. this comes as the head of tokyo olympics says that there is still a chance the games could be canceled. let's bring in raj mathai who is anchoring our coverage in japan. and to be straight, you are 16 hours ahead of us. so i can see, it is daylight there. >> reporter: it is daylight, it is hot, humid but beautiful. wednesday afternoon here in tokyo. 3:00 p.m. local time. we've been here about five days now. here's the deal, officially and we are following the rules. we are in this mandatory 14-day quarantine. we can cover all the athletes, go to the convenient use but outside of that, we're not allowed to interact with the japanese public until august 1st.
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it strains being in the bubble that we're in. here are the big headlines. the olympics, can you believe this? still might be canceled. that's the word. the opening ceremony is friday. yet the head of the tokyo games telling us, if it is deemed safe here in japan, if it is deemed unsafe, i should say, they would still cancel these games. right now more than 70 people associated with the olympics have tested positive. it's believed about a dozen athletes have tested positive. so that's the big headline. and speaking of the athletes now, we go back to our flight from san francisco to tokyo last week. on my flight was usa volleyball player taylor krabbe. like all of us, she went through the six-hour covid screening at the airport. we all tested egg in. she tested positive. we confirm about an hour ago, he remains quarantined. taylor feels fine and should be able to compete but this is the
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reality that so many athletes will likely face. we chatted with our covid specialist in tokyo. >> both those that are unvaccinated, even those who might not have symptoms, they could still test positive. you want to keep everybody separated. so if somebody tests positive, possible group is concerning. so keeping the media in one area, keeping the athletes and separating out the athletes and keeping the japanese away from everybody and away from the japanese goes a long way toward keeping everybody safe. >> reporter: i can't tell you how odd that is. this is a city of 14 million people. yet 70,000 of us are in the bubble. in one bubble with the media, the athletes and then japanese public. despite all the uncertainty, the games are underway. just a little while from now, team usa women's soccer, this
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was a big match. they opened up against sweden. sweden knocked them out of the 2016 rio games. that game live right here on usa network at 1:30 in the morning. how about team usa softball? this game just ended. usa against italy. this was fun to watch. remember, softball is back for these games. we pick it up in the fourth inning. michelle with the rbi, that will store val arioto. remember, she's from pleasanton. the americans took a 1-0 lead. and then to close the door, monica abbott came in. 2-0 u.s. is the final. more late arrivals for usa basketball. hello to steve kerr. coach kerr, the assistant here to gregg popovich. k.d. rocking the oakland a's at the airport. draymond green also on the flight. all the americans despite being
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multimillionaires, they have to do the same check-in process we all had to do. covid testing and a lot of paperwork. ready to watch carefully? draymond green having some fun. applying to my instagram, he said his teammate, keldon johnson of the spurs stole the pillow from the flight. i will say the pillows on our flight, luxurious. all from sacks fifth avenue. the spit test is a bit gross but it tells the story. >> i think it is more of a pillow donation is what i'm going with. thank you. a lot of excitement. a lot to talk about. join us for two olympic specials this thursday at 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and then on friday, the day of the opening ceremony. you can also track all of our
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olympic coverage on new at 11:00, one goes down and now negotiations can begin. will they? the future of the oakland a's still uncertain tonight. fans have been holding their breath, hoping for anable from the howard terminal along the water front. today six city councilmembers vote in favor of a plan to build a new stadium. just not the same plan that the a's had hoped for. which means a move to vegas is still in play. cheryl hurd. >> reporter: we were disappointed the city council didn't vote yes on our proposal. >> reporter: is it back to square one? not quite. city councilmembers voting in favor of the proposed term sheets for the howard terminal project. but in it the amendment requiring affordable housing and anti-displacement projections.
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>> the a's should have their own brand of aspirins. i think there will be a big headache here for a long time. >> reporter: andy dolich worked with the a's from 199094 elevated to the position of executive vice president. he's had his hands in every aspect of the front office. >> even when they go to their said 20 wonderful locations in southern nevada, who said they'll build anything? and it will be a convertible dome stadium. that's a multi-billion dollar, at least more than a billion-dollar undertaking. when will they play there? who is paying? >> reporter: that's what the council member wants to know. the proposed ballpark is in her district and she was the one an extension vote. >> this is a development deal about property and land and luxury market rate units with a. and i think it is important to be really clear and as
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transparent as possible about what is being done and what is being said. >> reporter: they are scheduled for meetings wednesday and thursday in las vegas. the a's hope to have final terms voted on in oakland by the end of october. nbc bay area news. >> major league baseball's commissioner rob manfred also not happy with the vote. he said we are disappointed the city council chose to vote on a proposal to which the a's had not agreed. we will immediately begin conversations with the a's to chart a path forward for the club. okay. breakthrough khost cases are back in the spot white a revelation that an aide to house speaker pelosi and a white house staffer boed tested positive for covid even though they were fully vaccinated. we talked on one of the leading he said deepepidemiologists to protected you really are if you are fully vaccinated. >> reporter: concern at the
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capitol with two fully vaccinated people diagnosed with koefltd one of them, an aide to speaker pelosi. >> the rate of severe breakthrough, if you have the vaccine .002%. about 2 in 100,000. >> reporter: the key words are severe breakthrough. the two in the capital are experiencing mild symptoms. those vaccinated but still needing hospitalization, said the doctor, are almost always elderly, those with numerous conditions or immuno compromised. the cdc is expected to decide in the next week if people in those groups need a third vaccine. she said the real world efficacy of the vaccines is amazing. >> 9.4% of people in the 99.4% in the hospital are unvaccinated. >> reporter: stanford university's school of medicine researchers have just announced their findings on the importance
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of that second shot of the pfizer and moderna vaccines. they said the second shot is powerful beneficial effects that far exceed those of the first shot. it stimulated a manifold increase in antibody levels. and the doctor had some very good news for the 13 million americans who received the johnson & johnson vaccine. it comes from an area hard hit by covid. >> we haven't seen significant breakthroughs in the johnson & johnson vaccine even though there is a lot of circulating virus in south africa. >> reporter: terry mcscene withy. nbc bay area news. another concern that cases are rising. starting today, masks will be required inside california's superior court facilities whether you're vaccinated or not. they had lifted the mask mandate but it is reinstating to it align with recommendations.
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wildfire season well underway north of us and dozens of fire crews are on the front line. what you're looking at is time lapsed video of the fires that are raging. more than 2,400 fire personnel are there. the latest crew sent from the east bay just this afternoon. >> reporter: tonight, fires raging in northern california fueled by drought ridden land scapes and wind. the tamarack fire is south of lake tahoe. this saint claira unit sent to the dixie fire, burning to more than 60,000 acres, it is just 16% contained. dozens of bay area crews are there. a strike team left for the dixie fire with crews from albany, hayward, teed mont and fremont. >> with the drought conditions, with previous burns in the area, a lot of tinder dry fuel, it has a lot of heat potential.
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>> reporter: he is a fremont about a tal beyond chief and was deployed to three wildfires. he said while they're gone from the city, but on these large ones, the entire state works as a team. >> when a big fire happens as a community they don't have the ability to staff it themselves. we go help them. the idea is if we have it in our community, they'll help, too. >> reporter: in the dixie fire zonal there are evacuation orders. today some people pulling their boats out of the water, getting ready to leave just in case. >> this morning when i woke up, it was 12 miles away. then it was nine miles away so it is moving really fast. >> so many fires, so much smoke. the smoke is spreading across the country. much of the east coast is smoky and that's because of wildfires burning along the west coast and in canada. the national weather service today issued a poor air quality
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alert. also seeing that same heavy smoke that we're generating from the fires. >> that's right. check out our wildfire smoke. dixie fire is to the north and some of the smoke and haze going right over lake tahoe. we'll stay to the north and check out the national view. fires in canada, also the western fires pushing smoke to the midwest. also the east coast if you're doing any traveling. i'm back with the local forecast. also facing charges. what we learned about the couple whose baby gender reveal ceremony sparked a deadly wildfire. and this is an olympics unlike any other. in 60 seconds, we check back this with raj who takes us behind the scenes who shows us what it is like to do all the strict covid protocols.
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back to tokyo. it is be only the athletes that you the journalists as well. today they were given a guided tour of the city. it was the first time out and about after emerging from 14-day quarantine. until today, they had to stay in a bubble of their hotels. the media center and olympic venues. that's where raj mathai joins us in his bubble. you're on day four of the quarantine? >> reporter: day four. i remember talking with you thinking, okay, it is a soft bubble. they'll let us go around the city. they are not. we don't want to break the rules. a couple things we need. a mask like in the bay area. a phone where we have to down hold two specific apps that track our movement. so we don't want to break our bubble. and every day we begin with
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this. a little spit test, a warning for our viewers. it gets a little gross. take look. hello from the mathai hotel room. i get this question. is it exciting and glamorous covering the olympics? absolutely yes. however, for these first 14 days of the tokyo olympics, absolutely no. before we start our day, before we can go out in the town and get to work, we have to take a saliva test, a covid test. do you want to see it here? i spit into the straw. it goes into this vial. i register it and i submit it and then i can go about my day. it takes about ten times the spit, a lot of spit. i don't want to gross you out but it is kind of spit to fill up enough saliva for the olympic officials. so allow me to do my morning duty here. excuse me while i spit. okay. spit test is done, thankfully. my mouth is a little dry. the mask is on. we are leaving the hotel. say goodbye and we're heading to
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the broadcast center. let's go have some fun. so i can't walk the streets of tokyo until august 1st. this is what i'm missing. the biggest city in the world. about 14 million people. 37 million in the surrounding area. tokyo is in a state of emergency. restaurants close early. no alcohol is being served and no gatherings. but life goes on. oh, yeah. back to my journey. getting in my shuttle and heading to the broadcast center. a lot like miami, a lot of like san francisco, a lot like new york. beautiful skylines and beautiful water. it has taken about an hour since we did the initial spit test and we finally arrived at our nbc broadcast center in tokyo. the question is, why are we doing all these protocols? obviously not to get covid but they're keeping us in three
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separate bubbles. safety first. okay. walk with me here. we finally come down the home stretch. look, here's lester holt. "nightly news." that's his room. access hollywood, and we are next door. here we are, a regular mini broadcast studio. there's the tokyo bay and there are the olympic rings. we are ready to rock. and here we are. the olympic rings. the tokyo bay. and you might see the rainbow bridge behind me. that's just to get to work in this balance connolly at our broadcast center for nbc. we miss you here. it is a little humid. you grew up in miami so you're used to it. but wow! >> be grateful you have short
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hair. that's all i'm saying. jeff is over here, i told him. i told him. thank you. >> jeff warned me. >> see you later. athletes in tokyo are getting acclimate to the new surroundings dealing with a long list of covid protocols. kate courtney shows off some of the swag she received. swag is the best part. she said it has pockets and she's excited about it. she also showed off the other items that she was given. meanwhile, the tennis star lily zhang showed off her new bed. in case haven't heard, the bed frames are made of cardboard. the beds will be recycled into paper products after the olympics. so which country will dominate the metal count in tokyo? scientists are looking at date from previous olympics to find clues. you can read all about that. which countries dominated the olympics at the top of our page
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on the trending bar. it is so interesting to see that. we've both covered the olympics. normally you have to get on a platform and another person gets off and you get on. so to have those very singular accommodations to do your broadcasting is really weird. >> yeah. it probably accentuates everything you're going through. and the heat exhaustion in tokyo. the forecast that will get through the opening ceremony and the games here in a bit. i want to start off with our own weather at home. in humidity. we're looking at a really good weather trend coming our way. so we have those thunderstorms that we have been tracking and getting real close to us and that monsoonal moisture will stay to the east. once again, some beautiful weather coming our way this
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week. let's look at that fog. it is thickest through san francisco and the coastline. support the afternoon, it clears out and we get our sunshine back. so temperatures if you're waking up around 6:00, 7:00, temperatures in the 50s. it really doesn't matter where you are. it will be cool with those widespread 50s. 56 for the east bay. san francisco, 55. the north bay at 53. the daytime highs right near average to even a little below. this will put us to some of the warmest weather in concord. mid to upper 80s. look at san jose. 79. it doesn't get. better than this. 71, going to the coastline. take your jacket. we had 60s with that afternoon sea breeze in the west, 15 to 25. my seven-day forecast, we do have 60s remaining all the way through this upcoming weekend.
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by sunday we'll be tracking the potential of monsoonal moisture to the south and the east lt nothing much now but we'll closely monitor that. and then how is that excellent weather? wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, also into monday and tuesday. let's bring you out to tokyo. raj talked about the heat and the humidity. the at that and the humidity factored in. we're looking at the mid to upper 90s, friday through tuesday. yeah. so this is going to be dynamic because of that heat exhaustion that can start up. the athletes are thinking about that top of mind for sure. >> right. it really impacts their performance. thank you. happening now, an investigation is ended up in a jose swimming pool.
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the driver got into an accident and then drove into a pool. an apartment building on fruitdale avenue. the driver is okay and luckily no one was in the pool at the time.
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to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob arpaying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. the couple whose gender reveal ceremony that sparked a wildfire have been charged with manslaughter. they used a pyrotechnic device in a field to reveal the gender of their baby. it erupted into a giant wildfire. a firefighter was hurt, others were hurt and hundreds had to evacuate their homes.
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they have pled not guilty. people who live in napa will have to cut back on their water use. they will approve the new water restrictions in the face of this drought. people are being asked to reduce their water usage by 20% over last year. it will limit how much water is trucked out of the city and will only allow irrigation to two days a week. the goal is to protect napa's primary source of water. to watering holes in san francisco, next time you want to grab a drink in the city, you may have to show proof of vaccination. they are reporting the san francisco bar owner alliance might, might require people to show their vaccine card to get into any of the group's 500 bars. the head of the alliance said he wants to get ahead. potential surge in cases and businesses. he said it would be volunteer for bars to participate. the alliance won't make a decision until next week at the earliest. well, up next, opting out of
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the olympic village. team usa said it is going with a different option.
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we have new nba champions. tonight the milwaukee bucks have captured their first title in 50
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years. the bucks defeated the phoenix suns. final score, 105-98. meanwhile, down in l.a., heart break for the giants. the dodgers' pinch-hitter will smith hit a three-run walk-off homer. the giants lose 8-6. they lose the division. it is now down to one game. while the a's' front office learned of the city council vote, the team was busy winning on the field. matt olson helped them to the win over the angels with his 25th home run. now with the risk of covid cases multipling in tokyo, the women's gymnastics team is opting to stay in a hotel rather than the olympic village. the rest of the gymnastics team including simone biles will stay at a nearby hotel. the team's coach said she feels like they can control the athletes and their safety better in a hotel setting. the u.s. women's soccer team
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no need to be in a billionaire's private rocket to celebrate space travel today. something exciting here on earth. cstruction for the nasa experience. it will be a hands-on environment with challenges, models, artifacts, where people can explore the latest in space exploration. i bet that's also good for big kids who would like to explore the relationship between space -- >> us? >> that will do it for us. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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