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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 20, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> right now at 5:00, the rush is on to stop an uptick of covid-19 cases. the renewed push for more people to get vaccinated as the delta variant spreads across the country and here in the bay area. limiting your water usage. a live report on the actions north bay leaders are set to take today as dangerous drought conditions worsen. ready for liftoff. just one hour until jeff bezos' historic joy ride in space. what today's launch means for the future of space travel. this is "today in the bay." good morning on this tuesday. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. >> we are just minutes away, some 59 minutes away from
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liftoff. you're looking live at van horn, texas, where amazon founder jeff bezos is set to make history. this is inside the control room. he's set to travel with three others as they hit the edge of space using his private space company blue origin. >> the new shepard is expected to take off at 6:00 this morning. there will be no test pilots or flight engineers on board. if successful it will be the first unpiloted suborbital flight with a civilian crew. you saw them there. the crew is bezos, his brother and 82-year-old aviation pioneer and 18-year-old dutch space tourist named oliver. they will make up the youngest and oldest people to go into space. >> we need to focus on the here and now and look to the future. we're building a road to space so that oliver's generation can blow us away with amazing things and make life better on earth. >> richard branson's plane required two pilots to get him to space and back a week ago. we will air the entire flight coming up at 6:00 a.m. here on
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"today in the bay." meteorologist kari hall is here tracking those launch conditions. we know how important it is for the conditions here on earth. rocketing up to space. >> yeah. that's a pretty amazing that we're even doing that this morning, but we're taking you to van horn, texas, where they're getting ready to launch that rocket, the blue origin. it's 71 degrees and it will be about 74 within the next hour. humidity is good, winds are light, and looks like everything is pretty good. what's not good here, close to home is our reservoir levels. we've seen some extremely dry conditions and now our reservoirs only at about 20% of capacity and that's the reason why we are seeing these new water restrictions going up. for more on that i'll toss it back to you. >> all right. thanks, kari. stricter water restrictions could be on tap for another bay area community as the drought deepens across the bay area and state for that matter. >> "today in the bay's" kris
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sanchez live in morgan hill with what to expect today. welcome back, kris. >> thank you very much, laura and marcus. good to be back. we know that water restrictions are kind of expanding into communities all around the bay area, and certainly a lot of water districts even if they're not ordering cutbacks right now, they're trying to educate the community and that's why valley water will be hosting virtual tours of lake anderson reservoir, one of the biggest in santa clara county, down to 3%, because it is undergoing a major seismic retrofit project that is going to be going on for many years. not a lot of solutions there. however, napa is looking forward into the future. they are going to tighten that spigot even a little bit more, asking people to conserve more water there. they are asking for a citywide cutback of about 20%. they're trying to protect lake hennessey, napa's primary source of drinking water. they are going to ask people to cut back there. other bay area communities also
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offering or rather requesting cutbacks of their community members. san jose water is limiting watering to just 15 minutes, twice a week. santa clara valley water district, 15% cutback. east bay mud 10% cutback. contra costa county is limiting watering there as well. it gets more specific for some of our smaller communities as well. we have a link to that information at here's a look at why water conservation is so critical. nasa satellite imagery showing the impact of the drought that's deepening not only here in the bay area and in california, but all the way across the west into the western state of the country. we have drought resources at that is where we will also post napa's vote as soon as it happens. again, also link you to that virtual tour of anderson lake in case you want to take part in that, you can find that information on
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facebook and twitter. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." continuing coverage on covid-19 pandemic. top health experts will testify today in washington updating lawmakers on the escalating cases as fewer people are getting vaccinated. "today in the bay's" tracie potts tells us what we can expect. >> reporter: today a senate panel hears from top federal health experts on why coronavirus cases are on the rise. >> there is a clear message that is coming through, this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> reporter: the government says nearly all hospitalizations and deaths are people who have not received the shot. cases are up in all 50 states with less than half the population fully protected and vaccination rates dropping 35% in the past week. the american academy of pediatrics now recommends that all students wear masks, even if they've been vaccinated. >> masking will be an important strategy to help protect our children. >> reporter: the nation's
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largest county, los angeles, seeing a 300% spike in covid cases brought back as universal mask mandate. new york's mayor says it's not necessary. >> we do not intend mask mandate. we do intend to double down on vaccinations. >> reporter: olympic athletes and other high-profile breakthrough cases are getting a lot of attention. people who tested positive after being vaccinated. >> we don't have much information about how often that happens. >> reporter: wall street's reacting. >> we know that our economic recovery hinges on getting the pandemic under control. >> reporter: stocks are down, fueling fears that this resurgence of coronavirus could slow the economy. tracie potts, nbc news. this morning, solano county is the only county in the bay area that still has not issued any new mask recommendations following the rise of the delta variant. napa county joining seven other bay area counties strongly recommending everyone mask up while indoors. but in solano county, the policy
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follows state guidelines. no masks outdoors for anyone and none indoors for the fully vaccinated with some exceptions such as health care settings. >> the cases are occurring as -- now for the last two weeks have been occurring because of july 4th behavior, july 4th barbecues, picnics. those occur in people's backyards. a masking mandate for indoors for shopping and retail and restaurants isn't going to make any difference. >> experts say when vaccines receive full fda approval that will open the door for possibly mandatory vaccinations. search efforts by volunteers expected to resume today to find the man not seen in ten days. crews will focus on their efforts on the neighborhoods around the pleasanton regional park area, where philip kreycik went for a run and never came home. his car, cell phone and wallet found at the park. a search was slowed down a bit after volunteer's generator was
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stolen sunday night. walnut creek leaders will hear from the homeless task force for a plan to help the most vulnerable make it in the bay. teaming up with the housing nonprofit to bring a village of micro homes to grace presbyterian church. the homes would be owned by faith-based organizations and provide shelter for homeless individuals and families. the council does not plan to take any action today but will provide input and direction to staff on the next steps in that process. look, the process of getting you through the day with meteorologist kari hall's report for us. a lot of people are like hopefully it's a nice one to get the day and week started. how is it looking out there today? >> not bad at all. it's been a little bit warm in some of the valleys and tri-valley and dublin, starting out with temperatures in the mid 50s and it will still be a warm
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day, but we're coming down a few degrees and so as we look at our trend as you're heading to work, light jacket weather for the start of the day, but then short sleeves by lunch time into the afternoon. a look at all of our microclimates and temperatures that will head anywhere from the upper 50s near the coast to some mid 60s in san francisco, low 70s in oakland and in san jose upper 70s north bay temperatures in the low 80s and 90s for the east bay. but this is typical for july and we'll talk more about what may be a little bit cooler than normal coming up in a few minutes. how is it looking for the commute? >> clearer than sometimes is the case for 84 where we don't have any slowing coming down through into sunol out of livermore. we have the construction including the ramps cleared from the overnight crews over there. that's typically the case there. we just saw this clear. there was a crash west 80. looks like it may have cleared from the slow lane. wasn't an issue for the sensors but it was a note there.
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something reported at the walnut creek interchange. chp didn't put any detail in the incident. i'll follow up. no slowing on the sensors but contra costa county overall looks great. highway 4, longer drive out of there on vasco, still close to the speed limit. back to you. >> thanks, mike. look, as you pour that morning cup of coffee a study from ucsf that will put your mind at ease about heart risk. >> costco keeping one of its pandemic specials as we move forward the way it's helping out some shoppers. indeed, wall street worrying about the pandemic as well and maybe the fourth wave of covid. plus, olympic hopes are dashed for some of those athletes. the growing number of covid cases that's ruining dreams.
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breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? good tuesday morning. right now at 5:13, monitoring air quality for today start out mostly clear but we are also going to see just a little bit of some of that smoke from the nearby wildfires making it to the coast and bay. elsewhere, good air quality and we're spending more time outside as our temperatures cool off. we'll talk more about this and our climate in crisis coming up in a few minutes. no crisis, but looks like a flashing lights under the camera at the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge toll plaza. the taillights across the bay, a smooth drive. we will check the chp report once again to make sure you don't have any issues here or around the bay.
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good morning. very happy tuesday to you as well. congresswoman marjorie taylor greene once said california fires were started by secret space lasers have been suspended from twitter about publishing things that twitter says were dangerous and not true. the short suspension came after president joe biden criticized social media for allowing false and dangerous statements to spread online. earlier this year, republican leadership removed the congresswoman from all of her committee assignments for her misbehavior. a disaster on wall street yesterday as investors looked at what maybe the fourth wave of covid. the u.s. says you should not travel to the uk, level 4 advisory, l.a. county says masks are back, dow fell more than 700 points or 2%. covid sensitive stocks hit particularly hard. that's airlines, cruise ships, hotel chains. the cdc says cases are up 70%
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over the week and double over two weeks. 740 americans died over the weekend. we haven't gotten the overnight numbers yet. with that in mind, apple is delaying its call to bring workers back to work. apple employees had been pushing back against the return to work already, but apple now saying it will be october before they return. we were talking earlier about -- last week about this inflation thing and people saying, oh, the white house needs to do something, we need to raise interest rates where maybe doing nothing was the right thing. this is turning out to look like the right decision. >> right. >> as we didn't know last week how bad it would look this week. >> exactly. means a little more wait and see. thank you. in the meantime costco keeping some special hours for members who are 60 and older and vulnerable shoppers as this pandemic rages on.
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weeks after announcing it would end senior hours on july 26th, the retailer is changing course and will reduce them from five days a week to twice weekly. tu thursday from 9:00 to vary. stu raise your risk of heart rhythm problems. in the largest study of its kind, ucsf researchers found no evidence that drinking a moderate amount of coffee causes cardiac arrhythmia. scientists say each additional cup of coffee a day was associated with 3% lower risk of any arrhythmia occurring. nearly 400,000 coffee drinkers took part in the research and the paper is published in gemma international medicine. >> medical association. gama. right. >> java?
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appropriate. >> look, so the three of you drink your coffee in the morning, so you are fine. >> time to put it into your travel mug and take you for a ride, guys. a drive. however you commute. mass transit looking good for the ride. the drive over here at thehe backup, it's light obviously, 5:17, we did an incident reported somewhere along the approach, maybe underneath the 880 overcrossing. i haven't seen slowing in the last few minutes there. we'll leave the marker there as a possibility. there's more slowing towards the golden gate bridge north bay. no problems there. a live view i showed you earlier has the cones still out and so that may be the sensors skewed a bit by that lane being closed overnight. one more incident in the north bay in dozer. we have a cow that gets reported as well. over on hastings if you use hastings. everything else is looking great. a nice drive including the altamont pass. over to you. >> all right.
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we're starting out pretty good here as you're heading out the door in the east bay. heading over to pleasant hill and we're stepping out to temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in the east bay and stays mostly clear throughout today. a lot of sunshine and warming temperatures into the upper 70s and low 80s by lunch. as we go to the south bay, take a look at our temperatures and our high reaching 77 in milpitas, 79 in san jose, los gatos up to 85 degrees and 87 in morgan hill. some spots still pretty warm today, even low 90s for the inland east bay from antioch to livermore. walnut creek looking at a high of 88 degrees, while oakland will be in the low 70s. near the coast, no changes. palo alto, redwood city, reaches into the upper 70s. for san francisco, we're mostly in the mid 60s here. for the north bay, we are seeing our highs today reaching 84 in napa, nice breezy wind coming through. it's going to be so comfortable.
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still pretty hot in clearlake reaching 95 degrees. as we go through the forecast, our temperatures will continue to cool off. stronger ocean breeze, natural air conditioning. as going to be pretty nice. for our inland areas, some of the warmest spots reaching into the low 80s but it does start to warm up more going into the weekend. mostly some upper 80s. san francisco, will have some slight cooling here too, just more clouds and fog and our highs going from the mid 60s for the next couple days to the lower 60s by the end of the week. and a nice stretch of weather into the weekend. now let's turn to our climate in crisis and something you may have seen trending on social media last week. nasa warning about a moon wobble that may cause coastal flooding in the mid 2030s. this is a regular change in the moon's tilt. over 18.6 year cycle and nasa is giving the head's up this happens on a regular basis but this may cause high tides to be
5:20 am
even higher. where does climate change come into this? rising seas due to climate change and this regular tilt in the moon may make those high tides even higher. so why are we talking about this in 2021? because right now, infrastructure and building plans are going up and we need to include a rising seas and this moon wobble or they may be under water several times a year, especially when we have our king tides. so you'll want to check out more stories like this on click on climate in crisis. marcus and laura. >> good. we're holding off on the beach house then. >> yeah. we're going to hold off. >> thanks. all right. next here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> if you didn't get your child tax credit payment from uncle sam last week, we want to help you track it down. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how next. >> that will be helpful for people. stick around for that. look at the lovely kari hall.
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we're always on social media. she was posting this picture on instagram enjoying some summe b. stay up to date with kari, follow her on instagram, twitter and facebook. more news ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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in surfside, florida, crews continue their search for the
5:24 am
missing. it's been pore than three weeks after the champlain towers collapsed. the task of sifting through the rubble is not complete by a long shot. the work of clearing rubble and retrieving human remains will go on another month according to leaders. one of the issues is allowing surfside's hired forensic expert access to the site. >> we have to get the answer to why that building fell down sooner than later. this normally takes years to come to a conclusion. we don't have the luxury of that time. people along the coast want those answers now. >> so far 97 people have been recovered from the rubble and another 12 are unaccounted for. last week, millions of families received their first advancement of the child tax credit, a direct deposit of hundreds of dollars of each child and more payments are on the way monthly through the end of the year. >> what if you didn't get any money. chris chmura is going to show us how to track down any hiccups and fix them. >> if you didn't get your child
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tax credit, a couple things could be standing in the way. the irs might not know you have a kid. it could be using outdated tax info or the wrong bank account number. start your search for answers on the irs website. first, see if you're enrolled. on the home page go to the right side and click get tax credit. on the next page, scroll to the first box and click manage payments. the irs says that window lets you check if you're enrolled. below that an eligibility tool will tell you if you qualify. bear in mind, max income is $150,000 for couples, $112,500 for a single parent. it tells you you are eligible but didn't get a payment, it's possible uncle sam has bad or no bank information for you. the irs is using your 2019 or 2020 tax return info to calculate and makes payments. use the manage payments button to verify, update or add your bank info. the good news, even if you don't get a single payment over the summer or fall, you shouldn't
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lose a penny because today's payments are actually an advance on your next tax refund. if you get nothing now, you'll be able to claim the full child tax credit on your next tax return next year. we know more about the first american athlete to test positive for covid at the olympics. cara acre, an alternate for the superstar women's gymnastics team. the 18-year-old from the kansas city area was vaccinated and she's asymptomatic and is quarantining at a hotel. meantime wnba player katie samuelson also tested positive here in the u.s. another member of the men's basketball team zach he vine is in covid protocols. raj mathai is in tokyo and live starting tonight. he's tweeting about the news. you can follow him @raj mathai. >> one giant leap for mankind happening today, oakland's shib bo space and science center will
5:27 am
celebrate a pivotal moment in american history. saturday marks 52 years since apollo 11 landed on the moon. the center will hold the nasa kickoff experience celebration. ahead of this center when chabot will open the observation to the public. new travel restrictions could ruin your summer plans. the new warnings this morning as covid cases rise and the delta variant spreads. and a live look now at the rocket that will make history as you can see there. climbing up the stairs right now. we are 33 minutes away and counting. jeff bezos and three others launching into space. we are watching closely for any of those new developments. we're going to keep our eyes here and tell you more after the break.
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. right now at 5:30, just about 30 minutes away from a joy ride in space like no other. we are taking you live to west texas where a historic space launch is just about half an hour away on board the richest man in the world. plus, will they stay? the fate of the oakland a's will be decided today. what you need to know ahead of the key vote. >> and leveling the playing field. traveling while unvaccinated can be difficult. now there's a new push to treat people who have had covid the same as someone who is vaccinated. this is "today in the bay."
5:31 am
a very good tuesday morning to you. we're broadcasting to your television and streaming live on good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. well, we are just minutes away, 33 minutes to be exact, you're now looking live at van horn, texas. this is where amazon founder jeff bezos set to make history along with three others. he's traveling with them to the edge of space using his own space company called blue origin. >> the new shepard is expected to take off at 6:00 our time this morning. we have learned that jeff bezos and the rest of the team were heading up the staircase up to the launch pad. we're going to bring you the launch in a special report coming up. first happening today, a crucial vote for the future of the oakland a's. >> the city council will decide whether to approve plans for this proposed stadium at howard terminal. the vote could decide whether the team will stay or go. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with what we can expect ahead of today's vote. bob? >> yeah, good morning to you,
5:32 am
laura and marcus. this vote will take place later this morning. they meet at 9:00, talking about the oakland city council. they will be voting on a nonbinding agreement, a term sheet, for this proposed new a's stadium to be located at the howard terminal at the port of oakland. you look at your screen you can see the architectural representederings for that project. for months the a's have been threatening to leave oakland and possibly head to las vegas if the city council nixes the howard terminal plans this morning. noel gallo tells us he's a know. dan caleb is not sure that the a's have oakland's best interest in mind. >> the a's don't want to pay for any of the infrastructure that is needed due to this prompt. anything outside the walls of the new ballpark, they want the city one way or the other to pay for everything. >> what am i losing? right now oakland has many emergencies i need to attend to.
5:33 am
homelessness, housing, public safety. i need to invest my dollars there, not on a professional team. >> i think we have an incredible plan for the waterfront. it brings $450 million in community benefits, a billion dollars to the general fund. it could be used for some of the issues that this community is facing. >> repor in and around howard terminal don't think that part of the city is equipped for a new ballpark. a longshoreman tells us thousands of fans can't be parking in that area and clogging up the train tracks while they're trying to move cargo. maritime workers will hold a rally at oakland city hall later this afternoon to speak out against the howard terminal stadium plans. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> certainly a vote a lot of people are paying attention to. a former 49ers coach is in critical continue condition after a bike accident in california. greg napa was struck by a car
5:34 am
over the weekend. he's the jets passing game specialist and has worked as an offensive coordinator for the last ten years working for the raiders and for the 49ers. to a live look at sfo, a warning this morning for travelers, the centers for disease control and the state department are warning against travel to the uk as covid cases continue to rise. >> those who contracted the virus are immune push to get similar travel and mask guidance as those vaccinated. both groups have the same protection. >> reporter: cierra johnson is live with more on the push to level the playing field out. cierra? >> yes, good morning marcus and laura. we have a lot to talk about when it comes to the virus. let's talk about what could impact some folks travel to the united kingdom if you're leaving from here, the international terminal at sfo. right now as it stands the state department is issuing a warning to americans to avoid travel to the united kingdom because of those high number of cases of
5:35 am
covid there overseas. this warning was originally issued monday and came after the cdc said the country is experiencing, quote, a very high level of the disease, but the warning to americans came the same day as almost all of the restrictions were lifted in england. nbc is reporting britain has seen nearly 55,000 new covid cases on saturday, making it the highest number of cases in one day since january. back here at home, some are grappling with the challenges of proving immunity to the virus as scientists continue to research how long immunity lasts from the vaccination and the infection. some researchers say there needs to be a way for those recovering from the virus to prove their immunity. right now, americans can present a vaccination card and show they have immunity, but other countries like france and germany actually allow americans to visit by showing they have recovered from the virus with a doctor's note. so we spoke with ucsf infectious
5:36 am
disease expert monica gandhi who says the country must do something to address natural immunity. >> large studies from israel, cleveland clinic and other places that show that your rate of reinfection for the first year is the same after vaccination than it is after natural infection. >> reporter: and that expert says she believes the cdc will take a closer look at rules for survivors in the next six weeks or as school resumes. so she also noted still very important even if you've already naturally had the virus that you still get vaccinated once your doctor gives you the clearance to do so. a lot to keep in mind in the world of covid. we have all that information online at our website, we're live at sfo, cierra johnson, for "today in the bay." >> thank you, cierra. happening today, supervisors in san mateo county will discuss a proposal to provide $2 million
5:37 am
in pandemic recovery funds. the 2021 smc strong business assistance program would provide 200 grants of $10,000 each to small businesses who have not received any financial relief this year. in the meantime the county businesses such as food caterers, food truck and food cart operators. food sales from home kitchens are also being considered for part of the two-year pilot program. a woman is still recovering nearly a week after investigators say she was struck by a berkeley police car. oakland chp says she was hit in a crosswalk along sacramento street on wednesday. the officer hit the woman while making a left turn. berkeley police say their officer was not on an emergency call at the time. according to berkeley's side, the victim could undergo surgery for her injuries. happening today, the case against a danville deputy accused of killing an unarmed man heads back before a judge. that judge is expected to
5:38 am
determine if there's enough evidence to send andrew hall to trial, hall accused of killing laudemere arboleda in 2018. investigators say he led danville police on a slow speed chase through town after their attempt to stop him for suspicious behavior. video shows officer hall firing nine times into the man's car as he drove past a roadblock. the office's attorney says he acted in self-defense. we should tell you that hall is under investigation for a deadly shooting of tyrell wilson back in march. now to the fire fight just to our north. happening now, the dixie fire continues to burn out of control 100 miles from sacramento. this is in butte county. at this hour, it's only 15% contained and has burned more than 40,000 acres. our investigative unit learned the butte county district attorney is investigating pg&e's admission its equipment may have sparked this fire. the utility says that a tree fell on the power line and we're
5:39 am
learning the cal fire is hampered from fighting the fire in its earl stages because someone was flying their drone illegally. cal fire had to put its air assault on hold until it was safe to fly. firefighters near lake tahoe continue to battle the flames of the tamarack fire. the lightning caused fire started on the fourth of july of july and grown to nearly 40,000 acres with zero containment. new evacuation orders were issued yesterday in alpine county. the smoke from the fire caused the air quality to drop sunday into monday but now has cleared up. some of the fires are so strong they produce their own weather system. talk about the science behind all that. >> yeah. so we recently got some video and this just shows the intensity of these fires. the heat from those fires punches high into the atmosphere and creates its own weather system where you can get lightning, hail, tornadoes. i mean it can be really erratic
5:40 am
and dangerous for those crews trying to battle that. but, yeah, that looks pretty wild. looks like a typical thunderstorm and you can get thunderstorm-type weather out of that. imagine being a crew on the ground trying to fight the fire and suddenly you see a tornado or there's lightning striking around you. it does make it dangerous and you can see how intense those flames and that smoke is right now. so as we take a look at all of the smoke that's being pushed up into the atmosphere, and how it could affect our air quality, a lot of that smoke is pushing off towards the east right now due to our strong onshore wind. so we are looking at some fairly good air quality around the bay area. we've seen a little bit of that making it to the coast. we have a beautiful sunrise and we'll be watching that air quality. we'll talk more about cooler temperatures coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> just watched the zipper truck move that wall and now we're ready for the morning commute on the golden gate bridge. the cones are gone. the wall has been moved. there was a little slowing that
5:41 am
showed up on the approach for about 15 minutes as they cleared that crew and made their way across the north side. i think the crew on the north side and the southbound direction is clearing with the speed sensors. mild slowing, not a big deal over there. slowing up the incline, just as you're in the narrower roadway past the metering lights not on right now. highway 37 a little bit of slowing and same thing for san jose north 101 about 680 clearing already from the first burst. it was only there for a couple minutes. lighter traffic. back to you. >> sounds good. 5:41 this morning. coming up, new information surrounding a deadly plane crash in the north bay. the connection we're now learning three victims who were killed shared. president biden appears to be claiming he never said that facebook kills people. yes, he did. >> plus, remembering the lives lost. ahead of friday's opening ceremony, how the remembering
5:42 am
those lives taken by covid-19 amid fears of a possible outbreak at the games.
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5:45 am
we'll talk about that and what's ahead in the forecast in a few minutes. >> san mateo bridge looks like the flashing light under the camera has cleared. there's a flashing light on the right shoulder, though. there's a crew in that service area. we're going to check that. slowly moving vehicle, i think they're going to get off. we'll track that and more coming up. we're learning new details about a deadly plane crash in napa county. authorities say 73-year-old robert nicolas was piloting the small plane when it crashed and burned in a napa county vineyard. nicolas's daughter and her husband were also on board and died. the ntsb is investigating the crash, which is routine. those pushing to recall governor newsom from office plan to gather at san francisco city hall today. members of rescue california plan to hold a news conference. it comes as we now know which order the recall candidates will appear on the september 14th ballot. the names of the 41 candidates
5:46 am
seeking to replace governor gavin newsom must appear on the ballot randomly. yesterday the secretary of state drew letters of the alphabet at random to determine that list. >> president biden is walking back a bit on his claim that facebook is killing people. >> scott mcgrew, facebook does continue to allow false claims on its site about the vaccine. >> as people are finding out if you believe false things about vaccines, you don't get one, you can very well die. there was a sad article, marcus and laura, in "the new york times" a couple days back about a hospital in west virginia and the people in there finally realizing covid was real for the first time in the icu. for biden's claim facebook is killing people he seemed to say yesterday he never said that. >> my hope is facebook instead of taking it personally saying facebook is killing people, they would do something about the misinformation the outrageous
5:47 am
misinformation about the vaccine. >> somehow they're claiming i said that. he did say that. he was asked about facebook and he said, they're killing people. >> on covid misinformation, what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> they're killing people. i mean, really. look the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. they're killing people. >> now the argument over he said/he said aside, facebook allows false information that false information convinces people not to get vaccinated and when you look at the latest fatality numbers the percentage unvaccinated is more than 99%. twitter briefly suspended congresswoman marjorie taylor greene for false claims. we'll talk more about that as we talk business here shortly. we're just a day away from the earliest vote on infrastructure and it seems like nobody is ready for it. first and foremost, we haven't seen the bill. perhaps more alarming the two sides haven't agreed on how to
5:48 am
pay for it. the idea was to force tax cheats to pay up, but republicans now say that would give the irs too much power and subject businesses to harassment. now the bill we're talking about is infrastructure bill one, the bipartisan bill, and a core group of republicans had earlier agreed on it. democrats want one pass and then they are going to introduce bill two. the other thing, republican leadership has picked its members of the house select committee to investigate the january 6th attacks on capitol police and the capitol. notable members include jim jordan who is never shy at a committee hearing and troy nels, a former law enforcement officer who helped barricade the doors of the capitol. mostly democrats, which is expected, pelosi offered a nonpartisan committee but republicans said no. these members chosen by pelosi, these by republican leader mccarthy. he chose all republicans. pelosi chose mostly democrats, but it made sure one republican
5:49 am
was on the committee, she says in case mccarthy didn't choose anyone at all. we're watching all of that and publish this graphic to twitter as well so you can play along. you got a program, you can find me on twitter @scott mcgrew. >> we're talking about the vote in oakland about whether to relocate the a's if they're going to stay or go. here's a story that might make a's fans angry. an art director is creating uniforms for if the team moves to las vegas. the art director made them a couple years ago, but now they're trending as the team is exploring a move. we're three days away from the olympics opening ceremony and the international olympic committee held a moment of silence in honor of the lives lost as a result of the pandemic. the international olympic committee president praised medical workers and volunteers for making the tokyo games possible amid the coronavirus
5:50 am
pandemic. he said the event would send a powerful message of peace and solidarity. four-time grand slam singles champion naomi osaka is back on the court getting ready for the games. how powerful that swing is. osaka practiced at the olympic tennis venue after sitting out of wimbledon and withdrawing from the french open. the 23-year-old lives in the u.s., but was born in japan and is representing japan at the games. osaka was an automatic qualifier for her world ranking. this is under the formula governed by the bodies of professional tennis. and our raj mathai is in tokyo and he will have a live report starting today. he will host three olympic specials this week from tokyo or from the bay area to tokyo. this is on thursday. one is at 4:00, one at 7:00 and then on friday, the opening day of the ceremonies. >> if i could have a backhand like naomi osaka. she makes it look easy.
5:51 am
that's why they're pros. hey, let's check in with kari who has a look at our forecast. good day for tennis, perhaps? >> absolutely. and we're going to stay in tokyo for a second because we wanted to take a look at their weather they're experiencing what raj is seeing and we're watching typhoon infa to the south of japan. this will not affect their weather but it is typhoon season. weather wise there, they're going to see temperatures in the low 90s. yes, it's hot. you've seen them complain how hot it is. all the humidity as well. we're going to see some very warm weather there over the next few days. we're getting some humidity too with some fog that we've seen draped over the golden gate bridge. that will continue today starting out with some clouds there, but at least visibility is clear. as we go into the rest of today, we're going to see that continue while our inland areas are all clear. monitoring the air quality, we've seen a little bit of smoke starting to mix in with that
5:52 am
marine layer near the coast. we have moderate air quality there but it is pretty good elsewhere for the rest of the bay area. if you're going to be spending more time out there as our temperatures cool off just a bit, we are seeing some of our inland areas cooling off. let me show you the lightning strikes as we are watching for that dry lightning and i made them extremely large so you can see each one. look at the past 24 hours and all of the activity over the sierra, one lightning strike in the north bay, but we did see much of that activity staying away from us and the chance of that happening now very low as the monsoonal moisture has moved on. but we're still dealing with some warm temperatures in the valleys like concord 90, hayward, 74 degrees. very comfortable. slightly cooler in san jose reaching 79. 76 in palo alto and napa today we're looking at a high of 82 degrees. as we go through this forecast, expect those temperatures to continue to cool off a few more degrees going from the mid 80s
5:53 am
to the lower 80s by wednesday into thursday. and then we do start to warm up a little bit more for the weekend but still not bad at all. and for san francisco, slight dip in temperatures here too as the fog gets thicker. we'll see it linger longer. overall we have some low 60s and some peeks of sunshine here and there. i think we'll see less of it as our inland temperatures do cool off. and heading out the door this morning, mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> i know you have your satellites but i'm fascinated by the live feed as well from blue origin. we're standing by for the launch over here. looking at the south bay where we're getting into the commute. i wouldn't say we're launching into the commute. looking at a slow drive just hanging out here north 680, north 101 from 680 up to oakland road. we have the issue of a little fire reported 87 just under the freeway near downtown. no major issues and everything else moves smoothly. the fire department is headed towards the interchange with 280 and 87 and the drive times are looking great. we see highway 4 starting a little build.
5:54 am
i've seen slowing coming into concord. a little bit early but it is tuesday where we see a heavier volume for some of our commutes. vasco road moving fine. adding another minute on the drive slowing down as the last crew has cleared from that flat back to you.thanks, mike. we are just minutes away from liftoff taking you live right now. this is van horn, texas, where amazon founder jeff bezos set to make history. we have all been waiting for that. he's going to travel with three others to the edge of space. his own private space company blue origin. >> that's right. the new shepard is expected to take off at 6:00 this morning, so now we're finally just minutes away. there will be no test pilots or flight engineers on board. now if successful, it will be the first unpiloted suborbital flight with a civilian crew on board. the crew, bezos, his brother,
5:55 am
and 82-year-old aviation pioneer woman and an 18-year-old dutch space tourist named oliver. they will, in fact, be the youngest and oldest people to ever head out into space. jeff bezos, the origin founder, saying, quote, that the focus here is now to look into the future, building a road to space so that oliver's generation, he's the young man that's on board, can blow us away with amazing things and make life better here on earth. unquote there. that's the crew that we're talking about. just moments ago we saw them walk up the stairs up the ramp way up to go where they were. we're standing by from a special report with nbc news. it will be interesting to watch this all take off. stay with nbc. we'll have all the latest right now. report. here is craig melvin.
5:56 am
a good day to you. we are coming on the air right now because in just a few moments, billionaire jeff bezos and a crew of three including his younger brother will set to take off soon from the west site in west texas into space. the total flight will be around 11 minutes long giving the crew four minutes of weightlessness up there. the flight is part of what some are calling the new billionaire space race, coming days after sir richard branson's virgin galactic launch. tom, are we on schedule when the capsule takes off, what can we expect. >> reporter: we are right new in a hold and we don't have an explanation yet, craig, as to why we are in a hold for liftoff. however, blue origin is
5:57 am
insisting that they are going. just a few minutes ago, we had all four crew members load into the space capsule. all four crew members being jeff bezos and his space company blue origin' his brother mark is on board as well. 82-year-old wally funk one of the original mercury astronauts who was supposed to fly in space but because of her gender never did. 82 years old and a veteran pilot and she says she has every possible aviation license and ready to go to space. then 18-year-old oliver daemen from the netherlands and his father is a rather wealthy dutch investment banker and paid for oliver's trip and ticket here to go up to 62 miles high. that puts them officially over the international boundary between atmosphere and space. and all of them would technical then qualify as civilian or
5:58 am
perhaps even commercial astronauts. in other words, the idea being you're not a space shuttle astronaut, you're not on the space station but the new age in space tourism. this is not a one shot with jeff bezos than the branson trip was a one-shot trip with richard branson nine days ago. this is about opening the tours to space tourism and both of them believe is a very big market for exactly that. >> while you were reporting there, that countdown clock it restarted and it appears as if the hold has been lifted. tom, you mentioned syrup richard branson's flight nine days ago. talk about the difference when the blue origin plane takes off versus what we saw a few days ago. >> reporter: two very big differences to begin with. as you know, the richer branson virgin galactic space plane was dropped from a mothership and then they lift the rocket and
5:59 am
the rocket took them at mach 3 up to 53 miles above the earth so that qualifies. that goes beyond what nasa and the faa define as the edge of space. different from this experience here where we have jeff bezos and the blue origin rocket, not a plane. it's a rocket like you and i are familiar with from the old apollo days. they will light the rocket here and also accelerate to mach 3 and then at a certain point, the rocket will drop away from the space capsule and the capsule will continue on its trajectory 62 miles above the earth and they, too, at that point, will cross the boundary between the atmosphere and space. as you know, there is kind of an international discrepancy, disagreement over where exactly is that line. nasa and the faa and the military say israel 50 miles up and what branson did. the international organization that manage these treaties say, no, no, it's 62 miles up. not that can matters, right? at that point you will
6:00 am
experience weightlessness three to four minutes and exactly what these folks will do. the capsule will begin to descend down into earth and descend down and parachutes come out from the top. instead of landing in the water, they are going to land in west texas in the desert here, this massive desert behind me! there is a lot of space out here. there is a lot of sand. i asked them yesterday, do you have a bull's-eye a target you have to hit on landing? no, we have plenty of space out there and we can land wherever we want off of really right behind me. they have the range rovers or the trucks to roll out to immediately get those guys. one question i asked yesterday in talking to the inspector design engineer. what about re-entry heat? as you know when the space shuttle re-entered the atmosphere, it would heat up so much that those protective tiles underneath were meant to protect the crew and, as you know, there was a failure at one point and
6:01 am
we lost a space shuttle b


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