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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 19, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, several wildfires burning across the state. the latest efforts at this hour to contain those flames. pushing for voting rights. we're taking you live to d.c. as democrats push the issue forward. masks indoors as delta cases continue to rise. could more california counties backtrack on those loosened restrictions? this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning to you. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm cierra johnson. we start with breaking news out of tokyo. one member of the u.s. women's gymnastics team has tested positive for covid-19. officials not identifying the gymnast, but say it is an alternate on the women's artistic gymnastics team. the team which arrived in japan on thursday has only stayed at their accommodations and practice venues and not spent
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time exploring tokyo. another team member who was identified as a close contact of the gymnast has been placed on standby. now this is happening after 17-year-old tennis star coco gauff pulled out of the olympics yesterday. she tested positive for covid. this month she played at wimbledon and then the french open, but it's unclear if she had been vaccinated or not before traveling to europe or where she tested positive. less than a week until the opening ceremony, the case numbers are rising in tokyo. the opening ceremony is this friday. we'll have live team coverage of the ceremony and games. you can only watch the 2020 tokyo olympics right here on nbc bay area. it looks like at least one indoor mask mandate will be back in place in the bay area starting today due to the rise in the delta variant cases. >> this follows the recent recommendation from several bay area counties to mask up again indoors. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda joins us with the latest
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developments. good morning, sharon. >> good morning. well you may have seen it as well this past weekend, but when i was out and about i saw more people listening to that recommendation, wearing their masks indoors. in alameda county it will be required again to wear masks indoors at the courthouse. many of the courtrooms and jury selection rooms around the bay area you will notice don't have windows to allow fresh air from outside. the state says it will allow counties to decide whether to require masks indoors again due to the rise in delta variant cases. los angeles county last week announced the indoor mask mandate would begin again. it went into effect over the weekend. the lack sheriff says he won't enforce it because he says it goes against science and the cdc guidelines to wear a mask indoors if unvaccinated but optional if you're fully vaccinated. masks are mandatory at certain locations such as public transit, schools, and health
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offices. all of this is sure to raise more debate over the mask issue. live in san jose, arm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." two more democratic representatives from texas have tested positive for covid. a part of the delegation who fled to washington. today they're going to kick off a voting rights conference in the nation's capitol. >> tracie potts is live in d.c. with how they hope to move this issue forward. tracie? >> hi, sierra and laura. a senate hearing on voting rights happening in georgia, both designed to highlight how some have a hard time exercising their right to vote and what congress can do about that. >> reporter: labor leader delore res herd kicks off texas democrats voting rights conference today. >> we're fugitives for justice.
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>> reporter: they fled to washington to block new restrictions in texas and urge lawmakers to pass federal legislation making it easier for all americans to vote. the conference is largely virtual after five texas lawmakers tested positive for covid-19. >> me and my colleagues left behind children, sick loved ones, elderly parents. they left behind their day jobs and took health risks. >> reporter: today's conference comes after a similar roundtable in georgia last weekend highlighting voters who stood in line for hours to cast a ballot. >> an hour and a half i might have -- may have -- hour and a half in i probably moved about ten paces forwarded. >> the becomes inconvenient because you have to worry about things like child care. >> all of this is designed to sow chaos and confusion and make it harder for people to vote. >> these laws are targeted and specifically have the intent to undermine participation by communities of color, by the
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marginalized and disadvantaged and that is wrong. >> reporter: this week's focus comes just after the one-year anniversary of the death of congressman john lewis. the voting rights bill that carries his name is stuck in congress. >> he wants us to carry on. it is a battle that is a lifetime of struggle. >> reporter: a battle with renewed energy this week. tracie potts, nbc news. happening today, britain is lifting its covid-19 lockdown after many months of restrictions. back if june prime minister boris johnson extended the lockdown for another month because of the delta variant and vaccination rates. when things open up today, 88% of england will have received at least one dose of a vaccine. while the rest of the country will enjoy reopening, prime minister johnson will spend the next ten days in quarantine. on friday johnson met with britons's health secretary who later tested positive for covid-19, despite being fully
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vaccinated. >> i've been pinged, i've been asked to self-isolate by the test trace and isolate system after i have been in contact with somebody who has covid, in this case the health secretary. >> atirst johnson's office said there was no need for him to self-isolate. the reversal came after backlash to that decision. back here at home, a deadly shooting rocking a normally quiet neighborhood. it happened at 1:30 sunday morning in walnut creek. officers say they found four people wounded, one died at the scene. now it happened on sos drive near north main street. this is the third homicide in the city so far this year. walnut creek had none last year and only one in 2019. in a few hours volunteers will gather to continue the search for a berkeley runner who des appeared. philip kreycik was seen on july 10th. yesterday marked the eighth day of that search. it was the largest search so far
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with 169 professional searchers and support staff as well as law enforcement. frustration is growing that massive effort has not led to any clues. the 37-year-old long distance runner went for what should have been an hour run over a week ago but did not come home. kreycik is married with two young children. now to the extreme fire season. more than a dozen large fires are burning across the state. you can see them all here on this map. the largest is the beckwourth complex. near the calfornia-nevada border. this morning it's burned more than 105,000 acres, containment now stands at 82%. and we have new video from a wildfire camera that shows the dixie fire burning in bute county near the 2018 campfire. there are new evacuation orders for people living near those spread. so far flames have burned 18,000 acres. containment stands at 15%.
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cal fire says one person has been hurt. >> oakland fire crews are hoping to reopen a fire station as soon as today. fire station 25 closed due to a problem with a water heater. the station is near joaquin miller park which closes during red flag warning. fire union leaders say the timing is horrible. >> the firefighters would love to be here, but it's uninhabitable. because there's no way for them to clean themselves after covid calls, calls where they're he can posed to blood, calls exposed to the carcinogens that come with fires. >> in a statement the oakland fire department responded, quote, the unexpected closure of station 25 is frustrating and concerning. it goes on to say the department is working to fix that problem immediately. in the meantime crews from the station are working over at fire station 24. and with this fire danger, dry conditions concerning, dry hills throughout our state, kari. >> yeah. that's been the big concern that a lot of these fires we have
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been started by lightning and that's what we're seeing again this morning. even though there's a little bit of rain across parts of the southern sierra, we are still getting the lightening strikes coming in contact with dry vegetation. that was the concern we had also here in the bay area, but we've seen that threat diminish as a lot of the energy to produce the the thunder and lightning has been off the coast or off towards the south and east. so we will still have those high clouds moving by today and we're going to see still our temperatures very warm as you're heading out for work in dublin, our morning starts in the low 60s and then we'll head back to the 80s and 90s that we've seen in some of our inland valleys. we'll be cooling down as we head toward the middle of the week. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. how is it looking for early morning commuters. >> it's looking great in your worry spots. we have the toll plaza, richmond bridge, bay bridge, highway 37, too early for the slowing to start up. a crash in novato that popped
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up. 101 north of 37. i'm going to wait for official information. we'll let you know if that's a problem for the north bay commute. the earlier crash off highway 4 still active on lone tree way. not affecting the drive off the rio vista. the antioch bridge out of rio vista. this is the issue for contra costa county. it was last monday as well. the approval and closure for north 242. cal transwill keep the lanes closed. north 680 to highway 4 is your alternate. scheduled to clear before 10:00 a.m. the rest of the bay an easy light drive. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:10. coming up, driving more customers. changes could be coming to your next lyft ride. the pre-pandemic policy making a return in some major u.s. cities. >> we know who to blame on the hack attacks and weather looks good for tomorrow's launch of a billionaire. we'll take a look. >> we're getting new insight on how hard it is to make it in the
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bay. four bay area cities topping new national figures of just how hard it is to pay the rent. we break down that big disparity. what if you could push a button
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and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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. good monday morning. 5:13. let's head to the north bay as you're getting out the door in novato, as we're starting out, temperatures in the mid 50s. nice and cool here. we will still see those high clouds moving by and a pretty
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warm day. we will be cooling down as we head through the week and we're talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> the san mateo bridge on the right side, the taillights on 92 towards 101, at that interchange, a roadway hazard. we'll get a little more detail and show you what things are like. good morning. very happy monday to you as well. breaking news this morning, the united states plans to publicly blame china for recent ransomware and e-mail hack attacks. until now our focus had primarily been on russia. the white house reportedly will be able to say with high confidence, they say, that china was behind a hack attack of microsoft exchange e-mail systems used by many u.s. corporations. we expect details of the accusation later this morning. let's go out to the futures this morning, the threat of inflation and covid hanging on the markets. friday's close gave us the first weekly loss in stocks in four
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weeks. britain is taking off masks this morning as l.a. puts them back on. we are not out of this yet. jeff bezos will go into space tomorrow morning along with his brother, a teenager and an 82-year-old man. weather looks promising. now, as you watch the launch tomorrow, keep in mind this is the very first time the new shep period rocket has carried people ever. this is the maiden flight and bez is on it. the media has made hay out of bezos and richard branson. bezos' ship on the right, branson on the left. branson wept into space this morning aboard a rocket powered piloted plane. bezos ship is an -- they both left from california and these are not to scale. if the tiny little red spot. but bezos will go higher than
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branson did. branson went to the edge of what nasa and the faa think of as space. new shepherd will go to 63. once this high the danger is all the same. the important thing, is neither of these flights compare to what spacex does routinely which is send people into orbit and cargo as well to the international space station 250 miles up. in that sense, spacex has both bezos' company blue origin and virgin galactic well beaten, not even close. spacex is concentrating on bigger ideas. bezos' flight tomorrow will be straight up and down like a cannonball like the first american in space alan shepard for whom the rocket is named. he did that in 1961. the most important thing to remember, you know this, is that bezos, nobody has ever been inside that rocket before. this is the first time they've
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ever put people in it. he's riding in it. branson, very courageous, they had flown that into space many times before. >> right. gives you a little background there. >> yeah. all tomorrow. >> most of us are trying to move around here on planet earth and san francisco-based lyft moving forward bringing back shared ride in some locations. philadelphia, chicago and denver can book a shared ride again starting today. that's when customers split a car going in the same direction. the option comes with a mask mandate and limited seats. it's the first time lyft has allowed ride sharing since the start of the pandemic. uber has not reintroduced its similar service. i took an uber for the first time in a very long time this weekend. >> they have the shower curtain deal. kind of boxed in. >> all masked up. i was with my girlfriend so at least we felt safe. >> yeah. >> for the moment. >> not going to space. >> no, not just yet.
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>> cool stuff. >> i just went to wine country and the central coast which was a nice getaway. i didn't feel the heat. >> yeah. you know what, i was with cierra in san francisco we had the fog and a little bit of sunshine here and there but did help to keep it cool. that has peeled back. we're seeing thesengo wake up t beautiful sunrise. any time we have monsoonal moisture the sunrise and sun set is just amazing. as we get a live look outside in san jose, we're starting out mostly clear. cooler right here but seeing mid 60s in the east bay to start out this monday morning. we're going to head towards the low 70s. a slow warmup on the way. going to the south bay, we're going to see those temperatures up to 88 degrees in east san jose as well as gilroy and 87 in los gatos.
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as we head over towards the east bay we're going to see the temperatures reaching 94 in concord, 75 in hayward, and near the coast, foggy and cool at times, daly city 62, 81 redwood city, san francisco in the low to mid 60s and that's the weather we've seen recently as we're seeing a wide range for parts of the north bay from 85 in novato to 96, 97 in ukiah. we're going to see the high pressure that caused that extreme heat for our inland valleys to start to back off and it's going to take with it the monsoonal moisture that's been moving across parts of southern california. going into the middle of the week, our ocean breeze and natural air conditioning gets stronger so our temperatures will be coming down. take a look at our trend for the week for the inland areas. 90 today and some low 80s for wednesday and then starts to come back up gradually by the end of the week. still looking pretty good as our nice weather does continue. heading over to you, mike. how is it looking for the
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commute? >> it's light so it's early, so it's light. we'll sort out the words but they all mean what i want it to say. green sensors around the bay. 101 at 92 in san mateo. the overnight road crews for san mateo county, there was a crew clearing cones but sounds like the truck that was taking the cones away was dropping some cones behind it, so someone called that in. everything seems fine. no traffic break. just cleared from the chp report. this has not cleared from the caltrans report, northbound 242, like last monday, it may still be closed for up until 10:00 up toward concord. folks traveling need to go on 680 and use the corner instead of cutting the corner that will be an issue later in the commute. closer to 9:30 if that doesn't clear. it may clear before 10:00 a.m. but we'll follow that. meanwhile your commute direction that i talked about, that is
5:21 am
fine. at speeds, no problems or delays from pittsburgh use the corner on the pass road drive. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> she overpaid an ambulance bill and couldn't get a refund on her own. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura with help for her and a tip for you when nbc bay area responds next. oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby.
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a real eye opener for people trying to make it in the bay. nowhere in the bay area can you afford an apartment by living on minimum wage, not even close. new numbers are showing four cities in the bay area the worst in the country when it comes to a growing disparity. take a looks at these numbers. national low-income housing coalition published it in "the chronicle" and someone needs to make over $68 an hour to comfortably afford a two bedroom apartment in san francisco. the average renter makes about $50 an hour. san jose, santa cruz and oakland all have similar disparities on the national breakdowns. the only city not in the top five in the bay area santa barbara in southern california. >> makes it hard for people to survive or coming into the bay area. nbc bay area responds to an east bay family whose medical bill was causing hundreds of dollars worth of pain.
5:25 am
>> consumer investigator chris chmura takes the case of a woman who felt ignored for more than a month. >> good morning. kim in danville told us she made a mistake for a bill for an ambulance ride her daughter needed last summer. she says she overpaid transport 1 ambulance $650. kim says she called and was told the refund department would review her case. more than a month later, still under review and still no money back. so kim contacted us for help. we called the company a few weeks later. $650 appeared in kim's bank account. we asked transport 1 what happened but didn't hear back. kim wrote us and said thanks again from the bottom of my heart. i am so happy. if you're having trouble with a company you can call our team, go to, click the responds option from the main menu or call us, 888-996-tips. next, the top stories we're following including out of
5:26 am
control as red flag warnings in the bay area expires. a fast-moving wildfire is burning wildly south of lake tahoe. the race against time for some to make it out alive. ballot decision. the critical step being taken today ahead of september's recall election. >> a live picture of the bay bridge this morning. much more news, weather and traffic ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 15:30, the fate of the a's. this morning another rally in just hours ahead of a crucial vote tomorrow. plus, even as covid cases continue to creep back up across california, one south bay city takes another step to move us back to normalcy. >> any kind of little flash fire goes pretty quick. >> overnight, lightening concerns. how officials have been busy keeping residents and homes safe from wildfires. this is "today in the bay." you're coming off a great weekend. welcome to monday morning. thanks for joining us.
5:30 am
i'm laura garcia. >> i'm cierra johnson in for marcus washington. first, breaking news in tokyo, a bombshell overnight, covid concerns infiltrating the u.s. women's gymnastics team. >> "today in the bay's" tom jensen giving us the latest reports. another scare for the games. already under a lot of scrutiny. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the name of this athlete is not being released right now by team usa, but she is a alternate on the women's gymnastics team, on the artistic team, according to a team spokesperson. this is video of the team leaving the u.s. for tokyo last week. officials tell us that the team has only been at their acoming days at the training facilities for a short period of time. the team has not visited the city yet. athletes have been moved to separate lodging acoming days and a training facility and will
5:31 am
continue their preparation for the games. the two athletes in quarantine are at a hotel in japan. news came down yesterday that tennis star coco gauff was pulling out of the games, announced on twitter she tested positive, saying, quote, i am so disappointed to share the news. it has always been a dream of mine. i want to wish team usa best of luck and a safe game. we are live in walnut creek, thom jensen, "today in the bay.." we are also in tokyo. he's tweeting about this breaking news right now. posting this less than an hour ago. you can fol him on twitter for the latest news as well. watch our specials from the bay area to tokyo on thursday at 4:00 and 7:00 and then again friday at 1:00. here at home, in san jose, an issue, another plea to get vaccinated. the president of the city's planning commission is holding an event this morning at mexican
5:32 am
heritage plaza in east san jose. it comes as the number of hospitalizations are rising amid the delta variant. 76% of santa clara residents 12 and older are fully vaccinated. despite rising covid concerns city hall in san jose is getting ready to reopen to the public. happening today you will be able to schedule an in-person appointment. august 2nd, all floors and departments will be open with limited staffing. cdc guidelines will be followed which allow vaccinated visitors to go unmaskd. people who have not been vaccinated will be required to wear a mask. many services are still available on line like paying utility bills, citations, fees and permits. now to those crucial tourism dollars for the bay area. this is a live look over beautiful san francisco where mayor breed this afternoon is expected to be among the city leaders in chinatown. she'll shine the spotlight on the impact crime is having on
5:33 am
tourism. san francisco's police chief is expected to outline a plan aimed at keeping tourists safe as the city reopens. today's news conference comes as the city last week announced plans to redeploy officers to tourism hot spots like fisherman's wharf amid a rise in gun violence. we know who is running against governor newsom in the recall election and we'll find out the order of their names and how they'll appear on the ballot. the list was released saturday night. today the secretary of state's office will randomly draw each of the 41 candidates' names to determine how they will be listed on the ballot. the recall election is set for september 14th. we've also posted the full list of candidates on our website now to fire season, overnight red flag warnings expired in parts of the bay area, but danger due to dry lightning, a firm reminder that flames could start at any second during fire season. take a look at this video. a livermore man captured this video nearly a year ago outside of his home.
5:34 am
a lot of lightening and no rain. it did spark a fire. thankfully alameda crews managed to put it out before it caused any damage. he says right away, fire concerns are even more heightened because everything is so dry. >> the hills, they're all brown and very dry and any kind of little flash fire goes pretty quick. being this close to sycamore grove and the vineyards, a lot of dry grass. oakland fire like other departments across the bay area cutting off days off to be able to keep staff on duty through the week. just off to our east a fire burning out of control right now near lake tahoe. residents remain out of their homes due to the tamarack fire, exploding in size over the weekend. people who live in that area were sent scrambling to get out. one man was on his way home from the grocery store when he saw the flames. >> you could see the flames were on the other side of the meadow about 100 feet coming our way. i just kind of actually had a
5:35 am
little emotional moment. looking at -- you go to your house, it's like you can't take everything with you. i just grabbed my shirt and shorts, forget my shoes for goth underwear and my toothbrush. h scorched more than 18,000 acres and zero containment. in southern oregons the bootleg fire continues to spread despite hundreds of firefighters on the job. crews are battling the flames from the skies. small planes dropping retardant. trees need to be cut down so they don't fall on the firefighters. some people who live in the area are helping firefighters navigate terrain with lives and animals at risk, ranchers know the inside knowledge they have of the land can go a long way and hoping the partnership will help firefighters gain ground. turning to our climate in crisis. the drought is forcing many cities to crack down on water use. napa is one of those cities
5:36 am
considering even tighter restrictions. tomorrow council members are set to vote on limiting more irrigation to two days a week, and restricting the trucking of water out of the city. the goal is to cut community water use by 20% compared to last year. lake hennessey has received record low runoff for two years in a row now. the lake is napa's primary source of water. in marin county, suspending new water service hookups would come at the expense of the poorest residents as it could impact supply to affordable housing projects. the largest water supplier is considering exempting those projects from the restrictions. the move would equate to less than 1% of the total drinkable water demand for the county in the next year. meanwhile the north marin water district says similar restrictions have been used during previous droughts. and the dry light conditions continue across the bay area.
5:37 am
although the temperatures have been pretty mild lately, kari. how are we looking for today and this week? >> yes. so yesterday we had the concern of the dry lightning and the thunderstorms that produced lightning and then the rain evaporates before hitting the ground. we are still seeing the risk farther to the south and east. the chance of the bay area continues to go down, but we're still monitoring for the southern sierra. these lightning strikes in the past hour or so that have been popping up and that could spark some new fires farther towards the east. in the bay area we're waking up to that monsoonal moisture, the high clouds, feeling more humid as you're heading out for work in pleasant hill. temperatures in the low 60s and it will be a warm day so a little bit warmer than we've experienced recently but it will be cooling off. we'll talk about that cool down and what else is ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike, any problems right now for the morning commute? >> an update for the crash, the
5:38 am
incident, highway 37 in novato as we said it popped up on the green during the last report. west of 37 at 101, right there at the interchange, part of the guardrail was hit by a car. no injuries and no lanes blocked so that's the update from chp. that's good news for the commute. just one car affected by that. and the no injuries reported. an easier drive. although a little bit of slowing that just started now out of vallejo, toward the island. typical pattern. the closure continues for north 242, that's you coming up from the weekend work. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive with now north 101 in san jose, 538 we start the slowing right on schedule here. back to you. happening today, parking might be a little tight at the concord bart station. the drive is being closed as crews retrofit the upgrade of the lightning out there. surface lots are open. construction is expected to take search weeks. happening today, members of
5:39 am
the east oakland stadium alliance will hold a rally ahead of the vote. tomorrow the city council is set to take a nonbinding vote on a term sheet for building a waterfront ballpark for the a's. the alliance is pushing for city leaders to vote against it. mayor shaft released a statement saying the city and the a's were working in tandem towards making the terminal a reality but the a's president said in a recent interview he was open to negotiations, but the plan was not working. at the a's current home site a tenant is one step closer to setting up shop in the arena next door. the oakland based african-american sports and entertainment group plans to discuss today the unanimous vote by leaders to bring a wnba team to that site. members of the alameda county joint powers board voted friday to approve lease negotiations to allow those to begin. the group says the next step is unveiling a final proposal on an
5:40 am
agreement. interesting. well, coming up, it's a return that many have been waiting for years for. we are just days away from the gilroy garlic festival getting yawn way. why it will look a bit different as the bay area continues to exit from the pandemic. >> it is nice to see that coming back. meanwhile in washington, the president says social media is killing people. social media responds. plus a good weekend on the green for berkeley's own collin morikawa. the cal bear is now making golf history.
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♪♪ good monday morning. it is 5:43. as we're starting out creek, we have temperatures feeling a little bit warmer than where we typically start out and we're right now at 62 degrees. it will be a warm day as we're still going to see those high clouds moving by and feel a little bit more humidity. we'll talk about cooler weather in our midweek forecast coming up in a few minutes. a look out here at the bay bridge. the volume starts to build a little more slowing around that ben for treasure island. you may see the metering lights turned on, we will over the next half hour. when exactly, we'll take a look at that toll plaza and how that is coming up. >> thanks so much. 5:43. we're four days away from the return of the gilroy garlic festival. it won't be the same because of the pandemic. instead, the traditional event
5:44 am
which usually draws tens of thousands of people, this year you can get your food through a drive-in. the drive-through festival runs for the next two weekends. you may recall organizers still haven't been able to hold a typical festival since the deadly shooting there in 2019. organizers had hoped to bring back the full event last year, but then the pandemic forced them to cancel it. vta employees and their families are remembering the nine workers killed in a mass shooting in may. they gathered yesterday for a special memorial service at the center in san jose. this is video of several law enforcement agencies and even other local transit agencies escorting vta busses to that private event. about 1200 people took part in the memorial. organizers say speakers included family members of the nine men killed and transit leaders. want to check in by the scott mcgrew right now. checks and balances always keeping tabs on what's going on in washington.
5:45 am
>> good morning to you. what's going on in washington is a fight really between facebook and president biden. president biden, before the weekend, said that facebook was, quote, killing people. take a listen. >> on closing misinformation what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> they're killing people. i mean, really, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. they're killing people. >> now this is something the surgeon general had been saying. he pointed out a handful of facebook users were responsible for more than 65% of all the misinformation on facebook. here's murthy on the sunday shows. >> what i've said to them publicly and privately it's not enough. we're seeing a proliferation of misinformation online and we
5:46 am
know that health misinformation harms people's health and costs them their lives. >> now facebook says it's being treated like a scapegoat and that privately murthy praised them. he says that's true, he praises them when they do something good and criticizes facebook when they don't. facebook also published a blog response titled "moving past the finger pointing" saying vaccine acceptance among facebook users has increased which was not what the white house was accusing them of. senate leader chuck schumer has started the process to put the earliest votes on an infrastructure bill on wednesday. senators haven't figured out how to pay for it. many republicans have rejected the idea of cracking down on tax cheats to raise the money saying it gives the irs too much power. we're on facebook and twitter as well. we try to keep it as accurate as humanly possible. not kill anybody. you'll find me on twitter @scott mcgrew. >> sounds good. golf's newest star is a
5:47 am
golden bear. collin morikawa made history becoming the first to win two majors on the first try. the pride of berkeley did it first at the pga championship last year there at harding park, and then again yesterday at the open championship. the 24-year-old won by two shots over jordan spieth at 15 under par. he now has two victories in his first eight major championship appearances. >> the open championship is going to be part of my life for the rest of my life, no matter what happens, and to be a part of that history it's always. to hear champion golfer of the year, chills. >> so exciting and congratulations to colin. i remember being live outside the harding match last year. everyone was trying to look through the fences. cheering on a local guy is always cool. >> tell them what you told me. i think i was following his dog, his dog is so adorable. >> it's great.
5:48 am
>> his dog is so cute. cutest dog ever. trending this morning, some history-making skateboarding at the x games. a 12-year-old from brazil is getting a lot of attention for pulling off a 1080. >> wow. >> texas-style, that is three full revolutions in the air. this is the first time this has ever been done in competition. he said he was, quote, super stoked. it made him the youngest gold medalest in the x game history. he was congratulated later by legend tony hawk. >> that's cool. >> that is crazy. >> man, 12 years old. jack better up his game in my house. >> wait, you're going to let jack do that in your house. >> well, my kid is very cautious. sometimes it's good to push it. >> i would totally try that. i was trash i would try it. >> you do that i will be super
5:49 am
stoked as well. >> big time. all right. good to get the kids outdoors and moving around during the summer. kari? >> yeah. it's been so nice for a lot of our microclimates but still very warm for the inland valleys. as we're waking up taking a look out the window it's going to be another nice day. enjoy it. we, of course, are awaiting the sunrise and also all of the beautiful colors that will light up the sky with the monsoonal moisture moving through. our temperatures at 62 degrees. we're going to hold steady for a couple hours and from the 60s to the upper 70s by lunch time. 77, not too bad. our high temperatures as we are going to see still some good air quality and we've been all of the near surface smoke. this k wind direction, where that smoke will be moving as we've seen many fires spreading with the new tamarack fire south of lake tahoe.
5:50 am
as of right now, we do still have a westerly wind so it's pushing the smoke away from the bay area. air quality is looking good for getting the kids outside and enjoying more time out there with our temperatures in the low 80s today in san jose but warm up to 90 in morgan hill, 93 livermore and 92 martinez. low 70s and we're keeping it in the 60s for half moon bay. redwood city reaching 81 degrees and mid 60s in san francisco, especially downtown to about 65 degrees. for the north bay, 85 in novato, 97 in ukiah. so as we go through the forecast we've seen the high pressure that's causing the hotter temperatures for our valleys to move away and also with it it's going to take in some of the monsoonal moisture that's been causing the thunderstorms and lightening across southern california so that chance will fade for us. we'll get a stronger ocean breeze so that will help cool off our temperatures with some of the coolest air moving in by wednesday. take a look at this trend. our warmest spots today reaching
5:51 am
the low 90s but we're in the mid 80s tomorrow and then some low 80s by wednesday. and then warming up a little bit by the end of the week but it does look much better with hopefully we won't see that red flag warning coming back as we get more humidity and temperatures in san francisco near the coast in the low to mid 60s. mike, what's happening with the morning commute. >> you've been talking about the lightning and this is a fire in oakland as best we can tell near the interchange near 880 and 980. not sure if it's a structure fire near that interchange, though, and we're sorting out the details. i do want to let you know this camera in emeryville able to see the plume of smoke. that will be a distraction for drivers in oakland. wecht see it here from the berkeley curve. now let's get out to the rest of the traffic flow. it may be visible but as far as
5:52 am
the sped sensors go, your typical slowing for sympathy. slowing has built up over at the dublin interchange. it will sort itself out. this continued closure for north 242 off 680 to clayton. concord avenue where you're clear heading towards highway 4. this may go on for hours. it's approved until 10:00 a.m. last week when it was a weekend closure as well, it started to cause backup on 680. we'll follow that. there is a crash reported around the island for west 37 which mae may add to the slowing. vallejo and the bay bridge toll plaza where things are starting to slow down just a tad bit. remember, our camera over here we were looking to the maze right there where the fire and the smoke is located off the nimitz at 980. anybody coming down through berkeley toward the maze or even coming in off 580 from the caldecott tunnel may see the
5:53 am
smoke as well. for now we'll hand it back to you. >> we'll definitely continue to follow it at ninth and chester. we'll get more information on that. happening now the biden administration transferring its first detainee out of guantanamo bay. releasing a moroccan man recommended for discharge in 2016 but was not let go during the trump administration. the 56-year-old abdul maseer was never charged with a crime. there are 39 prisoners at guantanamo bay. 11 are charged with war crimes. at its peak 675 men were held at that u.s. naval base. in regards to that breaking news the fire that is burning in oakland, oakland firefighters have now confirmed to us it is at ninth and chester as seer ra mentioned. three-alarm fire. take a look at the smoke already going into the air. one fully involved structure, two others are exposed on fire. the command is pulling all units out of the building at the time.
5:54 am
it's breaking news we will continue to follow for you this morning. there is still much more ahead in the bay. a shooting sending fans scrambling. the teps moments that unfolded outside the game against the nationals. what police are revealing about the suspects involved. rescue, what it took for firefighters to help a dog that became trapped inside a wall. all that and more.
5:55 am
5:56 am
what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
5:57 am
welcome back. you're watching is "today in the bay." developing now, police in tucson, arizona, investigating a shooting spree that left first responders fighting for their lives. officers say a man shot two emts who were at a park. one is in critical condition. the gunman drove to a nearby firehouse where he opened fire. one firefighter was hit in the arm and one neighbor there trying to help was killed. the suspect then rammed into a police car. a shootout with that office ensued and left the gunman in critical condition. one person died in the house fire. in washington, d.c., baseball fans were back at nats park following a shooting at saturday's game. it happened outside the third base gate. three people were wounded and prompted the suspension of the game during the sixth inning. one of the injured was a fan. two others were men shooting at
5:58 am
each other from cars. two suspects are in custody. police are searching for a third person believed to be involved. on sunday the teams finished saturday's game and then started the regularly schedule game. the nationals were playing the padres. padres manager spoke out after the shooting about the game saying it was a nightmare. >> to be with the men in there and obviously they're going out and thinking of their loved ones and they're getting their families and then it's just human nature, they're seeing fans and seeing people in panic as they just -- they did the right thing. >> he also expressed his appreciation for the courage his players showed during the game saturday night. the death toll is climbing in germany in the wake of a historic flooding. the government is promising help to recover from the disaster that has killed more than 150 people with hundreds more missing. police are searching river banks for more bodies.
5:59 am
germany's neighbors hit hard by flooding. in belgium there were 31 confirmed deaths. happening now, workers are reconstructing and restoring the notre dame cathedral. you may recall a fire broke out under the eves of the cathedral's roof in april 2019. it engulfed most of the roof. progress is being made. coming up on the "today" show, molly hunter will share when officials expect the church to reopen to public visitors. that's at 7:00 a.m. right here after "today in the bay." and a dog missing for five days is safe with its owner after being found and rescued from inside of the wall of a home. >> can you believe it? officials say they weren't able to lift the dog out so they had to break open a wall with a sledgehammer. it took about ten minutes to free that pup. you see them doing it here. the dog's name is gerty. had been missing for five days. it's now believed she was in the wall the entire time.
6:00 am
how she got there, though, quite the mystery. right now at 6:00, there's a surge in covid cases. health officials sounding the alarm as new infections are on the rise in nearly every state. a live report on the bay area county bringing back mask mandates to some of its buildings starting today. >> burning out of control the work under way to stop wildfires from growing across the state and the evacuations now under way. >> all of this is designed to sow chaos and confusion and make it harder for people to vote. >> working to protect your voting rights. the growing debate on capitol hill over a proposal in texas and the democratic leaders now testing positive for covid-19 after taking private jets to washington, d.c. this is "today in the bay." thanks so much for starting out your workweek with us. good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> happy


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