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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 19, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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lift is moving forward bringing back shared rides in some locations. users in philadelphia, chicago enr could book a shared ride again tomorrow. customers split a car going in the same direction. the option comes with a mask mandate and limited seats. so far uber hasn't reintroduced the similar service. >> we are five days from the opening ceremony in tokyo. tonight, a rising tennis star is pulling out of what would have been the first olympics. she's not the only athlete battle covid-19. two others tested positive inside the olympic village. >> we have the latest. >> tonight, 17 year-old tennis star announced she tested positive for covid-19. forcing her to pull out of the
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olympics. >> i'm so disappointed to share mine. i want to wish the best of luck and a safe games. this month she played at it's unclear if she was vaccinated before traveling to europe o where she tested positive. >> there's no such thing as zero risk. we all agree at the same time the mingling and crossing of population is limited. we can ensure that transmission between the various groups is almost impossible. >> since july 1, 55 people under the jurisdiction tested positive for covid. including four athletes. four media and the others games
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concerned personnel. on sunday the south africa team announced two players tested positive in the olympic village. >> screening program, since july 1 has delivered 30,000 results. so, that's how diligent we are. in monitoring the population. >> tonight dozens of people following strict protocol under quarantine. athletes just hoping they won't have to miss the big event. >> we want to make sure you don't miss any of the important moments from the olympics. each morning, we'll send out six stories about the top competition. must see viral moments and break out stars. sign up for the news letter. click on the link. right at the top of the page. >> happening this week a critical meeting on the a's future in oakland on tuesday the city counsel is set to take a non-binding vote on a term sheet
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for building a water front for the a's. the team and city are so far from coming to an agreement. the city and a's are working towards making the howard terminal stadium a reality. the president of the a's says she was open to negotiations but the plan is not working. stay tuned. >> people in san jose have the chance to weigh in on a proposal that would lower the number of new parking spaces built in the city. the idea to encourage more people to take public transit or walk. making it more climate friendly. changing the minimum number of parking spaces. housing developers and businesses must offer. the community workshop set for thursday at 5:30. city counsel could make a decision later this year. >> now to the climate in crisis.
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napa one of the cities considering even tighter restrictions. on tuesday a vote on limiting most irrigation to two days a week. and restrict the trucking of water out of the city. the goal is cut community water use by 20% compared to last year. that lake is napa's primary source of water. >> rob joining us now. there's a chance of some rain. out of the system. really it's the lightning has attention. >> you brought up the drought. it's uneven the bay area dealing with dry conditions. now things are extraordinarily dry. even though we have the fog. >> beautiful shot. >> yeah. you have the drizzle storm throughout july.
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san francisco continues to be seeing chilly temperatures. 55 degrees right now. you're about to see very interesting temperatures around the bay area. mild 65 in san jose. get red i for the next temperature. towards walnut creek. it's 76 degrees. we get this from time to time. the push of the monsoon air. over night temperatures strong high pressure. keeping things dry and still warm inland. mid to upper 70s still. actually 80s towards the mount. you can imagine given it's so warm and dry. and any risk of isolated lightning is a top concern. the high danger will be toward the range tomorrow. another day numbers close to 90 degrees morgan hill. numbers in the low to mid-90s tomorrow afternoon. warm start to the morning.
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waking up to mid-60s. thanks to the bay breeze. numbers in the 70s. the fog pouring in to san francisco. daily city in the 60s. windy at times for the afternoon. and north bay temperatures in the 80s. top concern remains. slight chance of lightning sparked fires. the radar is quiet. new fire starts happening tonight. we're seeing rain. that's a high number of lightening strikes tonight. radar is quiet. notice the futurecast here. a few isolated showers. look at the blue color coding. we add in the layer where lightening could be possible. east of the range by 4:00 a.m. and another round coming in to the east of the mountains. around noon tomorrow. again it will be the santa cruz mountains. east and along the range. that probably see the best chance for the thunder showers.
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over all the prime focus for the best chance of seeing that lightening in blue. will be over the sierra. that could have an adverse impact on the ongoing wild fires. we get a break from the dry lightning potential. high pressure weakens. to the east. that will keep the moisture and associated thunder storms and potential of lightening to the east. starting tuesday. san francisco stays cool with the fog and misty sky. inland areas kind of hot tomorrow. lose the chance of seeing thunder. red flag warnings for the hills. should expire 5:00. or earlier. we'll hope for that. trend cooler through the week and maybe more monsoon moisture next weekend. we'll watch that. >> stay tuned. >> coming up the road to tokyo goes through the bay area. an olympian who trained with a legendary coach in the south bay.
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as we gear up for the games in tokyo. it's important to note so many dreams began or got a leg up right here in the bay area. among those who trained here on the way to tokyo, judo athlete. the legendary program into his journey. >> it's a room where dreams are made. or put to rest. sweat and sacrifice are a necessity of the journey.
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in the middle of the university, a training ground. the dojo for the legendary program. among those who photographs decorate the trophy case, olympian colten brown. >> i fell in love with the school the people. >> here, the new jersey native dove deep into his love of judo. a sport he learned from his father. he fell under the guidance of legendary coach. >> i trained really hard. i had a lot of fun. and the relationships that i made i still have. >> these days, brown is squarely focussed on his future. his date with the 2020 games. in tokyo. >> this won't be his first olympic go round. he competed in 2016. >> i have been there before. i know who to expect. >> like all olympians his road to tokyo took an unexpected turn with the gapes delayed a year by
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the pandemic. gym empty and dreams put on hold. >> while the pandemic was happening and i couldn't train. or work out. everything was closed. it made me realize my love for the sport. >> when the games became a reality. he poured himself back into the sport he pursued his whole life. with his dad serving as his coach. >> i give him credit. it's tough to be a father and a coach at the same time. >> just as brown is no stranger to the olympics he's no stranger to tokyo. earlier he spent four months training there and returns every year. >> i love the culture. it's the birthplace of judo. >> he heads to tokyo this time. there will be a place in his heart for the san jose training ground. his dreams got a leg up.
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>> your home for all things olympics. raj is in tokyo. hosting the olympic specials. watch them right here thursday at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and friday which is the day of the opening ceremony. at 1:00 p.m. all right. sports a very exciting day if golf. a local man in the spotlight. >> two years ago, at cal. he's dominating the sport. a major milestone for him. the history the former golden bear made in winning the open championship today. stick around.
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golf newest star is a golden bear. making history becoming the first to win two different majors on the first try. the pride of berkeley did it at the championship last year. and again today open championship. look at this. began the final round one shot off the lead. wow. cool under pressure. the par 5 seventh. leads it a birdie. and the lead. on 14, putting up the hill. into the jar. the 24 year-old wins the open championship by two shots. over spieth. at 15 under par. two victories in the first eight major championship starts. >> it will be part of my life no matter what happens. to be part of the history, it's awesome. to hear champion golfer.
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chills. >> guy was cool under pressure. to the baseball. the giants open a four game series tomorrow against l.a. lead in the west is down it a game over the dodgers after back to back lszs. the orange and black wrap up st. louis. down in the fourth. look at this. big mac attack. that was a bomb. game tied at one. runner on third, jr. having an issue with the grounder. that allows a run. cardinals win it. giants not able to capitalize on a couple of scoring opportunities the past two games. >> i can say that i don't think this was our best offensive performance. i can say we need to do better of cashing in on big situations. at the same time i can say i believe in these guys to do that. going forward. >> he can say that, he's the
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manager. beautiful day at the coliseum. wrapping up a three game series with cleveland. bottom one, down a run. seth brown goes yard. a solo. that ties the game. cleveland has an answer in the eighth. and daniel johnson with his first major league home run. how special that. it comes against the a's. it's a home run and near his hometown. cleveland wins. the first series win in oakland since 2014. the greats of the game. three weeks from today. he's going to be inducted into the profootball hall of fame as a player. the former stanford cardinal spent most 15 years with tampa bay. in his eighth year as a finalist he received football highest honor. >> this is something i'll enjoy. worked long and hard.
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to think you're in that unique of a club. it's i guess it is life changing. >> all right. the hard part getting that speech down to eight minutes. so many people to thank. bill convinced him at stand for. he was a good baseball player. he thought the future was on the diamond. but he tried out for football. >> calling it freedom day. people in the uk get ready for covid restrictions to be lifted. there's one person who will be isolating. you won't believe this.
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big day for britain tomorrow. bac in june it was extended for a month. because of the delta variant and vaccination rates. tomorrow, 88% of england will have one dose of the vaccine. get this, the country will enjoy reopening. the prime minister himself will spend the next ten days in quarantine. on friday he met with britain health secretary who later tested positive. despite being fully vaccinated. >> i have been pinged, i have been asked to self-isolate by the system. after i have been in contact with somebody who has covid. in this case the health secretary. >> at first his office said there was no need to self-isolate. backlash to the decision.
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speaking of this. vice president kamala harris spent the day having a routine exam. white house says she went in for a regular check up. officials say the visit is not related to a meeting with texas democratic leaders. who later tested positive for covid. a sign of our climate in crisis. cities like new york and l.a. may not be as populated as they are now. climate migration. we explain. >> home is more than our things. or just a place. it protects those we love. it holds memories. home, home is often our heart. something is happening to our home. early this year, homes on a beach near boston were condemned
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and demolished buzz of sea level rise. and unfolding in new york, new jersey and north carolina. louisiana, florida, california, and even far from the coast. chronic flooding, drought, heat wave and wild fires destroy homes. and entire towns. and that our southern border the migrants seeking a new life in america. a lot are coming to escape climate change. which is mag anying the effect of hurricanes. it's all going to get worse. even impacts on america's military readiness. >> this is a lot o to take in. our country and our world. they'll look different than they do today. that will probably happen faster
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than any of us are ready for. the changes are already in the news. it can be difficult to see the big picture if you're not looking for the pattern. i hope this story helps with. unsettling as it might be. we can't keep ignoring truth about what is already happening. >> climate migration is ongoing. >> a leading expert. >> by the way. we're already seeing this in arizona. there's a lot of people that are leaving southern arizona. and crowding out the real estate and housing in northern arizona. where it's cooler. >> this is my idea of climate gentryification. housing prices go up. >> this will happen in part because there are places in america where we can't live
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anymore. neighborhoods or entire cities. >> these places already exist. we have a good idea of where they are. particularly coastal america. we will not be able to live in these places. we have built into the edge of abyss. >> what does that look like? >> watch the full story and others like it. on our new platform. >> i told myself i'm going to try to say this without crying. you have ten minutes to cry. >> she was down on her luck until the community rallied around her. how a facebook post changed a woman's life. the story that will make you bay area proud. >> approaching midnight we're seeing increase thunderstorms. to the east to fresno. what can we expect tomorrow morning and the
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people would show up bearing gifts. the welcome wagon. those visits don't happen as much anymore. we can still see the sentiment in action. we heard a story in martinez. >> normally if the bay area proud story we're sharing comes with a lesson.
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we bring it after the details. i want to start with it. it's simple. if you need help, ask for it. it's something a single mom learned in the best possible way. >> this story both begins and ends with a woman crying. as you'll see for two very different reasons. the first cry happened over a week ago. in this parked car. in the driver seat. >> i told myself i'm going to give you ten minutes to cry. >> the very rough year for the 33 year-old mother of two. she's going through a divorce. moved to a new city. and lost her brother in a motorcycle accident. crushing really. emotionally and financially. >> i had a lot of bills to pay. debt.
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and i had found myself in a position financially where i had $50 in my account. >> that is what led her to allow herself ten minutes of tears. in the 2004 vibe. that was it. >> i told myself after ten mibs minutes, do something about it. >> a post on facebook. spelling out the situation in detail. she asked her new community for help. particularly people willing to hire her. to clean their homes. she expected one or two jobs. >> i never expected what happened. to happen. i never expected -- i got so many job offers. not just cleaning. >> and not just job offers. donations for supplies kp countless words of welcome, support and encouragement. >> i have been sobbing every day since. i didn't expect the generosity
1:47 am
and love and support. >> every moment since, when she's not with her kids. she's busy cleaning for her new clients. busy. getting her life back on track. it can take a lot of bravery to ask strangers, particularly on the internet for help. but those strangers were nothing more than her new neighbors. happy to welcome her to town. >> martinez really blew me away. i'm here for the long hall. >> after having just $50 to her name. well, she has so much work now. she's thinking she'll have to hire somebody to work for her. >> ultimate happy ending. great stuff. back to the wild fire coverage. continuing to spread in southern oregon. crews are battle the flames from
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the sky. trees have burned but are standing need to be cut down. it's a mess. some people in the area are helping firefighters navigate the terrain. >> it's so rugged up this canyon and the cree on foot. so the impulse is jump in. >> with lives and animals at risk. ranchers know the inside knowledge of the land can go a long way to help. hoping the partnership will help gain ground. >> some of the smoke from the fires is extensive. heading back he's. >> that fire in oregon the all of that the smoke is moving across the country. it's spreading from coast to coast. fires from oregon to california. this animation. it's spreading to texas. this is upper air smoke.
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the type of smoke not necessaril making the orange su. all the way to boston and new york. you can see the smoke heading to the east. the unhealthy air quality smoke is still happening right near lake tahoe and. due to the fire. you can see that is going to be ongoing issue. if you have travel plans. keep a close eye on that air quality forecast. closer to home you have fog in san francisco. a cool night at 55 degrees. a different story further in land. 65 degrees in san hoz. check out the temperature in livermore. 73 degrees. with the numbers in the 70s at this hour now. morning temperatures in the trivalley may cool off to the mid-60s for tomorrow morning. one part of the weather story tomorrow. with the slight chance of dry lightning will be the warm
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temperatures for another day. near 90 degrees morgan hill. mid-90s concord. similar temperatures around the trivalley. comfortable into oakland and hayward. numbers will be in the 70s. another round of low to mid-60s with patchy low clouds for san francisco. 80s to santa rose. red flag warning if the knot bay. east bay hills. technically it will go through 5:00 tomorrow morning. i think the trend has turned favorable for us in the bay. the attention is happening over the sierra. you can see the rapid lightning strikes. that will move to the foothills. east of fresno. a change from 24 hours ago. we're expecting isolated chances of showers. a few lifting to the north in the morning. color coding at tichls areas of
1:51 am
blue showing potential areas for brief lightning. the best chancing will be around the range and santa cruz. until about midday tomorrow. the real focus will be like we're seeing now toward the sierra. a high chance of lightning strikes into the evening. toward the high country for monday. stay tuned. we'll see if the red flag warnings come down earlier in the day tomorrow. still the chance for the next 12 hours. tuesday the monsoon flow moves out. san francisco is cool through the week. a break from the 90s tuesday and wednesday. next weekend we may see temperatures warm up another surge of monsoon moisture. more for the sierra. something to watch.
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bringing back the famed gar
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garlic festival. this year people can get the great food, just in a drive through line. you won't be seeing the flaming pan. the drive through runs for the next two weekends. organizers haven't been able to hold a typical festival since the deadly shooting in 2019. they hope to bring back the full event last year. but the pandemic forced them to call it off. iconic east bay ice cream shop celebrating national ice cream day, and a big birthday. a landmark 127th anniversary. founded in 1894. it moved in 1961 to the current.
1:55 am
looked good. enjoying a scoop or two. >> i get toasted almond with cold caramel on time. i like the texture. and it has more of a maybe just my opinion. an almond flavor. >> the most famous flavor. toasted almond. an
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♪ [instrumental music] [male narrator] at rebuilding together, we believe everyone should be given the opportunity to live in a safe and healthy home, especially our veterans. we are working with the u.s. department of housing and urban development to make essential repairs to our veterans' homes at no cost to them. learn more at veteransathome. the must see family movie of the summer. maybe space jam a new legacy. the sequel to the 1996 space jam. posterized the box office this
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weekend. picking up $31 million. that's way better than the 20 million that the experts were predicting. critics were not big fans. which pairs lebron james up with the loony tunes crew. audiences are embracing and applauding the tune squad. black widow in second. in distant third, escape room. tournament of champions. and real quick, we dodged a bullet tonight. >> dry lightning danger continues. but less than 24 hours ago. still a red flag warning until tomorrow. >> thanks for watching.
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my friend called me and she was hysterical and she said, "sandra's been killed." i was like, "oh, my god. as soon as she was killed, we all knew who did it. as the months went on, we just realized that this guy's gonna get off. how is this happening? just keep praying, that's all we can do >> there aren't a lot of murders in paradise. people still talk about this one. >> j darling children >> it's a story keith morrison for more than a decade


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